i have a really funny story to go with it too

the Series of Unfortunate Events show on Netflix is really good, with a surreal style reminiscent of Pushing Daisies, but the pedophilia undertones in the first few episodes make me really uncomfortable

The Creators of Yuri on Ice
  • Episode one: let's make the gay really subtle and not distract from the story line
  • Episode two: Just make the opening a little gayer and have Viktor touch Yuri a bunch, but in a teasing flirting way. We don't want to go overboard
  • Episode four: Let's just straight up have Viktor ask to be Yuri's lover. That should get everyone on the same page
  • Episode seven: Make them kiss ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Episode nine: They're still??? not??? convinced??? After that? Ok, so this time do like a really big dramatic airport scene where they run at each other and Yuri uses the same words as a proposal to ask Viktor to stay with him. But still keep it subtle. We're going For sub-context here to let the audience figure it out.

Funny story: I promised myself this go ‘round that I was under no circumstances going to analyze the Holby City: Winter Trailer.  At all. I was going to be very mature and watch the Trailer one time like all the normal people in the GA general audience who have watched it the way it was meant to be viewed. Once.  And that was going to to be that.

Apparently the actual, literal translation of I’m not going to analyze the Holby City Winter Trailer this time around is: Imma gonna watch that sucker 75 times, backwards and forwards, in slow motion, frame by frame, screenshot Serena’s scenes, catalogue and label blouses, earrings, hair-line and makeup, cross reference with spoilers and official synopses and a preview video to come up with some ideas.  Forget one theory. I’ve got six. I could blame @nicolaruth27 because she tagged me this morning and asked for some CSI level investigation, but that would be unfair as we all know I would have done this anyway.  In any case I’m shoving it all under a read-more, mostly to save my six, I can’t believe you’re hanging in you precious people followers who don’t watch Holby City and obsess over Serena and Bernie and anyone else in the tag who simply like to watch the pretty gifs and have no use for the rambling prognostications of the obsessed theories.

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EXCLUSIVE: 'Once Upon a Time' Bosses Spill on Robin Hood's Return, Captain Swan's Domestic Bliss, Proposal Plans and More!
Let's just cut to the chase: You have questions and we have answers.

@LizaLaRumbelle: Anything to look forward for Rumbelle? Their story is so painful so far.
Agreed, it really has been, but we might finally be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. “I would say that [Belle] and Rumple have had a really, really, really difficult path,” Kitsis said. “And what I can tell you is, deep down, Rumple loves her. It’s just very messy, it’s very confusing, but hopefully it will be fun to watch. And they’re going to have a baby and that puts everything into perspective.”

Horowitz added sweetly, “They have a deep connection and a deep love between them, so yeah, it’s constantly tested, but at the core of it, there is love.”

okay @awritersheart just fucking reminded me of a funny irl story that I just remembered.

So I live away from home and I naturally call my parents to check in with them every now and then. Dad never really has anything to say, he just grunts a hello and hands the phone over to my mum. When I call, I’m usually doing something else too like I’m on the PC or PS4 or cooking food or whatever. My mother at the moment is really concerned that I’m gonna be Forever Alone™ because I’m older (approaching my thirties in a bit) and she knows how difficult I can be.

So during this particular phone call, I’m scrolling through the FFXV tag to reblog some gifsets for this blog. And I’m just kind of going “uh-huh. yes ma, yes, uh-huh.” in english and she’s speaking to me in Teow Chow and Cantonese because these are the languages we’re comfortable speaking although we can kind of understand the other.

Anyway at some point I hear my mum go “Mei (little one), I just want you to be happy,” 

I’m just scrolling through the FFXV tag…

“I hope you can find someone who will really make you happy” 

Okay, this is where I hit some Ignis gifsets or whatever, cool, reblog, like….

“I hope he’s taller than you are and very smart” 


“And he’s like clean and professional” (shes definitely hinting at me to find a doctor or lawyer to marry btw)

frantically scrolling through more ignis sets whY ARE THERE SO MANY ALL OF A SUDDEN

“you know, hou leng zai (really handsome/really good looking)”

I hit close on my browser. That’s enough tag searching for now. “HahA MUM YEAH. CAN ONLY HOPE. LET’S CHANGE THE SUBJECT, HAVE YOU EATEN YET? HOWS DAD?”

I completely forgot about that until now I wish I were making this up but it happened and i swear I meant to make a post about it, but ANYWAY. YEAH. @awritersheart was like ‘imagine bringing any of the chocobros home for your parents’ and thats what made me remember. 

Six save me

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2PM  Pillow Talk

What would pillow talk be like with them?

