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SVtFoE: Face The Music / Starcrushed

Words fail me, they really do…

Let’s go over what happened in that season finale:

  • Queen Moon showed that she’s a stone-cold badass under that prim-and-proper exterior… but she’s also got enough heart to feel sorry for her ancestral enemies.
  • We met Ludo’s family, who apparently hate him for kicking them out of their own ancestral home and getting it blown up… except for his little brother Dennis.
  • Ruberiot wrote a totally rockin’ anthem to Star that gave away a little too much information… like her crush on Marco.
  • Oskar turns out to have actually gotten pretty good at the keytar.
  • Toffee’s back for good, and Glossaryck’s missing (and so are the spells in the book, apparently?!)
  • Star finally confessed to Marco… right before she had to leave Earth “possibly forever”.

So who else is dead? Because I am dead from feels here, and likely will be until they announce the start of Season 3

Update on the Fuckboys: Part Fucking Whatever

I’ll be honest with you guys, never in a million YEARS did I think I’d be posting about those low-life scumbags again, but surprise.

I know most of you probably couldn’t care less, but I am fucking PISSED. Let’s get into it, shall we?

So the Fuckboys have been pretty well-behaved, besides being a bit annoying and calling me stupid. Well today one of my friends told me she was stressed, so of course I asked why.

Get this, the Fuckboys are sexually harassing/assaulting her.

So I angrily demanded to know what happened, so she told me. These little bastards have been ogling her, trying to hug her, trying to kiss her, confessing their love to her, and trailing their hands up her thighs. Guess what the teacher said. Just guess. Just. Guess.

“Ignore them.”

I may or may not have threatened to pop Fuckboy 2’s eyeballs out of his head, and I may or may not have threatened to rip Fuckboy 1’s balls off and feed them to him.

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How would minhyuk wonho and hyungwon react to the girl that is 7years younger then them and they see her as a little sister react to them confessing their love to them

The boys reaction to a younger girl who they see as a little sister confess her love to them (Minhyuk, Wonho & Hyungwon)

Minhyuk; He’d be really surprised and he’d definitely blush. He wouldn’t know what to say. But since she’d be underage, he would have to reject her, which would break him. He’d be really upset about it, probably more upset than the girl lmao.

I’m so sorry.. You’re really cute, and really pretty, but we just can’t. At least not right now.

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Wonho; He’d be a bit like Minhyuk, but still cheeky and flirty as always. He’d mess with the girl’s hair and smile at her.

You’ll have to wait, because we can’t right now, you’re too young. Maybe in a few years, oppa will look at you in a different way~?

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Hyungwon; He’d be the one to be straight up about it. He would hate rejecting the girl but it would have to be done, he won’t sugar coat anything.

I’m sorry, Y/N, but i don’t see you like that. You’re more like a younger sister to me. I’m sorry..

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Youngjae: I feel like youngjae would really be into having an older girlfriend honestly. It would the a bit of weight off his shoulders knowing he didn’t have to worry about them and that they had a sense of responsibility to them. He would probably feel very comforted by the fact they were older.

Yugyeom: Like the gif says. He belongs to everyone. He’s really not going to care if you’re younger or older. He’s going to like you all the same no matter how old you are. But if someone older confessed he might be a little bit shy about the whole thing. Cause he’s a baby.

Jimin: Like Yugyeom he’s going to like both younger and older. But he’d most likely be pretty proud of himself that he had managed to get an older girl. Like youngjae it might comfort him knowing he didnt have to worry.

Taehyung: He might be a little in between about an older girl confessing to him honestly. He pretty immature so i think he might prefer someone younger and a little more immature like himself.

Jungkook: two word. Noona lover. I really believe he prefers older girls. He made it pretty clear he gets uncomfortable when people call him oppa so. He would love an older girl confessing.


