i have a really unhealthy obsession with this movie

THIS MONTH ON MY UNHEALTHY OBSESSION: Some of my favorite things about Spider-Man Homecoming **spoilers ahead**

1. Peter isn’t perfect. Unlike Tony Stark or Captain America, he doesn’t always catch the bad guy. He messes up a lot, he makes messes, and he doesn’t really know how to control his powers that great. He is the most human out of all the Avengers. He is basically what would happen if any of us had powers-clueless on how to do anything from interrogating someone to spying on people. And yes, although one could say this is just because he’s a kid, one could also say it’s because he’s so focused on saving everyone, he doesn’t really think things through when executing his plans.

2. He’s very humble. A lot of us, if given powers, would just flaunt them around and enjoy holding it over other people and being admired for them (kinda like how Tony enjoys reminding everyone that he’s a genius billionaire philanthropist playboy.) Even though Peter knows he’s special, he’s still very humble and down to earth. When asked by Ned if he wants to tell everybody he’s Spider-Man, he says no, not really because he wants to stay safe himself, but because he doesn’t want his Aunt to worry about him. This just shows that he puts other people first in all that he does, when he COULD just brag about being Spider-Man to everyone and stop kids like Flash from bullying him.

3. All he wants to do is save people. [SPOILER ALERT] At the end of the movie, when he sees that Vulture’s wings are going to explode, he starts pulling him back to the ground not because he wants to kill him, but because he “just wants to save” him. He still has pity in his heart for the bad guy, whereas any other superhero wouldn’t even hesitate to kill them. (One could even go so far as to say that it’s because he relates to Vulture. After all, they both have history of being stepped on by people higher up on the totem pole.) Even when he’s fighting the people robbing the ATMs, he never makes a move fatal enough to harm them seriously, although we all know he’s very capable of doing so. And when their weapon takes out the bodega across the street, he drops everything to go help the owner and his cat, when he could have stayed and caught the bad guys. ONE MORE EXAMPLE (sorry this is getting long:) is when the suit lady/Karen gives him the option for instant kill mode, but he freaks out and automatically says no. All these examples just show that he wants to save people with the minimum amount of casualties, compared to Captain America or Black Widow, who will do anything to get the job done, even if it means they can’t save everyone.

4. [SPOILER ALERT] This isn’t really about Peter, but I really like that the movie didn’t include the overused trope of “at the end the superhero gets the girl of his dreams.” The whole romance part of the movie wasn’t a big part of the plot (like in Captain America: The First Avenger or Iron Man). And even though in the future of the franchise we’re probably going to see Michelle become Peter’s new love interest, it would still be refreshing to see that happen because Michelle isn’t the stereotypical crush of a superhero. She isn’t overly beautiful, she doesn’t have a “winning personality,” she’s very idealistic, and she isn’t popular. Overall, I really enjoyed that aspect of the movie because it was different and not an overused movie trope.

IN CONCLUSION, Spider-Man was a 5 star movie and if I had the money and the time I would see it everyday in the theaters for the rest of my life. If you kept reading till the end of my little rant, don’t forget to tune in next time to see my critique of my next unhealthy obsession. :)

Room Mates (Part Four)

                                         (Sam x Reader)     

                                  Room Mates (Part Four)

The real part four woops


Crying out as I landed. The bastard had dislocated my right shoulder; I grabbed my knife from my cleavage and rammed it into the material of my skirt, making a slit so I could move my legs. The wolf approached again and I kicked him, throwing him off again. The Winchesters came running in, shooting. I watched the wolf fall.  Sam rushed over to me, checking me over
‘You’re late.’ I told them, breathing heavy. Trying to stand up, Sam put his arm around my waist, helping me up. I gasped, he looked and swore. I had torn my stitches.
‘You wrecked your dress.’ Den commented. ‘Although it may be an improvement.’ He smirked, Sam shot him a look. I laughed through the pain.
‘Give me a minute.’ I told them hobbling to the wall.
‘Y/N?’ Sam asked, realisation crossing his face. I held up my finger and counted. One, Two, SMACK! I screamed,
‘FARK!’ I dropped to the ground, breathing heavy. My shoulder was now back in place. I looked up at the boys, their faces pale. ‘Ok, I’m good.’ I said weakly, trying to stand. Sam rushed over, helping me up, avoiding my side.
‘I may need help this time with the stitches.’ I muttered.
‘Did you seriously just?’ Sam asked, I shrugged with my good shoulder.
‘Not the first time. Doubt it will be the last.’ I gave him a weak smile.

