i have a partner in crime

To my future girlfriend… I am not like the ones in your past. I will not betray your trust. I will not willingly hurt you. I will not belittle you in front of my friends. I will not ignore you when you seek attention. I will not quiet you when you’re loudly talking about something that excites you. I will not make you feel stupid about your passions. I will never make you feel less than you are. I am not like the people in your past that hurt you. I am not perfect, though. I will not promise perfection. I will promise to take care of you. I promise to support you. I promise to be your partner in crime. I promise to be loyal and trustworthy. I promise to always love you. And I promise you’ll always feel my love for you. You will never have to second guess with me. You know you’ll have my heart because I will remind you every minute of every day if that’s what you need. I promise to heal your wounds. And lastly, I promise to make you believe in love again. To not be afraid to give someone your all. So please, future girlfriend, don’t be afraid to give yourself to me. I promise to treat you like the most valuable treasure I’ve ever received.

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Songs for Dark/Anti? Anything by Set It Off. Literally anything. One that works great for the danti ship is Partners In Crime- it's about Bonnie and Clyde I think, but it just works.

i definitely feel like dark and anti could have that bonnie and clyde sort of vibe tbh. i’ll look into these, thanks for the recs! 💚

that moment when you have two big things you need/want to include in a chapter, but have no idea how to fit either one.

and then you get a sudden plot bunny and you use idea A as the transition into idea B and it goes flawlessly. and you’re really proud of this plot bunny.

but your partner in crime is busy and you can’t say anything to anyone else.


i’m in that weird mood where none of my music is appealing. over 5,000 songs and none of them are THAT song that i want. and i don’t know what THAT song is. so i just keep listening to all of them skipping through them like someone with ADD.

oh wait…

i have ADD

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Hii :) I love this blog!!!! So there is this girl in my class that i am having a huge crush on, and i know she is bisexual. So i am also bi but not out to my school, and i don't know if i want to come out since i will leave this school next year already. Now i dont know if i should go for the girl in my class or not... i have tried to flirt with her a little but she doesn't seem to realise i am also gay :(. Do you have tips for me?? I dont know what to do!!


you don’t have to come out to the complete school if you don’t want to. You could just come out to her if you want to do that. You could ask her if you ever wanted to hang out as two bi partners in crime. Or just ask her to hang out without having to come out…. or wear something subtle in bi pride colours and make sure she sees it and hopefully she’ll get the hint.

…..that’s all I can think of unfortunately.


“Ahh, detective, I see you have fallen for my trap. It’s a pity it had to end this way. I knew you would taste that mysterious white powder you found at the crime scene to confirm its identity. I understand… you were trying to look cool in front of your partner. You must have realized by now that I simply laced table sugar with an incredibly powerful neurotoxin. As you die, consider this a victory for responsible investigation, and an educational moment for your young partner. She will not make your mistake and will use appropriate methods and tools to identify unknown substances, not her goddamn tongue, you fool.”

Types of SD Messages; A Comprehensive Study

The Level One Starter: Heyyy there sexy lady ;) how u doing tonight? Got plans for the weekend? Loved your profile, was hoping we could chat more xxx

The Midlife Crisis: Hey beautiful :p I am a professional man living in a city who is looking for a naughty partner in crime. I give generous gifts and dinners as well as tickling and kisses :p I can spoil you any way you like if you can spoil me :p I have a place in XXX and you can CUM by and we can have some adult fun :p :p message me back, I don’t bite…unless you want me to :p

The Scrapbooker: Got any more pics? X

The Google Translate: hello there sexy, i can spoil and am gentle man. can give kisses and lots of spoils. message back with sexy pics in bikinis xxxxxxxxx

 The Dad of Three: Hi :) I’m David and I already know I’m a bit old for you. I guess I’m wondering what a nice girl like you is doing on a site like this?

 The Straight To The Point: Hi, I love your lovely round breasts I can’t wait to squeeze and lick them and stimulate you in every way you’ve ever dreamed. I’m looking for someone very fun and naughty!!! I like anal and various roleplays. Have you ever used toys? xxx

The Chicks Dig Doctors: Hi, I’m Sam :) I’m a medical professional living in the city and I went to university to study medicine, I am working in my medical practice, seeing to my many patients, and that’s why I can’t meet during the day.

