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to my fellow monbebes

as all of you know, we did not win tonight’s show champion buT we did get nominated to be in the top 5 and that is one significant milestone that we have reached. firstly, i would like to establish that it is perfectly fine to be upset, i mean who wouldn’t be to see that their idols did not win first place even though they have been working so hard for their comeback


we should not let not winning at tonight’s show champion deter us from trying to get that first win but instead use it to encourage ourselves to work even harder!! show champion proved a few (very important) things so bear with me if i seem too technical so;

 here are ways on how we can help our boy get their well-deserved first win

do note that we ARE NOT AND SHOULD NOT be putting anyone down if they are unable to help in a certain aspect, monbebes are here to help each other so please DO NOT BE UPSET IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO GET A MELON PASS/BUY THE ALBUMS, THERE ARE SO MANY OTHER WAYS IN WHICH YOU CAN HELP

DIGITAL SALES: streaming/downloading on korean music platforms such as naver and melon

very very very crucial and make up around 40% to 60% of the scores that contribute to a group’s standing on music shows!!! so please stream on major korean music platforms such as melon and naver if you are (financially) able to

PREVOTING: for music shows which count pre-voting

- a very good way for international monbebes/monbebes who are unable to contribute to digital sales to contribute!!! even though most prevotes only make up 10%-20% of the scores, they are still very critical 

tutorials for prevoting can be found everywhere on tumblr and twitter and what not, i even have tutorials for show champion and mcountdown which you can find under the tag ‘projectbeautiful’

PHYSICAL SALES: buying the album

- usually makes up around 20% of the scores so if you are able to, do purchase albums from stores that contribute to the hanteo charts

!!!note: one album is around $20 depending on where you live so do not fret or put pressure on yourself if you are unable to contribute via physical sales because there are other ways that you can help without spending money!!!

STREAMING OF THE OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO: on both starship’s official channel and 1thek’s official channel

- stream the official music video on both starshiptv and 1thek official channels


- watch their comeback stage 


- search 몬스타엑스 and 아름다워 on search engines such as naver and daum

- hashtag #몬스타엑스 and #아름다워 when tweeting 

even if we do not win, do not insult other idols and start fanwars because all idols work hard to get to where they are, congratulate them, move on and continue to work hard to get our first win

thank you monbebes and i hope that you have not been discouraged because its just the beginning!!! our boys have worked hard for this album so its our turn to work hard and get that first win!!

Bowling disappointment

Well, if you’re thinking of buying the new Bowling SP because it adds a new social group activity to the game I think you should reconsider.

  • Sims don’t talk when they bowl, not even if they “bowl together”. Heck, bowling doesn’t even fill their social need bar.
  • Sims stand up in an idle position while waiting for their turn (instead of sitting down chatting or watching the other players)

  • Sims don’t show any reactions when the other sims fail or succeed.

It’s a little unnerving with a completely quiet bowling alley to be honest. If you’re looking to have a fun time bowling in sims I’d suggest you load up TS2 instead, it’s way more fleshed out! I think I’ll be focusing on TS2 for a while now, it’s my happy place after all. ^_^ 

Jared Leto x Reader ; Music Awards

Author’s Note; Sorry it seems like this took forever, I couldn’t find it in my inbox until now so yay! Thank you so much for the compliment omg! I have a section for reviews so please feel free to leave some feedback and some opinions. I need some !! Seriously I had a dream just like this request so this should be extremely interesting. I tried to make it a little bit shorter than the rest because I know I can get carried away so I hope this is ok! Thanks for the request. 

A gentle hand slid over the outside of your dress as you patted down the delicate places that deserved the most attention. It never really took you too long to get ready for anything, but this in particular was a big deal for you. In dating the infamous Jared Leto for more than 6 months you felt the need to always look your best when leaving the house to do simple errands such as going to the store, going on small dates with him, and just going out with your friends in general. However, this particular event required a bit more preparation, an award show designed to recognize actors, actresses, and amazing talents of the entertainment world, was the most important thing you’d ever really gone to. 

Previously, Jared went to these things alone or with some form of eye candy that he could strut around for photos and appearances, but no such event happened in your time together yet until now. This would be the first time you two actually attended a public appearance this big together, and you couldn’t stop the nerves from ripping through your entire body. Your hands were shaking, your palms were sweating, and you continued to fiddled with pieces of your dress that were already perfect. 