When we got to the impala, Dean grabbed my mobile off the ground and I pulled my shoes off and dropped them on the floor of the car.
‘Next time one of you gets the crappy dress and heels.’ I muttered, trying to hold my arm in place. When we got to the motel, Sam helped me get out. I turned and noticed blood on Deans seat.
‘Ah I think I may have decorated your car.’ I said quietly. Dean shook his head
‘It’s ok, I’ll clean it up later.’ We got inside, Sam rushed to get the first aid kit, I pulled out my earrings sitting at the kitchen table, whimpering at the pain.
‘Ah, Y/N I need to access your wound, to re stitch it.’ Sam said slightly embarrassed. My eyes grew wide. I wasn’t wearing a bra, the dress slipped down easy enough.
‘Um, I need a shirt or something.’ I muttered.
‘Serious Y/N,’ Dean said looking at the blood soaking through my dress. ‘Take it off, we can handle the underwear.’
‘That’s the issue, there is none, well bra at least. Not something I can wear with this, it shows, didn’t look good, made it too tight and …’ I rambled. Both boys realised my point. I got up and headed to the bathroom I struggled pulling my dress down and a shirt on that Dean had handed me. I came out after and sat back down. I held my shirt up with my good hand, struggling with that and my shoulder, after a few minutes, Dean came and helped while Sam sewed me up and tried to clean up the blood. He also patched up my knees and arms from my fall. Once finished, I got them to grab my sling from my car and put my bad arm in it.

‘I’m sorry we didn’t get there quick enough.’ Sam said softly, once we had climbed into bed.  It was late, I was struggling to sleep with the pain.
‘It’s ok, he knew you were following. He took moves to lose you.’ I explained. I heard Sam swear.
Eventually I started to drift off, I felt Sam’s hand moving over my hair.

 I woke the next morning to an empty bed, I sat slowly, looking as the door opened. Both boys walked in with breakfast.
‘Oh God you have no idea how much I need that right now.’ I groaned as Sam handed me a coffee. ‘And how much more I love you for getting it.’ I added, the words slipping out. I clamped my mouth shut, looking down at my cup, embarrassed. Dean snorted back a laugh. Sam’s face lit up at my words.
‘Might have to get it more often then.’ He mumbled under his breath.

We ate breakfast, and I went to have a shower. If you can call it that. I struggled to wash my hair, my prominent arm out of action. Getting out I dried myself and struggled to on my undies and yoga pants, I went to put on my bra and swore. I couldn’t do it up. Nor would I be able to button up my shirt. Holding a towel to my chest I opened the door and saw Sam, on his laptop.

‘Sam?’ I questioned quietly. He looked up, surprised. I watched his eyes take in my appearance. ‘Could you please help me? I’m rather useless at the moment. I can’t do anything up.’ I muttered.  I watched him gulp and nod. He followed me in and closed the door, I pulled the bra over my arms and Sam did it up. He then helped me pull my button up shirt onto my shoulders, his fingers brushing my skin as he did, leaving hot trails where our skin touched. I turned around, and gestured to the buttons, he buttoned it up for me, his eyes looking into mine the whole time. It was rather hot. I was breathing rather deeply by this point, as was he. He then proceeded to run his hands along my neck un-tucking my hair, he left his hands at the nape of my neck rubbing his thumb along my skin. He lent down then kissing me, fireworks would be an understatement. He kissed me so passionately with so much emotion. I was surprised that someone of his size could be so gentle. He only stopped when we heard Dean coming through the door, after he had disappeared for more fairy floss from the show. He kissed my forehead, and headed out of the bathroom.

