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A nightmare or a pleasant dream?

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BTS AU  ( Psychotherapist!Taehyung )

One shot 

Requested by: Anonymous

Request: “Can you please write bts scenario ( Psihotherapst!Taehyung ) where (y/n) is his doctor and Taehyung is the patient with mental disorder & stuff ( like he’s the psycho). Thank you and can’t wait , I know you’ll do good at this. 

A/N: Sorry it took me so so so long to do this anony, I hope you aren’t too mad.I couldn’t keep myself from adding a plot twist at the end.It is kind of short.I hope you like it and sorry for any mistakes made.

Disclaimer: This is a fantasy story, Taehyung ISN’T actually crazy in here.There are creatures that are troubling him.I am really sorry if I made you feel disturbed in anyway.Thank you for readying.

Word count:  1,567

Warnings: Killing intend and mention of blood. 

  Your job wasn’t easy, it wasn’t something anyone could do.People came into your office everyday wanting to share their stories and problems with you.As they were leaving, their hearts were light as feathers, but yours wasn’t, you had to bear all of the troubles other people had.That was the job of a psychotherapist.

  Every single one of your patients was unique in his or her own way, but there was one particular man who was special.He had you in his grasp the moment he first step foot in your office.His hair light brown, eyes a deep creamy dark color, he was just angelic, but soon enough you found out the darkness hiding behind his pure looks.

  You were here to help him no matter what was going happen.As you were waiting for him, you were looking through your notes. His name was Kim Taehyung and he had been having nightmares, dreadful once.As you listened to them you could feel the fear in his voice.These dreams were slowly taking over his life, as he was telling you.He had told you that with every visit he was starting to have less and less of these dreams. As you were still looking through his documents, the door opened slowly and you saw him, standing there.

“Ah.”you stood up

“I knocked a couple of times, but you weren’t answering, so I just opened the door.”he said, peeking through it

“It’s ok, come on in.” he closed the door behind himself and laid down on the couch next to your desk “I was thinking of something and totally spaced out for a moment.” you sat next to him ,taking out your pen “So, how have you been feeling this week?”you asked

“To be honest I am feeling so much better than the first time I came here.I still have them from time to time though.” he answered you

“Judging by your voice they are still more or less troubling you.” you wrote something down on the paper that was on your lap

“They are.”he sighed and continued talking “These dreams look so real and they make me what to do things.Things I shouldn’t.”Taehyung looked down at his two trembling arms

“It’s ok.”you placed your hand onto his and placed them gently down ”Tell me what your dream was about.”

“I was walking in some kind of darkness, when I finally found light, I saw creatures coming from the ground, they were trying to get to me.” he started telling you

“And then?”you asked

“I found some kind of knife, I was so happy and without knowing it I started swinging it around.I thought I was killing them, then the light came closer and I saw that they had faces.All my friends and people I hold dear to me.The strangest thing was that….I liked it.” you noticed the growing smile onto his lips.You wrote down everything he told you and them looked at him.

“Have you been having any urges lately?”

“I haven’t had a massive one in a long time, but today I was cutting some food when one of my hyungs came by and reached out to grab something.I accidentally cut his hand and panicked, but suddenly these voices started appearing and telling me all kinds of things. I noticed the blood on the knife and the way he gasped when he got cut. I started having this need to see what will happen if I stab him.” Taehyung was breathing very heavy 

“Did you do it?”you asked even if you already knew the answer 

“No, I suddenly remembered you and let go of the knife immediately.” upon hearing these words you smiled faintly “I don’t know why, but you are like the cure to my illness.”Taehyung’s head looked towards you “ I feel like I can’t live without you.I feel like you are keeping me safe and away from that darkness.”he stood up and started coming closer to you ”I will go mad without you…Y/N.”

  You placed the pen down for a second and touched his lips with your finger “Shhh, everything is ok.”you helped him lay down again “Tell me Taehyung, how do you feel about these dark figures that have been following you in your dreams?Do you really think your mind is showing you the things you want to do?”

“I don’t think so.I love my friends and family.I know that my mind is playing tricks on me, because if those shadows were really the people I hold dear, than I would have seen you too.” he was a very sweet person aside from his problems, someone who was able to steal your heart with such ease.Both of you had feelings for each other, but tried to keep it a secret from the other people.Even if you never told him, he knew and vise versa.

  These dreams have been making him think about murder and all kinds of bad things.Each day he came in ,he was looking worse and worse, until you truly found the source of the problem at hand. The love you felt for this man was driving you crazy, you wanted to help him so much.When he started feeling better and better you started relaxing more. As he kept talking about his dream you saw his body starting to tremble, his words became more and more dark and the breaths he was taking were sharper than usual. You knew that he was starting to go crazy with all the memories he has.These dreams were bringing back sad and painful moments of his life.

 The peak occurred the second he spoke of seeing you disappear and leaving him.Taehyung’s body jumped up and he grabbed his face. “I know it wasn’t true, I know that it wouldn’t happen, but it was so real. I was ready to stab anyone who could have done this. I wanted to kill, to spill his blood.I didn’t know who he was, but I had decided to kill anyone in my path until I found you.” His voice got louder and louder and you decided that you had to do something.

  You stood up and sat on the couch next to him. Gently placing your warm hands onto his trembling shoulders, you pulled his head down to your lap, gently running your hand through his hair to relax him.This worked wonders, Taehyung felt safe in your embrace after all.

“You won’t leave me right?”he asked 

“I won’t.”


“I promise.”he closed his eyes, resting his head onto your thighs

“I feel like I am a wrong person, that I shouldn’t exist. I am a psychopath, I am most afraid of hurting you.” his voice was starting to panic again 

“No matter what happens I will always be here for you Tae. No matter what you might do, you will always find me next to you.” as you were talking to him the room started getting a bit dark, your eyes moved with the shadows as you were speaking to him “You see, there are certain creatures called dream fairies.They aren’t as nice as most people think.They come and consume nightmares.All the dark monsters that are trying to hurt you won’t be able to even touch you, so you should relax.”your hand slowly cupped his cheeks “These fairies come inside your house while you sleep and eat your dreams just by…”you leaned and placed a kiss onto his forehead “Doing this.”In seconds the shadows forming behind you disappeared and the light was restored in the room once more.

“A lot of people call them demons and vampires, ugly creatures that must not exist.They hunt them down and kill them, trying to use their powers for themselves.”

“I think that they are pretty. I don’t believe that they are evil.If there fairies consume nightmares and only leave good dreams than they are doing good.”Taehyung’s eyes moved up to look at you, with a heart warming smile onto his lips he said “You are my dream fairy, my good dream fairy.”he closed his eyes and continued laying onto your lap

“That is right.”you smiled in a very particular way, as you pulled his head gently towards your chest “I am your dream fairy, always by your side.”your eyes moved slowly towards the mirror that was placed in front of you on the wall. The reflection was something even the gods couldn’t expect to happen. The wind that was blowing through the window was letting rain in the closed off room. As Tae was close to it ,you didn’t want him to get wet and so you covered him. A thin shadow appeared over him, one look at the mirror revealed two black sheer wings and a devilish smile, accompanied with a pair of blood red eyes. 

“I will keep those shadows away from you.I won’t let they harm you.”

  If someone had seen you two they would have thought of an angelic woman, being captured by a mad man, but things aren’t always as they seem.For the truth can be seen in this image, that only this mirror will know of. A man as sweet as an angel in the grasp of a demon.He won’t escape, nor will she let him go.Taehyung was there to stay, protected by the same darkness he fears so much, but doesn’t want to leave, as its warm and gentle hands will always pull him back and keep him safe.

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Saw your reblog of Harry's shirts and I was wondering...Say his girl stole one. Which side of him do you think would win out? the "ooh she's in my clothes?" or the laughing "wow that shirt really is god awful?"

