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I went and screencapped your posts because rebogging them would have ended up with me flooding people’s pages xD so i’m answering this way. (I’ll do another one for other things later). 

@otterlyanonymous I love the title of your post xD thank you. Also, forewarned is forearmed? ;p you had plenty of warnings. All joking aside, though, you know what they say - life is what happens when you’re not looking. thanks, love, and i’m glad you enjoyed the story!! 

@imthepinkstarburst @unapologeticreylotrash @marisaa8 xD I love you guys. Thank you for the kind words. I’m still a little dazed that it’s over, though it finally hit me hard last night that I got to write “The End.” It was my pleasure bringing you along on this journey and I’m thankful that you guys enjoyed it, and more so that you gained something so deeply insightful from it! that’s huge, and I’m glad I could help. (also omg you’re going to make my head get big with all the praise. I’m no legend ahahaha. There are a billion better writers out there. But thank you nonetheless).

@soldierofhalla17 yo pass me a few. I wasn’t immune to this either ;p 

@i-am-thesenate DUDE. ;p

@these-are-the-first-steps @reylorobyn2011 TT____TT <3 I’m sorry you guys cried so hard. I love you. Plz don’t cry. 

I drew a compilation of just a few of my favorite Ritsu moments!! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

okay so there’s been a lot of controversy about whether the ****ing+ episodes should be shared or not. myself and @tuanpumpkins don’t really see the problem with sharing it so we’ve created a private google drive folder where we will be uploading each episode (w/ eng subs).

because of how risky this is however, there will be some rules for anyone who wants access to the files. they’re nothing too daunting i promise, just some measures to protect the both of us.


→ ACCESS can only be obtained through email-invite so we can have some form of control over who’s seeing what. this means you would need to message us your emails (along with a polite request, nothing too extravagant but a ‘please’ would be nice :p)

→ NO RE-SHARING. like we can’t stress this enough. putting these videos out there comes with risks as it is, so the further this spreads the more at risk we will be. we are trusting you guys to keep these videos to yourselves so please don’t abuse it.

→ these videos are for your VIEWING purposes only, please do not re-post this content in any form (incl. gifs, screencaps, etc.)

→ DOWNLOADING is allowed, but again, do not re-post. it can only be for personal use.

SHARE THIS POST with other ahgases but do not share the content inside the folder. direct them to either cher or myself and we will share them into the folder.

apart from that, please enjoy the episodes! they’re honestly really entertaining to watch and cher and I believe it’s worth the risk so all ahgases can watch these too.

i’m just going to stress one last time, please please please do not re-share or re-post.

if you have any other questions please don’t be afraid to drop either of us a message!

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If you're still up to doing CS Scene Meta, would you consider looking at the scene in 4x02 when they pull Emma out of the ice wall?

I need to talk about this screencap first of all cos I was laughing my ass off when I saw it



Let’s begin.

Look how he goes from complete despair to happy elated bunny at the first glimpse of his Swan.

I’m honestly surprised homeskillet didn’t climb through the hole to go get her. 

Well… he almost did…

Why has it taken me 4 years to realise the pirate coat has a giant slit up the back?? I should hand in my fan membership for this outrageous blunder. Such shame on me. 

Emma… what happened to your face?

Poor baby can’t even stand, and both guys are going above and beyond to get her up. 




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My Top 10 Favorite Caps Moments of the Season Thus Far

As it is a Thursday, there’s no game today, and I am deliberately procrastinating, I have decided to make a countdown post of my top 10 favorite Caps moments of the season up until this point.

Disclaimer: these moments probably won’t be the actual best moments of the season, as I’ve forgotten a lot of important ones and have a bias towards things that have happened more recently. But I’m doing this for enjoyment and I hope that you enjoy it too.

I will be including a countdown of the moments, including a link to the video (I can’t embed the video cause I’m not that tech savvy) and a screencap. Now here we go.

