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Hi Cassie, I have a TLH question: you've said that the books are going to deal with Clave politics and what the *lovely* Clave members think of homosexuality, but what about a villain or villains? Tatiana seems like a decent candidate but surely there are more? We've had Valentine in TMI and Axel in TID, will the characters fight evil warlocks, rogue werewolves or bloodthirsty vampires? I seriously can't wait for TLH (and LoS)! Hugs and I hope to see you this year!

Hey girl, you know that’s a HUGE spoiler, why do you torment me? :D I guess I can say Tatiana sure hates the Herondales and Carstairs, but that there aren’t really a group of specific Downworlders they’re having problems with in Chain of Gold. In a sense the “villain” is something we haven’t really seen before – almost a force rather than one specific person or thing.

what it means

When they finally kiss, it feels like time has stopped. Or maybe it was going too fast, they didn’t know.

For him, the kiss means ‘thank you’. Thank you for bringing me back. Thank you for remembering me even though it was practically impossible for you (or anyone else for that matter) to do it. Thank you for believing in my existence even though eveybody thought you were crazy. Thank you for convincing Scott and my dad and Malia that I actually was a real human being and not some idea that was stuck in your head.

It also means ‘you’re so smart’. Like you actually opened a rift through space and time to save me. And you were the one to know where I was and how to get to me. Once again, you figured it out. God, you are so smart, that’s probably my favorite thing about you.

It also means ‘I’ve been wanting to do this since I was a child’ and I don’t care that we’ve already kissed because right now I’m not having a panic attack, even though the feeling of your lips against mine could actually give me one. I have been dreaming of kissing you hundreds of times, in my dreams, in math class, in the morning or when I went to sleep, and now I’m finally doing it, I still don’t realize it’s really happening.

It also means ‘god, I missed you so much’ and now you’re actually in my arms so I’m probably never letting go of you. I finally found what’s my favorite feeling in the world, and it’s having your body pressed against mine while your hands are on my face and mine are on your waist.

Finally, it means ‘I love you and you don’t have to say it back’’. God, I love you so much I would die for you, but I know I wasn’t going to die in the Hunt, because I had to see your face once more first. Then, I could have died if it meant you were going to be safe. I love you so much I actually can’t believe that you love me back. And you don’t have to say it back, Lydia, because I know. I have known for a while, because the way you used to look at me changed, and I felt more alive than ever everytime your eyes met mine. And I knew, but I didn’t want to believe it, because it would practically impossible for Lydia Martin to actually love me, a pale boy with lots of bones and flannel shirts. But I knew, Lydia, and I know now, and it makes me so happy that I don’t have time to hear you say it, I just want you in my arms right now. You can tell me later though.

For her, the kiss means ‘I’m sorry’. I’m sorry I didn’t remember you earlier. But as soon as you left, I knew something was wrong, I knew someone was missing, and I knew that this someone was important to me. I’m sorry I didn’t convince everyone you were real on the first try. I’m sorry I almost doubted myself when it came to you.

It also means ‘I didn’t say it back, but I do’. Since i first kissed you, I knew. I didn’t know that I loved you, but I knew that something was different between us. I knew the way I looked at you had changed, and the way you looked at me was still the same loving, tender and sweet look you used to gave me since the third grade. But I was scared of admitting it to myself, because I was scared of the consequences and I was afraid of being weak.

It simply means ‘I love you’. God, I do. I love how you make me feel, like I can do everything I never thought I could. You make me feel like I could climb mountains, and bring the dead back to life. You make me feel more beautiful than I’ve ever felt in my whole life, inside and out, even when I’m screaming at the top of my lungs or when I have spent the night working instead of sleeping or when I have been stuck in a mental house or when I look like a zombie. And my favorite part, you make me feel smart and important. God, nobody ever made me feel smart, not even my parents because they thought it was ‘normal’ to be smart. You make me feel like I could win the Field’s medal and solve the Riemann hypothesis. You make me feel like I am the most important person in your eyes, and sometimes in the world. I love how sassy you are, even when we’re being attacked by zombie cowboys or nazi werewolves. I love how you’d do everything to save the people you love, even though you say you’re ‘just a human’ and you have no superpowers (I love how you always fight with a bat, I told you it was stupid but I secretly love it). I love how you always look out for us, all of us, and you feel like Atlas, because you don’t care about your problems, you just want to carry everyone’s problems on your shoulders. I love your smile. God, your smile is everything, it could light up the whole town. And your eyes. Your eyes are not brown, they are the most unique shade of hazel and everytime you look at me, I feel like you can see through my soul.

And it means ‘I missed you’. I’m not a fan of intimacy, but I missed you so much I couldn’t not touch you. I couldn’t wait. And I just had to run to you because you had been missing for 3 months and I have missed your face and your flannel shirts and your scent and your height and your hands and your smile and your everything about you. When I found your jersey in your room and your dad kept it, I almost cried because I wanted to keep it to myself so I could at least have your scent with me and you could be with me, even if it was not physically. I hated being alone. When you were there, you were my bestfriend, and I never felt lonely when I was with you. When you came back, as soon as we collided, I knew I would never be alone again. And as we were kissing, our bodies were almost intertwined but I still wanted to get closer to you. Because I missed you so much, and I finally got you back.

When they finally kiss, it feels like time has stopped. Or maybe it was going too fast, they didn’t know. But they knew that they had a lifetime to figure it out together.

A New Livelihood (Werewolf! Jimin x Werewolf! Reader)

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(The GIF of the wolf is intended to represent Aera when she transforms. I admittedly do not possess the ability at this current juncture to even fathom what godly wolf form Park Jimin would take on.)

Hello guys! So, here’s the fanfic that I’ve been working on in tandem with ‘Risen from the Ashes’. If you guys have yet to check it out, I would certainly appreciate it if you did. If not, that’s cool too. Without further wordiness from me, here are details of the story:

Pairing: Aera x Jimin (though it can totally be taken as a Reader x Jimin. Just replace her name with whatever you’d like to be addressed as, as her name is very seldom used)

Genre: Fluff, Angst (Smut to come in later chapters)

Rating: PG - PG13 (for this chapter)

Characters: Aera (or reader if you like) and, of course, BTS. Aera'a brother Jung (though this could also be replaced with whatever name you fancy)

Word Count: 4,516

Summary: Aera (or really Y/N) belongs to a pack of more traditional werewolf values led by her brother, Jung (or really Y/B/N). The very brother that murdered their parents in cold blood solely for the purpose of ascending to the position of Alpha. With her tyrant brother in control, Aera (or Y/N) is forced into a mating ritual with a rival pack in order to cement their alliance with her own pack. Things take a turn for confusing when this forced ceremony turns out to be far from forced. Aera (Y/N) must learn to adapt to an entirely different lifestyle, one that stands in drastic contrast from her own, while simultaneously navigating the confusing and passionate nature that is the mating bond.