You sent it and then I got too excited and now … have at it.


“Is there a special reason as to why you’re wearing me shirt?” Harry’s voice is curious and slightly offended, a quirk to his brow and the corner of his lips.

Your eyebrows raise as you look down at your outfit: his sheer floral printed shirt knotted around your waist to make it shorter, paired with high waisted black shorts and black heeled boots. Your bralette could be seen under the opened buttons of his shirt you were wearing and you had your purse in hand. It was hot summer’s night and you two were just about to go out for dinner with friends. You had been lounging around in your towel, the heat too strong for you to put a robe on while your searched for something to wear and the flimsy piece had caught your attention, which ended up in you, clad in his clothing.

He’s looking you up and down and you feel a bit self conscious, never having worn his clothes outside the house except for a unrecognizable white t-shirt once or twice, but this one… Well, this one was undeniably his. It feels like you overstepped some invisible boundary, his silence speaking volumes as you turn on your heels, embarrassment burning in your neck and the apples of your cheek and start walking towards the bedroom.

“No, wait! Where are yeh going?” He pulls you back by the belt loops on the back of your shorts and you stumble back, your back hitting his warm solid chest.

“To change…” You mumble, trying to untangle yourself from him but Harry’s quicker and stronger, an arm wrapping around your middle and keeping you against him.

“Why would yeh?” He asks against your ear and you shiver but reign yourself in, turning your face away from his in an attempt to escape his seducing voice and minty breath that made you dizzy with want. “I didn’t say anything…”

“The look in your eyes was enough.” You quip, hand trying to pull his tattooed one away from you so you can escape this trap. “And I know you don’t like it when people use your stuff.”

People is not the same as you.” He tells you, turning your face to his and trapping your lips in a kiss. “And I think you need to work on your interpretation…” He mumble, biting in your bottom lip. “Look good in m'clothes, love.”


He’s been staring all night.

While you drove down to the restaurant, while you ate your sushi and talked with his friends, while you sipped on your virgin mojito and your hair blew on the beachy wind.

Harry had been staring at you relentlessly, as he sipped on his drink and pretended to laugh at some shit people were telling him. He’s sitting on the other side of the table, fingers fidgeting with his bottom lip, pinching and pulling, green eyes locked on you like a hunter to it’s prey. You can feel your skin prickle with goosebumps that have nothing to do with the wind and butterflies to swarm in your tummy, a low but scorching flame burning in inside of you.

“I’m tired.” He announces, voice a bit croaky from how quiet he’s been all night. He’s normally the life of all parties, but his only focus was you and you knew something would come out of it. “Shall we go home?” Harry asks you, interrupting you when you’re about to sip your drink. His question is more like a suggestion, a way of telling you that yes, you’re leaving now, whether you like it or not.

“Yeah, I’m a bit tired myself…” You grimace, lying through your teeth.

He wants you alone.

Saying your goodbyes and rushing through a crowd of fans and paparazzi, you can feel Harry’s hand warm you the small of your back and he ushers you towards the car. There’s shouts and flashes everywhere, fans begging for his attention and paparazzi teasing the both of you.

Early night for you both?

Going home for a fun night?

Is that Harry’s shirt? 

It’s a bit too much, as usual, but they’ve never had limits when it came to getting a reaction out of the both of you but specially him. Although you can see Harry’s jaw tighten and he has an angry frown on his face, he doesn’t budge. He has you inside the passenger seat of his Mercedes in a heartbeat, circling the car and jumping in himself not a second after you shut your door. He has the hood up and the windows rolled up to block the noise as much as he can and he’s maneuvering carefully and speeding forward, leaving the crowds behind.

You’re speeding towards his place and your hand is kneading at his shoulder for a few good seconds before he relaxes under your touch.

“Good?” He asks, one hand reaching for your bare thigh but keeping his on the road.

“Good.” You reassure him.

The ride home is quick, his hand never leaving your skin and he’s parking on his drive way not 20 minutes after you left the restaurant. He turns to you, taking off his seatbelt, sighing and then he’s back to his old self.

“You look good.” It’s a confession, truthful and bathed in want, and it makes your thighs tense and your core tingle.

“Do I?”

“Love it when you wear my clothes.” He nods at you and leans over the gear, planting a kiss to the corner of your mouth. “Means you’re mine…”

You gulp, eyes closing and breath wavering when his teeth nip the skin of your jaw, his tongue licking at the red patch he left behind.

“Couldn’t keep m'eyes away.” Harry’s hand is on your thigh, pulling you closer so he can kiss on your neck and you turn to him, finding his lips in a heated kiss. He’s pulling you over to his lap in a heartbeat, knees astride his hips and he’s fumbling with the buttons on your shorts before you can tell him no, awkwardly pushing it down your legs until he gets them off. You’re back on him, hands lost in his hair, tongue licking into his mouth with hunger, your nails digging into his shoulders. Harry’s hands are undoing the knot of his shirt, unbuttoning what’s left and leaving it to hang in the crooks of your elbows as you move against the bulge in his pants.

B-bloody hell, been hard all night fo’ yeh.” He grunts and pulls you down against him with force, the friction of your pantie clad center against his clothed cock making you moan.

“Then take me.” It’s a beg and his response is to grip the flimsy fabric of your knickers with both hands, pulling it until it’s ripped to shreds. You wear a shocked expression, mouth open in a perfect “o” as you work on his jeans, opening the button and zipper with quick fingers before pulling it down in a hurry. His cock is hard and pre-cum is dribbling from his tip, the head as read as his bitten lips. You can feel your mouth water as you pump your hand in quick movements but he’s not having it and Harry’s pulling your hand away. One of his hands is tangled in your hair, right at the nape of your neck and the other is lining his cock up to your soaked center, his eyes hooded but glued to yours.

Want your cunt.” He whispers and you moan, hips reacting to the harshness of his words and rolling forward, the head of his cock bumping your clit making you both wince. “You’re soaked, love. Is it fo’ me?” There’s awe in his voice and he keeps gliding himself between your folds, making you whine.

“Yes, p-please… fuck me, Harry, please…” Breathy and full of begging, those words is what does him in and it’s when he lines his cock with your entrance, pushing in with barely any resistance, the hot wet heat of you enveloping him and earning a loud moan.

The windows of his car are fogged up, there’s sweat dripping down your cleavage and his shirt that’s still hanging on your body sticks to your clammy skin. You bounce on his cock, hard as a rock inside of you and the way he’s meeting your thrusts tells you he doesn’t want it to last, he just wants a good fuck in. You don’t know why this got you so worked up, but you can feel your pebbles nipples straining against the fabric of your bralette, the muscles in your stomach tensing as you feel him deep, your clit tingling and your walls pulsing around him.

“Taking me so well, baby girl…” Harry’s breathless and he’s mouthing on your neck, licking and biting with no worries about leaving marks, in fact, it seems like that’s his goal. His hands controls your pace and you whine when  his other hand leaves your hair to pull down the cups of your bra and trap your nipple between his lips, pulling and suckling on the hard nub. You shiver, pulling on his hair with no pity.

“Good, f-feel so good inside me…” The giggle that leaves your lips when he nibbles at your collarbones is short lived, melting into a moan when his skillful fingers find your clit. He’s rolling and circling, that way it makes your pussy clench around him and it makes every hair on your body stand on end, your orgasm approaching faster than you could tell. “D-does your pussy feel good? Huh?” You taunt him and his short nails dig in the skin of your thighs.

“Mine, innit? All fuckin’ mine.” He tells you, locking both his strong arms around and holding you still while he pounds up into you, erratic and punishing thrusts, his cock hitting that spot inside of you that makes your eyes roll back into your head.

