i have a new york accent

I love the idea of karkat and kanaya playfully arguing about which one of their partners has the more compelling accent, is it Rose struggling against her upstate new york/north inland dialect? correcting her own vowel shifts with annoyed wrinkled brows and clipping her own pronunciation like it’s a hedge she can trim up with pure determination? slowly beginning to take on more aspects of kanaya’s very pronounced enunciation because she likes it so much and spends so much time with her? orrrrr is it dave trying his fucking best to suppress his texan drawl, having it peek out like something untoward when he’s particularly riled up about something and not focusing on minimizing it, blushing fucking crimson when rose pokes fun at him for it?? 

I love the thought of rose and dave both being embarrassed by their accents but kanaya and karkat lowkey wishing they’d just let themselves speak naturally all the time because they like the way it sounds, it’s so uniquely THEM, like a typing quirk but verbal??? amazing. 

a cp! play where parse is exactly the same as draco malfoy from a very potter musical. he speaks with a totally inexplicable british accent even though he’s from new york. he rolls into epikegster on the floor saying: “i wouldn’t believe it if i weren’t seeing it for myself. jack zimmermann. at a party. taking a selfie” and then he poses dramatically and says “hey, zimms. didja miss me?” 


my goal is to ultimately be able to do this

Wanna help a scientist out?

Hey friends, so I’m doing a study of American dialects for a final project and need so much more data than I have.

I’m especially looking for Pacific Northwest, California, New York, and Texas. So, if you’re a native of any of those regions, hi! I’d love to have you answer a few questions. It takes about 15 minutes and I’ll be posting graphs and shit once the data analysis is done (so ~12/20/16)

Here’s the link: SURVEY!!

ALSO! PLEASE SHARE? I REALLY NEED DATA and I don’t have very many followers…..

Meeting the Niffler

Tis my own prompt. just uh some niffler trash with a flustered Newt. oke here we go

Walking around New York in the middle of the night wasn’t normal. Then again, seeing a weird looking Mole creature fighting with a particular handsome man wasn’t normal either.
But here you were. you ran up to the man and tried to help. You could have ran and pretended not to see anything. But you were somehow drawn to the man. Once you got the mole creature free, You finally met the Mans eyes.
“i-i uh- I um thanks for helping me with this niffler, he’s a nasty little bugger isn’t he” He stuttered out with a cute British accent. Although a niffler?
“Um excuse me Mr. but whats a Niffler?” you ask quite confused
“o-oh you can call me newt and he’s a beast who uh burrows and enjoys shiny items” He says that last part with a scowl at the niffler.
You giggled thinking it was cute. The niffler notices and runs up to you. You could see Newt roll his eyes
“here we go again” he mumbles.
I pick the little niffler up and start scratching his tummy.
“He is so a-dor-a-ble!” You squeal.
“once he gets in to your jewelry he wont be” Newt says sharply.
You continue holding the Niffler and Talking to newt. Turns out you have a lot in common. Things were going quite well with you two.
“So, Miss…” he starts trying to get your name
“Its (Y/N), (Y/L/N)”
“Okay, so Miss (Y/N), what are you doing out so late?” he asks
“I could ask you the same think Mr. Scamander” you reply chuckling a little
“Well i think you already know that” he says as he points to the niffler.
“Im out here because…Well because i enjoy a little adventure. My parents were always strict and i now i live alone. I try to get out as much as possible”
You notice he’s staring at you and you look at the ground, a little self-conscious.
“Is something wrong?” you ask
“O-oh n-no of course not its just. I cant understand why the niffler likes you so much”
You raise and i brow at that
“What. am i not that likable?” you ask teasing him a little.
“N-No of course not, you are actually v-v-very uh beautiful and you s-seem really nice and um i mean its just that he likes a lot of people but you are uh the first he seems to love and uh yeah”
He rubs his neck awkwardly while looking at the floor and turns a bright red. You laugh a little.
“I was just joking newt”
He looks up at you and smiles with a smile that made me melt.
“O-of course you were”. Theres an awkward silence as both of you were trying to think of what to say next.
“Uh i have a question” he asks shyly “Um would you maybe, un want to come with me, I uh i study magical beasts and since you uh seem so calm with these animals and the niffler and uh i mean you we have to come but I uh and the Niffler would love to have you” He smiles awkwardly
“Hmm i don’t know newt. I mean. Im more interested in the Niffler, maybe i could just keep him” You say teasingly.
“Oh. well i’m afraid you cant do that i kind of need him” he says sadly. You smile
“Newt of course I would love to come with you”
He perks up a little and starts to speak faster.
“Thats great, so uh we would need to leave soon and you have to be okay with meeting my creatures and uh Bring a lot of clothes because we have to go to many different biomes but you’ll love it. I know it!” He says excitedly
You grin at the happiness in his eyes as he talks. Both of you walk back to your apartment as he goes on talking about his animals. Turns out taking a midnight walk was one of the best decisions i have ever made.
Omg that was trash im sorry. But uh if you have any suggestions on how to make these better than feel free to help because i know i need it.

