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Top 9 Most Fight-Able Characters in Mystic Messenger

(ranked by the likelihood of winning from least to most likely)

9. “Mary” Vanderwood, Secret Agent Murdermonster

Result: A swift and painful death

Are you shitting me? You’ll be goddamn eviscerated on the spot. Not to mention nobody will ever find your body. This is completely fucking unadvisable. DO NOT DO THIS unless you have a DEATH WISH and want to disappear from the world completely. Vanderwood is not to be messed with. They’ve killed many a worthy foe, and you will not be one of them. There’s not much else to say here. I don’t care who you are, you should not challenge Vanderwood. Say your prayers, fucker

8. Unknown/Saeran Choi, Total Edgelord

Result: Utter defeat, probably followed by torture + imprisonment

I don’t think you need me to tell you that this kid is fucking off his rocker. Let’s be real, he’s probably killed a few people, and he enjoyed every minute of it. You can bet your ass he’ll likely torture you after defeating you, too. And you know, some of you sick fucks will probably enjoy the whole damn ordeal. You’re probably the only ones who’d WANT to fight him just to have him fucking step on you. Well congratu-fucking-lations, you got what you wanted. He still beats your ass. The only reason Vanderwood beats him in this ranking is because it’s possible he’d keep you alive for fun, and some of you would enjoy that, so at least it’s a fuckin victory for somebody. Fuck.

7. Jaehee Kang, Smarter than the CEO

Result: Total annihilation + jail time

Do you see this face? This is the face of someone who has been repressing violent urges for fucking years for the sake of keeping her job. If she could snap Jumin’s neck, she would in a heartbeat. You do not want to give her a justifiable reason to unleash that utter fucking rage on your sorry ass. Did you forget she has a black belt in judo? She could beat my ass. She could beat your ass. She could beat anyone’s ass. I don’t care WHO you think you are. And after the fight? She’ll report you to the proper authorities, pick up a cup of coffee, and finish her daily tasks like nothing fucking happened. What a wild bitch. I fucking love her to death, tbh. And you know what? How dare you challenge her. She deals with enough shit in her life. I hope she beats your ass with a righteous fucking fury. Have fun in jail, dipshit.

6. God 707, Meme Lord Supreme

Result: Depends on your approach, but probably a failure

Honestly Seven’s about as fucking predictable as a lunch box full of wasps. What am I even supposed to say here? He’d probably imitate that shitty ass vine meme the first time you punch him and say “I can’t believe you’ve done this”, complete with a British accent, but when you keep hitting, it’ll confuse him. The element of surprise is probably your best bet, but you also have no fucking clue what he’ll do. He might beat the shit out of you. He might scamper away on his scrawny ass legs and proceed to hack into everything you once loved or held dear. He might lay down on the ground and let you kick the shit out of him. In the end, it depends on his mood. Is that reliable at all? Absolutely fucking not. So go for it, but I literally have no idea how it’s gonna turn out for you.

5. Zen/Hyun Ryu, A God Among Men

Result: You have a good chance of winning, but at what cost?

OK BEFORE YOU LOSE YOUR MIND LISTEN THE FUCK UP. Why is Zen higher up on the list, Nani??? you ask me, pouting, clutching your Zen body pillow(s) in agony. Zen had a bad past!! He’s not easy to fight, he was such a bad boy!! v//w//v He’s so tough and strong and he’s our knight in shining armor! Hey!! Good for you! But GUESS FUCKING WHAT!! If you’re female, he’ll probably forfeit to you immediately, unlike the barbarians before him on this list, so technically he’s easier to fight! He’d probably LET you beat the shit out of him if it made you feel better. It’s not even a fucking question of who would win if a woman challenged him, so we’re gonna move on.
Now, if you’re a GUY, he’d be more willing to square up, and my advice is go for his face. Pretty boy doesn’t like messing up his pretty mug, and if you play dirty, he’ll get scared real quick. His ponytail is a disadvantage for him, so yank it real hard. You have a better chance of beating him with perseverance, but if you let him get the upper hand, you’re deceased because he’s probably a heavy hitter. Also, you will incur the wrath of all his fangirls, and probably the angels above, and you will spend the rest of your life MISERABLE AND CURSED, so proceed with caution. If you can get away with it without anyone knowing your identity, you’re golden. Good luck, but also, why? do you even want to??

