i have a party tonight

• 12 years ago, I sat in a nearby church abashedly asking god to help me get over my feelings for a girl

• 6 years ago, my mom & I both cried as I told her I was dating a woman, a coming out confession long overdue

• tonight, my son & I are having a dance party while my wife hums along in the kitchen cooking us dinner

Life can be so sweet, if only we can hold on & find the courage to be our authentic selves.

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sfw/nsfw headcanons for the older sanada brother? ;D

hi!! i love nobuyuki (even if his first es is… uncomfortable). thanks for the request!

Sanada Nobuyuki headcanons

- Nobuyuki likes to make you blush. It’s so easy, but it’s so fun. But he prefers to do it when it’s just the two of you, because nobody else needs to see that.
- Very, very aware of his responsibilities as heir to the clan.
- He’s artistically inclined. Fashion, makeup, flowers, painting - he likes it all.
- He totally judges people based on how they look. He doesn’t care about the quality of the fabric or how much it costs - what’s important is how it fits, whether the fabrics match, whether the colors suit the wearer, whether it’s well cared for.
- He misses his mother a lot.
- Would make a fantastic parent. He is So Ready. He’s already practiced a lot on Yukimura, anyway.
- He knows he needs a son to carry on the family bloodline, but he really wants a daughter. He’s super hyped about teaching her how to take care of herself. Her standards for men are going to be sky-high. No one is ever going to be good enough for her.
- Strict af. If something goes wrong because you don’t know better, you get an explanation. If something goes wrong because you were careless, or forgetful, or just didn’t give a shit - you get a verbal lashing. A long one.
- Saizo is the only one who has noticed his yandere nature. Everybody else just thinks he’s the Most Dedicated Boyfriend Ever.
- Gets along well with Saizo. Sometimes they trade sexual innuendos and take bets on how long Yukimura takes to notice and yell at them. So far they’re about half and half.
- Super ultra possessive due to his yandere nature. He doesn’t even like Yukimura or Masayuki getting close to you. Saizo knows and thinks it’s hilarious.

NSFW under cut

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screwed || b.b

Relationship: AU!Bucky Barnes x reader (Modern AU)

Summary: Bucky Barnes had never taken a liking in you, no matter how hard you tried he always seemed to loathe you. That is until you get a little drunk and carefree leading to becoming much closer to Bucky than you ever imagined. The question is, how screwed are you?

Warnings: drinking, mentions of sex, swear words

Word Count: 1.9k

A/N: NEW SERIES WOOP WOOP I already have part two written get ready

“You coming to my party tonight?” Steve asked as you took a sip of your water, swallowing the bite of burger you’d taken.

“Is this a party party or a Steve Rogers party?” You asked, chuckling as he pursed his lips and gave you a small glare, “a Steve Rogers party, I suppose,” he said as you popped a fry into your mouth, “I’ll be there,” you smiled as he bit into his own burger.

“Who’s gonna be coming?” You asked after a few moments between the two of you, “uh well Sam, Clint, Nat, I think Wanda and Bruce are coming, but I’m not too sure on them,” he said a twinge of nervousness in his voice, “and Bucky,” he mumbled quickly before stuffing the last of his burger into his mouth.

You dropped the fry that was between your fingers, crossing your arms over your chest, “are you serious,” you said rhetorically as Steve gave you a sheepish smile, “oh c'mon he’s not a bad guy,” he tried to persuade you as you rolled your eyes.

“You know that he and I don’t get along,” you scoffed, “and you know that he’s my best friend,” Steve argued, pointing a fry towards you as you sighed knowing you were starting to be selfish. This was Steve’s party after all.

“Fine, I’m sorry,” you said as Steve grinned, “it’s all good, doll,” he said, placing his hand on yours, his thumb soothing the soft skin, “plus, I’ll make sure to have a talk with Bucky as well,” he chuckled as you playfully rolled your eyes.

“Whatever you say, dad,” you mocked as he let out a laugh as you finished the last of your food. “Well, thank you for treating me to lunch, but I’ve got to get back to work,” you sighed as Steve reluctantly stood up to walk you out.

