i have a lot of rent feelings lately

Please Help

I know I’ve asked for help a lot, especially this year, but this is really important. It’s apparently gotten to the point where being one day late (so far this month) in paying rent has prompted them to kick me out if it’s not paid in three days. I do not have $650 to give them. None of my job applications are ever answered, and I get commissioned or get freelance jobs or have things bought from my stores so rarely that I’m lucky to come out with $200 at the end of the month, despite my efforts to change that.

So I just really need some help. I don’t want to keep mooching off my friend, because I do not feel good about it, and my parents are the last people I’ll ask for help. They’d be about as happy to shell out that much money as they will be to learn this is the second eviction notice I’ve gotten this year. That, and I’m scared to tell them that there’s a possibility I might have to move back, because that is not a nice option.

Please, if you can help, in any way, it’d be greatly appreciated. I have a lot I can offer in return, all my commissions and shops are listed out, and there’s also just my PayPal, maxride@rocketmail.com. I just don’t know what to do or how to fix it without asking for help. And to anyone who can, thank you.

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7, 15, and 16? :)

  • 7. Do you have any pets?

ya at my parents’ house!! we have a lil terrier dog shes black and her name is bit and shes super old and has trouble breathing so she snorts like a pig all the time it’s kind of sad but it’s cute at the same time….and we also have a great dane/lab mix and he’s ENORMOUS and could tackle u in a second his name is shiloh and i have a love/hate relationship w him he drools all the time 

  • 15. Favorite song?

i havent been listening to a lot of music lately but i’ve rly been into dnce’s new album for awhile!! my fave song on it is either “dnce” or “pay my rent” it’s just v upbeat and dancey it makes me feel happy 

  • 16. Favorite movie?

already answered but thank u!!!

ask me questions!

hey guys! i hate to ask for money, but i’m trying to build myself a new wardrobe to help ease the dysphoria of my transition. i’m at the point where i can’t afford to spend money on anything other than food, rent, school, and hormones, so i only have 2 pairs of shorts, 1 pair of pants, and a few shirts that I feel comfortable wearing anymore. i’m a thrifty shopper, i usually only spend $5-$15 on an article of clothing, $20 being the most, so anything goes a long way. if you’re not in a position to comfortably donate money (or you just don’t want to), feel free to ignore this post! i feel super awkward asking for money and i’m sure there are plenty of other better places to send money. if you do want to help me add a few more pieces to my wardrobe, my paypal is iamdangerdonut@gmail.com. i also have a redbubble if you wanna check that out. thanks guys i love u all

Ok guys

My rent is paid. My utilities are not, and I’m saving for an abortion I have on Tuesday, then I’ll be missing work for a while to feel better. I need about $700 but literally anything helps guys and I really need it, I know my other post got a bit of circulation and it helped me a lot because I was late on rent. Now I really need help paying for this abortion, it’s been really hard getting back on my feet being so sick and missing 50% of my workdays. I spent Friday night at the hospital and missed all of my weekend shifts. My paypal is hreese0713@gmail.com please consider helping and reblogging one last time for me guys
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“I want to be an actor and produce plays. And because my parents let me live at home, I can afford to make little or no money while I participate in tiny, regional productions. My parents have been so supportive. Because I don’t have to pay rent, it frees me up to work part-time and spend extra time practicing. And I do spend a lot of time practicing. But I’m in my late twenties, and in many ways I still feel like a child. It’s hard to not associate adulthood with self-sufficiency. I have friends who are far enough along in their careers to get their own apartments and build their own lives. Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about finding a girlfriend. And I’m questioning why anyone would want to attach herself to me when I don’t have much to offer besides parents who are very supportive. I guess I’m worried that I’ve hit my peak. I’m afraid that I’ve reached the point where I’ll always be and I’ll never be able to support my parents like they’ve supported me.”


We asked Aoi and Uruha to select 5 albums they have loved listening to in recent years and to comment on each of those works. Is it possible… that these works had an influence on the GazettE’s productions?


「Furnished Souls for Rent」MOURNING WIDOWS (foreign imported record)
I’ve been listening to his (Nuno’s) works all year round, not just this album. When I listen to those guitar sounds, I just calm down, sort of. The GazettE has a lot of relatively heavy sounds so this much tension gives me a good feeling. 

「Revelations」Audioslave (Sony/EICP-662)
Strangely, I’ve been wanting to listen to Tom Morello’s guitar playing lately. I’m really envious of that sudden sense of change from quite orthodox playing to transformational guitar solos. 

「Waiting for the punchline」EXTREME (USM JAPAN/UICY-93683)
Throughout the year, Extreme is also one of those bands I’ve been listening to pretty much everywhere. There is not a particularly deeper meaning why I chose this album, but it feels like Nuno is playing close to my ear and that vividness is great, you know. I wish they’d come back to Japan again soon. 

「MOTHER SHIP〜Led Zeppelin Best Of」Led Zeppelin (Warner/WPCR-14001/02)
It’s not exactly my generation but all the guitar riffs and roots from all over the world may be in here. I mean, I don’t really know but somehow it makes me think that way, that there are melodies or phrases that I’ve heard before somewhere and they’re fresh. 

「I’m Comin’ Out」Richie Kotzen (foreign imported record)
Last year I really got into his「24 Hours」all over again, this year I’m addicted to his new record. Somehow it feels like he’s getting more aggressive every year. When I’m listening to say「Cross the Line」it makes me wanna play the guitar. It’s like his guitar is singing.

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