i have a lot of undercover ok

No one asked for this but i want to share my blackwatch mcgenji headcanons:
-theyre inseparable besties
-lots of pining
-they go on missions together a lot
-they like to flirt in front of gabe and jack to annoy them
-ana thinks theyre adorable and is a Proud Mom
-little pharah is the person mccree goes to talk about his crush on genji
-mccree and genji always got each other’s back and if one ends up too deep into danger the other jumps in to help
-they always have to wake up early, you can decide who drags the other out of bed
-genji doesnt really have anyone to gush to about his crush
-so, as a bad solution, he lets out his feelings to mccree by pretending he has a crush on someone else and hopes mccree will catch on to what genji is saying
-jealous mccree doesnt know who genji is talking about
-undercover couple on a mission
-when undercover they both get into trouble a lot, but thats ok because always manage to escape together
-lots of sleepy cuddles after missions


I also have some undercover ideas:
-theyre on a mission as mentioned undercover fake couple
-one of them says something really sweet, makes the other suspicious
-other starts thinking about what the other said
-lots of pining ensues
-they attempt to confront the other about what was said earlier
-relationship is established and theyre both a lil shy and are trying to get used to the relationship but they get over it quickly due to how close they already are

No ok listen so there’s something that I need to convey bc it’s been in my head ever since I saw a line under Hosonaga’s description in the art book that translated to something like ‘many lady fans’

I just can’t imagine a lot of young women fawning over him no no

I picture a very specific, uncomfortable scenario where he’s just doing his undercover thing, and being all polite to the people who come into the restaurant and then he ends up waiting on a table full of old women. And right away they start saying things like ‘what a handsome young man’ and he tries to ignore it and keep going but they just keep getting worse and worse, teasing him and flirting with him until he’s just standing there like. Not this again please just let me die

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Xiuchen ?

I’m a firm believer that those 2 secretly control everything on exo.

The undercover royalty.

Much fab

Very sass

So sparkle

Also the have the best selcas

I’m sorry tao

haha not really B-)

Now, jokes apart, I like xiuchen a lot and they are my second favourite otp after xiuhan and xiuhun (that are first).

With all this xiuhan people now start believing that xiuchen was only like; “hey guys let’s ship the korean members together! it will be fun!” but please



(I found this adorable ok I just- /fliesss)

ple ase

pl seeeeee

ple as E

bros that twerk together stay together

Chen is a person that tries to befriend (or at lest be in good terms) everyone and xiumin is a little bit reserved but not shy, and being the only korean members in exom I think it’s normal that they relied on each other since they were living and feeling the same. Even if the chinese line was there for them, helping them with language and manners and etc I think xiuchen had little reserved time to each other to just drop the chinese and talk in them mother language, maybe telling memories and so on or watching a movie.

So now, I’m gonna spam you with xiuchen because I can and they deserve it

(kawaii lil shits)

(I cry because I will never be as kawaii as the kbros)

???? ?? ?

real bros

lost ability to can

Did I say the have the best selcas?

(admit it your otps don’t fab as much as xiuchen)


I think this needs a special place

I feel u chen, we all feel u


so my conclusion is that xiuchen are bros super bros that like to handshake each other’s dicks

and I’m not complaining

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hello i just !!! when you put songs in your art posts they're always SO good and i was wondering if you have any more songs like those that you could share?? aaa your art + songs is always wonderful

I’m glad you’ve liked my suggestions!! Here’s some more random songs I’ve listened to while drawing all the undercover AU stuff haha

Bo Rocha - Angel Eyes

BISHOP - Wild Horses

Låpsley - Love Is Blind

Mother Mother - Monkey Tree (ok i live for this one)

GLADES - Drive

I’ve also been listening to Twenty One Pilots, Stromae, Halsey, Lana Del Rey and BØRNS a LOT.

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I'm trying to write a full AU fic of my own, and I love how you guys portray these characters and keep them so true to form, even in alternate universes. I'd really like to try and stick to that as much as possible, so aside from your own head canons, do any of you have any advice on writing any of the characters, specifically root and shaw? I really want to do them justice and I know max was talking about a balance of characterization/romance earlier. Thanks!

for root specifically, i know a lot of folks tend to write her as just overly sexual and flirty all the time? and that’s like…not who she is as a person. she has her moments, sure, but she’s dorky and lame and there’s so much more to her than just ‘in love with shaw.’ she loves all of her people so ardently–finch, john, the machine, bear, even fusco. she’s fiercely protective of her people. and TM doesn’t take a backseat to those relationships, ya feel? i think a lot of time people aren’t really sure how to write for TM, so there’s a lot of ‘TM whispers something in her ear or w/e and that’s all.’ root’s relationship with TM is intimate and so so important to her and her identity, and even if you’re not writing that relationship it’s something you gotta keep in mind just for character perspective. i think it’s also important to remember that she’s definitely not neurotypical and carries trauma from a super shitty childhood.

this got real word-vomity real fast, sorry! hope it helps!