The Done This Before: Hello, I’m Michael. I’m 52 years old and run a successful firm in the city. I read your profile and have to say I’m intrigued. I am currently staying at the XXX and wondered if we could get together during my stay. I will compensate you for your time.

The Didn’t Read Your Profile: Me and my wife are looking for a young hot thing to spice up our sex lives ;) Must be sexually submissive, into rape fantasy and costumes xoxo

The Definitely Not A Rapist: Hi there :) I liked your profile, was wondering if you’re free tonight? I have a nice place overlooking the river and could wine and dine you, and also some lovely gifts to spoil you with :) I love making ladies smile. Let me know if you’re free, I could buy you dinner and we could go back to mine xxx

The Conversationalist: Hey ;) x

The Talking Clock: Hello my fair lady :) I loved your profile and have messaged you once before but you didn’t seem to reply! If you’re going to take this seriously, you should reply PROMPTLY to the messages that people send you. I sent you a message on the 4th at 6.30pm and even though you were online you didn’t reply so I am trying again today on the 6th. I hope to receive a warm and friendly and PROMPT response as soon as you see this!!! xxx

The College Student Who Wandered In: Hey, you’re pretty hot :) wanna grab a drink tonight?

The Mother Didn’t Hug Me Enough: Hello, Mistress- i am looking for a beautiful woman like you to dominate me. i want for You to choke me with your high heels and stick huge black dildos up my asshole until i cum over your boots and You have me lick it all up

The One In A Million: Hi, how are you? I’m looking for a young lady to spoil and am prepared to negotiate a pay per meet fee or a monthly allowance, dependant on whether we like each other or not. My email is XXX and please let me know if you’re interested after reading my profile. I’m staying at the XXX until the 10th and we can talk about it over champagne if you’re free this weekend?

Happy 2 year anniversary to my partner in crime @boredpoetsociety . I am so blessed that God chose us to be together, I couldn’t have ever imagined that I’d ever find someone like you. You make me the happiest man on Earth and I hope I do the same for you 😊❤️ you’re my best friend. I love you so much ❤️ Here’s to many many more!!!

Dating Jim Moriarty would involve...

·       Him getting jealous easily

·       Him being extremely protective over you

·       Him getting you anything you want

·       “You don’t have to buy me anything”

·       “Who says I’m going to buy it”

·       Him threatening, or injuring anyone who dares to flirt with you

·       Him making sure you are always protected

·       “How did I manage this?”

·       “Manage what?”

·       “How did I make the worlds dangerous criminal fall in love with me”

·       Him dropping everything if you need him

·       “Sir, you’re needed”

·       “I’m busy”

·       “It’s Y/N”

·       “Cancel everything”

·       Jealous sex

·       Rough sex

·       Passionate sex

·       Just any type of sex to be honest

·       Being his partner in crime

Idk why people always portray Alfred as such a righteous and selfless guy like guys I need a fic where he is willing to sell out his friends just because someone gave him a shit load of money. I NEED A FIC WHERE AT FIRST HE SEEM LIKE SUCH A GOOD GUY BUT THEM THIS HANDSOME BUT VERY BAD PERSON COMES UP AND SEDUCES HIM and not with his good looks but WITH MONEY

Sh*t Johnlockers/TJLCers Say
(Please do not repost! Reblog here - ) For all of my TJLC fam! January will set us free. Thank you everyone for your support and amazing contributions to our...

Here it is, guys! Three months after originally pitching the idea, it’s done! And it’s over 5 minutes, sheesh. Anyway, all’a that is for every Johnlocker and TJLCer - we’re all a big, emotional, dorky family.

I’d like to extend special thanks to the lovely and wonderful Steph at @inevitably-johnlocked for everything she’s contributed, namely in helping me get this idea out and have suggestions start rolling in. And just for being an amazing part of the TJLC community. 💖 More special thanks to Rebs at @quietlyprim for their excellent videos and for much inspiration. Also many thanks to my Johnlock partner in crime Madalyn at @chrysanthemumsies, who is featured in this video as my skype buddy, and who helped me look over many clips and compile the final product. 

