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Sam Wilkinson Imagine - The Truth

(Requested by anon)

You walk out of your bedroom and turn towards the stairs, trying to go talk to your mum but was greeted by Sam. “What the hell are you doing here?” you asked, trying to push him out of your way.

“Your mum’s having a dinner party tonight, I thought you were aware, [Y/N]?” he smirks.

“Yeah, a family dinner party, not one with assholes like you” you snap back, making your way past him.

Sam is your mum’s best friend’s son. He is the same age as you and unfortunately, also goes to the same school. You both used to be friends, but it was only because your mums were always together and you both were constantly stuck together. But that changed when you both turned 14 and moved to the same school. Socially, you aren’t exceptionally doing well but you’re not horrible. You’re somewhere around average or a tad higher, it’s just that no one really knows you exist that much. Whereas Sam is friends with the rather dreamy boys at school, ones that all the girls drool over while walking past. Everyone knows who he is. You don’t have a problem with his friends, they aren’t rude or anything to you, it’s only Sam who does that to you. You’re not gonna lie, he is quite attractive… But you would never go there since he has the worst personality and is the biggest dick head to you. You miss the old, funny, nice him though.

“That’s not very nice, I was trying to start a lovely conversation with you” he says sarcastically.

You continued walking down the stairs, holding the rude finger up at him, as you do so. You go over to the kitchen where your mum, aunt and Sam’s mum are whipping up some dishes.

“[Y/N], haven’t you gotten ready yet?” your mum asks, whisking something in a giant bowl.

“No, not yet” you say, “hey, who’s coming tonight?”

“Just family” she sweetly smiles.

“Just family?” you ask.

She nods, placing the mixing bowl down and picking up something else to do, “yes, just family.”

Making sure that Sam’s mum wasn’t listening, you say, “then why is Sam here?”

Your mum laughs, “oh because they’re just as close as family. You grew up with Sammy, he’s almost like a brother.”

You roll your eyes at the thought of being ‘close’ with Sam. “Alright then” you force a smile before heading back upstairs.

You made your way over to your bedroom, grunting as you walked in. “Sam, why the hell are you in here?” you asked, hand on your hip.

“Because I want to be” he says, the tone of his voice making you want to rip his head off.

“Can’t you sit somewhere down stairs and not in my freaking room on my bed?”

Sam shrugs, lying more comfortably on your bed “nah, your bed is pretty comfortable.”

You roll your eyes, deciding to carry on with getting ready as you know from experience that he won’t leave any time soon. You brush through your hair, Sam watching as you do so, making you rather uncomfortable but you brush it off. You pick up your foundation and brush and just as you’re about to start applying it, Sam interrupts, “passss” he says.

“Pass what?” you asked, annoyed.

“Why are you wearing makeup?” he retaliates, sitting up.

“Because I want to, it makes me look better”

“No, it makes 78% of girls look weird because they’re hiding away their already beautiful faces. Like yours, you look great without makeup already, so why are you trying to hide that?” he says.

You ignore him and turn back to your mirror, Sam sighing as you apply your foundation then the rest of your makeup. You finished off the look with just lip balm to moisturize your lips. You didn’t really like putting on lipstick or anything heavy like that.

“Ok, well I have to agree with the lip balm, it does make your lips look good” he says out of no where. You turn around and give him a 'you’re so annoying’ face before grabbing a dress and heading over to the bath room to get changed. “You can just change here, I don’t mind!” he shouts after you but you ignore him.

You come back in the room, Sam still sitting on your bed. You adjust your dress in front of the mirror and out the corner of your eye, you can see Sam staring at you, looking up and down.

He smiles genuinely, “you look amazing.” The comment sounded truthful and you were about to say 'thank you’ but stopped yourself, realizing that chances are, he is joking.

You hear the door bell ring, indicating that the rest of your family is here. “[Y/N]! CAN YOU PLEASE GET THAT?” you hear your mum from downstairs.

“Yep!” you shout back, exiting the room.

“I’ll wait here for you” you hear Sam call.

