i have a really old copy of the movie

Thanks dear and lovely @ohtobealady for the tag!

A - age: 36 ugh

B - biggest fear: something happening to my children (I’m gonna copy OTBAL’s, cause really I can’t imagine anything worse)

C - current time: 8:38 AM EST

D - drink you last had: coconut, toasted almond iced coffee (even though it’s 33 degrees out)

E - easiest person to talk to: I’d say my husband and my mother

F - favourite song: my 2 and 4 year olds have been obsessed with Lady Gaga since the Super Bowl and Born This Way has been on constant rotation in my car

G - grossest memory: Probably my water breaking for my eldest child too. I was in the movie theater watching Snow White and the Huntsman…no warning just ‘goosh’. 

H - horror yes or horror no: So funny enough I was brought up on horror movies. My mother and stepfather rented them every weekend and I loved them (though my imagination always got the best of me later). It’s only been since I’ve had children and become the ‘adult’ in the house that I cannot stomach them. 

I - in love: madly
J - jealous of people: I would say it’s more of a longing than jealousy. Like I don’t begrudge others but wistfully wish I had what they do. And usually it’s not about ‘things’ but situations. Like I see people who have lots of siblings, nieces and nephews, cousins and wish I did too.

K - killed someone: um..no

L - love at first sight or should I walk by again: Walk by again

M - middle name: it was Anne before I married 

N - number of siblings: 0

O - one wish: That my children would stop growing up so damn fast!

P - person you last called: my mom

Q - question you’re always asked: is that credit or debit.

R - reason to smile: my family is happy and healthy and spring is right around the corner!

S - song you last sang: “Born This Way”

T - time you woke up: 4:10am

U - underwear colour: black

V - vacation destination: a warm island 

W - worst habit: probably having a glass of wine with dinner but I ain’t ashamed ;)…

X - x-rays had: whoa, ok. teeth. neck. feet a bunch of times

Y - your favourite food: pizza 

Z - zodiac sign: Cancer

I tag anyone who would like to do it!

ratsociety  asked:

(I heard you wanted to talk lol) My book came in the mail so that was cool :Y It's a book about the art of Ratatouille and it's got a bunch of concept art and character designs and stuff about the early animation process I guess. It's really neat :> Idk if you watch Pixar but they have books on all their movies with stuff like that if you'd be interested since you're trying to learn animation.

WHOA,, THAT’S SO COOL OMG,,,,,I bet those are expensive tho, they’d maybe help me a bit with the animation learning stuff,, 

the book I already want to buy is “Animator’s Survival Kit by Richard Williams” (I had a virtual copy in my old computer, but I lost my computer 3 months ago, so I lost it)

I love Ratatouille btw, i have watched it so many times that now I know almost every line in spanish :’y (I watch it in spanish, I want to watch it in english tho)

wait, did you buy that book? if you didnt, where did you get it? (not trying to get one for me, Im just interested in knowing :’]

OUAT 6x05-Street Rats: Some Thoughts

Went ahead and watched 6x05 (that hulu subscription FINALLY paying off tho) since my dash apparently exploded in swan queen feels overnight.  First impression: holy crap, this is actually good, entertaining television!  None of the clumsy, rushed storytelling from season 5 (which is when I stopped watching) was present.  There weren’t too many b and c storylines and everything seemed coherent.  More importantly I actually cared about the side characters (I usually don’t).  Aladdin and Jasmine had CHEMISTRY, they sold their romance.  I loved that Emma kept making references to the movie.  I felt like as a child the movie may have really resonated with her.  I can see a young Emma identifying with Aladdin as she re-watched an old VHS copy of the movie in her latest foster home.

Lots of things stuck out to me that I’m sure awesome meta writers like @colyssa and @anothershadeofgreen will talk about (and that I’m very much looking forward to reading) like what was that around Aladdin’s neck?  Dreamcatcher?  Are those lions on the scissors?  Did anyone else think of that scene from s4 when Regina was being surrounded by the darkness when Jasmine was being buried by swirling sand in the hourglass?

Emma’s big secret reveal is interesting because she was adamant about not talking about it and telling EQ!Archie to essentially fuck off, until H00k puts his hand on her and says her name in a…I can’t think of a way to describe it.  I went back and watched that scene a couple of times and the more I did, there is something off about the way he treats her here.  She just stops. Like, all thoughts, all emotions, just total blankness, and then total subservience (and not the good, smexy kind).  THIS scene is a very good lesson of JMO’s subtle facial expressions to convey what’s really going on.  We are shown a couple of other instances in this ep of people having to talk about something that is bothering them: 

1) Henry talks to Jasmine in the loft

2) Snow talks to Emma in the loft

3) Regina talks to Emma in the vault

4) Henry talks to Emma in the crypt

5) Aladdin talks to Emma in the crypt

We are shown all of these to be in direct counterpoint to that initial reveal that Emma was forced to do.  Emma/Jasmine in these scenes talked about how they felt freely, not having been manipulated into it.

That final scene with H00k, the scissors, and Emma.  Other than the obvious parallel of c$ being shown lying to each other after Snow talks about how she and Charming don’t lie to one another, I was reminded of why c$ has never sat right with me.  There are valid points of it being abusive which far more talented writers have gone into, but I think this really demonstrates how badly matched they truly are.  Emma made a big speech about how there was no way she was going to use the scissors, she accepts that she is the savior.  She trusts the people around her to help her.  It’s a big moment for her.  What H00k did by not destroying the scissors is he ignored everything she said about who she wants to be, what she considers important. In essence he can’t let her be who she wants, because HE KNOWS BETTER THAN SHE DOES WHAT SHE WANTS.  Anyone who has been in relationships that are bad for you, KNOWS how this story goes.  Your partner does not listen to you.  Your partner cannot allow you to be who you are.  Who you are when you are genuine and happy, makes your partner miserable.  Instead of trying to make you happy, your partner manipulates you into doing what he/she wants.  You are not the best version of yourself when you are with your partner.  And btw, none of this was very subtle in this ep.  Are they queer baiting? Are they laying the ground work for eventual SQ?  Are they ever going to talk about Regina’s haircut? Is Archie the best babysitter in SB? Does H00k travel with a bottle rum everywhere he goes?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.  However, their toxicity is becoming more and more overt and I certainly hope it’s leading somewhere.    


Books, Movies, and Wonder: Thoughts from a Red Carpet

There’s a lot that’s really awesome about this video, and several poignant lines (”Don’t you have to like someone to love them?”; “In the end, I think people make experiences wonderful, not the other way around”), but I think my favorite part is when John sneakily signs some copies of Looking for Alaska. It’s like old school vlogbrothers up in here, even among red carpets.

“Pete’s Dragon means a lot to my family and I. We would watch it all the time when I was little and even memorized/sang the songs to one another. My parents even danced to "I’ll Be Your Candle On The Water” during their wedding. I wish we could watch the movie again and bond over it (we have a really old vhs copy and can’t find a dvd version of it).“