10. Marcus Johansson’s overtime gamewinner in Chicago (11/11/16 at CHI)

In the first half Mojo enjoyed the sweet taste of the overtime goal. This one was made especially sweet by it being against the Hawks, and for TJ Oshie inexplicably tripping over his own skates and subsequently tripping a Chicago player, allowing Mojo to bang the winner home.

9. All of the times Andre Burakovsky scored the first goal of the game (1/15/17 vs PHI, 1/16/17 at PIT, 1/19/17 at STL, 1/21/17 at DAL)

I love my boy so much. In the recent weeks my boy got into a stretch where he really wanted to be the first one to score a goal. So much so that he was the first goal scorer in four straight games. I’m so proud of him look at him go. Go look at all his goals they’re all so beautiful.

8. TJ Oshie’s shootout goal that wasn’t actually in the shootout (2/1/17 vs BOS)

Oh my LAWD. TJ Oshie, the master of the shootout, got a nice pass from Backstrom and a breakaway and forgot that it was regulation time and not the shootout. He made Tuukka Rask look absolutely silly and I cried ‘cause it was beautiful.

7. Philipp Grubauer’s ridiculous save against Tyler Seguin (1/21/17 at DAL)

Holy frickin cow Grubauer absolutely robbed Tyler Seguin in arguably the best save of the entire year. My jaw dropped so hard, Grubi saved my life with this save.

6. Alex Ovechkin’s hat trick against the Blues (11/23/16 vs STL)

I love Ovi and I love hat tricks. What’s better than an Ovi hat trick? All three of these goals were beautiful and they should all be watched many times.

5. Tom Wilson’s fight against Brett Ritchie in Dallas (1/21/17 at DAL)

The Caps haven’t done much fighting this year, but Tom Wilson had himself a nice fight in Dallas. Actually, it wasn’t anywhere near Willy’s best right, but he still bloodied up this guy’s entire face and it was amazing.

4. Evgeny Kuznetsov’s ridiculous goal in Montreal (1/9/17 at MTL)

I do not exaggerate when I say that Kuzy saved my life with this goal. When I was watching this game I was having a crap day, and he scored to put the Caps up. What a beautiful classic Kuzy goal.

3. The Dmitry Orlov hit on Matt Duchene (10/18/16 vs COL)

I AM STILL NOT OVER THIS HIT. I WILL NEVER BE OVER THIS HIT. This is the best damn hit I have ever seen. Matt Duchene was fuckin launched into orbit. Matt Duchene is yet to have landed. Everytime I think about this hit I can’t stop smiling because it is THAT GOOD.

2. Nicklas Backstrom’s 500th assist (1/7/17 at OTT)

I have lots of love for Nicklas Backstrom. He got his 500th career assist, the most in Caps history (and also the first Cap to ever do that of course). He doesn’t get nearly enough recognition for what he does, but on this night he did. You can just see the glee on Ovi’s face. You go, Nick Backstrom. Let the NHL know why we love you so much.

1. Alex Ovechkin’s 1000th point (1/11/17 vs PIT)

Really, how could this not be number 1? I almost cried when I saw it was in the stars for Ovi to get his 1000th point at home against the Penguins. And he did it in under a minute. Holy cow I love Alex Ovechkin and it’s an honor to be watching a legend.

Honorable mentions: Any OT winner, any TJ Oshie shootout goal, any Andre Burakovsky goal, any shorthanded goal, that Karl Alzner slapshot (feat. Justin Williams breakaway)(1/1/17 vs OTT), the Orlov to Kuzy goal (11/23/16 vs STL), the Orlov goal against Pittsburgh (11/16/16 vs PIT), any shutout, the sweet Jay Beagle goal (11/18/16 vs DET), the fantastic Ovi-Oshie-Nicky passing sequence (1/13/17 vs CHI), Ovi’s fake-slapshot to give Nisky the easiest goal ever (1/15/17 vs PHI), breaking the streak (1/5/17 vs CBJ)

(Also let me know if any of the links don’t work)

(I spent so much time on this omg)

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Do you have a favorite screen cap?