“I’ll see you tonight then,” he said as you nodded, “see you soon, Steve,” you said as he pressed a kiss to your cheek before you both went your separate ways.

You had only met Bucky a little over a year ago when Steve introduced you two at one his parties. You thought you were making a good impression since you didn’t really talk to him much that night.

What happened during that night that made him hate you was beyond you. Ever since that party he’s been nothing but rude to you and although you tried to mend whatever relationship you had with him for Steve’s sake, it just didn’t work. So now no one wanted to be alone in a room with you and Bucky.


You finally finished another gruelling shift at work finally being able to rip off your apron, stuff it into your locker and be done with it all.

It was only eight o'clock, so you had about an hour to get ready before you had to get to Steve’s. You decided on taking an extra long shower, since you had the time.

Forty five minutes later you were feeling pampered and ready to have some fun. You finished applying the light gloss to your lips, smiling to yourself in the mirror happy with the final result.

You grabbed your phone, a small purse and slipped on your shoes before starting the walk to Steve’s apartment.


Knocking on his door you balanced you the balls of your feet as you waited for him to open it, “[Y/N]!” Steve shouted as he opened the door, pulling you into a hug which you returned.

“How was work?” He asked as you toed off your shoes and hung your jacket on the coat rack, “don’t get me started,” you chuckled as he lead you into the living room where Nat and Sam were already laughing and drinking.

“Drunk already?” You playfully mocked as you fell in between Nat and Sam on the couch, Steve handing you a beer, “not quite,” Nat laughed as the four of you fell into conversation only stopping when Wanda, Bruce, and Clint joined.

By nine thirty everyone was having a good time with each other as you all caught up and reminisced. You were having a blast not even thinking about how you were supposed to be civil with Bucky, who had yet to make an appearance.

“Does anyone want another beer?” You asked standing from the couch, “grab me one will ya’,” Sam asked as you nodded, heading off towards the kitchen, “wait grab me one too!” You head Nat’s voice, whipping your head in her direction.

“Will d-,” you weren’t able to finish your sentence as you bumped into something, groaning at the contact, “watch where you’re going,” a familiar voice grunted as you looked up to meet a very annoyed looking Bucky.

You rolled your eyes, not having the energy to deal with him deciding that walking away would be the best decision, “an apology would be nice,” you heard him yell as you walked to the fridge. Scoffing, you simply raised your middle finger in the air as you grabbed two beers, not bothering to look at him.

You brushed past him not wanting to look or talk to him, but his arm gripped your elbow stopping you, “be civil,” you growled not breaking your gaze as he clenched his jaw, “fine,” he snarled, letting go of your elbow and following you into the living room.

You could feel the glare Bucky gave you the entire night. It didn’t matter what you did, hell you even met his glares a couple times but that did nothing but make him clench his drink and jaw even harder.

“Looks like Buck’s got an eye for you,” Nat snorted as she plopped her tipsy self on the couch beside you, “probably cause he wants to kill me,” you snickered before taking another swing of your beer.

“Oh please, there’s so much sexual tension between you two,” Nat smirked as you rolled your eyes, “you wish,” you said before you finally managed to steer the conversation away from you and Bucky.

As much as you wanted to listen to what Nat and Clint were talking about you just couldn’t get the thought you Bucky out of your mind. Did you guys have sexual tension? Even you could admit that Bucky was attractive. He was built like a God, his sparkling blue eyes complimented his skin tone and his brunette locks. He was what everyone looked for in a man, yet his personality ruined it all for you.

As the night went on everyone got progressively more drunk, leaving you giggling at every little thing and getting particularly more touchy with everyone. Everyone.

“Have you been working out lately?” You giggled as you squeezed Steve’s bicep as his arm snaked around your waist to hold you closer. You could smell the liquor on his breath as let out a chuckle, “maybe I have been, doll,” he whispered in your ear as you giggled.

