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Please keep your thoughts running crazy and free because I love what I see, That Jumin and Zen fuse is hot! and the way you draw hair flow, envy! thank you for the treat, bless your creativity.

OMG, thank you so much for your message, anon!!! >w

Yes!!! MM is definitely sparking my creativity and making me draw again! I’m so glad you liked the Jumin-Zen fusion!

And yes! Long hair is my favorite thing to draw!!! ASDFGHJKL, I can go on hours drawing everything thing with long hair and never get bored watching it inanimately blow, lol. It’s probably why I draw lots of Zen fan arts, ahaha xD

Since you mentioned long hair….I had to draw this because long hair is just…..sigh ♥(ノ´∀`)

I hope you have a wonderful holiday! Take care and thank you for your message, anon

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I stopped watching the show around season six. Are there any fics set in-verse during that season or before worth reading? I feel like everything I try to find on my own is set in the more current seasons or an AU. Not that I have anything against AUs.

We’re answering this on the blog because, with the show going on for so long, there’s a lot of fans who have either stopped watching at some point or new fans who haven’t caught up with the latest seasons but still would like to read some fic. So, we are here to help and explain how to use our blog.

First of all, please start with our Tags Page. All canon fics are tagged with SU (supernatural universe) tag.  We also have season and some episode tags

There’s several older fic compilation posts on these tags for search convenience. Please note that these posts list fics recced until the post was made. For more recent recs you’ll have to look through the tags.

Some fics are tagged with both, SU tag and AU tag which means that canon elements are really strong but also AU stuff happens. Season tags are decided on content, ie season 6 tag will be added to a fic that has canon elements from 6x01 and onward, but not to the fic that is about post 5x23 events. Some fics has only SU tag but not season tag. It means there’s no distinct canon element to pin the season down or it’s an old review written before season tags were introduced. More info about tags on this post .

Since you asked for fics we would recommend, here’s a few of our favorite canon fics that are set prior to season 7.

All links go to our to our reviews or submitted rec posts.

I. Canon favs from seasons 4-6. 

II. Alternate meeting (not like in 4x01) favorite fics. The stories vary from being really close to canon events to alternate settings where Dean is still a hunter but Cas is a either civilian, non-SPN angel or a creature. Please read the reviews and tags to see how far from canon these fics deviate. We tried to arrange this list from most canon compliant to least but, well, it is an exercise in YMMV notion. 

III. Our favorite fix-it-fic Master Post. All fics have a note about seasons they cover and subvert. We think that all fics up to and including alternate season 7 fics are enjoyable for folks who have seen most of season 6. 

Redemption Road requires specific mention here. At a time when Destiel and Cas fans were at one of their lowest points, this group of writers said “Bite Me” and created this 650K superepic fix it for the mess that was season 7. The fic goes canon divergent after 7x01.

IV. The last resort

This blog started in August 2012, shortly after the end of season 7, so if you made it this far and are looking for older fics, go to the very first page of our SU tag, page 36. Most of the fics recced during first year are about older seasons. Summaries, reviews and fic posting dates will help you to determine the season even if the review is not tagged with it. You can also search first wave destiel authors from this post (all links are broken, please use your google fu!)

Note: After five years and nearly 1500 reviews and recs, this is by no means an inclusive list - that is what our tags page is for!  Instead, these are a selection of favorite fics that in our opinion fit the ask.

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I'm so excited your playing Okage! I loved that game so much as a kid, but I never finished it because I was terrible at it. It's a really fun game tho

We enjoyed it a lot, unfortunately a couple episodes have had some technical issues, but hopefully we can get them posted later.

you can watch our Okage playthrough here


M: Wanna play a feel-good game? Kirby’s Epic Yarn?

J: But you have plans…!

M: Watching Bojack Horseman with Skylar is nowhere near as important is making my best friend feel better. He can wait.

M: So what’s up? What’s wrong?

J: I g-guess college is just getting to me. I spend a lot of time alone in the dorm….

J: …Cuz you’re out with Skylar.