He’s claiming you his as he owns his the flimsy shirt that hangs from your body and you’re cumming without any warnings, a shout of his name leaving your lips along with long and pleasure moans and incoherences. He’s right behind you, streams of his cum filling you up with all he’s got, before he stills, your spent body slacked against his chest as you shake uncontrollably.

The after shocks of your pleasure make you clench around his softening cock that’s still inside you but you don’t care. It feels too good and your limbs are useless, eyes unfocused and mind swimming. Harry’s heart is hammering on his chest, right where your ear is pressed and he’s huffing, unsteady hands playing with your hair.

It’s a long while before you both are able to speak again and he’s pulling out of you with a grunt and a wince, the sight of his cum sliding out of you and down your thighs enough to make his cock twitch in interest.

“Was that-” You start, gulping in a breath and looking down between the two of you where his fingers touch your center, his eyes shining with interest and awe, before you pull his head up, meeting his gaze with your still hazy eyes. “Was that because of the shirt?”

“I like you in my clothes.” His voice is raspy and sincere, want still very much present in his tone.

“Should wear them more often…” You note and he laughs, pulling you in for a kiss.


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i have a lot of black sisters feelings too - i keep thinking up headcanons about their teenage years. and like what they would be like if they lived in modern times, like regular people, non-magical... what kind of clothes they'd wear, what jobs they'd have, their fave music, would bellatrix still become a murderer, would andromeda still run away (like i could see it happening if their family is classist/racist & ted is a poc & poor)... do you have any ideas about this au? (it's an au i guess)

OH MY GOD?? oh my GOD thank you for this message i have had it sitting in my inbox for days just waiting for me to have the time/energy to reply because WHAT A GOOD. what a good. okay so first of all @jercmevaleska has some of the best modern au black family headcanons full stop so please do check out her blog if you dig that kind of thing. my black sisters though okay god i’m sorry this is SO LONG with narcissa especially i get so carried away

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Just Friends

Anonymous Prompt: Hi there! May I have a dirty Harry imagine where he and I are close friends and we hang out alone one day and fuck? Please make it really detailed and please please I want to give him a blowjob in this imagine..

I storm into Harry’s house, not even bothering to knock anymore. Harry’s on the couch in his sweats, shirtless, hair in a bun, just watching TV. He barely even acknowledges me as I plop down on the couch next to him, grabbing a handful of popcorn out of the bowl laying in his lap.

“You know what sucks?”


“Stupid fucking people,” I spit.

“What happened?” He asks, attention still on the TV.

“My fucking boss came onto me again!” I say angrily.

“Well you are fucking hot,” he snorts, tossing some popcorn into his mouth.

“Yeah, yeah, it still fucking sucks.” I roll my eyes, mouth full of popcorn as I speak. “Like who the fuck does he think he is telling me ” Your ass looks good in that skirt, Y/N" or “Maybe you should unbutton a few more buttons”??? Seriously, I should file sexual harassment but then I’d probably just get fired,“ I huff, frustrated.

"I could sue him for you,” Harry laughs, knowing full well his legal team could make mincemeat out of my boss.

“No, no, don’t do that,” I laugh.

“Well then, it sounds like you need a drink,” he concludes, slapping his hands on his thighs before handing me the popcorn and getting up.

“Agreed,” I mutter, trying to ignore how low his sweats hang and how, being shirtless, I can admire every muscle of his back as he walks away from me.

We’ve been best friends for years, but no matter how hard I try, it’s impossible for me to completely bury the part of me that wants to spend every waking moment jumping his bones and every sleeping moment wrapped in his arms. I shake my head of filthy and sappy fantasies and focus on the TV as he goes to get me a drink.

I munch on the popcorn and let my mind wander from my asshole boss to my gorgeous best friend and keep myself as quiet as possible. When Harry comes back, he’s mixed me a rum and coke ( my favorite drink) and is having himself a glass of whiskey. He hands me the drink and takes a seat.

“Okay, we need to get your mind off of this. How’s your mum?” He asks randomly.

“She’s good. Working hard taking care of my sister and dad’s getting close to retiring so that’ll be nice for them…” I trail off.

“Good, I’ll have to go see them soon. I miss them all.” He replies.

“Yeah, sis misses you. You always crack her up,” I say, smiling thinking about growing up with Harry and how much my family loves him.

“Yeah she’s a sweetheart. Okay, next. How’s your love life?” Harry asks.

I gasp slightly, somehow shocked by his question. We’ve always been able to talk about our love lives before, but now, it seems strange. I can’t tell if it’s a lack of a love life or just a genuine realization of how perfect that Harry is that is making me want him, more than ever. Either way, I know that I now feel uncomfortable talking about it with him when he’s the one I’m really into.

“Eh,” I manage to say noncommittally.

“Oh, come on! How is it!?” He asks, getting excited in his seat, knowing that I’m hiding something.

“Nonexistent,” I mutter.

“That can’t be true. Who’s got your eye lately? Anyone interesting coming on to you?”

“No, nobody. I have no interest in any of the guys I’ve talked to recently and no one is really expressing any interest either,” I mumble softly.

“Oh come on, you’re gorgeous and wonderful. Someone’s got to see that.”

“Apparently not,” I reply, sipping my drink.

“Then let’s go find someone,” he says, determined.

I look up in shock.

“What do you mean!?”

“Let’s go clubbing! I’m sure we can find a hottie for you there,” he winks.

I roll my eyes and attempt not to giggle.


“Yeah! Why not? I’ll be your wingman and you’ll be my wingwoman,” Harry smiles.

Despite how much I’d love if neither of us needed a wingperson and could just be together, it might be fun to go out with him. I nod quickly and smile up at the now excited Harry. He jumps up, running upstairs to put some real clothes on. I follow him, not wanting to wear work clothes clubbing.

“Harryyyy,” I whine.

“Yeah, love?” Harry calls, walking out of his bathroom, hair now styled down and just boxers hanging on his hips.

“Oh, ummm,” I back peddle in an attempt to focus my thoughts on something other than his perfect abs and light happy trail. “I don’t really want to wear these clothes clubbing…” I say looking down at my businesslike outfit.

“Sure thing, love,” he smiles before walking to his dresser and pulling out a pair of his skinniest black jeans from the bottom drawer. I don’t miss the way his legs stretch and how good his ass looks just clad in black boxers. “These should fit.”

“Mmmmhmm,” I say grabbing the jeans and beginning to wiggle out of my skirt. “And what about my shirt?” I ask.

“Do you really have to wear one?” He smirks.

“Yeeees,” I reply, not ignoring the way his eyes linger on my panty-clad hips as I pull up his skinny jeans with some difficulty.

“How about this?” He asks pulling out a sheer black T-shirt.

“That’ll work,” I reply, catching it as he throws it to me, watching how the muscles in his arm and shoulder work.

I pull off my work blouse, adjusting myself in my bra before pulling the shirt over my head.

“Do I look alright?” I ask.

“Perfect,” he smiles, eyes lingering on my exposed torso as he slides jeans up his long, slender legs.

He nearly falls over as he puts his second leg in the jeans and I can’t help but roll my eyes as I walk into his bathroom. I fix my hair, wetting it a bit to ease the frizz.

When I walk out of the bathroom, Harry’s got his jeans sorted out, and has pulled on a sleek black button down. His body looks long and lean and absolutely delectable. I fight the urge to  lick my lips and smile as I grab my purse off of Harry’s bed and pull out some lipgloss.

“Looking good, Y/N,” he smiles.

“Same to you,” I wink. “Let’s go!”

I jog downstairs quickly, Harry stomping clumsily behind me. I find my way to his car, not even bothering to check if he’s following. I take my place in the passenger seat and he glides in behind me, pulling out of the driveway and driving to the club quickly. I try not to look too nervous as I fiddle with my - I mean Harry’s - jeans in trepidation.

Harry pulls into one of the clubs we used to frequent a couple years back.

