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A Discussion About FitzSimmons Getting Together

This is kind of long and I’m not even sorry! But it’s a big discussion on FItzSimmons, so please read if you can. ;)

I can understand not shipping FitzSimmons. There are popular ships out there that I just can’t ship no matter how hard I try. Belle and Rumple from Once Upon A Time, Liz and Reddington from The Blacklist, and Iris and Barry from The Flash to name a few. I have nothing against them, I don’t hate them, they just don’t click with me.

So if you don’t ship FitzSimmons that’s fine. I just…don’t know how anyone can be ANTI FitzSimmons. Like just so opposed to them that they’re badmouthing it.

As is evidenced by my…unhealthy obsession with Steroline, I’m REALLY into the whole best friends falling in love trope. A lot of people say it’s overused, but how often do best friends get together and actually remain together in movies and television? VERY rarely. This trope has one of the highest failure rates of any of them. TV shows seem obsessed with the idea of putting best friends together and then destroying the relationship soon after for the extra drama. It’s really annoying. TV writers doing that should be a trope all on its own.

My longest lasting, most meaningful relationships were with women I started out friends with. Friendship is a really great foundation for a relationship. Sure, it comes with the added danger of failing and ruining the friendship aspect of it, but it also comes with the added benefit of dating and falling in love with someone who you know deeply cares about you with certainty.

You get to skip all of that weird getting to know someone crap that comes with dating someone new. You know your friend.

It’s Leo and Jemma’s connection that makes me ship them so hard. They get each other like nobody else. There’s this deep undercurrent of affection and show itself every time they’re near each other. The most important people in the world to them is each other, something they’ve both said before.

Even when Fitz was angry at feeling abandoned and Jemma was upset about the rift that had formed between them, something just keep pulling the other into their orbit. They just can’t stay away. Even when they were fighting over Skye, they always seemed to end up near each other when they didn’t truly need to be.

I can understand people who say that not every friendship needs to become a relationship. I watch a show called Killjoys with a male and female relationship that I NEVER want to see evolve into a relationship. I’m in fact really not into the ship that show is trying to push on us.

But the fact of the matter is that Killjoys hasn’t even tried to make those two friends look like they could be more than that. Other characters have made jokes about it, but both characters seem to have zero romantic interest in each other.

It’s not the same for FitzSimmons. The writers intentionally wrote them to be best friends who could maybe be more than that. It took Jemma a while longer to get there than Fitz, but I do have some speculation as to why.

From what we’ve learned of Jemma, she’s had her boyfriends but it doesn’t seem like she’s been truly serious with any of them. Like falling in love with them serious. I believe that from her point of view, boyfriends come and they go, but Fitz was the one constant in her life after they met.

I think she intentionally placed him in the friendzone and kept him there for so long because she didn’t want him going anywhere. She didn’t want to risk it.

Then there’s Fitz. I’ve read a lot of fanfiction, and in most of them Fitz is a virgin. I honestly don’t think that’s true, I just think that he is very private about his sex life. Probably a lack of one since the show began, but I still don’t think he’s inexperienced.

I think Fitz fought his feelings for Jemma for years and just like her, he didn’t want to lose her and put her in the friendzone. But unlike Jemma, he had a lot more trouble keeping her there.

In my personal opinion, I don’t think Jemma and Fitz before the incident would have worked out and I have reasons for it.

First of all, the new Fitz we got in season 2 was clearly different. No massively different, but scared, nervous Fitz was pretty much gone. He had faced death to save the woman he loves, and came out of it with a severely damaged friendship and a new outlook on life.

We saw a lot in season 2 that Fitz is just rarely scared of anything anymore. When other people panicked, he was the voice of reason. His protective instincts kicked in, specifically with Sk…Daisy.

He even found the strength to stand against Simmons when she was being fearful and unreasonable, something that first season Fitz probably wouldn’t have done.

During that, I think Jemma started having feelings for the new Fitz. She always had such a proud look on her face when Fitz stood up for himself, like when they were captured by the other SHIELD and he spent most of his time making sure they knew how much he was not going to cooperate. It was the most united those two had been all season.

The incident gave Jemma a harsh look into a reality where Fitz is no longer around, and she really didn’t like what she saw. Nearly losing Fitz, and later on living with the belief that he hated her for abandoning him, not to mention a certain other death, made her extremely paranoid about losing anyone else, which resulted in her being so anti-Inhuman.

Those feelings for him grew until the second season finale. Fitz was heading into a situation where he could die, and the feelings she didn’t have before when FItz confessed to her are real now. She didn’t have anything to tell him before because she didn’t know how she felt.

It took the possibility of losing him again to break down that final wall and accept the fact that she’s in love with her best friend. Of course we all know what happened next. ;)

So yes, while they’re best friends, they’ve never been portrayed as just best friends. There’s always been a romantic undercurrent. They didn’t need to explore it, but it would be such a waste if they didn’t.

I’ve always believed that FitzSimmons was made to potentially become Agents of SHIELD’s main ship. They might not have known exactly where they were taking it, but I think they intentionally put a lot of doors in place to explore it if they decided to go in that direction.

And it seems like they have.