J: I really shouldn’t be complaining!!! I’m sorry, I’m so clingy…

M: Jer, hey. I’m sorry. I… I guess I was so, like, excited by the concept of a new friend that I sorta neglected you. Like, y'know. My friend since kindergarten? That’s sorta shitty of me.

J: No, it’s fair to be excited-

M: But y'know what? That ends now. Like, this very second. I’m gonna give you so much affection you wish I was out with Skylar. And then I won’t go anyways. Because I do enjoy spending time with you.

M: So where’s that game? We can get all cuddly on my bed and kick some yarn ass.

J: Y-yeah. Okay. Thank you ;u;

Mini-Golf HC (Sam Holland X Reader)

Request Here!

  • You were around a year strong into your relationship with Sam and still made time to have some cute dates
  • I think Sam would be the type of guy to plan dates (what he would wear, what time to go, how much money to bring, you name it and he’s got it)
  • You just got out of the movie theater from watching a late night movie
  • (And y'all were so cute in the theater awh that’s for a different time)
  • It was around 1AM and as he drove out of the parking lot you had an idea
  • “Babe let’s go mini-golfing.”
  • “Y/N no, none of the places are open at this time”
  • You pull out your phone and oop there it is, two locations nearby that are open
  • You show him your phone and he obliges
  • He has to get the direction/GPS thing on bc he gets lost so quickly
  • the whole time you’re smack talking him bc you get rEAL COMPETITIVE
  • He would talk back, but they weren’t the strongest bc baby boy doesn’t want to hurt you :/
  • You get to the park, pay, and there’s options!!!
  • It was either Beginner, Intermediate, or Expert
  • You know that you dragged him to expert
  • The whole time he would be silent bC YOU’RE NOT READY FOR WHAT HAPPENS NEXT
  • You hit the golf ball and it lands OH SO CLOSE to the hole but you’re a lil confident that he can’t do better than you
  • “Don’t get too confident now, Holland we still have 15 more to go”
  • You’re on round 10
  • You haven’t beaten him at all
  • You faked being pissed, but he felt bad :(
  • He started to give you pointers and you followed his tips
  • He would be so proud and he’d kiss your cheek :,)
  • He ended up winning but it didn’t matter anymore
  • “I know that I won, but you’re the winner in my heart love”
  • :,,,,,)

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Gawd the stuff the antis are saying abt shippers are just beyond terrible after the 'not Sam' vid was posted. Yikes. Neutral here but SamCait are such a joy to watch. Why can't NTs accept that SC just makes a lot of people happy? Just ship and let ship not throw acid! Don't like something just leave it then. Anyway back to SC all that flirty banter, innuendos, praise etc are not helping if they constantly have to remind everyone they're not together. So from what I see I think they are *shrugs*

I don’t even want to know what they’re saying about us, but I can imagine 😬 

As for the rest of your message, I agree (obviously). I said this at the time but they can’t come back after that shrimp/big red blow fish talk and deny being a couple. They just can’t. They pushed it way too far.

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hey, i was wondering what you do when your sad? how you keep yourself positive? im having a tough time and i need some advice :(

!!! Awh nonny :+( !! I’m so sorry that you’re having a tough time !! let me give u a virtual hug (ɔ ˘⌣˘)˘⌣˘ c) to be honest I’m not always happy/positive ! What I usually do is exercise, distract myself (drawing), listening to my fav jams or cry! Sometimes it’s okay to cry- esp when you have a lot of emotions boiled up- I rather let it all out than keep it in yeuno what I mean? After crying I feel 100x better and I try my best to recover and watch you tubes/happy movie. Or look at dog gifs !! They’re my fav hehe. Talking to ppl helps a lot too :+) but remember to take ur time okay? You’re doing great & remember that ily :+) I wish u the best nonny 💞 stay warm + hydrated !!

Bring Me Java, Chapter 3 (Cat/Kara)

Um guys I accidentally dropped one of my favourite tropes in here, so ENJOY. 