Ewan McGregor Struggled with His 'Beauty and the Beast' Accent
Ewan McGregor couldn’t have been happier to get the role of singing candelabra Lumière in Disney’s new live-action version of Beauty and the Beast ...

“When they were shooting, they wanted to have all of our voices to act with, so Emma and Darren had characters to work with — that being our voices,” says the actor. “So, we went to London, we did some very quick accent-coaching [laughs], which in my case didn’t work out terribly well. My French didn’t really sound very French to begin with — it sounded a bit Spanish or something. And then some time later, I went over to New York, where Bill Condon [the film’s director] was doing all his post-production and I recorded the whole part again. I’d done a bit more work on the accent, so it sounded more French and I got rerecord the song. So, I got to do my whole performance again, which was a really nice opportunity. You don’t often get offered that. But I got a chance to have another crack at all of it!”

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Random question, do you have an accent?

A video posted by Kryzz Gautier (@kryzzgautier) on Jul 3, 2015 at 4:53pm PDT

It took me a hot second to think if I had any videos of me talking online and this is the only one I can come up with right now. It’s old, but does the job. You tell me?

Me watching The Outsiders for the millionth time.
  • Me: Dang, they didn't have to jump him like that....OH GOD THAT HAD TO HURT!
  • Me: Soda and Pony are literal sibling goals...I can't even.
  • Me: "Nothin' legal, man."
  • Me: I hate you....I hate you...
  • Me: Johnny and Pony are so cute...
  • Me: HE DIDN'T MEAN TO DARRY...OH HELL NO HE JUST DIDN'T SHOVE MY BAE! *aggressively shoves popcorn in mouth* RUN PONYBOY!!
  • Me: That's what you get, Bob. Lol your dead.
  • Me: This whole church sequence is so cute...
  • Me: Dallas Winston's New York accent tho...
  • Me: Finally Darry gives a...
  • Me: Yeah tell Johnny's mother off, Two-Bit!
  • Me: Oh the rumble scene...OMG THAT HAD TO HURT!
  • Johnny Cade: "Stay gold, Ponyboy...stay gold." *Dies*
  • Me: *bawls* it gets me every time
  • Dallas Winston: *gets shot* Pony...*dies*
  • Me: Yay! Pony gets to stay with his brothers.
  • Me: Ugh...Darry. "Why you being so rude?"...Soda...RUN SODA!
  • Me: This scene is so emotional...I can't even. The Curtis brothers are so cute.
  • Me: This scene physically hurts... Johnny's note...
  • Me: This movie is so painful sometimes...
  • Me: There is nothing else to watch...
  • Me: Oh well. Can't hurt to watch it again.

Jack codeswitching his English.  (This is when he “bros out” his accent and stops sounding Quebecois)

On a roadie in New York where they have 10 minutes to grab McDonalds and go and he’s been recognized three times today already and he’s hunched into his hoodie and worried he looks conspicuous for having his hood up indoors so before he steps up to the counter to order he clears his throat, mentally shifts his voice further back in his mouth, and orders in a standard newscaster accent.

On the last day of his first year at Samwell, when crowds of drunk students are roving the campus and he and Shitty just boarded up the back door of the Lax house and ran away into the bushes.  A lax bro yells, “FUCK WHOEVER DID THIS!” at the world and Jack bounces with exhilaration and glee and yells back, “FUCK YOU TOO!” in as anonymous a voice as he can manage before he and Shitty turn around and pelt away, clutching each other and giggling.

In a crowded farmer’s market in Providence when a woman is trying to push past him with arms overloaded, and he only just realizes she’s there and jumps out of the way,  “Oh, sorry,” he says, not his usual bouncy “sor-REE” but a soft American “sah-ree”, and he follows it up with a flat but apologetic, “Didn’t see you there.”

Bitty stares at him as Jack goes back to considering the apples.  “How did you do that?” Bitty demands.

