i have a problem and it is werewolves

i’ve been having trouble drawing lately so i did this real quick, just to try and warm up \o/


The problems I had with the writers framing Izzy and the werewolves scene as being a badass moment. I would like to add that Izzy is pretty badass, but that werewolf scene raised a lot of flags for me:

1. Izzy basically using a slur to address the wolves, because take it as you will, but her saying “stay” and “good doggy” wasn’t a badass moment, it was her speaking from the position of highly respected shadowhunter and using a slur on a downworlder, and when you consider that Shadowhunters uses the relationship between shadowhunters and downworlders as a racial allegory, then yes, it is exactly as bad as you think it is.

2. Izzy not giving Luke the chance to take control of his pack. Her having that shadowhunter moment of stepping into the situation to ‘save the day’ when Luke as Pack leader should have been given that chance speaks a lot. It’s an implied message that Luke doesn’t have control over his pack and a shadowhunter can instead beat them into submission, further perpetuating Valentine’s belief that downworlders cannot be ‘reasoned with’ because sooner rather than later, they ‘give in to their demonic side’.

3. Izzy using her whip on the wolf that was charging at Jace. When we consider the fact that Maia didn’t move, and the second wolf didn’t move either, then we realize that there’s a huge chance that the wolf charging at Jace is Gretel’s godfather (which explains why he didn’t listen to his alpha, he’s distraught). Which would mean that Izzy basically used her whip to subdue a man grieving the loss of a girl who’s basically his daughter, a girl who Jace kidnapped and practically handed over to Valentine. So not only was a shadowhunter responsible for taking his goddaughter away from him, but another shadowhunter basically beat him into submission by using ‘force’ against him. 


“I swear, I’m getting better at controlling it.  I’ll be fine!”

“You’re not going, Liam.  You think you’re better at controlling the change but I’m not risking Hayden getting hurt because you have anger problems on full moons.”  You argued, looking over at Stiles to back you up.

“Remember last time you said that you could control it?”  Stiles pointed out, raising his eyebrows as Liam huffed and rolled his eyes.

“Whatever.  I need new parents.”

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Warning: adorable peter, don’t tell me he wouldn’t make a good father

A/N: Trying to update as much as possible as I’m going back to school soon


‘Honey I’m home’ you jokingly say although you’re met with silence. Peter decided to take the day off from helping the teenagers that seem to always have some problem that they need your husband to help fix so he watched over your daughter while you went shopping. You walk into the living room, hearing into the living room hearing murmurs coming from the TV.

The sight before you was something that you’ve never seen before, a side to peter hale that he never shows unless it’s with his daughter. Even though both you and peter are werewolves and most likely for your daughter to become one as well, you all lived a pretty normal life well as normal as living a life where your nephew and his friends are constantly asking for Peter’s help, so to say that what you saw when you get home was one moment that would forever in your heart but also makes you hate the teenagers even more for taking your husband away from his family.

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Do you think the terminology of lycanthropy vs werewolf makes a difference in the wizarding world? Like I can see people thinking of lycanthrope as more respectful, with less of a negative connotation. And maybe some werewolves have a preference one way or another. Or is it probably not an issue at all?

I think it makes a difference, definitely. People really don’t understand the power that words have. Just to use a broad spectrum example (which has nothing to do with this but remains a good example), look at how many people really don’t know that Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act are the exact same thing, and how many of those people want to ban Obamacare because they think the ACA is better.

I still imagine that “lycanthrope” can be used contextually within a sentence as a sort of slur (”I don’t want some lycanthrope teaching my child”), but let’s be honest: people are afraid of werewolves. People hate what they are. Just think of it this way: the BEAST division makes laws for werewolf control. The BEING division makes laws for lycanthropic sufferers. To the community at large, you lose your status as human when you are infected, despite the fact that you are a human carrier of a disease and not actually some kind of animal. Lycanthropy is a condition that you HAVE, not what you are. Technically, yes, you are a werewolf, but you’re not just a werewolf–you’re a human, too.

Those two words mean the same thing; they describe exactly the same thing. But you can use them to attack or defend a highly oppressed and marginalized group depending on how you use them. You can weaponize them to manipulate public opinion.




