i have a round square head

Some trans guy tips from your dad
  • Don’t try that mascara/arm hair shit. I’ve been passing for more than a year with short, blond arm hair. It’s not an important secondary sex characteristic.
  • Board shorts (without pockets in the front) do wonders to minimize the width of your hips. Always choose board shorts over swim trunks. Choose them over cargo shorts if it’s appropriate.
  • Speak from your chest, never from your head.
  • The goal of binding should not be an entirely flat chest; you should bind for your body type.
  • GC2b makes the best binders out there, and their products are designed specifically for trans men/transmasculine people.
  • It might seem useless if you’re pre-T, but working out can be a big help for dysphoria.
  • Eyebrows are really important to passing pre-testosterone. Muss that shit up. Make them look unkempt.
  • When you ask for a haircut, make sure the edges in the back are squared, not rounded.
  • If you have peach fuzz, I would advise shaving it. Cis guys shed theirs when they go through puberty. Shaving can also help with facial hair dysphoria.
  • Don’t ever buy a binder from Amazon. They run in strange sizes (I was an XXL even though I’m a M in GC2b) and take weeks/months to come. It’s also difficult to breathe in them after a few hours.

giorno that looks like dio 

giorno that looks like jonathan

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Passion fruit

Oof um! Round and bubbly. I like curves. Characters tend to have larger than necessary heads (because I think it’s cute!), and their eyes tend to be pretty large and round by default. Line art is kind of thick, noses are done in two lines, rarely three.

I always include blush marks! Gives their cheeks a little more dimension in a way I like! Hair is always big, though if I have to draw a character without big hair, it’s no big deal. It’s just a whole lot of fun.

Even square-jawed folks like the gal at the bottom is still… exceptionally round.

Aw, thanks! Seriously.. rabbits are my favorite animal. And they are oddly difficult to draw? I used to struggle with it a lot. But, having a rabbit for a pet helped me a LOT. studying them in life, like anything, is the best way to go about learning to draw them. but maybe I can break it down a little more simply in a way that is more about visualizing shapes.

so, when we think of drawing a head we automatically default to drawing a “round” skull shape. well, with a rabbit, I have discovered that their heads are very.. square-ish. lol. (its so cute.. ugh)

you can kind of. draw a rabbit using these basic shapes.

the inside of rabbits ears generally face outwards.

for a lop eared rabbit, the inside rests flush against the back.

when they are sitting, their hind legs+feet are hidden.

the bottom of the eyes generally line up with the nose. drawing the actual mouth of the rabbit is optional since it tends to be well hidden when they arent actually using it for anything.

bunnies look pretty silly from the front. haha. they are prey animals with monocular vision so their eyes are on the sides of their head. I see WAY too many people try to give rabbits binocular eyes which just looks.. not bunny like. lmao. I think thats the most common mistake or “artistic liberty” i see that just. totally takes away from the bunny charm!! 

i tried to make this as simple as possible but hopefully its not TOO simple or just. unhelpful. lol; this is just like. super basic “how to draw a rabbit in a default sitting pose in the style i prefer”. in order to get comfortable drawing anything its always best to study the real life thing if you can!

Childish Love

Word count: 3338
Character: You, Wonwoo, Mingyu

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3

Your hands fiddled with your backpack straps as you stood in the office. A woman came out from one of the rooms and glanced at you while shuffling through papers.

           “You must be the new transfer student. Y/N, right?” She said as she scanned you up and down quickly. You nodded your head. The woman adjusted her square glasses and smiled at you. Flipping through the papers again, she went through the whole “welcome to our school” speech.

           “Here’s your schedule and other information you’ll need to know. I’ll have someone escort you to your class.”

She looked over her shoulder and called for a male student. He was hidden behind a filing cabinet, organizing folders and filing other important papers. He popped his head over the top of the cabinet at the sound of his name. Naturally, you look to where the boy was. A pair of round, thin wire glasses and sharp eyes passed over you to wait for directions from the caller. She gestured for him to come over. His footsteps were slow and heavy as they dragged against the tile of the office floor.

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Really guys?

I hate seeing things where Disney is just cloning people. Yes, Elsa and Anna, are  clones. We found that. But Rapunzel and Moana are NOTHING alike. 

Take Rapunzel, Small nose, ovel shaped head, large round eyes. Her lips are also fairly small. She has small features, minus her eyes.  And her skin tone, that I shouldn’t have to point out. Plus, her shoulders seem to be narrow.

Now. Look at Moana. 

First things, different skin tone. Her head shape is more square then oval, A larger nose, more wide then Rapunzel’s, her lips are thicker and more like her culture, as well as her eye brows. And her eyes are a lot more narrow then Rapunzel’s. And her shoulders are more broad.

If you are going to though a hissy fit about Disney at least do it for the right characters. People need to differ style from cloning.