You open the front door, revealing seven of your uncle and aunties, about five cousins under the age of ten and your snobby girly fourteen year old cousin. You greet them all with hugs and hellos but your fourteen year old cousin slips past you and plops herself on the couch. You shrug her off, continuing greeting the rest of the family and helping them place their stuff down. You make your way upstairs and go back inside your room and closed the door to block out the noise from downstairs. You slid down the door and sat on the carpet, closing your eyes as you sigh in relief.

“Big family?” Sam asks, slightly startling you.

“Yeah” you puff.

He nods in acknowledgement, so what do you want to do to kill time?“

"I don’t know” you say, not quite sure why you’re wasting energy replying to him.

“You want to just, like, I don’t know, talk and stuff?” he suggests. You nod, earning a small smile from him. It was silent before he started speaking again, “I’m sorry if I’ve made you hate me, it wasn’t exactly my goals.”

You furrow your eyebrows, confused at what he just said, “what?”

“Just for like, being a dick and stuff. I don’t mean to be, it happens and I realize that it’s too late or that the effect on you isn’t what I wanted” he says, biting his bottom lip.

“Oh” you say, thinking through it in your mind. You aren’t quite sure whether this is a joke or not but your instincts tell you he is being truthful while your brain disagreed. “But I think you’re lying. You aren’t sorry and you don’t care.”

His face dropped, his gaze stuck on the little stain on your carpet, “I do.”

You sigh, not sure what this even means. “I don’t know Sam, it’s pretty convincing that you don’t care. We’ve been to the same school for like four years now and you’ve been the same. So I’m sorry if I don’t think what you’re saying is true.”

“What I’m saying is true,” he starts, “I don’t mean to say the things I have said, they kinda happen and in a way, it makes me feel like you’ll think I’m cool and not the dorky little me in primary school. Have you ever heard the thing where boys are mean to the girls they like? Yeah well, I guess that’s true because I don’t mean the shit I say and sometimes crap comes flying out of my mouth without even thinking through it and I’m sorry.”

“You like me?” you finally say after a long pause.

Sam was about to reply when you hear your mum calling the both of you down to dinner. You look at him, hoping that he’d reply but he just stood up and walked towards the door and helped you up. Both of you didn’t say anything on the way down stairs and you were about to sit next to each other on the dining table when your snobby little cousin comes and sits in your spot, probably just because she wants to sit next to the 'hot boy’ according to her when she first met him. You roll you eyes, your mum catching you and giving you 'the look’. As an alternative, you sit in between her parents, diagonally across from Sam.

The dinner was awkward and loud. You and Sam caught the other staring a couple of times. Your cousin tried starting numerous conversation with him but they quickly fell as he obviously felt a little awkward from the way she looked at him. After you finished, you and Sam headed upstairs while your parents and older relatives gathered around the living room and opened a bottle of wine.

“Wait for me” your cousin says, running up after you both. You and Sam gave each other looks before shrugging and carrying on upstairs.

When in the room, it was awkward and quiet. The only one still attempting to start conversation is your cousin, trying her hardest to get Sam.

Sam stood up, your cousin following his footsteps, “[Y/N] and I are going to get something, we’ll be back in a second.”

“Oh, let me help you” your cousin says.

“No, it’s ok. [Y/N] and I have got it” he says, giving you a look.

“Seriously, let me help you, please” she insists.

“It’s fine, we’ll be back in a second” he says, smiling at you as he grabbed your hand and made it out to the hall.

“What are you doing?” you laugh.

“I need to talk to you” he says, taking you to the main bedroom’s balcony. He closes the sliding door behind him and leans against the railing and takes in a deep breath.

“What do you need to talk to me about?” you ask, being the first to say something in the last two minutes.