“Aah… this place is nice. Much more quiet than the Spice District.” Ellis admitted as he was sat next to his sister in her new apartment.
“I know right, no neighbors seemingly banging on the pipes in the middle of the night.” Teagan smirked.
“Boy can they keep a beat going though.” Ellis laughed a little. “So how’s the new place treating ya?”
“It’s good, it’s pretty great actually.” Teagan sighed “Although…” she lowered her voice “I still have no idea how to do my laundry.”
“Oh don’t you know how to use the washing machine? Why don’t you ask Darcy?” Ellis raised an eyebrow.
“Because it’s embarrassing.” Teagan confessed.
“Oh come on, everybody has to start somewhere. I have a feeling Darcy isn’t one to judge.”
“No I guess not.” Teagan said sheepishly “But it’s still embarrassing.”

BlackPink[Lisa]- Dating Profile
  • Ideal Type:

Some that can deal with her hyperness, but also can tell her when she’s being too hyper. Someone with a nice smile and kind eyes.

  • How they act around their crush:

Shy baby that will slowly approach you. She’ll just wave and say ‘Hi’ while walking, too nervous to make conversation.

  • Confession:

She’ll have Rose` give you a confession letter for her.

R- “This is from Lisa” *runs off*

L- *watches your expressions while you read it*

Y/N- “Lisa come here, I know you’re watching me”

L- “Yes” *nervous smile*

Y/N- *hugs Lisa* “I like you too”

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  • First Date:

Bowling. Who doesn’t like a little competition, and she’ll probably let you win. And I’m pretty sure nachos and milkshakes seal the deal.

  • Regular Dates:

Coffee shops, cuddling sessions, drive in movies with fast food, amusement parks, and ice cream parlors

  • Next Steps:

Sex- 8 months minimum

Parents- 6 months minimum

Moving In- 1 ½ years minimum

Marriage- 4- 4 ½ years minimum

  • PDA:

During the first month to 3 months she’s shy with PDA not sure if she should hold your hand or not. But if she see’s someone getting handsy with you while your pushing them away, she’ll pull you away and have her arm around you all day and night.

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  • Pet Names:

Sweetie, love, jagi, jagiya, and babe

  • Who says ‘I love you’ first:

She does. While going out for coffee she asks the bartender to write ‘I love you’ with the cream into the drink.

  • Anniversary/Birthday Gifts:
  • Often Gifts:

Couples items, like charm bracelets or jackets, candy, favorite drinks, and pastries

  • Behavior:

Around Others-

In public she’s a shy baby that will just hold your hand. Though if you two are only around the other girls, she won’t be afraid to cuddle up to you and give you a kiss or two.


Cuddles, cuddles, and so many more cuddles. And an innocent cuddle session may end up with her on top of you in a very very heated make out session.

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  • Pros:

You’re automatically added to the BlackPink family, which means 3 protective older sisters. The love and affection of the beautiful Lisa Manoban. Have I mentioned that she would give amazing cuddles, cause she would. Being the couple that everyone ships.

  • Cons:

Not seeing her often, occasional hate from some fans, and your privacy being invaded. When fights break out and get really bad you both give each other the silent treatment, and you both being too stubborn to apologize first.


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Vulnerable Spock gifs (TOS)

None of these GIFs are mine, I just wanted to compile some pics for all of us who can never have enough of shy, pretty, vulnerable/angst Spock.

^Wish I could look this beautiful when I’m surprised.

^ the face Spock probably makes when he encounters xenophobia

^  Which pretty much is a confession that he HAS feelings, and that he’s been taught that showing them is a bad thing. </3

^There’s something so vulnerable about the lip-biting habit of Spock’s. He does this in Balance of Terror when he turns around and sees everyone staring at his alien appearance. Also, in What are Little Girls Made Of, when android Jim calls him an interfering half-breed.

^ that stare…

^ Well, I’m not. Not when I know the sadness you feel. 

^ when Spock’s feelings are hurt and he can’t say anything because that would be admitting that he’s flawed by Vulcan standards.

^ There’s something really sad about how in The Naked Time, people are acting without restraints, and so you get various responses from crew members (laughing, singing, confessing attraction, paranoia) and Spock’s response is to cry, and mourn that his control keeps him from connecting to others, yet at the same time he desperately fights to regain that control. 

^ the cuddle we were waiting for. hurt!Spock + protective!Jim is my favorite.

^ :’(

^ Is that a hint of a very shy smile, mister Spock?

^If only I could pet Spock’s hair the way he pets this cat. Spock’s lucky it isn’t a kitten or he wouldn’t possibly be able to keep up an emotionless reputation.

