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sometimes i still can’t believe ???? that aa steve is even real ?????  like, 1st of all, pLEASE nOTE that within the aa universe, steve isn’t even the Official Team Leader, the writers of aa have always taken care to have ppl explicitly acknowledge tony as leader of the avengers. so steve and tony are de facto co-leaders. and there’s no lip service, there’s no ‘team in name only’ because aa actually SHOWS US HOW THEY WORK AS A TEAM & WHY. this whole episode was about tony’s insecurities + paranoia influencing his ability to make good choices and to effectively lead the team. 

and instead of criticising or blaming him for letting his anxiety and doubt get to him, steve supports him.  steve shows him he isn’t alone.  he tells him that the team has his back and he’s never going to be expected to do this all alone because that’s literally what the team is there for. and it’s just so simple, so easy, and straightforward and unconditional.  goddamn, this is how you do steve and tony.


12.2.17 [9:13pm]

I’ve decided to take part in a Cambridge Architecture Essay prize and I’ve completed by first draft but my teacher told me I needed more personal opinion in my essay and recommended a few books for me to read, so I’ve taken parts of each book that I think can help me, and I’ll get started with editing my second draft tomorrow! ヾ(o✪‿✪o)シ

I only have a week of half-term but I’ve got a million things to do so I’m trying my best!

Three glasses of wine later, Sasuke considered the fact that maybe, in the grand scheme of him and Naruto, he was the idiot.
the way i’m running with you honey

Summary: Oh, brother. She is going to kill Jake when she gets her hands on him. 

Presuming, of course, says a very unfortunate voice in her head that sounds eerily like Captain Holt, that he hasn’t suffered fatal asphyxiation first

Amy loves Captain Holt, she really truly does, he is her mentor and hero and on better days somewhat of a father figure, but that is categorically not helping anything right now.

anyways so like five million years ago i started a draft of this story for @elsaclack‘s birthday and it has sat, drafted but not edited on my desktop for all this time, gathering dust. i finished it. i finally mcfreaking finished it. here it is, folks, because apparently in order to cope with season 4 i have to go all the way back to the season one angst and write half-silly content there. hope yall – especially em, im sorry this is historically late – enjoy.

If one were to compile a detailed historical record of Amy Santiago’s Comprehensive Dating Experience, the Amy Santiago in question would most likely give you a thumbs up, stack her office supplies in a suitcase, and move to Venezuela. 

This is, at least, what Jake Peralta had once said, a statement that earned him a rather violent elbow in the ribs – no less aggressive because of the fact that Amy herself was secretly in accordance. 

Her dating history was, indeed, miserable. And, even more importantly, she would most definitely stack her office supplies in the suitcase, because even in a moment of panicked exile, anything less than stacking where office supplies are concerned is just plain barbaric. 

Everyone knows that

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ohhh. Ares, poor child, who is soft and gentle. Question, how did you come up with this characterization for Ares? It is so interesting to see! Also, in an AU if Zeus never declared him to be the god of war, what will he be the god of?

thank you!!

it just made sense to me that a god of war would have ptsd? and i figured from there it was either someone who believed in war, who thought it achieved more than it lost, or someone who didn’t, who was there under duress, who was there for reasons he couldn’t control.

my ares isn’t modeled after a power hungry general, like i feel many others are. he’s the millions of boys drafted too young, who signed up too young because they were told where they were going would be better than where they came from. he’s in over his head and wants nothing more than to go home. but he’s a loyal boy, a kind person, a man of his word. he’s the god of war, so that’s what he’ll be, until they day he doesn’t have to anymore.

If he wasn’t the god of war, he would be the god of lost people. not physically, but people who feel like they don’t fit, who don’t belong, who spend their whole lives searching for a home they never find. ares would be the patron god of being found.


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Today was just tough.The lectures were pretty hard and the list of essays to write became longer and longer.

I came home, took my shoes off and fell on the couch,not capable to do anything anymore.

