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could we get some shiro hc for when he's proposing to his s/o?? like what he's feeling, how he'll do it etc some fluffy feels are much appreciated

I’m crying rn bc I got to imagine Shiro proposing, thank you so much for this gift! Also, this is quite long because Shiro has a master plan and it involves everyone.

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Am I Trash? Yeah, Probably

So…yeah… thanks to the lovely @markired and revisiting Teabag Edition | Bro Average I have slammed myself into the trash bin. Have an imagine on the one and only Chase. ~~~

Originally posted by markired

I woke up to a pair of bright blue eyes staring lovingly at me. “G'morning, baby,” Chase whispered.

I couldn’t help the smile that spread across my face. “Exactly how long have you been staring at me for?” I asked playfully.

He raised his head up slightly to look at the glowing iHome behind me. “Um, about an hour and fifteen minutes…”

We both burst into giggles. The mid-morning light coming from the window only made him look even more happy. As I calmed, I felt the gentle touch of his hand on my cheek. “God,” he started.

I blushed and wondered if there was drool or something on my face. “What?”

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Alone For The Weekend

Just something I wrote a while ago, thought I’d share it with all of you!!

Harry’s POV

My alarm went off and I realised that it was 7am. Too early to wake up on a Friday. I shut off the annoying alarm and reached over to the other side of the bed, where my wife always slept, but she wasn’t there. I panicked and spoke her name in a worried tone.

“I’m here, Harry.” Her voice came from behind me.

I rolled over onto my other side and saw her standing by the large built-in wardrobe, closing the sliding glass mirror. She was all dressed and her suitcase was up against the wall. It hit me again. My wife was leaving today. She was going to spend three days away from home, in Italy with two of her girlfriends, which left me to look after our two little girls. It wasn’t that I didn’t like spending time with my daughters. I loved it but I had never been left alone with them for longer than 24 hours. This was going to be a new experience for me. (Y/N) saw the look on my face and sat on the edge of the bed, brushing her hand over my bare forearm.

“I’ll be back on Monday morning, babe.”

“It seems like you’re going for longer than that.” I sighed.

“Harry, I’ve coped without you for months at a time, when you went on tour and when you were filming Dunkirk. I’m certain you can last for three days without me.” She said sweetly and leaned down to kiss me. I locked my arm around her neck and pulled her further down, deepening the kiss. My other arm went around her waist and I tugged her onto the bed so that we lay side-by-side. She squealed and I smiled, reconnecting our lips. I was going to be without her kisses for three days. I was going to be without her hugs for three days. The scent of her hair, the fragrance of her skin, making love to her, I wouldn’t have any of it for three whole days. Sure, I had been away from her for months but since finishing Dunkirk and my first solo album, I finally had time for my family and I had gotten used to having my wife around every day. Now, she was the one that was leaving. I didn’t want to let her go but the pressure of her hands on my chest made me release her slightly.

“If you keep kissing me like that, babe, I’ll never leave.” She murmured, burying her face in my neck. I’d love that. But she needed this holiday. The kids exhausted her, I could see it. My girl deserved a bit of fun and relaxation with her girlfriends.

“You have to go. Fae and Lara will kill me if I stop you from going on your little trip.” I said. My wife giggled and looked at me with the big eyes that I had fallen for so deeply very early on.

“Look after the girls for me, Harry.”

“I will, I promise.”

“I should say goodbye to them now. Then I’m going.”

My wife hopped off the bed and picked her handbag off the floor. She pecked my lips one last time and nuzzled her nose against mine.

“I love you.”

“I love you too, (Y/N).” I said, kissing her cheek warmly. She slowly pulled away and in her eyes were the first flood of tears, sparkling brightly. She held them back and took hold of the suitcase handle, opening the bedroom door. My gaze locked to hers for the final time as she blew me a kiss, closing the door, disappearing from the sight.

She was gone.

I lay on my back, in a bed that suddenly seemed too big for just me, the ceiling blank and boring. Because she was gone, everything had been leeched of colour and soul. She lit up this room, this house, this life. My life. I didn’t know how long I stayed in bed for. It must have been at least an hour and I knew that my wife was no longer in the house now, on her way to the airport with Fae and Lara. I dozed in and out of sleep, hardly getting more than 10 minutes because I couldn’t sleep without my girl in my arms. It was a bad sign. How am I going to go to sleep tonight without her? A loud voice cracked me, coming from somewhere down the hall.


I rubbed my face with my hands, sighing. It’s started already.

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XF Fic Challenge: “Talking in the Park”

Author: @2moms-0fucks

Rating: Teen? Maybe

Summary: Set post Per Manum, Scully discovers something in Mulder’s apartment that leads them on a conversation of what could have been.

Notes: I wrote this a year ago, to be honest. I never fleshed it out, and simply cleaned it up to submit for the challenge. It’s cracky. BOY IS IT FLUFF CRACK. Submitted for @xfficchallenges - Dialogue Only Challenge. Ugh. This is so cracky. i’m totally geeking out on the idea of conversations because so many conversations never happened in this series. But…oh well…I DO hope you enjoy it.

“Talking In The Park” by: 2moms-0fucks

“Mulder…? Why do you have all these books?”

“I uh… I got them when you started the treatments…”

‘What to Expect When Your Wife’s Expanding’? 'Test Tubes and Testosterone: A Man’s Journey Into Infertility and IVF’…?”

“Scully… I uh”


“I should donate them or something…”

“You read them?”


“But I thought–”

“That I just wanted to be the donor?”


“You wanna go for a walk for a minute?”

“Mulder, I–”

“Come on. It’ll make more sense…I promise.”

“Mulder those books…”

“Look, I know, Scully…”

“When I asked you to be the donor - to be the father…, you never said you wanted to play a bigger role…”

“Would you have allowed me?”

“You would have been the father – of course I would have. I would have let you play as much of a role as you wanted.”

“When you asked me to help you have a baby, I was… nervous. I was terrified, actually. It’s not like my own father was the epitome of ‘Leave it to Beaver’… and I was concerned that the same men who were behind everything would somehow use the baby to…hurt you… And I was being selfish…”

“Being concerned about my safety isn’t selfish.”

“No, I was. I was entirely selfish. But I can’t really explain it. A part of me – A large part of me didn’t want– It’s complicated Scully. I don’t know if you’ll understand…”

“Explain it. I want to know. A large part of you, what?”

“A large part of me was afraid of losing you.”

“Mulder, we’re partners…”

“Scully, you don’t know that. You really think you were going to continue with our work pregnant or with a young child?

“Well. I—“

“When I said yes, I told you I was afraid of it coming between us… I knew it was going to come between us. Eventually. No matter who the father is, a baby would change–”



“For the record, Mulder, I wouldn’t have… I mean, there isn't… You weren’t my first choice.”

“That makes a guy feel good, Scu—“

“You were my only choice.”

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Well I’ve posted on here before but I have a new one. Not to long ago my friend came over to my house. My wife and some of my kids were home. We were drinking and having some fun when it came time for my friend to go and pick someone up. It was just supposed to be him n I but my wife wanted to got to at the last minute. We all got in the truck and took off. She say in the middle of us. On the way I pulled out her tits and played with them while my buddy could watch. I love sharing my wife. We get almost to where we has to pick up the person and I put her boobs away. After we droped him off I pulled her tits back out n started to rub on her pussy. I got it soaking wet. I pulled her hair back and started kissing her. As I’m doing that I looked at my friend and he’s dick was as hard as a rock. I took his hand and put it on her boobs. As we’re playing with my wife I take her shorts off and we both are playing with her pussy. We come up to a stop sign and I told her to pull out his cock but she was a little pulled back so I put her hand on his cock and she didn’t fight me. I reached down and graves his cock out of his pants and made sure she grabbed flesh. She held my hand there to so I could feel her playing with his cock and she played with his with my hand a little to. We came to another stop sign I told her to suck his cock. She did as I put my cock in her. I came so hard in her and he blew in her mouth. We got back to my place kept drinking and when he left I fucked her so hard. Love when she sucks dick.

Every Day (Part 2) - Calum Hood

Thank you to those who requested a part 2 for this! Hope you enjoy it :)

Part 1 

SUMMARY: Somehow along the lines of their relationship, Calum and Y/N fuck up and Y/N is tired of a failing relationship lingering on. She ends things but Calum is dumbfounded and tries to fix it with constant pleading. She doesn’t budge and so Calum’s logical idea is to send her a bouquet of flowers every day for every day that he loves her. 

The past two weeks have been pretty eventful. In which the only “event” was opening your front door and finding a bouquet of flowers laying there. Every. Day. 

On Day 8 and every day after that, Calum started sending bigger cards. Like the regular sized cards that you’d buy for someone’s birthday or graduation instead of the small notecards that usually came with bouquets. He wrote that he upgraded to a bigger size because “if I just wrote the number of days then I’d be counting down the days until I die. So I decided to write more than that. That way it’ll feel like I still get to talk to you… Even though you most likely won’t write me back.” 

Despite this going on for just a short time it’s become a part of what you do everyday. Wake up, open the front door, and pick up the flowers that he left there. You didn’t really react to it much other than reading the card and putting the flowers in some water. You didn’t text him, call him, or track him down. All you did was anticipate the next day. You thought to yourself that maybe these are just baby steps to talking to him again. But right now you wanted a bit of space. Ironic since he’s been giving you a bit of space the past two months. 

You also thought initially that maybe he just got them delivered to you (he admitted this also on Day 8 when he upgraded to bigger cards) but no he actually wakes up everyday, buys a bouquet of flowers (a different kind each day), goes all the way to your house from wherever he is, and leaves it right at the foot of the door. 

