i have a serious problem with ginger girls

some funny and not so funny zendikar info that i REALLY want you guys to think about B)

> ugin was probably in sarkhan’s head telling him either A. do NOT go to the eye right now and release the eldrazi or B. DO go to the eye right now and STOP that little ginger girl from getting inside and ALSO get her MAP

> sarkhan could have easily misinterpreted this as “sacrifice that little ginger girl and also definitely go inside” so you cant really blame him

> chandra’s map is an incomplete replica and the only planeswalkers who know are her and gideon and i don’t think they ever told anyone so unless they’re just going to leave that gaping plot hole open that’s going to cause a serious problem later when they need it

> and for that reason as well as others they’re going to have to round up so many planeswalkers for this eldrazi hunt i mean sorin, you really procrastinated this pretty bad. do you even have a plan or were you just going to go see if ugin had a plan. well bad news sorin this is what happens when you procrastinate

> two of the titans have left the building so wow, great job everyone, so not only do yall have no idea where they are, but they could also show up at ANY time

> now this is just my line of reasoning but i’m guessing that the eldrazi are a lot smarter than any of the original Three or anyone actually, there’s probably a good chance that they are very aware of what’s going on

> and note their destruction on zendikar this time around. they’re literally just destroying everything and killing everyone, which is NOT what eldrazi do. i mean eventually yeah but slowly b/c they just have to eat. right now they’re just intentionally flattening zendikar.

> continuing on that, we know that emrakul specifically went after gideon (ok we don’t KNOW that but it’s worth considering) and ulamog specifically went after nissa. so, i’m thinking they’re very aware of what’s going on and and are already a step ahead of the planeswalkers. hmm that’s a little worrying….

> ….consider again that two of the titans have left zendikar and could show up anywhere. they could have just left cause they felt like it, or they could be looking for someone.

> basically what i’m saying is sorin had better watch his ass. and i could be wrong, and time traveling is definitely going to change some things, but in any case there are some pissed of god monsters roaming the blind eternities which is a problem any way you slice it

> jfc if they drop eldrazi instead of dragons in tarkir i will literally piss myself. my body is not ready

> what the hell is nissa doing. like is she just sort of going for it? so far the only one who has come to zendikar with a plan is chandra and that is actually pretty sad. what do you have to say for yourselves

in conclusion, the situation is a lot worse than u thought lol