But I chose this path,right?I’ve been working my ass off to get into this exact university,to move to London,to get a scholarship.I’ve done it all myself.And that’d be stupid to stop going forward after everything I’ve already done.

But I’m exhausted and tired.Still I have tons of things to do.

Ok,Y/N,enough whining,go get everything done.


Writing that third deadlined essay.That’s a miracle,that my eyes aren’t closed.I’m sleeping inside.That’s why I’m tapping on my laptop slower and slower.

Harry got home earlier in the evening.We had a dinner together ,and I got back to work.Listened a few of his disagrees, of course ,but after an hour he was asleep,because got back from the rehersale tired as well.

I made myself one more cup of coffee.I’ve no idea how I’m going to wake up at 8am tomorrow.But I can’t afford to care about sleep as well or I’ll go insane.

“You still here?”,Harry comes in the kitchen

“Um…yeah,still need to finish this one”

“Let’s go to sleep.You can finish this tomorrow,or should I say later today?”

“No,it’s deadlined and I know that I won’t do this in the morning”

I go back to the writing but he still stands behind me.

It starts getting anoying,because it’s hard to think and write about something,when somebody is looking at you non-stop.So I repeat one tense in my had million times,and still can’t figure out if that makes sense.

“Have you saved the file,love?”


He comes to my laptop,saves the draft and closes the computer.Takes it and goes out of the room.

“Wait,what?I need to finish it!Give it back!”

But he doesn’t seem to listen.

“Harry!Stop it! It’s ridiculous!”

He’s already in the bedroom so I come in and see him in the bed with the laptop laying on my side of it.

“Come on,pet.You can do it in the morning.What an essay can be good if the author is asleep,writing it?”

“You don’t understand anything.That’s important!”

“Maybe I don’t have a lot of education,but I know,that you can’t function without sleep.So shut your pretty mouth and get in the bed”

“Maybe you’re right…..ok,whatever,you won”

“Told you,love.Now come here”

He opens his arms and I fall into his hug.That’s the best feeling in the world so I’m relaxed after a minute or so.

I’ll worry and panic about everything tomorrow. Or should I say today?

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I hate to add to your collection of asks, but Brian/Daphne head canons??


  • Brian has Daphne listed in his cell as “The Enchanting Daphne Chanders.” He insists that he was high when he put her in his phone. When Justin points out that he could always change it, Brian suddenly avoids eye contact and huffs a bit and says he can’t be bothered, and Justin tries his best to suppress his laughter. 
  • Oh, and Brian was 100% sober when he added Daphne to his phone.
  • When Justin moves to NYC, he asks Daphne to check in on Brian to make sure he’s doing okay. Then he asks Brian to check in on Daphne to do the same. Little does he know they’d already made plans to grab dinner later in the week.
  • Dinner turns to drinks, after which Brian walks Daphne to her apartment. He hugs her goodbye, and then she starts crying, because as much as she loved being with Brian, it’s reminded her that Justin’s not here. Brian takes her to her apartment and sits on her couch and holds her as she cries. When she calms down, they break out the wine and ice cream and share their favorite Justin Taylor stories. The evening ends with a lot of laughter and Brian falling asleep on her couch.
  • This leads to their regular tradition of Wine Nights, where they each bring a bottle of wine and pick up something high in sugar to eat while they hang out and laugh and sometimes cry. Because nobody quite understands what it’s like to miss Justin Taylor like these two.
  • Daphne helps Brian plan ridiculously romantic gestures for Justin and counsels him when he starts to grow grim and gloomy about the state of their relationship, and Brian buys Daphne tickets to go visit Justin and makes sure to accidentally let a few hundred dollars slip into her purse before she goes. 
  • Whenever Daphne is on a bad date, she texts Brian “SOS,” and he always arrives within 20 minutes to “seduce” Daphne away from her date. Then go out for drinks and check out hot guys together, making bets on which one of them would succeed in getting the prospect in bed.
  • When Brian tells Daphne he’s going to move to New York, she cries, because it feels like losing her best friend all over again. But she’s so happy that the two most amazing men in her life have found each other and love each other so much and will finally have the happy future together that they deserve.
  • And when Daphne finds the lucky guy of her dreams, the only one to meet both Brian and Justin’s approval, Justin is her man of honor, and Brian walks her down the aisle. The Enchanting Daphne Chanders wouldn’t have it any other way.
Imagine: Confessing to their crush

Hanbin:  o v e r t h i n k i n g, plans a elaborate date, stutters when he confesses, tries to not let it show that he is nervous but ends up like:

Originally posted by ygboys-ot11

playing it all normal “hey, i’m hanbin and you?”  