4. Jumin Han, Mistah Trussfund Kid (The CEO)

Result: Instant win, but your life will be RUINED

Honestly, I think certain RFA members would actually be very glad if someone handed Jumin’s ass to him, but good fucking luck accomplishing that without having your entire life destroyed. On a purely physical level, Jumin is no competition. He may be the tallest motherfucker around, but he’s never fought anyone before in his LIFE. You’d probably only have an issue here if you were short as shit, and even then, go for the knees, amirite? He’ll fall like a fucking oak tree, and then you can rip him a new one while he’s down. Easy peasy, right? WRONG. He’s got a horde of like 50 bodyguards that you have to sneak past or defeat first or something. And if you somehow make it to Jumin first, they’ll swarm your ass after you first start swinging and have you incapacitated in a few seconds. Are those first few swings worth it? Maybe. But he’s gonna sue your ass for everything you own. The whole world will know your name. If you don’t get jail time, you’ll wish you had. It will be an easier life than trying to live in the public. Zen and Jaehee might love you forever, though, so maybe they can pull a few favors for ya. You better pray they do. Good fuckin luck out there, champ.

3. Yoosung Kim, Small Child

Result: Victory, but with a catch

Look into this child’s eyes. Look me in the eyes. Tell me that Yoosung isn’t a fucking pansy. You can’t, can you? It’s because Yoosung is a fucking pansy. This kid would be down for the count after exactly one (1) punch. He might enjoy it a little too, which’ll be awkward as shit for both of you. HOWEVER. If you trigger his Yandere side, which is bullshit but whatever, he might put up more of a fight. How do you do this, you may ask? Insult Rika. or MC. (Probably Rika tho). Something inside him will snap, and then he’ll be trickier to handle. He’ll probably play dirty when he’s like this, so expect to get shanked or bitten or something. It doesn’t change the fact that his scrawny ass can’t fight for shit, so you’ll still probably win, but not without a few injuries yourself. Hurting Yoosung is probably the moral equivalent to kicking a puppy. If you can be ok with yourself after that, then I mean, go for it.

2. Rika, the Antichrist

Result: Certain victory, but extremely dangerous

Look, maybe I should’ve put her lower on the list considering she’s got an entire cult following her every order. But, honest to God, you would be morally obligated to fight her. Please beat the shit out of her. Physically, her scrawny ass could do nothing to stop you. She’s ruined the lives of her friends, as well as countless other people, because of her deranged and, quite frankly, selfish desires. Basically, she’s a little bitch. I don’t know how you’ll do it, but god damn, you’ll be everyone’s hero. The downside to this is that she might sick Saeran on you, which is gonna be a pain in your ass, and Yoosung might hate you forever, but I think you can live with that, right? Do us all a favor. Fight Rika.

1. Jihyun Kim/V, aka Flower Angel Sunshine Man

Result: Total Victory, but you’re basically Satan

BEFORE YOU SEND ME ANON HATE, REMEMBER: this is a list based on how likely you are to win. And V? V would let anyone beat him. He probably thinks he deserves it. He might defend himself a little, but he couldn’t bring himself to hurt you. Your victory would be almost immediate. There is no catch to V. You’d just win. But you’re a fucking monster for it. And you know what? I’ll beat the shit out of you if you hurt this man. So don’t even think about it, asshole.

Haunted and Hunted Chapter Three

Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5               AO3 Link

AO3 is highly advised due to Tumblr having formatting issues.

Magi Hurtzog,

Please excuse the primitive nature of this notice. Conventional means of communication are to be assumed compromised.

We are contacting you with an offer we believe to be of special interest to you. A creature, one you’ve expressed significant interest in facing in the past, is in a position of extreme weakness. This window of opportunity will be very short lived, and it is paramount that the situation be contained and controlled before it closes.

We are willing to pay tenfold your normal rate for taking care of an S-class entity.