The difference is almost tactile. And once again, werewolf is used negatively. To say lycanthrope denotes that there is a human behind your words. But to say werewolf, you put the weight of monster behind your words. Animal; beast; evil. The thing the man becomes for 12 hours, once a month, is all that he is when you say werewolf. “Some werewolf.”

As far as within the werewolf community, I really think werewolf is a lot easier to say and so is used commonly. Some prefer lycanthrope, I’m sure. And I’m sure when talking to others many might say “lycanthropes”. But even Remus talked about them as “the werewolves.” It may even have become something some of them embraced, though not always with good intentions (i.e. Greyback).

Bed Sharing

Pairing: Sam x Reader
Warnings: None
Words: 700
Summary: The Winchesters and Y/N have to stay in a motel with only two beds for a case. Y/N has to sleep with one of the boys and that boy just happens to be Sam.
A/N: Ok, ok I’m trying to make up for the time that I have missed. It’s just been really busy and I have to study and stuff. But I hope you enjoy and Requests Are Open.

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when i wake up i’m afraid somebody else might take my place

i was gonna do a lydia one w/ wolf!peter to go with this b/c i love making sets but then i got lazy dsjadhkjsa i was really just doing this to relax, ah haha;;

Afraid by The Neighbourhood is such a 3b!stiles song.

i’m making happy noises over 3b, don’t mind me (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)


Stiles was sitting at the lunch table eating tasteless fries, waiting on Scott when he saw it, it was across the cafeteria and he didn’t need super hearing to know what was going on over there.

His little sister, (Y/N), who had just moved back home from boarding school this month, was being flirted with.

Let him repeat it, his, little, sister, is, being, flirted, with.

If that wasn’t enough to make his blood boil, the fact the culprit was goddamn Liam Dunbar sure as hell did.

so to sum it all up, his little sister was being flirted with, by a werewolf, who is still having control issues, do to his IED. Who Stiles didn’t like that much anyway.

Stiles knew there was no way in hell he could physically fight Liam and, you know, survive. But he did have an idea.

He pulled his phone out and called his dad.

‘Dad, listen we got problems, big ones, worse than werewolves, druids, benefactors and everything else.’ Stiles said the second his dad answered the phone.

‘What’s happening? Is (Y/N) Ok?’ 

‘She’s fine, apparently so fine that she is currently being flirted with, by Liam.

For a few seconds the other line was silent, then there was the sound of the phone hitting the floor. Stiles assumed his dad was taking a moment to process this.

After a moment his dad finally picked up the phone and replied.

‘Ok the second the bell rings to release you guys you and her get to the house. Do you understand me Stiles?’

‘Loud and clear.’ Stiles said before hanging u and looking back up to see Liam had left, but (Y/N) was still there and her group of little friends were now squealing like pigs. No doubt talking about what just happened with (Y/N) and Liam.

‘Enjoy it while it last baby sister.’ Stiles said to himself.

*At the Stilinski Home*

‘What the hell Stiles? You almost broke my arm dragging me out of the school, then just about gave me whiplash on the drive here. Honestly, if dad wasn’t sheriff you’d be in jail.’ you said as you entered the house.

‘(Y/N) he was following orders, now what is this I hear about you and Liam Dunbar?’ your dad asked from where he was sitting in his armchair.

Immediately you start blushing and smiling.

‘Well yeah, he’s kinda cute and he’s really funny, and he’s teaching me about all this supernatural stuff and he has like great hai- wait. How did you hear about Liam?’

‘I told him.’ Stiles said honestly.

‘What, why?’ you asked, feeling a little betrayed.

‘Because (Y/N), we sent you to an all girls school, so this wouldn’t happen.’ your dad said.

‘So I wouldn’t meet any boys, and so I’d stay your sweet little girl all my life? Dad come on, that’s not fair.’ you complained.

Because it wasn’t.

‘It’s not like that (Y/N), we just wanted you away from boys because they lead to bad things that we don’t want you involved in.’ your dad said.

‘Like what, teen pregnancy? Do you honestly think I’m that dumb Dad, I know what sex is, I know how to say no when I don’t want it, I know how to put a damn condom on. So the whole keep me innocent thing failed, epic fail.’ you said angrily.

‘Excuse me!’ Stiles yelled.

