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Care For You (2)

Slight!Steve x Reader, Billy Hargrove x Reader

Summary: Every time he takes care of her, she runs away  

Warnings: language, angst, mentions of abuse, reader and billy argue, reader and steve argue, that’s it i think 

Word Count: 2.9k+


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The next morning, Y/n wakes up with a pounding headache and ringing in her ears. She groans into her pillow and hits her clock blindly to stop its ringing.

Her eyes peek open and harsh morning sunlight shines in. She hisses and shuts her eyes again. “I really need to stop drinking,” she mumbled, willing herself to get up and out of bed so she’d be on time for work.

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Boueibu Honey Bebe En and Atsushi plushes

There they are, fresh out of box! but first let’s look at the box

Front and Back


Now for the extra accessories

(I took these photos in my living room and my mom walked past me and I had to explain to her why they have a leaf there…..)

and of course, their Love Sticks!!

every piece of accessories on them can be removed, clothes and glasses, and also hair! but the hair can be difficult to be placed back on properly so be careful.

I personally will not recommend taking their uniforms on and off too often. While they are easy to remove, putting it back on are extremely difficult because of the soft squishy limbs. Putting the pants back is troublesome and I had to use tweezers to get their hands back in the gloves. ( no kidding, I spent more than 30 min to dress them back in their uniform)

As for their size, they are about 20cm tall while sitting down. Here is a Endoroid (he is about 10cm) next to them for scale purpose

perfect for holding in hand and cuddle!! 

pls don’t mind my hand

by the time I finished writing this, there are still 1 En  and 2 Atsushi left on cdjapan, each costs 3241 yen. 

Of course, I think they are really cute and a good value for what we get!! the outfits are very detailed, the material feel nice, and of course the plushes definitely look like En and Atsushi themselves! Definitely recommended!

That’s all for this tiny review. Thanks for reading and have a nice day! :D

Love Making!!! 💙💚

phocion1  asked:

#7 Please! P.S. I love your writing to pieces!! I look forward to it every day! 💕

Aw thank you so much, I really appreciate it!!! I’d be more than happy to write the request for you!!

Anyhow, thank you again and have a terrific day!! Enjoy!

7. “I’m scared. What if someone finds out about us?”

“Maker look at you,” Cullen hummed, his fingertips ribboning through your braided hair as it unraveled. “you look utterly beautiful.”  

“Josephine thought it was… necessary for our mission in Halamshiral,” You shrugged, staring down at the ends of the gown, your anchored palm-shrouded by the snowy white gloves plastered over your skin. “I’m not quite sure how I feel about it yet.”  

“As much as I disagree with Orlesians, I think we’ll finally agree on something when I say you are a sight to behold.”  

“Charmer,” You snickered, peering closer to press a chaste kiss to his cheek, only stopped as you heard a knocking at the door – both of you just about jerking away in your sudden shock.

“Inquisitor…?” Josephine’s voice chimed in through the office as she opened the door, a sigh of relief slipping from her lips as she saw you. “Oh thank the Maker, I had been searching everywhere for you!”  

Guilt nipped at you as you tried to mask the embarrassment beginning to creep onto your cheeks, glancing to see Cullen hardly any better.  

“I…I’m so sorry I had no idea-”

“No need to worry!” She beamed, grabbing your wrist as she prepared to you out.  “What matters is that you’ve been found. Come on then!” 

You gave a wary glance to Cullen as he placed a hand to cover his crooked, worried grin, preparing to give you a curt dip of his head until your advisor spoke up. 

“Commander, you haven’t even put on your uniform!” Josephine puffed out her cheeks indignantly. “You can’t approach the empress clad in your armor!” 

“I see no reason why I shouldn’t.” He remarked. “We aren’t there on a social call.” 

You raised your brow, simpering. “Even the ‘Lion of Fereldan’ must know when to put away his claws.” 

He reddened at the nickname, clearing his throat sheepishly as he turned away, nodding hurriedly. “Yes well…I suppose if I must.” 

Josephine gave out a sigh of relief, beaming as if there weren’t a care in the world. “Wonderful then! Inquisitor shall we be off then?” 

