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Hello, Jess. First of all I'm sorry, this is going to be a biiig ask. But please don't give up on me. Part I: Well, I'm one of those people you call Antis or Monkeys. Or at least I thought I was. My big problem with a fact that Sam and Cait had a romantic involvement was always about the big negative impact it would have on the show. I've waited a long time for Outlander and I don't want anyone to ruin it. Many of us think so.

PART 2: I saw some show be completely ruined because of the involvement of the protagonists. I thought that way. I thought the show was more important than Sam and Caitriona, I always thought. Until I met them face-to-face this weekend in Seattle. I don’t have the “Shipper eyes” that you have, I don’t know what that is. My eyes are only very realistic eyes, so I’m perplexed by what my eyes have seen. This is the first time I write this…

PART 3 Dude it’s so hard for me to write this…. But, they are a couple. It’s fact. They love each other. They aren’t just good friends. There is something more powerful surrounding these two people. I believe in great friendships, but this is not the case. It was not a great friendship I saw, as I always thought. They complete. They love each other. Like a man loves a woman. Like a woman loves a man..

Part 5: Today I got home and I felt bad for being so selfish. I think most of us are selfish. We don’t care about their happiness, we just want to be right and protect the show. So I reflected that Outlander is this: just a show. And Sam and Cait are people, human beings . One day the show will end, but until then what will we have done with the lives of these two people with all our expectations and all our pressure?

Part 6: So today I’m retreating from the other side. I’m not going to use instagram anymore to support Sam’s possible girlfriends. I will not send more information to ******* and ****. I deleted a Twitter account that I used to do a lot of things involving them and other people. I want Sam and Caitriona to be happy. I don’t want to feel responsible for stop them from being free to live what they feel because as I said, my eyes are realistic. And what I saw in Seattle was real.

Wow I’m going to be honest here, this brought me to tears. I’m extremely impressed by your honesty and your willingness to change anon and I kind of want to hug you right now! Thank you for being brave enough to send this to me!  xoxoxo

The Battle for Hegemony in the Outlander Fandom

Joining the Outlander fandom is like walking straight into the Battle of Culloden. It’s chaos. Everyone’s fighting. People are searching out foes and aiming for where it hurts. People are yelling out for assistance. People are using unknown language and referencing unknown terms and events. Representatives from all factions are attempting to recruit new arrivals. You’re expected to declare a side almost instantly.

It’s a confronting sight for even the most seasoned fandom veteran.

I spent the first few weeks in a daze, avoiding conflict as much as possible, taking the time to listen to all points of view and searching endlessly for fellow fans that I felt safe with. I used this blog as a diary of sorts, to type out and attempt to make sense of my first experiences in this fandom. I have been heartened by the solidarity among fans and I have been horrified by the blatant abuse and harassment of others. Ultimately, I wanted to gather as much information as possible before the time came when I was forced to choose where in this fandom I would place myself. As a social science major, it is somewhat embarrassing how long it took me to find the answer that I was seeking. But just this once I’m going to give myself a pass on account of the trauma-induced daze I have been experiencing since the moment I stepped foot on the battlefield.

Where I have found myself is in the middle of the Battle for Hegemony in the Outlander Fandom. There is currently no hegemonic culture within the Outlander fandom. And it is flat out war between Shippers and Truthers for the top spot. Both sides are passionately fighting for not only what they they believe is right but also to influence how other fans behave. There are several reasons, that I can think of, why hegemonic culture has not yet been established in the Outlander fandom:

  • The size of fandom is so small that it is not possible for the majority to automatically establish and maintain hegemony. 
  • The fandom is so new that there has not been time to establish hegemony.
  • Unlike many other fandoms, the percentage of neutral fans is minimal and not a true contender for establishing and maintaining hegemony.
  • Not only are there minimal neutral fans but many of those who are, find themselves identifying with one side in particular.
  • The high percentage of fans who are experiencing fandom for the first time has lead to an enviroment where, like the United States of America, anyone can run for leadership. 

Today I found my place in the Outlander fandom. Recent times have been particularly emotional and the current #metoo movement has really hit a lot of people right in the feels, myself included. After writing my own thoughts and feelings and reading that of others I was emotionally drained. And I came to the realisation that all I wanted to do was seek and reblog SamCait content. That is what lifts me up. Sam and Cait together make me smile. The fans who create and post SamCait content are those who I feel the most relaxed with. Shippers (wishful, extreme, delightful and passionate), you are my safe place.

Now that I have learnt the language, the terms, the players and the rules for battle, I am not afraid of what might happen if someone disagrees with my opinion or if I make a mistake. I am prepared. To be me. To be a fan. To stand up for what I believe in. To stand in solidarity with those who share my views on how we should treat fellow human beings.

I am me. I am a fan of Outlander. I am a member of the Outlander fandom.

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Must say I'm disappointed. Couple of comments form a few of you where you're being pretty cruel about MM. Thought you were all better than that. Regardless of what's going on, bringing up her employment status is a low blow.

listen. it’s been a year of solid bullshit. Mackenzie has done nothing to earn my respect and, quite frankly, is partially responsible for a lot of the bullshit fighting in this fandom. I don’t feel the need to be nice to her just because she’s associated w Sam and Cait. just like there’s friends of friends in my real life who I don’t like. so I’m not going to apologize for what I’ve said today and I don’t expect anyone else to either. I’m sick of being told who I have to be nice to and that I need to edit myself just for the sake of an actor and his fake girlfriend’s feelings. That’s bullshit.

It’s a Date!

Genre: Fuff, Dad!au, one shot

Group: BTS

Paring: Jimin x Reader

Summary: You and your daughter keep running into this father, is he stalking you, are you stalking him or is it fate?

Note: Sorry this took so long, hope you like it! And feel free to request!


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“So, who’s you kid?” A man sat next to me.

I was at my daughters first school play, they grow up so fast. Im sitting right up front, best spot for snapping a couple pictures.

“She’s playing Goldilocks, who’s your kid?” I asked

“My daughter is playing Baby Bear.” He said

“Im Jimin by the way.” He said

“Im Y/N, oh shh, its starting” I replied

All the previous chattering stopped and the room was silent. Then the music started, i pulled out my camera. My little Sam is up first! Im so excited.

The play ended and i went to my daughter to congratulate her. She did so well.

“There she is!! You were s good!!! maybe one day you’ll be a famous idol and be in dramas like mommy watches!” I praise her

She giggles and blushed, the runs up to me for a hug. I lift he off the ground in my arms and ambush herewith kisses. Then i feel another little hand tug at my jeans. I let down Sam to look at the other little girl.

“Hi, umm, Sam you were so cool.” The other little girl said.

Next to the little girl was Jimin, the guy from earlier. He pulled the little girl close to him and scooped her up in his arms.

“Yes, you did very well today.” He said to my daughter

He came in to high five Sam, she smiled and gave him the most aggressive high five i have ever seen. A lot of might in such a small person. Sam went over to Jimins daughter and they ran off to play together. So cute.

“Very strong girl, huh” He laughed

“Ya, she’s also quite clumsy, I’ve had to replace like 4 lamps this year.” I said

Jimin laughed.

“Whats your daughters name?” I asked once our laughter had died down

“Amy, and you daughter is Sam, yes?” He replied. I nod.

We continued to chat, not for too long but it was still enjoyable, he is very nice, and cute. Sam and I left and went home shortly after.

“Mommy?” She asked from the backseat of the car.

“Yes?” I said

“Do you have a crush on Mr. Jimin?” She asked. I blushed uncontrollably.

