i have a lot of posters to do already

Eng > I got the opportunity to do an illustration for the offical Cars 3 promo with my fellow Poster Posse artists. Considering I liked the movie a lot, I wouldn’t have been against doing more but that’s already super cool to be in.

Fr > J'ai eu l'opportunité de faire une illustration pour la promo officielle de Cars 3, avec d'autres artistes du collectif Poster Posse. Comme j'ai vraiment bien aimé le film, j'aurais aimé en faire plus, mais c'est déjà super cool d'avoir pu faire ça.

Thanks a lot for that Reb & Don !

So going through the Horizon: Zero Dawn tag on tumblr, and I have a huge problem with a lot of what I see.

First off, let me say that this game, is absolutely amazing.  Not only do they take Science fiction to a whole new level AND give us a heroine that we can relate to, and is human, but they also made a beautiful story that has me on the edge of my seat.  This game, has become my top favorite.  I have a poster already put up in my room, and adore every single aspect of it, from doing the override for a mount, to shooting the bow.  It’s just absolutely perfect.

But lets get to the points that I hate.  I hate, that almost every single time that I get on that tag, someone is bitching because they either are supposedly Whitewashing the game, although they are basing the tribes off of CELTIC tribes, or are mad/confused that Aloy isn’t part of the LGBTQ+.  

I would think, by this time of age, and a whole new generation in thousands of years, the labels for one would be gone. I would also think, that SOME people would realize that Aloy is a wonderful fucking character the way she is.

Also, the game is NOT white washing.  I saw that one of the originals, was a muslim.  I ran into Asians, I ran into so many Black people! The war chief, was a black woman, who had spunk.

Aloys story is truly well done, well written, and fascinating feminist dialogue all on its own.

So who the fuck cares if she is a red haired, pale girl with dreads? It’s NOT important to the story.  You know what is? Trying to figure out who the hell woke up Hades, and saving the fucking world. 

But you guys just can’t appreciate nice things can you? Unless it meets your agenda.  

Life isn’t a protest.

*I am a feminist, I am a Liberal, I have gone to the protests, but I do not think that someone should get offended over such non existent things.  Just enjoy the damn game.*

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how do u feel abt people reposting on instagram, as long as they give u credit?

I am not very happy about it. When people ask me, I always say no, because I want my art on here. I want to be the original poster. Because I have drawn it. Usually people on instagram who repost my art, repost everything and people don’t feel the need to follow me, because this person already does it. That’s why I don’t like it. It’s very important for me that people recognize me as the artist, because that’s what I want to live of someday in the future. 
I can’t do a lot against instagram reposter. But please know, that is does not make me happy when people do it.

I just don’t get why people do it. Instagram crops every picture…

A lot of people have one, and I’ve never done one. So, why not do it! These are the people I follow, and probably will be following forever. I love every single one of them. Whether they are CC-creators, storytellers, or just game-play posters, they’re all in there. If you’re not already follow them, go check them out and do that, I will guarantee you, they’re awesome! <3 (they are in no particular order)

@lunarian-sim @nicotinc @sim-bubble @wanderlust-sims @stillgotme @simtrovart @kaileysimmie @essiesims @femmesim @neutralsupply @themysteriouscowplant @melon-pixls @volatile-sims @rosy-sims @bellaasims @bratsims @barleycoffee @cocooni @crazycatladysims @dani-paradise @erinthesimmer @dinaswimmer @delphini-sims @earnoodle @furiouslydecaffinated @juliestlove @kalewa @fragilesimtales @fallensnowcake @fluhs @loniden @momobunniisims @lovelychooser @luminous-sims @minty-honey @mineuniversesims @ohhiplumbob @pixelsinmyveins @onlypeachy @plumbaabes @novaneptune @riice @suzychi-sims @sandy-sims @biames @7xsims @wandering-simblr @wallflower-sims @tititatatoot @thegoncalves @teddybearsims @suzychi-sims @simmingpenguin @rethdis-love @resistancesims @randomcoffeesimmer @oatspice @numinousxsims @wifemomsimmer @ichosim @blackmojitos @cherry-sims @jordutch @theslyd @missparaply @dreamteamsims 
I’ am very very very sorry if I forgot anyone. But to every single simblr; thank you for putting an effort of putting your sims and pictures on here.

i love you.
xx Pascalle

Walkthrough - My Horse Prince - Talk Answers

I don’t know, but I’m dying of laughter. So, let’s get this together!