Read it on AO3

Kara files her outstanding work for Snapper while what passes for the morning rush in this sleepy little town works its way past Cat’s counter. In between her notes on the people in line, she mostly watches Cat. The woman she just asked out, using innuendo, no less.

It must be the country air.

Gravity does feel slightly different out here. Not in any way that humans would be able to tell, other than that strange lightness that comes from having clear skies and lots of space. Kara’s itching to go flying on a local scale, rather than just dropping in and out, but until she gets a handle on what Cat thinks is going on with the government, it probably isn’t wise.

Before long the café has settled down, and it’s still a pinch herself moment for Kara to watch Cat come out with a clean cloth and wipe down the few tables. Of course she’s looking for information, too. Once or twice she pockets a receipt or some other piece of paper left behind. Then she’s at Kara’s table, sitting down with a sigh.

“Hard work?”

“I suppose I should say something wholesome about how rewarding it is,” Cat begins. “How nice it is to reconnect, to work with my hands and be back amongst real people.”

Kara snorts. She really can’t help it. “Sorry.”

“No, you’re right. I miss being the boss. I miss having an army of minions to call on. And all this good honest hard work is giving me is a sore back and stiffness in my fingers. Don’t even get me started on my facial muscles. I’ve undone years of botox and fillers with all the fake smiling.”

Read it on AO3

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okay so i feel kinda dumb but I haven't seen you mention it so do you watch Bee and Puppycat?? bc on episode 3 "Birthday Game" bee is v fluid and it reminded me a lot of you!! also bee is a huge cutie and so are you, also sorry is you've answered this before!!!!

!!! oh gosh I didn’t know Bee was fluid!! But I have seen a COUPLE episodes! That’s very sweet thank you for thinking of me!!

I know I’m reblogging a lot of shit about the net neutrality thing going on, but I’m not sorry in the least bit.

I’m fucking terrified.

The internet has helped me get through so much shit in my life. I can’t imagine what it would be like without it. This has brought me to tears many times already just thinking about it.

Guys, JACK AND MARK have helped me through so much. Ethan too. If net neutrality is gone, I might not be able to watch them anymore. And you might not either. All because rich douchebags wanna make life harder for people like us. People who don’t have as much money as them and can’t afford that kind of shit.

And that scares me so fucking much.

I don’t have the links, but search it. So many other people on here do. Help keep our internet safe from this bullshit.

Save net neutrality.

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honestly it makes so much more sense that freddie mercury has been harry's influence in his performances this whole time instead of mick jagger. jagger was a lot more... seizure than sensuality lol. when you watch queen music videos(which probably the kind of footage they would've had on youtube when harry was growing up for him to actually emulate) you can see a lot of harry's moves from this tour in freddie.

hm yeah. i agree

ID #67030

Name: Merel
Age: 20
Country: Belgium

I’m 20 years old. I’d love to make some friends all around the world.
I really love dogs, they are amazing. I’m obsessed with music, mostly pop punk, but I also like Ed Sheeran, The Vamps, Halsey and many more. I love everything about Marvel and I just started reading the comics. I’m a very proud Hufflepuff. I watch too many tv-shows and I love talking about them. I also like plants, I have a lot of cacti and succulents. Oh and I’m having a pretty rough time fighting depression, so someone to talk to about the things I love would be awesome :)

I’d love to get to know new people. I would love writing letters, but facebook, tumblr or whatsapp also works for me.

Preferences: 20-25

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you have auditory processing disorder?? so do i! tbh that's part of why i got into anime - people don't complain when you want to watch it with subtitles :P

I honestly didn’t even realize there was a name for it, but weirdly I just googled and on the list of Wikipedia symptoms I can check off like 60% of them. Huh. I have no idea what to do with this information. I think I’m just going to frown at the screen.

I have a lot of workarounds—for instance, I was total crap in college until I realized that if I wrote down everything the instructor was saying I suddenly magically understood it. After I did that, I went from not getting by at all to doing fantastically well.