“No” I replied.


“No, i don’t like him that was, he i just a nice FRIEND” I tried to stop my blushing.

I turned up the radio, that’ll quiet her down, for a little bit anyways. ‘Fly’ By Got7 came on, Sam started jamming out, i did too. We did this thing where i took the vocal parts and she did all the rap lines. We should start our own little group Y/N and Sam, i like it.

We arrived at home, i helped Sam out of the car and into the house. I was already past her bedtime, so she went straight to her bedroom, she was so tiered. I go to my bedroom swell, she isn’t the only one thats tiered. I do my usual night time routine and crash.

The next morning i wake up and see Sam in my bed next to me. She is still asleep, so i decide to make breakfast on my own. Scrambled eggs and bacon, delicious. I start putting the bacon on the plated when i feel little arm wrap around my legs.

“What’s for breakfast mom?” Sam asks

“Scrambled eggs and bacon” I answer and bring the plates to the table.

We sit and enjoy our breakfast. We talk about music, tv and games as per usual.

“Hoshi is the best” Sam says to me

“Hoshi is cool, but Woozi tho” I say.

“They are all good, lets love every member” Sam say and i nod in agreement.

Thats kinda how most mornings were us debating who’s bias is better, but in the end we agree that they are all the best.

“What are we gonna do today?” Sam asks as I’m cleaning the dishes.

“How about, we go grocery shopping!” I say

“Thats boring.” Sam says

“We can get candy” I say

Sam jumps around and runs to her room to get dressed, i do the same. We both walk out of our rooms in cute outfits, looking fabulous as usual.

We drive to the store and go for the candy isle. We both go for the peanut butter cups first, great minds think alike. Now, we have to do real grocery shopping, ugh.

We got all the stuff we needed except, cereal. I go to get the marshmallow cereal but another hand grabs it at the same time. I turn to look at the person, Jimin?

“Oh, hi, fancy seeing you here, ha” He says. We both awkwardly laugh.

“Sorry, here you can have the cereal, bye” Jimin hands me the cereal and walks away.

We go through the check out and walk to the car.

“Whats next?” Sam asks

“Well, how about the park?” I rely

Sams face lit up, that must be a yes to the park.

We drive at the park and Sam immediately goes towards a little girl playing on the swings. It looks like Amy? Jimins daughter?

I hear laughter getting louder from behind me.

“I don’t know if were following you, if your following us or if this is fate” Jimin laughs

“Im gonna hope its fate, cause I’m not following you” We both laugh.

“Hey, um, this might weird but i really like you, even if we don’t really know each other yet, so, do you wanna go out some time? Without the kids” He asked, we both blushed.

“I mean if your married than forget i ever asked!” He says really fast, he seems very nervous.

“I would like that” I said.

“Ok, its a date!”

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This might be a weird comment but the whole Weinstein scandal makes Cait having Tony (who I think is her good friend) with her at lots of work events make lots of sense. I read an article today by a woman who was assaulted at an industry event by a TV Exec. It’s gross what these guys get away with. I don’t think that’s the only reason Cait has a friend go with her to these things, but it’s just more context and might help some people who are bummed when he’s with her.

I don’t think it’s weird. If she can’t have Sam with her then why not a trusted friend? I’m sure she’s learned a lot being in the business so long and maybe doesn’t feel comfortable being alone with certain men in power. With so many stories coming out of assault and harassment almost everyday in relation to Weinstein and other men, it’s not a reach to suggest such a thing. 

Winchesterprincessbride’s Princess Bride quote challenge!!! DUN DUN DUN

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As you can maybe guess from my URL, my FAVE movie of ALL TIME is the Princess Bride.  And it has SO MANY good quotes, I thought it would be perfect for a SUPERNATURAL challenge!

So here are the deets:

1.  Send me an ask with a quote # and a backup in case yours is taken. (only 1 per customer plus your ship (whoever, whatever, I’m easy!)

2. Make sure to put #Princessbridechallenge in first 5 tags so I can follow it, and tag me so I can reblog it!

3.  I did tweak a few of the quotes a smidge, removing a word or two to make them work in the SPN universe.

4.  Deadline is November 10th

5. It can be a one shot, a series, whatever. It just has to include the quote somewhere.

6. Signal boost this puppy for me!

7. Following me isn’t necessary, but let’s be friends, K?

Quotes are here:

1.  No more rhymes now, I mean it.

2.  Your true love lives.  And you marry another.@legion1993 (Dean)

3.  I just want you to feel like you’re doing well.  I hate for you to die embarrassed. @faegal04 (Sam)

4. Life is pain.  Anyone who says differently is selling something.@kittenofdoomage (Sam)

5.  There’s not a lot of money in revenge.@sabigmart

6.  Please consider me as an alternative to suicide.@manawhaat (Lucifer)

7. Have fun storming the castle!@letmusicguideu

8.  You keep using that word.  I do not think it means what you think it means. @reigningqueenofwords (Young John)

9.  Marriage is what brings us here today….

10.  As you wish.@captainradicalpassion (Dean)

11.  He’s only mostly dead.@jayankles DONE

12.  I’m not a witch, I’m your wife!@thing-you-do-with-that-thing (destiel)DONE

13. Death cannot stop true love.  All it can do is delay it for awhile@ericaprice2008 (Dean).

14. I told you I would always come for you.@percywinchester27

15. We’ll never survive.  Your only saying that because no one ever has.@moonlitskinwalker

16.  I want my father back, you son-of-a-bitch! @a-winchester-fairytale

17. Why did you say that name? You promised me you’d never say that name! @acreativelydifferentlove (Dean)

18. Marriage is what brings us here today.

19. I suppose you think you’re brave, don’t you? Only compared to some.@atc74 (Dean)

20.  You did something right.  I won’t let it go to my head.@jotink78 (Dean)

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Masked - Part 6

Word Count: 2111

Pairing: Avengers x Reader, Peter Parker x Reader 

Warnings: FLUFF, Mentions of blood, Language

A/N: Yay part six!! Hope you’re ready for some Reader x Peter fluff ;) Also thanks for supporting the series everyone it means a lot! 


Masked Masterlist

Part 5 

Originally posted by relationshipaims

The walk to the pizza place wasn’t very long, but with crowds in New York, everything took longer than it needed to be. Peter suggested to swing there, but you just wanted a night with no powers and no responsibility. Besides, you liked taking time and enjoying what the city had to offer. After taking on the role of Rouge Hex, you didn’t have much time to yourself and that time only got shorter once you joined the Avengers. You had training, school work, and crime fighting one after another - which made your head spin.

Nights like these, however, you grew to cherish. You were (Y/N). Not an Avenger, not an enhanced individual, not Rouge Hex, just you. You loved how the city shined during the evening, the loud noises from cars stuck in traffic, the different smells of fast food, you loved it all. What made it even better was the look on Peter’s face as he pointed to some of his favorite spots. A smile never left his face as he continued talking excited while you chuckled at his cuteness.

“Oh and that alley over there has this really cool spot you can sit on to take amazing pictures,” He added as you chuckled once more. Peter smirked at you while you continued laughing. “What’s so funny?”

“Nothing, you’re just cute. That’s all,” You winked as his face turned red.

“Oh,” He laughed nervously, taking your hand in his. “The pizza place is right over there. Come on, I’m starving.”

Nodding, you were dragged along by Peter trying to squeeze your way through people. Some got out of your way, while others gave you nasty looks as they continued whatever they were doing. Arriving at the entrance of the Pizza place, you looked at the sign that said “Joe’s Pizza.” Walking inside, you listened to music playing softly as your eyes landed on the pizzas up front. Your mouth watered as you placed your order with Peter.