You weren’t even given the opportunity to respond before she dragged you off, the entire trip drenched in lessons of etiquette despite it all. The only time there’d be a ‘break’ of sorts would be when she’d quiz you. So much so, that by the time you actually reached Halamshiral you considered yourself an expert.

Yet as you made your way from the Vestibule to the ballroom, you felt a grip clamp onto your arm, your heart perhaps pounding at the sight of him.


“Inquisitor I… I’m sorry I didn’t mean to frighten you,” He murmured, drawing his hand away, instead beginning to fiddle awkwardly with the cuffs of his uniform. “I was hoping I could speak with you.” 

“Of course.” 

He warmed at the fondness in your words, coughing meekly as he spoke to you, hushed.

“It’s about… us.” 

“What about it?”

He leaned close to you, 

“I’m scared. What if someone finds out about us?” He whispered into your ear, shifting his eyes from side to side at the few guests passing. 

“You act as if this is a bad thing,” You retorted, a sort of pit growing in the bottom of your stomach. “You don’t feel that way, do you?” 

“Of course I don’t!” 

He raised his voice in that moment, almost upset at the very idea.

“I just…” He paused, trying to gather himself. “I don’t want rumors being spread. You should know firsthand how far noblemen can take that sort of thing.” 

“Well, regardless this can’t continue as a secret forever,” You conceded. “Maybe… maybe we should stop treating it like that.”

“What do you mean?” 

“I don’t mind being with the commander of my armies,” You told him, preparing to leave as you were called away. “do you mind being with me – the Inquisitor?” 

He opened his mouth to respond as those who were calling you only grew louder, his shoulders dropping in a sort of defeat as you were forced to leave. 

And as the night only continued, the window of opportunity only seemed to close further and further – each time he’d catch you only being stopped by an Orlesian or one of your companions.

The only time there felt as if there were a time to truly breathe, was when it was said and done. When the crowd had cheered and the Empress and Briala were safe with dashing glances to one another and fingers ribboned together. 

Only then, was he able to catch a hold of you.


You twisted to meet him, confused as you watched him take a deep breath, as though mustering the courage to do something. 

Yet as he reached out a hand, it clicked immediately. 

“Would you care to dance with me?” 

“I thought you couldn’t,” You questioned, eyes wider than dinner plates. 

“I can’t, but I’m willing to try,” He laughed weakly. “for you.” 

Your very heart melted. 

“I would love to.” 

He nodded, lighting up at your answer as he took you in his grasp, leading you to the ballroom floor. 

“M-Maker’s breath…” He chuckled, embarassed as he held onto your waist, soothed only as you squeezed his palm. “I’m sorry, I’m no expert. My sister always said I was born with two left feet.” 

You snickered, feeling lighter than air. “Don’t worry, just follow my feet.” 

He nodded, constantly glancing down at your shoes as you’d take two steps forward, two steps back – a simple dance your father had taught you when you were just a child. 

“What changed your mind about dancing…?” You asked him, unable to ignore the whispering and excitement among the crowd around you – hardly helped by how close the two of you were.

“It’s not um… just the dancing, it’s uh… it’s you.” He answered gently. “I’m not ashamed to be with you – I never have been. I… I don’t know how else to put it other than I never thought I’d ever even be with anyone. I thought for the longest time I’d die far before it happened.” 

“I just… I haven’t been this happy before,” He tightened his grip on your briefly, laughing nervously. “I didn’t want anything to happen to it. But… I should be proud to be with you – and I am. I couldn’t be prouder.” 

You had beamed brighter than the very sun itself, moving close to press a light yet loving kiss to his lips, both of you unable to wipe your smile away for even a second.

Especially as you spoke words that left his heart swelling with adoration.

“Neither could I.” 

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Is there a continuation from that piece where Nadia and Lucio get a gift for Avohkii? tyy

continuation of this piece

“Don’t you want to open it?” Nadia teases. “If you like the paper so much, I’ll send some to your shop for you and Asra to have.” Avohkii nods absentmindedly, undoing the ribbon holding the wrapping paper together.