-Will you be my owner?-

There stands a horse with a handsome human face.

Before you know it, you agree to start training him…

Is this a dream or a nightmare?

Life on this strange ranch awaits…

Genre: Comedy 


Contributor(s): lobbydostexugos, Dromaeo, raneinspane, Jo

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Convention Tips~

Day Before

Pack a bag with: water-bottle, snacks, money, phone, phone charger, anything you want signed, headphones, jacket


What to wear:

If you are cosplaying: cosplay, comfy shoes (bring extra make up and change of comfy clothes)

If you are not cosplaying: geeky/anime/nerd t-shirts and appropriate bottoms, comfy shoes for lots of walking (sneakers are good), jacket if cold

Before you sleep: charge phone to full battery, check prepacked bag, check finalized meeting times and place, check how long it will take to get there

Day Of

-Wake up at least an hour before you plan to leave the house

-Pack phone and charger and get dressed in attire

-Have a full stomach and empty bladder before leaving the house

-Get in car with directions to convention

(when driving, send update text to friends you are meeting around every 20 describing weather, traffic, and how excited you are)

-When at destination, do not enter convention without entire group

(if there before other, stay in an area with good signal and/or in site of arriving cars for meet up)

-Enter convention as a group

-Register your tickets (only have to do this on first day)

-Register props (if cosplaying. NO WEAPONS)

-Enter convention floor

Convention Hours

*-Stick together with group at all times (some have a group call to find each other in crowds)

***-Take a partner to bathroom, booth, etc.

-Do not take an item away from a booth unless already purchased

*-Use your manners in the crowds (“excuse me” “pardon me” “sumimasen”)

-Refrain from Otaku Talk (“omg! That cosplay is super kawaii-desu!” “I love you character name!!!1! :3”)

-Set up emergency meeting spot if someone gets lost

***-Always check phone for messages from group

-Take lots of pictures~

-Try not to offend anyone

-Do not point out every set of boobies, be it hentai poster or cosplayer

-Do not shame the other fandoms (bronies, furries,etc)

-It is okay to ask someone in cosplay for a picture (they really appreciate it)

-It is okay to decline a booth vender’s offer

-It is okay to fan over the voice actors and guests (in moderation)

-It is not okay to make the guests uncomfortable (dirty jokes, etc)

-It is not okay to interview people unless you have a convention registered badge

-It is okay to cry (if for some reason you have to)

-It is okay to geek out with other convention goers

*-It is okay to make new friends at conventions (please beware the stalker crazy people)

*-If you are tired or hungry, tell the group, they probably are too

*-If you want to purchase something tell someone in the group so they don’t accidentally ditch you

-Before purchasing something, walk around more and see if you actually want it (also check prices for deals at other booths)(also check online for deals)

-If you purchase something, it is your responsibility to carry it

*-We suggest that you buy your big purchases (posters, wigs, figurines, etc) toward the end of the con

-Often check on your things, do not leave them unattended

***-Watch the clock

*-Keep hydrated

***-Con food is overpriced and usually not so good, try to bring your own or wait till dinner (lunch is usually skipped, just all snacking)

-Try and participate, it’s an annual and exciting event, have fun!

anonymous asked:

As someone who's completed their PhD and has gone through the grad school application process (though awhile back), do you have any tips for writing the personal statement? Also if you could clarify..what exactly is the different for the personal statement vs a statement of purpose? Some schools require both, and if you have any advice on both of them or either of them it would be greatly appreciated!

I do!