“Here, I’ll pay,” You said taking out your phone that was hook up with your bank account.

“I got it handled,” Peter responded handing the money over before you could say anything else.

Peter gave you a small grin as you rolled your eyes playfully. This boy was going to be the death of you, you knew it. Once the pizzas were handed to you, you followed Peter to a booth carrying your drinks as he carried the pizzas. Taking a small bite of the pizza as you sat down, you let out a satisfied moan. Spiderling was right, this was a great pizza place.

“I’m guessing you like the pizza then,” He giggled with as you took another bite.

“It’s so damn good,” You muttered with your mouth full.

Peter laughed loudly, earning a few looks from a couple customers. You began to laugh as you watched the random strangers mumble to themselves about your peculiar behavior.

Every time you’re with Peter, you find it so easy to be yourself. You felt like a normal person when you were with him. He saw you as you are, not some freak with weird alien powers, and that made you fall head over heels for him. You didn’t even realize he was snapping pictures of you until you glanced up from your pizza.

“What are you doing Parker?” You asked with your mouth still full of food.

“Taking pictures of you?” He sheepishly responded while he set his phone on the table.


“You look cute.”

Feeling your face flush, you smiled a bit before taking a sip of your drink. Dinner continued to go smoothly as you two took the time to get to know each other. Even after spending so much time together in the past few weeks, you still had a lot to learn about each other. Of course, you went over the basic stuff like favorite color, food, season…  the basic twenty questions gist. Then it switched to embarrassing moments of when you two started crime fighting.

“Wait, hold on, let me get this straight,” You said trying not to speak so loudly. “You, a guy with senses dialed up to an eleven, managed to swing face first into a building? And somehow you only ended up with a nasty bruise on your shoulder?”

“Yeah, not my finest hour,” He said as you were in the middle of a fit of giggles.

“You think that is bad? How about reading the police scanner wrong and showing up at the wrong bank.”

Peter choked on his drink. “You didn’t.”

“I did and I’m pretty sure one of the bank tellers fainted. I wouldn’t know because I got out of there as fast as I came in. It’s a good thing I wear a mask,” You whispered.

“Well, I haven’t done that, yet.”

“Well, to be fair, I was up late the other night doing homework and - wow is that the time?” You asked glancing at your phone. The team was going to be back soon and you knew if you weren’t back at the base, they would worry. You learned that the hard way when you left your phone at the compound when you were out on patrol by yourself. You had never seen so many adults with worried expressions at once.

“Wow I didn’t realize it was that late,” Peter said checking his phone. “I guess we should go then. I know how the team gets when you’re out late.”

“Yeah,” You said half-heartedly thinking about the events that happened before Peter came over.

“You okay?”

“Let’s get going,” You suggested while throwing your trash away.  

Peter followed you out as you shivered from the gust of cold air. You forgot to grab a jacket since you were so caught up in Peter asking you out on a date. You tried to warm up by rubbing your hands against your arms to make some heat.

“Here take my hoodie, it’s cold,” Peter said taking his hoodie off and handing to you.

Being too cold to refuse, you slipped it over your head and thanked him. Walking through some crowds you felt a hand grab your arm and pulled you into a nearby alleyway. Confused you turned around only to find it was Peter.


“You never answered my question back at the pizza place and you been acting weird ever since. What’s wrong?” Peter asked with concern.

“It’s nothing, Pete.”


“I swear it’s nothing,” You said trying to push your way past him.

“(Y/N),” he said grabbing onto your shoulders.

You sighed. “Promise not to freak out?”

“Why would I freak out? (Y/N) what’s wrong?”

“So ever since I got these powers I had you know these side effects. They mostly happen when I overuse my powers but lately they been happening randomly.”

“What kind of side effects?”

“Well at first I use to get nose bleeds and then my eyes started to bleed once in awhile. Sometimes they both happen at the same time and I feel lightheaded. I didn’t tell anyone because I knew they would freak out. Which was proven today when my eyes randomly started bleeding in front of Steve, Sam, Bucky, and Tony.” You said looking at the ground.

“So you’re worried that…?”

“That the guys will tell everyone else and I’ll look like this weak person. Which I’m not, I just have a lot of things wrong with me. I know everyone wouldn’t want to deal with me if they knew so I didn’t tell everyone.”

Without saying anything else, Peter wrapped you in a hug and held you tight. Smiling into the crook of his neck, you breathed in his scent, not wanting to let go. You oddly felt safe in his arms, and normally this was a feeling you never felt.

“Thank you,” You mumbled into Peter’s shoulder as he broke the hug.

“First off, none of us see you as a weak person. In fact, we see you as a badass hero with amazing powers. And secondarily, the team won’t abandon you so easily, especially me. You’re amazing, your laugh is adorable, and I-”

“You what?” You asked noticing your faces were inches apart from each other.

Without saying another word, Peter smashed his lips onto yours and you gasped in surprised. Smiling, you leaned into the kiss as you wrapped your arms around his neck. Peter then wrapped his arms around your waist deepening the kissing for a few more moments. Breaking apart, the two you tried to catch your breath as you grinned wildly.

“Wow,” You said breathlessly trying to get your thoughts straight.

“I-I don’t know what came over me,” Peter sheepishly said.

Giggling at his antics, you grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him in for another quick kiss. With your arms still tightly wrapped around his neck, resting your forehead against his.

“I would kiss you again but it’s started to get really cold,” You giggled again.

“Says the person wearing my hoodie,” Peter scoffed.

“Is the itsy bitsy spider upset?” You teased grabbing his hand and walking out of the alleyway. “If you want to kiss me some more let’s get back to the compound.”

Without another word, Peter picked you up as you like out a squeal. Running down the street carrying you bridal style, the both of you couldn’t stop laughing. Sure, you two got nasty looks from strangers, but they weren’t having as much fun as you were. Surprisingly for a guy Peter’s size, he was able to run pretty fast even through the crowded streets. You made it back to the compound in record time and he barely broke a sweat.

“You are a man of many surprises, Parker.” You said walking into the elevator to go to the living room. “I’m pretty sure the team isn’t back yet.”

“Then it’s our lucky day,” Peter said pulling you closer.

“Someone’s a bit eager aren’t they?”

“Shut up and kiss me already.”

Rolling your eyes, you leaned in for another kiss completely ignoring the elevator doors opening. Not aware of your surroundings, the two of you didn’t notice that in fact, the team was watching your makeout session.

“Parker got some game!” Sam yelled as the two you broke apart quickly.

“Oh God,” Peter muttered as his face went as red as his suit.

“Hey, guys…” You mumbled walking out of the elevator. “How long were you-”

“We saw the whole thing sweetheart,” Tony chuckled.

Covering your face in embarrassment, you let out an awkward laugh as the team continued to tease the two of you. Pietro started singing love songs as the others asked for details that you wouldn’t be telling. While this was happening, Peter’s phone buzzed and he let out a sigh.

“That’s my Aunt May, she wants me to come home.”

“Oh,” You answered sadly giving him a hug. While hugging him you glanced over to the team mouthing for you two to kiss. “You guys are actual five-year-olds.”

Letting Peter leave, you watched the team gesture over to him.You sighed while quickly grabbing his arm and spinning him back around to face you. The team knew how to get on your nerves but if this was going to shut them up, you were going to do it. Giving Peter a quick peck on the lips, you heard the whole team burst into cheers and whistling.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” You said sending the spiderling on his way.