If you wish to pursue this opportunity, please get to the coordinates on the back of this sheet as soon as you are able.

Thank you for your consideration.


“I think I’m picking up on something,” Renee said, the dowsing rod she made tugging on her arms gently.

“Oh, is it the river?”

“Vin, this points to food, not water.”

“Could it point to the river anyway? I still really want to see a river.”

“Sure, we’ll just eat the river.” She flicked her wrist. “It would sustain us for at least the time it would take us to get caught for hanging out somewhere that exposed.”

“Oh, hold the phone, Renee.” Vin stopped walking and put a hand to his forehead. “I’m getting some future vision going down. We gotta go to the river, or uh, we’ll like die or some shit. So I’m cool either way but I figured maybe you might want to head riverward?”

“How could I ever manage without you?”

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Swapped Elements (RaiKim)

Honestly, this was all Raimundo’s fault. Sure, it had technically been Jack who stole the Sun Chi Lantern and tried to use it against them, but Rai had responded with both the Reversing Mirror and the recently-won Cube of Haniku. When confronted by his alarmed and slightly altered teammates, he had sheepishly admitted that maybe using both Wu at once had been a bad idea.

The monks had their elements back, but not quite in the way they wanted.

“Wind!” shouted Kimiko.

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Prayer to Hekate for Vengeance and Justice

Hekate, Thea Deinos, I have been wronged

Come with the Furies and your entourage of infernal spirits

Bring righteous vengeance upon he who has wronged me

Hekate Brimo, terrifying Dread Queen of the Infernal Realms, bring swift justice

I ask for your aid to wreak vengeance upon my enemies and right the wrongs done against me

May he tremble before your awesome power and feel the wrath of the Three Formed Queen

Hekate, look upon me with favor and answer my prayer!

(Art-Johfra Bosschart: Hecate)

Halloween comes around and Enjolras shows up in a full-on Captain America costume that has been modified to Capitaine France, complete with a Tricolor shield, because he is a fucking nerd. Grantaire never lets him live it down and really didn’t need to see Enjolras in all that skin-tight leather. Anytime Enjolras pokes fun at anyone, Grantaire comments, “This coming from someone who wore a Capitaine France costume to a meeting.” 

anonymous asked:

I love seed wolf and used to reblog everything. But with you heavily pimping your patreon, I won't be reblogging you anymore. Fandom isn't supposed to be a for profit activity. I kinda hope all you bnfs who are trying to make money off fandom get cease and desist letters from TPTB.

Yo, sit your disrespectful backside down for a second, Anon, and let me tell you why you are absolutely full of shit.

Now, I don’t want you to go ahead and feel ‘special’ or any sense of worth that I’m replying to your anonymously-sent hate mail, because I’m addressing an issue at large, here. Yours just happened to be the least offensive I’ve received, and I didn’t want to trigger any of my followers, whom I respect enough to not suddenly shove in their faces any material that may be triggering. Which is a courtesy that has not been extended to me in any way, shape or form, I might mention.

As a precursor to this explanation: I busted my backside off to bring TWO chapters of Seed Wolf out in ONE WEEK, despite being on-call for an evening show that ends at 11pm EACH NIGHT, as well as my regular school hours. So, yeah, no sleep, but I was pretty dang proud of my achievement. And then it all went to hell thanks to you guys.

I have made multiple posts regarding My Patreon Account, beginning with my first introductory one describing what a Patreon Account actually is, and ending with a post that wasn’t so nice since I had to step up for myself. You can find the posts here:


Now, let me reiterate, once again, for those who didn’t seem to catch it the numerous times I have spoken about this, why you people who are sending me this kind of mail are infants and you should not be allowed to use a computer.

First and foremost in my argument: You do not own the fandom – you are not the fandom police, you don’t have the power or right to go around policing people on what they can and can’t post online. You do not have a single shred of authority over what content I decide to post on MY OWN personal Tumblr account. I do not make posts to cater to your very specific whims. So you can take that attitude of yours and fly into the sun now, you soggy lampshade.