1) Do. not. start. (or include at all) your personal statement with “I have always [something about loving/doing science]”.  Instead, I would start with a personal story that involves why you are motivated to be engaged in science, or how you are engaged in science.  The people that read these applications want to know about you.  Why do you want to spend 5-6 years of your life in grad school hell? What motivates you? What experiences do you have? How will your uniqueness and personality add to the program? What are your goals?  This is also an opportunity to discuss why your GPA or GRE might not be perfect. And don’t feel like you HAVE to be specific or detailed. You can just say “chronic illness” or “life-altering event” to deal with physical and/or emotional issues that may have impacted your academic performance.  You can also point to these things as a point of strength or perseverance, which are important in grad school, if that feels OK to you.

2) Be sure to include details on what research you’ve done already, for how long you’ve done it, and how you’ve presented your work (posters, conferences, publications).  Reflect on your experiences wrt your motivations to continue doing science and how they will help you in grad school.

2) Make sure your personal statement flows logically.  I am a fan of George Gopen’s A–>B—>C writing style.  Application readers often have a lot of statements to sift through.  You want yours to flow logically and be easily understandable.  You want them to immediately understand who you are and remember that.

3) Make it personal for the university. Talk about PIs that have research that interest you. Talk about aspects of their program that you find desirable.  A programs wants to know that you want them, and have done your due diligence to be able to say why you want them.

4) Start early, and be prepared for many drafts. It takes time to write a good personal statement.  It takes time to refine everything that you want to say into a page of text (and figure out what things you don’t need to say).  It’s worth getting the clarity, and it can become a document you refer to when you have to write these statements for grants/scholarships. With some of my friends/colleagues I have only worked through edits of 1 or 2 drafts, but others I have helped through 4 or 5.  If you struggle with written communication, that may be you.  And that’s OK.

5) Find an editor(s).  Having other people read your personal statement will help you catch embarrassing typos or let you know if it just doesn’t read well.  Pick people that will be honest with you.  Older students, particularly grad students or postdocs who are proficient writers, may be your best resource here.  Some of us are real grumps about stuff like that, but plenty of us relish the opportunity to help younger students succeed.

As for personal statements vs statement of purpose, I can’t speak with personal experience to the distinction.  It may even be worth calling up the program administrator and asking them what kind of details they want in each. This may seem silly, but trust me, we do this with program officers for NIH grant applications. Be prepared for the conversation, come armed with some understanding of the two, and ask your questions while conveying interest in being a successful applicant. If any of my followers have advice with handling these two, please feel free to add to this response and I will reblog.

Good luck anon!

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Never pay attention to the order on IMDb. Go to Wikipedia for the authentic order. More often than not they'll have it right, especially for current movies. And anyway we've seen the movie, so we know what the order was. Dylan got billing before the title, so the case being discussed doesn't apply here. And about AmAs, I don't get why is it still being discussed? It's on the official web, it's on the posters, it's on the trailers, what more do we need? It's not a tossup, it's already established

Not really, they haven’t even put the date out yet I’ll live for it, but the media is giving a lot of shine to Keaton over it being Dylan’s movie. 

viiktornikiforovs  asked:

Yuuri, victor, and yuri for the ask meme thing :00

Yuri Katsuki — What’s a goal you’re working towards/ What do you want to accomplish someday?

already answered here!

Victor Nikiforov — List 5 things you love (or) 5 things about your life.

five things i love:

  1. yuri on ice
  2. @dystopiansushi (my wife yo,,)
  3. clothes with floral patterns or embroidered flowers
  4. the sound of heavy rain at night 
  5. puns tbh

Yuri Plisetsky — Are you having/Did you have a rebellious teenage phase?

?? possibly, when i was 13? i wasn’t really that rebellious i guess but i dyed my hair a lot and listened to metal and your typical emo bands, i had posters of them all over my room ahsjd 

send me some yoi asks!

Leslie Jones wants to bring her loud-ass stereotype to Deadpool.

I haven’t quite finalized my top 10 movies of 2016 list yet, but Deadpool is definitely on the list.  And I do not want Leslie Jones in the sequel shucking & jiving, messing up the flow, and making me cringe for 90 minutes!  