I don’t think it’s possible to pick just one, tbh! I go through so many screencaps every day, and I constantly enjoy them. I can say that I love all the expressions you can find in any of Jack’s vids, and I’m a fan of screencaps where Mark makes this face: B[

There are too many good ones, though; I can’t choose!

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It’s been a while, and since I am in a reflective mood after stuffing my family with the annual ham and deviled egg-fest that is traditionally part of our Easter celebration, I thought I would offer some thoughts as we head in to Spring. And for those of you who live in the south like I do, that means 80+ degrees, and that lovely humidity that frizzes my hair out to the point of a thorn bush!

Let me say that I thoroughly enjoyed the OL teaser trailer. Quite frankly, it was much better than I expected. I am actually looking forward to S3, and it appears that our beloved Sam and Cait will knock it out of the park with this one. Since I am a book fan, I am also ok with the 20 year seperation, Frank, and all of the non-J/C stuff because that is part of the story. And remember, after print shop…it is all Jamie and Claire, so I am thrilled.

As for our dreamy duo, I am operating on an all systems go mode. SA has been quite magical for them, and the things they have shown us have been truly fun to watch. I realize by some of the posts I have seen here recently that the antics of others are trying to be pushed once again, but for f*ck’s sake….let it go already. I realize that everyone wants to be a “ star "on SM, but come on….does anyone really care? I know that I don’t, and that is the beauty of having an opinion. You know the saying….opinions are like a**holes and everybody has one. The difference is knowing when to wipe, and when to cover it up. After all, no one really likes a "stinky” ass, even their own!!

So, for everyone trying to shame or pity people into thinking that it is not nice to poke holes or fun into bs stories and or people…I would ask you to have consideration for those who have been taunted, bullied, screencapped, doxxed and downright stalked while trying to express and enjoy their own opinions without doing any of that. You see…Karma really is a bitch, and that boat rocks two ways. We are all free to like, dislike, and quite frankly pick and choose who we do it with.

To the awesome shipsters that I get to hang with everyday, thank you for the friendships support, discussions, and the ability to find and believe in the things you love the most. The world is a better place because of it. And like everything in the tumblverse….there will always be someone trying to reach their 15 minutes of fame. The good news is that it never lasts, just like the time. If it weren’t so funny, I might actually feel sorry for those peeps, but everyone gets a choice, and some just don’t know how to use theirs.

Sail on sweet shipsters, and now I am off to find out what Sam and Cait are doing today. After that gorgeous weekend, they just might be (ahem*) worn out!😉😉🙃🙃💖💖

Attack on Titan Episode 30


I have this acquaintance who seems to believe that I’ve been unfairly circumspect regarding my opinion of this (and other) episodes. I am aghast (aghast, I tell you) at this ruthless judgment of how I best enjoy my cartoons.

To defang such a callous accusation, this seemed like the way to go.

(Featuring xtreme whining, manga spoilers like whoa, more whining, and maybe a few spots of joy. Who can say. I haven’t started yet, and I’ve never done a liveblog before. It’s a surprise for everyone.)

So, Attack on Titan Episode 30, “Historia.” Let us begin!

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Disclaimer: this is a repost of something I had previously deleted. I’m always skeptical about everything (it’s my jam), but I’m playing along with the Vivala game in the hopes that it is part of the ARG. So, this sounds more negative than I really am about it.

I’m truly not convinced that the Vivala site is Sherlock-related (although I agree that the word choices are suspicious), but since people want the screencaps and are having difficulty getting a look at all of them, I thought I’d put them up. I used a YouTube downloader, and forwarded the resulting video frame by frame.

