i have a photoshop photoshops are cool


So yes I’m a REAL woman lol I have gotten so many messages the last 24hrs asking if my pics are photoshopped etc lol. You’ll never see fake pics here. I don’t use make up apps or photoshop and my eyes are 100% true to color no contacts. Yes occasionally I’ll add a color filter like a black and white because they are cool but what you see is 100% me. And I hope you all enjoy it💋 no one likes a fake💯

So here’s a little colored sketch of @jxandthebadwells :3

Their music is pretty cool and I love the message of body positivity they’re spreading :) Also, they talk about the importance of consent. So how could I not draw them haha

So go check out their music and tumblr ^^

swampcatkid  asked:

hi um ur really cool..... also if its not a biggy do you have any advice to give on photoshop brushes? if u use photoshop, that is. thanks ur really cooL!

aw man! <3 you are so nice :’)

but i actually don’t use photoshop to do any of my stuff so i don’t really know anything about their brushes! :( 

i use firealpaca, and in that program i use really simple tools like the default pen tool, sometimes the airbrush, and a pen tool that doesn’t use pressure sensitivity which i had to make but took 2 seconds

very simple stuff!

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Hello hello! Your SoC edits are gorgeous, and I was wondering if you could explain how you achieved that "fingerprint effect (idk how else to describe it) in post/131885956604/ ?? It looks uber cool and I'd love to try it out!!!

OMG thanks anon!!! No worries; you’re referring to the radiating lines in the first image right? Well actually I cheated and used Illustrator trace the lines before I placed it in Photoshop to add the effects, since Photoshop isn’t… the best for things with a lot of lines and paths.

If you have access to Illustrator, I have a tutorial here that shows how I created the radiating lines. If you’re able to use this then you can just skip to step 8 below (:

If you don’t have Illustrator that’s okay too! We’ll just be doing a simpler version using circles (like the “halo” around Inej’s head in the second image of my edit, which was kind of inspired by this). This effect works best against a dark background, and can be applied to other basic shapes like squares and equilateral triangles.

I’m not the best at explaining things but hopefully the tutorial below is clear enough!! (alt link)

note: I am using Photoshop CS6.

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you know when you’re like ‘I’m just gonna do a quick sketch’ or ‘maybe some studies before bed’ and then over the weeks you just keep piling shit on top of the same picture bc you forgot how to draw other things

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I think your edits are really good! I could never learn about this stuff so I always love seeing what other people make.

thank you so much! I’m really insecure about my edits tbh. like. I dont have Photoshop or anything like that, so I have to use my phone to do all of my edits and I feel like they’re p shit compared to the cool kids with the photoshop, but I’m really glad people actually like them 💘

art-addict-locker-geek  asked:

What thing do you use to animate and/or make gifs? Also, what program do you iuse and how long have yoou been usung it?

I use photoshop to animate but you can also use fire alpaca to do that *u*

Generally I use medibang paint to draw everything but occasionally I will use photoshop because of the cool brushes! I’ve been using it for 3 years now? It’s easy to use :D

I’ve been going a bit vector crazy these past few days. I’m just excited to finally have photoshop on my computer again. This is one of my favorite scenes from Brotherhood (I think? I was screaming and crying upon my first watch so it’s hard to tell), not only for what actually took place but because I thought it looked so cool, aesthetically. I’m also a masochist, apparently. So I wanted to play with it and get used to drawing with the pen tool again. WOO!

I love Riza’s hair so much ;__;

I can’t draw circles. I’m so sorry. I tried my very best.