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Tethered Down

Vlad isn’t used to being interrupted while working in his lab. Its walls are reinforced lead and its ceiling is buried twenty feet below basement level. The room is missing from the building plans, invisible to the code specs, and inaccessible to any snooping government agents. The Guys in White’s detection equipment has never found it. They would have better luck finding some hollowed out space by banging on the side of their own heads.

So when Vlad hears the clatter of tripped-over machine parts and light, breathy cursing from behind him, he knows no normal person has come to find him. This makes him crack a razor-fanged smile. Vlad lowers the welding torch he’d been using to stitch some metal parts together for a new portal hub. He raises the goggles from off his red eyes, and turns around in mock formality.

“Daniel you should have told me you were coming. I would have put some tea on for the both of us.”

Vlad is right—Danny is standing at the other end of the lab, but he doesn’t look how Vlad had pictured. No jumpsuit, no balled-up fists, no murderous green glinting eyes. Danny is entirely human, and he looks only a bit bothered, like he’s thinking too hard about what to say.

“Vlad,” Danny settles on.

Vlad’s smile doesn’t waver. He takes a few steps forward, boots clacking out hollow sonorous beats on the cavernous floor. Danny seeking him out is almost always a treat. It means he’s done something to annoy or frustrate or enrage Danny enough to be sought out without any effort on Vlad’s part. It’s already a victory of sorts for Vlad, and he’s eager to know what he’s done.

Vlad spreads his arms, as if to encompass the far wall of enormous floating monitors, the pink-swirling portal in the back left corner, the tables and shelves filled with cobbled-together metal gadgets. Vlad glances down. There are three empty toppled paint cans at Danny’s feet, clearly tripped over and just now settling.

“So, to what do I owe this delight? Have you come to hear about my specs for the new Maddie AI? Or maybe you’d like to hear about my recent cloning breakthroughs. Or—“ Vlad swoops in closer, circling Danny, delighting in the way Danny’s head whips about to follow his motions, “—is there something else even better you’d like to discuss?”

“Something else.”

Vlad frowns just slightly. There’s no passion in Danny’s voice, rare for a kid motivated almost entirely by his unstable emotions. There’s no fire in his eyes either. No accusation or quick remark lashing from his tongue. Danny’s eyes are calm, and his tone is simply flat.

“What, then?” Vlad asks, and he loses the traction of their banter.

“I went on a college visit yesterday.”

Vlad pauses. He’s half-stooped over Danny, expecting more to be said. Vlad finds himself with nothing to go on. “…Okay,” he says.

“I like the place a lot. And people with my grades get in there all the time. Especially if I keep them up for the rest of junior year I stand a good chance.”

“What place?”

“Doesn’t matter.”

“Then why are you telling me.” Vlad slides away from Danny. His hope of being cursed out is fading, and his brow furrows. His face brightens at a sudden thought, “Did you feel the urge to tell me because I’ve simply become a sort of father figure to you?”

“I want to go there. It’s three hours away by car. One and a half by the Fenton RV, but that’s with my dad driving.” Danny’s voice has become clinical, like the very words are tedious, like he’s talking to a customer service representative and he’s bored. “And it’s an hour away if I fly.”

“Get to the point Daniel. I’m a busy man.”

“No you’re not. You just have a lot of creepy pet projects.” Danny motions stiffly to the pod-like vats that once contained Danny’s old clones. “My point is I can’t keep super-heroing if I go there.”

“Ah,” Vlad brightens again. He leans in. “A crisis then? A conflict of character, of morality, and you’ve come to me for advice? You’re desperate to know if you can hang up your cape to chase a dream so banal as a normal college life?”

“God—no—shut up just a minute. Not everything’s that dramatic.” Danny leans away, sizing Vlad up. “My angsty teenage phase has been over for like a year. And what are you, like, 40? Chill out for like five minutes, for once.”

Vlad deflates a little, frowning.

Danny clears his throat to continue. “I’m not ‘hanging up my cape’. I’m not making any rash decisions. I’m just going to college, because that’s what I want to do, for me. And I’m doing it. I’ve still got my own life to live. But that means I’m not around Amity to help with the ghost patrol.”

“You’d willfully leave them unprotected, hmm?”

“Please. Mom and Dad are still kicking ghost ass in the meantime. And I’m not that irresponsible. I’m hiring a replacement.”

“Oh…who? Valerie?”