“Details now,” Natasha demanded before eyeing the hoodie you were wearing. “You’re wearing Parker’s hoodie.”

“I’m going to bed,” You grumbled.

You stepped into the elevator and pressed your floor button repeatedly, waiting for the doors to shut. Before you could question what was happening, Wanda sprinted in holding the doors open.

“Nat, hurry your ass up!” Wanda yelled as the assassin carried some junk food. “Boys don’t you even dare come near me.”

Natasha then pushed Clint out of the way and gracefully landed inside. The doors shut quickly and then you were left with two grinning Avengers. You should have seen this coming the moment you and Peter were caught.

“I think it’s time for a long overdue girls night,” Natasha added adjusting the junk food in her hands.

“If we run out of junk, I’ll make Vision grab it. He won’t question anything and, unlike some people, won’t disrupt our girls night,” Wanda said.

“I’m assuming I don’t get a say in this do I?” You asked. They both nodded. “I hate everyone.”

“Love you too,” They both responded, dragging you into your room.

It was definitely going to be an interesting night whether you like it or not.  

Part 7

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Summary: Set in season 8, reader has not forgiven Sam for letting Lucifer free. When he comes around, old feelings come bubbling back up, leading Dean to step in.
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester
Word Count: 2767
Warnings: Angst, pre-smut, mention of torture (non-graphic), 
A/N: This has been at the top of my fic idea list for a long time, and finally creativity struck. Flashbacks are in italics and this was beta’d by the ever so lovely @queen-of-deans-booty and the gif was made by me. Any feedback would be appreciated! Enjoy!

Hunting was never easy. You could ask anyone in the business and they would tell you the same thing. Even though you were finally on your own with a normal job and your own home, having a library of rare lore books was something you couldn’t bring yourself to get rid of. All of the horrible things you went through three years ago made you give up hunting, but you always made yourself available to other hunters that needed some research.

Although the scars on your body had healed, you couldn’t bring yourself to return to hunting after Lucifer kept you as a prisoner when he was released. It was three months of nothing but physical and psychological torture. You remained strong for the first few weeks, but he broke you in ways that nobody should ever be subjected to.

You were let go after you stopped reacting to the torture… after your body and mind were broken to the point where you felt trapped in your own world full of anguish, fear, and blood. You were found by a hunter who was in the area responding to demon signs, and he took you in and helped you heal. You dropped off the map after that, only providing your number to a select number of hunters if they needed research help.

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memoriesofpurelight  asked:

For the follower special: either 10 for pidge and her mum, or 26 with Shiro and adult/authority/family figures? Please and thank you if ts not too much trouble/you already have too many requests. I'm new to this fandom but I love both it and Shiro so your fics bring me no small amount of joy. You deserve ALL of the followers!

It’s the 1000 Followers Special!  Based on these prompts.  Prompts are now closed.  Don’t want to see all 35 of these?  Block ‘1000 Followers Special’.  Can’t read on mobile?  These will slowly be posted to AO3 starting in a few days as ‘Hold Up Half the Sky’.  A huge thank you to Xagrok for the beta’ing!

It had been a long day, and it was barely mid-afternoon.

Sam wandered down the halls, hands in his pockets as he sighed.  

The reality of what they did was the need for training and developing resources.  Part of that was one-on-one training.  Shiro ran them every few weeks, checking individual progress and making sure no problems or weaknesses were developing.  It was standard by now, and something Sam approved of.  With how busy their lives were, the ritual and schedule of it was good, and it kept issues from falling to the wayside with everything else.

At least, Sam had approved until this afternoon.

After a full morning of target practice, hand-to-hand sparring and running drills, all of them had been exhausted.  But Shiro in particular had been going nonstop since breakfast, and he’d already looked ragged that morning.  It was a recipe for mistakes.

Eventually, inevitably, there had been one.

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Soooo not Gona lie, even tho I don’t think & have thought this for some time that Sam & Cait were not together, I still shipped them, that pic posted today was a gut puncher….I just kept thinking “what the actual fuck”……I know a lot were sad, angry, confused, felt played, used, tired, got bitchy, snarky….the lot & you are allowed to feel that way, I definitely felt some of those emotions, I’ve only been around these parts since Sept so can’t imagine going on 3+ yrs!! Some unfollowed & some came out to show more support now than ever….no way is the right way, no way is better than the other, take a breath, step back if needs be & choose what u feel is right 4u!!

But back to the pic…..What saddened me the most about the picture was that I barely recognised the ppl in it except the fact Cait posted it (grrr girl….why it had to b u 🙄) I prob would have scrolled right on by on twitter….I don’t see the same ppl I’m used to seeing, I don’t see the glow, warmth, love, easiness, relaxed, fun & happy ppl & im not saying that because MM is in the pic & im hating, take her & the others away & look at Sam individually & Cait individually & they just don’t look lik the people I have come to know, respect & love in the sense of being their fans…..maybe that’s just it I don’t know them BUT I know their work & that’s what brought me here initially so I’m sticking around to a lesser degree than b4 for the show, for the great friends I’ve made & to be perfectly honest I must have some sadomasochistic tendencies I didn’t know about 😂🙈😂because I wana see how this stupid shit show implodes upon itself so I’m sitting on the sidelines waiting for what’s nxt with the biggest side-eye going…..how’s that obsessable campaign working out for y'all….yeah thought so 😬😂😬

Underneath Your Clothes

This is my first time posting fan fiction. Please, don’t hate on me too hard. I’m well aware that this fic is absolute garbage.


Word Count: 3.4k

Castiel x Reader

Warning: Angst, smut, and fluff, aspects of bdsm, some drinking

Reader is a half immortal celestial being / half human hybrid thing

Reader and companion fell through a portal into SPN!Universe and they are hunting an escaped creature from their world. They run into the Winchesters and Castiel during a battle (which I have not included because it’s just shit) and the boys and Castiel agree to help the reader and companion track down the creature. Reader has otherworldly healing powers, has ‘light magick’ abilities, ‘soul energy’ all that nonsense. So, after your companion makes you a potion to heal you after the battle, Castiel and Dean show up to the apartment the reader is staying at.

  A knock was heard at the door and you went to open it. Dean was standing on the other side of the threshold. “Well, hey, you’re alright.”
  You nodded, “Yeah, are you here for your angel friend?”
  Dean peered into the apartment, “Well, he flew here and I drove.” He then made eye contact with Leda, “I think we found a lead.”
  “A what?” You asked as Leda took the papers out of Dean’s hand.
  “Found more bodies across the city, eyes missing, and black blood,” He said.
  “Fantastic, let’s go,” Leda said, as she left the apartment. Castiel followed and so did you. But when you tried to pass through the doorway, you ran into a barrier of light. You hammered at it but it just rippled against your touch.
  “What? Hey!” You growled at them.
  Dean and Castiel turned around. Castiel spoke, “What’s happening?”
“You can’t leave me here while you go hunting!” You spat, speaking only to Leda.
  Leda spun to face you, “You lost and incredible amount of light energy yesterday. That potion will take an entire day to heal you. I will not risk your humanity for the sake of your tracking skills. I can handle this without you.”
  You shot her a death glare, “Leda, I will not turn off my humanity switch after seeing a few dead bodies.”
  Leda’s long white locks draped over her shoulders and when she shook her head, her hair rippled. “You are under my protection. I can’t have you turning off your emotions when you’re this vulnerable.”
  “Leda, please,” You begged.
  “What did you do to her?” Dean asked, curiously.
  “The bitch spelled the apartment so I can’t leave!” You exclaimed. You banged a couple more times on the barrier. You didn’t want to be alone. New world and all alone? No thanks. These were the only people you’d met so far. Please don’t leave me alone.
  You saw Castiel’s eyes soften which made you think that he’d heard your silent prayer again. Leda put her hand on Dean’s shoulder and he eventually turned away and followed her down the hall. Castiel broke your eye contact and followed them. Your breath hitched in your throat as you stared after them. You stepped back and slammed the door shut with a brutal swing.