You glanced over his shoulder only to be met with Bucky’s stare, his jaw clenched impossibly tight, pupils blown with little blue left in his eyes. He took your breath away. You didn’t know if it was the alcohol flowing through your veins or the way his tongue darted across his plump lips.

“Sorry Stevie, gotta go to the little lady’s room,” you excused yourself as he nodded, winking at you as you sauntered across the room, nearing Bucky.

Your teeth tugged at your bottom lip as you smirked brushing past his crotch not saying a word but hearing the groan bubble from his chest.

You smirked to yourself hoping he got the message as you made your way down the small corridors, the music slowly becoming more muted before you stopped at the bathroom door.

You closed your eyes as you leaned your hot body against the cool wood of the door sighing to try and calm your beating heart.

You gasped, your eyes snapping open when you felt Bucky’s body pressed against yours, a small growl coming from his lips, “you’ve been teasing me all night doll,” he whispered in your ear, his hot breath sending shivers down your spine.

“Mmm,” you moaned in response, lavishing at the feeling of his body pressed against yours, “I haven’t done a thing,” you smirked as he let out a dry laugh, “I beg to differ,” he growled pressing his clothed erection into your hip, making you gasp.

James,” you moaned involuntarily as his lips began nipping at your neck, finding the sensitive spot below your ear making you moan out again.

“Not here,” you whispered in a hoarse voice, smirking as you led him into the bathroom, making sure to lock the door behind you.

You groaned as you peeled your eyes open, covering your entire face with your arms as you tried to sit up and gather your bearings. You were clearly much more drunk than you thought.

Sitting up you let out another groan as your eyes adjusted to the light, okay you were at Steve’s still and currently on his couch.

You stood up looking around to see no one else in the living room on the couches with you. Assuming they all went home you padded your way over to Steve’s room.

“Stevie?” You whispered as you creaked his door open, “ya in here?” You asked only to find him snoring on top of the bed, still fully clothed. You laughed to yourself, closing the door before making your way into the kitchen in hopes of finding some coffee and painkillers.

“Mornin’ gorgeous,” you let out a yelp when you heard Bucky, turning to see him leaning against the frame of the door, a smirk plastered on his face.

“Don’t call me that,” you scoffed grabbing a glass of water before downing two painkillers, grabbing a glass and two more for Steve.

“After last night I think I can call you that, doll,” he chuckled as you furrowed your eyebrows in confusion but still walked around him to Steve’s room, him hot on your heels.

“You’re out of your mind,” you chuckled nervously as you entered Steve’s room again, placing the water and painkillers on the nightstand before joining Bucky in the hall again.

He raised an eyebrow, “are you trying to tell me you don’t remember what we did last night?” He asked, almost surprised as your eyes blew wide, nearly popping out of your head.

“No,” you said, “no, no, no, no,” you rushed out grabbing your head in your hands, tugging at your hair, “tell me you’re joking,” you begged as you walked into the kitchen, steading yourself on the island.

“What can I say,” he shrugged his shoulders as he folded his muscular arms over his equally muscular chest, “I hate you,” you growled as memories from last night came flooding back to you.

You remember the looks he was giving you all night. You remember drinking, a lot. You remember flirting with Steve. You remember luring Bucky to the bathroom and oh God you remember what he did to you.

You remember him taking you against the counter, relentlessly pounding into you as you raked your nails down his back and through his hair, chanting his name like a mantra.

“Thank me later, doll,” he winked at you as you gave him a glare, but couldn’t help the warm feeling at the bottom of your stomach as he spoke those words, remembering what he did and felt like.

Bucky Barnes had fucked you better than anyone else, and now you were screwed.

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Studying Abroad, Three

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: College AU, where the reader is placed in the Holland’s family home while studying abroad and they have a love/hate relationship. Until, one night, hate seems like it never existed.

Notes*: feedback is… V V V appreciated thank u for listening

part one | part two / part four |  part five | final

“Excuse me, just a minute,” you laughed nervously, leaving Aaron in your room for the third time that day, alone. You rolled your eyes as you neared Tom’s door, the music blaring even louder, if possible. “Tom?” You called out, knocking. You groaned, hearing him turn the music up again. “Tom!” You yelled, curling your hand into a fist and banging against the door.