Danny snorts. “Hell no. She’s got a full ride to some college out in Michigan for field hockey. She’s getting the hell out like I am.” Danny’s face sobers. “No, I’m hiring you, Vlad. You’re going to pick up whatever slack I leave behind, got it?”

Vlad’s face splits into a grin, and he barks a laugh. Then he throws his head back and roars, teeth glinting, eyes deeply red and alight. He regains his composure with a few rolling chuckles, and fixes Danny with a condescending smirk. “Oh, adorable. You think you can make me do what you want.”

“Yeah, I can.”


“Can,” Danny answers firmly. “Because if you refuse, then I’m going back home, and the second I get through that front door, I’m doing this.” Danny straightens his shoulders just a fraction, and a glimmering white ring splits at his midsection, enveloping him, repainting him as something sallow and yet bright, cold and yet flickering hot, dead and so monstrously alive. And in some ways, he looks exactly the same. “I realized I don’t care about keeping my secret anymore, really. Mom and Dad accept Phantom as a helper way more often than they ever try to shoot at him, and they’d accept me. And I don’t think it would really change much anymore. I’m not 14 anymore. I could handle letting them know.”

Vlad’s jaw is tight. “…So?”

“So that’s where we’re different, V-man.” Danny flashes a condescending smile to match the one Vlad had worn. “You can’t dare to let them know. The Wisconsin Ghost? You? God, it would end you. My parents, and the town, and the government—they’d all be at your throat in an instant. You’d lose everything.” Danny rocks back on his heels. “And I’ll out you in a heartbeat if you give me a reason to. Because you don’t hold any leverage against me anymore, Vlad. I’ve grown up, and I’m over it.”

“You don’t…mean that,” Vlad answers slowly, dumbly.

“I do.” Another flash, and the rings sweep past Danny to reveal the simple body of a human once more.

“…Just for college?” Vlad doesn’t like the edge in his voice, the quiet anxiety. “Four years?”

Danny shrugs. “Who knows? Maybe I’ll come back home after college if it turns out ghost hunting is the thing I wanna do with my life. Maybe I won’t.” Danny steps forward, encroaching on Vlad, suddenly taller and surer than Vlad had ever seen him. “I’ll be home during breaks—I’m sure I’ll happily pick up the ghost hunting then. But maybe I’ll get an internship somewhere? Maybe I’ll take a term abroad, you know? Maybe I’ll stay a whole lot of years more and get my PhD in astrophysics. ‘Dr. Fenton’, like my mom. It’s got a nice ring to it.”

“You wouldn’t…” Vlad mutters. “Who says I’ll keep doing it that long, hmm?”

“Go ahead. Break your promise whenever. But the second you do, I’m giving your identity to everyone I know. And besides. You’re not going anywhere anyway.” Danny takes a few steps back, and motions around him. “This? Your whole secret lair down here? You’ve tethered yourself to this place. You’ve got no family anywhere, and you’ve got no ambitions in your life that don’t involve me or my mom. You’re 40 and you’re sad and you’ve made your bed here and I know you don’t intend to go anywhere else, even with all your money, because what purpose would you even have anywhere else, Vlad? You could do this for the rest of your life, picking up my slack. You just might.”

Danny flashes to ghost form again, and kicks off into the air, and hovers up to the ceiling from which he entered.

“Me, Vlad? I’m young, and I’ve got my life ahead of me, and I can still do something with it. I’m everything you’re not.”

Vlad says nothing. He only stares. He hears only static in his ears.

“See you later, or maybe never again, Fruit Loop.”

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Hi, do you have any good klance fanfics you could recommend??

I haven’t been reading many klance fics bc I’ve been reading a lot of yoi fics rip  but the ones I’ve read are: 

- What a Healing Pod Cant Repair
- Sweet Quiznak
- You’re so Sweet; Will you be Mine?
- Nightmares
- On Thin Ice
- Of Florists and Tennis Shoes
- My Youth is Yours
- Crossroads
- Camp Lake Altea 
- Dirty Laundry 
- Watercast
- Call Me Beep Me

If you guys have any recs feel free to reply to the post so others can see it as well!

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hey! i was wondering if you have any voltron angsty lance-centric fic recommendations? aside from your own amazing ones ofc

Mmkay, so I’m what I’m doing here is going through my fic rec tag and just copy-pasting stories where Lance suffers. Some are angst, some are hurt/comfort, some are epic stories where the angst and hurt/comfort might be more of a side dish than a main course. The word count on most of the WIPs is no longer accurate, and some are complete, but I am too lazy to edit. This is taking long enough as it is. But yeah, you asked for it, you’re getting it. Langst recs, maychorian style. Warning: This is long. If you press the read more, be prepared to scroll.

