i have a queue tag now

thank you ♡

last week i was extremely drained so i took a break from the internet. i had to unplug & recalibrate. i appreciate you all for your understanding & for putting up with the queue (: i’m alright now. thanks for not taking it personally, as that has happened to me a few times!

i’ll get caught up on replies/asks/msgs straight away, as well as any tags i have missed out on. i missed you! i’ll be stalking your blogs & all that jazz. ♡

(semi) hiatus


tomorrow (feb 22) i’m going to italy with my school yay. i’ll be returning march 3, but between those days i’ll barely have time to be on tumblr (and i’m not even sure there’ll be wifi rip) so there’ll probably be a hiatus, sorry about that.

im queueing some stuff now from the carry on countdown (im tagging it with ‘q’ if you don’t want to see it again cus it’s not that long ago), but other than that this blog will prob be a lil empty.

other than that, next friday (feb 24) it’s my birthday! i’ll be turning 18 (i’ll be an adult ew), so i’m very happy that i can celebrate that in italy cus that’s cool

lastly, thanks again for the 5k followers omg, i wanted to do something to celebrate, but i didn’t come up with anything in time and i have to leave tomorrow so yeah… sorry.

anyway that’s it thanks

Happy Peeta Sunday!

Here’s a little Peeta eye candy to brighten your day!

That Jaw

Those Eyes

Dear Lord, The Hair 

Those Arms

That Stare

The Shy Smile

The Total Package


phew, finally done!! it’s like 9 am here and i havent gone to sleep yet but—

happy holidays everybody!!!

here’s a redraw of last years piece to celebrate christmas and stuff!! 

(blease click for better quality)

hope you all stay warm & safe and have a good time! <3

*Edit: added a version w/ lineart!


tumblr is not doing good things for me. well, that’s a lie. I’ve talked to some wonderful people and made some lovely friends. I’ve learned a lot and laughed a lot…..but the cons outweigh the pros. to me and my adhd, tumblr is basically crack. completely addicting. it’s interfering with my life and I’m not getting stuff done. being surrounded by posts about mental illness and discrimination in the lgbtq community and politics and stuff like that….is exhausting really, especially for someone with mental illnesses and disabilities like me. I guess what I’m trying to say is that adhd (and anemia cause that’s a way bigger problem than most people think) is a huge force in my life right now, and I need to save my spoons and take care of my self. I can’t lie on my bed and hyper focus on my phone for hours everyday anymore. so I’m taking a break. or at least a partial break. I’m mainly on mobile, so I’m deleting this damn app as soon as I finish this post and I’m gonna go do my makeup and go have some fun with my friends. I’m not staying home tonight, not again. I’m not missing out on life because my energy has all been drained reading negative posts on the Internet. I’ll keep up my queue and talk to my mutuals on my laptop, but I’m turning off my asks. (however submissions will stay open and will be greatly appreciated in order to keep my queue up) if I unfollow you, please don’t take it personally, I just need to keep myself from getting distracted and I need a dash that is free from shitposts and discourse. anyways. thank you for being such amazing, caring, understanding, patient and beautiful followers. and thank you for putting up with lil ‘ole me and my disabled ass. maybe when I get better I’ll be more active again.
xoxo, lots o love,


I haven’t seen any Parsley fanart
That’s unacceptable

THIS WAS VERY… Experimental? There’s a few things I’m not happy with but overall I’m trying to improve my poses and effects…. Y’know. So that they’re not always stuck at the same ¾ angle. So please excuse any mistakes, I’m just…. learning, I guess!

I’ve included a version WITH the Lucidia on it, and without- Cause I couldn’t decide which I liked more.

hands are hard

[Parsley belongs to @loverofpiggies!]

Sherlock, let me in
I want to give you myself
It’s…all I have left
—  John’s haiku to Sherlock


These are all free to use, with the condition of reblogging the post, or crediting me when using them. ^w^ <3 <3 <3

A Difficult Decision

First of all, I just want to say how much I appreciate each and every one of my followers.  You guys are so amazing!  I’ve gotten nothing but love from you all since I started this blog.

With that being said, I wanted to let you know that I have decided to do away with the Tag List.  This was a really hard decision to make and I’ve been going back and forth about this for a few months now.  I’m posting four fics a week, and the tag list takes so long to do.  I wouldn’t consider doing this but I do have a Posting Schedule, I update the Masterlist almost daily, and I do Timezone Reblogs for all of my fics.  

27 Dresses is already in the queue with the tags, but the other three series will no longer have tags after tomorrow. Each of my current series has its own separate Masterlist with the dates that each new part will be posted.

Thank you all for understanding and I look forward your feedback!