Two: My ‘heavy pimping’ of my Patreon account is a small link on the end of my description. And you know what? Surprise, surprise, you uneducated walnut, you do not have to click on the link! It’s amazing, I know, to have compete bodily autonomy, but nobody here, NOBODY, is making you click that link unless, gasp – you click the link yourself? If you don’t want to go on my Patreon page? You don’t have to, you mutated cactus! Did you even bother to realize that 98% of my work is still completely free and attainable on my Tumblr to access and view? Or that my Patreon works on a reward-system, so the kind people who are willing to donate actually get something back for their contributions, which, incidentally, is even MORE work for me, but I am happy to provide it because they are financially helping me? No, you didn’t, because you’re too consumed in your self-righteous fury to even READ.

Three: Have I mentioned that becoming a Patron on my Patreon account is completely and utterly voluntary? Oh, why, yes I have, on multiple occasions, HERE and HERE! Just because you’re a concrete-dense crap-coated mailbox flag who doesn’t seem to read any instructions or descriptions anywhere, at any time, doesn’t mean that you can send me this kind of hate mail because you couldn’t be bothered reading the freaking print. If you don’t want to donate, you don’t have to! It sounds crazy, I know!

Four: Back the frick up, do me a favor and staple all your fingers together for suggesting I am such a horrible person for requesting financial help to do what I do. You know what I do? I study full-time, which is a minimum 40 contact hours of full-on work during the week, and I work full days on the weekend. And that doesn’t include the hours of school-work and assignments I am required to do, plus the evening hours I need to spend in theatres supervising shows. Do you know how little time that leaves me to make artwork? Hardly any, let me tell you. I have to literally force myself to go to sleep some nights because my days are so long and full of stress. To have enough time to make a piece of art, let alone a comic series, is a huge feat of effort for me who wants to do nothing except melt into my bed any spare moment I have. So asking for a little, voluntary financial help is such a horrific idea that you can’t even fathom? You honestly think that I’m rolling around in cash when someone pledges a dollar a month to me? I’ll tell you this now: I am incredibly, overwhelmingly appreciative of every single person that has pledged to me, but since starting my Patreon, I have not seen a single penny of that money yet, because I am saving it for a possible dire situation in the future. My Society6 Account? I make ONE-TENTH of the prices listed there as profit, which gets transferred to me ONCE A MONTH after a 30-day grace period to clear the funds. That is a pittance. I make hardly anything online from my art. So you can go choke on your spoon.

I had considered turning Anon off a couple of times since starting up my Patreon account, but I hadn’t, because I get a lot of shy people who message me with nice messages, and I didn’t want the nasty Anons to affect that. I wanted my Tumblr to be an open, inviting place, but instead I log on to see messages like this that are worse than rodent excrement.

You say you ‘love’ Seed Wolf? Well, you don’t deserve to, not with your disgusting attitude, which frankly, makes me absolutely revolted. How can you ‘love’ something while attacking its creator for honestly trying to keep a sustainable living situation? People who claim to love something don’t send their creator hate mail behind the shitty veil of anonymity, don’t threaten its creator with death and rape (as I have been, multiple times) because, horror of horrors, they requested a little voluntary financial aid to keep doing what they do.

Artists and creators deserve anything and everything they can. You know what we have to put up with? We have to put up with our art being stolen and reposted without credit, our commentary and descriptions being deleted because it’s not ‘aesthetically pleasing’ on peoples’ blogs. We have to deal with making this content for our own pleasure, and then having you send us this kind of hatred, because we didn’t pander to your whiny, childish desires. We have to be made to feel like garbage for trying to spread our love of the fandom through our own way, and then get utterly lambasted by you egotistical, sanctimonious dirtbags because we ask for a donation here and there. Because we’re all expected to be machines that pump out content, day and night, without any regards to our personal lives or financial needs. Yes, because artists literally live on air, correct?

So you know what’s going to happen? I’m turning Anon messages off, because while I love getting lovely messages from anybody, I despise arrogant crybabies like you thinking that I’m ‘selling out’. I’m not going to stop advertising my Patreon account, because hey, guess what? It’s MY account, and I do what I want on there.