You have to give him props though for always seeming to go at a time where you aren’t leaving your house to go out. He didn’t really have a plan either since each time was different. He didn’t always go at noon or at night. And you were kind of grateful for that because it would’ve been slightly awkward if you caught him setting them down. 

He knew you were hurt and still are but he accepts the fact that you guys are broken up but he’s determined for a second chance. Some days you wished something tragic and scandalous happened to your guys’ relationship just so that there seemed to be a good enough reason as to how you guys ended like this especially after being together for four years. But no, really what had happened was that you two argued, he turned into a sarcastic smart ass so you stopped trying to talk to him and he seemed to act like he didn’t mind. The two of you got so used to the lack of communication that nothing was ever resolved. You guys had those two months to try and fix things but was it too late now? 


I moved back in with Ashton the night Y/N told me to leave. I left at her request and didn’t push it any further seeing how tired she looked, and I don’t mean I want to sleep tired but more so this relationship is draining me tired. Every argument we had she would cry and yell at me. This time around she still cried but never once rose her voice at me. And that was more scary than anytime she has ever screamed at me. 

“I don’t know mate, do you think I’m the one to blame?” I asked Ashton as we sat at his table eating breakfast. I haven’t really told him the whole story rather than “Y/N and I broke up but I need to go buy her flowers everyday.“ In which he looked at me as if I went crazy. 

"No, I think the both of you are to blame. You guys both stopped talking to each other and both didn’t really do anything about it." 

"Yeah I guess you’re right. I just can’t help but feel overwhelmingly guilty. Because to be honest…” Ashton stopped eating and looked at me, waiting for me to continue. “I kind of liked feeling like I wasn’t in a relationship. There was no obligations or responsibilities I mean I don’t know if that’s normal for couples to feel like that every now and then. But- you know I liked not having to worry about her whereabouts and if she was having fun at a party I dragged her too or at some dinner with friends. I liked not having to text her where I’m at, what I’m doing, or some other shit I don’t know. My mind is just a mess. I just know I definitely don’t feel that way anymore.” I slumped back in the chair, looking at the food that I didn’t even want to eat anymore. 

Ashton looked down, trying to figure out what the best thing is that he could say to me. “I mean, it makes sense I guess. Kind of like how parents want to get away from their kid every now and then. You know just go on a vacation with their husband or wife, go on a date night, or have some alone time but at the end of the day they’re always gonna think about their child and love their child. So yeah, I think everyone needs some space once in a while." 

"But it was two months Ash,” I commented back, “parents probably don’t go on vacation without their kid for two months until they’re old enough to look after themselves or moved out already. They probably just go on a weekend getaway or whatever.” I saw Ashton’s face react to what I said, knowing that I did make a pretty a good point. But it was true. Two months was way too long to neglect a significant other. "You know when I walked in and she was FaceTiming her best friend that was probably the first time I heard her voice sound quirky and hearing her giggling. And I wish she was doing all that to me but the moment she turned around and saw me she completely changed her attitude. Then that’s when she told me.“ 

"And your plan is to leave her flowers everyday at her door?" 

"Well yeah. I know her. She’s not gonna want to talk to me. So my plan is to indirectly talk to her." 

Ashton nodded and grabbed both of our plates to clean up. I got up myself and put my shoes on, needing to go to the florist since today was a particular special day. 

Y/N’s POV 

Today was your birthday. You weren’t doing anything to celebrate besides hanging out with your best friend. He insisted on flying over to spend a little over a week with you saying it was no big deal. You asked him to at least stay with you to help him cut down on expenses from paying for a hotel. 

"Flowers huh? Sounds pretty romantic." 

"Well he does have quite a lot to make up for for not being so romantic the past months." 

‘A lot to make up for’? So you’re gonna give him another chance?“ 

You looked at your best friend sitting in the passenger seat, thinking to yourself that maybe that wasn’t the nicest choice of words. "It’s complicated,” is all you said back to him. 

“Y/N, you guys were together for four years. That’s a long ass time. I just could never picture you guys being broken up." 

"Well we are.” You said sternly. 

“For now,” he said back quietly. And you looked at him again and saw a little smirk on his face. 

After picking him up from the airport, you just parked in the driveway since you’ll be going out later anyways for a birthday dinner. You opened the front door as he rolled in his luggage. 

“Oh shoot, I forgot to fix up your room.” You told him, quickly realizing that you left the bedsheets in the dryer. 

“Oh that’s no problem, no rush.” He followed you to the guest room to put his suitcase away. As soon as he set it down, he patted his pockets looking for his phone but thinking he might have left it in your car. “Y/N I think I left my phone in your car." 

"Huh? Oh my keys are on the counter,” you said gathering all the linen out of the dryer. 

Y/BF/N left you busy fixing up the guest bedroom to get his phone. He grabbed your keys and went out the front door only to open it to a surprise. 

“Woah Calum?" 

"Y/BF/N?” He quickly shut the door so you wouldn’t hear them. Y/BF/N just caught Calum dropping off the flowers. And not just one bouquet, but seven. 

“Uh- You probably know but uh- the flowers are kind of-” Calum stuttered. 

“It’s alright Cal, she told me what happened.” He walked to your car to get his phone. “Um, but I’m here for her birthday. I don’t want you to think that I like moved in or something and we started-" 

"Oh yeah no, no. It’s cool. I would never think that about you,” Calum said setting the bouquets down neatly at the door. 

Y/BF/N stood there closing the car door after finding his phone, feeling completely awkward that he felt the need to clear the air in case Calum thought Y/N moved on to her best friend and he backstabbed Calum. 

“Okay, great, well now I feel awkward,” Y/BF/N said back to him and Calum laughed at that. 

“Yeah, well, can you just make sure she gets the flowers,” Calum asked pretty sadly, embarrassed that your best friend knew the state of your guys’ relationship. 

"Yeah man, I gotchu.” Y/BF/N patted Calum on the back. 

Calum and Y/BF/N weren’t exactly best friends but they weren’t acquaintances either. They said a quick goodbye before Y/N would get curious as to why it’s taking so long to find his phone. He opened the front door again and called out for her once Calum was completely gone. 

“Y/N! You have a delivery.” You walked out of the guest room to see Y/BF/N standing there with bouquets of flowers at his feet. He bent over to pick them up, closing the door with his foot, and setting them down on the table. 

“He was just here?" 

"Yeah, he looked pretty fucking sad Y/N." 

You ignored his comment too busy looking for the card that was always there. You immediately found a white envelope in the bunch of red roses and brought it over to the couch. Y/BF/N followed and hunched behind you from the couch. He peeked over to read it and you didn’t pull away to keep it for your eyes only. Seeing as you told Y/BF/N everything and they happened to have just awkwardly seen each other minutes ago, it was okay for you to let him see what kind of things Calum writes to you. 

You opened the envelope and pulled out the card. It read: 

Day 15 

"Today is your birthday… So on top of sending just one bouquet I thought I’d mix it up a bit and send you a bouquet of peonies, hydrangeas, roses, lilies, and some other flowers that I forgot what the florist said. These bouquets are as beautiful as I view you. I always thought you were beautiful. And I hope I can see your beautiful face again. Happy Birthday Y/N." 

"Damn,” Y/BF/N said still looking at the card. “He. Really. Isn’t. Joking.” You laughed at him and put the card away while going over to put all the flowers in a vase. 

“Y/N I think I’m finally going to give you some advice." 

"Oh this should be good,” you said with a smile on your face. 

“Only because this is a sad situation for the both of you but… Calum’s trying. The both of you fucked up the past two months of your relationship but he’s trying. Don’t you think you owe him something back?" 

You stared at him, not really sure where he was going with this but wanting him to continue. "Like what?" 

"Like talking to him face to face? It would be easier for him than trying to fit what he wants to say on a card." 

"No, I don’t want to talk to him. I’m not ready to talk to him." 

"But you like getting these flowers Y/N. You like finding a card with them and reading each one and what he says. I saw how quick you were to find that envelope and open it. If you didn’t care you wouldn’t have even bothered to bring in the flowers." 

Ok he had a point. You’re still mad about how things happened and how they ended but you had to admit this whole flower bouquet thing is a pretty sweet gesture. You looked down and leaned against the counter. 

"I may not have been here for each bouquet he sent and will send in the future but I am your best friend Y/N and I know you like getting them. I don’t like seeing you not happy." 

"I’m gonna start getting ready.” You said back to him, completely ignoring what he last said. But he was right. You aren’t happy but you were happy with Calum. But when things were in that “honeymoon phase” between you two. And now all you have are flowers and a card to look forward to from him. But why are you so scared to actually confront him and talk about it again? Like deeply talk about it. Because truthfully, you’re scared that things will gradually go back to what they came to be. 

The weirdest yet the most sensible way that Y/N could describe receiving daily bouquets from Calum was being in a relationship with a ghost who was alive. He was there but he was not. And they didn’t talk, but in a way, they sort of did. 

You celebrated your birthday with Italian food and wine. It wasn’t that extravagant but you did have a strong love for Italian food and wine. 

For the next week that Y/BF/N was here for was spent by watching movies, going shopping, eating out, and hanging with other friends. But of course he had to go back home. As you drove him to the airport you were feeling kind of sad that he had to go. You were having so much fun with him and having someone be at home with you that you didn’t want to be alone again. 

“Call me Y/N. Anytime. Any day. I mean it,” he said while hugging you. You softly told him goodbye and gave him a smile as you watched him walk into check-in. You got back into your car and drove back home. Back to a place that would be quiet and lonely again. You woke up pretty early today and decided to go straight to your bed for a little nap. 

Once you woke up again it was around 5:00 and you decided to start making dinner. It has become a habit to turn on the TV whenever you were doing anything. Hearing talking in the background didn’t make you feel so alone in the house. You ate dinner in front of the TV and spent the rest of the night on YouTube and FaceTiming your best friend when he had finally landed safely. And before you knew it, you were back in bed. 