  Seven hours into your isolation, you had exhausted your movie collection, a couple video games and you were working on a very old bottle of whiskey. You plugged your phone into the stereo and blasted Daddy Yankee’s song Limbo. You grabbed the half empty bottle of alcohol in your hand and started to dance. You were still quite pissed at the fact that your traveling companion had placed you under house arrest but the whiskey was drowning out your sorrows. Two raps were heard at the door that you managed to hear through the loud music. You took a swig before you shouted, “Whatever you’re selling, I’m not interested!”
  You continued to wiggle to the music until five more raps at the door were heard. You grumbled and walked to the door wrenching it open. Castiel stood by himself in the doorway. You preceded to shut the door on him, but he caught it. You marvelled at his ability to pass through the barrier, “Wait, wait. I wanted to apologize.”
  You tilted your head to the side in fake disbelief, “What? For ditching me? Oh, don’t worry about that. It’s not like I’m used to it or anything.”
  Castiel continued to stare at you, his hand still on the door. You opened it and pressed your palm against the barrier, which was still there. You took a deep breath and spun back around. You took a deep sip of the whiskey as Castiel entered the apartment and shut the door behind him, locking it. You narrowed your eyes at the action. You swayed on spot, taking another drink. Castiel looked to the kitchen where he spotted three empty Smirnoff Twisted bottles on the counter. His gaze shifted back to the bottle that was in your hand, “Humans don’t have a very high alcohol tolerance.”
  You raised the bottle to him as if to cheers him, “Only half human, babe. Got immortal light in my body. Higher threshold for pain, heightened senses, higher alcohol tolerance.”
  He watched you as you continued to dance to the Spanish music. You drank again, still completely in control of your balance which boosted your confidence. “I am sorry for leaving you earlier, especially after I heard your prayer. That was….unkind of me.”
  You stopped dancing and turned to face him. You raised an eyebrow, “Huh. Strange how here angels feel remorse, and guilt. It’s almost like you have a heart.”
  You walked over to him and got right up in his face, for the second time of you knowing him. “There are angels in your world?”
  “Of course there are, they’re everywhere,” You said as you rolled your eyes. “Major buzzkills. No fun at all, well a select few are. I mean the ones I know do have fun, but that’s only because when I’m close to them, they feel more human.”
  “Why?” He breathed, obviously not bothered by your proximity.
  You placed you hand on his chest and revelled at the feeling of his light energy. “I don’t know. Gift from the Goddess, I assume. I could not tell you why, but it happens. I don’t know about here but our angels are very strict, and law abiding, and boring. Except the fallen. Now, those feather-brains know how to party!”
  You stepped back and took another two gulps of your drink. His brow furrowed again, “The fallen?”
  “Yeah, the angels who wanted to live on earth with humans. They didn’t want to follow the rules, so they left. Lost their white wings though, which kind of sucks I guess. But still very pretty. Do you dance?”
  Castiel continued to gaze at you, questions flooding his eyes. He shook his head, “No, I do not dance.”
  “Do you know how to dance?” You asked approaching him again, slower this time.
  “No,” He said.
  “Have a drink,” You offered. Castiel took the bottle from your hand and held it to his lips. He took several gulps while he kept his eyes locked with yours. He lowered it and placed it on the tiny table beside the couch. “Feel better?” You asked.
  His chest rose and fell with every breath he took. “Why do I feel this way around you? I’ve been human before. I know what it feels like, but you make me feel very connected to the earth.”
  You shrugged, trying not to feel anything towards him. “You don’t have to be here. You’re still an immortal angel. You’re just able to feel a little deeper than usual. I understand if you don’t want to stay. Nobody does.”
  “Does everyone feel this way towards you?” He asked, stepping towards you.
  You nodded, “Everyone, every creature feels drawn to me. Sam and Dean felt drawn to me too but humans don’t feel it as strong as Celestials, like you. No doubt it’s overpowering your senses. And that’s why you almost stayed today. You have a lot of self-control, colour me impressed.”
  “Why are you so sarcastic?” He queried.
  “Why do you think, Castiel? I’m an empath. I get to feel what everyone else feels. I am good for only one thing, to hunt and kill the bad guys. That’s how everyone sees me, so that’s what I do. And I block out the pain with sarcasm and humour, and booze. Sue me!”
  You reached for the whiskey again but he caught your arm, “I think you’ve had enough.”
  “Why are you even here, Castiel? Why do you want to be around me? I am a destructive force of nature. I am unrelenting and unforgiving. I have darkness in me.”
  “You have a lot of rage,” He said, a small smile rising on his lips.
  You gave him a look but then burst out laughing, so much you couldn’t contain it, and you hid your face in your hands. “I’m sorry. I get mean when I’m trapped in a box. I don’t do well in isolation.”
  “I don’t think anyone does,” He said. He reached for the bottle and took another drink.
“Hey!” You exclaimed, reaching for the bottle. He held you back effortlessly, like you were a very small bunny and he was a lion. “Dude, sharing is caring!”
  A huge smile erupted on his face which made your stomach flutter, “Come on, you can do better than that.”
  You debated your current position. Instead of fighting him, you turned around, wrapped your hand around his neck and danced against him. You heard him set the bottle down and he backed up into the wall as you moved against his body. You could hear his breath quicken was surprised to feel his hands on your hips. You spun and took his hands in yours and lead him to the middle of the living room. You put your hands on his hips and swayed them in time with your own. You wrapped your arms around his neck and smiled widely when his hands returned to your waist. You even felt one venture to your behind as he pulled you closer to his body.
  “See? I knew you could dance,” You said in his ear.
  “Mmm,” He moaned into yours. It took you by surprise when he spun you around and slammed you into the wall. The music pounded as he stared down at you, an eyebrow raised. Fuck, he was beautiful. You averted your eyes and stared at what might be beneath his clothes. He lifted your chin and closed your proximity by meeting your lips with his own. An electric shock of pleasure shot through you and you kissed back with heat and hunger. He hoisted you up and you wrapped your legs around his waist as he flooded your neck with kisses.
  “Fuck, Castiel,” You moaned against him.
  He laughed, “I do like it when you say my name.”
  You brought your lips to his ear, “It will sound even better when I scream it.”
That was clearly all he could handle. After a shiver rocked his body, he took you to your bedroom. He set you down on your feet and you proceeded to shed him of his clothing. Coat, jacket and tie were on the floor. You ripped open his shirt and ran your fingers over his chiseled chest. You’re a gift. You silently prayed to him.
  His smile made you melt, “You don’t have to do that. I’m right here.”
  “Ah, but you see, this is just pure evil. I can pray dirty things to you whenever I want.” You smiled as you undid his belt.
  He took off your shirt and gazed down at you, “That is quite cruel of you.”
  “Hey, if you’re going to sin, you might as well go all out,” You said, taking off your pants and tossing them to the side. He let his pants drop to his feet to reveal his erection, confined by the fabric of his boxers. You were wearing a black bra and underwear, just plain and nothing special, but that didn’t stop his eyes from lighting up at the sight.