He smiles, stepping close to you. “I’m not quite sure where to start but I’ve been wanting to tell you this for a long time, I just never got the balls to…” he starts, “Ever since we were little kids, people would ask me who I wanted to marry and if I had a girlfriend. Obviously, I didn’t really know what that meant so as the answers, I said you, because you were my best friend and I thought it would be cool to marry my best friend. Usually, the view on who you wish to marry will change as you grow up but mine never did. I remember when I was six and your smile brightened my day up after school, when the bullies took my juice box. I remember when I was eight at the spelling bee and how seeing you cheer me on in the crowd made me feel like a superhero. When I was nine, I remember my neighbor Rick calling you rude names and how you cried. I hated that and I remember getting a bruise on my knee from him pushing me when I confronted him. But it made you feel better so that’s ok. I remember when I was eleven and I broke my arm and you were there waiting with me in the emergency room because your mum told you and you panicked and demanded her take you to me. I remember seeing you for the first time at school when I was fourteen and I loved how the sun shone on your hair and the smile you wore while laughing with your friends. At that moment, I knew I had to be cool because we were in high school now and that’s where everyone got girlfriends and boyfriends and it was my mission to make you my girlfriend. So I tried and tried and tried but it only made you hate me. Things started slipping out of my mouth that I don’t mean and I was annoying you. You began to ignore me and it tore my heart apart. Everything I said, everything I had done wrong, I don’t mean it. All I ever wanted was for you to like me and think I was cool but I failed, miserably. You think I’m a dick, I think you look beautiful with your hair down. You think I’m annoying, I think your laugh is the most wonderful sound in the world. You hate me, I know that. But I guess what I’m trying to actually say is that I’ve loved you even before I knew what love meant. I’ve loved you since that first time someone asked me who I wanted to marry. Ask me now who I want to marry and a thousand times over and over I will say you. I love you and I’ve wanted to say that since forever.”

You feel a tear run down your cheek. Undeniably, some of the things he said, you felt the same about towards him. But your 'hatred’ for him had covered that. You hug him tight, your head resting on his chest, your tears staining his shirt. You feel a kiss on your forehead and you smile. You both stay like that for a while, enjoying the silence.

“So in a way, I guess I’m gonna ask you something and I honestly don’t know what you’re gonna say and if it’s a no, I’ll wait for you. I’ll wait and try my best to make it a yes. Can we restart? As friends? If tha-”

He was cut off by a plastic cup hitting the sliding door on the other side. It was your mums and a couple of your aunties drunk and apparently listening to the whole thing.

“ASK HER OUT FOR GOD SAKES!” your auntie shouts, making you blush.

“I DIDN’T RAISE YOU TO BE A COWARD, GO ON!” his mum adds. They all laugh for about half a minute before leaving the room and out of sight.

“Well, that was strange” you say.

He laughs, “yeah.” Another awkward silence fell, your fingers playing with the front of his shirt. “[Y/N], will you be my girlfriend?” he asks.

You look at him shocked before nodding, “yes” you smile, “yes Sammy, I would love to.” Sam leans down and kisses you, his hand on your hip, pulling you closer.

“I missed when you called me Sammy” he says.

“I missed when you used to be dorky” you say.


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i don’t know what it is about cas cosplayers–maybe it’s the trenchoat–but as soon as i see one i turn into an over-excited mess. AND LET ME JUST SAY THERE IS QUITE A FEW


Seriously, Sorority. - Calum Hood, (includes smut)

Requested? yes! no!

a/n: I think I’m gonna cry, cause my Calum feels are through the roof rn. PLUS: I’m so sorry this is so long and if I’ve wasted your time.

To say I hate college is an understatment.

I enjoy the learning side of it, I just hate the assholes that go here. Especially the boys from the Kappa fraternity. I could call them guys, but that would be suggesting a little more maturity than they’re due.

They’re proper jerks, sleeping with literally every girl they see. So far they’ve slept with all of the girls in my sorority & more than 50% of the others, except me. I have slept with people before, but if it got around… I’d be in deep shit.

Tonight, The Kappas are having a party and guess what? All of the girls on campus are invited. But get this, even the other frat houses are invited too. Fuck knows why, but I could seriously use a drink.

“(Y/N), are you ready?” My roommate Sophia yelled.

“Yea, I’m just grabbing my shoes.” I groaned. She’s always waaaaay too excited to get to these freaking frat parties now that she’s dating one of the Kappa boys.

“Well, we’re walking so make sure they’re comfortable.” She giggled.


Shit.“ I mutter to myself. I’ve been in this damned party for what, 5 minutes? And some stupid prick has already spilled his cherry vodka right down my leg.

I decided to rid myself of my skinny jeans, seeing as I was wearing a long flowery top that reaches below my bum & the jeans were only to shield my legs from the chill of the night. I look like I’m ready to go to the freakin’ beach with these sandals on.