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Aiden x Reader

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“Hey, you want a ride?” One of the twins asked as they pulled up next to you.

“To school?” you asked not sure if they were actually going to class.

“Yeah, we have some stuff to do so we might as well go.” Aiden grumbled as he flipped up his helmets visor.

“You’ll be late if you keep walking.” Ethan pointed out.

“Um… thanks.” You mumbled when Ethan took your bags as Aiden helped you hop on the back of his bike.

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Shoot to Thrill

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Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 4,396 (w/o lyrics)

Warnings: drinking (excessively, lots of shots), heavy AF flirting, some swear words, naughty-ish thoughts, implied naughty actions later maybe….so kinda like smut?

Summary: After a successful hunt, you and the Winchesters head to the bar for the usual celebration ritual. You get absolutely hammered, making your desire for Dean come to the forefront of your mind. Dean thinks you’ve had enough alcohol, but you’re not done, so you strike a deal: you win a game of pool, you stay and he shuts his mouth, but what if he wins?

A/N: I actually got pointed (by @bewithme-forevermore) in the direction of a writing challenge to write a Marvel character with the theme of an AC/DC song. I didn’t do the challenge but it sparked this idea - except for Dean. Of course Dean. If this was a Marvel thing, I would’ve gone Bucky, or Steve for some sinful-ish Stevie boy *rubs hands together evilly* But this is my first attempt at writing anything REMOTELY smutty because I just don’t do smut at all - it isn’t my thing so I’m sorry for the quality of it. But it just felt like it HAD to happen. I don’t even think I could call it smut at all but I don’t know what else to call it

Y/N/N = your nickname

You practically crawled into the back of the impala, laying your back against the leather seat, careful to avoid getting too much blood everywhere. What you had thought were two werewolves turned out to be five, but the three of you had managed in the end to take care of the problem with no broken bones. That’s not to say you won’t have wicked bruises in the morning if they weren’t forming already, and you didn’t even want to think about the aching muscles. That was morning (Y/N)’s problem.

“Hey, you still alive back there?”

His emerald eyes ducked below the roof of the impala, brows knitted together.

“As if I’d leave all the fun to you two asshats, without me you’d be dead!”

You waved him off, not missing the defiant snort at your words, laying your arm over your forehead.

“Sweetheart, I hate to tell you this but Sammy and I were quite capable hunters before you came along. We would’ve been fine.”

“Doubt it pretty boy, I made you better.” You winked at him, puckering your lips together and blowing him a kiss.

“Pretty boy huh? I’m an asshat and a pretty boy…” Of course that’s all he’d take from that. Either he was a total moron who couldn’t see the hints you had been dropping since forever, or he wasn’t interested but didn’t have the heart to stop flirting with you anyway. You let out a sigh, closing your eyes while you waited for Sammy to get back to the impala.

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Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader

Words Count: 1126

Warnings: Angst, Smut

A/N: Lately I write more Derek’s one-shot
I love him so.. lol
This is my first very smut, and I hope you like it.
So.. enjoy it!

If you want be tagged in my fics, just ask me!
Feedback is always appreciated **

“So you’ll help us?”
Scott is behind me, and continues to beg me to help him and his pack against the new Alpha.
Derek Hale.
Every time I hear his name, my mind is invaded by thousands of memories of him and me, when we were dating. We were young and naive; we had already organized our future together. We would have went to college, then we would have bought a house for living together, and maybe one day start a family. All this, before the fire at home Hale. After that tragedy Derek left Beacon Hills, without even saying goodbye. No call, no message. Not even a letter.
And then after all these years without being heard, he is returned. And everything changed. Now we know the existence of werewolves, hunters, and my brother Scott.. he’s a werewolf. And Derek is the Alpha now. And Scott needs help with him, so that he doesn’t something wrong with his pack.
“Scott, I don’t want to get into this mess. And I want nothing to do with Derek.”
“Y/n, I know. And I don’t ask you if the situation were not so serious. There’s something.. strange in the city. A new creature, and it’s not a werewolf.”
I snort. Beacon Hills is no longer the quiet town and normal that I knew. Now the problems haunt us.
I get up from my desk, placed in one of the school’s classrooms; after college, I felt too far from home, so I decided to teach in my school. I take my bag and jacket, and I head into the hallway, toward the parking lot.
I promise to myself to have nothing to do neither with the werewolves, nor with Derek. And I know that Scott is my brother, and I should help him, but.. I don’t want to suffer again.
Because I suffered, when Derek has forsaken me; I cried, day and night, I sought him, but it did not help. And after all this time I have started to live again, accepting the surrender. I never want to feel this way.
Scott and I head out into the parking lot, to retrieve my car and go home, when we both hear a female voice screaming the name of my brother.
“Hey Scott!”
Scott turns to see who is calling him, and so I do. All that I can see, however, is the black Camaro slowly stops not far from us, and the guy that’s driving. Derek.
At his side there is a girl, blond hair that glides softly on the shoulders, and lips covered with a dark lipstick.
She’s Erica, the girl that Derek has bitten, and that is now his Beta.
I feel something forming in my stomach, like a deep hole.
I try to remain unmoved at the scene in front of me when I see Derek turn his eyes towards me and Scoot. Although I can’t see his eyes because he wears sunglasses, I feel Derek’s gaze fixed on me. I know he can hear my heartbeat accelerated, but I also know that he can hear how much I’m mad at him. I look away from Derek and his Beta, and I look back Scott.
“I’m going home.”
“Yes.. I’m going to Stiles. And y/n, please. Think about what I told you.”