Delicate thoughts of judgement clouded the forefront of your mind as you truly wondered if you were good enough to really stand at his side on the red carpet tonight. Perhaps you should change your mind, there was still time. You could easily just watch him tonight on the tv, waltz the carpet alone like he usually did, but you knew deep down that if you backed out now he would be hurt. Although he usually did have a good time at these events, he often dreaded the boredom behind most of them especially when his friends were not around. 

A gentle knock pulled you from your thoughts and a small jump rippled through you as you turned towards the door. A glance down to your watch revealed that it was indeed time for you two to make your departure, but were you ready? 

“Come in….” you trailed off, turning towards the door frame and slipping your hands behind the dress to watch the ends of it flare around the back of your knee caps. It was spring, and the gentle breeze of tonight’s air would make it absolutely perfect, at least, that’s what the designer told you.  

his smile was contagious and spread across his face like the plague and you couldn’t stop the blush that took over your features at his reaction. He hadn’t actually seen the dress that you had picked out for the event, and the overall construction of it surprised even you. You had never really been a dress person, blue jeans or tights with a nice shirt was always your go to unless you were working and it was slacks and a decorative blouse, but dresses were completely foreign to you. The original gown you had picked out was the very definition of plain jane which was the direct opposite of what you were going for. You were never the type to value the attention of other people, in fact, you did everything in your power to avoid it; too many eyes on you usually made you uncomfortable. Even now, you felt yourself coming a part at the seams with just his crystal blue orbs scanning you over, but the devastatingly enamored smile he flashed in your direction destroyed every thought you had in that moment.  With the help of the store’s designer you had truly picked out a dress that was unforgettable. 

the delicate ombre of the dress was slightly overshadowed by silver glittered texture that formed small patterns around the flared bottom and slimmed bosom decorating your chest. It was absolutely perfect. Short enough to give awareness to your slightly long but beautiful legs, flared at the bottom like you like, and no long train for you to accidently fall over. It was the impeccable combination of elegant, flirty and fun. 

“Are you just going to stand there, gawking?” You questioned shifting your weight slightly in discomfort. His lips pressed together as he looked off to the side in an expression that mocked deep thought. A slight nod rippled through his frame and he smiled. 

“Yeah.” he answered simply before slipping one of his hands into his pocket and leaning against the wall comfortably. 

“Are you sure I shouldn’t just…..stay here?” you question slipping your hands up to your ears in an attempt to remove your earrings. Turning to face the mirror you could see his reflection in the background. It radiated unease and disappointment and that was the last thing you wanted to do to him. 

“I mean, if you don’t really wanna go….” he trailed off and the poorly hidden disappointment in his voice sent a sharp pain through the left side of your breast. He was hurt. 

“I just….I don’t want to ruin it for you……” you started before holding your earring in your hand and glancing down at the floor. He was aware of your low levels of confidence, and he respected you enough not to force you to do things you didn’t want to do. You were stubborn in that regard, but he shrugged.

“It’s just another award show, there will be more…….I just….would hate to let all this pretty go to waste.” the shuffling sound of his feet growing closer to you made you smile, and before you were aware of it, his fingers were on your skin. 

“You really think it looks good enough?” you question finally looking up at him and his eyebrow quirked. Blue orbs slid from your eyes down to your shoes before returning back to your face, and you had half a mind to check if you were still clothed because it felt as if he had just visually undressed you. 

“Good enough?” he was genuinely confused. You didn’t want to explain, you felt as if it were a petty insecurity that he wouldn’t understand, but you couldn’t hide from those eyes. 

“Somebody like me ….” his hand raised and landed on your lips before you could continue and he sighed. 

“Stop.” he said simply before slowly letting his hand run down the delicate confines of your lips to your hands. 

“Where you come from, and who you are, are two completely different things. You’re just as good if not better than half those people that will be out there tonight. You’re important to me, and I want you there. You are the most interesting thing about tonight.” he admitted, and the confidence behind his words fueled you. his face grew closer to yours and you prepared yourself for his kiss only to feel the absence of his lips. 

There was a gentle air against your face as his frame moved away from yours, and his fingers were around the small clutch in your hands.

“I mean, but if you don’t wanna go I mean…” he went on walking away and turning his back to you playfully. You chased after him slightly, wrapping your hands around the back of his shoulders and resting them on his chest.