  He approached you but you spun him around and pushed him onto the bed. He propped himself up on his elbows as he stared up at you. You got on top of him and rolled your hips against his sex. His head fell back and he gripped the sheets in his fists. You bent down and kissed his chest repeatedly while you worked him up. “Now, from what I’ve seen, you’re quite the obedient angel. Always do what you’re told.”
  Castiel looked up at you, licking his lips. “Not always.”
  “Oh really? Because you look quite submissive from this angle,” You said as you took off your bra and tossed it away. Your breasts fell onto your chest and the hunger in his eyes arose. “Or am I wrong?”
  He grabbed onto your hips and flipped the both of you so that he was on top. His mouth was on your breast as his tongue flicked your nipple and he began to suck. His free hand had your other breast in a firm grasp. You moaned loudly, thankful that Leda wasn’t here. How awkward would that be? You laced your fingers through his messy raven hair, but he grabbed your hands and held them above your head. He snapped his fingers and your wrists locked above your head, as if some unseen force was keeping them there. You raised an eyebrow at him, Kinky motherfucker, aren’t you?
  His lips met yours in response before leaving a trail of kisses down your chest and stomach until he got to your underwear line. You sucked in a deep breath when you felt his fingers tugging at the soft fabric until it was gone. You lay there helplessly, your core pulsating at an alarming rate. His mouth reached your sex and he ran his tongue up your slit gently, causing you to buck your hips into his face. “Patience, love.”
  You struggled against your invisible bonds and sucked in air as you felt him spread your legs. He kissed each inner thigh until he reached your sex again and brushed his lips against it softly. You groaned against him and felt his laughter vibrate through your body. You couldn’t help but release the feathery nuisance that kept clawing at you. “Dammit. These are so annoying.”
  Castiel looked up at the sight. The huge black wings protruded from your back and draped over the bed and onto the floor. Your chest rose and fell and you looked down at him, feeling embarrassed. His hands were on your face, making you look into his icy blue eyes, “Hey, they are beautiful. You’re beautiful.”
  “Can I see yours?” You asked timidly.
  He frowned, “They aren’t intact and not as full as yours.”
  “Why not?” You asked, genuinely concerned.
  “I…I fell. My wings are damaged,” He said. He released your hands and they flew to his face.
  “Please, let me see,” You coerced.
  He sighed and within moments our could see his own black wings, only they were beaten to a pulp, with many feathers missing. He hung his head in defeat. “It’s pathetic.”
  You lifted his head, “I can help.”
  He looked at you questioningly. You opened your mouth and released an orb of pure light. It floated between the both of you and Castiel stared at it curiously. “What is that?”
  “Light magick, from my world. I have an unlimited supply. I can share. A little pulse like this won’t hurt me to lose if it means you are better. Open.”
He did so and the small orb entered his mouth. Within seconds it plowed through him, filling his entire essence making an intense bright light shine in the room, so bright even you had to look away. Castiel cried out, but you kept ahold of him. When the light faded, you looked back to him. He was shaking and sweating. You took his face in your hands and kissed his quivering lips. That’s when you noticed, his wings were full and were extended the length of the room. They were still black but at least now they looked healthy. You were shocked at his response, “Fuck.”
  “How do you feel?” You asked, a hand trailing down to his erection.
  “Well, I…” He looked down, getting distracted by your wandering hand, “Well, that’s not fair.”
  He worked his way down again to your clit and licked and kissed and sucked as if his life depended on it. “Ugh, Cas!”
  Sad enough to say, it didn’t take much to get you off and it had been a while. You tried your hardest to hold back but you felt waves of pleasure threatening your control. Dammit, don’t cum yet.
  He slipped a finger into your heat and you grabbed onto his head tightly. You rolled your hips again into his mouth. “You’re about to explode, aren’t you?”
  “Ah! Yes! Fuck, I want to cum so bad,” You cried out to him.
  “How bad do you want it?” He asked, now pumping two fingers into you.
  Your eyes rolled back into your head, “Castiel, please.”
  He moaned at the mention of his name, “Cum for me, Y/N. Scream my name like I know you want to.”
  You immediately let go, and raised your voice as loud as you could muster, “Yes! Oh, Castiel, yes! Ughh!”
  You felt him lap up your nectar which made you shiver with delight. As you rode the last waves of your orgasm, you failed to notice that Castiel had removed his boxers. He was eyeing you and out of embarrassment you curled your wings up over your face, hiding in the feathers. You could hear him laughing and he peeled your wings back, and removed your hands from your face. “I want you to be mine. I want your orgasms to be mine. When you cum by your own hands, I want you to say my name. Clear?”
  You nodded, “Yes, Sir.”
He growled at the sound of the word, as if it sent pure lust and pleasure through him. He smiled down at you, “Good girl.”
“Please, Cas. I want you inside of me. Please.”
“So desperate, aren’t we?” He gazed down at your form, placing his thumb on your clit and slowly rubbing in small circles.
“Fucking hell, Cas. Stop teasing me!” You grumbled. “If you keep going that way, you’re going to regret it.”
  That peaked his interest, “Oh?”
  You gently grabbed onto his balls and rolled him over where he lay, wincing in defeat. You kissed down his chest until your lips found his erection. You ran your tongue up his length and swirled it at the tip, licking up the small trace of pre-cum leaking there. A heavy moan from the angel encouraged you to continue and you began to take him inside of your mouth. You pumped your hands up and down while you worked on the tip, bobbing your head. “Ugh, Y/N.”
  You took your lips away which elicited a small whimper from the angel. You lifted your leg over him and slowly lowered yourself onto his sex. His head shot up and he stared at you as you rode him slowly. His fingers dug deep into the flesh of your hips and you could see the intensity in his eyes that he wanted you with every fibre of his being. You clawed at his chest, drawing blood and watched in awe as the wounds slowly closed up. He arched his back and matched your thrusts with his. You ran your hand through your hair before leaning down and sucking on his bottom lip. He moaned against you and flipped you over, pounding harder into you now that he was on top. He towered over you, with his hands on your hips as he completely buried himself in you. You reached for him and was surprised when he laced his fingers with yours and held your hand above your head. He was breathing heavily into your ear so you took the opportunity to bother him. “Castiel?”
  He groaned, “Yes?”
  You giggled, “Are you going to cum for me?”
  You flexed your muscles around him and he pushed further into you than you thought possible in response. He didn’t answer though. So, you fisted your hand in his hair and yanked his head to the side. He made a sound out of pleasure, “Ah, yes. Yes, I’m going to cum.”
  You encased him in your wings and kept flexing, feeling your second orgasm as it slammed into you. In turn, you felt him empty himself inside of you and he let out a cry as he thrust into you half a dozen times. A shudder passed through him and he collapsed on top of you. He nuzzled his face in your chest which elicited a chuckle from you. His wings draped over you both, like a black feathery blanket. You stroked his wing with your free hand, seeing as the other was still stuck in his grasp.
  “Was…that alright?” The angel asked, murmuring into your chest.
  You laughed, “You’re a god among men, Castiel.”
  You felt him smile against your skin, “Well, I wouldn’t go that far.”
  You squeezed his hand, “I would. You’re the best I’ve ever had. So much passion behind such a serious facade.”