After stopping the car in the driveway, I wait in the car. Thoughts are too many, and I can not delete them from my mind. After his return, he sought me Derek; he wanted to apologize for leaving, and leaving me alone. I told him that he could leave again, and that I did not want to see.
I did well, I keep telling myself that day. I no longer fall for it in his games.
Nevertheless, all I do is think about Derek, since he returned to Beacon Hills.
Even if I try, he’s always in my head. He did not go away ever.
I take a deep breath, and I get off the machine. Entering the house, I notice there is no one; surely my brother is still with Stiles, while my mother is doing duty at the hospital.
Tired, I go up the stairs, until arriving at the door of my room. When I enter, I took a stroke, seeing a shadow move quickly into the room. Suddenly, I see a shadow step forward and coming toward me; as soon as I see him, the memories go up again to the surface.
“Derek.. what are you doing here?”
He tries to get close to me, but I raise a hand to him, which touches his stomach. His hand touches my face, but I run it right away from me.
“You have to go.”
“Don’t do it.. Please. Derek, go away.”
I turn around and try to open the door of my room, but Derek is behind me, and closes the door with a hand. His body touches mine, while I am stuck between the door and Derek. I feel his face closer and closer, and his lips brush my ear.
“I went away once already. I will not leave you alone.”
I breathe slowly; how can I believe his words, after what he did?
“You should’ve thought of that before.”
Suddenly I hear Derek’s hands travelling over my body, and stop on the button of my jeans. I know I should stop him, I know he shouldn’t even be here, in my room, so close to me, but if my mind wants Derek to go away, my body wants nothing more than to get closer to him, to hear his naked skin touching mine.
I can’t think of anything but Derek’s hand, which slowly comes into my panties, and touch my clit. A feeling of pleasure suddenly invades my body, while I feel the Derek’s erection rubbing on my ass.
“Damn y/n.. You’re so wet.”
He rubs his body with mine, and I hear him while he moans; I hate him, but god.. I love this moment so much. I missed Derek so much..
I start to cry, while I think of the hurt that he made me, while I moan with pleasure. One of his fingers enters inside of me, and then two. I cry, telling his name, and I feel my orgasm approaching.
“Derek, please..”
I don’t even know if my request to stop or continue. I just feel my head, and my body, exploding with pleasure, anger, remorse..
I come, echoing the Derek’s name.
I feel the Derek’s hand running on my body, while he leaves wet kisses on my neck.
“I still haven’t forgiven you.” I say breathlessly.
“I know. But this is a good way to begin to redeem myself, don’t you think?”

You miss me? (Redemption Series : part 2)

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when i wake up i’m afraid somebody else might take my place

i was gonna do a lydia one w/ wolf!peter to go with this b/c i love making sets but then i got lazy dsjadhkjsa i was really just doing this to relax, ah haha;;

Afraid by The Neighbourhood is such a 3b!stiles song.

i’m making happy noises over 3b, don’t mind me (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

“Can I have your attention for a couple of minutes? Wolfgang is not your problem now. And I really need to talk to you very quietly for a little while without you running off after werewolves.” She said it as if this was a minor character flaw, like a tendency to leave his boots where people could trip over them.
“Er… they run after me,” he pointed out.
“But there’s always people being found dead or trying to kill you–”
“I don’t ask them to, dear.”
“Sam, I’m going to have a baby.”
Vimes’s head was full of werewolves and his automatic husbandry circuitry cut in to respond with “yes, dear,” or “choose any color you like” or “I’ll get someone to sort it out.” Fortunately his brain itself had its own sense of self-preservation and, not wishing to be inside a skull that was stoved in by a bedside lamp, rewrote Sybil’s words in white-hot fire across his inner eyeball and then went and hid.
That’s why the response came out as a weak “What? How?”
“The normal way, I hope.”
Vimes sat down on the bed. “And… not right now?”
“I very much doubt it. But Mrs. Content says it’s definite, and she’s been a midwife for fifty years.”
“Oh.” Some more brain functions crept back. “Good. That’s… good.”

– The News | Terry Pratchett, The Fifth Elephant

The Book Worm and the Beast- Isaac Lahey

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Request// Would you mind doing an imagine with Isaac or Liam (from Teen Wolf) and them having a crush on the book nerd and such. Like the girl is obsessed with books and fandoms like we are. - @omaha-wolf

*So pumped for another request! This is a super busy week, but writing definitely helps the stress. xoxox*

“You know if Y/N ever lifts her head from that book, she’s gonna think you’re a total creep.” Isaac fell from his ignorant bliss of staring at you from across the library and glared at the less appealing Stiles.

“Remind me again, why I’m here with you,” Isaac grumbled out.

“Dude!” Stiles retorted louder than expected. The shout gained attention from most visitors and a shush from the librarian. You glanced over quickly before going back to you reading. After regaining his calm, Stiles continued. “You’re supposed to be here helping me with Chemistry. Not drooling over some hot girl.”

“She really is gorgeous, isn’t she?” Stiles sighed out in frustration as Isaac fell in his daydream of being with you, but in all honesty, he couldn’t say for sure if you even knew he existed. He had liked you since the 7th grade, and even then, you always were reading. The two of you had English together once or twice since then and whenever you opened your mouth to speak, it was like pure poetry to his ears.

The problem was that Isaac had never been brave enough to talk to you, much less ask you out. Even after being turned and evolving into almost a completely different guy, that scared quiet part of him had yet to fade when it came to you.

“Look Isaac, I don’t get why you don’t just go up to her,” Stiles stated. “I mean you’re good at lacrosse, you’re tall… I guess you’re not terribly bad looking.”

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Imma change your life. (part 1)

Summary: You are Stiles’ sister, and Laura Hale’s friend. When she disappears, her brother Derek back to Beacon Hills. Things will never be the same again.

Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader

Characters: Reader, Derek Hale, Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall

Words Count: 3568

Author’s Note: So, this story is divided into two parts. Well, this is the first lol
I hope you enjoy! and if you want to be tagged, just ask. Don’t be afraid, I don’t bite! (bad joke, sorry)