Extra tags are below the cut, and there’s a crapton of them - my friendos, people who supported me and contributed ideas, people I just admire and respect, etc. I have been told by several people that they really love this idea because it represents all of us and all the ridiculous things we think, say, and do, that we can’t always get out there. I love the TJLC community and so those compliments mean a lot to me. This is for all of you. 💖

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Partners in Mischief

Hogwarts - Gryffindor Girls Dormitory

Sirius is applying makeup as Jamie watches her. After a while, she clears her throat.

Sirius smiles, without looking at her best friend.

Jamie: I know, I know…

Sirius: I wouldn’t hurt her, Prongs. It’s not like that. She’s not just - anybody.

Jamie: I’m happy for you both, really. Took you bloody long enough.

Jamie: Are you going to spend all your time with Remi now, or..? Because I have some really good pranks planned, and I can’t pull them off if you’re both snogging each other all the time.

Sirius stares blankly for a brief moment. Then, she breaks into laughter.

Sirius: Look, you’re my partner in crime, right? We’re the Marauders. Remi might be my girlfriend, but…

Jamie: If you could stop looking at your own reflection for three seconds, I do have a plan.



“it’s a tragedy for this court to see such a total waste, i think, of humanity that i’ve experienced in this court. you’re a bright young man. you’d’a made a good lawyer, i’d have loved to have you practice in front of me, but… you went another way, partner. take care of yourself.” 

edward cowart, the judge who sentenced ted bundy to death. 

KS Chapter 18 - Partners In Crime

You probably heard a lot of theories in regards to that, “partners in crime”, that is. And technically, I should have labelled this title as “chapter 19″ because for this chapter, it doesn’t apply quite yet. 

But I suspect that the time has finally come. Maybe not quite as some imagined it to be and it will be certainly a horrific experience for Bum, but considering…

  • that there’s a high probability that Jieun is going to die
  • and more importantly, Sangwoo’s demand for Jieun to have sex with Bum

it might be not that far of a stretch to assume that Sangwoo is shaping Bum into his ideal (crime) partner, the ultimate bonding experience and the one that shaped and changed Sangwoo as a person forever.

Sangwoo, for once, has had sex with his victims. Of course, Jieun is the primary example, then we have Sangwoo giving that elderly man a blowjob (rather unwillingly, though) and victim numero uno, who we never saw actively having sex with him mind you, but ended up in the same manner as Jieun, aka naked. 

That the murder of his mother (directly or indirectly) changed Sangwoo for good goes without saying. Since then, and I genuinely believe this, he couldn’t stop (as in refrain himself) targeting women, confident women who “would look down on him.” It also becomes apparent that its a tremendous and “necessary” power boost of his, he needs to have the upper hand, he needs to be the dominant party. Losing or being stripped of power is something Sangwoo can hardly bear. And them being naked indicates vulnerability and defenselessness, not only in a physical sense, but in an emotional one as well. Usually, this can a beautiful bonding experience and these factors are not really bad in itself, but obviously Sangwoo twists this to his perverted pleasure and to a huge disadvantage for them.

Sangwoo stripped Bum naked as well in this chapter. In fact, Bum gets pushed in the submissive role as soon as chapter two. He has to wear woman’s clothing, which to him are the “submissive” party and additionally calls him a “country whore” which would be pretty much a female-only slut shaming term. He also gets to play the mother role at times, which is a neutral role at best but also in the “child” role, which Bum can benefit from the most because Sangwoo gets non-abusive. When Bum is (despite being unaware) being catered in that child role, he wears clothing according to it. Well, not quite, but it’s pretty much age-neutral, so there’s that.

So what on earth am I getting at? Well, let me summarize it.