I’ve had about 4-5 Pepsi-Vodkas already & I can feel myself getting tipsy, but I need to be drunk… Drunk enough to be able to walk past all the asses that try to put their hands up my fucking thigh.

"Oh my god (Y/N),” Sophia slurred, “LIGHTEN UP! It’s a party, dance a little!” She squealed, shaking her hips.

“Yea, (Y/N)… Lighten up.” Her boyfriend, Michael chuckled before wrapping his arms around her moving hip.

“Hey Mike,” I sighed, “no offence, but this party sucks butthole… And swallows.” I groaned, earning a throaty chuckle.

“It wouldn’t be that bad if you had someone to talk to…” He suggested, raising his eyebrows. “He wants to speak to you.” He whispered, noticing my change in posture. I knew exactly who ‘he’ was, and he’s the last person I wanted to speak to.

“Sorry Mikey, I can’t hear you.” I smiled sarcastically.

“(Y/N) I’m serious.” He replied harshly.

“SORRY, WHAT WAS THAT? OH THIS IS MY JAM, IVE GOT TO DANCE!” I yelled, backing away slowly with my middle finger in the air, earning a glare from my bestfriends boyfriend. Oh well, fuck it.

After about 20 minutes of dancing with random strangers -mainly girls- I am sweating! The alcohol began to kick in about 5 minutes into grinding on some chick who I’m pretty sure was a lesbian, seeing as her hands were literally holding me put. The icky feeling of sweat & booze makes me need to go outside & have a cigarette. I can’t even promise I won’t be here much longer.

“Excuse me,” I mumble to the couple making out right at the freakin’ doorway, but to no avail. “Seriously, fucking move!” I practically yell, making the two jump apart. “Thanks.” I smile sarcastically, walking out into the crispy air.

I light up my cigarette, inhaling deeply. The rush of relief floods over me as I take a seat on the steps to the frat house. My peaceful, most enjoyable moment of the night is shattered when a voice rises behind me.

“(Y/N) babe!” I turn around to be face to face with Ashton Irwin, head of the Beta house.

“Hi Ashton.” I groan, taking another draw from my cigarette.

“Smokings bad for you, love.” He growled in my ear.

“It’s not the only thing that’s bad for me right now.” I sneer, sending him a glare.

“Oooooh, still as feisty as ever!” He chuckles.

“Just leave me alone, Ash.” I mumbled, realising I’ve smoked the last puff of my cigarette. I flick it away quickly, before standing up, ready to actually join the party just to get away from Ashton.

“Stop being such a bitch!” He slurred, “I know you want me, just as much as I want you.” He mumbled, grabbing my hips to face him.

“Clearly, you’re more drunk that I thought.” I chuckled loudly.

“Don’t lie to yourself babe.” He whispered, grinding his highly noticeable hard on against my crotch.

“I said leave me alone Ashton!” I practically yelled, pushing his chest. He was a lot taller, stronger & faster than me, even in his drunken state. This was proven when he pulled me closer to his chest, takings handful of my hair.

“That’s not what you were saying when I was fucking you senseless last month.” He groaned at his own words, before attacking my neck with his lips.

“Ash, no!” I tried to shout, but the grip he hand on my hair made it come out as more of a whimper.

“Don’t fight it babe, just go with i-” he was cut off but a louder, stronger voice. And man, I’ve never been happier to see the person it belonged too in my life.

“I believe the lady said no.” He growled.

“C-Calum…” I stuttered.

“Piss off Hood,” Ashton growled, “this doesn’t concern you.”

“Actually man, I think it does.” Calum snapped.

“she’s from the Zeta sorority, so that makes her mine.” The tall Kiwi boy, steps forward. His build was tougher than Ashton’s, who had a height advantage. His flashy Jordan’s tapped the old floor of the porch as he moved. His dark hair always had a hint of curl in it. His short sleeves white v neck showed his various tattoos, including the Native American man imprinted on his upper arm.

“I think (Y/N) would beg to differ, seeing it was my bed she was in 3 nights in a row…” Ashton chuckled. But it wasn’t a joke, he seemed to be challenging Calum. “Isn’t that right babe?” He asked, coming closer to my ear. Calum’s entire body tensed up as he took another step forward. Calum’s frat brothers, Michael & Luke were now standing behind him, with Sophia in the doorway.