Junhoe: so shy he might die, tries to play it cool, looks at his feet, bites his lip

*dies a million times inside but still looks handsome af*

Chanwoo: writes a note and then gives it to you like

Originally posted by hhanbinn

*shy* “this is for you…” *runs away*

Donghyuk: confesses after giving hints all week, being a sweetheart to you, makes the most romantic confession

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“my heart is all yours, can i have yours?” *killer smile*

- kaz ft. moyo 

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Drabble challenge Sherlolly. Can I have #12, 44 and 67? Thanks a million

List is here. This is the last one in my drafts, one less set of prompts to fill, huzzah!

12. “I’m pregnant.”

44.  “Well that’s the second biggest news I’ve heard all day.”

67.  “You’re strong, baby. You have to be.”

A Life Backwards  

It was their favorite story, the one about themselves - all the hows and whys and wheres of their earliest existence (less the bit about how they were conceived - no matter how inquisitive, mature-for-their-age and intelligent the Holmes twins were, that was one story neither parent woud ever tell and one they actually had no interest in hearing). Best of all was how both Mum and Dad had their own ways of telling it, so that even though it was the same in the facts, it was endlessly changing in the details.

Especially once Dad started challenging them to ask for it in different ways and not just as a straight retelling.

“Tell it in sign language,” Hamish and Hester chorused once when they were three. “Tell it in French,” the demanded when they were four and bored. “Tell it on paper in the Dancing Men code” had been their request at five. And now, at six, it was “Tell it backward.”

Molly settled on the sofa next to her husband, holding baby Gregory and smiling, just as interested to hear this version as the twins were. He laid an arm across her shoulder, kissed Gregory’s head (cauinsg the baby’s forehead to wrinkle up and his little lips to purse, even in his sleep), and pretended to go into his mind palace to rearrange the facts.

“Your mother asked me how you both looked, since the nurse and doctor had bustled you off to drain out the mucus you’d decided to hoard in your lungs,” he began, eyes sparkling. “I, being utterly in control as always…” Here he widened his eyes in mock-innocence while wife and sprogs giggled. “…blurted out the first thing that came to mind.”

“He said you looked like a couple of turnips,” Molly supplied helpfully. It was hardly spoiling things when the story’d been told so many times.

“Nasty old wrinkly turnips,” Hamish added gleefully from where he was sprawled out on the carpet. He elbowed his sister. “She did, anyway, cause she’s ancient compared to me.”

Hester was three minutes older than he was and never misssed a chance to remind him of that. Just as he never missed a chance to prod her about being an old lady. Ah, the joys of siblinghood.

“Yup, turnips,” Sherlock replied equably. “Purple, moldy-looking turnips that had been kept in the vegetable drawer too long. But,” he added with a dramatic sigh, “your mother said we couldn’t let you cook a bit longer.”

Molly nodded. “Right, there was absolutely no putting you back, not after all the work I’d done!”

Sherlock gave her a doting look. “When she was still having a hard time ejecting you, stubborn brats that you were, I looked into her eyes, let her squeeze the sh…crap out of my hand and forever ruin my chances as a concert violinist, and for the first time ever used a ridiculously sentimental pet name for her. And do you know what I said?” He peered over at the twins questioningly.

You’re strong, baby. You have to be,” they chorused, rolling their eyes. 

“Glad you don’t do that anymore,” Hester added. “It’s silly.”