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Pick some photos from Pick-up Voice Vol. 103 to share as last last last(?) post I’ve promised _(:3JZ)_ The cover interview of this issue is Assassination Classroom! And there’s a interview of the three main casts: Jun jun as 殺せんせい, Mai san as 渚くん AND Nobu!!! as カルマくん!!!(๑>ᴗ<๑) Though the comic and anime have already ended, this story inspired me a lot T^T ((I cried like a fool when I was watching the last episode (༎ຶ⌑༎ຶ) I’m looking forward to the animation movie in this coming November! (It’s on cinema one day before my birthday! ;“DD ((though it’s only available to watch in Japan and probably none of my business _(:3JZ)_

The 2nd pic was the poster and the last is the bromides of that issue _(:3JZ)_


Boyfriend Tag (Nate Imagine)

“Hey guys, it’s (Y/N), and today I’m here with this cutie, introduce yourself.” You smile. 

“I’m Nate.”

“You’re so boring. You don’t have anything else to say, but your name.”

“I don’t know what else to say.” Nate laughs. 

“Whatever, so today we’re doing the boyfriend tag and we’re going to see how well Nate knows me.”

“I’m a really good boyfriend, so imma get all these right.”

“Are you sure about that?" 


"Game on, Maloley.” You smirk. 

“By the way if I know everything about her, she makes me dinner and if I don’t then I make dinner. Just making that clear and out in the open now.” Nate smiles. 

“Alright lover boy, question 1, I’m sitting in front of the tv what is on the screen?” 

"New Girl or the Kardashian’s,” Nate smirks, knowing he got the right answer. 

“Correct. Number 2, we’re out to eat what kind of dressing do I get on my salad.” 

"Well, for starters, you would never get a salad, because the entire time we’ve dated, not once have you ever gotten a salad. But, you’d get ranch because you eat it with your carrots all the time, boom baby." 

"You’re so cocky, but that’s all true." 

Nate leans over and kissing your cheek.

"Number 3, what size shoe do I wear?”

"8 or 8 1/2.”

“You cheated, I saw you looking in my closet.”

“I wasn’t looking at your shoe size, I was looking for some of my clothes.”

“In my closet?" 

"You steal my shit all the time, yes in your closet.” Nate laughs. 

You roll your eyes. Nate wraps his arms around you, trying to pull you into a hug. 

“Nathan, stop.” You say pushing his away. 

“You love me.” He says, stealing a kiss. 

“Alright, number 4, if I was collecting anything what would it be?”

"Vintage things, like you have a lot of old posters and records and stuff.”

“I guess that’s right. What would I eat everyday if I could?”

"Cap n’ Crunch cereal." 


“You eat it all the time. You probably already eat it everyday.”

“I guess, I’ll take that." 

"You’re just mad that you’re going to have to make me dinner.” Nate smirks.

“What’s my favorite sports team?” You ask, lifting your eyebrow and looking at Nate.

"NFL, the Dallas Cowboys. MLB, the New York Yankees.” Nate finishes and smiles at you. 

“You’re doing a lot better than I thought you would. Alright, did I play any sports?”

“Volleyball and softball.”

“Good job Nathan. You got all them correct.” You say slapping your thighs. 

“I think I deserve a kiss.” Nate smirks. 

You turn your head away from him. Nate wraps his arms around you, pulling you in his lap.

“Alright guys, that’s it for this weeks video. I hope you guys enjoyed.”

Whats Wrong For a 17 Year Old BOY Liking Frozen? -___-

So hi guys! My name is Bara and if you cant tell this is my blog, and this post is my somewhat “PSA”

So not too long ago I was talking to a good friend of mine and she is a girl (sorta flirting too heheh :3) anyway… I was talking about her and helping her in Maths, and like the fanboy I am…. I popped in the question “Do you like Frozen?” and she said “Yes I love frozen!!!!” then I thought awesome I have a partner yeay!!!