“Oh the memories,” I laugh as we get out of the car.

“Remember that time you got plastered and started hitting on a super butch lesbian who you thought was a dude!?” Harry laughs, placing his hand on the small of my back leading me towards the front of the line.

“Shut up,” I spit, but laugh along with him.

We walk straight up to the bouncer and Harry gives him his most charming smile.

“Harry Styles plus one,” he smiles.

“It’s good to see you again Mr. Styles,” the bouncer says politely, letting us in.

“Same to you, sir,” Harry replies, bowing his head respectfully as he leads me in.

We head straight for the bar, each of us taking a shot of tequila before turning to the dance floor.

“See anyone you’re interested in?” Harry asks, squinted eyes scanning the crowd.

“Huh…” I reply unsure what to do. The only person in here I’d even consider getting with is Harry.

“Then you need more shots,” Harry tells me, ordering two more.

I down mine quickly, enjoying the slight burn as the alcohol slides down my throat and sucking intently on the lime. I watch as Harry’s lips wrap around the lime, the green making his lips look even more pink. His pink tongue darts out, swiping the lime juice from his lips and I fight not to kiss him.

Harry grabs my hand and pulls me out to the dancefloor, causing me to laugh out in surprise. He pulls me roughly to him, and I crash into his hard, muscular chest.

“Harry!” I giggle, pushing some hair out of my eyes so I can see him better.

The alcohol has already made his cheeks flush and he just laughs, putting his hands on my hips and holding me close, swinging us back and forth.

“You’re cute,” Harry blurts, his wide green eyes staring at me.

“Yeah, yeah,” I roll my eyes trying not to blush.

“I thought there’d be more hot girls here, but it looks like it’s just you,” he drawls.

“Knock it off! You’re supposed to be helping me find some hot guy to make me forget all my troubles, not using cheesy pickup lines on me!” I smack his arm playfully.

“Don’t wanna,” he laughs, spinning me around and pulling my ass into him. You’d think that after all these years I’d be used to Harry’s flirtatious ways, but as I become more attracted to him, it becomes impossible to not get frazzled. I swing my hips against him, doing some teasing of my own.

“You know, that blonde guy over there is pretty hot,” I lean up and tell him.

“Not even,” he laughs in my ear, the heat of his breath fanning over my skin.

“What about that brunette girl over there for you?” I ask.

“Nah, I prefer mousy brown curls,” he says, running his hand through my hair.

The alcohol has clearly gotten to the two of us, making us even more horny than usual. Our playful platonic dancing has become a bit more heated than expected. I reach up, wrapping my hand around the back of Harry’s neck and holding him close while I grind my ass into him. I try to ignore the obvious growth in his jeans, but can’t help the wetness gathering between my legs. My mind races as I contemplate our years of friendship. Will pushing this mess it up? What if he doesn’t feel the same about me? But what if he does? What if we wake up in the morning and realize we regret everything?

I shake my head, unable to control myself anymore. I turn around, throwing caution to the wind and press my lips against his. I kiss him with abandon and rather than push me away, Harry pulls me close, swiping his tongue along my bottom lip, asking for entry. I open my lips, savoring the taste of tequila on his lips. After a moment, we both pull away, needing air.

“Fucking finally,” Harry sighs.

“WHAT!?” I shout.

Harry laughs sheepishly, running a hand through his messy hair.

“I’ve only been waiting for you to kiss me for the past 5 years,” he rolls his eyes.

“Are you fucking kidding me!?” I ask.

“Nope” he says, popping the p.

“Oh my god,” I say before wrapping my arms around him again and kissing him deeply. “Let’s get out of here,” Harry whispers against my lips.

“Fuck yes,” I say, grabbing his hand and leading him out of the club.

“Someone’s eager,” Harry laughs when we get in the car.

“Shut up and drive,” I reply, squirming in my seat.

I reach over to Harry’s thigh, gliding my fingers up and down his lean leg. I feel the way he tenses beneath my fingers and can’t help but smile. Harry reaches down and grabs my hand, holding it in place.

“I need to be able to drive, love. I can’t believe we’re finally going to do this,” he smiles, shaking his head.

“I know! Why didn’t you ever tell me that you were into me?” I ask, incredulous.

“Well…I don’t know…why didn’t you ever tell me!?!” he laughs.

“Good point,” I smile, shaking my head. “Now hurry up. I’m dying over here.”

“You think I’m that hot, do you?” he teases.

“Yes,” I groan. “Just you wait for what I’m going to do to you,” I wink.

“Ughhh, Y/N,” Harry moans. “Why do you do this to me? I can only drive so fast.”

“Well, drive faster,” I smile as I wiggle my hand out of his to move it up to the boner he’s sporting in his super tight jeans.

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck,” he repeats as he hits the gas. 

I giggle as I give him a little squeeze, so ready to feel every inch of the monster I know he’s hiding. When he finally pulls into the driveway we both practically run out of the car and into the house. The minute we’re inside, Harry has me pinned to the door and is attacking my neck with lips and teeth. I reach up, wrapping my hands in his hair and moaning into his mouth. He grips my wrists quickly and pins my arms to the wall above my head, his forcefulness making me moan. His teeth grip my earlobe, pulling gently as his hot breath gives me goosebumps.

“Bedroom,” I manage to whisper and Harry nods against me.

He grabs my hand and pulls me upstairs. I stumble a bit and catch myself on his ass.

“Hey there,” Harry chuckles and I give him a squeeze.

We make it up the rest of the stairs in one piece and I drop to my knees immediately after entering the bedroom. I wrap my fingers in his belt loops and pull him close to me.  

“Well, hello,” I smile up at Harry.

His eyes are full of lust, their green darkening as he takes me in. I undo his belt and fly, unable to wipe the smile off of my face as I trace my fingers over the bulge in his underwear. I run my palm over him before I dip my fingers into his waistband and tug. His long cock springs free, bobbing up and down in front of my face.

“Just as perfect as I thought,” I say before wrapping my fist around his thick base.

“Y/N,” he hisses, closing his eyes.

I stare at his long, pink cock, taking in the way it reddens towards the tip and curves slightly to the right. I scratch my fingers through the short patch of pubic hair just above his cock and reach up to cradle his soft balls.

“Oh shit. Please,” Harry moans, begging for my mouth.

“Someone’s eager,” I mock before I kitten lick his tip.

My stomach churns with nervousness and arousal. The salty taste of his tip spurs me on and I take him into my mouth, sucking lightly. I swirl my tongue around him, continuing to fondle his balls.

“Fucking hell,” Harry groans, burying his hands in my hair.

His reaction encourages me to push myself further. I take more of him into my mouth, allowing my saliva to coat his dick, making it easier to pump my hand around the bit of his shaft I am unable to reach. I take him until I can feel him touch the back of my throat and I swallow around his length. He thrusts in response, moaning and tossing his head back. I breathe through my nose as well as I can, smelling his musk and push myself further until I am deepthroating him. He lets out an uncontrolled shout as I moan around him. I pull off and begin bobbing my head on his cock, hollowing my cheeks around him. Hearing his delicious moans and seeing him completely wrecked above me makes my pussy clench in anticipation. I rest my hands on his thighs and feel them shake at my touch. Harry holds my head in place as he fucks my throat, then stays as deep inside my mouth as much as possible. I gag around him for a moment before he pulls out and lets me breath.

“God you take me so good, Y/N,” he moans. “I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on this for five years.”

“Me either,” I smile before taking him back into my mouth and bobbing my head quickly, pumping his shaft.

I reach up and tug on Harry’s shirt signalling him to take it off, my mouth still full of his cock. He nods, slowly unbuttoning the shirt while he watches his cock slide in and out of my mouth.

“Your lips look so pretty stretched around my cock, Y/N,” Harry coos.