“I’m going, I’m going!” you laughed before watching him turn to you.

“Good, because you’re beautiful and people deserve to see you.” 

“You just say that because you want my goods.” You joked wrapping your arms around the back of his neck and pulling him closer.

“What? Did you hear that line I just laid on you? Oh I’m gettin’ your goods. I could have em’ now if I wanted them.” he urged.

“Oh you think so?” You questioned. 

“Mhm.” He nodded planting a small kiss on your lips before pulling you closer. His eyes flickered towards his watch before slipping his hand in yours. You followed along excitedly while practicing deep breathing in an effort to calm you raging anxiety.  

The ride was nearly excruciating as you stared out of the window in awe of the illuminating buildings that took up most of the night life. The distant sound of Jared having side conversations with the driver and a few of his band mates in the backseat went unnoticed to you. You had originally joined in on the conversation previously, but the realization of you growing closer and closer to the red carpet sent a tingle of discomfort through your spine. Were you sure this was a good idea. The tabloids hinted at Jared having a significant other, but you had done a good job of concealing yourself from them, but tonight was the night that you exposed the rumors for what they were and you didn’t know if you were ready. Would you be what they expected? 

The distant feeling of Jared’s fingers colliding against yours sent your eyes in his direction and he smiled. He was always a master at sensing your moods even when you didn’t let on what you were actually feeling, and the sensation of his concern forced you to smile. 

“You look hot by the way.” Shannon’s voice slid through the forefront of your mind, but you couldn’t help the laugh that fell through your lips at his eyes on your skin. The playful look on his face made it hard for you to take him seriously.

“Says the guy with the impossibly perfectly tied bow tie.” you spoke. 

“Hey….I didn’t say you looked as good as me, but close.” He joked pulling at the bow tie attached to his dress shirt before everyone broke out in laughter. 

You two were on the red carpet before you knew it and the cascade of blinding flashes from the camera’s of the reporters nearly gave you a seizers. You stood there frozen as they threw questions in your direction. 

“Jared this way! Over here Jared! Flash a smile here Jared! Jared! Jared! Who’s your date!?” The questions fell from so many directions that you didn’t really know where to look and the tightening grip of Jared’s hand on yours wasn’t helping. In fact, it just made you more nervous. His voice was low in your ear as he directed you to smile at the camera’s on your left and to simply not stop smiling. He didn’t brief you on the expectations in the car, but it became simple after a while. Just don’t stop smiling. If they catch a picture of you without it, you’ll be misconstrued as the stuck up date with a bad attitude, or the weird mousey girl next to him that he probably didn’t even know. Your lips were on fire, and your cheeks felt as though they would fall from your face at any moment. 

“Maybe they’ll think i’m some sick person from the make a wish foundation and this is a one time thing.” you joked and his laugh radiated in your ear before he leaned down to whisper. 

“You don’t fuck like a sick person.” he teased. Your eyes flashed toward him with a look of pure shock and the smirk plastered on his lips nearly sent your lower half into a pooling mess of arousal. You imagined that the picture associated with the current reaction would be legendary. Your wildfire of a blush spread across your face, while his devilish smirk nearly overtook his features. You could see it now.


Your laugh turned into a small giggle as you tried to hide your reaction and suddenly his hand was gone from yours. An interviewer caught his attentions and began her questions with him, but instead of interrupting you attempting to continue smiling in the background. You assumed that with his absence you wouldn’t be the center of anyone’s attention anymore, but the camera’s continued to flash in your direction without warning. 

You could feel the growing anxiety in your abdomen reach its peak and the sudden panic attack you wanted to avoid began rippling through your spine. Your smile started to fade and you swallowed hard, only to find Shannon at your side. His frame stood in front of yours as his hand rested on your hip. His voice was low in your ear as he questioned you.

“You alright?” He was concerned and you had never heard his voice like that before. 

“I….I think so I just….I need a second?” You spoke and he smiled.

“Totally normal. I don’t think we could’ve warned ya about this enough.” He admitted. 

“Just breathe….” he trailed before his eyes connected with yours. It was easy and once you gained your breath, you smiled. 

“Just like that.” He instructed before moving aside and posed for some pictures with you. Jared’s eyes connected with yours as you were photographed and he stopped mid sentence. There was a look on his face that you couldn’t quite decipher; it mirrored awe and slight arousal. He had lost his train of thought and you were sure that the interviewer was probably confused. 