“Scott! Stiles! What the hell are you doing in the woods!? You should be in school!” I scream in the direction of my younger brother Stiles, and his best friend. The night before the police found a dead body in the woods, yet unidentifiable, and since I followed the footsteps of my father and I’m a cop, sheriff Stilinski (my father, in fact), has ordered me to command the team for still sift the woods, and scour the area for any clues. But what do I find? My stupid brother who instead of being in school, playing at being a detective with his friend.
“Hey y/n! big sis! How are you?”
I approach striding Stiles, and take him by the ear.
“Now you go back in the car immediately, and drive straight up to school. Scott! Move if you don’t want me to talk to your mother!” I turn and I see Scott look at something in the distance. I follow his gaze, and my attention alights on a guy, dressed all in black, with a blank look on his face.
“Scott” I call once again, as I approach him, and shake to get him back to reality, and when he turns to me with confused look asks me who is the mysterious boy. I breathe deeply; I would tell him I don’t know him, but unfortunately I know exactly who he is.
“He’s Derek Hale.”
“Hale? Those of the burned house?” Stiles asks curiously. I look up at the sky, thinking how my brother is stupid and tactless. The burning of the Hale family home was one of the most horrible events happened in the last twenty years in Beacon Hills. People died that night, some of them were children.
“Stiles, in the car!”
Sulking, my brother turns on his heels and go by car. I head next to the Jeep, to be sure Stiles and Scott go away. For real.
When the Jeep is long gone, I still turn to the point where is Derek Hale, but I realize that he’s gone.
I decide to go back to my car, to call men and take a break, when I see Derek leaning against the hood of the car.
“Two Hale in a week. Should I be worried?” I say as I approach him.
“Two?” Asks Derek with a confused look. He doesn’t know that is not the only one in his family to be in town?
“Your sister Laura came to me a couple of days ago. I’m looking for her. You know something about this?”
Derek seems deep in thought, and expect him to answer me. After a while he walks away from the car and go into the woods. I raise my arms in the air, and scream at him.
“Hey, thank you for answering! You don’t know good manners? ”
“Believe me, the one here who knows nothing is you.” says Derek back, while stops a few meters from me.
I approached the door of the car, and I open. Before entering, I give a last look at Derek.
“Believe me Derek, I know more than you think.”

“You did!?” I scream at Derek, after entering furiously in the house of Hale, or at least what’s left. Derek is sitting on an old chair, one of the rooms on the ground floor. He gets up bored when he sees me in.
“This is private property.”
I get a move on to go to him, and our faces are found a few centimeters from each other.
“You did?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Derek said while staring at me. I laugh sarcastically, and crossing my arms over my chest.
“I understand what is becoming Scott, even before he understands it. I ask you once again. You have bite Scott McCall?”
Derek keeps staring at me, but this time with a confused look. Certainly he didn’t expect that someone like me knew.
"How do you know-”
“I told you Derek. I know much more than you think.”
Derek couldn’t know that her sister Laura had told me, many years ago, the truth about his family. They are werewolves. Laura and I, despite the age difference, we were good friends; from an early age, at school, he defended me from the bullies. And one day, on a summer afternoon, while we were playing to climb a tree, I stumbled and fell, dislocating my ankle. Laura, to get me away the pain, used his ‘powers’, and told me how his family was special, that they belonged to an important and ancient family of werewolves. I promised her not to tell anyone her secret. And so I did.
Now Laura is dead; the body found in the woods was her. Someone, or something, killed her, and probably kill again. And to make matters worse, Scott, the best friend of my brother, was bitten; it will not take much longer, he will begin to be transformed, and he could lose control.
Carry my attention to Derek, who doesn’t decide to answer. Taken by anger, I try to throw a punch, although I know that I will do more hurt to myself than to him.
As I expected, the Derek’s reflections are perfect; He raises his arm and stopped my fist in his hand, without experiencing even the slightest pain.
He is shaking hand around mine, but not so much to hurt me, and approaching dangerously at me, looking me straight in the eye. The heart begins to beat louder and louder, and swallow loudly; I know that Derek can feel my emotions, although I don’t know exactly what I’m feeling right now.
"I have not bitten anyone.”
I walk away violently by Derek, never taking my eyes off him. In part, I was hoping it was not him; his sister always told me that his family was not bad, it didn’t bite people, unless it was not necessary.
But if it was not Derek, it means that there is a werewolf on the loose, who killed Laura, thus becoming the Alpha, and that bit Scott. And very soon it will hurt some other innocent.

“Stiles, why did you come to me in the middle of the night by Deaton?” I say, as I wearily in the 'operating room’ of Dr. Deaton, veterinarian of the city, and Scott’s boss.
The scene that I find myself in front of, it is rather bizarre, and macabre at the same time. My brother Stiles, white-faced, with a kind of saw in his hands, and opposite him Derek, even paler, and completely sweaty; barely able to hold himself up.
“What the hell have you done Stiles?” I say, as I approach the table, and check Derek closely.
“Still nothing! Kate Argent shot him with a poisoned bullet. Scott is looking for the cure.”
I turn to Derek, who is about to faint; I cling to me, to make sure he doesn’t fall.
“You have to cut my arm .. .. so the poison .. will not come to the heart .. ..”
I open wide my eyes, looking first at him, and then my brother, still with that tool in his hand. Stiles looks at me, waiting for me to do anything. I open my mouth to say something, but words fail me. Derek wants to cut an arm; his arm! He must be crazy.
“I won’t cut your arm!. Hold on Derek. Scott is coming up with the cure. ”
As if he had heard me, Scott opens the door through which I entered a few minutes before, and runs towards us. With the few forces that are still left, Derek goes to Scott, who gives him a bullet. Derek quickly opens the bullet, and comes out a strange powder, which the wolf collects with his fingers, then rub it on the small wound on the forearm. The strange smoke begins to spread from Derek’s arm into the room; he closes his eyes, and falls to the ground, unconscious.
Stiles and Scott try to wake him, in vain.
I moved away from them the body of Derek, I kneel beside him, and began to shake him.
“Derek?” he doesn’t answer.
“Derek ..” ..nothing.
Without thinking twice, and having no other choice, I give him a straight punch in the face. Derek gets up with a start, slamming her head against mine.
“Shit!” I scream as I sit down, close my hand to my chest.
Derek gets up slowly, while I massage the hand with which I hit him. I seem to have punched a rock; The hand continued to pulse in pain, and is starting to become purple. Will remain the bruise for a week.
I look in the direction of Derek, to check he’s okay. The poison must have made him very badly. Since the Argent, ancient family of hunters, arrived in the city, things got worse and worse. They think it was Derek to kill the people who died in the last few days, and then he is hunted, especially from Kate Argent. For now they don’t know that Scott is a werewolf, but they are not stupid. They’ll find out soon. And in the meantime, Scott falls in love with Allison; shame that the last name of the girl is Argent.

I open the door of my room, kicked, and I throw myself on the bed; I took the ice from the freezer to the hand, which in the meantime has also inflated.
Never hit a werewolf. Never.
I’m going to turn off the lights and go to bed, when I hear strange noises outside my window. I think they are a figment of my imagination, when I hear another blow. I approached the window, and I open it. Derek is sitting on the edge of the gutter, waiting for me to open.
“What are you doing here, Derek?” I ask him while I invite him to enter. He enters, and after closing the window, we sit both at the foot of the bed.
“I wanted to see how you are.” He says to me, making me smile.
“You were going to die, and want to know if I’m okay?”
We look into the eyes, and without saying a word, Derek takes my injured hand, wet because of ice, and cradled in her. Suddenly they form small black veins on his arm; the pain in my hand decreases slowly, and some sort of relief invades my body. I take a deep breath and close my eyes; I feel like new.
I saw this 'trick’ of wolves, by Laura, but this time it seems.. different. The relief, the pain disappeared, Derek’s hand brushes mine. My heart increasingly beats faster.
I open my eyes, and meet those insightful Derek.
“Much better.”