^ Everything in this picture is perfect. 

^ I think his struggle to hide his hurt is sometimes more angst-ridden than the actual emotional pain he feels.

^There’s the hug Spock desperately needs. But you didn’t think the angst ended now, did you?

I have been told TMP is all angst.

and some shy Vulcan kissing from a very vulnerable Spock.

Also this outfit + that stare. There’s so much longing and hesitance in this gaze, IMHO.

^ I love the way he moves his mouth here. A subtle, nervous gesture maybe?

^ This is also my face when I see Jim in uniform, Spock.

^ I have no words.

^ Spock….that look… WHY???

^ Spock Prime owns my heart, for all that he endures. 

Ok, everyone, I hope I didn’t chase you away with my gushing, lol. I just really love angst and Spock. I probably could have put up a few more OMS era Spock pics, but I had to stop at some point. Also, do not fear AOS Spock fans, I’m planning to do a GIF collection of AOS Spock too.

That Girl

I’ve never been that girl;

that girl who comes out of a relationship, and instantly finds herself in another.


Like it was destiny.

I guess it was just never destined for me

to be that girl.

That girl who never stops having people confess their unyielding love for them;  

that girl who people can’t stop talking about how pretty they are;

that girl who can get guys to buy her a drink at the bar;

all at the smack of her patent leather soft lips

and a little hair flip.


Like it was destiny.

I guess it was just never destined for me

to be that girl.

That girl who knows how to flirt properly;

that girl who can put her make up on flawlessly;

that girl who can post a photo to instagram, and not find a million insecurities

lurking at the tips of her fingers as she presses the share button.

And I know I shouldn’t let these things define my femininity.

I know that I shouldn’t let these things bother me

but they do.  

It’s like having a lack of male attention in this world is seen as an abnormality.

It’s seen as less than womanly.

And I’m always forced to ask myself

what’s wrong with me?

But maybe it’s because I was never destined to be that girl.

Maybe it’s because I was destined to be something more;

to be that girl who just lives her life;

that girl who loves herself for who she is

and doesn’t rely on male attention to make herself feel alright.

That girl who knows what she wants and fights until it’s hers

That girl who still has insecurities,

but at the end of the day

just says whatever

because we all know who runs the world.

Yeah, I want to be that girl.


As for the most outrageous item in her closet, Kaitlin confesses, “A pair of black cowboy boots that I’ve had for 15 years that I bought when I finally got a job and had a little bit of money, and I was conned into buying them because it said ‘vintage cowboy boots’ in this little shop on Abbott Kinney in California, and I thought ‘They’re so fancy and expensive, and they’re vintage. They say they’re vintage so I have to get them.’ I’ve never worn them but I can’t throw them away and no one wants to take them, so they’re just sitting in there with dust.

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Hello, Izzy! Big fan of your work. I know that you explored several mental illnesses through CS in the past. I was wondering if in the process of researching mental illnesses and creating your OCs if you've ever come across/come up with the idea of an OC with Dissociative Identity Disorder? I am someone with DID; me and my little love your animations. If you don't know much about it, it's pretty interesting to read about. Also, my little wanted to say "I LOVE KIKI CAN WE BE FRIENDS??!?!?"

Hi there! I’m glad you two like my stuff!

While I do know some of the basics of DID, I’ll confess I’m not the most educated on it… The only reason I don’t have any characters with illnesses like DID is because I REALLY don’t want to represent it poorly or incorrectly, especially since it’d be so easy to mess it up. I’d want to research it a lot and properly educate myself before giving it to a character. So hey, maybe someday when I know more about it!

And yes, Kiki is flattered by your compliment and would love to be friends.