“Ashton, please just let me go…” I whimpered. His arm was still tightly around my waist. But he had let go of my hair as soon as Calum stepped out.

“Damnit Ashton!” Calum shouted, “I’m literally giving you 5 fucking seconds to let her go before I kick the living shit out of you, right here… Right now!” His nostrils were flared & his arms were tensed, showing his prominent biceps.

“1.” Calum started counting, I could swear Ashton’s grip got tighter. “2.” He spoke louder and my eyes stayed glued to him.

“You don’t intimidate me Hood!” Ashton chuckled. “3.” This time Calum’s voice was getting towards a bellow, while Ashton just threw his head back in laughter. His eye were now directly staring in mine, as he mouthed ‘knee him’ and pointed to his crotch. My eyes widened as Ashton’s head came back forward.

“4.” His voice was directed at Ashton, while his eyes were on me.

Just as he reached 5, my knee came in contact with Ashton’s lower abdomen, causing him to buckle in pain. I pulled away from Ashton and ran towards Sophia & Michael, where they pulled me into their arms. As soon as I turned around, Calum full on launched himself at Ash, spearing him to the ground. Digs were thrown at Ashton’s face, as he tried to block them. Calum stayed on top of Ashton, pinning him down.
Blood started to ooze from Ashton’s face, that’s when I noticed… If someone didn’t stop this, he was going to kill him.

“CALUM!” I screamed, but Michael and Sophia had a tight grip on me. “Mikey for fuck sake stop him, PLEASE!” By now, I was full on crying.

Michael let me go, obviously not realising that I was going to run straight for the disaster ahead of me.

“CALUM STOP IT,” I screamed, but nothing happened. I pushed the side of Calum, and something inside of him clicked. I pushed him again, harder and he fell to the side, landing on his back. “Michael, grab Ashton! Take him to the hospital or something!?” I screamed. Calum stood up and went to charge at Ashton again. Before I could register what I was doing, my hand collided with Calum’s face, as I slapped him.

“STOP IT!” I shouted. By now, we had a crowd surrounding us. “Please, stop…” I whispered, tears falling down my face. Calum just stood there, staring at me. My chest was aching, fresh tears burning my face against the cold night air that hit my cheeks.

“(Y/N)…” He whispered lightly, before literally picking me up and throwing me over his shoulder. No matter how weird this must look to common by standers, I had no energy to fight him, as the front garden slowly left me upside down view, I could tell he leading us into the house. I guessed he was taking us to his room.

When we reached his room, he kicked the door open with his foot, placing me on the floor. I walked over to his bed and just lay there, staring at the ceiling. I felt the other side of the bed dip, as Calum joined me. We sat there, in a peaceful silence before Calum spoke up.

“Is it true?” He asked, “did you sleep with Ashton?” His voice was calm, almost too calm.

I didn’t respond, I just stared at the ceiling; tracing the small circles that enveloped the roof in a large pattern.

“(Y/N)…” Calum whispered. I took a deep breath, and closed my eyes.

“Yes, it’s true.” I whispered, turning away to lay on my side, refusing to make eye contact.

“B-but why?” He choked, his voice cracking. My heart broke at the sound of desperation in his voice.

“I don’t know,” I mumbled, “it was a mistake.”

“But three times,” he snapped, his voice began to grow louder. “Three fucking times you let another guy touch you, the way that only I should EVER have been able to touch you.” My eyes squeezed together, as I dug my face into the pillow.

“I know.” I whispered, I had no argument. I knew I was wrong, what I did was wrong. Calum was my first. We were best-friends for years, then one time… It just happened. Then it happened over and over again. We came to college, we both study Music & English. He was nominated Head of Kappa House, I was nominated Head of Zeta House. It sounds perfect right? Head boy & head girl, together? Wrong.

“THEN WHY!?” He screamed standing up from the bed.

“I was jealous Calum!” I screamed, standing up to join him. “I WAS JEALOUS THAT EVERY WHORE ON THIS STUPID FUCKING CAMPUS WANTS YOU.” My voice cracked at the end, as I wiped away the tears from my eyes, “and I could tell you didn’t want me anymore.” I whispered.