Count Me Out of the Revolution

I’m reading a lot of pissed off opinions here today. I understand we all have a right to feel what we feel, and to take action in whatever way we decide to wreak vengeance upon those who have disrespected us. Do what you gotta do. But, I’ll be damned if Starz or Shatner or Sam & Cait are going to keep me from enjoying this program, this story that I love.

Now, as far as the guilt I think deserves to be distributed…. Sure, I’m willing to push Shatner under the bus. There’s no way justify the misery he spreads like oil on a fire. Starz execs are a pack of incompetent boobs when it comes to PR. But, they did have the sense to take a chance on adapting Outlander. They certainly haven’t skimped on the production budget. They have provided a program that has enthralled me for two years. For that, I’m willing to fork over the monthly subscription fee. Why would I cut off my nose to spite my face? And besides, my husband couldn’t live without the old westerns channel that comes with the package.

Now, as to how I feel toward Sam & Cait. I think they are both very talented actors, who have successfully brought to life two of my favorite literary characters of all time. And, in the process, these two actors have become my obsession. That’s not their fault. That’s all me. I’m the one who who gave them that much hold on my life. I’m the one who gave them that power. I believe that they have a right to live their lives as they see fit. That includes not only their private lives, but also their career decisions. If they make mistakes, that only proves they are just like the rest of us, and they own theirs just as we own ours. So, I see no reason to go out of my way to broadcast my disappointment with any of their life choices. So, for now, I respectfully decline the revolution.


“Sam. Sam? Buddy, wake up. We’re here.”

“Trees! We’re getting a tree.”

Castiel laughs and ruffles the child’s hair. “Yes, that’s exactly what we’re doing. So glad you remembered.”

As soon as his car seat is unbuckled, Sam runs toward the lot and disappears among the trees before Cas can even shut the door. He would be worried, except for the fact that the kid is really loud and easy to find. Even while he’s walking across the parking lot, Cas can see him zipping in and out between the trees, his curly black hair bouncing with his movements.

“Hey! Kid! Be careful! Where’s your mom?”

The man’s voice is so low and intense that Castiel hopes Sam straightens up and listens or else they might get kicked out of this place.

Sam doesn’t listen. He darts back and forth between two trees and giggles maniacally, and suddenly a man pops out from behind a tree across from him with a stern look on his face.

But then he smiles and says in that same voice, “I’m too old to chase you, kid.”

It takes Cas all of three seconds of survey before deciding that this man must be the owner of the Christmas tree lot. He’s got a yellow and brown flannel buttoned and tucked into his jeans, which sit comfortably under a large, round belly that will probably rival Santa’s in a few years. His beard is full and red and mountainy, and there are freckles all over his cheeks and nose. He only looks to be about 30, but he carries himself like a much older man.

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1. What season did you start watching Supernatural? I saw the first episode in.. I think s10.. was airing? But I didn’t really go back to watch the show all the way through until… it was either during the hiatus before s11 or just as it was airing. I started tumblr during the s11-12 hiatus. I really wasn’t aware of how the show aired live before s12, so when exactly I was watching is a little fuzzy.

2. Who was the first character you fell in love with? Probably Bobby, honestly. I always liked both Sam and Dean, but who I liked more really depended on the episode until mid s4.

3. Who was a character that you hated at first but grew to love?: *attempts to summon memory* There really aren’t that many characters I didn’t like… uh… Meg, I guess? I didn’t like Meg 1.0 much at all(I doubt we were supposed to), but Meg 2.0 was interesting.

4. Which character would you most want to be in a long-term relationship with? There really isn’t anyone I can think of. All the players now seem to have their own thing going. If I had to choose.. maybe Sam? We’d probably get along and if Eileen doesn’t come back, I don’t want him believing that he’s doomed to be alone. I don’t know if that’s a good enough reason though.

5. If you could go on a date with just one character, which one would you choose?: Charlie? I don’t know. I don’t really want to date anyone.

6. What would you do on that date? Oh lord… talk about books or video games or something.. sit on a park bench. I’m not good at dates.

7. Which character would you most want to be like?: I dunno, it really seems like everyone’s life is a bag of nope. I guess Chuck?

8. Which character would you most want to see brought back from the dead?: Eileen! Also Tessa…. and Billie… but mostly Eileen.

9. Which character would you most like to punch?: Depending on the day: John, April Kelly’s reaper, or Becky.

10. Who is your absolute favorite character?: Castiel

11. Which “Big Bad” do you think was the worst?: Dick Roman and the Levis. I know what they were going for, but man, the execution for them bored me once they started having an actual plan towards the end. Coffee Creamer?? Really? Go watch The World’s End if you want a version of that story line that’s better executed(weird corporate subtext and all). It had a grievance subplot too. I actually really like most of s7. I think Repo Man is one of the best in the series. I love Kevin, and I don’t even dislike the idea of the Levis. I just don’t like how the levi’s specifically culminated in text. The subtext is great. Also, their design is boring… I play a lot of video games.. 

12. Which character are you most like?: Some mix of Kevin, Dean and Cas.

13. What death hit you the hardest? It used to be Charlie. Now it’s Eileen. If Eileen comes back (doubt it, but her death was so stupid and the events of the ep were so weird, that I’m gonna hold onto my false hope for the sake of professionalism in writing standards until further notice) then it will default back to Charlie. I was really sad when Kevin and Crowley died too, but their deaths made more sense. I also miss Rowena, but part of me isn’t sure she’s perma-dead either. It was kind of abrupt for a main-ish stay. Also Magda, still bitter on that one.

14. What season finale hit you the hardest?:
 Oh man, unfortunately, a lot of them are kind of similar, so I always just thought of them as setups for the next season. Season…. 6? Maybe? I have a weird relationship with s5′s finale. I know a lot of people who ended the series there, and I was like “how?? This doesn’t feel complete to me.” But it didn’t like “hit me” or anything. It just has a weird retroactive feeling.

15. What are your ten all-time favorite episodes?: The End, What’s Up, Tiger Mommy, Baby, Just My Imagination, Into the Mystic, Playthings , Sam, Interrupted, Appointment in Samara, Death’s Door, The Born-Again Identity. This is just today, ask me later, you’ll get a different answer. 10 eps in a show with over 200… honestly…

16. What’s been your favorite season?: Ah, fridge… s11 or s5, probably.

17. Who is your favorite angel? Castiel

18. Who is your favorite demon? Crowley

19. Who’s your favorite evil character? Metatron or Rowena, if either of them still count.

20. Do you have any Supernatural ships?: Destiel, Saileen, Crowley x love.

21. Who’s your favorite supporting actor?: In what context? That we have evidence still do on screen work for the show? Jim Beaver

22. What’s your favorite quote from the show?: Never really thought of that. Uh… I can’t remember what episode its in, but it’s the thing John says to Sam about what his goal is. It basically informs the entire series and what it’s working to subvert, so that’s why I like it. The River Ends at the source indeed. Hi Jack! Fancy meeting you here. I fracking wonder what on Earth you could possibly represent. Paradise you say? Well then…

23. If you could cast one famous actor in an episode of SPN, who would you choose? …I actually have no clue.

24. If you could write your own episode, what kind of creatures would you like to see included?: The fae, done well. Or subtle eldritch beings.

25. Who’s your favorite girl that Dean’s hooked up with?: Anna or Lisa. Anna because she was interesting, and Lisa because I think she really cared for Dean.

26. Who’s your favorite girl that Sam’s hooked up with?: Actually hooked up with? Madison or Jess.

27. What are some of your favorite convention moments?: I guess when everyone seems at ease, or some of the more profound moments where they talk about what they care about or when they talk about production stuff.

28. If you were going to guest star (or be a recurring guest star) on SPN, how would you want your character to be described?: I think it’d be fun to be one of the fae, or some other monster.