“And so it is,” Sherlock agreed. “Luckily your mother thought so too because she just giggled a bit, for the first time in fourteen hours, thirty-one minutes. Give or take a few seconds.”

He skimmed over the next (previous?) bits about arriving at hospital and calling Uncle John and Aunt Mary, zeroing in on what he knew was one of the twins’ favorite parts - when Molly had announced oh-so-calmly that she’d been in labor the entire day and night he’d been off chasing a jewel thief through the rooftops of London. “I came home after my triumphant capture of Julian ‘Jools’ Voleur to find your mother packing her overnight bag. I was so caught up in the excitement of the chase–”

“And so loopy from lack of sleep,” Molly interjected in a stage whisper.

“–that I missed the obvious signs of what was happening right in front of me,” Sherlock continued, not missing a beat. “Which meant I was doing what?”

“Seeing but not observing!” the twins responded with wide grins. They high-fived one another before settling back onto their elbows.

“Exactly.” Sherlock nodded his approval. “I was seeing but not observing. I burst into the house, coat flaring dramatically behind me, unwinding my scarf and not stumbling over Toby II as I began explaining how I’d captured the idiot when he jumped onto what he thought was a solid roof but turned out to be a very dirty skylight, thus crashing into the parlor of Sir George Westingham and landing on that very man’s very startled - and very, very angry - financial advisor. I had just got to the good bit, where I acrobatically and gracefully swooped into the room, cuffs in one hand and mobile in the other to call Uncle Greg, when your mother stopped me with her hand over my mouth.”

“Oh, weren’t you put out by that!” Molly reminisced with a giggle. “The glares your father was giving me!” To show no hard feelings, she leaned over and kissed the tip of his nose.

“And that’s when she said it,” Sherlock declared, after returning the kiss. “She has a real way with words when she wants to, your mother. ‘Well that’s the second biggest news I’ve heard all day,’ she said to me, and that’s when I stopped seeing and started observing…and dashed the three of you off to the hospital.”

Next he talked about measuring Molly’s tummy, about researching the latest trends in child-rearing strategies (useless, all of them) and finally being forced to ask Uncle John for advice (even more useless), and all the rest until there was only one thing left to tell.

The twins sat up, leaning forward with their hands on their knees in anticipation of what - sometimes, depending on their mood - was their favorite part of the whole story. 

“So,” Sherlock said, clapping his hands on his lap and making as if to stand up. “That’s all the best bits, time for bed, I think.”

“No! Dad! You have to tell the part with Mum and how she told you about us!”

He tilted his head to one side in faux-confusion. “The what, the who, the where, the why, the how?”

Molly scooted over, giggling quietly as she waited for what was sure to happen next. Right on schedule the twins scrambled to their feet and rushed over to their father, clambering up onto the sofa and from there to his lap, demanding that he tell them the best part, right now, it wasn’t fair if he skipped it until finally, laughingly, he ceded the point. “Very well, then. If you insist.”

He sat with an arm around either of them, lowering his voice in a conspiratorial whisper. “Your mum and I had just admitted, for the first time out loud and in front of witnesses, that we loved one another. Other crazy things were happening at the time–” They hadn’t yet told the twins more than the bare facts of their Aunt Eurus’ existance and had no plans to disclose that truth for a few more years– “so as soon as I could I rushed over here to explain to your mum that I wasn’t trying to hurt her.”

He turned to look at Molly with such a tender expression of love in his eyes that her breath caught. He could still make her heart flutter, and make her lady-bits do something quite similar, and her return smile promised all sorts of lovely possibilities after the children were in bed. “I knew he hadn’t meant it that way,” Molly replied, just as quietly - and, had she been able to observe herself from the outside, with quite the same tender expression in her eyes. “I knew it wasn’t meant to hurt me or for an experiment or a case, once I’d had a chance to think it over.”

“And I confirmed that belief, showed her that her faith in me was justified,” Sherlock said, taking up the reverse-narrative thread once again. “I came into her flat and I apologized and I explained about how she’d been threatened and how we’d both been forced to confess such a wonderful secret under such awful circumstances. I even told her that Uncle John and Uncle Mycroft had heard the whole thing, and asked her again to forgive me.”

