i have a senjougahara one too

So I started watching the Monogatari series. I love it. Bakemonogatari was awesome. Nisemonogatari wasn’t as much but it was cool. Nekomonogatari (kuro) was great. I just finished Nekomonogatari (shiro) and I really love Hanekawa Tsubasa. 

Koyomi might have earned himself a place as one of my favorite protagonists. Despite his perversion that I don’t really like, I love him because he is kind and selfless–too selfless to the point where he’d sacrifice himself willingly just because he has vampire powers. Well, he’s an idiot at that. But, he’s actually, can be, kind of smart. Anyway, I really like him for some reason. 

Now, I never liked Senjougahara. When I watched Bakemonogatari, I wondered why Koyomi accepted her confession when it was quite obvious he has feelings for Hanekawa. And then we find out later on that Hanekawa also has feelings for Koyomi. In Nisemonogatari, which is set after Bakemonogatari, Koyomi admits to Mayoi that he’s in love with Hanekawa even though he is Hitagi’s boyfriend. In Nekomonogatari (kuro) we see what Koyomi is really feeling for Hanekawa, but he later gives up on his feelings and decides to stay friends with her. In Nekomonogatari (shiro) we see Hanekawa finally confessing her feelings to Koyomi, but Koyomi turns her down.

NOW I still don’t get why Koyomi gave up his feelings for Hanekawa. I don’t get why he became Hitagi’s boyfriend. There’s really no chemistry between them. From what I conclude, it just feels like he became her boyfriend just for the sake of it–because he wants a girlfriend, and Senjougahara confessed to him–though later he says that he loves her. Seriously, I don’t know what he sees in her. And about the events in Nekomongatari–I do wonder if his feelings are really love or if they’re just lust and that’s why he decides not to pursue it. Or maybe because he sees Tsubasa’s condition and decides he’s not the right guy for her. I don’t know. But still he admits he will not hesitate to die for her! And he opts not to define what his feelings for Hanekawa are. Why doesn’t he choose Hanekawa? Even his sisters thought he’d be with Hanekawa instead of Hitagi.