i have a righteous fury

If I see one more “let’s wait and see!” Trump-minimalist gentile coopt the one Anne Frank quote they know to try and humanize or soften the people who MURDERED THAT CHILD, I will scream.

They murdered her after she kept the belief that people were good at heart. They murdered her. You don’t get to erase that part of the story to feel better about voting for the American Nazi Party.

She isn’t advocating “let’s wait and see!”, she’s trying to live through being brutally dehumanized without stooping to the level of her oppressors. She isn’t fucking saying, “you can treat me however you want and I’ll still love you!” either.

And that quote? I feel like if that quote sums up your analysis of her diary, you didn’t actually read it. That quote is the touchstone for the gentile/post-war American world because it defangs her. It defangs her pain and fury and intelligence and sexuality and HUMANITY. It turns her into a little doll that gentiles can pose however they want to tell themselves they didn’t really murder a human being with unlimited potential.

You don’t get to decide how she felt after that diary was ripped from her. No one does. It’s beautiful and meaningful and important, but people acting like it contains her complete thoughts about what happened to her are ignoring that she continued to have thoughts and feelings after its last page. Until she was murdered. By the people you’re making stupid minions memes of on Facebook to defend because you fucking voted for this. You voted for a replay of her murder. Keep her name out of your mouth.

Prayer to Hekate for Vengeance and Justice

Hekate, Thea Deinos, I have been wronged

Come with the Furies and your entourage of infernal spirits

Bring righteous vengeance upon he who has wronged me

Hekate Brimo, terrifying Dread Queen of the Infernal Realms, bring swift justice

I ask for your aid to wreak vengeance upon my enemies and right the wrongs done against me

May he tremble before your awesome power and feel the wrath of the Three Formed Queen

Hekate, look upon me with favor and answer my prayer!

(Art-Johfra Bosschart: Hecate)

Halloween comes around and Enjolras shows up in a full-on Captain America costume that has been modified to Capitaine France, complete with a Tricolor shield, because he is a fucking nerd. Grantaire never lets him live it down and really didn’t need to see Enjolras in all that skin-tight leather. Anytime Enjolras pokes fun at anyone, Grantaire comments, “This coming from someone who wore a Capitaine France costume to a meeting.” 

So now that the Doctor Strange teaser dropped, the inevitable droves of SJWs have descended upon it with righteous fury. Frankly, I think it’s fucking stupid. Like everyone’s complaining “they cast a white guy as a poc character”. Now, I’m no expert on Doctor Strange, I really don’t know much about the character, but from what I understand he could at best be considered “racially ambiguous”.  This is him in the comics:

He looks pretty white to me, so IDK. Also, after some digging I discovered apparently the character is based off of Chandu the Magician, which is an old radio show that later became a movie in the 1930s. Now, the titular character, who Dr. Strange is based off of was white. He was played by Edmund Lowe, who was white. Also, I learned that Doctor Strange starred in a TV movie in the late 70s where he was portrayed by Peter Hooten, who was also white. The point I’m trying to make here: it’s not white washing to cast a white actor in a roll that has been played by white actors before, and has never been demonstrated to be anything but white.

Now, the other complaint I see is “well the story draws from Asian cultures and beliefs” to which I say, so? There’s plenty of media that draws from various cultures and beliefs. I’m sure you can find plenty of media from Asia that draws from western cultures. Should I be offended anytime I see some movie from an Asian country based off of some sort of European culture that features predominately Asian actors? No. It’s a fictional story set in a fictional universe. Drawing inspiration from things you find interesting isn’t “stealing”. 

Recently it was announced that Tessa Thompson (a non-white actress) was cast in the next Thor movie, and I’ve seen speculation that she might be playing Valkyrie. Valkyries come from Norse mythology, so by your logic, it’s wrong for her to be playing that role because she’s not from the race that the inspiration happened to come from. (For the record, I don’t have a problem with casting her as Valkyrie, who is white in the comics. I don’t think it’s been confirmed that’s who she’s playing, but I’m perfectly fine with her being cast in that role).

Look, if you really can’t stand to see the movie, fine, don’t. No one’s going to force you. Movies are meant for pleasure, and if you don’t take pleasure in it then don’t watch it. But stop trying to shame the rest of us. We just want to enjoy a movie. Marvel is not bad for casting a white actor in a role that could very well be white, and in the past has been portrayed by a white actor. Benedict Cumberbatch is not a bad person for being cast in said role. If you really have a problem with it, go find something else to watch.  

Bash Back

Just laid a SJW smackdown on some ignorant white Cis male scum and feeling pretty amped. Anyone else want to assert that they’re a “humanist” and claim patriarchy doesn’t exist and feminism is a mass female victim complex?

I don’t need sleep when I have righteous fucking fury.