“And then?” Hester prompted when he fell silent, losing himself in his wife’s loving gaze.

“And then,” he concluded, “she said the most wonderful thing to me. She said…”

I’m pregnant,” he, Molly and the twins chorused.

And their lives had never been the same from that moment on…in the best way possible.

Hidden Talents (Part 2)

Prompt: Reader has a hidden talent
Fandom: Marvel
Note: This is the second part to the hidden talents preference that I did. I’m currently trying to clear out my drafts before starting anything new bc wowza do I have a lot. Since I’m clearing out my drafts, preferences might be unfinished, like this one. 
If you’d like me to make a 3rd with other members just let me know c:

Bucky/The Winter Soldier [Cooking]

Originally posted by sithlordalice

You set your music on shuffle, and AC/DC was the first thing to pop up. You smiled and mimicked the instrumentals before getting the things you needed out of the fridge. While you did love to cook, and had quite a talent for it, cooking with music was a millions times better. If you weren’t working as a secret agent for a secret organization, then you’d probably be a chef. You were still content with cooking whenever you could, rather than making a career out of it.

You were in the kitchen in nothing but an oversized shirt, underwear, and a pair of socks. You danced around as you mixed the ingredients together. While you did enjoy cooking complicated and fancy dishes, you were just making pancakes. You’ve been in a pancake mood for a while, and you figured you could surprise your boyfriend with breakfast in bed. That’s where you were headed when you were finished cooking, anyway.

“Babe, what are you doing?” You heard from behind you.

“Go back in bed, you’re not supposed to be here yet.” You scolded, shooing him away with one hand and flipping the pancake with the other.

“I didn’t know you could cook.” Bucky pointed out.

“There’s a lot about me you don’t know.” You said, wiggling your eyebrows as you glanced back at him.

“Mm,” He hugged you from behind, “Maybe we should talk then.” He buried his face in your neck.

You smiled, resting the back of your head on his shoulder. Soon, the food was done, and you were putting whipped cream and fruit on the pancakes. You handed him his plate, not really sure if he wanted syrup or not. You eyes him as he took a bit, and his face was priceless. You started to scold yourself for not having a camera nearby. He stared at you for a moment before deciding to actually speak.

“This is insane.” He commented and you chuckled.

“It’s just pancakes, Bucky.” You pointed out.

“Yeah, but these are magical pancakes, or something.” He said and you laughed.

“Yes, I’m a pancake wizard, I’ve been exposed.” You falsely confessed.

“Fuckin’ knew it.” He joked back.

Clint Barton/Hawkeye [Rapping]

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“Clint, you’re just going to make fun of me.” You whined.

“Come on, you gotta show me.” He insisted.

“Who even told you?” You questioned, eyes squinting at him.

“Steve.” He answered.

“Dick.” You said instantly.

“Come on, I won’t laugh at you.” Clint begged.

“No.” You answered.

Steve had caught you one day practicing some lines that you had written yourself. While you hadn’t sworn him to secrecy, you had still assumed he wouldn’t tell anybody. Apparently, it was a mistake on your part, because Clint had gotten wind of it. Now, you were sitting on the couch, with Clint bugging you to rap for him. There was no way you were going to do one of your own songs, you still weren’t entirely confident in them.

Unfortunately, you also knew you were going to have to rap something for him. Otherwise, he’d just keep bugging you for the next few weeks until you did or he caught you doing it. So, alternatively, you decided that you’d rap something from someone else. You glanced back over at Clint to see him still staring at you. You sighed and rolled your eyes.

“Fine, but I’m not doing my own song.” You spoke reluctantly.

“I get to pick, then.” Clint bargained, eyes narrowing.

“As long as I know it.” You shot back.

“Then we have a deal.” Clint smiled and you sighed again.

“You can take your ti-” You began.

“Rap God.” He interrupted you.

“That was fast.” You commented.