  • Firstly, with Bum having to have sex with Jieun would put him in the same position as Sangwoo, the dominant party. This is a very Sangwoo-ish method that is, or possibly was, exclusively his territory and allowing Bum to participate and copy such method shows how much Sangwoo is attached to Bum, but also that Sangwoo gives him a much more dominant role - for Sangwoo, someone who perviously couldn’t even remotely accept a dispargingly glare or a rude comment by anyone, someone who views every act, every move and every conversation as a power play. Sangwoo offers Bum a private part of his self with this atrocious act and if Bum rejects it, I would be worried for his safety truth to be told. After all, he did tell Bum “we both have to want it - if not, we can’t be together.” So to close off my first point - I think Sangwoo tries to finalise his attempt to make Bum an, ahem, an “equal” partner, a partner Sangwoo can fully trust and rely on but that also implies Bum as a fellow dominant partner, because with Bum, sigh, “accepting” said offer by having sex with Jieun, he would also “accept” Sangwoo’s deepest thoughts and feelings (in theory and according to Sangwoo, that is) and thus, having control over him
  • I focused so much on the clothes, or in this case lack of clothes in this chapter, because I think it has so many meanings attached to it. One, the one I mentioned above - vulnerability and defenselessness. While Sangwoo exploited these by Bum as well, but I think this time is different. It’s like a ceremony - a coming of age, a wedding, a twisted baptism, take it for what you will - but it is supposed to be a new life aspect of Bum and Sangwoo and Bum needs to strip away all his defenses and present his emotions, his thoughts, himself to this new change that he has to face. It’s like giving his whole self to this new chapter of life - only forcefully, that is. And Sangwoo wants to witness it and everything with it. It is still a power play, but this time it’s less about Sangwoo and more about his expectations and more importantly about Sangwoo’s inner child, who is reliving in this scenario we are currently unaware of. Bum isn’t just “Bum”, Bum is all aspects embodied, the aspects that Sangwoo has to deal with, that is. This whole crazy thing going on here isn’t a seperation of these aspects (”child Bum” can’t be “Mom Bum” at the same time), but more of a merger. Bum needs to be everything at the same time so Sangwoo can possibly be satisfied and I feel like this scenario, at least according to Sangwoo, is some kind of closure of his - a tranquilisation of his past trauma. And for that, he needs Bum, the one who has the greatest potential to “understand” him to relive through Sangwoo’s deeds and his past. And as I said, it’s also an offering on Sangwoo’s part of his most secretive and deepest emotions.
Chogiwa (Part 1)

A/N: I can’t believe I actually wrote an actual smut based on Chanyeol’s trademark ‘Chogiwa’ but shit happens and here we are. This is going to be two-part smut, so here is the first part for you all! Also, this is dedicated to my fam/partner-in-crime/best tumblr friend @nunchiwrites (who is one of THE best writers I know out there!) as she’s been craving for some hot Wolf! Chanyeol ;) enjoy this baby of mine and remember to leave some feedback in the ask box too, you lovely people x (and look forward to Part 2 in the near future!)

Pairing(s): Chanyeol x Reader (with a hint of Kyungsoo)

Genre: Smut

Requested: Yes, by @nunchiwrites

Summary: Chanyeol marks you as his mate to protect you from another wolf and steamy stuff happens.

Word Count: 4145

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For eighteen years, people have been warning you to not wander into the forest at night, especially when there’s a full moon. You’ve heard whispers about the ‘beasts’ that attack innocent people in the shadows of the woods and the rumours about ‘half human, half wolf’ mutants. You never really believed a word of it. Half human, half wolf? Seriously?

Scoffing to yourself in your mind, you merrily continue your stroll into the forest, enjoying the night breeze wafting through your hair. A quick upwards glance tells you that there’s a full moon out tonight, glowing brightly and illuminating the entire ink-black sky beautifully.

Smiling contentedly to yourself, you find your feet taking you further into the depths of the forest, increasing the distance between your form and the bustling life on the outskirts of the woods. An abrupt gust of wind chills you right down to your bones and you wrap your arms around yourself tightly, goosebumps breaking out on your bare skin. In all the years you’ve been wandering into the forest on your own at night, you’ve never grown accustomed to the chilly breezes that claws at your skin ruthlessly.

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