Jun.K – Minjun would prefer to have you lying on his chest, using him as a pillow as he has his arms wrapped securely around you. He’d tell you about the progress he was making with his next album and you would tell him about your day, including funny stories about the dogs when you took them to the park. You’d feel his chest shake as he chuckled and played with your hair. Pillow talk with him would be kept relatively light, he doesn’t want to bring bad topics or feelings into your safe haven. It would just be a simple time to relax and be affectionate. Expansion

Nichkhun – He’s going to spoon you as you tell him about your day. I don’t really think he’d go too much into his own unless something exciting happened, but for him it’s another day another schedule. But he wants to know how you spent your day and he would listen but he’d also be very playful and draw things on your arm with his finger or tickle you suddenly, especially if you start to talk about being worried about something. He would tell you not to worry about anything, he would take care of it. Expansion

Taecyeon – You two are going to lie facing each other in bed, maybe with hands clasped between you if you’re feeling affectionate. This would be where you like to get your serious talking done. There’s plenty of time for light hearted stuff during the day with texts and whatnot but at night, in the dark it’s easier to be open with each other while the world is still. You would tell him any concerns you have and he would give good, solid opinions. He would appreciate your advice on things as well because he respects your opinion. Taec would even start to feel safe enough to open up emotionally but it would take him a little bit of time to be vulnerable with you. Expansion 

Wooyoung – He would like for you to lay on his chest but there are times when he’d want to lay on yours. Especially if he’s stressed, overworked or just worried in general. No matter how you are lying though it would be a time for serious talk. Wooyoung would intertwine your fingers and look at them while you both talked, rubbing his thumb absentmindedly over your knuckles. No matter what you were discussing even if it was resolving a minor disagreement between you he’d feel connected and safe.

Junho – There are times he’d be spooning you, times he’d want you on his chest, times he’d want to face you but with limbs tangled together. The common denominator for all of it would be touching and cuddling, as in lots of it. He’d be extremely affectionate and need you very physically close with him during these moments. Topics could be sad, happy or even mundane he just needs to feel your body next to his, your breath on his skin. This would be a major thing for him and really make him feel grounded in your relationship. Expansion

Chansung – You two would be facing each other but he’d be very touchy. Stroking your face, touching your neck, definitely lying close enough for eye contact in the dim lighting (he probably would want some kind of nightlight so it wouldn’t be totally dark while you talked.) Discussions would range from the day’s events to your futures to life in general. Sometimes you two would lose track of time and hours would pass before you even realized it. And as long as you didn’t do it all the time, Chansung would love it if you fell asleep on occasion so he could just watch you sleep as you look so innocent and just enjoy being there with you.

theocelotbuilder  asked:

For the first impressions ask thingie! How about Lukas. :P

Send Me a Character

And I will tell you my: 


  • First impression: “oh cool grease is here”. Didn’t really care or notice lukas too much as i was distracted by the greaser/biker look the gang had, it was pretty cool. 
  • Impression now: He’s an adorable nerd who I do think should be an official member of the order of the stone, but hey secretary works too. 
  • Favorite moment: If you follow Ivor to jail you get to see a cute little scene where Ivor nearly blurts out stuff about the witherstorm an lukas just cups a hand over his mouth like ‘haha, uncle ivor  you’re so funny, oh yes the melon war yes very interesting, sHH! you idiot’
  • Idea for a story: I would like to see Lukas resemble the ocelots or even go on to become a legend himself in building. It was something he was obviously interested it and was skilled greatly in. So having to do something with him being seen as a ‘go’ builder would be cool.
  • Unpopular opinion:   Lukas cannot brew potions, every time he tries it results in him either having the potion blow up in his face, or it just does nothing.
  • Favorite relationship: Lukas and Jesse have a pretty strong friendship that I do admire. Comparing it to before and now it’s just something I find really cool that they kept it a more friend-ish than forcing a kind of romance between them. (but by all means ships are ships ))
  • Favorite headcanon: Lukas is the shortest of the ocelots

    (Bonus below (Lukas’s brewing attempts))

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Another Story From Mom...

When my mom was in high school, she wasn’t popular or anything. Anyways.

So a group of kids decided they wanted to go ice skating but they couldn’t get a ride, so these kids told my mom that if she could get them all a ride to the skating rink, she could come too.

Well she asked her dad, and he said that they could go and they piled all these kids into the car and they headed off to the skating rink and my mom was telling my grandpa how he didn’t have to wait around for them to be done and that the session was over in about three hours or so.

But nah

He was just: “Actually, I think I’ll try skating, I should really try to learn.”