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Well, Shit. (A Voltron Fanfiction Chapter 5)

Here is Chapter 5! Chapter six is on the way! Thanks to @ladyfall16 for suggesting the title of this chapter to me! Enjoy! I hope the ending is better for you guys! 

Want to read from the beginning? Here you go!












Lance is released from his pod with some complications. However the team begins to realize that they don’t know much about Lance at all. 

Chapter 5: Well, Quiznack. 

So they did wait. Lance was never alone for a second when he was in the healing pod. They even ate their meals with Lance, the first night Lance came back home everyone was reluctant to eat in the dinner room. They tried of course until a few minutes into the meal Hunk grabbed his plate of space goo and left prompting everyone to quickly follow. Even though Lance was still in his pod, unmoving and not speaking, it was better having him there.

They did have things to do however. First they sent the Noo and Good back to their home planet, thanking them for their hard work and promised to bring Lance by once he was better. Then they dropped of the Blade of Marmora members back at their secret base. They continued their routine looking for distress signals and their fight against the Galra. But they never once left Lance alone if they didn’t have to.

So they all kept him company, Shiro in the early morning until breakfast, he mostly watched the monitors on the pod and Lance’s slow breathing. Keith took over until lunch like Shiro he mostly watched but occasionally talked to him, he didn’t know if Lance could hear him but he felt it was the right thing to do. Pidge had lunch until dinner, mostly working on whatever she was working on and looking at Lance for a bit before going back to work. Then Hunk took over from dinner chatting up a storm and slept outside of Lance’s pod during the night until Shiro woke him up. Allura and Coran made frequent visits throughout the day, several times to make sure everything was going smoothly.

So they waited. They watched as the cut over Lance’s eye became a thin white line on his tan skin. They watched as color finally came back into his face and he didn’t look so thin. They watched as his vitals got stronger each and every day until the hour finally came.

The team waited anxiously outside of his pod, much like they did after the explosion where Lance saved Coran. Hunk was in front, ready to catch Lance out of the pod. Pidge was on Hunk’s right and Keith on his left. Shiro stood behind them as Allura and Coran look anxiously over his shoulders.

Finally the glass retracted revealing a standing Lance who opened his eyes and immediately fell forward into Hunk’s arms.

“Lance!” They all shouted with happiness.

Hunk moved Lance so he had one arm slung across his shoulder, supporting his weight, Hunk’s arm around his back keeping him upright. Lance blinked, Keith sighed in relief seeing that his eye was no longer red and for the most part he looked just like he did before. However with new scars. Pidge saw it too, looking at his hands crisscrossed with white lines that probably when up his arms. The back of the white suit failing to hide the burn on his back just peaking up over the suit. But he was alive. That’s all they could ask for.

It took a minute for Lance to speak. His throat felt so dry and the room was spinning a bit.

He smiled, “Hey guys!” Voice scratchy.

They all released a sigh, there he was.

“Good to have you back buddy!” Hunk said, giving him a good squeeze before releasing him, still helping him stand upright.

“Yeah, good to be back.” Lance said.

“Honestly you scared us! But it’s good to have you up and around.” Keith said

“Yeah! The castle was so quiet without you!” Pidge said.

Allura came from behind Shiro, “More importantly how are you feeling?” She asked.

Lance paused, he wasn’t really sure to be honest. But then the princess spoke again.

“Don’t worry, take your time.” Allura said.

First he inspected his hand, he had a lot of scarring. I guess the healing pod can’t fix everything, Lance thought. He blinked then he put his hand up to his left eye. He still couldn’t see out of it, great. Well he kind of expected that.

The rest of the team watched growing more anxious as Lance gently placed his hand in front of his eye, squinting at it, touching the area around it his left eye, before finally putting the hand down.

“Lance, is something the matter?” Shiro asked.

Lance looked somewhat surprised by the question and then smiled shyly.

“Oh… um… I can’t see out of my left eye… actually.” He stated quietly.

There was a moment where everyone just stared at Lance in stunned silence before everything happen at once. Allura and Coran pushed everyone out of the way, Allura grabbing Lance’s face and turning it towards her with Coran shining a light in his eye. Sure enough the eye did not react to any kind of stimulus. Hunk’s grip tighten on Lance. Pidge had moved to Shiro’s side gently touching his arm and Keith on Shiro’s other side looking pale with concern.