I’m no cryptographer, but I do enjoy solving cryptograms (i.e., letter substitution codes by analyzing letter frequency and patterns) and anagrams, and this isn’t something I can turn into readable text. But the spacing and sizing of the letters is unusual, so perhaps interesting. I notice that the letter “m” is overlain twice by other letters: I think “h” and “q”. That’s weird. Like… if I were making this website, and wanted to show numbers to represent the act of encrypting information, I’d show numbers with the same size and spacing, maybe moving around or spinning on an axis. I wouldn’t think to do what they’ve done here.

The reason I’m skeptical about these sites that come from tumblr ads is that I think they may be self-fulfilling prophecies. For all we know, they may be based on some tag trending algorithm. We all talk about DVDs from beyond the grave one week, and the next week, we start seeing ads about DVDs from beyond the grave. There’s enough fucky stuff in the video (like the reference to wish fulfillment, and the fact that this video went up 2 weeks ago and is not accessible through the channel) to make me wonder. But I’m skeptical.  

So… that was what I originally posted about the Vivala video. I’m used to using patterns within words, so didn’t see the solution right away, because the words are too small, and have no repeating letters. But on looking at the sequence of images, I realized that what they’d done was rather straightforward.

They presented the encrypted words “images, videos, and more” one word at a time, then once all words are in place, they rolled the letters of each word back together, one letter at a time. Thus, “pthmlz” eventually becomes “images”, etc. This includes the punctuation, which is why you get characters like slashes and dashes. Anyway, I deleted it because I thought, in the end, it wasn’t very interesting.

All images but the first under the cut, because this gets long:

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(HAPPY BIRTHDAY izumisays!!! )

My Top Caps Moments of the Postseason

During the regular season, I made a post counting down my favorite moments. I figure now that the postseason is unfortunately long over, it’s time to do the same with the playoffs. It’s been awhile, so hopefully this is still relevant, but admittedly it’s taken me awhile to recover enough to make this. So I give you my top moments of the postseason.

13. Some Oshie goals (Rd 1 Game 4 x2)(Rd 1 Game 5)(Rd 2 Game 6)

You all know I love Oshbabe so perhaps this one has a little bias. I love the spark and energy that he brings to the game, and I thought these goals of his were worth including, as they were pretty sweet.

12. Some Nicky goals (Rd 1 Gm 2)(Rd 1 Gm 3)(Rd 2 Gm 5)(Rd 2 Gm 6)

Nicklas Backstrom was arguably the best Caps player during the playoffs. We may have faltered at the end, but Nicky came to play. In celebration of Nicky, I’ve picked some of his best goals from the playoffs. I also picked a wonderful screencap, which I enjoy cause it kind of looks like he’s astral projecting.

11. Burky goals (Rd 2 Game 5)(Rd 2 Game 6 x2)

Burky was a little late to the goal-scoring party in the playoffs, but man did he pick a good time to score them all. And they were all beautiful?? A toe drag and two unassisted beauties?? Amazing. He’s so talented and really coming into his own. And do you want to hear something that will definitely make you cry? Burky scored both the very first and the very last goal of the Caps’ season.

10. Kuzy’s goal in Game 5 (Rd 2 Game 5 vs PIT)

I picked this goal mainly for the celly tbh. But the goal was pretty sweet too; a sharp angle rebound. And Kuzy knows exactly how to make the crowd scream. What a beautiful goal.

9. Carly wrecks Geno which leads to a goal being scored (Rd 2 Game 1 vs PIT)

Laying a big hit on Malkin? You’d have to be a fool. Luckily John Carlson was feeling foolhardy. To prevent Malkin from getting a good scoring chance in the Caps zone, Carly laid a crunching hit on Geno which resulted in him losing the puck and Ovechkin very quickly scoring. I love my foolhardy beanie son.