“Oh, hello darling.” Tom smirked as he opened the door, leaning against his doorframe. “What can I do for you?”

“Turn down the fucking music. This is the fourth time this week you’ve done this.”

“Isn’t this what you wanted? For me to go back to being… what was it? Oh, right – annoying.” Tom’s smirk dropped, giving you a hard stare. “Why don’t you just go work at your butt-buddy’s place?”

“I can’t work at Aaron’s place, because his roommates are there.”

“What’s the difference? I’m here.”

You huffed, turning on your heel. “Fine, we’ll take this to a more… private, atmosphere.” You teased. “Thanks for the idea, Holland.”

Tom rolled his eyes, returning to his room and turning down the stereo, to keep you in the house if anything. He couldn’t trust himself not to follow you and Aaron, wherever you might go.

It had been two weeks since Aaron started hanging out at the house. Tom’s mother had taken quite the liking to Aaron, and Tom was afraid you had taken a genuine liking to him, too. He hated himself every time he saw him running up to you at school or offering to hold your things for you, or whenever you got into his car after classes. Solely because, that could have been him.

“Sorry about that,” you said, slipping back into your room and giving Aaron a soft smile.

“No problem,” he smiled back, scooting the books out of your way so you could sit back down. “Hey, uh, my mates are having a party tonight. Did you, I don’t know, maybe want to come? You can bring your friend.”

You looked at him surprised – Aaron had never asked you to hang out with him outside of the project. Was this a date? How did you feel about a party being your first date? You frowned at yourself for overthinking.

“Is that okay?” Aaron’s voice snapped you out of your thoughts, causing you to nod without thinking.

“Yeah, sure. Party sounds great!”

“Great! I have to get to the flat to help set up, but I’ll text you the address?” You didn’t even notice the two hours that you to usually spent working on the project had flown by.

“Uh, yeah. I’ll see you tonight.” You smiled as he picked up his things, being here often enough that he could walk himself out. “Fuck,” you mumbled, after he shut the door. You pulled out your phone, asking your friend if she’d go with you. You didn’t even have time to get off your bed before she replied with a “fuck yes. please”. You laughed, thinking of how grateful to you she might be for helping her get out of her overly religious and strict home. You replied telling her she could stay over, you’d tell the Den Mother about it later.

“Hey, little Holland. Where are you going?” Tom asked his younger brother, Sam. Sam shrugged, looking in the mirror while he styled his hair.

“Aaron invited us to a party tonight. He’s having one at his flat.”

“Why the fuck would Aaron invite you?”

“Because I’m not a dickhead with him?”

Tom rolled his eyes, flipping Sam off before strolling over to your room. He knocked against the door, hearing you shuffle around your room before he saw the doorknob turning.

“Oh, hello darling.” You mocked him from earlier, pinning your hair in a bun as you looked at Tom. “What can I do for you?”

“Your room is messy,” he noted, walking past you and into your room as he took note of the clothes strung loosely around your room. “Going out?”

“Yup, can you leave so I can get ready?”

“Where ya going?”

You rolled your eyes, catching on that Tom knew exactly where you were going. You walked over to your closet, looking at all the clothes you decided to bring with you. You hadn’t packed for possible parties, just cold weather. “I think you know where I’m going. Hoping to be my plus one?”

“Are you asking me on a date?” The slight teasing sound in his voice annoyed you. What if you did want to ask him out on a date?

“Never. Wouldn’t want to embarrass you.” After you had said that, the atmosphere between you two had switched. You jumped slightly when Tom’s warm hand wrapped around your wrist, pulling you away from your closet and turning you around to look at him.

“Hey,” he said softly, grabbing your chin with his free hand, “I wasn’t embarrassed of you. Is that what you think?” Tom frowned, the hand he held wrapped around your wrist loosening, opting out to slide into yours, allowing himself to hold your hand instead. You stood there frozen, watching as his eyes bore into yours while yours scanned his face, passing his lips every couple of times. You shook your head, pulling yourself away from him.