Eventually Allura gently let go of Lance’s face, “Oh Lance, I’m so sorry.” She said finally.

He blinked at her before shaking his hand and placing an awkward but gentle hand on her shoulder.

“Princess, don’t worry about it. I kind of figured. It’s been this way since I got onto Lotor’s ship, to be honest I’m kind of already used to it! Plus it shouldn’t affect thing too much, it’s not like I’m blind completely! Just got to do some extra training!” He smiled before letting her go.

Here was Lance, scarred and now half blind, giving Allura reassurance. She should be giving it to him! She smiled.

“Don’t worry, we’ll work through it! But you must be starving, why don’t you get changed and we get something to eat?” She asked.

Lance smiled, “Yeah sounds good!” He turned to Hunk, “Could you um… help me to my room? I didn’t really use my legs much on my little vacation-nightmare so they’re kind of shaky.” He laughed.

Hunk blinked still in a little shock from the news, “Uh… yeah sure thing buddy.” He did his best to smile back. The two of them left the room while the rest of the team watched from behind.

Shiro was the first to ask, “Will he be able to pilot his lion?” He questioned, looking at Allura.

He had to ask but he hated doing it, so quickly after Lance stepping out of the pod. So quickly after finally getting him back.

Allura paused about to open her mouth when Coran answered for her.

“It shouldn’t be a problem!” He stated with a smiled. The rest of the group looking at him in confusion including Allura.

“Lance told me about a week before he was captured that he had been piloting the Blue lion entirely through his bond. Using her eyes as his own. He told me in passing after the mission by the two moons of Hadi. He said he suddenly was able to do it and has been ever since. So his half blindness won’t affect his ability to pilot his lion, not to worry.” Coran stated.

The rest looked at Coran, shocked, none of them were aware of this fact.

What? Coran, that kind of bonding is extremely advanced! Why didn’t he tell us?” Allura asked.

I know Princess, I asked him the same thing! Apparently he had assumed that everyone was doing it already since they all increased their bonding with their lions. Like Pidge and Green and the cosmic dust, or Keith and Red coming for him when he was in danger. He thought it was just part of the process! Never realized he had advanced onto the next stage before everyone else!” Coran laughed.

Shiro now felt guilty for even asking the question. He realized something though, none of them knew much about Lance. None of them.

Lance and Hunk made their way back to Lance’s room, Hunk asking Lance if he was all right about a thousand times and each time Lance said he was. It wasn’t a complete lie. He was fine, mostly.

They arrived outside of Lance’s room, Hunk giving Lance a quick glance which Lance could see out of the corner of his eye, his good one anyway.

“Um do you… need help? You know…” Hunk asked nervously.

Lance turned to look at him and smiled.

“Hunk I know you want to see me in my underwear…” Lance began.

Oh god! Come on!” Hunk protested, a blush rising in his cheeks causing Lance to laugh.

“Sorry man, I’m just kidding. No, I think I’m fine now. Not as shaky anymore. Why don’t you whip me up some space goo and I’ll meet you in the dining room in a bit?” He said, still smiling.

Hunks pout turned into a smile before he nodded and ran off down the hall. Lance watched him go. It was good to be back. He looked back that the door to his room and stepped inside like he had so many times before. Everything was left how it was before he was captured. Blankets crumpled on the bed, robe tossed over a chair, hair and skin products in a messy but somehow orderly display on the table.

But it was dark, and Lance was different than when he had left. He knew that. And when Hunk asked if he was alright, he lied just a little. He was always lying just a little. It was something he knew he was doing but he couldn’t stop himself. For being such an honest person, Lance was rather sly. He could tell a simple, tiny lie and get away with it, never quite telling the truth. But that’s how to keep people at the perfect distance, how you keep up appearances and how you don’t hurt your friends.

Friends. Now that was a mixed word, even here in space. But Lance shook his head, no he won’t go down that train of thought. So instead he worked the white suit off of his body, trying to avoid the mirror but he couldn’t help himself. He looked. He stared.

The cut over his left eyebrow was a fine white line across his tan skin. Small cuts left scars, white and crisscrossing over one another all over his hands and gradually dissipating up his arms. The skin on his hands was tight but he was sure it would get better over time and his back. He nearly cried out, clamping a hand over his mouth. The skin bugled in areas and stretched too tight over others, starting at the back of his neck and reaching the middle of his back. It was pale and grotesque. The burn was horrible.

“I could be the new Hunchback of Notre Dame with this.” He half whispered to himself.