“Mmmmm,” I moan, attempting to smile slightly around his cock.

He brushes a thumb over my cheek, the shirt unbuttoned but still hanging loosely on his frame. I watch his muscles tense and relax as I work him over with my mouth. Seeing him look at me like that has me dying for him to come for me. With determination, I bob my head vigorously, taking him deep and sucking him hard.
“Fuck, yes!” Harry shouts, thrusting into my mouth. “Oh, baby, you’re gonna make me come.”

“Mmmmmhmm,” I moan, fondling his balls more.

I taste his salty precum on my tongue as he gets closer to coming. I push myself farther, burying my nose in his pubic hair and gagging on his cock. My eyes water as I look up at him, watching his pink lip slide between his teeth, his brow furrow, his eyes glaze over in pleasure as he lets out a sharp grunt and comes, filling my throat with his seed. Spurt after spurt flows from his cock and it twitches and flexes in my mouth as I pull off gently, giving it one last lick before I stand up. He takes my face in his hands gently, pulling my face to his and kissing me deeply despite me having his taste in my mouth. He walks me backwards towards the bed, his hands lowering from my neck to my chest, down my waist, until they land on my ass, giving it a tight squeeze. I yelp in response and laugh into his lips, feeling his grin on me. His hands leave my body to wiggle his jeans and boxers down his long legs and kick them off before finally shedding his shirt. I get a small second to take in his completely naked body. His long, muscular limbs covered in ink make me instantly wetter. He grips my ass again and bites my bottom lip softly.

Gently pushing me on the bed, he follows me down, lips trailing kisses along my jaw, neck and chest. He reaches down and begins sliding his shirt up my body, his fingers leaving a ghost of a trail along my skin. We break away for a moment for him to pull the shirt from my body and his lips immediately reattach to my skin. My collarbones, breasts, ribs, and stomach each get their own treatment from his lips. He smiles as he begins unbuttoning his jeans.

“These jeans looked good on you, by the way,” he smirks, beginning to slide them down my body.

“Just get them off,” I beg.

“As you wish,” he says, biting his lip as more and more of my body is exposed to him. “You’re so fucking gorgeous.”

“Mmmhm, same to you.”

Once the jeans are off of me, Harry comes back up to my hips. He leaves a wet, open mouthed kiss to my stomach between my panties and belly button.

“I’ve been wanting to do this forever, love,” he whispers.

He hooks his fingers into my panties and tugs outwards. The seams snap and tear and I am left bare below him. He smiles wide just before burying his face into my core, vigorously licking and kissing my center. His hands rub the most sensitive skin of my inner thigh, massaging me and causing my fluids to flow. I wrap my fingers in his hair, holding his mouth against me. I pull him upwards slightly, pulling his mouth from my entrance and helping him focus on my clit. I begin to moan out as each and every kiss of his makes me shudder. Breathing hard I begin fisting Harry’s hair along with the sheets below me.

“Harry,” I cry. “Harry, please,” I yearn, begging for release.

He chuckles against me before he enters one long finger inside of me, the cold metal of his rings stinging against my sensitive skin as he sucks my clit into his mouth. Before I know it, my hips buck and a white hot pleasure washes over me, his finger not relenting and his mouth working me through my orgasm.

As I come down, Harry climbs up my body, licking his way up my stomach, between my breasts, across my chest, up my jaw until finally his lips reach my lips. He kisses me deeply, his hot mouth driving me wild, while one hand snakes behind my back and unclasps my bra. I wiggle out of it before wrapping my arms around Harry’s body and pulling him close. He wedges his knee between my legs, spreading them for himself.

He settles between my legs, rehardened cock grinding into my pussy, my lips stretching for him. He moves his mouth to my ear, licking and nibbling the skin there as one hand reaches down to adjust himself against me.

“You ready?” he asks.

“Fuck yes,” I moan in reply.

He lets out a huff of a laugh before lining himself up and slowly entering into me. the combination of the feeling of him filling me up and the satisfied groan he releases directly into my ear makes me moan his name. The intensity of the moment just increases as Harry pulls out and pounds back into me without reserve. His chest against mine, his breath on my skin, his cock inside of me and I am in pure bliss. The sound of slapping skin, the smell of sex, and the moans emitting from both of our mouths fill the room and my mind. Harry lifts himself with one arm, allowing him to slide his other between our bodies to toy with my clit as he fucks me within an inch of my life.

“Harry. Harry, I’m close,” I huff, bucking my hips up towards him.

“Hmmph, me too, baby girl,” he moans, his accented voice sending shivers through my body. “You gonna come for me?”

“Yes!” I scream when he hits my g-spot. “Fuck yes!” I scream before moans tear through me and my second orgasm crashes over me.

My pussy clenches around Harry’s thick dick, pulling the orgasm from him. He grunts loudly, biting hard on my neck as he thrusts a few more sloppy thrusts into me. Our breathing is hard, our bodies sweaty and languid, and smug smiles are on our faces.

“I can’t believe we just did that,” I laugh, smacking his arm.

“Me either!” he laughs.

“So, back to just friends, yeah?” I ask, jokingly.

Harry sits up quickly, a shocked and hurt expression on his face.

“No! I’m joking, Harry! I’d never want that,” I laugh, pulling him back towards me so I can pepper kisses all over his face. “I love you,” I laugh, not even realizing what I’m saying.

Harry looks at me intently, green eyes searching my face, a small smile on his lips. “I love you too, Y/N.”

All That Ruckus (A Smutty Harry One Shot)

anonymous said: Can you do a smut imagine where you and Harry are out shopping in the mall for a dress and when you both went to the fitting room to try it, things got a bit dirty in there, and a lady tried to ask what’s the noise all about but you both moans that you’re perfectly fine. And you end up getting the dress you wanted. Thank you so much!!!

anonymous said: Can you write SOEMYHING about harry thinking your dress is too short and he doesn’t want other guys looking at WHats his! I beg of you !

Contains sexual content. (NC-17)

Word Count: 2104

A/N: I feel like you can tell which parts I wrote while I was sick. Thank you for being patient with me, lovelies! Enjoy ;)

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Only You Can - Calum/Reader Imagine

It’s been two months since you and Calum’s break up. You still go back and read the texts between you two every once in a while. This is one of those times. You don’t know why you chose to read them right before you went to the mall with your best friend.

“(Y/N)! Get your ass out here! I just got paid and this money is burning a hole in my pocket!” Kara, your best friend, says from outside of your bedroom door.

”Coming.” You say as you grab your purse.

“Okay, what do you want to do first?” You ask her as you walk into the mall.“Eat. I’m starving!” She says and you laugh as you go to a restaurant inside of the mall.

As you sit down, you unlock your phone, only to see the messages and instantly frown. Kara peeks over to see the messages.“(Y/N), you have got to stop looking at those! You’re torturing yourself!”

“Okay, okay, I’m putting my phone away.” You say, placing it into your purse.

“You should just delete them. You need to come to terms with it.” She says flatly. “I know you don’t want to hear it, but it’s been two months, babe. It’s over.”

“I- I know.” You sigh.

“Do you really, sweetie?” She asks.

“Yes. Can we just drop it? Please?”

“Yeah. Okay, sorry.” She says.
“Wanna go to Victoria’s Secret? I need some new lingerie.” Kara asks as you walk from the restaurant. “I’ll even buy you something to cheer you up.”

“Sounds great to me.” You smile at her as she hooks her arm with yours.

“Good, because you’re the only one who will tell me how I really look in stuff. Trey is afraid I’ll smack him, which I totally would, and people at the store don’t wanna lose me as a customer.”

“What’s a best friend for, after all?” You ask her and she laughs.

“I’ve missed you.” She says as you walk into the store.

“I’ve missed you, too.” You say as you stop at the first display.

“You better have.” She says and you both laugh.