“God living alone is so boring,” you thought to yourself as you pulled back the covers. You stayed up a bit scrolling through your phone until you realized something, making your eyes go wide and letting a gasp escape your mouth. 

You quickly got out of bed, ran down the stairs, and opened the front door. You thought back to today’s activities. Going out to check the mail. Driving to get breakfast with Y/BF/N. Dropping him off at the airport. Coming back home and napping. Cooking dinner. Watching TV. Talking on the phone. But nothing. You stared at the ground outside for a while and thought that if a neighbor saw you right now they’d probably think you look crazy. 

But you had a good reason to feel a little crazy right now. 

You hadn’t received a single bouquet of flowers that day.

And there’s part 2! As always, let me know what you think and if you want to read a part 3!

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Mother May I

So I published this on Mother’s Day then took it down to edit something in it and am now getting the chance to re-upload it. If you want to see more of my stories, feel free to check them out here!

“Why is this so dang hard to do?” Beca said with her eyebrows furrowed, trying to flip the pancake in the pan.

“Mommy cooks better, mama.” Frankie said from her seat at the table. Callie enthusiastically nodded her head in agreement as she took a sip from her milk.

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anonymous asked:

My name is Alex, I am an orphan. I'm going to America to gain a fortune. And I don't know it yet, but I will become a decorated war vet. I'll have a wife, kids, and a scandal; hopefully it's not too much for my wife to handle. And though my son will die before I do, he won't have to try that hard to... Blow us all away. And one day, my lovely wife and the love of my life, (though it may be gory) will tell my story.


May Nothing But Death Do Us Part (Philip x Reader)

TW: Death, swearing, poorly written angst

Summary: V sad and emo (I need to stop listening to Fall Out Boy)

A/N: Requests are open!


My dearest, (Y/N),

It pains me to write this. I can picture your distraught face as you read this; it almost makes me want to reconsider everything, but what’s done is done. I must meet Mr. Eacker at the dueling grounds in Weehawken. I know how you feel about such matters, but I had no choice. He disparaged my father’s legacy in front of a crowd. I couldn’t let him get away with something like that.

I’m sorry I never told you, but you wouldn’t have let me go. (Y/N), I love you with all my heart. I didn’t want to hurt you. No matter what happens, I hope you will understand why I did this. You must know that I will not shoot him. If I lived because I killed him, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.

If I do die, please find someone else, be happy, and remember me. I don’t want my poor decisions to negatively impact you. You deserve so much more.

With all my love,

Philip Hamilton

You cry as you read the letter. The ink is smudged with your and Philip’s tears. He was too stubborn for his own good. If he had just talked to you, he would be laying in bed beside you right now. Everything would be perfect.

You throw a jacket over your dressing gown and run into the chill, November air. You run to the Hamilton’s house to tell them what’s happening. When Eliza opens the door, you start sobbing, muttering bits and pieces about what Philip is doing. You gasps and wakes Alexander, who leads you both to the dueling grounds; Eliza scolds him along the way.


You jump in front of Philip before he can react and knocked him to the ground.

“(Y/N),” he gasps, “what the hell are you doing here?”

“You can’t die on me. I couldn’t let you die.” Tears fall from your eyes, onto his chest.

He strokes your hair. “I love you so goddamn much.”

He gently kisses you, before Eliza comes over to you. “(Y/N),” she whispers. “You’re- you’re bleeding.”

You pull away from Philip and look at your arm and scream, pain rushing over you. The fear and adrenaline coursing through your veins when you got shot acted as a painkiller. He grips your side in an attempt to control the bleeding. Your vision starts to blur.

“We need a doctor!” Philip calls. He gently strokes your hair. “It’s going to be okay. I love you so much, more than you can ever imagine.”

You grab his face. “I’m sorry. I love you.”

He pulls you closer to his chest. “You’re going to be okay. You have to be okay.”

The doctor tells Philip that he has to let you go. “I love you, Philip.”

Tears cloud his eyes (he promised himself that he wouldn’t cry in front of you). “I love you, (Y/N).”

You grab his hand. “My love, take your time; I’ll see you on the other side.”


Philip walks down the street by himself. He moved uptown after his wife’s death. He needed to get away from the city life. He needed to be in the quiet. He thinks about how you would want him to find a new wife and have kids, but he can’t bring himself to meet other women. Every time he speaks to someone else, he thinks that they aren’t you.

He walks back to the dueling grounds. “This is the last place I saw you,” he mutters. “It’s going to be the first place I see you again.”

George Eacker laughs. “Let’s make this quick. No girl to save you now.”

He nods, raising his pistol to the sky once more. He feels a sharp pain in his side and smiles. “My love, I’ll see you on the other side.”

He hears doctors shout around him, but he’s only focused on you. “Hello again, (Y/N).”

You smile and walk closer. “I thought you would have taken longer. Let’s get going. We have a lot to catch up on.”

Amor Vincit omnia ( Snippets)

 Just some snippets from Yoongi and Ji soo’s life .

( warning : PWP. Literally filthy sex. I don’t even know how to tag this except that it’s definitely 19+ so if you’re too young don’t read this, don’t . It’s lowkey filthy , forgive my pervy self. 

Rough sex? A little? I don’t know. Dirty talk. Like a lot of it. Masturbation. It’s all consensual because they’re married and in love so don’t worry about that. ) 

“HE’s so hot.” Kim Sowon , daughter of one of the investors in Bangtan Inc., whispered secretively, leaning over to lightly touch my arm. I smiled glancing at the dance floor where all of Bangtan was rocking out in suits. They looked very beautiful, all seven of them, dressed in for fitting jackets and well tailored pants, shirts unbuttoned teasingly and their movements precise and sharp as they laughed attractively.

“Which one?” I smiled cheerfully. I had spoken to the girl just a few hours earlier and she was rather too outspoken for my liking. But I didn’t mind. I admired girls who were that uninhibited . I was definitely not meant to be in this generation. I belonged with the older generation of women with restraint and that was okay, really. Girls like Sowon were the norm now.

But her next words made my stomach take a dive .

“Who else? Min Yoongi of course. God, i could just ride him all night….” She let out a little groan .

I tried to control myself but my eyes went way too round and my hand began trembling and i squeaked, very loud.

“I..You..what?” I spluttered. The girl was nineteen or twenty at the most. Almost a decade younger than Yoongi. What on earth ??!!!

“Oh, please tell me you aren’t a prude. Every girl in the club is ogling his ass. Not that i blame them. That is one spectacular ass right there.” She leered and I bit my lips in disbelief.

“He’s married..” I choked out. Sowon grinned.

“That’s what makes it perfect. i bet his wife is one of those, not too loud, not too crazy society wife. You know, with perfect face and perfect diction and a perfectly firm stick up her perfect ass.” Sowon rolled her eyes and i knew it was irrational to keep doing this. I should tell her the truth and admit that I was  the wife. But I didn’t.

“You mean, he would cheat on her?” I said nervously.

“Not intentionally. But with a little bit of persuasion, all of them do.” Sowon shrugged.“ Even the ones who are madly in love with their wives. ”

“Persuasion?” I said , feeling the blood begin to leave my face . Sowon gave me a pitying smile and shook her head.

“Look just because a man loves his wife, doesn’t mean he isn’t bored with her. Especially the ones that have kids. You know? I mean there’s not much romance when there’s a crying kid five feet away, all the time. He’s going to want some alone time. Some time to appreciate the female body, hold it , see it and make love to it leisurely. And if he can do that with a body that isn’t his wife’s , he isn’t exactly going to say no, is he?” Sowon smiled.

My mind began to do cartwheels. She had literally just described my life with Yoongi.

“Are you going to hit on him?” I blurted out finally. She shrugged.

“Why not? I’ll ask him to dance… Suggest we take it elsewhere and he’ll probably agree at once. Watch and learn…” She winked and tossed back her drink before pushing away into the crowd. I stared in disbelief as she stalked right up to Yoongi and began grinding up on him. Yoongi looked surprised for a second but didn’t really push her away. I gripped my drink harder and felt tears threaten. if he actually left with her, I would start bawling right then and there. Sowon raised her hands and draped them around Yoongi’s shoulders and slowly whispered something into his ear.

Yoongi stopped dancing abruptly, unhooked her arms from around him and said something else into her ear and the girl blushed visibly. I felt my breath catch in curiosity. And then he looked straight up at me and waved. Sowon followed his line of sight and all the blood drained out of her face. Throwing me a vicious glare, she turned around and stalked off, while my husband made his way over to me through the crowd.

“Why do you look like you’re holding a snake and not a drink…” He teased, kissing me lightly. I stared up at him and swallowed.

“Are you going to cheat on me?”

The words were out before i could stop myself. Yoongi’s jaw opened and he blinked rapidly.

“What the fuck?” He rasped out.

“We aren’t romantic anymore… we… Yoonjin cries all the time and you don’t have time to leisurely make love to the female body and…”

Yoongi grabbed my glass and peered into it suspiciously.

“What the hell have you been drinking?” He said curiously and i punched him in the arm.

“Don’t lie to me. You want to cheat on me, don’t you?” I said , my heart breaking. Yoongi stared at me for a few seconds and then his eyes turned tender, visibly.

“Sweetheart , did someone say anything… What’s wrong ?” He whispered. Finally i blurted out the entire conversation I had just had. Yoongi’s smile grew bigger with each word and when i finally finished he was grinning.

“Oh, God. Thank you. ” Yoongi said laughing, gummy smile stealing my heart as always.

“What for?” I muttered.