His hand slid against yours and before you knew it you were at his side with his arm around the back of your waist. 

“I can’t leave her alone too long.” He joked into the microphone as the interviewer laughed whole heartedly amused. You couldn’t help the smile that slid over your features as he continued to speak with her. 

“Have you looked into her eyes, I mean it’s insane. They’re like little gifts from the Gods.” He answered looking into your eyes and making her blush worse. 

“This man, knows how to speak to ladies.” You admitted before looking back towards the interviewer. Her blush nearly out weighed yours as you directed his attention back to her. 

He was finally attentive to her as she questioned him about tonight’s festivities as well as previous projects he’s worked on. As she finished up he leaned closer to you 

“You ok?” he questioned. 

“Perfect…..” you responded. 

A Little Out of Place

Intro: So I got the Spock feels the other day (thanks to @storiesfromstarfleet) and so I spit out this little baby fic because I was feeling kinda down and wanted some Spock fluff and cuddles. 

Pairing: Spock x reader

Word Count: 1168

Summary: Reader is having a weird/anxious-y kinda day and Spock is there for cuddles.  Fluff.  That is all.  


You heard your name from across the room, but you couldn’t bring yourself to respond to the familiar voice. 

“Are you still in bed?  We need to leave soon.”

You curled yourself tighter in the blankets and whimpered softly in to the pillow.

 “I don’t think I can go, Spock.” You croaked from your fetal position on the bed, unsure if he could even hear you. 

Soft, even footfalls sounded on the thin carpet as Spock rounded the bed, and soon his dark, tall form appeared in your view.  You barely looked up at him as you drew the blankets tighter around your chin. 

“Do you feel ill?” Spock asked, his voice soft with concern. 

You shook your head, messing up your hair as it rubbed against the pillow. 

“Then what is the matter?”

The question almost brought tears to your eyes and you managed a shrug, staring only at the space between his kneecaps. 

“Ashayam, you must tell me what is wrong or I cannot help you.” Spock squatted down in front of you now, his eyes becoming level with yours, a look of worry lining his features. 

“I don’t think I can go today.” You mumbled, your heart clenching and unclenching inside your chest, making it hard to breathe. 

“You must come, Y/N, it is a very important event.” Spock stated. 

Guilty tears began to roll down your cheeks, hot and thick, at the thought of disappointing Spock, and at your sudden change in emotion Spock’s features changed from worry to deep concern and alarm. 

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foxdragons-kiss  asked:

Oh my God! I am SO ridiculously happy that I found your blog at long last! *bows down on her knees and raises hands to the sky* Thank you, internet gods! I've been seeing your work all over the place, but I could never figure out just who the heck this fantastic artist was, but now I have and you have a guaranteed follower for life. Please keep making the beautiful art that you do! I just adore your work. I can't even believe that I'm writing you a message! I'm fangirling so bad right now! ajkjd


wiwo-and-zeevo  asked:

What story was recommended to you but you regret reading it?

Regret? More like it punchs my cheek so badly i lie down on the grass ground and die happy joy

You don’t mess with Archer & Armstrong, LIKE EVER!i!

On the serious note, have you wonder what would’ve been good idea if they make story taking place in the future from alternate universe where an old man coming out of retirement to being a crime fight like how successful The Dark Knight Returns that was? 

Reverse that masterpiece

then you have this

Sorry for giving you a bad dream

~ Max

Alright so I’ve been playing Ael for nearing on two years now (holy shit) and in that time I’ve come to both love and hate her character progression. Some aspects of her personality were formed to accommodate certain situations and, while I’m blaming no one but myself for that, I’ve come to a point where playing her is… tiring. Which is a big reason why I took my RP hiatus, I’m finding.

I didn’t know WHY I was having such a hard time RPing, y’know? Yeah, I’m stressed af and my mind is all over the place rn. Yeah, things are wonky in general, but RP has always been my escape. So after actually sitting down to work this out, I realise it was… because I wasn’t happy with her as a character.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my smol bby, but there are parts of her that I wish I hadn’t changed due to OOC influence and… I want to get that back.

What does this mean for people that I RP’d with?

The interactions aren’t really changing much at all. Ael is still the flirtatious, pizza loving, tekkie that likes to get high and drink too much. A lot of the changes are behind the scene.