I grabbed my brush, taking a few seconds to catch my breath before heading out into the main room. Dean raised an eyebrow.
‘Having issues with my clothes.’ I muttered. Dean nodded.
‘Sure.’ He said knowingly. I distracted myself, trying to brush my hair. This is not as easy as you would think. Especially when your hair is incredibly long and you are using your non dominant hand. Sam watched me, before coming over to the bed and sitting with my, taking my brush from my hands and taking over.
‘So, Y/N’ Dean queried, watching us. I looked at him, frowning. ‘What’s your plans now?’
‘Not sure, take some time off to heal, I guess. Wolf sorta forced my hand on that one.’ I explained. Sam finished my hair, and I felt his hand rest on my lower back, his thumb rubbing my skin. I was unsure of what this was, what we were or what it meant. We were about to go separate ways again. So a relationship is out, at least a conventional one.
‘So you will be staying here for a while then?’ Dean questioned again, looking at Sam.
‘I’ve got a place out Colorado way. I’ll head there.’ I told them.
‘How?’ Sam asked
‘Well I thought of walking, but driving seemed like less exhausting.’ I smirked.
‘Your gear arm is stuffed Y/N.’ Sam mentioned softly. My mouth dropped as what he said sunk in. I groaned, I hadn’t thought of that.
‘Sidney’s such a pretty town.’ I smiled with a small laughed.
‘You could come with us, heal up at our place.’ Sam offered. I looked from one Winchester to the other.
‘I’m sorry what?’ I shook my head slightly, trying to understand what just happened.
‘Come with us.’ Sam repeated, more confident and hopeful, his hand rising up my back. I didn’t mean to but I laughed.
‘That’s not going to happen.’ I blurted out. Sam stiffened, I felt his hand drop. I looked at him, my face fell. ‘I didn’t mean it like that. I swear. It’s just, I’m not a people person or good with others. It’s why I hunt alone. Plus I am a crappy housemate. I really am, you will hate it. Even if it’s for a short amount of time.’ I babbled again, quickly, barely leaving room to breathe. Sam grinned, his hand came up and ran through my hair.
‘Doubt that.’ He laughed.
‘It’s true.’ I argued. ‘I speak before I think, I prefer quiet nights to bars. I don’t respond well to large groups of people, I cry at almost every movie and book. Plus I have an unhealthy obsession with things like Pinterest and tumblr.’ The boys looked at me puzzled. ‘They brighten my day.’ I said defensively. ‘And then there’s the off duty issues.’ I muttered.
‘Off duty?’ he asked. I sighed.‘When I’m not hunting, I like to keep house.’ I mumbled, I walked Sam’s lips turn up slightly.
‘Like?’ he asked
‘Like I clean, a lot. Cook, a lot. Basically the whole housewife thing. It’s really rather sad. But when I’m not hunting, I do that. I find it relaxing, gives me that chance at normal. I can get really anal about mess at times and unorganised stuff. Mildly OCD if you will. ’ I looked at my feet.
‘Do you make pie?’ Dean asked. I nodded, ‘Sold.’ He laughed. I chuckled at his enthusiasm.
‘I really will drive you nuts.’ I told them, ‘Even if it’s only for a couple of weeks.’ Sam squeezed my good hand.
‘I doubt we will mind. The bunker and well us, could use a woman’s touch.’ I looked at them both. Dean nodded.
‘You really have no idea what you are in for.’ I laughed. The boys packed up our bags, I picked up my keys out of habit. Sam took them out of my hand.
‘I’ll drive.’ He smiled, kissing me. Dean grinned at the two of us and headed to his impala.
‘Meet you there.’ He called and he drove off. Sam helped me climb into the passenger’s seat of the highlander. He climbed into the driver’s seat, and took off.
‘I like your car.’ He grinned at me, holding my hand.
‘Why’s that?’ I asked ‘There’s leg room.’ I laughed. I suppose for his height cars are uncomfortable.
‘Hey Sam?’ I asked, as we drove through open country.
‘Us?’ I asked him.
‘Yeah?’ he asked, a small smile on his lips. I sighed, struggling to find the words.
‘What is it?’
‘What do you mean?’ he asked confused.
‘Is this a thing? A temporary thing? Until I’m healed and move on? A casual thing? A when we see each other thing? Then there’s others in between?’ The last few words made the spark in his eyes leave slightly.
‘What do you want it to be?’ he asked, his thumb rubbing my hand as we drove.
‘Honestly, I’ve never done the relationship thing. So I can’t answer that. Like I said people aren’t my thing.’ I muttered
‘So one night only is more your style.’ He looked a bit worried.
‘I don’t do that either.’ I muttered, embarrassed. He went quiet for a while.
‘You’ve got friends though?’ He asked referring to my hometown, I smiled
‘Yeah, but those two are about it. Aside from you and Dean. That’s if I can call you friends, and not just hunters that feel bad I got hurt on the job.’ I laughed. ‘What about you?’ I asked.
‘I don’t really do one night only’s either.’ He explained, ‘There’s been a couple but not many. Relationships, well there’s not been a serious one in a while.’  He squeezed my hand.
‘Well, at least we are both pathetic in that department.’ I laughed. He looked over at me. ‘Sorry.’ I said quickly. He chuckled,
‘We can be pathetic together.’ I smiled at him. After a while, I spoke again,
‘I’m nervous about it, relationships, closeness all that. It’s new to me.’ I said softly. ‘I never even got hugged as a kid. This is all new.’ I explained shyly.
‘Then we will go at a rate you are comfortable, as fast or slow as you want.’ He suggested.
‘You’re ok with that?’ I asked, surprised.
‘I’d wait forever if you asked.’ He said, glancing over at me. I smiled at him. Maybe housemates won’t be a bad thing.