- ros

oh my god i love questions like this thank you. root and shaw are my faves and i love writing them and helping other people write them. and oh my god i love talking about shaw. it’s really easy for me to write as shaw because we probably have the same pd? and so when i’m like What Would Shaw Do it’s super easy because i just. you know. write about me. i’m bad at explaining my brain so here’s some things to do/not to do when writing shaw: shaw loves animals more than people because animals don’t expect anything out of you. shaw loves root because she respects her boundaries and always knows when to push and when to back away. shaw has a very strong moral compass that was instilled in her by her parents. shaw finds strong emotions annoying (both hers and others) because she doesn’t know what do to with them but feels like she needs to do something. shaw is not a super aggressive top who bosses root around in the bedroom. shaw is good at undercover work because she has a lot of experience in performing emotions. shaw does not enjoy killing for the sake of killing. shaw is not always angry, she just has a flat affect. shaw gets easily frustrated when people are emotionally hurting because she feels helpless.

i didn’t want to take up too much space, but send another ask if you want more specifics or whatever. i love talking about my favorite grumpy kitten.

- max

hm! ok! when im writing ANY character i like.. before i even start writing, i want to like. have a grasp on their Voice you know- so i’ll think “i want to communicate the idea of say "want to go to mcdonalds?”“ and then ill think "how would this character say that, based on what they’ve experienced in life” because the way i see it, once you have a thorough understanding of what a character has been through to get to the point that they’re at today, the voice comes easily

warning for food and mentions of disordered eating

  • so for root, with this example i’d go for like “now, kiddos, i know it isn’t exactly le cordon bleu, but i’m really craving a big mac. and fries. and a mcflurry.” - the reasoning here being that root rarely eats a lot in canon, but im imagining this scenario being after a great victory- her inhibitions are lowered, she trusts her friends not to judge her for eating. but, being root, she cant just eat a normal amount instead of a small amount, she needs to go All Out and dramatic with it, because thats what she does. but there’s still a vulnerability in her asking- a vulnerability some may interpret as being sly or crafty (which she lets happen, because its more powerful than the truth)
  • for this specific example, i’d make shaw reply like “damn, root. that’s an appetite. where do you put it all?” (root: “i think you know, sweetie ^uo) “but yeah. sure, i could go for a burger.” this is the sameen shaw equivalent of support- the first three sentences are praise, from shaw, because she doesnt really know how to do praise in a way that isnt vaguely reminiscent of like, how she would have been praised in the marines. the second two sentences both show the fact that shes pretty easygoing, she likes food, but she isnt as into like Brand Names as root. root specifically brings up the mcdonalds names as a “joke” wherein the punchline is “me! this big anti-corporate messiah! jokingly endorsing mcdonalds!” (not to say anyone really get it except her- id say 90% of roots jokes end up that way), but shaw just. doesnt have time for that. her humour is much more cut and dry
  • reese would be, realistically, “finch?” because he too has problems with eating (think him, kara, and snow in the diner- and that you only see him eating when you know he feels safe, like a prey animal) but also he has problems with worrying that finch judges him. he DOES want that burger, johns an all-american burger dude at heart, but more importantly he wants to do the Right thing
  • finch, in this bizzare au where he doesnt hate mcdonalds on the principal of “i was poor once and it was traumatizing never want to think about it again”, says “hm. i admit it that it isn’t my first choice, ms. groves. but i’d be happy to accompany you, ms. shaw, and mr. reese to an establishment of theirs, of course. that is, if you’re interested, mr. reese?” he says so many words because finch is the kind of person who clarifies things the whole room knows- both for the purpose of exposition (in-show) and because he has a weensy superiority complex, and i think sometimes subconsciously doesnt realize that other people might be as good at keeping track of stuff as him. he doesnt say he wants mcdonalds because even though he DOES, finch is in the habit of little white lies to protect his person, and thats okay because all his friends can see right through them. he checks in with john because he wants john to know that its okay to want to eat, and hes happy to support him in doing that- but he isnt as concerned about root’s food recovery. mostly because he trusts shaw to take care of her 

i have no idea if that made sense and it got really long but. i hope it did