If you have any questions, you’re free to ask me! Anon is still off, but I’ll answer asks in private if you’d like!

anonymous asked:

Hey just some burnt out artist who can't cr esa te original characters anymore wondering how you create such amazing characters

when i create characters i build off of my favorite tropes, appearances, personalities, and overall themes to mix them up in a way that’s neat in a character! 

i’m unsure how to explain it any better, i always have the same explanation that’s along those lines when i tell how i come up with my characters,,, 

all of my ocs end up a mix of morbid + “goodness”, and usually happen through small ideas for characters that i pick up and eventually mash together. my inspirations are from video games, cartoons, movies, people… i just snag pieces from tons of places and make it into something no one could recognize including myself aha 

i think writing down your personal favorite things to see in a character and trying out combinations would be great to see what you’d make! even if some don’t make the cut, at least you’re getting ideas. 

i hope this helped a little! if you make something i’d be happy to see it!

for someone who is like…agnostic…i have very strong guilt about small things like using someone’s hbogo without permission, placing a stuffed animal face down or failing to smile at it n convey warmth when we make eye contact

anonymous asked:

2ps (allies or axis, flip a coin) with a 12 y/o daughter who suddenly became very destructive towards herself and others (especially at scholl) and they often get phone calls abt her and even gotten in school restriction along with just refusing to go to school and she just seems so... off? When confronted she breaks down and confesses, she's getting bullied to no end. People rain trash over her, spread rumours, lowkey beat her. This is the situation I was in that age lmao

Aww, I hope your in a better place now lad.

Time for some payback: Immediately they go into protective parent mode, of course now they have a few people to visit. They will never again lay a hand on their daughter.

2P! America, 2P! Canada, 2P! Germany, 2P! Italy, 2P! China and 2P! Japan

Goes into the school to speak with the teachers: First they will go and talk to the teachers and if that doesn’t work, well then their daughter will be moving school. (Lowky breaks into the other school and trash’s it, real bad.)

2P! Prussia, 2P! England, 2P! Russia and 2P! S.Italy


we’d met in 2013, sophomore year of high school. our school got shut down and we went to separate places our junior year, but I still fought to continue being in contact with her. we were so happy. best friends, so like minded. I fell for her second semester junior year, and she let me be hers. fast forward to senior year. my first choice was a college halfway across the country. she called me stubborn and stupid for leaving my mother, brother, and her behind. half the time she’d lash out with “you shouldn’t have moved out there then” when I said I missed her or mentioned being homesick. she became sadder and more silent, but I’d get snapped at for acting the same for even a minute. I was too hurt by the time November came, and only saw her once more before breaking up with her. I tried to talk to her like a person, but she was the same as ever; cold, making assumptions. [once I was facetiming her. her friends interrupted her three times for five minutes and I didnt say anything. I got up to answer the door and she reacted rudely, promptly hanging up. that story best sums up how sour we got]. the last time she messaged me was when my plane landed in KCMO, mid January. I think about her every day. we used to talk every day. I want real closure, but I know she won’t listen to me. not anymore.
still. it’s a relief that I don’t have to fight for her attention anymore.

Imagine Anakin and Padme and Obi-wan being on a mission, and they have to meet with someone important.

So no weapons.

They get searched and have to hand over their weapons.

Anakin and Obi-wan hand over their lightsabers.

And then they stand their waiting as Padme pulls weapon after weapon out of various places. 

You know that pretty pin in her hair? It has poison darts.

She has blasters everywhere. 

She has a dagger down her boot.

Anakin and Obi-wan stare.

“What?” Padme says. “You gotta be prepared.”

“You are a very strange senator,” Obi-wan says.

“I am so in love with you right now,” Anakin says.

anonymous asked:

Hello!! Do you have tips/ideas of what to keep in a travel journal? I'm going to San Francisco in a few days and really wanted to keep one!

I’m so jealous! I want to go back there!

Just remember to keep ALMOST EVERYTHING you got from there. Like receipts, brochures, stickers, stamps, tickets, maps LIKE EVERYTHING. You’ll have more stuff to put on your travel journal. Here’s a tip if you’re planning to do your travel journal AFTER your trip: write down every place you went to, where and when, and what you did that day. I swear to god. This is something i regret not doing cause i did my travel journal after my trip, not during. I felt like i forgot a lot of stuff that i did and now i have less stuff to put :-( Am i making sense? I feel like I’m not lol

If you’re into drawing, try to draw the places you went to, stuff you bought or just something you saw that was interesting. Those kind of pages would look sooo good on your journal. I also did like a “playlist page” where I wrote all the songs I listened to during the trip. Right now, whenever I listen to those songs I feel very nostalgic, like i get the feel or the vibes that i had when i was there at that place!