“Do what?” Jack says, picking some out and checking them for spots.

“Your accent,” Bitty says, exasperated.  “It just–went poof!”  (Except it’s back again, the moment he talks to Bitty)

“Oh, that.”  Jack shrugs.  “My mom’s American, and I lived in Pittsburgh until I was five.  I can sound American if I want to.  I didn’t really pick up a Quebecois accent in English until we lived in Montreal for a while.”

“Then– why–” Bitty sputters, temporarily certain that if he could drop his accent as easily as that he would.

Jack shrugs.  “It’s who I grew up around?  It’s how it feels more comfortable to speak.  I don’t know, it’s a Quebecois thing.  Giving it up would be letting the Anglos win, eh?”

And dropping the eh would be letting the Americans win, Bitty understands. It’s… oddly familiar, for a Southerner, though he’s not used to being one of the people the accent’s held out against.

“Huh,” is all he says.  Jack looks down at his uncharacteristic silence with an inquisitive little smile, then looks back up and pays for the apples.

Then again, I might have a skewed perception of how well things are adapted to English because the people behind the Yo-Kai Watch cartoon English adaptation do an amazing job. Replacing Roughraff’s banchou speech with the way a 50s biker greaser spoke? Incredible.

But my favorite thing is what they’ve done with Wazzat, this yo-kai who erases people’s memories. He spoke… without any particular quirks in the original version I think? But the adaptation gave him a slight New York accent. Why?

Because when he posesses someone he makes them… wait for it… fuggetaboutit.

Fucking geniuses.

Heroes of Olympus Headcanon

Imagine The Seven + Nico and Will when they’re with their partner in bed (doing it). Like, the demigods with an accent or their language (like Greek and Rome) accidentally slips into their affiliated language and/or accent when “doing it” with their partner.

Jason and Reyna when “doing it” with their partner slip into their Rome. Percy and Annabeth slip into their New York accent and sometimes Greek. Piper would be using her Charmspeak or her Cherokee language without noticing. Leo would slip into his Spanish and/or Latin accent. Hazel would speak in her New Orlean accent and Frank into Canadian and/or Chinese along with the Roman language.

But one pair of people that I would definitely imagine with accents or using a different language would be Will and Nico. Nico would speak Italian and would mutter curse words (or scream them) and Will would have his western accent slip out while in bed with his boyfriend.


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Do you have a program on your phone/computer to read things on tumblr to you out loud? Does it ever hilariously mispronounce things?

Depends on what you mean by “hilariously mispronounce.”

People from other parts of the U.S. might not take any notice, but… I’m used to New York accents. The text-to-speech app doesn’t have one. It sometimes catches me off-guard.

And then there was the time someone (Darcy?) posted a keyboard smash and Google read it out painstakingly, syllable by syllable.

That was a marvelous day.

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Listen your accent is some goooood shit, I have a boring American/New York accent 🙄

Okay, okay my accent could be a lot worse but it still sucks and I still like to put on American and British accents when I’m bored or home alone

I don’t usually do these but I love being tagged in them for moments just like these when I have the time and really want to do one so THANK YOU BOO @second-salemite

Rule: Answer the questions, tag 8 people!

Last Movie You Watched:
P.S. I Love You. On New Years because I like hurting myself?!

Last Song You Listened To: Everything You Want by Vertical Horizon. WELCOME BACK TO THE 90′S KIDS!

If You Could Be Anywhere Right Now, Where Would You Be? L.A. hanging out with friends.

Where Would You Time Travel To? 1920′s, I love the NYC 20′s aesthetic, and I’m from New York so my accent would already fit in so well.

Fictional Character You Would Hang Out With For A Day: FINN. HOW WOULD YOU NOT WANT TO HANG OUT WITH FINN!? HE’S??? SO HILARIOUS???

I Tag: @kuresoto @karmadash-is-fandomtrash @elithien @gwendy85 @nonibear11 @undergroundvalentine @winterofherdiscontent @rey-ren-finn-poe