 "Y/n, I have a problem.“
At home Stilinski you can never be at peace. Even now, I’m trying to work on a case assigned to me by my dad. I was so absorbed in my thoughts, that when Stiles enters loudly in my room, as I jump. Thank you that is my brother, because if it were not so..
I turn on myself, and look at him with a grim look, waiting until you start talking.
"Danny is coming.”
Danny is one of his classmates; Stiles invited him home because we need your help to track a message sent probably from the Alpha. So maybe we finally manage to find it.
“And I..”
“You.. have to hold off Derek.”
The beat of my heart accelerates to hear his name. When I’m in the presence of Derek, something happens to me.. And knowing that he perceives this.. feeling, it makes me go even more crazy. I swallow loudly, and although not convinced, I tell my brother that I will take 'care’ of him, not until Danny is gone.
Stiles jumps on me and thanked me, and then run away, straight to her room. I look up to the sky; People like him don’t exist on Earth, but it’s not bad as a brother. Sometimes. I smile to myself, and I sling back on my case, when I hear again the door of my room open.
“Stiles, I told you that I will take care of Der-” the phrase stops in the throat, seeing Derek slowly enter into my room. I get up from my desk, and quickly shut the door of my room behind.
“Stiles hadn’t told me that you were already here.”
“How do you take care of me, exactly?” Derek said with a provocative smile on his face.. so perfect. I shake my head, trying to eliminate the thought out of my head, and I look down so as not to see my red cheeks to the guy in front of me. My attention moves on his shirt.
“Is that blood?” I ask, pointing to his dirty shirt.
“I had a fight.”
I look up to the sky. Men, because they have to beat each, instead of talking like civilized people? Without a word, I go out of my room quickly, leaving Derek alone. I enter the room my father’s bed, and I take a couple of shirts from her closet. Then I return to my room, where Derek is snooping through my things. I move away him from my desk, and I pass the shirts of my father.
“They should be fine. Choose a shirt and changed. ”
He doesn’t say it twice; in seconds, Derek takes off his leather jacket, and dirty jersey of blood, remaining with the naked chest. I remain open-mouthed; this is the second time I see him no shirt on, but the first time he was about to die, so I hadn’t focused much, just like I am doing now. I close my eyes, and pointed to the bathroom door.
“There is the .. bathroom.” I say, rubbing my hand behind the neck.
Derek turns to me, and a smile on her face check.
“You look nervous …”
I open my eyes, and look at him, smiling so more sarcastic as possible.
“Nervous? Nah. I only have a werewolf wanted by police hiding in my room.. half naked. I’m not nervous.” I say with a smile, like an idiot. Come on y/n, what will never be. It’s just.. Derek.
Derek approaching threateningly at me, and I try to back away as much as possible, until bumping into my desk.
“To me it doesn’t seem to.” Derek says, looking me straight in the eye. I don’t know why, but suddenly my body starts to move by itself, and in a few seconds, my lips collide with those of Derek. He immediately responds to the kiss, and taking me by the hips, he makes me sit on the desk. Derek holds me increasingly closer to him, making me moan between his lips. God, this is so exciting.
We continue to kiss, when the bedroom door opens suddenly.
“Y/n, Danny’s has don-”
Instinctively I moved away Derek from me, and I bite my lip, looking first at him, and then my brother.
“Am I interrupting something?” Asks my brother embarrassed and curious.
“Yes.” “No.” Derek and I say in unison. I look at him with eyes as 'I beg you put some clothes on’. As if he had read my thoughts, Derek goes to the bed, and takes one of the my father’s t-shirt to wear it while I go down from the desk, and I go to Stiles.
“What did you find out?” I ask my brother.
Stiles, she keeps staring at me in silence launching an occasional glance to Derek. I look up to the sky, and pray to him with the eyes to tell me what he discovered. After a few seconds, he moves gaze back on me, and start talking.
“The message, we found out where it came from.”
“Where?” he asks Derek finally dress.
“From the hospital of Beacon Hills.”
The Alpha perhaps hides the hospital; but why there? Maybe it’s one of the patients, or one of the doctors. We must hurry to find out who is. Without thinking twice, I take some clothes from the closet, and I head to the bathroom to get ready.
“Great, let’s go to the hospital!”
I stop and look at my brother.
“You’re not going anywhere Stiles. Derek and I’ll go. ”
“To do the lovebirds alone? Come on, y/n! I have a baseball bat to defend myself! ”
I get red in the face, for what he has just said about me and Derek. I take a deep breath and approached me dangerously Stiles, pointing a finger.
“You stay at home. You’ll also get a baseball bat. But I have a gun.”