Astro as Your Boyfriend:

Astro as you Boyfriend:


• you guys have been bffs forever
• but sanha had been in love with you since forever
• but your dense self took a pretty long time to notice
• okay you didnt notice until he confessed
• gosh was that cute, he got you those little white flowers that you used to collect when you were younger
• okay, you would force Sahna to collect white flowers with you cuz you really loved them
• but anyways, he got you white flowers and his confession was hot mess
• he stuttered the whole time
• “so you k-know umm i-i got you t-t-these flowers that y-you li-like”
• “thanks sahna….. but are you okay? you’re face is really red”
• “yeah, im fine-dont worry”
• “Sanha you’re face is really red though, why dont we get medicine”
• “n-no!! im fine, really. y/n i li-”
• “oh my god sanha, you’re burning. c'mon let’s go home, we need to get you some medi-”
• “y/n, i like you!”
• “-cine….. huh??, wait what?? i-i mean…
• it was wayyy more romantic in your head, anyways..
• it didn’t feel like you guys were dating
• you still did the same stuff the same way before you guys started dating
• it was kind of like a mom-son relationship. he was a little crybaby (melanie martinez starts playing)
• until you guys kissed
• it was actually an accident
• he tripped with the step on the door and you just happened to stand in the right place and turn around at the perfect time
• timing man, timing
• a lot of aegyo
• tons and tons of it
• he REALLY loved it when you only payed attention to him
• he would be jealous of the other members whenever they were close to you or made you laugh
• he would just randomly give cute little gifts, like strawberry ice cream earrings
• and a necklace with a key on it and he would have a bracelet with lock on it cuz gosh you guys were supper SUPPER cheesy
• and the worst part was that you didn’t even notice
• lots of hugs
• holding hands was a must
• but the best part was that you guys were still the weirdest, loudest, most random and clumsy best friends that you guys had been since forever.


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Anon confession: I apologize if this is a little triggering. I sometimes wish I could have been your dad or at least your step-dad. Just so I could be someone who supported you, and cherished you, and protected you. To remind you that you are wonderful, and beautiful, smart, creative, funny, and generally a pretty spectacular person.

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Remus Lupin Imagine: “Reckless”

Remus lupin imagine where you just want to have fun and be a little reckless but Remus doesn’t want to so you go and be reckless with Sirius instead and he gets annoyed and kind of hurt?

Requested by anon

“Come on, Remus! We’ll have fun!” you told your friend.

“No, y/n!” he said.

“Pretty pretty please? Just this one” you insisted.

“I said no” he repeated sternly.

Getting angry, you snarled: “Fine. Have it your way.”

With that said, you got out of the room, still fuming. A voice stopped you, though.

“Hey, y/n! Something wrong?” Sirius asked, clearly confused. He had never seen you so angry; you always were kind and smiled all day.

You hesitated a little and finally confessed: “I wanted to sneak at night with Remus. He doesn’t want to…”

“Oh! Don’t worry then! I’ll go with you!” he offered light-heartedly. With wide eyes, you asked: “You would?”

“Sure. What are friends for? Besides, you know me. I’m always up for a little adventure” he smirked as he winked at you.

All of sudden, you felt better.

Next day, you were in the Great Hall, minding your own business, when Remus approached you.

“Hi, y/n” he greeted.

You ignored him. You were still angry he didn’t want to come. What’s wrong with being a little reckless with your best friend? True, you had had fun with Sirius, but you still longed for Remus.

“Y/n, please, don’t ignore me. I know you went with Sirius”

Finally staring at his green eyes, you muttered: “Figures. Sirius is a good guy, but also a bigmouth.”

“Why did you go with him?” he asked. You could tell by his voice he was annoyed with you, but underneath the anger, you could also detect pain.

“Why wouldn’t I? You two are friends of mine. If you don’t want to hang out with me, he will. It’s not difficult to comprehend, Remus” you sated.

The hurt was evident in his face now.

“And how do you think that makes me feel like? Knowing you chose Sirius over me?” he snarled.

Realization came to you as a shock: “Wait a moment… Are you jealous?”

He didn’t reply.

“I can’t believe it! I asked YOU to come with me. It’s your fault I went with Sirius instead!” you shrieked.

There was an awkward silence which was finally broken by Remus.

“You are right. I’m sorry. Can you forgive me?” he pleaded.

Sighing, you nodded: “Of course I forgive you, Remus. You’re still my best friend. You have no reason to get jealous of Sirius, ok?” you assured him.

He hesitated a little and finally suggested: “Would you say no if I asked you to sneak and be reckless with me tonight? I know I don’t have the right to ask you, but still… I want to make it up to you. Pretty pretty please?”