Hope i helped! Enjoy your trip to San Francisco! 

p.s. show me some travel photos!

anonymous asked:

literally i know ppl who are moms at 17 dont make fun of young moms seriously it doesnt make them nasty or whatever

The anon who sent the first ask in the first place didn’t meant “mom” in a literal sense anyway, but you’re totally right! I know a lot of people my age and younger who have children, and it’s nothing to be looked down on for!

In any case I don’t really care if y'all call me stim mom or momch or whatever, you can call me whatever you want really! But only as long as there’s no fighting ^^;;

anonymous asked:

how can i find the motivation to work out? i used to work out all the time and then school got in the way, but now i'm in a routine of work and i have no motivation to get back to the gym!! any tips?

literally same !!! 

i’m working on rebuliding my motivation too!! what’s been sort working for me is looking at people whose bodies/strength i admire, and thinking about how hard they’ve worked to get to that place, and how that i started my fitness journey in the first place for a good reason, and how FUN it was!! it’s frustrating that i’ve gone backwards in progress, and i’m further from my ultimate goal, but remember to be kind and gentle towards yourself as you get back to Killing It™ at the gym. you may have to go down in reps or weight initially but it’ll be worth it!! better to do that than to injure yourself by going too hard too fast and putting off your reintroduction to the gym for even longer. it’s also about purposefully MAKING time for the gym – like put it in your planner. i always work out first thing in the mornings, because if i don’t i make excuses for myself to skip the gym later in the day. 

for me, some of my biggest fitspos are harry styles, park jimin, and jade chynoweth!! (particularly jade and harry because we have very similar body types in that we’re just more stocky/athletically built – like harry is soft and muscular at the same time??? idk how he does it but i wanna be like that i love him so much)

i hope this helped you cause typing this out has actually helped me, haha. best of luck to you, friend !!! 

anonymous asked:

I was curious as to when you think an SDiT is ready to go to non-pet friendly places, like grocery stores, appointments, etc. What should they be able to do? How old should they be? I know SDiT's don't technically have public access rights and it's best to do the bulk of their training in pet friendly places, but when do you think it is acceptable to take them elsewhere? Thanks!

I think it’s acceptable to take them to non-pet friendly places when they have a solid leave it, sit, down and stay as well as can perform at least one task in a distracting environment. It doesn’t have to be a complicated task, it can be something like blocking, but I honestly, personally, feel they should have at least one before starting non-pet friendly PA.What it really boils down to though is having that solid leave it, sit, down and stay. 
I don’t think age matters to much, however you have to be aware of what your dog is prepared for. Their comfort in new environments, socialization, all that jazz. 
I would approach starting non-pet friendly PA like you were starting PA training all over again. Short outings at first and gradually working on longer outings. Especially if you’re still training other tasks.

Also, some states grant SDiTs the same legal standing as SDs. So there isn’t really a black and white answer here. EXCEPT for the solid leave it, sit, down and stay. Those are very important, and I do believe that they are must haves before starting non-pet friendly PA.

Hope this answers your question! 

- Riley

Thoughts at 130pm..

I did not sleep in my bed last night. I tried. I took some benadryl, and when my eyes burned from all of the tears, from all of the sadness, I laid down in it…. and I could not lay there. I even tried flipping the mattress, changing the sheets, trying to make it feel like a different bed/different place…. 

but it didn’t help. 

I ended up crashing on the couch in the living room, and I’ll probably do that for a little while.

You have to understand, that bed isn’t my bed. It was never my bed, it was his. It’s where I made him his little nest of purrpads, it’s where he loved to play with his toys and snuggle with his stuffed animals, it’s where I bathed him and brushed him, it’s where we did his meds and his fluids. At night he’d sit with me in my chair, snuggle in and fall asleep in the crook of my arm, but at some point, inevitably, he’d get up, go to the bed and meow for me to do the same. It wasn’t that he cared about my rest, he just wanted to stretch out, spoon, and be rubbed! LOL. I’d pull his little nest up against my pillow, he’d plop down with his head on my shoulder and scoot in, often he’d start by sitting on my stomach and chest and laying down there to get back scratches and shoulder rubs. After a while, he’d just slip down to my side and meow for me to roll over and hold him, which I was always happy to do.