8. Holtby’s series-saving saves in Game 5 (Rd 2 Game 5 vs PIT) (x)(x)

We were down 3-1 in the series, and it was looking like the Caps were down and out. Enter Braden Holtby. After a bit of shaky play in the series, it was clear the Holtbeast was activated. In the third period, Holtby made a flurry of important, crucial, jaw-dropping saves. After those saves, the Caps came back and won that game. Some people might have glossed over it, but to me it was clear that those saves saved the series and the season for the Caps. (Additionally, I can’t find video of as many saves as I want, but those ones are the best of them)

7. Shatty’s OT winner (Rd 2 Game 3 at PIT)

There we were, down 2-0 and stuck in fucking Pittsburgh. We’d blown a two-goal lead in the last minute of the fucking game and things were taking a turn for the worse. However, we got a fortunate power play and Shatty just decided to end it right there and then. Let the poop jokes begin. Honestly I felt much more relief than joy after this goal.

6. Williams’s OT winner (Rd 1 Game 5 vs TOR)

Mr. Game 7 showed up in Game 5 when we needed him most that series. Second line is best line, especially in overtime. After a faceoff win and a strong Niskanen drive all the way down the ice, Kuzy got the puck from Mojo and slid it to a wide-open Williams in front, who stashed it home to give the Caps a 3-2 series lead.

5. Willy saves a goal, later scores two (Rd 1 Game 4 at TOR)

Tom Wilson, one-man wrecking crew. The Toronto boy decided to make Toronto feel his wrath. In the first period the puck squirted out behind Holtby and Wilson dove into the crease to send it away with his stick. Later on the same shift, Willy redirected a feed from Eller to score a goal. And later in the period, he had a 2-on-1 with Burky and dished it into the net like an All-Star. If the entirety of the playoffs were just that one series, Willy would be my Conn Symthe winner. He was a man on a mission against Toronto.

4. Kuzy’s bird celly (Rd 2 Game 1 vs PIT)

Kuzy’s most infamous celly possibly ever. He scored off a great pass by Nisky into an open net to tie the game at two in the third, and then proceeded to do the celly heard round the world: the bird celly. God I love Kuzy, he’s so extra and just has so much fun. Fuck all the critics, this is how the game is supposed to be played.

3. Mojo’s OT winner (Rd 1 Game 6 at TOR)

I can say with absolute conviction that hockey had never made me cry tears of joy until this moment. I’d felt elation, and I’d certainly cried out of sadness or frustration, but the only time I’ve ever cried of hockey happiness is when Marcus Johansson shoveled in that puck in overtime to seal round one. Honestly it was probably the last truly happy moment of the season lol. I love and appreciate Marcus Johansson with all my heart.

2. Holtby goes to the fucking blueline (Rd 1 Game 3 at TOR)(x)

It’s the last thing a goalie wants to see: Mitch Marner on a breakaway. A lesser goalie would have sat tight in the net and just prayed the goal wouldn’t look so bad on all the highlight reels. But Braden Holtby, with nerves of steel, said “Hold my beer,” winked at Grubi on the bench, and raced out to the blueline to make a sliding poke check on Marner’s breakaway. And thank goodness it worked, else it would have been an easy goal. All hail the Holtbeast.

1. Willy’s OT winner (Rd 1 Game 1 vs TOR)

The first big moment of the postseason was the best one. In overtime, nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition Tom Wilson. Trotz put out the lunch pail line, and Wilson kept the puck in the zone and flung it at the net, resulting in complete euphoria and a series lead for the Caps. The Toronto native scored his first ever playoff goal, and I have never been more proud of Willy Baby than I was during this series.

The playoffs didn’t end the way we wanted them to. But that doesn’t mean we can’t look back at the good moments it brought us. There’s so much uncertainty ahead, and our team is going to look a lot different next year. But I want to thank the 2016-17 Washington Capitals for being so much fun to watch and holding a special place in my heart. Thanks for everything.


Finally got around to finishing the village quests of Monster Hunter Generations, and I have to say it was super fun and cute! I really honestly wish they didn’t have so many gathering quests, because it really takes away from the thrill of fighting giant monsters when you spend 90% of your time delivering Wyvern Eggs. Otherwise, I really enjoyed visiting the towns from the older games and the older maps! Love this game series!