‘Girls school has sex ed too dumb ass, whatever I have to get ready, Liam is picking me up later tonight.’ you said as you you went to go upstairs, only for your dad to stop you.

‘Like hell he is, you’re not going out on a date with a werewolf.’

‘Like you can stop me.’ you challenged.

Liam is the first guy to ever show any interest in you, and he was cute and nice. No way you’re passing that up.

‘I can throw you in a cell.’ your dad threatened.

‘You wouldn’t dare. Stiles tell him he’s being crazy.’ you said looking to your brother for some back up.


‘What?!’ you yelled.

‘I mean no. You want to hear it Spanish? No.’ Stiles said.

‘This isn’t fair! Stiles is dating a coyote for god’s sake! Why can’t I go out with Liam?!’ you yelled.

‘Because he cant control his shift yet and could kill!’ Stiles yelled back.

‘And you’re too young to date.’ your dad added.

‘I’m sixteen, not six!’ 

‘You’re not going!’ Stiles and your dad yelled at once.

You were furious, shaking in rage with angry tears stinging your eyes. 

Just then there was a knock on the door and you knew who it was, so did your dad and brother.

 The look they gave you was practically daring you to answer the door. So that’s exactly what you did.

You marched to that door door and swung it open, as expected there was Liam.

Without so much as saying hello you grabbed Liam by the shirt and pulled him into a kiss. It was obviously your first kiss(with a boy at least) and you wish it was under better circumstances.

Liam seemed shocked when you pulled back.

‘Sorry, but I’m not allowed to go out with boys, and I’m probably gonna be grounded until graduation, but see you at school Liam.’ you smiled before closing the door.

I Ask Nothing

Nothing at all of my children.  Only one thing.  Answer your phone.  Answer it.  

The school says turn it off?  Bah.  Schools have lots of problems that come from the earth no longer inhabiting the early eighties.  

All this money to phone service and you don’t answer it?  No answer means my kid is dead in a ditch abducted by robot terrorist child molester human trafficking Trump supporter werewolves.

Answer the phone please because CHRIST.

I don’t think he’s entirely impressed with you either, dude.

Thing about finding the pieces of Derek’s pelt is that they just don’t automatically fuse back into one full pelt. You need magic for that, which Derek doesn’t have much of (if any), whereas Stiles has plenty to spare. So Stiles gets stuck sewing it back together with thread he got from Deaton, that binds the pelt back together and eventually dissolves into the fur. Stiles is not thrilled with being designated seamstress.

Not real happy with this one because the nib of my tablet pen is dying pretty hard right now and the pen pressure was all over the place, so the lines are kind of sloppy augh augh augh

there is totally a deal with the bird but I need lydia to explain it shhhh

The werewolf pain drain could so easily be used as a drug though. A way to get high/forget your pain and your problems.

Werewolf crime-lords getting people addicted to the pain drain so they’ll do whatever the wolf wants for their next hit.

Werewolves being enslaved and and forced to work in opium den-like establishments so that rich humans can come in and get a quick high off that endorphin rush of your pain getting literally sucked away.

Has this ever been done?


Cranberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Grape, Peach, Starfruit and Cinnamon! These are all spawn of Blake that have no moved out on their own. Again if you download them you don’t have to keep their personalities like above. Starfruit and Cinnamon were werewolves in game, but they aren’t packaged as werewolves, since I’ve had problems sharing supernatural sims before.

Please take care of them!

Cranberry | Blueberry | Raspberry | Grape | Peach | Starfruit | Cinnamon

Joanne says that there is no racism in the wizarding world, and I obviously have problems with that, but I do enjoy her creativity in other types of discrimination.

Veelas are exoticized and fetishized as a parallel to WOC.