We had a few beds in 21 years… I remember in the 2nd westminster house, I had the tiniest bedroom possible. I mean tiniest… how tiny? My bed almost touched 3 walls! There was a space at the foot of the bed just big enough to have a small tv stand wedged in it, and along the right side there was just space enough to stand up and get in and out of the bed, the room, and to the closet. It was literally a BED-ROOM, a room that fit a bed and nothing else. No desk, no this, no that, just a room that held a bed. And I liked that, hell, I loved that! I had my library/study in the other room with my computer, books, and couch and everything, but the bedroom had just a bed, and it was nice to have that separation. I didnt have purr pads back then, but i had a big blue full body pillow that mystic adopted as his “nest” lol. He’d lay on that under the window and sun himself while I was at school or work and he loved it. In San Diego we didn’t even have a bed! One was supposed to be delivered the same day I moved in, but it got lost…. still not sure how the hell one loses a bed for 2 and a half weeks :| For the first week, we just slept in my chair. I would throw a blanket across my legs and make like a hammock and mystic would just plop down there and snooze happy as could be. Woe be unto me if I had to get up and pee though LOL. Eventually I ended up cancelling that bed and getting an air mattress, i was worried about mystics nails and stuff, but no problem at all, he jumped on and off of it all day and night and had no problems. This bed as a dad reject. He bought a super expensive tempurpedic bed and hated it so I ended up with it. I’m not fond of it either, but y’all know how little I sleep anyways so, it was just what happened. Mystic really loved it. I think the fact that it was a flat top, no pockets/pillows in the material and stuff helped when he walked across it. Plus it really stayed warm when he’d lay on it.

 For all of the places he had to lay and claimed his own, the top of the monitor, the area of the desk with his stuffed animals, his very own lazyboy chair, the top of the scratching post by the window, this bed was his favorite. 

He’d even help you make it!!!! Marina and I both got such a kick out of his insistence in helping lol. So he’d be laying on his purrpads and fav blanket, and you’d basically have to either pick the whole mess up and move him to the chair and work as fast as you could to get the sheet off before he would jump back onto the bed and whatever corner you were working on, he’d sit and inspect and be in the way as much as possible lol. Same with putting the sheet on! You literally had to constantly battle his “in the way”-ness. He’d sit right there on the corner and you’d pull the sheet and he’d just sit on it. Or you’d go to the other corner and he’d leap and plop down on his side and demand a belly rub as tribute before you could continue… he was worse than a troll under a bridge lol 

When he got sick this last week, I gave him my wedge pillow. He could dig his nails into the foam and the cover and pull himself up and snuggle in but be elevate and comfortable. :(

It’s just hard though….. and I miss him so much, and today was the first day I had to wake up and not get that good morning hello and kiss and hug from him. He was always my alarm clock, without fail!!! Seriously, the time could change, and he’d still wake you up right on the nose. Semesters and quarters change, schedules change, and he’d have your routine down pat in a week. I never set an alarm because he was always so good about it. I don’t know how, but he’d always know to wake you up at the right time so you could feed him, snuggle with him a bit, and still have time to get dressed and get out. He’d start by walking up onto my chest and headbutting and patting my face, and purring really loudly to wake me, and if I didnt get up, or faked remaining asleep, he’d go find a piece of paper on the floor or desk, drag it onto the end of the bed out of my reach, and sit there and flip the corner loudly and annoyingly until you got up! He would NOT be denied, he would NOT be ignored lol. Or if that didn’t work, beware of bomber kitty! At the old house, he’d take small objects like batteris and stuff and put them on the window sill along the side of the bed, and then bat them at you until you woke up. Here he’d jump ontop of the gun safe or dresser and do the same. 

You slept when he said to, you woke up when he said too lol

But today, I slept on the couch, and I woke up without him. :( There was no sleepy walk into the kitchen to get cat food and fresh water with ice cubes, there was no plop back down on the bed to get a hug and a kiss and hold him tight before eating and drinking, there was no sitting in my chair and feeling him leap into my arms and snuggle in while I check my email and news… there was no buddy routine in the bathroom, him sitting on the counter bathing while I brushed my teeth… 

I woke up, and I was alone. I went into my room and it was empty, and silent, and so foreign to me. 