Lucio watches as Avohkii’s eyes widen at their gift, a white sailcloth with embroidered designs in purple, red, and gold. They ran the material through their fingers, tracing over the embroidered designs with their fingers, eyes sparkling when they recognized the colors.

“Asra had mentioned your old sailcloth ripped,” he says as he plays with the piece of cake on his plate. “We know a merchant who does commission work for cloths, we figured you might like something a little more flashy.”

Avohkii chuckles at that, quickly folding the cloth back up and wrapping it in the paper as they shoot a happy smile to the both of them.

“Thank you,” they whisper, looking away from the both of them in hopes the two don’t see their blush as their hand runs over the smooth cloth once again.

“You’re very welcome, Avohkii,” Nadia says with a radiant smile. “The next time we’re at the docks, we’ll have to see the Lhikan in it’s full glory, won’t we, Lucio?”

“Hm? Oh, yes,” Lucio stutters, hand covering his mouth as he answers Nadia’s question. She raises an eyebrow at him, unsure what made him so closed off…or what had him blushing so.

Behind his hand, Lucio smiled.

This was the first time Avohkii had spoken in front of him.

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pls stop making braided hairs. not bein rude but they look like trash.

I received a lot of messages like this, I do my cc the way I like them, and I like making dreads, so if you don’t like, you can say it, but please check my blog before, I already answered this type of « ask ». That so annoying to have a lot of messages like that, but I like the way I create them, and a lot of people like it too. I try to make different kind of cc so if you don’t like a piece of my cc, just don’t download it. Everyone has different styles, but respect every different style :)

eventingkhaleesi  asked:

13, 17, 19, 21, 31-39 for the questions!

6: probably something about it being too early for this shit.
7: rn I’m wearing a hoco shirt from my university that says “turn up or transfer”
8: Idk I gave up with labeling myself a long time ago bc I realized people do that for you so it doesn’t even matter😂 I’m just me
24: salami, Colby jack cheese, lettuce, butter, mustard (yellow), pickles… all on two nice pieces of either sourdough bread or some kind of baguette

13: my worst enemy is reality bc I’m not living in a 80s movie
17: Aaron Rodgers Bc he’s a punk ass bitch
19: idk maybe a celebrity ? Like Harry Styles ? I’d just make him be my friend for a day 😂
21: I’d probs have dirty blonde hair & maybe my freckles would be more obvious? I’d like to think i’d be a charming young man, maybe I’d be in a frat 😂 but like not the annoying frat guy… the frat guy who like becomes keg king or something
31: my sophomore year of highschool my entire school made fun of me on Twitter & that sucked
32: I have no idea how I’m supposed to respond to that … like … so I guess…I’d travel to like a remote island or something so I didn’t have to talk to people 😂
33: my uncle Rigo
34: I think I was dreaming that I was in stranger things but it’s blurry af
35: I’m a pretty good (toot my horn) singer if ya ask me 😂 I used to do talent shows and other shows but college is difficult
36: no
37: duh I live in Minnesota
38: they are fuzzy white socks with red snowflakes and they kinda look like an ugly sweater. I love them
39: just music in general.