Smiling brightly, you took his hand and whispered: “Remus John Lupin, you could have avoided all this if you had just said yes yesterday…”

“Is that a yes?” he asked with a hopeful voice.

You smirked at him and said: “We’ll be reckless tonight”

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Confession: I’m afraid I won’t be “chosen” because I don’t fit the girlfriend archetype black men and women have built. I don’t silence myself for a man’s ego, BS or his anything. I will not be walked over (know my place) and my looks and style of dress isn’t as important to me as the book I’m going to read next. I’m not the pretty little girlfriend type, and it scares me that I’ll end up alone because I’m not. I don’t submit well and I’m introverted. I’m a paradox but I crave companionship

Why the reveals don't work

I’ve been thinking a lot about the reveals and twists we’ve had throughout the seasons.
There have been some really good moments…

The shocking and heartbreaking moment when Mona was revealed as the first A, how we felt when we saw Toby in the black hoodie and thought he was part of the A team, or when we saw Ezra in a lair and thought he was the new A (which he should have been btw).

Those reveals and twists worked so well because all of those characters are people we had grown to love, people the liars had grown to love. It really shocked us because we thought we knew them. We thought the were good, and now we learned that they were bad.
I know that in Toby’s and Ezra’s case it didn’t turn out that way in the end, but in that moment of the reveal we felt something.
We were left with shock, wanting more and thinking about how all of this would affect our beloved liars.

Now to some of the reveals that didn’t work…

Cece/Charlotte is A. Putting all the plot holes aside and just going for the reveal. First of all it wasn’t a character we had seen a lot of, but I don’t think that’s what made it anticlimactic. I mean, Wren hasn’t had a lot of screen time, but if he turned out to be A people would loose their shit, in a good way.
I just think it didn’t work because we weren’t invested in Charlotte and her story. Her telling us her story during one episode didn’t suddenly make us love her and feel for her.
Also when we had seen her she was never really a good person, so it wasn’t that shocking she was A. At least not in a good way. It shocked us in the way it was all played out and how it left us disappointed and wanting more, but not in a good way.

Sara Fucking Harvey as Red Coat and Black Veil. I could go on for hours on this one, but I think I don’t have to. A character they just threw in there, who was just annoying and unlikable was revealed to have a huge part in this whole store. We still don’t know why and what she has to do with all of it.
It doesn’t help that the actress is really bad and that the character makes people want to rip their hair out and stab a fork in their eyes every time she has screen time. She seems so irrelevant, yet she has had more screen time than people we like.
If we had only been given answers to why she even exists, other than to take showers and act weird, it would be a little better.

Elliot as one of the bad ones in the season 6 finale. First of all it was pretty obvious he was bad, but whatever. Same problem here, and that is that we’re not invested in him either.
Sure, we’ve been told that he’s been in Alison’s life for the last five years and that she really loves him, but we haven’t been shown all that. Not even close to as much as we would have to care.

I for one want the big bad turn out to be someone who were invested in, who we love, who we trust, like Toby “Pretty Eyes” Cavanaugh, Wren “We really want it to be you” Kingston, Ezra “We still don’t buy that you were just writing a book” Fitz or Caleb “Getting more and more shady by the minute” Rivers.
Other good contenders would be Jason or Lucas.
I want to FEEL something, and I don’t mean disappointment.


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Sleepover confession! So I have this Shiro RP blog, and there's this Zarkon blog? and just.. wow. You know? It's like there's some serious chemistry there. I hope he likes my Shiro back. Maybe capture him? Torture him a little bit? But prancing around all the while, and blushing like a school girl.

dude that’s pretty rad

maybe you can give him your lion

OTP Month Day #20: Dollars Confession Chatroom

Dollars Confession Chatroom

Mikado opened a confession chatroom on the Dollars web site. This could only go so well.

Saika: Is anybody here?

Kahlua Milk: I’m here.

Saika: What is this part of the chatroom?

Kahlua Milk; I think you have to put up confessions on here. They have been pretty entertaining so far.

Saika: Isn’t that a little too personal?

Kahlua Milk: I guess it’s because of the internet they feel safe to do say whatever they want. Do you have a confession yourself?

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