29. What do you hope to see in the next season?: Actual textual acknowledgement of destiel… and Sam tapping into the Supernatural more. Eileen. >.>

30. - 40. If you had to choose…

Bobby or John?: Bobby, definitely.

Bela or Ruby? Ruby. She’s evil as hell, but I find her more interesting. Conflict!

Jess or Madison?: Madison. I had more time to care about who she was as a person. I don’t remember getting to know Jess too well. I still like them both.

Jo or Lisa?: Jo

Charlie or Kevin? Kevin.

Balthazar or Ash?: Ash was more useful, and his personality was less abundant.

Cas or Crowley? Cas

Ben or Claire? Claire

Jody or Donna? Jody, but I love them both. At least they’ll both be in Wayward Sisters from what it looks like.

Sam or Dean?: On what level? Narratively? Dean. There are levels of abstraction where I’d take Sam though.

Oh yeah, tagging… I have no idea who’s already taken this: @helianthus21, @sofurus, @grey2510, @medeah, @rosie-berber, @super-sootica, @obsessionisaperfume-spn-blog, @destielonfire, @naruhearts and of course whoever wants to.

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Hi from Tel Aviv again, two questions today:1- I have strange feeling about yesterday 's A&Q. Did you notice that Sam was was a bit impatient? 2- Have you noticed the huge, enormous difference between his Cait's description since the first day and the 3 words he used to describe his new co-star? Thank you. Lots of ❤️

shalom! ;) I can’t say I did notice that but I forgot it was happening bc I was too busy lying on the beach haha so I only caught the last like 5-10 mins live. He was probably just busy and he did mention he had an early call today. plus I’m sure those q&a’s can be overwhelming with all the tweets he gets. 

as for the descriptions of Kate vs Cait - it’s interesting isn’t it? Cait gets the most beautiful woman in the world nay contest, smart, talented, kind, generous etc I could go on and on and Kate gets 3 complimentary but simple words. interesting. it’s very very interesting 🤔

Comfort (Sam Drake Headcanons)

A/N: Hey guys, so I finally wrote something new. Sorry that I haven’t posted much these past few days, it’s cause I was away but I’m finally back from my adventures in Narnia and ready to write some more. So this is just some headcans I came up with today so I hope you guys will like it.

• Whenever you’re having a bad day or something has made you upset then Sam would be one of the first people to notice. You may not know it but Sam pays a lot of attention to the little details and changes in your mood.

•Being the protective figure, he would always take it upon himself to do his best to take care of you as Sam hates seeing his loved ones feel like this. Bonus: Sam’s not the type who would want to burden others with his own problems, so it’s very rare that you would see him act differently than he usually would, but alas he knows that even if he’s not so open about such things that you would be there to support him when he needed you.

•If you’re having just a one off bad day, then Sam would try his best to put you at ease and cheer you up. This would usually involve him cracking some silly or cheesy jokes of his, just to see a smile from you. To be honest most the time you don’t find his jokes that funny, but just seeing the effort Sam makes for you would make you smile even just a little.

•Apart from the silly jokes, Sam would cuddle and hug the hell out of you. Not a usual sight outside your shared home, as Sam’s doesn’t display that much PDA outside the house but when you’re both home you better brace yourself. He would wrap you in his arms and hold you gently close by, and let you rest your head on his chest so you can let out your frustrations from the day. Bonus: A favourite thing of Sam’s to do to make you feel better is to pull you in his lap and have a cuddling session with you. He would end up whispering sweet things in your ear in hopes to make you feel better, and most of the time your mood improves a lot.

•Sometimes it comes to a point that whatever is making you upset is due to an ongoing problem, so it would be in Sam’s interest to find out what’s really bothering you. Let me tell you, whatever it may be whether you think it’s a silly problem or not, to Sam it would never be nothing important because if it’s bothering you then it is important.

•If you’re willing to share with him, then he would gladly listen to whatever you had to say and just let you vent out. He would always try his best to help you solve the problem, if it comes down to a point where someone is bothering you, you better believe that Sam wouldn’t hesitate to go sort out that person, cause no one dare mess with Sam’s sweetheart.

•Sometimes Sam knows that he may not be able to help you with your problem, but he would always let you know that he is there to support you whenever you need him. Even if you just want to cry or be held in his arms, Sam wouldn’t hesitate to comfort you as best as he can.

•Just like he did for Nate in the past, Sam would always go out of his way to make sure that you’re happy and know that you are loved, cause nothing would pain him more than to see you sad and upset.

•If you ever get those sad moments, all you have to do is find Sam wherever he may be in the house. You want to hug him or sit in his lap then go ahead cause he would never push you away, Sam would always welcome these initiated physical affections. Bonus: Sometimes you would be surprised by Sam back hugging you if he feels that you aren’t feeling your best, and do expect a lot of kisses here and there throughout the day, cause this man wants you to know how loved you are.

 Bonus NSFW

• If you’re ever feeling shitty and not loved, then you better expect Sam to show you how wrong you are about that. He would start off with sweet and long kisses on your lips, which would probably lead to more passionate kisses. He wouldn’t stop just there, so expect his lips pressed up against you jaw, collarbones and trailing down the rest of your body. He would make sure to kiss every inch of your body, and it would be just his lips on your body, but his hands would also do plenty of work.

•Given your permission and if it’s something you wanted, Sam would go a bit further than just leaving hot and wet kisses over you. One of his favourite things to do to make you feel better is giving oral.

•The lower his lips go down your body, he would use his hands to move up your leg using his thumb to draw circles on your inner thigh letting you spread your legs for him, and by now he would have a smirk spread across his lips ready to show you how much he loves you with the pleasure he’s about to give you. Let’s face it, Sam Drake never disappoints.

The Littlest Winchester - Fear Not

Character(s): Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 1,372


1) Okay then, I’m sorry about the last request about the whole morbid sexual thing. My bad. So I just thought of this funny one where the reader is scared of an insect whether that be spiders or not is up to you and its up to daddy Dean to kill him! Lol

2) I really love you work. I really do. Could you write a little Winchester fic where they find her fear like clown or plane that kind of studf


           Out of all the things there are to be afraid of, Dean’s daughter takes after her father and uncle. Although the knowledge of what might be lurking under the bed sometimes has her cuddling with Dean in the middle of the night, she’s absolutely terrified of bugs and clowns.

           As she eyes the creepy little clown gnome on the front porch of the house, the four-year-old takes cover behind Dean’s legs. He’s the farthest from the ceramic decoration, but she still has no desire to get any closer. The brothers are on a hunt, currently waiting at the door of a friend of the most recent vic, and because Cass wasn’t available, Dean’s daughter had to come with them.

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Avengers/Supernatural Cross- over

Originally posted by ageofimagines

Steve Rogers AKA Captain America

Sam and Dean need you to help them with a Vampire case, Steve doesn’t know about your secret life and he follows you. He thinks your insane. 

Requested by: Anonymous

Written By: Idjit-Only ~ Danni

Reader: Gender is a Female

Warning: Swearing?

A/N: All good in da hood



I spring up in my bed thinking it was my alarm clock only to find my phone. Steve shifts in his bed annoyed by the sound. 


“God Damn it. Who the hell is calling me now?”, I mutter, “Hello?”

“(Yn)? It’s Dean.” 

Sam and Dean Winchester, one of my best hunter friends, calling me in the middle of the night? I know this is a case. Only because I told them not to come around here. The Avengers wouldn’t approve of my friends that kill monsters in the night. They think we’re insane.

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