So my mom was horrified, her dad was going to be trying to learn how to ice skate and embarrass her in front of everyone. The guys thought it was funny to get to see an old man fall on his ass all night so they were all for it.

Well my mom and a couple other girls didn’t terribly know how to skate either so they edged around the side of the rink and my grandpa was right with them, inching along.

Well one of the guys thought it would be funny to slide toward the girls and kick ice up at them and my grandpa told him that wasn’t an approrpiate way to treat the girls and told him to stop it.

Little bastard said something flippant my mom can’t remember but she summarized it as essentially being ‘kiss my ass’ and skated off.

My grandpa looked at my mom and the rest of the girls, and told them to never, ever let anybody, let alone boys treat them like that and like that he was GONE.


thing my mom and none of these kids knew was that my grandpa knew how to ice skate, actually. The man was the star player on his highschool hockey team.

He skated right up to the boy and stopped abruptly, which ended up causing the boy to fall on his ass and told him to never, ever treat anyone like that ever again, and had him go over and apologize to my mom and the other girls for his horrible behavior. Of course he then spent the rest of the evening skating backwards and sideways and doing fancy maneuvering around the rink, as the jig was up.

But later, my mom realized that he stayed at the rink and pretended he couldn’t skate because he didn’t trust the other kids to behave themselves and wanted to be there to protect his daughter. So he spent all that time barely inching along, wobbling and pretending to struggle so he could stay with my mom and make sure she was going to be treated alright by the popular kids.

under-the-same-skyy  asked:

Crush story, please? Past crush, present, or the type of person you think you'd fall for in the future. Also, hello, newish follower here :)

aaa crushes lol :) most of my past crushes have been with people i don’t really talk to, just people i was overly infatuated with and admired from afar. i dont think i ever had a proper conversation with any of them, and oh were there many. right now i kind of redefined my idea of a crush, and like less people 😂i guess im starting to look for more in a person and get the know a guy better before admitting i have a crush on him

my present crush is a guy in all my main classes (what A DISTRACTIOn), i sit with him in a couple of the classes and he’s really funny, intelligent and easy to talk too! but i dont really see this going anywhere bc we are soo different so im trying to get over him…

in the future i see myself falling for someone that is super kind and selfless, intelligent and makes me a better version of myself :)

sleepover saturday, send me anything! :)

I also liked the A Series of Unfortunate Events movie and think I’ll like the show as well.  I do think the movie receives more criticism from fans than it deserves.  For one, ASOUE never would have made a great movie franchise.  The formatting just does not fit the story.  So I think the people behind the movie did the best that they could given the restrictions.  One book for one movie would have been too stretched out, so combing them made sense.  And reshuffling the stories made sense, too, given that The Bad Beginning has more of a traditional cinematic ending than The Wide Window.  I also don’t think Jim Carrey as Count Olaf was completely terrible.  I think he had the potential to be a perfect Olaf.  He looked the part, he does theatrical well (obviously) and he could’ve been great at menacing, too.  Honestly, I blame the director for encouraging Carrey to do so much improv rather than reigning it in.  But people like to hate on Carrey for being too funny, and say that Olaf is a terrifying villain, through and through.  However, that is not the case.  He’s an evil man, yes, but he’s also boisterous and arrogant.  There are two side to him and that’s what makes him so scary - he can easily switch between dastardly and charming.  As for the technical aspects of the movie… they were spot-on.  I love the look of the film.  The sets, the clothing, the coloring.  The score is great, too.  My biggest complaint of the film is that they didn’t achieve the Snicket-ism of the books.  But as an adaptation (and a movie on its own right), I think the ASOUE movie was pretty good.

Random funny stories from various Soraru + Mafumafu namahousou (part 1)

Hey! So I’m bored and thought I’d go back and translate some funny/interesting/really cute stories from these two in streams from the previous months. The theme of these appears to be “Soraru is a giant baby” www. Some of these (if not all of them?) have probably been translated before? But I’m too lazy to spend time looking for them haha, so here we are. Edit: There’s only 2 in this part but there will be more tomorrow from other streams, I just decided to post these tonight since I was done. I’ll put links to videos so you can follow along and listen if you want, or you can just read them. Enjoy :)

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i was excited about the sims 4 adding toddlers but they are clearly salty about having to do it because they have upped the difficulty level by a lot

this kid was over-tired and hungry and he had to pee and he was throwing a tantrum about being over-tired and hungry and repeatedly throwing his cereal on the ground and refusing to eat. then i finally got the little tyke in bed and he had a nightmare and wouldn’t go back to sleep. meanwhile his food bar is going down again and the only other sim awake in the household is his child-age older brother (because he exhausted his parents with his whole refusing to eat shtick) who is also up past his bedtime on a school night, trying to solve the problem with hugs and funny stories (and feeling really confident about it, too)

like, child, i will let the social services lady take you don’t test me

I tried

I tried to stay away from Skam, the fandom, the Facebook fangroups and Tumblr. I tried for one day. I failed.