“For reminding me exactly why i love you so much. You’re so delightfully naive and innocent, I adore corrupting you.” He winked and gave me a quick bruising kiss that made me unstable on my legs. Then he plucked the drink out of my hand and placed it back on the counter.

“Put that on my tab…” He told the bartender, before wrapping an arm around my waist and pulling me close. “ Come on, let’s get out of here.”

I stared in shock.

“Now?!! Yoongi you have a speech in fifteen minutes…It’s your party….” I said but he kissed me again, cutting me off.

“The guys will handle all that crap. I heard there’s a  honeymoon suite on the Eightieth floor . Let’s go have a party of our own…” He winked.

“You’re insane… I…”

“We have the babysitter till two in the morning anyway. That gives me a solid, ” He glanced at his watch. “ Three and half hours, to appreciate , look at and make love to the female body. As you so eloquently said.” He said and I couldn’t stop the laughter that bubbled up, combined with the arousal, happiness and desire that immediately chased away any insecurities that had crept in.

“I love you.” I said as he dragged me away. He turned around and lightly kissed my nose.

“And I love you. Only you.” He winked.

~~~~~~~~~`Warning - SExual Content ~~ 19+ ~~ 

I woke up feeling sweaty and tired, my body aching a bit too much than usual my hair sticking to the sides of my head and my breath a little raspy. I flinched when I realized I’d somehow forgotten to take off my sweater while getting into bed , the way I usually did. We kept the temperature a little high these days because our son Yoonjin tended to get cold very easily. The baby was clearly asleep now and i sighed in relief, shifting around nervously. My husband was turned over , sound asleep, his breathing slightly loud but oddly soothing in the otherwise silent apartment. For a few seconds i tried to close my eyes and go back to sleep. But it was impossible. i was wide awake now, with nothing to do.

I hesitated a bit, my mind automatically going to the man next to me. We hadn’t had proper, romantic sex after the baby was born. Yoonjin was almost ten months old now and most of our sex was done with zero noise, careful , under the sheets , weary of waking up the baby. I’[d also lost count of how many times we’d been interrupted. It was easier for me, to switch from being aroused to motherly but Yoongi spent a lot of time swearing colorfully everytime I left him with a raging erection with no relief but his own fingers.

I wasn’t doing any better. These days, i was so terrified of waking the baby, I’d started faking orgasms, just to make Yoongi hurry up. The man would never let me leave the bed without having at least three or four orgasms at a time and let’s face it, the female body cannot have that many, everytime. It just won’t happen. but everytime I begged him to hurry up he would kiss me deeper, “ Once more, jagiya…” He would whisper. “ Come for me just one more time…”

And i’d end up just faking it, to get him to stop. Not because I didn’t enjoy it or anything. It was just that , the more time he spent trying to get me off, the more likely he was to lose out on his own orgasm, because our son would wake up by then.

So it had definitely been a while for both of us. Well, i was awake now. I could … help myself.

I shrugged the sweater off and slipped my panties off quickly, fingers easily moving between my legs to find my clit, forefinger and middle finger pressing down in soft little circles before moving down to my entrance. I was wet already , a little and I gathered some of the moisture on to my fingers, before returning to rub my clit. I shut my eyes and tried to remember how Yoongi looked with his clothes off. My mouth watered because he was gorgeous. God, he was so gorgeous, I imagined licking the curve of his neck, kissing my way down his neck to the little cleft of his collarbones. He was always so sensitive there. I could bite him lightly and the lick him with my tongue, taste the skin there and make him grunt . I loved the little sounds he usually made when I kissed him. He was especially sensitive just below his belly button and over his hip bones. I’d tried to kiss him there and been shoved away too often.

I could feel myself get wetter as I thought about his strong hips, the way his bones jutted out, how pale and smooth his skin looked. I could trace the bones of his waist and his pelvis with ease, kiss and lick my way down before finally , finally  kissing his cock. My mouth genuinely watered because he tasted so amazing down there. It was hard to explain the musky, clean taste of male skin, but what I loved the most was the heavy weight of his cock on my tongue, enough to make me choke, just the first few inches. I would lick the tip, use the tip of my tongue to trace slow circles on the head of his cock, lightly press my tongue against the underside before dipping the tip into his slit. He was always leaking  by the time I took him into my mouth, the salty sweet pre-cum delicious on my taste buds. I imagined his hand in my hair, gripping it tight guiding me the way he wanted to go while he fucked into my mouth. The thought of it made my walls clench harder, slick wetness leaking out.

I groaned softly, wary of waking Yoongi up. If he woke up now and found me with my fingers between my legs, i could never live it down. But i couldn’t help it. My slit was swollen and so wet that I was sure the sheets were beginning to get wet. I tried to maneuver myself carefully, till I spread my legs and knees, enough to push two fingers inside my dripping entrance. God, how i wished it was his fingers inside me, those slender pale fingers, perfectly long and thick and just perfect.

I imagined licking a long stripe up the length of his cock, from the base to the tip, over and over again till his cock was sopping wet in my hand. I usually used my right hand to grip the base of his cock, while my left slipped down to gently fondle his balls, forefinger tracing the shape of them before slipping down to press at the sensitive skin just below his balls. It would always make him groan , long and loud. I would grip his base tighter before sinking my mouth down on his cock, almost fully, till his cock hit the back of my throat and for each stroke, I would use my tongue to massage the underside of his tongue, licking and lightly tracing circles as well. Yoongi loved it when i let him fuck my mouth shallowly as well, till the blunt tip of his cock hit the walls of my cheek. Sometimes i would graze my teeth, very very softly across the skin making him shudder uncontrollably. I would lick him, over and over again, getting him nice and wet for my pussy. Yoongi was big and long and it always felt better when he was well lubricated, both with my spit and his precum.

Once his cock was nice and wet, dripping with spit and precum , I would climb on top of him, position myself over his cock and slowly sink down on it, taking the entire length of his huge, hard cock inside me, feeling him stretch my walls as my tiny body tried to accommodate the huge width and girth of his member.

I groaned at the mental picture and stuck my fingers inside my drenched pussy, biting down to muffle my own scream as I came shuddering around my fingers, the walls of my pussy convulsing around my fingers as i tried to catch my breath. It was mind blowing, the pleasure radiating from my wet center all the way to the tips of my fingers and toes.

it took me approximately sixty seconds to come down from the mind blowing pleasure to acute embarrassment.

Had i just fully fantasized about sucking my husband off and riding him??

“Are you done?”

I jumped about a foot into the air when Yoongi sleep weary voice whispered into my ear.

Embarrassment turned to mortification and an urge to sink into the floor when I realized that my husband had been awake and watching.

“Oh my God…” I scrambled up, ready to bolt but Yoongi sat up quickly, grabbed my wrists and yanked me hard, making me laugh as I fell into the bed.


“Such a naughty, naughty girl….” Yoongi drawled. “ Is this what you do when I’m not around, spread your legs like a slut and stick your fingers inside ?? Hmm?? Tell me baby, who were you thinking about when you were finger fucking yourself so well??” He bit my earlobe and i mewled in pleasure.

“You…” I stuttered out when he yanked me closer palms now shaping my breasts forcefully.

“What about me? My face?” He teased , thumb and forefinger gripping my nipples and tugging till I started sobbing a little from the pain-pleasure.

“No.. I.. Yoongi please…” I didn’t know if i was begging him to stop or continue.

“Tell me babe… Tell me what you were imagining…”

“Kissing you…” i said , mortified.“ Down there…”

“Down there?? Where? My feet?”


“Say it babe…”

“your..” i really couldn’t say it out loud. i was red a tomato by now.

“Say it , or I’ll spank it out of you…” He lightly slapped my bottom and i yelped.

“Your cock…” I whispered , mortified. Yoongi hummed in pleasure.

“I thought so. Bet you imagined your pretty pink lips wrapped around my cock, sucking it nice and deep, huh baby??” His fingers slipped down and found my clit, pressing down a couple of times before slipping into my pussy, all three of them. I choked out in surprise at being filled so well so suddenly.

“Yoongi…"I started to move my hips, seeking more of that delicious friction against my walls but his fingers stilled and he pulled out quickly.

"Not so fast. Why don’t you show me what you were imagining sweetheart? Kiss my cock and show me what you were imagining to get you so wet for me?”

I scrambled to grab the waistband of his boxers easily taking it off him. He was already hard and obviously throbbing, his breath leaving him in a hiss when I grabbed his cock, thumb lightly rubbing the slit to gather some of the precum before giving him a few small strokes. I quickly, crawled down and licked the base, all the way to the blunt tip, making sure to get his cock wet before taking the length inside my mouth. The heavy feeling of his cock as it stretched my mouth, and lips was heaven. It was the oddest thing, how much it aroused me just to give him head. I loved every bit of it, maybe because it was me on my knees but it was Yoongi who was trembling with need and helpless with desire.

He gripped my hair at once, lightly with not too much pressure but enough to let me know that he’d be calling the shots. He pulled me forward shortly, thrusting his hips softly to fuck into my mouth gently and i could feel his gaze hot and heavy on my mouth as his cock slid in and out of my wet lips.

“You look so pretty like this. You take my cock so well, babe. I’m almost willing to forgive you for touching yourself when I was right there next to you…” He hummed and I groaned around his cock making him jump and swear when the vibrations from my throat transferred to his aching member. I use my tongue to trace the sensitive underside of his cock, trace the vein underneath and it’s positively throbbing. A few minutes later, Yoongi’s fingers slip down and he gently grips my jaw, just holding me in place while he fucked my mouth. one thrust made him go a little too deep and i almost gagged.

“Tsk…Tsk… You used to take me all the way in, before. You’ve lost practice haven’t you sweetheart..Maybe i should let you suck my cock more often. ” He gently gripped my jaw and thrust carelessly, a couple more times before pulling away with a pop.