I also did an animation for some offscreen dialogue in gumball, from season 3 I think, the episode where they plot to kill Alan. 

Much as I enjoyed this project, looking back there were two or three poor choices I had made with the rigs that really limited the range of movement in the scene, but overall I think I captured the style of the show pretty well. Unfortunately, my computer will never export toonboom files properly, so most of the footage I have ends up having to be screencapped in order to get in in video form.


Happy RK Week!! :D My contribution to this event’s hoopla is running a caption game!! Rurouni Kenshin has graced us with so many things that are hilarious on their own, but I’m sure we can make them even better with our own captions. ;D

Here’s how to play:

  1. I’ll post a screencap with a “caption this!” header and you either reblog or repost the image with your best caption
  2. If you repost the image, you don’t need to credit me…but please tag me so I can see your caption! I don’t want to miss it!
  3. Your caption can be anything you’d like–text or another image. You can even caption someone else’s caption! XD

I have several screencaps queued to post each day. You can find them all in the caption game tag on my blog.

You don’t have to be following me to participate. Enjoy! :D

anonymous asked:

You Gochi fans are just attention hungry and plain stupid. It's not our fault you ship two horrible characters that has zero chemistry and nobody supports them. That's why you just have few shitty fillers in dbz and zero merchandise.

Dear anon, sorry for the late reply. As you see, I’ve a life and a job and even working to get a master degree.

So, its almost impossible to keep track of mails and even unnecessary for me to reply to nonsensical asks like you send. 

But this is the last time I’ll spare to enlighten your ignorant ass.

There are already wonderfully detailed posts about what Toriyama said and you’ll find them in my old blog. Check the link in my faq here. I’ll reblog them here too but not right now.

As well for about what you said about Goku, I can clearly see that you’re just here as a casual fan and lapping up whatever trash you find here in this cesspool of a fandom here, youtube, reddit, etc. You have never even seen the real manga, let alone buy and read it.

Or maybe you’re just too dumb. Feel free to ask any Japanese fans about their opinion since you dont even understand the manga yourself. Also read established or upcoming mangakas and illustrators and find out why a staggering number of them loves Goku.

Check out polls from old anime magazines like animage, newtype or get your hands on older copies of WSJ (tho I feel you wont since youre a miser and doesnt even support the mangaka of the work mentioned. Instead go through stupid memes and fan made videos and think them as canon). 

And even online polls too. I have even managed to screencapped the largest anime/manga voting polls by Japanese fans for 2016 and 2017 of TAAF (Tokyo Anime Award Festival) - http://animefestival.jp/ja/post/4695/

I’ll have also made posts relating to your queries. Just look them up in my blog later, theyre in queue.

P.S. whatever you’re seeing in dbs relating to any OTPs are all fillers. Except battle of gods movie and the manga part of Goku loving his strong-willed wife.

Just enjoy your OTP without being a stupid ass 😕


This is one of my favorite scenes in Dragonball. It was most likely put in for the humor and to show where chichi learned her mastery of running a household fit for someone like goku, Who wouldn’t have the time to and keep the earth safe. With the role reversal here, it both breaks the traditional character of Chichi but also stays entirely true and I thought it was a charming thought because Chichi just wants to take care of Goku no matter what. I love this couple. Remember that time Chichi gave a list to Goku to go shopping with, but because she had some foresight, she drew animals for him to look at instead of making him read the words? Well, it both helped Goku out and ensured that the right groceries came home…but it’s still sweet that she put in that effort. it shows she understands him on that level and yet, doesn’t try to change him. And that’s really the message of a good relationship, isn’t it?

I followed @cozymochi ‘s chichi pretty closely because he’s just adorable and designed so well ;A; 

Also, please enjoy this variation.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)