On the way, Derek and I are doing is exchanging glances, without even saying a word. But I think the heart that beats strong, and my anxiety, do all the work. I can’t believe I’ve kissed Derek Hale. And God, how I liked it. Her lips, so perfect, and his body.. so sexy.
I try to chase away those thoughts not very chaste from my mind, while I drive to the hospital. I have to be ready and focused; if the Alpha is there, I can’t wait to kick him in the ass.
Arrived at the hospital, I park the Jeep in front of the entrance. Still silent, Derek opens the car door, but I I stop him immediately.
“You’re wanted; if you saw go in there, soon they would call the police.” I say as I check that the gun is charged and ready for use when needed.
Derek looks up to the sky, and tries to protest, but I pretend not to hear. First out of the Jeep, Derek grabs my arm and pulls my body to his. I feel my heart speed up more and more, as my eyes meet his.
“I want you to be careful.” Derek said, his eyes moving from my lips, and again my eyes. I lick my lips, eager to meet again her. But is not the time; Now my mission is to find the Alpha. I nod to his request, and go quickly out of the car. I take a deep breath, for the strange situation of a few seconds ago, and my courage, and I go to the hospital.
When I enter the waiting room is completely empty. No patients, no doctor, and no one at the reception. I scanned the first floor from cover to cover, and when I can’t find anyone, I head to the second floor. Here, too, even the shadow of a person. Step in front of a room, the patient’s name written on the door.
Peter Hale.
He’s the uncle of Derek. He also was a victim of Hale house fire; He managed to survive, but remained completely burned, and he doesn’t speak since the accident.
I open the door to check that at least he’s okay, but inside the room, there is only the wheelchair. Peter, not even a shadow.
Quickly I take the phone out of the pocket of my pants, and I type the Derek’s number.
“Y/n, all right?”
“Derek, the hospital is empty. There is no one, not even your uncle Peter.”
“It’s not possible. He..”
Derek’s voice becomes ever more feeble in my head, because my attention is posing on the steps behind me. I turn slowly, and I see him. Peter Hale, in the flesh, staring at me with a mischievous look on his face. She looks at me hungrily, as if I were his next victim. I think about what he did to Scott, what he did to those poor people, and probably also killed Laura. Blinded by rage, I fling myself on him. I bring my hand near the gun, but Peter is too fast, and I find myself slammed against the wall, with Peter’s hand that tightens more at my neck. His eyes begin to change color; from a simple blue stain a bright red. The eyes of an Alpha.
I try to remove Peter from me, to breathe, but his hands around my neck are too strong, and I can’t stop it.
When I start to see blurry, I feel a roar from a distance, and looking around, I see Derek, his blue eyes, and his face turned, coming dangerously towards us. Peter finally let me go, and I feel again the lungs fill with air. I fall to the ground, while I see Peter and Derek fight; the latter throws his uncle away, and he walks quickly toward me. Derek helps me to get up, and ran away. Hidden in one of the rooms on the second floor, Derek turns to me, his face normal again.
“You need to leave. Run.” He says, before walking away. As he had done before me, I grab his arm and approached me.
“I’m not leaving you here.”
Derek looks at me and shakes my face between his hands.
“I’ll be fine. But stay here for you is dangerous. Run. Now.”
Before I could reply, Derek leaves the room where we hid. I hear roars in the distance.
When I leave the room, there is no trace of Peter. And even Derek.


So I just had a thought that I’d write some Werewolf Avengers after I post the Stuckony Porn fic. (When will that be? I have no idea honestly. Also this got kind of long so if you’re interested watch out for under the cut!)

So here’s the thought process: All of the Avengers barring Thor are werewolves. Clint, Natasha, and Tony were all born wolves. Steve and Bruce were turned via the Serum and the gamma rays. Tony is the only one that experienced a functional pack–Clint still joined the circus and Natasha was still raised via Red Room. When they come together, they are a pack of broken wolves. Steve’s only pack ever consisted of the Howling Commandos and they were all human. He has no idea how to run an actual pack of werewolves, and Tony is somewhat tight-lipped about how normal werewolves interact with each other.

Howard was not a werewolf, but he had no problem with Maria being one. (I have and always will believe that Howard loved his wife. No one will take this from me.) In fact, one of Tony’s earliest memories is his mom dragging Howard into the den to snuggle in front of the fire with them. Maria’s biggest regret for her pup is that she could never make him understand that Howard, a human, would never truly give him the affection he longed for; her biggest regret for her mate is that he failed Tony without even trying, without even being at fault, simply because he was human, and she didn’t know how to help ease their relationship.

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It was not supposed to happen.

You hadn’t lose control in years, and now here you were.

Roaring left and right to protect that skinny boy who left a mark so strong in your heart that you didn’t think twice when that werewolf attacked him.

Scott wasn’t strong enough, he got knock on the ground almost istaintly. You burned your cover for Stiles, your family didn’t want to have problems with the other werewolves even if you knew you could trust Scott and Derek.

You groaned loud showing off your teeth at the werewolf who was looking at you in surprise, in his eyes you could see your reflection: a big and aggressive wolf trying everything to protect his friends.

<< Now that’s what I call a plot twist. You seem strong, girl. >>

You snapped your teeth at him, growling louder.

The werewolf grinned and without wasting other words he jumped towards you, you couldn’t dodge because Stiles was right behind you.

So you did the only thing you could do: attacking him.

You bursted on him and managed to took him down, you bit him and felt the blood on your muzzle. You whined in pain as you felt his teeth on your neck, tighten the grip.

<< No… No, Y/N!! >> you heard Stiles screaming.

“How disappointed they must be. I hid the truth from the beginning.”

The werewolf thrown you aside, you felt his limped walk getting closer to Scott and Stiles.

You couldn’t let him, you stood up on your paws and jumped on the enemy. You let the animal inside rule you and seconds later, as you were attached to the werewolf’s neck, you heard a snap.

The creature fell with you on top.


You looked to the boys, Scott was holding his hurted arm but he was smiling and Stiles was looking at you in astonishment.

<< Y/N… you saved us!! >> exclaimed Scott with a sigh of relief.

You tilted your head, moving unsure on your wolf limbs. 

Then Stiles smiled too << Yeah Y/N…! You saved us! What you did was…! >>

<< Amazing!! >> completed Scott << And you can turn in a complete wolf! >>

You shook your head and felt your body turning to a human again << You’re not angry? >>

<< Are you crazy?! >> mumbled Stiles, he took off his jacket just to place it on your shoulders trying not to look at your naked body << You were impressive! And wh- >> you didn’t let him finish, you jumped on him letting your lips press strongly on his.

<< Oh well… >> whispered Scott << That’s a plot twist. >>

Attachment Issues

Isaac Lahey X Reader

Word Count: 575

Requested: Wattpad

Request: So this is a request for your fandom imagines thing. I was wondering if you could do a teen wolf imagine where the reader is like 13 and blind. She’s Lydia’s little sister and one of the boys of the pack get attached to her and think she’s the best thing in the world? Hope it’s not too much. Thanks!

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

You were young, you were blind had been all your life, that didn’t make you any less capable you parents had done what was best for you so you were kept at home you had a Braille cover over your keyboard. Lydia often read to you and taught you what she learned and then to your work in for it to be marked. You knew about the pack although they tried to keep you from finding out, so now when was with the pack Isaac was with you, he’d climb in through the window and sit with you talk to you and you’d help him with Chemistry, something he always struggled with. Today, however, was different you were down and Isaac sensed it as soon as he walked into your room. “Hey, Isaac.” You greeted recognising his walking pattern.