You got out your phone, and brought up the song. You knew this song well, and it was one of the songs you used for practice. It had broken a world record at one point, and Eminem was one of your favourites. You started on time, and went along perfectly. Clint eyed you cautiously as you started getting closer and closer to the one verse in the song that made it insanely popular. Of course, you were nothing short of perfect.

By the time you finished and looked over at Clint, the face he was making was priceless. He obviously hadn’t expected you to do as well as you did. You quickly snapped a picture, seeing as how your phone was right next to you. You raised your brows as he continued staring at you. You comically waved a hand in front of his face, hoping to get some kind of sarcastic remark out of him.

“That was amazing, why didn’t you tell me before?” Clint questioned.

“Well, between nearly getting my head blown off, and me killing strangers, I wonder why I didn’t make time.” You sarcastically spoke.

It’s time to fight the AHCA with all you’ve got. IF YOU HAVE DEMOCRATIC SENATORS, IT IS TIME TO CALL THEM, TOO. Here’s what you gotta do:

1. Look up your Senators on 5calls.org and give their offices a ring

2. If you cannot get through to a person, google “[Senator’s name] office locations” to get their district office #’s. 

3. Here are scripts:

For a DEMOCRAT: “Hi, my name is ____ and my zip code is _____. I am calling to thank the Senator for opposing the AHCA so far, and to urge them to use filibuster by amendment to fight this bill. This bill will overturn the Medicaid expansion and will allow insurers to remove key benefits from their health insurance plans. To protect the lives and well-being of your constituents, this bill must be fought by any means possible, including filibuster by amendment.”

For a REPUBLICAN: “Hi, my name is _____ and my zip code is ____. I am calling in strong opposition to the AHCA. This bill was drafted in secret, and is being voted on far too quickly. It allows insurers to remove essential healthcare benefits from their insurance plans. It will undo the Medicaid expansion and take away health insurance for millions of Americans. The Senator must vote "no” on this bill, to protect the healthcare coverage and wellbeing of our state’s vulnerable, hard-working, worthy citizens. Can I count on the Senator to oppose this bill?“

4. If you have it in you, call your Governor as well. Here is a script:

"Hello, my name is ____ and my zip code is ____. I am calling to ask the Governor to sign the bipartisan letter opposing the ACA repeal.”

First Come, First Serve

Oh, wow, Rosie’s finally writing something? The answer is yes, and the reason for my lack of creative inspiration is the fact that since the school year is almost over, teachers seem to think it’s a good idea to swamp us with essays and research papers. Anyway, here’s a Michael one. Enjoy!

Title: First Come, First Serve

Summary: On the release date of a long-anticipated video game, you find yourself battling with an infuriating (read: adorable) guy over the last copy. Inspired by this post.

Words: 900+

Warnings: None

Your feet ached and your back was cramped and your fingers were numb but you didn’t care. You glanced down at your phone, squinting at the electronic time that glared up at you. You had been standing in this line for the past four hours and you did not plan on leaving any time soon, even though it was absolutely freezing— like, probably colder than freezing—and you were packed in with the people around you like sardines.

Everyone was there for the same reason—you wanted that game.

You knew it was borderline crazy to wait so long for something like a video game, but this wasn’t just any video game. It was the last in a series that you loved, and apparently it was insanely good. This was the day of its release, but the problem?

After the store sold out today, the next shipments of the game wouldn’t be coming in for another week.

You needed that game.

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After all the hard work, it’s finally almost done! Withered Roots! It’s coming out super amazing, and I’m having fun doing all the millions of backgrounds for it XD It’s also great to channel all my love and fascination of China into this short story! It’s taken months of research and drafts, but it was worth it! (Also QingMing was actually on April 4th but I needed more time to make this special soooooooo lol)

Before it’s even posted, I want to thank everyone who’s contributed and helped/is helping me visualize this story! I can't​ express how seriously grateful I am for people who gave their time and talents to make this come to life. It’s just so spectacular. They’re all generous and BEAUTIFUL people! Follow them ALL!!!

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