“Ooh, I like those.” You say as she holds up a pair of sheer black underwear up to me.

“Eh, not really me.” She says, making a funny face. “You should try them on, though.”

“Me? Who am I gonna wear lingerie for?”

“Yourself, babe!” She says, which is a good point.

“Fine. Only to see how they fit.”

“Okay, but try on this bra with them!” She says, handing you a matching bra.

“I might as well get a few other things if I’m gonna go try something on.” You say.

“Atta girl!” She says.

After grabbing a couple more things, Kara attempts to get you to try on a pair of crotchless panties, which you quickly shoot down. After trying on everything, you choose to keep two sets. Kara finishes picking out the things she wants as you come out of the dressing room, so after placing what you didn’t want in the area for that, you stand outside of Kara’s dressing room.

“Hey, (Y/N), do you think you could grab a bigger size in these?” Kara asks, throwing a pair of underwear over the door to the dressing room.

“Yeah, sure thing, babe.” You say and walk to the display you thought the underwear were at, but couldn’t find anything looking like the ones you had in your hands. You look to the other displays only for your eyes to land on the familiar build of your one and only ex-boyfriend.

He’s looking at the perfumes beside the display of underwear you need to go to.You inhale deeply before quickly going over there and try grabbing the underwear without him seeing you.You thumb through the pairs, hoping he doesn’t notice you.

“(Y/N)?” You hear his familiar voice ask and you freeze before slowly looking up.

“Calum.” You say as your fingers grasp the size you were looking for. You look into his eyes and notice they haven’t changed. He still looks at you the same way.

“How are you doing?” He asks.

“I’m… doing…” You sigh. “You?”

“I’m okay. I’m looking for a perfume for Mali. She told me the name of it, but, well- you know me- always forgetting things.”

“Yeah, I know you.” You say and kick yourself mentally. “But if it’s her favorite, it’s the one on the end. For her birthday?”

“Yeah. You remembered?” He asks with the smile he always had when he was with you.

“How could I forget? How’s she doing?”

“Good.” He says. “Thanks for the help, by the way.”

“No problem.”

“Hey, Calum, where’d you go?” A girl asks as she comes around the corner.“Oh, Meredith, hey.” He says, immediately losing the look he had when he looked at you.

“You ready to go?” She asks, obviously way too into him. Her eyes move to you. “Who’s this?”

“An… Old friend.” He says and smiles at you.

“Oh, okay. Can we leave?” She asks, looking at you warily. “We have a dinner reservation.”

“Um, okay.” He says and follows her to the register. He turns around to wave bye and you sigh, but wave back to him.You hurry back to the dressing area before tears begin to come. You knock on the door to Kara’s dressing room and she opens it.

“Oh, sweetie, what happened?” She asks after beckoning you in. You hand her the underwear.

“Calum was out there. He was with another girl.” You say.

“Aw, babe.” She says and beckons you toward her, into a hug. “It’s gonna be okay.”

“It’s the first time I’ve seen him since then.” You say quietly.

“Babe.” She says. “Here, hand me what you’re getting, and while you go to the car, I’ll pay for everything. I’ll meet you in the car.”

“Okay.” You sniff.
“Kara, please. I’ll be fine. Trey is waiting for you.” You say. She’s insisted on staying with you after your seeing Calum.

“Fine. But you’ll call me right? If you need anything.” She says and pauses at the door to put up her umbrella, seeing as it’s pouring.“

Yes, now get!” You say and push her into the rain.

“I love you!” She says as she runs to her car.

“I love you, too.” You say and close the door.

You walk to the fridge to look for something for dinner. After finding nothing that seemed appetizing, you decide to order Chinese.

You go into the living room after placing your order to look for a movie to watch. Your phone goes off, so you jump up to go get it. When you pick it up, you see it’s a text from Calum.

You hear the doorbell ring a couple of times and jog to get your purse.”I’m coming, I’m coming!”

You say as you almost run to your front door and open it to see Calum, standing soaking wet on your porch instead of the Chinese food delivery guy you were expecting. You drop your purse.

“Calum- get your ass in here, you must be freezing.” You say and he nods, stepping into your entryway. “Let me go get you a towel.” You run upstairs to get a towel quickly and run back down to him standing in the same place.

"Come here, you idiot.” You say, wrapping a towel around his body and rubbing his arms in hopes to warm him up.

“I always loved it when you called me that.” He says breathlessly and you stop moving your arms. “Your nose always does this cute crinkle thing, too.”

“Cal-” You begin, but you are quickly cut off by Calum’s lips on yours.

”That fight was so stupid. I never should have taken it that far.” He says as he kisses your neck.

”It wasn’t all your fault. I was to blame, as well. I was so jealous.” You say and take your lips away from his to pull his shirt over his head.

“Oh, (Y/N), why were we so stupid?” He says, taking off your shirt.

”I don’t know, Cal. I don’t know.” You say and he slips his hands to your thighs and picks you up by them and then places you on the couch. You hear the doorbell ring.


“Who is that?” He asks.

”Delivery man.” You say and he frowns.

“Five minutes, Cal. Five minutes.”

“Fine.” He says and sits down on the couch as you grab a blanket to cover yourself.

“Hello, I have an order for (Y/N). It’ll be fifteen even.” The teenager who looks to be a few years younger than you says.

“Here’s a twenty, keep the change.” You say as you hand him the twenty and take the food from him before quickly closing the door. You turn around to see a few candles lit.

”You left the matches in the same place. I figured that this should be more romantic than that.” Calum explains.

”I love you.” You say, setting the food down and dropping the blanket.

You straddle his lap and kiss him.

“I love you, too.” He moans into your mouth.

”I never stopped loving you.” You say as he palms your breasts with both hands.

”Seeing you today, it just reaffirmed that I can’t live without you in my life.” He says, kissing your chest in between words. You begin grinding on his lap and he moans. You feel him getting hard as you rock your hips back and forth.

”Babygirl, I’m not going to last long if you keep doing that.” He says and unhooks your bra. He grabs your ass and places wet kisses all over your breasts.

”I’ve missed you so much.” You moan.

“Get up.” He orders and you do as you’re told. He unbuttons your shorts and slides them down. He leans forward to kiss your hips and moves down and takes your underwear between his teeth and slowly begins pulling them down. After they join your shorts on the floor, he throws you beside him, stands up, and quickly removes his jeans and his boxers. He puts himself above you and kisses your lips. He begins a trail of kisses down to your hips, where he leaves his mark, which only causes you to want him more. As his kisses get closer to your clit, you entangle your fingers into his hair.

”Calum, please.” You moan, biting your lip.

”Since you asked nicely.” He sends you a wicked grin before he begins licking up your wetness before diving in and leaving no place untouched by his tongue.

“Calum,” You say, barely above a whisper and he moves his eyes to yours.

“I need you inside of me. Now.”

“I thought you’d never ask.” He says and goes to place himself before your entrance, but you stop him.

”Sit.” You order and he smirks, but does as he’s told. You straddle him and slide yourself onto him and you both moan as you adjust to his size.

”Baby, I want you to cum for me.” Calum whispers into your ear before nibbling on it. You bite your lip as you go up and down on him, getting faster as you go.

“Calum, I’ve missed how you feel inside me.” You say and he moans.

”I need to go faster, baby.” He says breathily. He places his forehead on yours. “Please.” You speed up and he begins muttering cuss words under his breath and kisses you, moaning into your mouth.

”Fuck, Calum. Fuck me.” You say and he takes control, moving you to where you are lying on your back again as he rams himself into you. “Calum- I’m gonna- I’m gonna-”

“Fuck!” He curses and pulls out quickly before cum is squirted all over your stomach and he kisses you before moving down to stick his fingers inside of you to help you finish. He begins to bring you back to your high and you scream his name as you finish.