I`m really addicted.

The worst part is that I don`t enjoy the discussions, or the Clips, like I did before. I still enjoy it, and I find gems every day, but it`s not the same as before. I have heard most of the questions and most of the theories. I have seen all the scenes, many, many times. I have analyzed Eva, Noora and Isak and their stories again and again. And still it`s just impossible for me to let them be. To live my life now. All that.

Well, I have to keep trying, because I just can`t let this series take over my life.

I know reading helps, so I will start to read more books again. It helps to meet friends, too. Take nice walks with friends. And to do funny things with the kids. And I`m going to set up some goals, things I just have to do, at work and at home, before I can og on facebook or Tumblr or whatever.  

I really hope it works. Because, even if I love this show, I love my life more. Or, I want to love my life more.

Batty’s 2016 Wordcount

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I’ve started writing in November 2015 and only really started posting things in December 2015/January 2016. First Date was my first work (and still incomplete, oops) and I got a bit ambitious and started coming up with more stories for Kaeran and Cullen. I never intend on writing a longfic set in the canon verse since it would involve a lot of rehashing events from the game and I’m not interested in doing that. 

I’ll only write in the canon verse if I want to expand on something specific or as a challenge (or writing too much in the modern verse, lol).

Funny enough, Single Fereldan Man was my third fic idea and ran with it before the Mountie and Darkverse AUs since I felt they were going to be more complex and SFMSFC was the perfect chance to get into the habit of writing. I’m proud that I have an outline for future chapters and even wrote at least 2k for chapter 7 which is seriously overdue. 

The last couple of months have been challenging since I find that I’m not writing as much as before; there are a few reasons for this including personal issues, lack of motivation and more importantly, the fact that I should be working on my thesis in order to graduate. Which is pretty important, right? But then I feel guilty for not writing since I do enjoy it (and the lovely comments, kudos, likes and reblogs ;) ) and if I just focus on writing and not the thesis then I don’t get that far ahead. 

For 2017, I resolve to place a stronger emphasis on the thesis but also set x amount of time per week on writing. And just writing with zero distractions.  

Feeling low about my current writing/posting schedule, I thought it would be good to recap my overall wordcount for 2016. I sort of cheated and included all of First Date (I think the first two chapters were posted in Nov 2015 but later reworked and posted on ao3 in January 2016). I excluded all WIP including two writing prompts *whispers* my god there are so many wips..  

Overall, I wrote 43,507 words, which, wow, I guess writing a bunch of prompts, drabbles and challenges for cullavellan and sexlaughterhonesty week along with two fics really adds up. :D I won’t set myself a goal for this year except maybe just respect my writing schedule and making it reasonable.

I encourage my fellow writers to do this, regardless if it’s fandom or original works, if you wrote it in 2016 it counts! If you do this, please tag me. ;)

Below the cut is a breakdown of the wordcount for each work.

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Fic Recs for Dixonne and Richonne Shippers

Look, I know these ships are small and all, but let’s just admit it. These are still good damn ships either way. We can’t deny the chemistry here with both ships. I’m really into these ships like crazy. I mean, who doesn’t like Daryl Dixon with the badass, kickass woman with a katana? And also, who doesn’t enjoy watching the hard and gritty cop with her too? I know I love both ships. 

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Now here’s the top stories I definitely recommend. The majority of these fics are found on Fanfiction.net. I hope you enjoy. Please drop a review to these authors. ;)

You’re gonna have to go under the cut to divulge your desires. ;)

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Well, I call this stuff “Pines Plus” and long story short it’s the Pines family doing their “PINES PINES PINES” thingy but with Soos and Wendy and, after some time, Pacifica.

I’m really fond of the Pines family, and Pacifica, too, so one day I just decided to draw this.  Originally, back 2 years ago before Not What He Seems aired, it was just going to be Stan, Dipper, Mabel, and Pacifica, but then Ford came into the picture, and one of my pals said I ought to throw Soos and Wendy in there, too, and…. well, here we are!

At least one of ‘em is a little awkward because I had to mash some more of the drawings into one picture than I would’ve liked…

Also funny story when I was still drawing this, I was considering having Pacifica punch Stan in the face by accident but having nobody notice, and then when Ford came to the party I was going to have HIM notice and start chuckling.