I wasn’t going to talk about this, because wars of fandom opinion travel real fast to real boring places. “I don’t like this character, this character boring, make movies of some other character” is apparently an important enough thought for some people to tag, but not really important enough for me to remark upon. So I wasn’t going to talk about this. But then:

A Black Widow movie would be boring. No offense to her fans, but she is a pretty boring character. If they made an X-23 movie, Storm movie, better Elektra movie, or Ms. Marvel movie I’d be totally on board. The only reason people want a Black Widow movie is because they have an unhealthy obsession with The Avengers film and don’t take the time to actually learn about other female Marvel characters. In a way, that’s pretty sexist and close minded. Educate yourselves before attacking others.

There is so much wrong with this quote, dude who I’m letting remain nameless, and so much I could say to unwind it. Because I talk a lot about comics and I’ve been doing it since before the Avengers film came out and what I find interesting about Natasha isn’t the red hair or Winter Soldier trailer. It’s the fifty years of liberation metaphor, the doom and death and the depth, the way comic books stretched a very simple, very sixties concept into something complicated and heroic and ongoing. I like that she’s a patriot hero who left her country, I like that she’s a woman hero with no easy male counterpart, I like that she thinks as much as she punches and quotes Tolstoy and once wore a bouffant hairdo with matching B and W earrings.

I get that some people are drawn to big-time powers and space and strength, but that’s never been my personal taste. For some reason though people don’t tell me I’m doing things wrong when I dream about a Daredevil movie, even though he had one once and it was not very good. No one tells me I’m wrong to be excited for the Winter Soldier movie, that if I was a real fan I’d be pulling for Baron Zemo to be the bad guy instead, or the John Walker plotline, or that I’m sexist for not thinking about the Femizons.