garrison headcanons

because you know this bunch was the absolute worst at school

  • random student: “oh man, keith is so mysterious and dreamy. i wonder what he’s thinking about…”
    • keith internally: ‘if i drink the contents of this beaker will i be able to breathe fire’
  • lance in tears: “pidge i’m gonna fail, i don’t know what to study for this test”
    • pidge: “well i do. goodbye” 
  • lance: “hunk you beautiful rule-breaking moth”
    • lance: “hunk you cunning, pliable, chestnut-haired sunfish”
    • lance: “hunk, you’re a genius! your brain is almost as perfect as your face”
  • keith gets mad at a student so he just bites into their eraser and spits it across the room
  • teacher!shiro emailing his students: ‘sorry guys class is cancelled today i couldn’t find a parking space so i cried in the lot for 8 minutes’ 
  • pidge: “haha iverson left his facebook logged in let’s post a message saying ‘i’m a dick hurr durr’” lance: “hahah”
    • hunk: “haha or we could send a 2000 word message to his wife explaining how he’s been having multiple affairs and he doesn’t love her anymore and their marriage has always been a sham”
    • pidge: “…..dude….”
    • hunk: “hahah just a suggestion ( :” 
  • keith naruto-runs through the hallways 
  • shiro: “hey guys today we’re gonna watch a video so i can sleep under my desk” 
  • lance pointing at some birds on campus: “are those your relatives?” pidge: -__- 
  • lance: “yuck there goes keith kogane…with the beautiful hair and the soulful eyes….he’s so disgusting i hate him” 
    • keith: “sorry man can i pass through-” 
    • lance: “can you pass-?! can you pass through??? can you- you burnt piece of celery…do you wanna go?!?! i don’t care, i’ll go right now, i’ll kiss you in the middle of the hallway!! i don’t give a shit i’ll do it!!!” keith: “what” 
  • lance: “hunk i don’t feel so great, i messed up the flight simulator today” hunk: “:( i’m sorry buddy”
    • hunk: “this is a quote that keeps me going when i feel down. ‘if we never flew, we would never fall. the life we live isn’t so simplistic, you just don’t get what you want. so we take what comes, and we keep on going’”
    • lance: “woah hunk….who said that? obama?” 
    • hunk: ”…..big time rush"
  • shiro pointing at a board with the words ‘a lie’: “class, there is only one thing worse than a lie” 
    • shiro ripping off a paper to reveal ‘living a lie’: “boom”
    • keith gasping: “living”
    • shiro: “no-” 
  • Midoriya: I'm cold
  • Todoroki: Here, have my jacket
  • Kirishima: Hey, I'm cold too
  • Bakugou: What? *takes off jacket* I fucking told you to bring more fucking layers but of course you didn't listen and now *piles scarves on Kirishima* I fucking have to make sure you don't fucking FREEZE to death but you’re fucking allergic to shirts so what the fuck did I expect and *takes somebody else's hat* how fucking long have you been cold you piece of shit you should've said something sooner shitty hair
  • Kirishima: I have the best boyfriend <3

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Oh my stars your art is amazing!!! Do you think maybe you can make a shading tutorial sheet? owo

Hey there Anon! Sure thing! I’ll do my best to explain the process of how I usually do things in regards to coloring and shading. I’m not the greatest at Explaining, so I’ll do my best to keep things as crystal clear as possible!

Step 1: Lineart
I’ll start with Lineart purely because this step is important to the coloring process in one regard, and that is making sure the entire line layer is closed without any holes. Even the smallest little gap will make the selection process hard later, and we don’t want that. So the cleaner lineart you have, the better. I’m going to go ahead and use my Monster Hunter Generations Huntress for this.

Step 2: Selection
Either in Photoshop or SAI or whatever you use, click outside your character and any other negative space surrounding them. This means…basically anything that’s not your character. Then go to Selection > Inverse and invert the selection. You should have something similar to what I have below. This makes it so much easier to add colors without having to worry about all the little nooks and crannies that could mess the cleanliness of the drawing up real bad.

Step 3: Flat Base
Create a new layer beneath your line layer with the selection still active. This will be our color layer. Remove the visibility of the line layer, and fill the remaining “Silhouette” with a dark base color. This makes those nasty corners look a bit cleaner, as sometimes if there is a lighter color your computer will want to make them stand out pixelated. Again, this is just for cleanliness beneath the line layer. Turn your line layer back on, as they will now act as barriers for the fill bucket tool. Make sure the entire silhouette is filled, and that no lines were accidentally selected! You want a see a completely filled and flat color if you turn the line layer off.

Step 4: Flat Colors
At this point you can lock the transparency of your Color Layer, and go ham. Either with the pen or a fill bucket, figure out how you want to color your character and add in the flat colors. Notice I’m on the same layer as the Base that we made. This is so those lines still play nicely with one another. Clean up where necessary.

Step 5: Analogous Color Gradient
Well, we don’t really want our character to be too flat, do we? This is where the color wheel becomes your best friend. Select similar colors with the Magic Wand (like I’ve done her skin tone here) and using the color wheel, choose an analogous (that means “close by” in color wheel terms) color to add a bit of depth to the color. For skin, I usually go with a red or a bronze, sometimes purple. Use the airbrush for this. Then, deselect and select another color to gradient, until all the colors have some degree of new color to them.