“On your hands and knees.” He said swiftly and I quickly turned over, panting. He gripped my hair lightly before pushing up against my back, lightly parting my legs and slipping into my heat without any warning. I keened at the stretch, the way his cock felt inside me, pushing against my walls and reaching every sensitive inch till my head dropped forward in complete defeat. Yoongi snapped his hips forward at a brutal pace, fucking into me swiftly and with practiced ease. I stopped trying to make any movements, just let him have his way with me, trying to concentrate only on the feel of his throbbing cock inside my body, too big and too long and just a bit too much.

Yoongi grabbed my hips and pulled me up till I was kneeling on knees and elbows, his fingers slipping into the ga between my body and the bed, to find my clit. He rubbed insistently against the bundle of nerves till my body exploded against his, the walls of my pussy contracting around his cock and making me groan. I collapsed fully at that and his cock popped out of me with an obscene squelching sound. I’d never been so wet my entire life.

“Turn around babe…” Yoongi said impatiently and i rolled over lethargically. Yoongi quickly grabbed my breasts and pushed then together till there was a nice tight little gap .“ Hold these for me, sweetheart.”

“Yoongi..” i said mortified.

“What? I want to fuck those perky breasts of yours. There was a time when I used to have exclusive access to them. It’s changed now..” He said sulkily, straddling my chest with his knees on either side of my body before stroking his cock a couple of times and pushing his cock into the space between my breasts. He was big enough for the blunt end of his cock to his my lips each time he pushed in and I stuck my tongue out, licking the tip everytime he came close enough to my tongue. After a few more solid thrusts, he grunted.

“Can I cum all over your pretty face, jagiya?” He rasped and my thighs clenched at the filthy words.


I shut my eyes and quickly tongue my out. A second later I felt his cum hit my tongue , throat, the underside of my chin and parts of my cheek as well.

“Fuck… Fuck… Fuck..” Yoongi gasped, milking himself through his orgasm. When he was done, he slowly climbed off me and shook his head before reaching out and gently massaging his cum into my skin.

I wrinkled my nose.

“That’s gross…Stop..” I protested and he scoffed.

“Says the girl who just masturbated to me while i was right next to her. You little pervert. ” Yoongi teased, reaching over to kiss me lightly on the lips .

“Like you’ve never masturbated to me..” I said with a roll of my eyes.

“Why should I? When I have you at my beck and call… "He teased.

"You’re unbelievable.”

“Anyways, the next time you’re horny wake me up. I’ll be the one taking care of it…not you…” He said sternly and I laughed.

It wasn’t a bad idea really


“What?” Yoongi snapped, when he found me staring at him for a little while. Even though he sounded annoyed , I told myself it was probably because of all the work stress. It was a little past twelve and he had come home just a half hour ago. And he was flying down to Japan in about seven hours for a conference. The entire table was scattered with files and notes and markers. My husband looked like death, his skin paler than usual and shadows lining his eyes. But what really hurt was the gaze in his eye whenever he was talking to me or listening to me and or just in the same room with me.

Like he couldn’t wait to get back to his work. Like he couldn’t wait for me to just finish whatever I was saying and leave him alone. It was easy to spot because it was so different  from how he usually looked at me.

I bit my lips, wondering what I was doing wrong.

“Nothing.” I said casually, moving to pick up the used plates from the table. I’d made his favorite meal. Seven different meat dishes and it had taken me three hours to get it all done. He hadn’t even noticed. Hadn’t even touched some of them. But it was okay, really. I knew that if it weren’t for how stressed he was, he would definitely have complimented me.

“Is Yoonjin eating well?” He said casually and I nodded.

“Now that he can eat by himself, he’s enjoying it. ” I said with a smile. I opened my mouth to tell him about the first failed attempt but Yoongi was already picking up his phone and calling someone.He stood up, kicked the table away and walked out into the balcony and I stared after him, feeling very lonely.

This had gone on for four months now. At first I didn’t mind. I had my own work to do. The pottery school and taking care of Yoonjin pretty much kept me busy all day. But now, Yoonjin had started Play School. I didn’t want a lot. just a couple hours of his time, once a week when we could just relax and look at each other and talk. I rolled my shoulders a bit, wincing when it cracked ominously. I caught a glimpse of myself in one of the pristinely clean glass cabinets and flinched. My hair was a bird’s nest and the teal grey t-shirt had a few stained spots from when I’d tried to give Yoonjin his pre-bed bath. I looked miserably tired. No wonder Yoongi was turned off really.

I dropped the dishes in the sink and fruitlessly rubbed my hands against my thighs, before reaching out and untying my hair, ruffling it a bit. I couldn’t remember the last time i’d brushed it. Today morning? Yesterday night? Feeling a little guilty for neglecting myself, i picked my way to the bedroom. Yoonjin lay sleeping evenly on the bed. Now that he was almost four, he preferred sleeping with me when his father was out of town. I smiled down at how much he looked like Yoongi , right from the breathtakingly pale skin to the sooty eyes. Lightly kissing his cheek, i moved to the vanity table and quickly brushed my hair.

I’d drawn in a nice warm bath with his favorite scents and had even bought his favorite wine. We could relax for a couple of hours at least and it was okay even if he didn’t want to talk to me. i just wanted him to get rid of some of the tension in his shoulders and look like the handsome man I had fallen in love with . I felt my entire body thrum in anticipation of sinking into the warm, scented waters with him. i missed his hands on my bare skin. We hadn’t even had sex in two weeks.

I was just done when Yoongi came in , looking apologetic.

“I need to head to the office again.” He said bluntly. I stared in disbelief.

“You just got here after five days…I haven’t seen you in over a week… I…”

“Ji Soo, let’s not do this right now…I’m tired..I was hoping you’d be a bit more understanding ..” He said with a shake of his head and i felt resentment bubble inside me.

“And I’m not?” I said in disbelief.“ I spend the whole day taking care of Yoonjin and you know how naughty he is. I’m tired too … It’s not like you understand…  ” I said impatiently.

“It’s not even remotely the same thing….” He snapped back.“ You have servants, my friends at your beck and call and a credit card with no limit…. What the hell more could you possibly want?”

I stared at him in disbelief. He made it sound like the only thing i wanted from him was his money.

“What more?? more?? Yoongi we haven’t even shared a proper meal in over two months …”

“I’m busy with this merger, you know that…I’m stressed out with work as it is, could you at least not piss me off when I come home??” He said, sounfing angry.

I felt my breath catch.

“Pissing you off? I’m pissing you off by asking you to spend a few minutes with me?” I whispered in hurt. He looked a little guilty for a second but then his gaze hardened again.

“Ji Soo, i meet thirty people a day and when I’m not in meetings, I’m preparing for them. It will all be over in a few weeks anyway, could you please just keep it in for the duration? ”

“I’m not asking you to take a day off or something!! Would a few minutes a day, make such a big difference??. We haven’t even had sex in two weeks. And you’re leaving again in a few hours and now you want to go back to your office!! I was hoping we could at least spend the night together…” I said, fighting tears.

He stood still staring at me evenly.

“Do you want me to apologize? This is my life, Ji Soo. My company. I’m the fucking CEO, i can’t neglect my responsibilities.” He said testily.

I wanted to yell at him some more. Tell him he was turning into a stranger and that I didn’t like being treated like  a disturbance. i wanted to tell him that i spent the whole day thinking of him and looking forward to the smallest touch or word from him and I felt like an idiot, everytime he snapped at me over the silliest things. i wanted to tell him that I had burnt my fingers twice while cooking his meal and it wouldn’t kill him to take a few seconds and say he liked it. i wanted to tell him that I was tired, not just because of all the work I did but also of the way he had been treating me. I wanted to tell him that yes, he was a CEO but he was also a husband and a father.

I stared at him and then finally gave up.

“Okay…just… fine. It’s fine, you’re right. I was overreacting. You should go, if you have to.” I said, defeated.

He hesitated.

“I’m not happy about this either but … I have my responsibilities.” He said agian and I nodded.

“I know. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have…I’m sorry. Go ahead. Have a safe flight. Call me when you land there.” I said, willing myself not to bawl. He hesitated a little before stepping closer and lightly reaching out to kiss me. For some reason my entire body lurched in protest and I stepped back and away before his lips could touch mine.

“I haven’t brushed my teeth…or showered…” I lied  wildly, holding my hands up, “ it’s alright…just go.”

He looked like he wanted to argue but his phone rang again and he swore.

“I’ll call you.” He said awkwardly, before moving to kiss our son

I nodded quietly, swallowing the hurt. i’m hurting. Don’t just leave like this.

And then he turned around and left.

“Are you alright?” the woman next to me grabbed my forearm and it took me exactly a few seconds to realize that I’d swayed dangerously. Fumbling with the shopping cart , I managed a weak smile and nodded. i gripped it harder and tried to clear the sudden rush of blood to my head, while my vision momentarily blurred. Five minutes later, i found myself sitting in a plastic chair behind the counter, mouth dry as I dialled Namjoon.

“Ji Soo? What’s wrong? Where are you?” He sounded as concerned as always and i quickly told him, I’d had a little fainting spell . He promised to come pick me up and I hung up, mind racing.

I’d never had fainting spells in my entire life except on one occasion.

Swallowing , I pulled out the calendar in my phone and stared at the small ‘x’ now overdue by three weeks. I hadn’t even noticed that I was late. I’d been so completely and utterly drowning in my own misery I hadn’t even realized that I’d missed my period.

For a few seconds, I just sat there, trying to dredge up something other than sadness but i couldn’t. I didn’t think we were ready for another baby. I didn’t think, I  was ready for a pregnancy . I recalled the miserable few months, Yoongi’s aloofness and the way he had stormed out the last time I’d seen him. I didn’t want to have a baby now, not when there were a billion things wrong in my life as it was.