It honestly barely feels like a disorder, which is easy for me to say because I got past the two years in college where I…um…mostly failed everything…and am now here and not mostly failing things.

It definitely has some detriments in learning languages, but it has advantages too. Most people learn to filter out sounds that are not in their native tongue as “non speech” and so don’t actually hear them properly when they’re presented with them as an adult. I can’t filter out noises the way other adults do, so I am actually better at hearing sounds than the average bear.

I mostly don’t watch TV because (a) it is super hard to hear what they’re saying and (b) I also have minor face blindness.

(b) is not helped by the fact that I really should wear glasses but don’t because I’m lazy.

While we’re listing random things, I also have pretty severe misophonia. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! I can’t eat some things because I don’t like the way they sound in my mouth.

(I think I mentioned a while back that I felt like I had about ten billion little things that made me not neurotypical and I swear to god if you made a pile and looked at them all it would make me sound like I’m like nonfunctional, and once I finish the answer to the other ask that I’ve been sitting on for like a month, I will look even worse, but I swear that if you actually met me you would have almost no idea.)

Okay but the reason “I HAVE BEEN FALLING FOR THIRTY MINUTE” is such a good line is because… it’s delivered with so much humour. But it’s got so much genuine rage and angst behind it…

There was a remark that Loki’s always been falling… He’s been falling a lot since he fell off the bifrost in his first movie, and it’s just… it’s amusing, to see it addressed so flippantly. 

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So I saw some posts and was wondering if what I have is hyperempathy, I can sort of watch someone doing something and "feel" what they are doing. (I'm explaining it bad but) like if someone is lifting something I can feel what it would be to lift it. And also if someone is talking to me and getting emotional I do too, which kinds goes with me being on the verge of crying a lot like if a teacher starts yelling and I know it's not at me I still get about to cry. Sorry if I explained it badly :D

Being able to feel physical sensations from watching others experience them would be mirror-touch synesthesia rather than hyperempathy, because it is not about emotions.

Being able to feel other people’s emotions strongly would be an example of hyperempathy, yes.

There is apparently a link between mirror-touch synesthesia and higher levels of affective empathy. 


Moonlight Over the Isle of Hope - Epilogue


Thanks to all you Silver and Madi fans out there who took this journey with me. I really enjoyed writing this fic, which has been one of my favorites to pen. Like you all I found the love story of Madi and Silver beautiful and fascinating. It was such a joy to watch Luke Arnold and Zethu Dlomo bring their story to life. 

As I have said many times before, in my years of watching TV I have never seen a man love as deeply and passionately as Silver loved Madi. 💗 😢 It was so so touching. 

Again, thank you for the support! Lots of love 💕 and many hugs to all who are listed and anyone I’ve missed! 😊























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could i have a cute fic/reaction for mercy, sombra, tracer &pharah of them comforting their gf when they’re scared of a horror film or the dark or smth like that???? u don’t have to write for all of them :))):):):)) tytytyy

i’ll do tracer and pharah bc i don’t have a lot about them here lol

also i couldnt make any cool horror film references bc im too scared to watch em rip

ALSO hey guys thanks for 100 followers, gonna cry, never expected this so quickly wow

the inbox is still closed!! please stop sending requests, i’ll make a post when it’s open again