“Oh, Calum.” You sigh as you wipe sweat from your forehead. He grabs tissue and wipes your stomach off before kissing you again.

”I’ve certainly missed the sex, babe.” He says, sitting up.

”I’ve got some of your clothes still.” You say. “I can get them for you.”

“Actually, do you mind if I take a quick shower?” He asks.

”I’ll join you. Let me put your clothes in the washer and we’ll head up there.” You say and kiss him quickly before gathering his clothes and yours and taking them to the washer.

"You know,” Calum says as he takes a bite of noodles. “I haven’t actually been with anyone since you.”

“Me either, Calum.” You say and smile at him.

After showering, you both got dressed. You put on one of the shirts he left at your place and a pair of underwear while he puts on boxers and flannel pajama pants.

“I’m really glad that you order enough food for three.” Calum teases and you punch his arm lightly.

“I order for days, okay.” You explain and he chuckles.

“You never change. It’s something I love about you.”

“So…” You pause.


“I hate to put a downer on tonight, but it’s a question that’s gotta be answered.” You hold your breath as he nudged you to continue.

“Are we getting back together?"You hold your breath as you wait for his answer. He takes your food from your hands and grabs them.

"I would want nothing more than to be with you again.”


“There’s no but. I’m in it if you are.” He says and gives you a look that says he’s trying to read you.

“Good. Because I’m in.” You say and he kisses you so hard the towel that is on your head falls off and the both of you laugh.

You hear a knock on the door and get up, wondering who it could be. You open the door to see Kara and Trey in their pajamas.

“How about a movie night?” She says excitedly.

“I’m fine with that, but I have company.” You say, moving for her to see Calum.

“Kara, Trey! It’s been so long!” He says, standing up. They come in and place their things on the other couch. Kara walks over to Calum and hugs him, but punches his arm after.

“Hey!” He says, rubbing his arm.

“You broke my best friend’s heart, what did you expect was going to happen?!” She says and you laugh.

“Anyways, come on, let’s put a movie in.” You say, nudging everyone toward the couch.

“I’ll keep mind of that next time.” Calum says, mentioning Kara punching him.

“Next time?” You give him a judging look.

“Kidding, kidding. I love you.” He says.

“I love you, too, Calum. I love you, too.” You say and kiss him.


A bit of my outfit haul from a trip to Torrid today! After realizing I have almost no summer clothes (none of my old ones fit anymore!) I took a trip to the mall. I ended up with a ton of stuff (and delightedly realized I’ve gone down another size, so three sizes or so total!!).

The top two pictures are the same pair of jeggings (I know they sound ridic but OMG favorite pants ever), an adorable t-shirt with lace on the sleeves, and a sheer/flimsy blue tanktop. The bottom left is THE MOST ADORABLE red and black polka dot dress EVER (debating wearing my black mini cardigan with it when I wear it to work, I’m not a fan of my arms). And the bottom right, I ended up getting the dress but not the cardigan, because they didn’t have any short sleeve white cardigans.

I also got a black t-shirt and a coral t-shirt, a purple tank top, a pair of white flip-flops (from payless), and a set of three adorable little thin belts! It was buy one get one half-off at Torrid, so… spent a little more than I normally feel comfortable with but given how few summer clothes I have, it was necessary. (Still not over how damn cute that red dress is, or how SKINNY I felt in the top left outfit tbh.)

anonymous asked:

Lol your fav just wanted to stand out and look like the leader as usual. She only had one verse and no runs so she had to find away to make herself get all the attention. When Dinah's finally having the spotlight after being neglected so much Camila needs to be so freaking extra again. lmao.

Alright so then by that logic I can use that against the other girls right? Since you’re going with the narrative that wearing a different outfit means “being so freaking extra” we have to apply this the rest of the group then. Well I guess that’s fair because no one else in the group ever did something like tha- oh wait. What’s this? 

Normani is the only one in purple while the others are wearing black clothing. By this logic I can say that “Normani needs to be so freaking extra again” right? Well maybe it’s just her. I don’t think anyone else in the group would do that. It’s not like Ally would ever do something like that on their album cover. Right?

Oh I guess she did. Now If we were to apply your “different clothing means being extra” argument one might be able to argue that Ally is being “extra” right now since all the other girls are wearing dresses yet she’s the only one wearing a pair of shorts and a sheer top. So are you calling Ally extra then since she’s not in the same dress code as the rest of the girls?  I got more examples thought. Well we can take solace in the fact that Dinah wouldn’t stand out like wearing sun glasses and a neon pink top during performances and let me guess that’s what Dinah wore right? 

This was a recent performance of Work from home where Dinah is the only one wearing Pink while the other girls either have a black or white clothing piece on yet Dinah is the only one wearing a pink Shirt. Going by your lame narrative you’re basically saying that Dinah is being extra and wants to be the “leader” of the group right? Maybe their outfit attire would match when they go to concerts. But alas Dinah is again the odd girl out. 

Didn’t Dinah get the Regina George memo that she was supposed to wear all black when going to concerts? Gosh Dinah isn’t being a team player here. She’s the only one here not wearing any black. Going by your goofy standards I guess Dinah is being “selfish” and extra right? And wasn’t Normani aware that she wasn’t supposed to wear red when your other girls are wearing black?

 That’s twice from Normani now. Remember Normani, there may be an I in your name. But there’s no I in team. You’re being a selfish extra person now. I’m not saying this though. My friendly anon here is calling you selfish. Not me. 

Same goes for you Lauren. Miss I wear an orange colored dress because I want to stick out and be a leader. Looking at you as well Ally. I see that multi colored dress. 

See anon? I can apply the same broken logic to the other girls as well. And for the record I’m not saying that “different clothing means being extra.” my new anonymous friend here is saying that. She (or he) is saying clothing makes you “extra.”

Chapter 37

External image

Tyler P.O.V

The makeup artist/ hair stylist Chris had hired for us girls had just finished up on my face. I decided to go last since she really was here for me.

Tonight I was hoping would be one of the best nights ever. For my birthday Chris suggested that I should have as formal birthday dinner or somewhat party. All I know is that there was no jeans or sneakers allowed and suit jackets were required.

I think he was doing it over bored but hey as long as I don’t have to pay for everything, I’m good. This whole day has been filled with surprises. Everything was all good and all but the downer about this is that I haven’t seen nor talked to him all day. When I woke up this morning he wasn’t there. Only a note was left that explained how my day was going to go with the girl and that Asia was with his mom. Even when I called him he didn’t answer which made me somewhat curious as in how this party was going to turn out.

She handed me a mirror for me to look at myself. As soon as I saw myself I barely recognized myself.

“Tyler you look beautiful!” Ashley gushed as she walked over to me.

“You look beautiful as well, you all do actually.” I said, complimenting everyone in the room. I soon realized that all of them were dressed but me.

Just when I was about to speak Heather beat me it. “Chris said that he bought a dress for you to wear along with some shoes and accessories.” She said, ending her sentence with a smile.

“Okay then I will be back then.” I said then rushed out of the living room and up the spiral stairs.

As soon as I walked into our room my eyes landed on a big white box with a red bow tied around it that rested in the middle of the bed.

It took the box and slid it to the edge of the bed, unwrapping it at the same time. When I lifted the lid my eyes met an all black gown. When I raised it out of the box my eyes widened.

“Oh you have got to be kidding me.” I said aloud.

Half of it was mostly sheer and somewhat covered the privates. Not to mention it had a big as slit on one side.

“Sorry Chris but this shit ain’t happenin.”

He must be crazy if he really think Imma show up in this dress.

I looked deeper into the box only to find a sweet pair of Louis and a note. I picked the note up first and red it aloud.

“Picked this out just for you baby. I accept you not be wearing anything under it. P.S you better wear it or imma fuck you up. Love you boo!” I said then sucked my teeth. This nigga.