Then her friend came by and we had a little chat. Now mind you, we were in the Library, and out librarian had posters of Harry Potter everywhere, and the friend was fangirling, now Im not a fan of Harry Potter and all but I definitely Respect the fan, as long as their not stupid. Then I asked her a question “Do you like Harry Potter as much as I like Frozen?” and she replied “You like Frozen?!” and I replied back “Yes I do, I love Frozen Ive watched it 7 times already" (yeahh…. thats a lot) and she then she replied ” WTF man? Your a 12th grader and you like Frozen?! thats GAY!“

Now Im really pissed at my friend for this, moreover Im pissed at society because, they depict what we are, and they depict us to the extent that we have to act our gender, such as a boy should like rock (IF NOT MUST) and a girl should play with dolls (IF NOT MUST). But seriously FUCK THATSO WHAT IF I LIKE FROZEN? Its a great movie and I love the songs and the characters, SO WHAT IF ITS A PRINCESS MOVIE? Im entitled to my own opinion and Ive watched plenty of princess movies, but for the people who thinks its okay to directly "Spew Toxic" into my face, then Im sorry YOUR A DOUCHE. RESPECT PLEASE. No need to call me Gay or a Faggot, just call me weird i accept that cause technically speaking Im a little out of the box, BUT DONT CALL ME A FAGGOT OR GAY. Im perfectly STRAIGHT and theres no need to call me that wretched word 

So thats my little PMS of my experience being called gay or a faggot of liking Frozen. Please let me know what you think about!!! Oh and for those in the Frozen fandom. I ship Jelsa (They’re my OTP :3) and Kristanna (well I dont consider that as a ship since it kinda already happened). Im new to Tumblr here so please help me out understanding terms such as AU or other stuff THANK YOU!!!!

Mad Spaced - Chapter 4 "Start As We Mean To Go On"

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3

So, I actually accomplished some writing on the plane this weekend! This is a bit of a filler chapter, but I’m trying to establish the characters a little more in this chapter. We’ll eventually get some more backstory, but this has some general impressions of each other. 

I’ve also thrown in a couple of references to things I like, for my own amusement, but I’m not going to point them out. If you get them, great. If not, hopefully they aren’t too jarring within the story.

I’m excited for Chapter 5, which is the Housewarming Party! 

Thanks for reading! Tagging some folks, as per some requests: ch1darkcy thisissomefreshbullshit teastaindiary itsmirallegro fantasticab katywright340 darlingdiver hohumi slothpaws old-lady-at-heart adaftmyriad greenangelheart idontcareifyoudontbelieveme raernundo 14000romances gushington-central chicadificil (Did I forget anybody?)

Without further ado …

* * * * *

Rae woke up, groggy and a little hungover, and stared at her clock. The block red numbers silently shouted 9:37 at her. She would have been more hungover if Marsha hadn’t put away as much as she had. And, if she were more hungover, maybe she wouldn’t be remembering some of the things they talked about the night before. She shook her head, trying to forget. Oof, that call from Richard. Why was she dating him, again?

What she wanted most of all was to roll over and get another two hours, but instead her stomach growled and her bladder screamed at her to empty it. 

“Stupid corporeal form,” she muttered. “Why can’t I just be a floating brain?”

She pulled a tattered kimono she’d got at a jumble sale on over her t-shirt and sweatpants. Before she ventured out of her room, she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Oh, god, was she going to have to wear a bra all the time? She hadn’t thought about that, and it didn’t seem fair that she had to get fully dressed just to use the loo. She peeked her head out to see if Finn was up and about. No sign of him, so she took a chance, pulled her thin robe around her more closely, and tiptoed to the bathroom. After completing the most urgent task, she washed her face and brushed her teeth, and took a minute to inspect her face in the mirror. She discovered a spot on her chin and sighed. Whatever. She wasn’t trying to impress Finn, anyway. As she just pointed out to herself, she already had a boyfriend. She and Finn were just roommates. 

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red ink | a miraculous ladybug fanfic

A/N: this is a sort of continuation/side story to my soulmate tattoo AU here (x)

Word count: 4.4 k

Pairings: background pining LadyNoir/Adrinette, hints of Alya/Nino and other implied class pairings (rose/juleka, ivan/mylene, kim/max)

red ink

[At first, red hair falls into the screen before it is righted up. Then it zooms too closely into a pair of green eyes. Alya grimaces and steadies the camera before she backs away, this time with a grin on her face as she speaks.