  • Fareeha loves horror movies. She’s seen the classics tens of times and knows them practically word for word, and badly wishes for the two of you to watch one together. There’s a one time screening of The Shining at your local cinema, and you’d better believe she’s first in line to purchase tickets. Not just standard seats - the pricey leather ones tucked snugly away in the back row with the best view of the screen. The soldier wants to make sure that you’re completely engrossed in the action for your first time viewing her favourite movie.
  • You’re anxious when she shows you the tickets - but Fareeha looks so happy and you don’t wish to disappoint your girlfriend. She’s had a hard week at work and if this is her way of relaxing, you want to indulge her. You’d prefer to just take her out for dinner, but, each to their own you decide, pulling on a jacket as Pharah takes you by the hand and leads you out of the house. “You look nice, sweetheart.” she grins, tempted to swoop you into her arms and carry you bridal style to the theater. Your girlfriend loves you so much, she thinks you’re so out of her league, and is so glad that you’re going with her. She knows that horror isn’t your favourite genre, so she appreciates the effort.
  • She notices you swallow hard as the two of you take your seats, and her eyebrows furrow in concern as she hears you take a shallow breath. “The film hasn’t started yet, you know.” she chuckles, resting a strong hand on your thigh as she leans closer to your ear “The only thing to be scared of right now is the amount of money we just spent on this fucking popcorn.”
  • The soldier frowns as she sees you tremble and shield your eyes as the opening credits begin rolling. She’s not upset at you - she’s upset at herself. Pharah hates that you’ve made yourself uncomfortable for her. Promptly, she lifts you with one hand and carries you out of the screening, already planning something else the two of you could do. After much internal debate, she decides to take you out to your favourite restaurant. She’ll cuddle with you at night to make sure you sleep well and wake you up with breakfast in bed.


  • Lena isn’t the biggest fan of horror films. Sure, she can endure them - as long as there isn’t excessive gore - but the genre hasn’t really ever captured her interest. She likes thrillers, especially if they seem plausible in the real world. Ghosts, demons and poltergeists don’t really scare Tracer - the thought of being stalked by a serial killer, on the other hand, sends chills up her spine.
  • So naturally, when you approach her with shoddy looking slasher film from the 80′s, she’s a little skeptical. “C’mon babe, you can’t think that looks good. Where’d you find that tattered thing?” she smirks, taking the DVD box from you for closer examination. Gently, she opens case and takes out the DVD, staring at the disc with exaggerated amazement as she puts on her best David Attenborough impression. “Wow. Look at this relic. In the age of internet, one would’ve thought that these ancient forms of entertainment would’ve been long extinct.”
  • Still, she rises from the couch with a sigh and sets up the DVD for you. Lena will probably do some work on her laptop while the film plays, so she doesn’t mind the background noise. She also loves the way you cling to her when the tension builds, and the way you bury your head in her neck when the jump scares pop up. Even shitty 90′s flicks have there perks, she smiles to herself, setting back into the sofa and turning on her laptop. You want to protest, but Tracer’s already typing up a rather formal looking report and you decide to just snuggle into her side instead. 
  • Barely five minutes in, you gasp into your girlfriend’s shoulder and cover your eyes, disturbed by the horrible death being performed on screen. Lena cant help but giggle at your fear, finding it adorable as you wrap your limbs around her arm. “Want me to turn it off?” she smiles, seizing the opportunity to kiss your flushed cheek at she reaches for the remote. After seeing you nod, she switches it off closes her laptop. “Don’t freak out darling, it’s not real!” Tracer reassures you, running her thumbs over your cheekbones and kissing your hairline. “How about we watch something more lighthearted?” she suggests, pulling up a list of comedies for you to choose from.

apparently today is 12 years since jac’s first ep so naturally i’m feeling all emotional over this!!! i always wonder if rosie knew all those years ago just what an iconic character jac would come to be, and if she ever dreamt that over a decade later she’d still be such a central part of the show and more loved than ever

jac is one of those characters who everyone knows even if they don’t watch the show, her reputation precedes her (as always). i only started the show last summer but growing up i always remember knowing who jac naylor was, it’s crazy to think she’s been around since i was only 9 years old!!! and like i said, i didn’t even watch it back then but she’s always been something of a legend in british tv imo

and when i did eventually get into holby, it was because of her. i’ve had a lot of favourite characters in my life so far (as you all know), some of them helping me at different times for different reasons, but i honestly think jac has had a bigger impact on me than just about any of them. she means so much to me in so many ways and i know so many others feel the same, and i think that’s just amazing because most of that is down to rosie making her so human and relatable

basically, i’m so grateful to rosie for 12 years of the most amazing character and the best scenes, and hopefully for many more years still to come. and i really knows how much she and jac have changed so many lives for the better