Muggleborns represent POC, no matter how much JK tries to deny it

Werewolves represent sex related stigmas such as HIV and child molestation

The entire series is based off the attempted genocide of an entire race

There are also instances of people attempting to pass within both the Wizarding and muggle communities (Madame Maxime, Lupin, Kingsley, the guys at the entrance of the World Cup grounds, Arabella Figg, faux Purebloods etc. etc)

Teen Wolf Wishlist (as of 6/30/15)

Here we go:

  • Obviously who the FUCK were those Doctors
  • More emotional!Stiles about college (cuz I faced a similar problem)
  • Parrish to actually be an experiment
  • Some kind of Sterek, I’m not picky
  • Comments on Malia’s hair because haaaaayyyy and also am I the only one who gets excited when girl characters have short hair?
  • Development on Theo
  • Theo’s family to all also be werewolves and join the pack because ~community~
  • Someone to get actually experimented on because angst and horror
  • Stiles with a gun
  • Werewolf babies. WEREWOLF BABIES
  • That guy Donovan to be somewhat important but not fucking KILL THE SHERIFF PLEASE
  • Chris Argent comeback
  • Derek Hale comeback
  • Some kind of super-badass “Spring Lydia from Eichen House” finale
  • Lydia’s powers explained
  • Differences between a werewolf and coyote explained
  • Transgender characters
  • Stiles to have leftover Nogitsune powers or shit

Carried over from my last wishlist:

  • Development on Mason
  • Kate to die
  • Gerard to fucking die
  • Mention of Isaac more than just “Oh yeah, he’s in France now, whatevs”
  • The next installment of baddies-screaming-dramatically (MOUNTAIN AAAASSHHH/I AM THE DEEEMON WOOOOOOLLLFFF/I’M A THOUSAND YEARS OLD YOU CAN’T KILL ME)
  • Malia’s “not-being-8-mentally” explained so the fandom will sHUT THE FUCK UP AND CHILL
  • PTSD!Stiles
  • More about Kitsunes/Kira discovering how to be a Kitsune
  • Scott/Stiles heart-to-heart about the Nogistune and Stiles’ “involvement”
  • Lesbians/Bisexuals
  • Scott and co. finding out that Danny knows fucking everything
  • Stiles to get hurt, Like seriously hurt. Surgery-inducing, holy-fuck-we-almost-lost-him hurt (but Stiles to stay human)
  • Somebody go completely feral/traumatized for a while
  • Stiles to have some kind of magical weapon
  • Peter to die again
  • Sheriff and Melissa to get together
  • Braeden to have a fucking last name jfc
  • Lesbian/Bisexual girl main character
  • Melissa to completely SHUT DOWN Scott’s dad
  • More pack dynamics
  • Pack cuddles
  • New GOOD!creatures
  • More Hale flashbacks because Talia is a fucking BOSS OK AND I WANT TO SEE LAURA AND DEREK’S DADDY
  • More banshee shit and explanations because Lydia Martin
  • Flashbacks with Claudia
  • Mason to be something?
  • Mason to be actually involved in the pack since he seems to be Liam’s Stiles
  • Danny to make a comeback in the most badass way

[EDIT 1]

  • Stiles’ bloody hand from the promo to be something like beating up Theo (or someone?)
  • Stiles to teach Malia how to drive without thinking of the accident
  • Tracy/Tracey to have a last name
  • More Liam and Stiles interactions because Liam is becoming Stiles’ Stiles and it’s FUCKING GREAT
  • Scott shutting that teacher up
  • Some explanation as to why the fuck Werewolves are popping up everywhere
  • (Not necessarily part of the show but some kind of confirmation that whatever was gonna go down with Theo and his Alpha was going to be the thing that went down if Ethan and Aiden had stayed)
  • More about Ethan and Aiden’s former pack

The only thing I regret about making these posts is tagging them :D

Date, Maybe?

Imagine: Jeremy being extremely protective over you.

“Please, just leave me alone,” you whimper, looking up at a girl named Crystal. She hated you. Why? No one knows, but she is adamant to making your life miserable. Sure, you know many vampires who would love to take care of your little ugly duckling problem, but you couldn’t bare the thought of being responsible for someone’s death, despite how much crap she has put you through. “Why do you even hate me? I have never done anything to you!” you shout, scooting back into a tree. Crystal bends down slightly, looking you over with disgust.

“Because you’re an ugly, fat, little pig who thinks she’s so cool! Just because you’re friends with Elena Gilbert and her little crew doesn’t mean you’re all that. And Jeremy, you know, her incredibly hot younger brother, will never like you,” Crystal laughs.

“J-Jeremy?” you question, completely confused. Well, at least, that’s what you want to make her think you are. You know you’ve liked him the second you met him. Sure, he did all of those bad things, but he still cared about people. You couldn’t help but like him, he rescued you from the vampire that killed Vicki.