And I get this other big secret: that being a pretty huge Black Widow fan doesn’t mean I’m trying to get a Wonder Woman movie unmade, that I don’t collect She-Hulk and, that I’m not super psyched about Kamala Khan and that I don’t wax rhapsodic about Karla Sofen. I have an old fondness for Angela del Toro, I believe deeply that Maya Lopez deserved better, I wish more people knew why Monica Rambeau quit leading the Avengers. I could sing to you the many origins of Spider-woman, and think Janet Van Dyne is the best leader the Avengers ever had. I could get you educated.

But I don’t need to justify myself to a dude who can’t even remember Carol Danvers’s codename. That isn’t important. What is important is this: if you like Black Widow because you saw a billion dollar movie that a lot of people saw, then that’s great. It’s fantastic. You’re allowed. I, someone who has read basically every Black Widow comic ever published, give you permission. But you never needed it.

You don’t need me to tell you she’s interesting or this guy to tell you she’s not, you have the tools to figure out what you like for yourself. I hope I can tell you about comics, because I love them, and I’d love to be able to introduce you to so many cool characters that will probably never see a cinematic adaptation— but if that’s not your deal then that’s okay too. It’s not strange or unhealthy to envision sequels to superhero films based on the content of the films themselves, and not the contents of 1980s back issues. You are not being closeminded to champion the most visible superhero woman in the MCU so far as a possible lead for the first superhero woman film in the MCU so far. If Kevin Feige says a Black Widow movie “would be great”, you can agree with him. And you can even want a Captain Marvel movie at the same time. You are just a fan, like me, like basically everyone on tumblr, that’s all, and that’s wonderful.

anonymous asked:

I just came across the post on Tom Hiddleston "fandom" and do not know much about him other then avengers. What I can say however, is that in 10 years when I am your age I know I am not going to waste away time fantasizing about some celebrity on tumblr. Like I feel so embarrassed for you, do you think he would actually respect you. Please find some help and I mean this in a kind way. Unhealthy obsessions like this on tumblr are quite frightening. He is just a human who you do not really know.

I’m sorry you feel embarrassed for me, but over the years I’ve learned to like what I like and enjoy what I enjoy for myself. Not anyone else.

I do not need help nor have an unhealthy obsession with him or any other celeb. I like him, his work, movies, characters, and I like fangirling with friends over them, end of story. There are plenty of other people on this site and all over the internet who feel the same and are older than I. Just because I’m older than you doesn’t give you the right to tell me that I’m allowed to like or dislike. I’m a very empathetic person and always have been, so when I feel something is off or wrong, regardless if I know them or not, then I want to say something.

I’m just doing what makes me happy. I’m not hurting anyone or hurting Tom Hiddleston or have ever claimed to know him. I also make people happy with things I post and that means a lot, so that is in part why I do it. A lot of it is satire as well and would never dream of doing/saying 99.9% of things I may write. People get that, people laugh, it’s all good.

To judge me just solely on my blog is unfair and I hope you realize that I am more than just a person who happens to like a celebrity or movie or whatever.

A Discussion About FitzSimmons Getting Together

This is kind of long and I’m not even sorry! But it’s a big discussion on FItzSimmons, so please read if you can. ;)

I can understand not shipping FitzSimmons. There are popular ships out there that I just can’t ship no matter how hard I try. Belle and Rumple from Once Upon A Time, Liz and Reddington from The Blacklist, and Iris and Barry from The Flash to name a few. I have nothing against them, I don’t hate them, they just don’t click with me.

So if you don’t ship FitzSimmons that’s fine. I just…don’t know how anyone can be ANTI FitzSimmons. Like just so opposed to them that they’re badmouthing it.

As is evidenced by my…unhealthy obsession with Steroline, I’m REALLY into the whole best friends falling in love trope. A lot of people say it’s overused, but how often do best friends get together and actually remain together in movies and television? VERY rarely. This trope has one of the highest failure rates of any of them. TV shows seem obsessed with the idea of putting best friends together and then destroying the relationship soon after for the extra drama. It’s really annoying. TV writers doing that should be a trope all on its own.