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Cliché AUs

These AUs may be cliché, but they’ve won a way into all of our hearts: 
1. There’s only one bed, and now we have to share it… 

2. I was abandoned on my date, and you, my best friend so happen to be around to comfort me. 

3. I asked you to be my fake s/o because I my ex was around. 

4. You were really drunk, and confessed your feelings for me, oh shit. 

5. We were in the middle of an argument, and you shouted “It’s because I love you!” 

6. You got your period and I want to help, but I know nothing about this. Actually fuck it, tell me what I need to do. 

7. I was crying over something stupid, and even though you practically hate me, you’ve decided to comfort me. 

8. We always jokingly flirt with each other, but none of us make a move until our friends decide to get involved. 

9. You put on a scary movie so I’d cuddle with you and shit it worked. 

10. We were playing truth or dare and of course someone dared me to kiss you.

Most posts have been added to the queue now! It will continue posting stuff even while I’m asleep. For now, all I want to say is: thank you! Kallura day was a success so far!

Didn’t manage to finish your fic today? Something came up and you couldn’t finish your fanart on time? Found out too late about kallura day and you’d still like to participate somehow? No problem! 💜❤️ You may continue posting your work and @kalluraweek and/or tagging your fan work with #kalluraday2k16 as usual! This blog will continue reblogging stuff even after kallura day ends, so don’t worry about being a bit (or a lot) late.

Thank you everyone who participated and supported this day!


Hi! A few quick notes before the queue takes over again. 

I’ve settled on a spam tag for this blog. 

This tag is “Fluffy Spam” 

So if I am going to post more than 2 posts at once outside of the normal queue or liveblog something, that’s what it will be tagged. I know you don’t always want a flood of things on your dash, even if it is cute so you are now forewarned. 

The other new tag I’ll use is “Fluffy PSA” which I’ll use if something comes to my mind like the fact that cats should not be anywhere near lilies that I want to share. 

I recently redid the desktop theme for this blog and I’m pleased with how it looks. You may notice that I’ve added a Tag Guide for reference. 

Finally, an announcement about submissions. I currently have animal submissions in my inbox from a porn blog and a pro anorexia blog. These are not being added to the queue. I tag the blog that submitted each post when I queue it and I’m not comfortable tagging those blogs on here. This is an all ages blog. I’m not going to dictate who can and can’t follow but I can’t, in good conscience, publish submissions with certain blogs attached. 

I’m not going to go stalking anyone’s blog to see if they’ve ever posted anything that I find problematic and I definitely don’t want to have people digging things up and messaging me about something someone did. But I will take a quick look at blogs to ensure that they are not centered around anything NSFW or common triggers. You’re welcome to submit anonymously, create another primary blog to submit from or message me and give me permission to post the submission without your blog attached at all. 

As with most of what I do here, I’m trying to create a reasonably positive corner of the internet that works for as many people as possible. 

Thanks for reading! I’ll probably reblog this again sometime tomorrow. 

these are pretty normal by now, so i don’t think i have to explain it in too much detail! in short, hit the ♥ if you’d like me to tag you in random starters throughout the year to show you just how much i adore you. though i’d prefer us to be mutual, one may never know what can come of a random thread! as always, love you all. ♥

I have no words to describe what we are all feeling right now. Carrie Fisher was so much more than her role on Star Wars…she was an advocate for mental health and a true hero/inspiration to hoards of people around the world. She will be missed dearly for a very long time but she will never be forgotten. Here’s to a big group hug for us all. Cry for her, mourn her, but most importantly, remember her and all she gave us.

alecthirstwood >>> sunlightwood

(please reblog this if you can so i don’t lose too many followers lmao)

im not going to use a ‘prev alecthirstwood’ tag because i have like 70 posts in my queue that i’d have to go through and i dont have the energy for that but!!! i’ll put it in my blog description for like a week!!!!!

from now i’ll be tracking #sunlightwood if you wanna tag me in stuff <3

Caffeinated love

I’m shit at titles ok don’t judge

Author: ceruleanbucky

Summary: You lose your virginity to Bucky.

Warnings: Smut, Fluff, Cursing, Oral (reader receiving) 

Here’s some random smut for you.

Yes I’m back. I’ve been really busy with school and some emotional stuff recently, so I never really have time to write. But, I have a few hours tonight and tomorrow night so I’m planning on writing a bunch of fics and drabbles to just queue up for you all. Thanks for sticking with me. Hope you enjoy the fic! Let me know if you want to be tagged in any future fics/drabbles or if you have any requests! Love ya!

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((Because drawing is hard for me, a description of Loch’s outfit tomorrow.

TL;DR–red jacket with black trim and cuffs, black shirt, pink vest with thin black stripes, red pants with pinstripes, a sweet cravat with his Skull pendant clipped onto it and his old Aether pin on his lapel.  Inspired by Baile Oricorio.  His hair is down and not under his hat, so it’s nearly at his shoulders. A charm bracelet with his name written on it in skulls from Cece.

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