See? Now things look interesting! We added some blue to the greens, some purples to the reds, some blues to the grays and so on and so forth.

Step 6: Shading
Okay, here’s where things get interesting. Time to shade. Make a new layer between the Line Layer and Color Layer, and make sure you make it a clipping group/clipping mask. This is so it won’t go anywhere that you don’t have color. Set it to multiply or linear burn (whichever you think looks best) and bump the opacity down to about 40-50%. Choose a color (or color-value gradient, if you have drastic value changes in your piece that make light and dark values not play well with the single color you picked, and swap between those) that you want the shadows to be; I like deep pinks and purples. AVOID BLACK. I first use the Pen tool to get down “hard” shadows - shadows cast by hard materials, close shadows, and inorganic materials. Once I’ve got those down, I head on over to the softer areas, such as the skin, hair and cloth and alternate between the watercolor and marker tools to give “softer” shadows. There’s no real law to this, you just have to know where shadows fall and how they behave and  work with those three tools to get the look you want.

Step 7: “Highlights” - Rim Lighting
Okay, these aren’t really “highlights” in the correct sense, but adding sort of “rim lighting” around forms really helps make a picture pop. To do this, make another layer above the shading layer, set it to “screen” and keep the opacity at 100%. Then, get really familiar with your CRTL key because you’re going to be color sourcing a lot. To add a rim light to a form, select the base color of that form, and use the marker to trace along the edges. For example, I picked up the nude from the skin, the silver from the dagger, the gold and maroon from the hair and the tawny brown from the skull to use on those specific objects. Any place you want clean works well, but the edges of forms works best for this technique. Additionally, if you’d like, you can create another layer above the Screen Layer and set it to Linear Dogde, and do my “glowing eyes” technique on anything you want to stand out, such as the metal of the belt, gold objects and of course, eyes.

Step 8: The Overlay
Almost done! While your photo can now stand alone as “finished”, there’s one more thing that I enjoy doing, and that’s adding a simple color overlay to bring the whole picture together. This is done by flattening all the layers you have so far (you’ll want to “Merge Down” in order from bottom to top or “Flatten” to avoid the layers going crazy on each other) into one layer. Then, make a layer on top of that one, set it to a clipping mask, and set it to “overlay”. With the Airbrush, choose some colors (I prefer soft pinks, blues and violets) and go along the “edges” of your character with a BIIIIIG brush. This kind of resembles soft ambient lighting or shadows. I just think it makes the photo look nicer.

TA-DA! And Now we’re done!

And there we go! I hope that helped, and I also apologize cause this ask sat in my box for awhile and I never got around to it until now. :P
I’d be happy to answer any questions y’all have, but this is the simple basics! Remember to practice practice PRACTICE!


Robb, Bran, Sansa and Jon with their matching double direwolf insignia (requested by @raeraet).

#a family that wears matching outfits together, slays together

#switching #owling #bumping into each other

Prompts: @crazyconglasses
Author: @queenofthyme

Dearest Potter,

My mother insists that I write you to formally thank you for speaking on behalf of us at the Wizengamot. Without your testimony, we most certainly would have faced time in Azkaban.

So: thank you.

If you were expecting any heartfelt words of gratitude, then you’ve mistaken me for those hero worshippers who submit their amateur poetry about you to The Daily Prophet. Even as a child, I could write better poetry than that. 

Hoping to never speak to you again,

Draco Malfoy


Please pass my appreciation on to your mother. I sincerely hope she is well.

As for you, I don’t need or expect your gratitude. That’s not why I helped you. You wouldn’t understand this of course, but those of us who have a heart, help others simply just to help others.

I also happen to enjoy and appreciate the notes people leave in The Daily Prophet for me. I’ve never heard any poetry from you, so I wouldn’t be so quick to throw stones.

Wishing you horrible misfortune,

Harry Potter

Don’t give me that load of crock, Potter. Even heroes have ulterior motives.