I walked and didn’t have to stare down at my feet to make sure I didn’t step or trip on him. 

I entered the room and … and I just cried because everything is different and nothing is ok.

And the winds are howling again… the whole building shakes as I do. 

The shook on monday, as I held him so tight and I told him it was time to go and that was our last day and night together… and they were quiet on tuesday, the whole world was as I carried him in my arms to the car and drove him to the vet and held him so tight before I could bring myself to go in there, the whole world was so quiet, no wind, no noise, … and today… the trees are bent sideways and the leaves shake ferociously with every gust… and I feel the same way.

I miss him so much. 

Chin enters Steve’s office with some important files and takes a brief second to notice how ruffled and flushed Steve looks. He doesn’t question it because he has a faint idea since he saw Danny leaving the office about ten minutes ago. 

But possibly…they couldn’t have…right?

He goes to sit down on the couch and is suddenly stopped by Steve, mid-sit. 

“I…wouldn’t sit there if I were you.” Steve warns him and Chin resists the urge to groan loudly because they would

Chin places the files on Steve’s desk, huffing because Steve doesn’t even have the decency to look apologetic (in fact, he looks amused), before heading out of the office. 

This is the third time in two weeks and Kono, if anything, finds the whole thing hilarious.

anonymous asked:

I believe gravityfoals413 doesn't know what then administration is, could you perhaps provide an explanation about them? We know they lie already.

Charon here —/…–<>

I hope I can be clear with my answer. 

I do not have all of the answers and only wish the bring light and pleasantries.

The Pluto administration is an organisation that is in control of my home planet.

On the 27th day of Earth’s month March a sequence of events took place that created a count down as it has been called.

This was created by the administration.

I became curious which I confess is not part of my assigned position and I have begged forgiveness for this.

Upon discovering that the administration has created a lie to lure the attention of Earth people for their amusement I can tell you that the date will only bring what you call disappointment and for some anger.

I want nothing to do with this and because of this, I fled my home, my assigned position and my closest friend who remained to assure my escape.

I wish to learn of Earth. I wish to share it with all of you. I have no home. I wish to bring light where the administration will bring only darkness in the guise of light.

I wish for only light.


Leaves Cafe

Location:  2051 Rue de la Montagne

Metro Station: Peel or Guy-Concordia

Hello!!! I know I’ve already posted about this spot, but since I come here a lot, I felt like updating my pictures for you guys! I first came here when it had just opened and it has evolved since then. 

If you haven’t read my old post about this place, worry-not! I’ll give you a nice little summary of this wonderful cafe. 

First off, this cafe is located very close to Concordia University (and relatively close to McGill University). I enjoy the short walk through downtown to get here from my school. Especially if you have classes in Hall building (Concordia students), Leaves is about 3-4 block away. 

What I love about this place is its peacefulness. Every time I come here, I feel instantly relaxed. Their playlist includes relaxing acoustic songs (a lot of them I listen to regularly myself). Their simplistic and minimalist decor strips down your stress and reveals peace of mind. Almost everything here is white, with touches of pale wood and plants. So many plants. And cacti. Leaves is here to satisfy your love for cacti. Mini plants fill the cafe and introduce color and nature to their little space. A lot of the plants are planted in little white coffee cups with their logo printed on them. Perfect for Instagram.

An interesting aspect of this cafe is that it is the only all vegan cafe in Montreal. Yap, no milk. Any lactose-intolerant person’s dream. And paradise for vegans too, of course. But don’t worry, if you order a latte, you won’t just get latte minus milk (basically an overpriced espresso). They have some yummy substitutes: Almond milk, Soy milk and Coconut milk. I find that the coconut milk tastes best but almond milk results in better latte art. So for your Instagram junky (like me), get the almond milk!!!

My absolutely favorite drink here is also the favorite of almost all their clients: MATCHA LATTE. If you have never tried matcha latte, I’m sorry but I cannot be your friend. Please come here and try it and then maybe I’l consider talking to you. That’s how good it is. And what is matcha latte? (If you don’t know, please don’t even approach me) It’s basically powdered green tea that’s mixed in with milk (in this case, substitute milk). It tastes a lot like green tea. It’s very good and it’s very healthy! If you don’t like coffee, this could be your go-to coffee shop drink. And possibly your go-to cafe.