I was so lost in my thoughts, I didn’t notice Namjoon till he lightly tapped my shoulders.

“Are you okay?” He said nervously. I nodded.

“I must’ve skipped breakfast. got a little lightheaded. Nothing to worry about. Did Yoongi call?” I said casually and Namjoon looked a little guilty.

“Yeah, he’s fine. He’ll be home next sunday.” He said nervously. I struggled to keep my face neutral. He was supposed to be there the day after. Sunday was a whole week away.

“Well, that’s fine. ” i said cheerfully. “ I hope he’s eating well.” I said with a bright smile and Namjoon nodded.

“He must be missing your cooking.” He said politely. I laughed but the words cut in like a knife. Yes, he may have missed my cooking but he didn’t miss me. Not enough to pick up his phone and actually call. Sighing, I followed Namjoon to the car and let him drive me to the hospital.

“Well, you’re definitely pregnant. ” The doctor frowned. “ But your bloodwork and BP is a mess.Low Sugar, High blood Pressure. What have you been doing to yourself, Ji Soo?”

I flushed.

“I’m sorry, I…”

“You need to take good care of yourself. Where’s yoongi? Out of the country?” He scoffed. I smiled abashedly. Dr. Lee was Yoongi’s uncle. “ I’m having a word with him. If he isn’t taking care of his wife, he needs to get whacked.”

I found the idea of anyone whacking Min Yoongi both amusing as well as suicidal.

“Please don’t Dr. Lee. it’s only temporary. He’ll be back soon.”

“He better. You need rest, vitamins and supplements. I’m prescribing it all and my assistant will fill those in for you.” He smiled as he stood up and held the door open for me.

“Thank you , Dr. Lee.”

“You’re welcome. I’d like a granddaughter this time.” He winked before chuckling.

I sat outside the office building, on one of the bus stops, staring at the traffic for a really long time. I was supposed to call Namjoon again and ask him to pick me up.

A baby.

Another baby. Yoonjin would be five by the time his sibling arrived and maybe would understand. But what about Yoongi? Did he even want a baby? His business was getting bigger and he would be away more often? I couldn’t really handle two kids all by myself could I? Or maybe i could if my husband could give me a little bit of attention and a little bit of his time. But so far , he had a poor track record. If the choice was between his work and me, it would be his job that took precedence.

I didn’t even realize that i was crying till a white kerchief got thrust into my face.

“Need help?”

The familiar, Daegu satoori went through my eyes making my stomach lurch in surprise. I blinked up, shocked to see my husband standing right next to me, holding his palms up to keep the sun off my face as I stared at him .

“Yoongi …what… how?” i spluttered.

“Namjoon called… he told me you almost fainted in the Supermarket. So I took the first flight out …” He said softly , before sitting down next to me. I just stared while he casually picked up my hand and pressed a kiss to my palm.

“I’m sorry for being a bastard.” He said gruffly and I wilted.

“It’s okay…I…”

“It’s not okay, Ji Soo. What i did was unforgivable . I just… I felt like crap after leaving. Couldn’t even concentrate on anything. Ended up asking Hoseok and Taehyung to sit through almost all the meetings there. All I could think about was how hurt you’d looked when I hurt. I’d been so inattentive these few months and God, you’d made all those delicious dishes and I hadn’t even thanked you for it and -”

I cut him off with a kiss. He looked surprised, and didn’t even react till I pulled back.

“I’m pregnant. ” I said, simply because I couldn’t stop the myself.

Yoongi just stared at me before slowly starting to smile, wider and wider till his face looked like it would crack, gummy grin lighting his face up and eyes crinkling. And then to my utter surprise he bent down and wrapped both arms around my knees lifting me up , while i screamed in shock.

“EVERYONE, MY WIFE AND I ARE GOING TO BE PARENTS !!” He shouted and I could feel my entire face going beetroot red as the scant few people around began chuckling and few of them applauded.

“Min  Yoongi what on earth are you doing…?” I hissed in mortification as he slowly lowered me to the ground and pulled me close.

“Making up for being an asshole of a husband. Do you feel loved now?” he winked.

“What?” I said confused and then he turned around to the crowd again.


I screamed again and clamped my hand down on his mouth, laughter bubbling out of me , leaving me breathless.

“You’re unbelievable. I know you love me, I never doubted it… ” I laughed.

“Good…” He kissed my forehead before hugging me again. “ Now let’s go home so we can celebrate properly.” His voice dropped low and I grinned.

“I missed you…” I said softly and his gaze softened before he leaned down and gently whispered,



“Another week?” Yoongi growled. “ You have got to be shitting me! i’m not staying in this goddamn place for another minute! I have a pregnant wife waiting for me at home and I’ll be damned if I let you incompetent morons keep me away from her. Tell your goddamned boss that he has exactly 48 hours to give me the proposal  in  person.  if not , I’m taking myself and my billion won investment out of this building before he can say 'Min fucking Yoongi.”

Namjoon grimaced but tried to smile encouragingly at the secretary, a docile young man of around twenty who looked nothing less than petrified.

“Yoongi operates on a tight schedule. You should definitely ask your boss to hurry up.” He said apologetically and the secretary scampered off at the speed of light. Namjoon glared at Yoongi and moved to pour him a glass of wine.

“Could you perhaps stop terrorizing young kids?” He commented mildly and Yoongi’s scowl only deepened.

“It’s not my fault they hire toddlers who’re still shitting in their diapers to work on the biggest fucking deal of the decade. I swear to god, I’m going to put a fucking bullet in the guy’s brains if he tries to screw me over with the contract.” Yoongi hissed.

Namjoon gave him a knowing smile before handing over the drink.

“Is this about Ji Soo? Jimin’s staying with her, hyung. She’ll be fine.” He said softly.

Yoongi opened his mouth to argue but then sighed in defeat. No point hiding it. Namjoon could read him like an open book.

“I just… she’s close to having the baby , Joonie. I should be there with her. I really don’t want her to think that my work is more important than her. Given a choice , i would quit my job in a heartbeat but i can’t even imagine hurting her because of my work.” Yoongi said, uncharacteristically vocal about his feelings and Namjoon stifled a smile. It felt good to see his hyung talk about his feelings for a change , instead of bottling them up the way he usually did. Ji Soo was very good for him.

“Hyung, why don’t you take the rest of the evening off? I’ll handle all the appointments and stuff. You can go video call her and she’ll probably feel better and it will help you too.” Namjoon said casually, already moving to pick up the files and Yoongi gave him a hesitant look.

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure hyung. Go have fun with your wife and son.” He laughed.


“Is this supposed to be grey?” i said wrinkling my nose as i stared at the small gown that Jimin had just taken out of the box. Jimin groaned next to me.

“It’s called Gainsboro and it’s the most expensive one of the lot. Pure silk underskirt and lace lining , so stop looking like that. ” He scolded, carefully taking the gown from me and replacing it in the box.

I pouted.

“I’m not sure I want my baby’s first gown to be grey. I want it to be nice and bright. No pastels like her mother. She’ll wear bright and pretty colors.” I said firmly. Jimin laughed and shook his head before pulling the next gown, this time revealing a bright red gown with a nice back bow.

“Hand sewn pearls and satin underskirt. ” Jimin said casually, holding it up. It looked very nice and if only our daughter had her father’s pretty pale complexion , she would look absolutely gorgeous in it.

As if on cue , the phone rang and i glanced at the screen. My heart swelled a bit as i saw that it was Yoongi. Using one hand to support my belly , I slowly lowered myself to the settee and picked the call, my nerves thrumming with pleasure when his beloved face came into view.

“Hi, sweetheart.” I said , grinning and Jimin groaned and left the room, muttering something about ’ pervert Yoongi ’ and probably wants ’ phone sex’.

Yoongi looked absolutely breathtaking , like a sip of cold water and I smiled in genuine pleasure.

“How’s my number one girl?” He said with a deep , gummy smile and I melted.

“Lonely.” I said softly, “ When are you coming back?”

His smile faded a little.

“I’m so sorry jagiya. I swear, just one more day. if it doesn’t get done tomorrow, I’ll pull the plug on this whole thing and get the first flight home.” He said seriously and i laughed.

“You don’t have to do that Yoongi, I’m fine.” I said but he shook his head.

“Maybe you are, but I’m not. I want to hold you so badly. ” He whispered, voice dropping a few tones and I flushed.

“I miss you too. Yoonjin misses you too. He’s staying with your parents for a few days.”

Yoongi nodded.

“Mother told me. She thinks he should stay there till the baby is born. Just in case. We don’t want him to accidentally hit your tummy.” He said softly and I smiled a little.

“I’m more jealous of him than anything else. Mrs. Min spoils him rotten and he doesn’t even want to come home.” i shook my head and Yoongi laughed.

“ARe you alright, by the way?” He said, suddenly serious.

“I’m fine.”

“Can you feel her?” He said wistfully and I felt it like a physical ache.

“YEs. She’s very active. Not like you.” I teased.

“Show me…” He said softly and I tilted the phone to show my swollen belly, lightly lifting my white blouse and pressing my palm to the curve where I could feel a steady thumping.

“She’s happy. She can probably hear you. ”

“Can I talk to her?” He said softly and I increased the volume on the speaker of my phone.

“Go ahead, baby.” i whispered.

“Hey, sweetheart. Are you comfortable inside your mommy? Is she eating nice and delicious foods? Appa should be there right now but i promise to buy you the best toys when i get back.” He said and I couldn’t help but laugh.

“You shouldn’t be this sweet Suga ssi.. You’re giving me cavities.” I teased.

Yoongi laughed.

“Take good care of yourself babe. I’ll see you in two days, okay?” He said gently and I nodded. I missed him so much.

Three day later, I found myself staring at a tired looking Min Yoongi , standing in the doorway while his chauffeur struggled under  what looked like a few trucks worth of toys and dresses.

“Oh, My God… Yoongi… ” I gasped, as his chauffeur dragged bag after bag of stuff into the apartment. After the man left and after locking the door, he turned to me looking downright hungry.

“Hey, babe. ” He pulled me into his arms, lips closing over mine like a man dying of thrist. i melted against his body, as he slotted our lips together, tongue pushing into my mouth and tasting every inch . He all but growled, making sure not to squeeze the belly trapped between us as he slowly maneuvered both of us to the bedroom. I felt warmth flood my body in a great big rush, my bones melting with pleasure as he gently helped me lay on my side. before crawling into the bed behind me. I couldn’t lie down on my back now and he gently nudged my thighs open, slipping his leg between mine before starting to unbutton my gown.