My longest lasting, most meaningful relationships were with women I started out friends with. Friendship is a really great foundation for a relationship. Sure, it comes with the added danger of failing and ruining the friendship aspect of it, but it also comes with the added benefit of dating and falling in love with someone who you know deeply cares about you with certainty.

You get to skip all of that weird getting to know someone crap that comes with dating someone new. You know your friend.

It’s Leo and Jemma’s connection that makes me ship them so hard. They get each other like nobody else. There’s this deep undercurrent of affection and show itself every time they’re near each other. The most important people in the world to them is each other, something they’ve both said before.

Even when Fitz was angry at feeling abandoned and Jemma was upset about the rift that had formed between them, something just keep pulling the other into their orbit. They just can’t stay away. Even when they were fighting over Skye, they always seemed to end up near each other when they didn’t truly need to be.

I can understand people who say that not every friendship needs to become a relationship. I watch a show called Killjoys with a male and female relationship that I NEVER want to see evolve into a relationship. I’m in fact really not into the ship that show is trying to push on us.

But the fact of the matter is that Killjoys hasn’t even tried to make those two friends look like they could be more than that. Other characters have made jokes about it, but both characters seem to have zero romantic interest in each other.

It’s not the same for FitzSimmons. The writers intentionally wrote them to be best friends who could maybe be more than that. It took Jemma a while longer to get there than Fitz, but I do have some speculation as to why.

From what we’ve learned of Jemma, she’s had her boyfriends but it doesn’t seem like she’s been truly serious with any of them. Like falling in love with them serious. I believe that from her point of view, boyfriends come and they go, but Fitz was the one constant in her life after they met.

I think she intentionally placed him in the friendzone and kept him there for so long because she didn’t want him going anywhere. She didn’t want to risk it.

Then there’s Fitz. I’ve read a lot of fanfiction, and in most of them Fitz is a virgin. I honestly don’t think that’s true, I just think that he is very private about his sex life. Probably a lack of one since the show began, but I still don’t think he’s inexperienced.

I think Fitz fought his feelings for Jemma for years and just like her, he didn’t want to lose her and put her in the friendzone. But unlike Jemma, he had a lot more trouble keeping her there.

In my personal opinion, I don’t think Jemma and Fitz before the incident would have worked out and I have reasons for it.

First of all, the new Fitz we got in season 2 was clearly different. No massively different, but scared, nervous Fitz was pretty much gone. He had faced death to save the woman he loves, and came out of it with a severely damaged friendship and a new outlook on life.

We saw a lot in season 2 that Fitz is just rarely scared of anything anymore. When other people panicked, he was the voice of reason. His protective instincts kicked in, specifically with Sk…Daisy.

He even found the strength to stand against Simmons when she was being fearful and unreasonable, something that first season Fitz probably wouldn’t have done.

During that, I think Jemma started having feelings for the new Fitz. She always had such a proud look on her face when Fitz stood up for himself, like when they were captured by the other SHIELD and he spent most of his time making sure they knew how much he was not going to cooperate. It was the most united those two had been all season.

The incident gave Jemma a harsh look into a reality where Fitz is no longer around, and she really didn’t like what she saw. Nearly losing Fitz, and later on living with the belief that he hated her for abandoning him, not to mention a certain other death, made her extremely paranoid about losing anyone else, which resulted in her being so anti-Inhuman.

Those feelings for him grew until the second season finale. Fitz was heading into a situation where he could die, and the feelings she didn’t have before when FItz confessed to her are real now. She didn’t have anything to tell him before because she didn’t know how she felt.

It took the possibility of losing him again to break down that final wall and accept the fact that she’s in love with her best friend. Of course we all know what happened next. ;)

So yes, while they’re best friends, they’ve never been portrayed as just best friends. There’s always been a romantic undercurrent. They didn’t need to explore it, but it would be such a waste if they didn’t.

I’ve always believed that FitzSimmons was made to potentially become Agents of SHIELD’s main ship. They might not have known exactly where they were taking it, but I think they intentionally put a lot of doors in place to explore it if they decided to go in that direction.

And it seems like they have.