“W-what?” He stuttered.

“So I ran to Ashton,” I mumbled, “I met him at a Beta House pool party & he pulled me upstairs. I don’t know why I kept going back… I just needed to forget you, your touch.” My voice was a whisper now, totally overpowered by Calum’s presence.

“He was good, I mean but-” I mumbled, but I was cut off by Calum.

“Don’t.” He growled.

“But he just wasn’t you.” I whispered.

“What the fuck (Y/N)?” He looked at me with wide eyes, while I just stood there in confusion. “What made you even slightly believe I didn’t want you?” He whispered.

“the girls…” My voice was becoming stressed. “They would be all over you, a-and you wouldn’t push them away!” I tried to stay strong, but the fact he was right here made it harder. “I wasn’t enough for you.” I whispered, a tear falling down my cheek.

“Don’t you dare!” He called out to me, walking around the bed so he was facing me. The pad of his thumb traced my cheek, wiping away the tears that had gathered on my face. “You’re all I ever wanted! Hell, you’re all I still want, still fucking need!” He said in a-matter-of-fact manner, while he cupped my face.

“I’m so sorry Calum,” I began to cry. “I should have never went near Ashton, or that house.” I whispered through tears. He pulled me into his chest, holding me tighter than ever, as if he thought I’d disappear if he let me go.

“Stop it,” he mumbled, resting his chin on my forehead, “stop crying, it’s not your fault.”

“Of course it’s my fault, who else would it be?” I flailed my arms in the air, pulling away from his chest.

“Mine!” He practically shouted, “I should have showed you exactly how much I want you, need you… How much I fucking love you!” He shouted. My eyes went wide at his words.

“L-love?” I whispered, “you love me?”

“Of course I love you (Y/N)! I wouldn’t be here right now if I didn’t,” he took a step towards me.

“Calum…” I whispered.

“Please (Y/N), just give me one more chance.” I couldn’t believe it, I’d done all the wrong… Yet here I was, Calum begging me for another chance? I looked in his eyes, as he whispered “I’m in love with you.”

Something inside me clicked, and I knew it.
“I love you too Cal…”

He took one look at me before he took a huge step forward, his hand going to the back of my neck, crashing his lips to mine.

I felt an actual surge of electricity shoot through my body. He was so perfect, in every way. I didn’t care if he had tattoos or curlier hair than me… I was madly in love with every inch, trace, spec of him.

His hands moved from my neck, down to my thighs, as he picked my up effortlessly while my hands were through his hair, his tongue still exploring my mouth through every second of it.

He lay me back on the bed, towering me slightly. He began to unbutton the long top I used as a dress, freeing it from my body, leaving me in a boob tube & my lace panties. He groaned as his hands raked over every inch of my body, his hands pulling my thighs up so I could feel the bulge of his erection through his jeans.

“Fuck,” he hissed against my lips.

My hands went to the hem of his v neck, as I pulled it over his head, our lips detaching momentarily. I took in his appearance, almost every inch of his skin was tattered with ink. On him, it could pass as art. He had one full sleeve, and a chest piece that still needed finished. I let out a moan as his lips came in contact with my neck, beginning to lower down my body. I fumbled with the belt on his skinny jeans, unbuttoning them & pulling them down. He kicked then off his legs, as he began to trail kisses further down my body. He stopped for a second, unzipping the back of my boob tube, discarding it somewhere in the large bedroom.

“I love you,” he whispered, his warm breathe leaving goosebumps on my skin. “So, so much.” His lips trailed all the way down to my belly button, stopping just above my panties, hooking his fingers & pulling them down my legs. They were soon forgotten about, joining the rest of our clothing on the floor. His arms hooked around my upper thighs, pulling my legs over his shoulders.

“Shit, Cal.” I groaned, as his fingers dug into my hips.

“Stay still baby,” he whispered. His voice sent vibrations through my body, making me moan. A small chuckle was heard from him before his tongue got to work.