i sighed when his fingers slipped in around my body, gently reaching for my breasts , taking care not to put a lot of pressure on the skin. He used his fingertips to lightly trace circles on my skin, before kissing the back of my neck.

“Youre so soft these days. Your skin feels like velvet. ” He whispered, kissing my shoulders before gently easing the gown off. I let him slide it off my body, past my legs, before taking off his shirt as well. His chest, warm and solid pressed against my bare back and his hands traced the curve of my waist fingers gently pressing against my stomach, as he sighed into my hair. And then he was standing up, moving to take off his pants. I watched him, love blooming inside me and then something absolutely unexpected happened.

I took a deep breath.

“Babe… ”

Yoongi grinned already moving to pull me into his arms.

“Tell me sweetheart. ”

“Don’t panic, but I think my water just broke.”

Yoongi froze for a second, just staring at me.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ”

THE End ( Or is it? ;)) 

Author’s note : Tell me what you thought of this… :D Also, I hope you guys have started falling for min yoongi because of this fic… kekeke…. 

Maid of Honor - Dylan O’Brien

A/N: This idea has been in my head ever since I saw this picture of Dylan. Plus, who wouldn’t wanna meet Dyl at a wedding? Hope ya’ll enjoy. Love, J xx

Prompt: You’re the maid of honor at your best friend’s wedding and you meet Dylan at the open bar.

Word Count: 1,900

Warning: A sprinkle of Dom Dyl here and there and a hell of a lot of smut.

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madhattressdelux  asked:

Seb, I have a concept for you: travis receiving love and adoration. I know it's wild but hear me out, pls imagine him,,, receiving hugs and is acknowledged and told people care for him. Kept far away from Bad Dudes like Zane, Demon Warlock, etc. Happy times.

oh my go d

oh my g o d

you went right for my weakness how dar e you

by extension i present u

travis in the future w a happy family and everything talking to his mothers grave telling her about her dad friends, wife and kids just hear me out

Baby Fears (Zatanna Zatara x Reader)

Request: Any chance you’d do a Zatannaxreader fic about them being soon to be parents?

This is a baby fic, but I just adore it and didn’t want to add anything that could ruin it’s cuteness.

Originally posted by jonhconstantine

Zatanna woke up to an empty bed in the middle of the night. It was unusual for you not to be by her side as she slept, but from the relative warmth of your side of the king sized bed, you hadn’t left long ago. Slowly Zatanna peeled back the comforts of the covers and stretched into the darkness, prepared to look for you and drag you back to bed if need be.

Traveling down the hall Zatanna saw light illuminating from the room the two of you redecorated just this week, she could hear your quiet mutterings emanating from the room. That’s where you were for sure.

When Zatanna pushed open the door, the pastel pink walls greeted her. The two of you did a great job for it being an unprofessional job. The walls looked wonderful, the giant plastic roses were secure on the wall, and the large cursive C was nailed eventually. The crib was the only thing you two hadn’t set up yourself, too worried it would fall apart if put together by anyone other than the man who did this for a living. You stood in the middle of the room, looking around.

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Day 4- Famil Ankko Week

2sooooo uhhhhh, this is pretty long 1,621 words…. sorry, i hope you like this, i am really proud of this. also sorry its late.



“One day were going to be a family, just you wait Andrew. When we get married we will live in a house with a white picket fence and maybe have a dog. Just you wait Andrew, we soon will be together without having our families disapprove, just wait Andrew one day we can be together, just you wait.”

Flashback ended~

Andrew’s P.O.V

I hear the alarm ringing, signifying I should start getting ready for class. As I wake to turn off my alarm, I recognize the dream I had, and I smile as I remember the promise I made with that girl on that day. She goes to my school, but I don’t think she remembers me, I don’t know why I just get the feeling because she always seems to ignore me. Anyway, I should probably start getting seeing as how I always arrive to class early.

Time skip~

Despite having that dream or a flashback I gotten dressed quicker than I usually do, so I decide to arrive even earlier than I usually do. As I get out of the car I walk to the same place I go to each morning. Every morning I am always greeted by the wind blowing through my hair, and the scent of the flowers around the garden. I open my eyes to see that someone was already there and apparently sitting in my spot.  Before I realized it, myself I had started walking towards this person, as I get closer I start to see that this person was a girl and this girl seemed very familiar, but I still couldn’t quite figure out who this girl is, I get closer and see the most beautiful red eyes, she was looking at the sky, she looked so lost in her thoughts that she probably didn’t even notice he was behind her. He stops in his steps and realizes just who this girl this.


Her name slips out of mouth before I realize. I could see her flinch at the sound of my voice. She fidgeted with something in her lap and she looked like she was trying to say something or for someone to say something? I decide to do her a favor and break the tension, because one I really want to enjoy my morning and two, I hate seeing her this way especially when my heart yearns to hold her tight and kiss away her insecurities.

 “What do you got there Akko? And do you mind scooting over a bit that’s where I always sit when I come over here” I said as plainly as I could, I didn’t want her to know how much she affected me.

She flinches and moves to the side, and when I see that I have space to sit down, I walk to my spot and sit. When I sit down I do what I always do, I close my eyes and let the breeze run through my hair. I glance towards Akko, but she wasn’t there instead she was in front of me holding something tight to her chest.

    “Akko would you mind moving over a bit your blocking the wind. Uhhh what’s this?” I look at the package she is holding out, and I could see her struggling to not blush, but she fails because her cheeks are red…what she doesn’t know won’t kill her.

I snap out of my rights when she starts to speak.

     “Here just take it, it’s your birthday gift.”

Stunned I don’t move, and sensing that I’m probably not going to move she just leaves it in my lap and runs away.

 I could’ve said something, anything but I’m to distracted with what it says on the top of the package

“I miss the days we talked when we were kids, I miss the way you smiled and how it would lighten up the room, I miss you. I remember my promise from when we were kids. Although if you don’t desire this dream anymore let me know because I love the dream but I won’t love it if you don’t, I just want to see you smile and hear you laugh. I miss you Andrew and I think I might be falling for you.


P.S. Happy Birthday Andrew!!! Also knowing you, you probably forgot it’s your birthday so I’m probably the first one to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDREW!!!”

I read and reread the letter so many times that I lost track of the world for a second. Until my cheeks are starting to hurt and I realized that I was smiling and laughing and it felt so good, something that was lost, I found again.

Not even waiting another second, he runs to where Akko left. When he caught a glimpse of Akko, he did something he thought he would never do in a billion years.

“Akko!!!” I screamed with happiness in my voice and I could feel the warmth spread through my body like a wild fire. I see her turn around, her eyes filled with confusion, and before she could do anything I sweep her off her feet and spin around.

I couldn’t help but laugh out loud, and hearing her laugh with a hint of confusion in her voice I just continued to spin her until I decided that was enough before I threw up. I put her down but I don’t let her go, and I could feel that she wants some answers. And although every single inch of me wanted to kiss her pink smooth lips, I understood I must be patient and wait for the right time so Instead I just hug her like the world was ending.

I let go, but I am still in her embrace.

“You silly little girl, I never forgot the promise you made, I never brought it you because I thought you forgot or regretted even promising that. Sorry” I finished hoping she doesn’t reject me or think I’m making this up.

“Well first I am not “little” Andrew” she says as I try not to laugh.

“And I thought the same, I thought that you forgot or just decided that I was too gross or childlike. I was afraid you were going to reject me, so I stayed away.”

I honestly felt like crying, because I had hurt her so bad that she started to look down at herself.

I got on one knee and looked at her. Her face was beat read by this point.

   “Will you Atsuko Kaguri like to go on a date with me?” she honestly looks so cute right now.

   The minute she nods I jump back up and spin her around again, and enjoy the sound of her laugh.

Time skip~

“Akko! Come out you’re going to miss the sunset!” I hear a faint response. While I wait for her to arrive I set everything up and wait for her.

 The minute she enters I could see the tears forming. I am on one knee with a ring out. I gulp and decide it’s time to do it now.

  “My dear Akko, you have always brought happiness to my day, with you being around I always feel like I can do anything. I love the way you smile at such strange things. And how when you believe in something you work hard to get it. I love every part of you Akko, so will you do the honor of marrying this poor soul?” I get up and walk over to a shocked Akko. When I reach her, I kneel back down and ask

                                                “Will you marry me Atsuko Kaguri?”

All I remember next is the sound of laughter and the single word of YES being filled in the air and I just can’t help but feel so happy knowing that my life is going to be perfect with my beautiful Akko by my side.

“I love You my dear bunny” “I love you to”

Time skip~

“Mommmmmm!!!!! Julian won’t let me have a turn!”

“Julian let Luis have a shot, or I’m taking it away”

All I can hear are my two beautiful kids arguing and my wife trying to calm them down. I try to stay in my bed longer but apparently that won’t happen because I feel someone on me.

I open my eyes and see my beautiful little girl Eliza.

 “Daddy, wake up breakfast is almost ready!” she is just so cute, she is a splitting image of her mother.

“hmmmmmmm, fine but I can’t get off until this little princess allows me to?” she giggles and heads toward the kitchen to where her mother is. I could hear the laughter that fills my house and I could feel the happiness course through my veins, sometimes I believe that I’m dreaming.