“Soulmates. You’ve heard it all before: the stuff of fairytales and romance, your perfect other half, or your one true love and sometimes more than one. On the other end, we’ve been told it’s too mainstream, it’s bowing down to the universe or ignoring free will just because you believe in a bunch of words that appear on your skin.

“But this isn’t going to be some stuffy speech that’s going to tell you what to believe about soulmates. Instead, why don’t we listen to what others believe?”]

The moment Alya steps into the bakery, Marinette immediately yanks her to her bedroom at a speed that leaves Alya feeling as if she left a part of her soul outside. “Hello to you too,” she says, plopping down on a cushion while Marinette clicks and clicks at her computer. “Care to tell me this Very Important News that you’d like to share?”

Alya hasn’t been her best friend for two years for nothing, so Alya already has a vague idea of what it is. Aside from miscellaneous stuff, there are three things that could usually inspire this kind of fervor in Marinette: the first being fashion, the second is Chloe acting even more bourgeois than normal, and the third—of course—Adrien Agreste.

And when Marinette furiously jabs a finger at a picture on the monitor, Alya thinks that if ever a betting pool exists for this sort of thing, she’d be as rich as Gabriel Agreste.

But she’s rather offended at what she sees.

She isn’t referring to the grainy picture of Adrien with his naked back turned toward them but at whatever slimeball paparazzi or eager gossipmonger with no sense of journalistic ethics whatsoever took it in the first place.

“Gossip sites—“ Alya enunciates each word like she’s holding a dead rat. “—are the scum of the earth, and I really hope there’s some other reason you went looking for this other than to raise your blood pressure.” She clicks to see the full article while Marinette paces around the room and rants, incensed as she is.

“I know! They can’t just do that because whatever happened to respecting people’s privacy while they’re dressing up—and heck, that’s just—“

The page loads. Alya blinks at the title.

Adrien Agreste’s Soulmate Mark Finally Revealed?!

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anonymous asked:

I love your blog! People call me Moluigi (Molly+Waluigi) because I say "wah" a lot without intentionally thinking about it and I couldn't find a decent blog until I found you. Thank you for being so remarkWAHble! I do have a request tho, could you do Captain America (Captain Wahmerica), a "Think different" poster (the Apple Inspiration posters, it's okay if you don't know what I'm talking about)?

I actually did think of making an Avengers but that was already done before, but since you asked

and I’m sure anyone can find inspiration from Waluigi somewhere, so someone ought to make a poster of this

Enjoy anon :D

anonymous asked:

Melly ugh why did they hafta go making the song about gigi with that tweet


i was just talking about this not even a few minutes ago with my friend (for clarification’s sake this a real human friend and not my cat, because sometimes i discuss these things with him, he is terribly insightful). 

At this point, I’m roughly 99.9% sure that it has to be a a written stipulation in Gigith’s bearding contract that she get promoted directly by Zayn or that PR headlines are planted that directly connect her to Zayn on all of his and her heavy media days.  At this point, it’s like, how could you  think Zigith has any sort of real relationshippy organicness, when you can pretty much predict the pattern?

Let’s look at a snapshot from the last few weeks  under the cut , because this took a lot longer than I will ever publicly talk about (i was going to do their whole relationship but I don’t have the strength, I’m already so despondent from doing this much).

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that time of the month again, time to pick a botm! since i skipped last month, and I’m doing this one a tad late, it will have more promos and an extra great perk!


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For a better chance:

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Winner will get:

✖ i will follow them if i am not already
✖ their blog name in my side tab for the whole month
✖ a promo whenever you want, by request and self promote in my ask whenever
✖ a new friend if you want :)
and the new perk, whenever i do archive poster (which is a lot because of school) i will include your url in the caption!

good luck and get reblogging!

i will be picking 5-7 to have in the poll when this post gets a good amount of notes!