“How do you do that?” he asked you could hear the smile in his voice.
“Everyone walks differently, favour different shoes and stuff,” You answered playing with your cover.
“What’s wrong?” he asked crouching in front of you, you turned to face him and gently reached out hands gliding over his face as you mapped it out in your head, Isaac was taking in your scent and smiling as he watched your face change and concentrate. “You gonna answer?”
“I… It’s nothing.” you answered taking your hands away which Isaac caught.
“It’s not,” he insisted rubbing his hands over your knuckles.
“I just haven’t been outside is all.” You answered just like that Isaac hand lifted you and settled you on his back.
“Well let’s go somewhere then.” he suggested guiding your legs to wrap around his waist.
“Where?” You asked.
“How about the ice cream place you love?” he asked and you giggled in response and he nodded to himself as he began in that direction. Your parents and sister tried to take you out as much as possible because you just weren’t comfortable going anywhere on your own especially after finding out about werewolves and whatnot running around. When you felt the air on your face a smile stretched across it and you could not make it go away, you were happy to breathe in the fresh air.

Isaac sat you down before going to order and then coming back, he loved to help you as much as he could and so he helped you eat. Once you were finished he paid and then picked you up again. “Thank you,” You mumbled.
“No problem,” Isaac answered.
“No I mean you could have been somewhere else.” You said. “Having fun.”
“I have fun with you” he answered quickly.
“Yeah, I’m some 13 years old with a problem.” You mumbled.
“No you’re a strong 13-year-old who made their disadvantage and advantage,” Isaac answered. “You’ve learnt walking patterns, you’ve noticed the changes in breathing in relation to the way that people feel, you map out people’s face just by touch and you are just as smart as your sister despite never setting foot in a school,” Isaac said quickly and you buried your face in his shoulder and hummed in agreement.

Isaac took you home and back up to your bedroom where he gently laid you down on one side since you’d fallen asleep on the way back, he climbed in on the other side and you shuffled over curling into his side and he sighs “you’re amazing.” he whispered gently stroking your hair.

Requests and general question!

Here to help

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Pairing: CrowleyxReader
Word count: 3,274
Warnings: A swear or two?
Request: “One where she’s the Winchester sis and does something really reckless on a hunt and needs crowley to come help” Hope you like, @crowley4ever

“Crap. Crap. Crap.” You were currently pacing in your motel room. Despite your brothers protesting…you went on a hunt alone. That wasn’t even the worst part. You were twenty, so you thought you could handle one werewolf. Only it wasn’t just one. There was at least three running around the city. Oh, it got worse. One of them caught your scent. You’d try to be calm and collected when doing your interviews. You tried to make sure no one knew what you were up to.

Now, you had a werewolf after you. You were a Winchester for crying out loud. Your family was famous in the hunting world. You were like the freakin’ Potters. Too bad you didn’t have Dumbledore. Or Hagrid. Groaning, you sat on the bed. There was no way that you were calling your brothers to admit that you’d screwed up, and were now the hunted. Not the hunter. You’d even removed the battery from your phone so they couldn’t track you. You looked up to your brothers. They were amazing hunters, and admitting that you screwed up was pretty much the worst thing you could do. Besides actually dying.

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69 & 58 for Stiles Stilinski plssss :3

Stiles Stilinski - “We are not going to steal someone’s dog”

“Some people shouldn’t take a dog…” You sighed while you stared out of Stiles’ window. “I don’t even think she takes him for a walk. Like ever!” You murmured and shook your head when the little dog tried to escape his garden, but was held back by his line.

“Well, it’s not like we can do something about it and it’s not like we don’t have more important things to worry about. People getting killed by evil dread doctors, for example.” Stiles leaned back in his chair and he folded his hands behind his neck. “Twice, because they already killed them to turn them into chimaera’s, unless they buried them alive, which doesn’t sound much more comforting at all.”

“Do you think she would notice it if we would take him in?” You ignored Stiles’ comment and stared once again at the little dog sniffing the ground. You could imagine holding him, pressing him to your chest, ruffling his white fur.

We are not going to steal someone’s dog!” Stiles stood up from is chair and he shook his head. “My father might be the sheriff and he might let a lot of things we do slip through, but I don’t think he’s okay with us stealing a dog.”

“But, if she doesn’t miss him, it’s technically not stealing, is it? And if she does miss him, we just give him back.” You shrugged your shoulders. “I’m sure we can come up with some reason she’ll understand.”

You’re out of your damn mind!” Stiles raised his voice. “And here the others say that I always have the bad ideas…” Stiles shook his head and his lips curled up into a smile. “Maybe that’s why we’re such a great match.” He wrapped his arms around you and he followed your glance. “Don’t you think it would be dangerous to have a dog?” He whispered and he had his lips near your ear.

You didn’t answer. You just stared at the dog. At least the sun was shining today, but you knew that he would also be outside if it had been raining.

“And do you actually just want to save him? Or would you just like to have a dog?” Stiles tightened his grip and you smiled, shrugging your shoulders.

“A little bit of both, I think.” You licked your lips and turned around so your eyes could meet his. “Did you never want a dog? Or cat? Or even just a goldfish to take care of?”

“Well, we already have three werewolves, a werecoyote and a banshee.” Stiles grinned and he tucked a strand of hair behind your ear. “I’d say that for the moment that’s enough for me to handle. But hey, if you want a puppy, you can get Isaac or Liam from me?”

Your smile turned into a laugh and you threw your head in your neck. “If only they knew we were talking about them like this.”

“O, I don’t have any problem saying this to their face. Wait, I’ll call Isaac for you.” Stiles grabbed his phone and he really dialed Isaac’s number. “Isaac? Someone here wants a puppy, do you want to play a game of fetch?”

You rolled your eyes and you could hear Isaac cursing before he hung up again.

“Someone seriously lacks a sense of humor.”

“Maybe we should just steal that dog anyway.”

“No, let’s call Liam.”

Welcome to the first actual angsty werewolf au blurb. The next one will be funny, I promise.

“Mom, can I wear this one to the gala?”

Howard turned and nearly choked on his own spit, nearly throwing the mail he was holding. “Guh-!”

“Oh!” Maria said, smiling, before her face fell. “…Oh.”

Tony frowned in confusion, clutching the dark blue gown to his chest. “Is—is it a bad color on me? Jan said it looked great!”

Maria sighed. “Tony, honey—” She paused when Howard held a hand up, frowning. “Howard?”

Howard set the mail aside and stepped forward so he could crouch in front of his son, reaching out to take one of his hands. “I’m sorry, Tony,” he told him with all the sincerity he could muster. “You can’t wear it to the gala. The humans… well, they’re not as advanced socially as werewolves are. They wouldn’t think very well of you if you wore a dress to the gala.”

“But—” Tony began, confused. “But… why?”