“Drop it.”

“No. You thought I was embarrassed to be with you? God, I don’t fucking deserve you.”

“Tom, please… just leave it alone.” You begged, not being able to hear the “it’s not you, it’s me”, or the “you’re too good for me”, bullshit, that didn’t make any sense. “I need to get ready.”

Tom sighed, walking up to you, your back toward him, and placing his hands on your shoulders. “I am so lucky to know you,” he whispered, kissing the top of your head and leaving you alone.

“Fuck,” you groaned out, throwing your head back. Your thoughts were pulled away from you when you received a text from Aaron with his address, telling you the party started in two hours.

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I’m Not a Kid

I’m Not a Kid

Word count: 4.2k

Genre: smut

Parts: one | two

“Y/N” you heard Jungkook sing song. He had been bothering you for the past three weeks. Jungkook was your boss’s son and he had been trying to get you to go out with him since day one.

You had given the papers to your secretary and turned to face him. “Jungkook,” you sighed and walked back over to your office. You walked inside your office and turned to close your door but Jungkook stopped it and walked in. You sighed again and went to sit at your desk. You got on your computer, not looking at him, “Yes, Jungkook.”

“Oh, Y/N” he laughed. “I love when you call me that.”

You looked over at him, “It is your name.”

He just stood there and smiled with a wink. You rolled your eyes, “What did you need?”

He walked over and sat at the on the edge of your desk. “Well, I need a date to dinner tonight?”

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How are you? I hope you don't mind if I ask you this but, do you have any 'casual' Black Album era pics of James? Like rare pics or something, I love your blog btw💕

It is shocking that most of the photos I have of James in just casual wear in the Black album era, He’s wearing a damn cowboy hat In like 99% of them 

the right bite | 01

Originally posted by wonnhao

vampire!minghao x reader fluff,
angst, and (eventual) smut

16,180 words

a/n: sooo…here’s the vampire minghao fic…it is…very explicitly halloween-themed lol…but i changed the whole concept at the last minute n it’s taken me awhile to write…so here it is in early november instead of on halloween as promised. i’m sorry. it was hard for me to get into halloween this year :( so this is my love letter and “i’ll try harder next time” to my favorite holiday. part 2 has the smut! it’s almost done n will be out in a couple of days. enjoy!!!

~ in which you fall for some guy at some party without meaning to and soon discover he’s not exactly what he says he is…

Tues., October 31st, 2017 @ Kennedy South Residence Hall, 6:24 P.M.

 In the grand scheme of things, you knew that you’d been through a lot worse than this, and if history was any indicator, there was worse yet to come. But right here, right now, rolling around on your friend’s closet floor on the verge of tears—you decided this was the worst moment of your life.

 Momo wasn’t of much help, of course, with all of her attention hyper-focused on her phone instead of anything you were up to. If you had only one chance to guess exactly what she was doing or be mauled to death by a bear, you’d bet your entire life that she was sexting Mina…and your suspicions were confirmed when you popped your head up out of the laundry pile you’d buried yourself beneath and caught sight of the “racy” picture that your friend was drooling over. A pout, a loose sweater, some sort of bedroom eyes. Gross.

 "It’s just her shoulder,“ you whined, "you’ve spent the better half of the last two years elbow deep in her front bottom and you’re gonna bust a fucking nut over that?” Any other time Momo’s glare would have split you in half, but after this long, exhausting month you’d had, you were impenetrable. It was a shame, really. You’d have preferred to melt under her gaze than live just one agonizing second longer.

 And you couldn’t believe you were feeling this low in October of all months. Sure, you’d had a few bad Marches and a shitty September or two, but you loved Halloween. You loved pumpkin spice everything and leaves falling and screaming at all the scares you knew were coming in movies you’d seen eighty times and running out of haunted houses—you lived for all that shit.

 Leave it to some stupid boy to ruin your favorite time of the year.