Name: Rachael 

Location: California, USA

Age: 20

Info: I’m very easy going. I love new things I love old things. I have many interests and things I enjoy, Favorite movie is nightmare before christmas (lowkey wanna be a claymation animator) Obsessed with anything and everything Harry Potter. I become too emotionally attatched to fictional characters and find that I like them more than most people in my life at the moment (I’m going through a real rough patch right now). TV shows and movies make me so happy (GoT, Penny Dreadful, American Horror Story, Superwholock, OITNB, Friends, Scubs, anything disney, anything Tim Burton, anything Johnny Depp so much more) all music is wonderful. I really wanna exchange bands and music and books and comics and have fun and make a friend or friends. 

Looking For: A friend, someone I can talk to about my week and funny things and just randomness. But also someone who can talk about deep stuff and not judge and just be cool about things. Any gender or sexuality is wonderful! Hope to hear from some of you beautiful people!! xoxo

anonymous asked:


If you could travel to anywhere, where would you go?

Sarah: Haha! So funny story time… I *almost* went to Canada back when I was 12 but crazy things happened (if you guys are curious feel free to send another ask, it’s one of those hilarious stories I plan to tell my grandchildren someday). So I want to go there properly. And Japan would be fun to visit too. Also I want to hop on one of those trains that take you around loads of countries in Europe once I have enough money. 

Toby: I’ve always been more of a cold weather person so I really wanna go to Iceland or Norway. Also I’ve never been to the US so a roadtrip to every state would be awesome! :)

theladypeartree  asked:

Andavs, I've been sick as a dog and feeling like death :( will you tell me a story to make me laugh? But seriously not on the same caliber as The Portrait bc then I literally will die!! (I have the flu + cold +asthma= not too intense laughing!) If you can't that's okay. You can give me an update on saso ;) and if not that either at least let me know if you are having a better day than I am :)

I happened to be watching The Princess Bride when you sent this, so there was really no other way this could go. I hope you feel better!

Once upon a time, there was a boy.

Around the same time, there was another boy.

These two boys knew each other very well, and in fact, loved each other deeply, but refused to admit it. They lived to impress the other, lived for the other, but were determined to die before the other actually knew this. They hid their feelings behind bickering and insults, sneers and eyerolls, always threatening to leave, but never meaning it for a second.

The two boys were all each other had, living at the very edge of the kingdom of Beacon Hills, where there was little more than thieves and orphans like them scraping to get by. They could survive there, but they wouldn’t be able to live happily, not with the hand life had dealt them.

One boy realized that to be together in the future, they would have to part for the present. He’d heard tales from the thieves that roamed the forest, of men crossing the seas and returning with wealth and status, and knew what he had to do.

They said their goodbyes at the shore, parting without confessing their love, both too proud to be the first to give in and silently promising to say it when they were together again.

But the boy never returned to his love; his ship was attacked by the Dread Pirate Hale. There were no survivors.

Five years later, there was to be a wedding. A royal wedding the likes of which had never been seen before, because the prince of Beacon Hills, Prince Jackson, was to marry a commoner—a boy from the outermost reaches of his kingdom. That very same boy who lost his love all those years ago.

The boy named Stiles.

Now this wedding wasn’t happening because the prince found this boy to be particularly beautiful or charming—even though he was, in a weird sort of way.


He’d chosen Stiles under the incorrect assumption that he was little more than a country bumpkin who could be easily manipulated in the complex world of the royal court, if not just shut up in a locked room for the rest of his life without protest.

The prince wasn’t thrilled to find just how wrong he’d been, and quickly came to hate his fierce and clever fiancé, who fought him at every opportunity, about everything from the dinner menu to international treaties.

As much as the prince hated Stiles, Stiles hated him even more, but the wedding had already been announced to the kingdom, Stiles publicly introduced, and to call it off would cause an uproar.

The people loved Stiles, the way he wasn’t really royalty, he was one of them—he didn’t have the grace or charm of the prince, he broke out of the castle on a regular basis, and he often wandered away in the middle of official processions and banquets to local shops, feigning ignorance when caught. He’d won the people over in all of a day.

Prince Jackson may have been a pompous dolt, but he knew a political advantage when he saw one, so the wedding was planned, the excitement overtaking the castle, and Stiles resigned himself to—


Derek paused and turned towards his very sick boyfriend lying next to him, cocooned in no less than four blankets. “Yes, Stiles?”

“I have a complaint.”

“Of course you do.”

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