“Humans are assholes,” Howard informed him bluntly. “I love you, and I love that you are just as comfortable in dresses as you are in pants. I love that you’re as comfortable in your wolf skin as you are in your human one. But some humans think you should conform to be just like them, that you should only wear pants and consider women less.” He took a deep breath, trying to swallow down his own anger. “And it kills me to have to say this, but if you want to be accepted by them, you have to humor them. I wish it didn’t have to be that way. I wish you could wear this pretty dress. But humans will think less of you, and I won’t have that until you’re old enough to protect yourself.”

Tony looked down at the dress, biting his bottom lip to keep the tears welling up in his eyes from falling. “…Should… should I stop wearing dresses?”

“No,” Howard answered immediately. “No. I know this is disappointing, but don’t let humans ruin something you enjoy. You can wear your dresses at Jan’s house or here at home.” He reached out to take the dress from his son’s hands and held it up against the boy’s body. “You could wear this to your mother’s next Meeting.”

Maria nodded, coming over to kneel in front of their son as well. “Of course, Tony! And all of the other wolves will be so jealous. Look at how lovely this is. And when they ask about it, you can tell them that a human made it for you, and they’ll be doubly jealous.”

Tony frowned down at the dress. “…Why aren’t humans nicer to each other?”

Howard opened his mouth, then closed it, frustrated. He didn’t have an answer.

“Someone has to teach them to be nicer to each other,” Maria answered for him, because she was always better at these things. “We’ll do that. But your father is right—you’re not old enough to deal with how cruel humans can be to each other. So you’ll have to wait until you’re older to help us with that.”

Tony whined quietly but nodded. “When will I be old enough to help?”

“I should think fourteen—” Maria began, only to be cut off by her husband.

“No. No. No. No. No!”

She sighed and rolled her eyes. “Howard—”

“No,” Howard cut in again sharply, making her stop in surprise. “That is not nearly old enough to deal with humans and their shitty attitudes.” He turned to his son sternly. “You will be able to help when I say. As an expert on humans and their prejudices, I will be the one to decide when you are capable of dealing with them.”

Tony blinked up at him, a tear rolling down his cheek, before he wrapped his arms around the dress and held it to his chest. “Okay, Daddy.”

Howard sighed and reached out to cup his cheeks, using his thumb to wipe away the tear. “It’s my job to protect you, Tony. When I think you’re ready, I’ll let you try. But I won’t let you try until I know you’ve got the tools to handle it.” He pushed the hair out of Tony’s eyes. “Why don’t you go get ready for dinner?”

“You’re only saying that because Mom looks like she wants to bite your head off,” Tony pointed out, but obediently gathered up the dress, because he wasn’t dumb enough to want to be around them anyway. His mom was scary when she was mad.

“I’m also saying it because dinner is almost ready,” Howard added. “It’s a roast.”

“Roast!” Tony cheered, disappointment forgotten, and ran from the room to get ready for dinner.

Howard and Maria watched him go before she took a sharp breath and turned toward him, scowling. “Howard.

Howard held his hand up, walking over to his office. He opened the door and motioned her inside. She snarled and stomped past him, but it was hard not to pause and give him an angry nip or smack. He stepped in behind her and shut the door again.

Howard,” she snarled again. “What right do you have to undermine me when I’m trying to help our child?”

“What do you even know about humans, Maria?” Howard snapped back.

Maria drew herself up straight, offended. “What do I even-? I know plenty, Howard. I’m perfectly capable of answering any questions Tony might have. We age differently than humans, Howard, whether you like it or not, and he’s going to mature faster too.”

“That is exactly why you can’t answer questions about humans!” Howard snarled, with so much viciousness that she actually took a step back. “I don’t know what you think you know about humans, Maria, but it’s not enough. We don’t like things that can hurt us, that we don’t understand—you are both of those things.

“…You seem to do pretty well for someone that doesn’t like and doesn’t understand us,” Maria hissed, trying to hide how much it hurt her.

The human rolled his eyes. “I’m not one of those people, Maria. For God’s sake, I flew a plane into an active war zone so Captain America could rescue his friend when his only plan was ‘don’t die.’ Which is exactly why Tony can’t be held to your standards!”

“Oh, I was scared during the war, so I wouldn’t know what’s best for him,” she snapped, bristling.

“That’s exactly it, Maria!” Howard shouted, throwing his hands up. “We lived through a war. Our views on things are skewed, and yours especially are. Humans liked werewolves during the war because of Captain America and because enlisting them meant a human didn’t have to go to the trenches. Now the war is over and we’ve got no one to fight, so we’re going back to hating werewolves.” He saw his wife take a breath and harshly added, “A werewolf was lynched three days ago, Maria!”

The blood drained from Maria’s face. Her breath hitched once before she managed to compose herself, still pale, but shoulders straight. “Do I know him?”

“No,” Howard told her quietly. “He wouldn’t have been at your parties. He was an orphan.”

“Oh,” she said softly, more air than sound, and began to sink to the ground. She was thankful when her husband did not try to help her, because she might have bitten him.

Howard knelt in front of her. “He was sixteen years old.”

“He was still a baby.” Maria let out a mournful sound. “Where?”

“Maine,” Howard answered softly. “It was in the paper this morning.”

She hadn’t gotten to it yet. Maria looked down at her hands, clenched in her skirt and knuckles gone white. “…He didn’t have a family,” she tried.

“You and I both know that not having a family was only part of the problem,” Howard told her sternly.

Maria ducked her head, biting her bottom lip. “But a family would have helped.”

“Or I could have read about an arson case where an entire family of werewolves died.” Howard reached out for one of her hands slowly. When she didn’t snap at him, he took it between both of his own. “Maria. The only ones that can truly know how humans hate are other humans. You have such a hopeful outlook on the world; you want to change things for the better. I want Tony to be just like you when he grows up.” He waited for her to look up at him before he quietly added, “I just want to make sure he gets to grow up.”

Maria let out a helpless sob.

Tony yelped when Maria tugged him up out of his seat at the dinner table and into a hug, but when Howard wrapped his arms around both of them, he stayed quiet. They were usually really upset when they both hugged him like this.

He didn’t know what wrong, but he snuggled into their embraces anyway. “I love you.”

Maria and Howard clutched at him tighter.

Werewolves Love Cuddles

Summary: “Alpha my ass, God you’re just like a puppy.” Stiles rubs his nose into the hair of Derek’s temple, giggling again when Derek makes a contend noise at the back if his throat. “So did you make me stay just so that you could fulfill your weird obsession with cuddling, like I seriously think you might have a problem man.”

(alternatively, derek wants cuddles, likes it when stiles smells like them, and will do anything to make both happen)

(Read on ao3)

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