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Just one of the guys

Just one of the guys
Avengers x Reader
Warnings: sexist comments

Summary: you hang out with the guys of avengers so much and they never see you dressed up as a “girl.” But after pietro joined the team, he made comments about how you were a boy and cannot believe you were a female because of how you dress or look. You proved him wrong and left him speechless.
“What do you guys want to watch?”

You were laying upside down on the couch, your head hanging at the edge.

You look blankly at the black tv screen.

“Whatever you guys want is fine with me,” says Steve looking at Tony.

“How bout you (Y/n),” Tony says, going on his knees and staring closely at your face.

You sighed,“ I don’t know, you haven’t watched Fast and Furious yet, right Steve?”

You turn to him and he nods his head no.

“Fast and furious it is,“says Tony, looking for the DVDs.

You sit up next to Steve, your legs spread open with your elbows on your knees and your back hunched over.

You sat like a guy, dressed like one too.

You wore a big, plain white tee and some sweatpants. Steve was wearing the same outfit too, and Tony, and Clint.

You had your hair in a weird, messy low bun. You didn’t wear makeup, you didn’t care about how you looked honestly.

Pietro walked in,” what are you guys watching?“

"All of the Fast and Furious movies, we’re on the first one right now,” you said looking at him,“ care to join us?”

He scoffed,“ that’s boring.”

“Don’t like fast car action typa movies? I do. I think they’re cool,” you said.

“They are not even fast,” he says sitting down,“ I am way faster.”

You roll your eyes.

“But anyways,” he says,“ don’t you all think that we should have more women in our team? I mean, we only have two and one of them is my sister. Plus Natasha scares me.”

“You only want girls in our team, to flirt with,” Clint says.

You scoffed,“ excuse me? Two? Hello, I’m right here?!”

Pietro laughs,“ you? You are a female?”

You open your mouth wide, who does he think he is.

Everyone just stayed quiet. Except for Steve but when he opens his mouth to speak, you put a finger on his lips. Pietro doesn’t know what’s coming.

They all get it though, you don’t dress like how other girls would dress or look.

“Anywaaaaaays,” Tony says breaking up the awkward silence,“ we’re having a party tonight, I forgot to tell you guys.”

“What time?” You asked.

“Starts at 9pm.”

“Tony it’s 8 o'clock.”

“Oops?"he shrugs.

You get up,"I’ll see you at the party I guess.”

Piet laughs,“ want to borrow one of my suits? I have a tie that would look great on you.”

Steve shoves his shoulder causing him to fall off of the couch.


“Pietro Maximoff.
You’re going to regret what you said,” you thought, while picking out the perfect dress.

Yes you had dresses. You just didn’t like wearing them.

You grabbed the sexiest one of them all.

It was a black, sleeveless and strapless, tight dress, that has a sweetheart neck line. It showed ALL of your curves and showed a good amount of skin. It went right above your knee.

You had your hair in waves and you put a some makeup on, not too much to the point where it doesn’t look like you.

You checked the time.


Okay perfect, everyone should be there already right?

You head to the stairs and began to go down.

You felt like Cinderella, everyone had their eyes on you.

The whole team especially.

Wanda and Nat wore a smirk on their faces and the guys had their jaws on the floor. Including Pietro’s.

You finally got down and walked towards the group of men.

“Sup dudes?”

“Babe,” Steve says, walking up to you, putting his arms around your waist, and giving your cheek a kiss,“ you look beautiful .”

You blushed,“ aww, thanks baby.”

Pietro’s mouth was still hanging open.

You looked at him and smirked.

“Do I still look like a man to you Pietro, huh?”

He just stared and violently shook his head no.

“I thought so.”

“Come on, sweetheart,” Steve says, giving you his arm for you to hook your arms through,“ let’s dance.”

You and Steve walked off onto the dance floor.

Pietro finally found his voice back and turned to Tony,“ she’s dating S-Steve?”

Tony smirked,“ yeah, why? You want her now don’t you Speedy.”

Pietro looked down at his drink and took a sip, walking off.

“He totally wants her.”

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