fucken watch cleverman ey

  • such an australian show and i am such theatre trash i literally recognise half these actors SUPPORT AUSTRALIAN TV THAT’S NOT REALITY TV
  • many good and fleshed out indignous characters?? i’ve never seen the like
  • there’s a shitty mp who we’re primed to hate it’s almost like THEY KNOW THEIR AUDIENCE
  • shot of the city COVERED IN CRANES aces that’s the sydney i know
  • you know it’s sydney bc they name checked the fucking criterion and really it’s not even subtle THE ZONE IS REDFERN that’s FUCKING CARRIAGEWORKS where those BEATINGS ARE HAPPENING i love this show
  • is this what it’s like to live in new york??? where all the movies are set???
  • the fashion is good?? slightly futurey without being a dick about it. the tech is a bit dickish but whatreyagonnado?
  • there are some gratuitous tits (LOUD SIGH) (BUT AT LEAST THE TITS HAVE THAT PERF AUS REPORTER ACCENT LIKE SANDRA SULLY HAS this is like being from new york)
  • it’s very violent but the violence is very accurate
  • ah good now i’m crying
  • watch the show
City of Bones re-watch with my cousin who just finished watching the first season of Shadowhunters

My cousin’s thoughts in which I am recording

-”Simon is cool”

-”Are they supposed to be 16?”

-”Isn’t Clary’s hair supposed to be red?”

-”Jace is……interesting”

-The reveal of the mortal cup in the card-”That’s too early”

-”Simon has a nice guy vibe. I’m not sure if I like it”

-”Why do they have British accents? Aren’t they from New York???”

-”Is that guy Alec? He looks 30″

-”Why is Hodge so old? Isn’t he supposed to be the same age as Jocelyn and Luke?”

-”Shh…You’ll awake the dead. lol”

-”Did Alec just call his sister a slut?”

-”I like show Magnus way more.”

-”Why isn’t he wearing pants?”

-”Why haven’t they mentioned the bond between Jace and Alec?”

-”Where is Raphael? and Camille?”

-”Yeah, right. She falls on him. Clace on the show is so much more believable and organic.”

-In response to movie Alec pushing Clary against the wall ”Ew…why is Alec so aggressive?”

-The Jace piano scene “this is too Twilight-y to me. Well that escalated quickly”

-”Can they feed this kid?” (her words not mine)

-The portal scene “Wtf?”

-”I like how the show gives reasons for the events, but in the movie it just looks like things just happen just because.”

-The falcon story “I like how Jace used it to help her make a hard decision on the show. The story came out of nowhere in this movie”

-The kiss “this is so cliche”

-”Why does Simon act as if Clary owes him something?”

-When Simon draws demon horns on Clary’s sketch of Jace “That’s funny.”

-The Clary reveal of her abilities “I like the biscotti  better”

-Jace’s shirtless scene “Please put a shirt back on, no offense”

-”Why is Jace acting so defensive at Clary? They literally got together?”

-”The piano demon thingy is cool.”

-”One thing I can give the movie, is that effects are better and so are the prosthetic. But, that’s understandable because they have a bigger budget. But, the show does a pretty good job.”

-”Oh the Hodge betrayal! It doesn’t mean anything in the movie, since we didn’t see his relationship with the Lightwoods.”

-”That’s supposed to be Valentine? What the fuck. Why does he look like a pirate?”

-”Ew…he’s so creepy (Valentine).”

-”Why is her mouth (Clary’s) always open?”

-”Why does Luke have an irish accent?”

-”Why does Magnus look like the grim reaper with that cloak?”

-”I feel like the Malec connection isnt’ there in the movie.They should have had more scenes”

-”Where is the brother sister connection? They should have shown more parabatai bond and Lightwood sibling love”

-”Why is Jocelyn in the institute? Did Valentine try to play dress up with her ?”(Jocelyn wearing a white dress)

-”What’s wrong with her?The music in this scene is way too epic for the scene. How did she even know about the ability?”(When Clary draws a rune on her hand)

-”What does this girl think she’s going to do?”(When Clary puts a knife to Valentine’s throat)

-”This is an awkward scene. I don’t really care that they’re brother and sister. It didn’t have any emotional impact” (The brother sister reveal scene)

-”That was a stupid ending.”

-”Wait, what ever happened to Alec? He was barely in the movie.”

-”I like the show better.”

Okay guys. That’s the end of my cousin’s first watch of the Mortal Instruments: City Bones. Hope you liked her commentary! I sure did.


Hello Everyone, my name is Sarah, im 22 yrs old.i Iive in New York.

So Let Me Tell You A bit about myself

-my bday is january 21

-my fam lives in england as i was born in england but moved to new york afterwards

- i have an english accent.

-i am single..

-i have no friends on this community..

-i have a bro and a sis

-I am work as an actress and singer

-i’m a daddy’s girl.

i guess that’s enough. im still new to the community so do not be scared to HMU me i have no prblem with that.

see you in a later post,

love Sarah.