After about 20 minutes I was finally ready to go. I opened the door and walked back down the stairs. As soon as I came in to view the girls went crazy.

“Oh my goodness Tyler look at you” Heather said as they all came up to me.

“Yaaas, bitch better work.” Honey said making us chuckle.

“Y’all don’t think it’s to much.” I said running my hands over the dress.

“Hell no, you look incredible boo!” Ashley said.

“Shit we all Know Chris finna get some ass tonight."Heather said making me smirk a little.

"Oohhhh shit!” They all yelled in unison making me laugh.

“Oh yeah the ride that Chris sent for us is out front” Kayla said, reminding everyone.

After we exchanges at few more words we walked out side only to see an all black Hummer limousine sitting out front.

“Damn Chris is doing it big” Heather said.

He sure as hell is! I get that this night is supposed to be special but not expensive.

We all filed into the huge limousine and waited for it to take off. The whole ride to the venue was filled with talking, laughter,and champagne.

“So how are you hoping for this night to be.” Kayla asked me.

“Better then the New York event.” I said and they all agreed.

I was praying that this night wouldn’t be like New York. Even though there is no one out for us you can never be so sure. I don’t know what things Chris has gotten into since I’ve been back but I’m hoping that it won’t have an affect on tonight.

The huge vehicle came to a stop. When we looked out the window a somewhat huge building stood before us.

“You ready?” Ashley asked me.

I nodded my head. The man driving opened the door for us and waited for us to exit one by one. After thanking him we made out way inside. I was getting nervous each step we took, because I didn’t know what to expect.

I held my dress up as we walked through the double doors. All the lights were off so we couldn’t see anything.

“What the-”

“SURPRISE!” A bunch of people yelled as the lights were cut on. To be honest they scared the fuck out of me and the girls.

I chuckled as I held one of my hands rested on my chest, looking around at all my friends and some unknown people. There had to be at least 65 to 80 people here which I was okay with because I didn’t want anything too big. I looked at all the decorations. Everything was so elegant and proper. Something I definitely wasn’t use too.

A tiara was place on top of my head. I turned around hoping it was who I think it was but it wasn’t.

“Happy Birthday Nigga!” King said as he engulfed me in a hug.

I lightly giggled. “Thank you.” I said as he let me go. Behind him I saw a pretty light skinned girl. She looked like she was waiting for him.

“Is this her?” I asked, referring to the girl he has been talking about for the past 2 months.

“Oh yea, baby com’re” He said calling the girl over. She walked over with a smile on her face. As soon as she got into arms reach he draped his arms over her shoulders.

“Ty this is Candice. Candice this is the birthday girl Tyler.” He said introducing us.

I shook her extended hand with a bright smile on my face. “Its finally nice to meet you.”

“You too and happy birthday.” She said.

We talked for a few minutes till I was pulled into many different conversations. The whole time I was looking for the main person that put this whole thing together but I couldn’t seem to find him.

I pulled Michael’s arm as he was just about to walk by. “Hey birthday girl.” He said.

“Yea hi, um where is Chris?” I asked.

His face changed. “Ooooh, he not here yet?” He asked me like I knew where the fuck he was.

“Noo, so where is he?” I asked.

Just as he was about to talk guess who came walking through the doors. And of course some of the girls flocked to him. He chuckled as he greeted them while I just crossed my arms over my chest, waiting for him to come over my way. Once he spotted me and Ty he strolled over in his all white suite and shoes, with out a care in the world.

“Happy birthday baby.” He said then came in for a kiss but I quickly turned my face to the side, letting his lips catch my cheek.

He gave me a confused look as I mugged him. Out the corner of my eye I saw Ty look between both me and Chris. Im guessing he got the hint to leave.

“Yeah imma leave.” He said the walked away.

“Wassup with you?” He asked, eyebrows furrowed together.

“Where have you been? the party started like 40 minutes ago.” I said.

“I had some shit to handle down at the warehouse.” He said.

“That couldn’t wait till tomorrow, or I know after my party!” I said.

He sucked his teeth. “Its not even that big of a deal.” He said.

Just as I was about to respond to that dumbass statement the photographer came over. “Can I get a picture of the happy couple?” He asked.

I nodded my head as Chris snaked his hands around my waist, brushing against my bare back. We both out on fake smiles as the photographer took multiple pictures. Once he walked away we got back to our semi argument.

“What do you mean its not that big of a deal? This was supposed to be my special night and I wanted to spend with my loving boyfriend” I said with a pout.

He snaked his arms around my wait, his hands went directly to my ass. I wrapped my arms around his neck. “Im here now alright. So instead of arguing lets enjoy your special night, okay?” He asked then pecked my lips. I nodded my head.

“And I see you followed directions.” He said, taking his hand and sliding it up the slit of my dress. I felt his fingers brush against my second pair of lips.

I slapped his hands down. “Stoop, not here.” I mumbled making him chuckle.

“Mhm just know imma tear that shit up tonight. We finna give Asia a baby brother.” He said.

Before I could object a girl walked up to us. “Um are you Chris Brown?” She asked.

We were both kind of taken back at the fact that she knew his real name. “Uh yeah, why?” He asked.

“So it was you that sung that song on YouTube. Oh my God, I love your voice.” She gushed.

My eyes got big once I finally caught on to what she was actually talking about. Chris’s head snapped towards my direction as he stared holes into my head.

When I tried to walk away he quickly yanked me back, causing me to stumble a little. “Chris, not now. People are watching.” I said I smiled at a few people.

“What the fuck was she talking about?” He asked harshly into my ear. He still had a tight grip on my arm so I couldn’t walk away.

“Chris not no-”

“Tyler I swear to God if you put that shit on the internet-”


Just as I was about to walk away he snatched me back. “We’re not through talking about this.”

I sucked my teeth as I walked off, leaving him there with a pissed off expression on his face.

I don’t give a damn if he’s upset. Its not even that big of a deal.

External image

Chris P.O.V

“OH MY GOD CHRIS JUST LET IT GO!” She shouted with her arms up.

“Fuck no I’m not just Donna let that shit go. I told yo dumb ads not to put it up there in the first place!”

“Oh so now I’m dumb!?”

“Shit must be if you can’t follow simple directions.” I said.

Damn right I was mad as hell. I told her ads not to do it or imma fuck her up, did I not? She betta be glad I didn’t keep that promise. Got people comin up to me and shit.

“Fuck it. I’m done talking about this. Stupid ass jerk.” She mumbled under her breath as she walked out the room. A few minutes later I heard one of the guest bedroom doors slam then lock.

I sighed as I stripped out of my clothes and put on some sweat pants. After getting comfortable in my bed I turned on the tv, immediately changing it to ESPN.

My mind started to drift off to that video. I kind of wanted to see it. I grabbed my Mac Book from my night sand and booted it up. After about 3 minutes of actually getting on YouTube I typed in what I think Tyler would have put it under.

I finally found it and clicked on it. The first thing I heard were Tyler’s giggles behind on the camera as I got ready. While the video played a scrolled down to the comments.

There were tons. Most of them saying “I aint know Breezy had pipes.” and of course the regular hoes.

I scrolled up a bit to see how many views the video got. My eyes almost popped out of my head once I saw it. “3 million views?” I said a loud.

I was shocked to say the most. I didn’t know my voice was that damn good. As I continued to watch the video I heard Tyler walk back in. I looked up at her as she tried to find something.

“Baby i-”

“Shutup” She said, cutting me off and continued to look for whatever she lost. After she found what she was looking for, which was her phone she walked back out.

“Well fuck you too then.” I mumbled under my breath.

“WHAT?” She shouted from down the hall. How the hell did she hear me from down there?

“How the fu-”


I sucked my teeth as I looked at the baby monitor that sat on my nightstand. Fucking technology man..