I can feel my wife…Ahhhh “wife” I still love the way it sounds.

“C’mon Andrew get up, your daughter made you something for breakfast” that made me a bit intrigued, but before I get up, I grab my wife and hold her.

We stay in the bed looking at the photos on the wall.

“Hey look, I kept my promise Andrew, although…” I hear her pause and she starts to get off the bed, confused I wait for her to continue.

“I think I left a bun in the oven” she leaves with a wink.

It takes me a few seconds before I jump up and run to her and lift her off her feet.

And in that moment, I felt nothing but pure happiness, I felt at home. I had found my family

And that’s with my Wife and three, well four kids. I wait for what’s to come next.


I, apparently, have the unpopular opinion here. But I like Derrick. I think he’s a perfectly nice person and he seems to really love his wife and kids. I get a very strong feeling that he would love nothing more than for the cameras to go away (and I don’t blame him for that), but Jill said no.
Giving love a shot part 58

The times when you want the clock to go slow, it doesn’t. Our babies are now six months. Jay went back to work, more like I forced him to go. He still calls me every- too many times.

I don’t even know what I will do when I go back to work. I don’t really go anywhere unless Jay’s home. My friends come to visit, often, everyone’s doing great.

My parents are planning to move down here, to be closer to the kids. The kids love my dad, My mom on the other hand, is actually trying with the kids, but me, She still has some slick things to say. As long as she’s cool with my kids, I don’t care I’m use to it by now.

As for my Work, My right hand Mr.Kim handles everything, I still sign papers but- *phone rings*

Jae: hello

Jay: hey how are you guys doing?

Jae: the same, since you last called  30minutes ago.

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Baa Bum Ba Bum: A Criminal Minds Fan-fiction

Featuring: Penelope Garcia x Female Reader

Requested by: @milkandcookies528

“I know in season seven Garcia and Kevin broke up and something about her not wanting to get married. But anyways could you do one where Penelope and her fiance gets married (and in this fic she was never against marriage) and the wedding is beautiful. Thank you.😍😍😭😭”       

Warnings: All the Fluff! Nerdom and more cussing than I usually throw in.

A/N: As you can tell, I had too much fun with this one. Btw how come we have never met Garcia’s brothers?! Thanks for the awesome request Tori!!! I really hope you like it. xoxo Stu

I do not own the characters or images.

To Do:

Fitting Appointment


Confirm Cake Delivery

Make Penny get to her fitting

Remind the team and Carlos about speeches


Confirm with the J.o.t.P

   It was going to be a hectic week, but you just had to make sure everything was moving along. You were an extremely hands on bride, not a bridezilla, thank you very much.

“Girl, I better be the first speaker. I do not want everyone all distracted before I get all your dirty laundry out in the open.” Carlos was huffing. You had been checking your phone, AGAIN, during your weekly brunch with your bestie. Your head snapped up.

“I think I can arrange that, BUT that means you cannot bring up the cat-fight sophomore year.”

“Y/N, seriously?!” Carlos was shocked, “I hadn’t even remembered that! Now I want to throw it in there. Hmmmm, you’re lucky I plan ahead. I don’t want to mess with perfection. My speech is so fire, everyone will need to stop, drop and roll.”

You laughed, Carlos being prepared to assault your friends and family with every embarrassing detail of your nearly twenty years of friendship was quintessential. No wonder people put so much thought and time into weddings. It isn’t everyday people publicly show loved ones how much they mean to them. You finished the mimosa you had been sipping. Carlos leaned in and grabbed your hand.

“It’s going to be fucking magical, Y/N.” Carlos tried to relieve the stress of the event. You nodded, remembering to breathe.

“You’ve reached Garcia’s Gifts of Knowledge and Salvation, please state your request.”

“Hey, babe. I just got a call from the dress shop.” You began in a slight brisk tone. “Anything you want to tell me?”

The pause was enough to have you counting to ten. “Um? No?” Penelope responded sheepishly.

“Alright, I, trust you, but please make sure you stop with the last minute “extras” by Thursday. They charge another 20% for rush work.”

“If I did know what you were referring to, than that would be a good deadline. But really, there are no extras.” She was failing her stealth role left and right.

“Love you, please get home on time tonight?” You asked softly.

“Sure? I mean the team is only in freaking Florida, Y/N. I can’t exactly leave them on their own. What if they don’t finish the case in time?!”

“Penny, they’ll be there. It is going to be wonderful. See you at home?” You tried reassuring your fiance.

“Okay, yes, you will. Eventually.” Penny smooched into the phone.

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Truth Time

Today I get to find out if Big Girl’s mom is as selfish as she has always been or if she has learned to care about someone other than herself. Initial conversation points to selfish as always. My own selfishness sounds like this:
I want her to want her own kid. I want BG to grow up knowing that her mom loves her and wants her as much as she loves and wants her little brother. I also want her to be safe, and pushing this onto her selfish mother means letting go of some control over her environment because she’ll be ten hours away. Her mom claims she can’t afford to have her. I think she forgot that I follow her on Instagram and have seen her in new clothes and new Nikes, at various clubs, all summer, even after she lost her part-time job.
BG staying with her mom is the best plan for her, AND for all of my other kids. And my wife. And me.
So here’s the question for you, tumblr: how do I tell her mom she HAS to keep her? I honestly don’t think my family can survive another school year like the last one, with everyone always on edge waiting for BG’s next violent tantrum or mood swing. I don’t think Smash can be successful in school if he’s constantly being picked on by her at home. But her mom and I have always had a troubled relationship, and navigating this is going to be tricky.
Wife will call her later. She deals with bullshit better. Till then, send us some positivity. Between this, Baby Girl with methadone wean, Smash’s stress of starting school, Grace’s increasingly awful behavior (hello, there, Captain of being three!), Pete’s insistence that we are the Worst Parents Ever, and rarely seeing my wife anymore (I hate grad school, y'all, she may never get a full night’s sleep again, much less get to hang out with the kids) I could really use a big helping of positive thoughts coming this way.

Teach Me How to Love
title: Teach Me How to Love author: oops-internet (i just decided to post this on my sideblog which i made for writing fics in the near future) artisturltima (unfortunately, she couldn’t get the art for the fic finished because of issues with her tablet) beta: austinattack (who also made this lovely little music playlist for the fic!) word count: 16k rating: NC-17 warnings: age difference, student/teacher, minor alcohol and drug use, unprotected sex summary: Dan, a dark and gorgeous seventeen year old could have anyone he wanted. But, some people tend to avoid the boy because of the sheer mysteriousness he projects. What happens when he gets a little too involved with someone he thinks he has yet to meet face to face, but ironically he’s known all along?  author’s notes: this turned out to be twice as long as i expected, but i had so much fun writing it! i wouldn’t have been able to finish it without all the help and encouragement from my beta Austin and my artist Becca, so thank you guys endlessly for all your help <3 -Dan Howell was… a plethora of different things, to say the least. He was blinding light in a pitch-black sky. Scarring beauty in an unremarkably dark world. The definition of mystery hidden beneath a teasing half smirk. Being social was definitely not his forte; it never really has been one of his strong points, rather the opposite. The art of socializing, to him, was all within the usage of body language, which worked all too well with the form-fitting leather jacket and super skinny jeans that clung to his voluptuous body. The way he flicked his messy brown fringe aimlessly to the side as a careless habit, mostly done without his particular attention or consent, but more so when he scoffed or attempted to act cocky. His undeniably attention-drawing manner of swaying his hips in the slightest with every step he took. The long, perfectly lean legs he had did nothing less than accentuate his bottom. The seventeen year old was blessed with an ass worth taking a gawk at, and he, or anyone, would be lying if they so much as denied that fact. The boy was over six feet tall, towering over nearly every other student or general person in his presence. Maybe the fact that he was taller than them simply enhanced the way everyone felt beneath him and would willingly fall to their knees to make that statement even more so. Every single one of Dan’s features were nothing less than complimenting to each other. He was a mixture of various ingredients all shaped up and served as a single piece, and everyone wanted a taste. But the conflicting part about that, oddly, was most of those people kept their distance.  The sheer and glorious mystery that was Dan Howell was unfathomably unapproachable. Sure, of course he had his signature little posse. After all, what would he actually have been without them? His fair handful of friends was what proved the boy to be at least somewhat of an actual human being. Those people were the same sort of type as he was, even though they were all aware they’d never be quite on his level. Could anyone ever truly be on his level? What exactly was his level? These were questions that would forever remain unanswered, and simply blocked out by his peers’ opinions. And Dan was okay with that. He was okay with everything, really. Everything that had anything to do with his reputation. The boy at least had that going for him, even though it was a constant battle of whether or not it was something he should actually be proud of. But it was something, and that was enough for him. -

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anonymous asked:

you dont hate hate joseph but you still hate him right? I mean same tbh but yah

i hate him for using people and treating them like theyre only around to be used then thrown away, i hate him for cheating on his wife and not even remotely trying to help her with her depression and drinking problems, i hate that he doesn’t seem to care about crish’s whereabouts only ever wanting mary to go and find him, and i hate that the only good relationship he seems to have with his kids is with christie.

but i love his design and writing because its something that we rarely get this day in age with lgbt+ writing. he’s an amazingly interesting character and had the devs been offered maybe another two months, they probably could have made his route even deeper with a lot of the hidden shit uncovered and more obvious.