But it’s people like YOU, Anon, who make me want to flip a table and just freaking stop drawing altogether and delete my Tumblr. It’s people like YOU who take away all happiness and motivation for others to continue their works. Do you Hate Anons ever even read the messages you write? You sound like babies. Like actual, whining babies because ‘BAWWWW, someone inserted a link to a thing I don’t want to support WAH WAH WAH somebody is asking for donations to live and I think it’s a cancer on the fandom WAHHHHHH’.

Do something for me, all you Hate Anons. Use your mouse, go to the top of my page, and click ‘Unfollow’, because it’s no skin off my nose that I don’t have trash like you following me. Oh, but you ‘loooove’ my comics? Too bad, I don’t give all the peas in Persopolis what you might think, because sending me hate mail, rape and death threats for writing one line of html is literally the actions of someone who is garbage. You’d be doing me a favor.

Crikey, I’m this close to leaving Tumblr for good so I don’t have to put up with being attacked for posting my art. I’m not happy that I’ve had to post this up, but I think it’s about time I started standing up for myself, and not being trodden on by pieces of filth like you. So go ship yourself to Antarctica.

So now that the Doctor Strange teaser dropped, the inevitable droves of SJWs have descended upon it with righteous fury. Frankly, I think it’s fucking stupid. Like everyone’s complaining “they cast a white guy as a poc character”. Now, I’m no expert on Doctor Strange, I really don’t know much about the character, but from what I understand he could at best be considered “racially ambiguous”.  This is him in the comics:

He looks pretty white to me, so IDK. Also, after some digging I discovered apparently the character is based off of Chandu the Magician, which is an old radio show that later became a movie in the 1930s. Now, the titular character, who Dr. Strange is based off of was white. He was played by Edmund Lowe, who was white. Also, I learned that Doctor Strange starred in a TV movie in the late 70s where he was portrayed by Peter Hooten, who was also white. The point I’m trying to make here: it’s not white washing to cast a white actor in a roll that has been played by white actors before, and has never been demonstrated to be anything but white.

Now, the other complaint I see is “well the story draws from Asian cultures and beliefs” to which I say, so? There’s plenty of media that draws from various cultures and beliefs. I’m sure you can find plenty of media from Asia that draws from western cultures. Should I be offended anytime I see some movie from an Asian country based off of some sort of European culture that features predominately Asian actors? No. It’s a fictional story set in a fictional universe. Drawing inspiration from things you find interesting isn’t “stealing”. 

Recently it was announced that Tessa Thompson (a non-white actress) was cast in the next Thor movie, and I’ve seen speculation that she might be playing Valkyrie. Valkyries come from Norse mythology, so by your logic, it’s wrong for her to be playing that role because she’s not from the race that the inspiration happened to come from. (For the record, I don’t have a problem with casting her as Valkyrie, who is white in the comics. I don’t think it’s been confirmed that’s who she’s playing, but I’m perfectly fine with her being cast in that role).

Look, if you really can’t stand to see the movie, fine, don’t. No one’s going to force you. Movies are meant for pleasure, and if you don’t take pleasure in it then don’t watch it. But stop trying to shame the rest of us. We just want to enjoy a movie. Marvel is not bad for casting a white actor in a role that could very well be white, and in the past has been portrayed by a white actor. Benedict Cumberbatch is not a bad person for being cast in said role. If you really have a problem with it, go find something else to watch.  

Girl Games Thread Retrospective

It’s been quite a while since the close of the Girl Games LP, and I have been talking about taking time to reflect on it for a long time as well.  So okay, here it is.  This is my reflection on the LP and the thread, which is basically a long list of complaints, because everything that was good about the LP you’re probably already aware of if you’re reading this. 

I’m going to talk about my real feelings about the LP thread, during and after making the LP:

The Girl Games LP fell on deaf ears on SA and I know it.

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Bash Back

Just laid a SJW smackdown on some ignorant white Cis male scum and feeling pretty amped. Anyone else want to assert that they’re a “humanist” and claim patriarchy doesn’t exist and feminism is a mass female victim complex?

I don’t need sleep when I have righteous fucking fury.