“You know, the pot head?” she cackles, “even he wouldn’t screw you. He screws anyone with boobs,” Crystal laughs.

You ignore the last part of her sentence, rolling your eyes and speaking up, “he’s not a pot head anymore.”

“So? With or without his cigarettes and pills and alcohol, he wouldn’t touch you with a ten-foot pole. We all can see how you feel about him. And soon, he will see it, too, after he watches the video I got of you telling the blonde barbie that you loved him. He’ll never come near you again!” Crystal laughs.

“W-What?” you cry, mouth agape.

“That’s right. He knows that a slimy, flea-infested, ugly pig like you likes him,” Crystal smirks.

“What did I ever do to you?” you shake your head, tears cascading down your cheeks.

“You existed,” Crystal spits, “and no one wants you here. Certainly not Jeremy. He is mine, you got that? I’ve liked him ever since I saw him, smoking pot in the back of the school. He offered me some and we got high together. We really hit it off,” Crystal smiles, knowing that the sentence would irk you.

“Really? Doesn’t seem like he’s chasing after you. Clearly, he doesn’t like you either. And, you know what? Sure, I love Jeremy Gilbert!” you scream at the top of your lungs, not caring who could overhear, “but i’d rather be known as the girl who loved too much than the girl who brought people down. You think you know Jeremy, but you only know him as who he was when he lost his parents and lost his way, when he smoked pot. I know him as the boy who saved my life, and grew out of his bad habits and now makes it his duty to do the right thing. I see him every day, and you only see him during school. Go ahead, tell Jeremy that I am in love with him, because I at least know him, and he wouldn’t like some girl who lies to bring people down and idolizes the old, bad side of him. So, go ahead… tell him,” you growl angrily, completely fed up with Crystal.

Excuse you?” Crystal gasps, smacking you hard across the face and shoving you to the ground. You let out a groan, holding your stinging cheek, “Jeremy wouldn’t like a pig-faced nobody who-” Crystal stops as the sound of metal clanking to the ground crashes in the background. Both of us turn to see Jeremy, standing there fuming.

“J-Jeremy!” Crystal stands up straight, fixing her short skirt to become even shorter.

“Um… how much did you hear?” you ask him, biting down on your lip.

“Everything. You see, I had a very bad feeling when I saw Crystal shoving you towards the back of the school, and decided to come protect (Y/N). I may have been interested in your choice of topic, so I listened in a bit, but i’m glad I did,” Jeremy crosses his arms, walking closer to the two of you. Since becoming a lot buffer because of training to be a vampire hunter, his muscles bulge as he crosses his arms. You have to force yourself not to look and make a big deal out of it. Once he stands between the two of you, he helps you up and looks directly at Crystal.

“The whole time? Crap, that means that you…” you trail off, biting down on your lip again.

“I didn’t realize that I wasn’t allowed to choose for myself, Crystal. Maybe I like pig-faced nobodies,” Jeremy states. A small smirk makes it way to your mouth.

“Not that I like being called that, but thanks, Jer, I appreciate it,” you laugh lightly.

“But… she’s so-” Crystal starts.

“Beautiful, gorgeous, nice, talented, and sweet? She was right, I wouldn’t like a girl who has to bring others down to make herself feel good. Besides, I’ve liked (Y/N) the second I saw her. I saved her life, and I’m glad I did because she’s someone I love. So, I guess (Y/N) wins. If I ever hear you talking to someone like that again, you’ll regret it, Crystal. Now get out of here and get back to your prissy little friends. I have a date to prepare for… hopefully,” Jeremy grins, turning to you.

“Ugh!” Crystal screams, stalking away.

“Oh, and just because you smoked with him, doesn’t make you connected. He was high and was so chill that he didn’t see the monster he was sitting with!” you shout after her, grinning triumphantly. Jeremy looks at you, laughing.

“I’ve dealt with worse monsters than her,” Jeremy shrugs, “she’s… she’s a Care Bear compared to the monsters we deal with.”

“Cute. And, uh, thanks for sticking up for me. She’s bullied me for forever, and I think I finally know why. I liked someone she claimed.”

“I’m not claimed… yet. However, i’m okay with changing that if you’d go on a date with me. With no monsters,” Jeremy smiles hopefully.

“Mm… I’d love that.”