I also highly doubt you enjoyed last week’s poem: “I see Harry Potter’s emerald eyes, they sparkle and shine, all magic defies.” What does that even mean?

Seeing through your media-trained lies,

Draco Malfoy

Malfoy. You only think I’m lying because you can’t comprehend anyone’s perspective but your own.

That poem was heartfelt and thoughtful. I have a copy of it on my fridge - that’s a muggle appliance.

Rejecting your rude assumptions about me,

Harry Potter

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i feel like i have no idea what i look like. small bits of me are these terrible puzzle pieces i use to make a cubist painting of what i could be. sometimes in the mirror i see a girl worth loving, but in pictures i see: arms, legs, nose, body. one good picture out of two hundred and forty. i felt like i looked nice this morning. i see myself in plus/minus, good hair but bad skin, crooked teeth but nice eyes, fat arms chubby body good sense of humor at least if they get past the wide forehead and every other ugly piece. i don’t know. once in a while out of the corner of my eye i see myself and i’m startled because i look nothing like what i thought i did. but then the moment shifts and i become pieces again.

I was looking for a breath of life
A little touch of heavenly light
But all the choirs in my head sang no
To get a dream of life again
A little of vision of the start and the end
But all the choirs in my head sang no

But I only needed one more touch
Another taste of heavenly rush
And I believe, I believe it 

OP AU where One Piece is the new virtual reality mmo that’s just come out and is super fucking popular the world over.

At level 10, players choose whether they want to join the Marines, or become pirates.

Players who become pirates will then join up with other players to make their own “pirate crew” (guild) and set sail from their beginner island in search of new adventures.

Often, the pirate crews that beginners join at level 10 are just temporary crews until they reach one of the major cities, and can then part ways to join one of the bigger crews stationed in the Grand Line that usually have recruiters stationed at the major cities.

The beginner islands that users can choose from are scattered throughout the four Blues, and each island has its own loyalties.

The Conomi Islands, for example, are a popular starting island for players aspiring to become pirates, as it’s the HQ of the Arlong Pirates.

Whereas players looking to become Marines will, obviously, start at an island with a Marine Base.

Luffy, never being one to think things through or plan ahead, decides to choose his beginner island randomly and ends up at Dawn Island - one of the resort islands popular with those players who were just playing One Piece for the beautiful scenery. Most of these players never set foot in the Grand Line, and spend most of their time exploring the four Blues or meeting people and hanging out in the island they chose to settle down in. As a result, there aren’t very many quests to help a newbie level up, and Luffy ends up stuck on Dawn Island for a long long time as he slowly, painstakingly raises his levels through grinding, and saves enough money to buy a boat that will take him to at least one of the better suited beginner islands.

At one point, he’s almost saved when the Red Haired Pirates (a crew usually stationed in the second half of the Grand Line) visit Dawn Island so that their Captain can visit his irl wife at the bar she runs in-game, and so that she can meet the crewmates he’s always telling her so much about.

However the Captain, Red Hair Shanks, refuses to take Luffy along with them because he’s still only at level 7 and it’d be dangerous for him because even now there are like three Marine ships tailing the Red Hair Pirates, wondering what the hell they’re doing in the East Blue. He does offer to give Luffy enough Gold to buy a little boat for himself, but Luffy’s too proud to accept charity from another player.

In the end, the red hair pirates stay at Dawn Island for about a week, just relaxing before they’re thrown back into the fray of the New World, and during that time Luffy friends most of the Red Hair pirates, and also ends up accidentally eating the Gomu Gomu no mi, a super super rare item that Shanks had been planning to sell in the AH.

In the end, about a month or so after Shanks and his crew leaves, Luffy is finally able to get off Dawn Island, and begin his adventure towards becoming the Pirate King.

And the first crewmember he’s planning on recruiting?

The super infamous pk’er, Pirate Hunter Zoro!

Oh it seems we are allowed to post our @meowraculouschatnoirzine pieces now! This is titled how many tears did I shed over this boy’s hair haha I had a lot of fun drawing the dorky cat son and I’m grateful for the opportunity to have been able to participate in such a fun zine!