“Shit, Calum!” I gasped, his tongue worked wonders. “Oh my god,” I had no idea how audible my voice was, but the chuckle that escaped Calum’s lips told me it was pretty loud. “Ugh, shit” I moaned, as he thrust two fingers into me. “Right there!” I practically screamed. His hand was moving at a perfect pace between fast & slow, his tongue still working too. Before I knew it he pushed another finger in, and I cried out it pleasure.
“Oh, Calum!” My voice cracked as my walls clenched around his fingers, my hands tugging at his hair. As my climax neared, his fingers sped up,

“c’mon baby,” he mumbled, “cum for me…” And that’s all it took. As my release washed over me, my heart was racing & my breath completely uneven.

“I bet Ashton couldn’t make you cum that quick.” He smirked, and he was right. Nobody would ever know my body like he did, touch me like he did. That alone, made him all the more hotter. He climbed up towards me, till he was towering me once more. My heart raced at the sight of him, his disheveled hair, while he bit his lip.

He kissed me harshly, as I flipped him over so I was straddling him. His hands ran through my hair, while mine pulled at the elastic waistband of his boxers, lowering them down his legs. His erection stood there, tall and proud. I smirked lightly, before my tongue teased the top. He muttered a quick “Shit.” Before I began to take him completely. I bobbed my head slightly, taking more of him each time I moved my head. I sped up slightly, hollowing my cheeks.

“(Y/N), stop…” He groaned, “I want to be inside you.” His voice was shaky, yet determined. I removed him from my mouth, only to have him grasp my hip & flip us over again.

I was underneath him, one of his hands holding himself up above my shoulder, the other was pushing down on my hip. My own were tangled in his hair.

“I love you (Y/N),” he whispered, before easing into me.

“I love you too, Cal.” My voice matching his, as I arched my back from the pleasure. He began to thrust slowly, never fully leaving before thrusting back into me.

“Shit Calum, faster!” I moaned, my hands moving from his hair, to his back. He did as I said, as he began slamming into me. All I could hear was skin on skin. My nails dug into his back, dragging up towards his shoulder blades.

“Fuck (Y/N),” he groaned, thrusting repeatedly. He lifter on of my legs, and put it over his shoulder for better angle. One of my hands returned to his hair. He thrust into me harder, but slower. Hitting my g-spot every time. “Shit,” He moaned, “I’m not gonna last.” He whispered.

“Me neither babe,” I groaned as he repeatedly brought me pleasure. I felt him twitch inside me, causing my walls to clench. As our orgasms neared, Calum’s lips connected with mine.

“Ughhh,” I moaned against his lips, as I hit my climax, Calum followed shortly after with a string of profanities leaving his lips.

As we came down from our highs, we lay there, breathing harshly.

“Oh my god.” I gasped.

“God nothing, that was all Calum.” He chuckled, lifting himself up on his elbows before leaning down to kiss me. I could feel him smirk into the kiss, making me suspicious.

“What?” I asked, raising an eyebrow at him. He rolled onto his back, wrapping his arms around me, entwining our legs together.

“Oh, nothing.” He chuckled.

“Tell me!” I giggled, slapping his chest lightly.

“I was just wondering how many people heard you, even over that loud music.” He smirked, looking down at me.

“I wasn’t that bad,” I giggled.

“We’ll see when we go back downstairs.”

“Shut up!” I chuckled, standing up to retrieve my clothing. A loud laugh erupted from me, as I stood at the edge of his bed.

“What?” He asked, curiosity filling his features.

“How the hell did my knickers get on the TV?” I couldn’t stop laughing, as I snatched them, pulling them up my legs & began searching for the rest of my clothing.

“You’re so weird.” He chuckled, buckling the belt on his skinny jeans & pulling his white V-neck over his head.

“And so are you.” I retorted, buttoning up my top.

“That’s what you love about me.” He whispered, fumbling with the tips of my fingers, “vice versa.”

“Sure.” I smirked, turning around to put on my shoes. He slapped my butt and jumped back about a foot away from me.

“Oi!” I gasped, “watch it, idiot.” I giggled.

We walked out of his room, hand in hand, earning some strange looks from the people around us. We couldn’t help but laugh, since we enjoyed ourselves.

The rest of the night consisted of; more alcohol, banter & sex, and Calum’s arms around my waist the entire night.

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