Before he could stop it tears were rushing down his face. This body was one he hardly recognized. He had always been obsessed with looks. If you look good, no one would know if you were hurting, or upset or whatever. But now there’s no hiding it. His body wasn’t his. Hot tears continued to stream down his face but he didn’t make any sound just in case someone heard. He just looked away from the mirror and let his tears fall onto the floor.

Eventually Lance came back to the dining room with a smile on his face. He had splashed cold water on his face, making his eyes less red, like he had done countless times before. Like those times before, no one took notice.

He sat himself down at the end of the dining table, Hunk putting a plate of goo in front of him. To be honest Lance wasn’t even remotely hungry but he made a show of shoving a big spoonful in his mouth. And another, and another. The team watched him with happiness and concern.

After a while of just watching Lance eat, Allura spoke up freeing Lance from the staring.

“Coran informed us that you should be fine piloting your lion with your… condition. I did not realize you had bonded with your lion so much! Do you use the blue lion’s eyes as your own? Please tell us.” She asked excitedly.

Lance swallowed before answering slightly confused at the question, “Uh, yeah. At first it was just at certain times but um before I got captured I did it every time I flew Blue. It’s a lot easier and she moves a lot better.” Lance said.

“Fascinating.” Allura said with a sigh.

“Soooo, how do you do it?” Pidge asked.

Lance looked at her surprised, “What do you mean? I thought you had it down. You know, cosmic dust and stuff?” Lance asked.

“Lance,” Shiro said, “Only you have mastered this part of lion bonding. The rest of us haven’t even gotten that far.” Shiro stated.

“Oh.” Lance said, “I had thought everyone was ahead of me.” He turned back to Pidge.

“So I guess it’s like the floaty feeling you get before you go to sleep. You kind of just let everything go and you just feel your bond with the lion. Then there’s like a snap and you’re in! Then you fly. It’s kind of like you and your lion are one thing rather than two. That’s the best I can explain it.” Lance said.

Pidge nodded and looked at the table very seriously, like if she looked hard enough then she’s be able to figure it out.

Lance turned to the rest of the group, casually pushing his bowl away even though he’d only eaten a couple bites. He folded his hands in front of him, the skin feeling different but looked at the rest of the team seriously, or more like staring at Allura.

“Princess, there are somethings that I learned on Lotor’s ship that I think will be useful to the team. I’d like to share.” Lance said.

“Lance,” Allura began, “You don’t have to discuss this so soon…”

“No, I’d like to. Maybe not my… experiences yet. But I was able to learn somethings while on Lotor’s ship.” Lance said.

Allura paused, looking into Lance’s eyes. He was quite serious, she wasn’t sure she’d ever see him this serious. She sighed.

“Yes, of course. Please tell us what you know.” She said.

Lance smiled slightly before his face became stern again.

“Prince Lotor was not very close to Zarkon. However the witch Haggar called him to take his father’s place as head of the Galran Empire.” There was a collective intake of breath around the table, “I don’t know whether this means that Zarkon is injured or dead. However Lotor was in no rush to get to Haggar. Lotor and Zarkon did not get along and Lotor has never had much interest in that kind of power. He rather do things on his own terms. But I do know this. He kidnaps species of aliens for some weird harem, his crew is not entirely Galran, and in fact most are alien pirates hired by Lotor. He also…” Lance looked directly at Allura, “He’s also obsessed with the Princess.” Lance stated.

Shiro’s head snapped, looking at Lance directly.

“What do you mean?” Shiro asked, concerned.

“He asked a lot of questions, he doesn’t have a lot of information about Voltron. Apparently Zarkon wasn’t very open to share. But he asked a lot about the lions, the castle and they’re relationship to Allura. He doesn’t understand how Allura’s bond with the lions works exactly and he really wants to find out. Also I’m not entirely sure, but did he know you Princess?” Lance asked.

Allura blanched at the question, Lance was quite perceptive. She nodded.

“I see.” Lance said, leaning back in his chair, “I also don’t know if this matters necessarily but is Lotor not completely Galran? He seems… like he’s something else.” Lance shuddered a little bit at the thought.

Allura’s eyes grew wide, “I don’t know. I never knew Lotor’s mother.” She turned to Coran, “Coran. Do you know?” She asked.

He shook his head, “No Princess, I never knew her.” He stated.  

Lance leaned forward in his chair again.

“Well, Princess. I know this will sound kind of cliché but I think whenever we get into a fight with Lotor you need to stay as far away from him as possible. Don’t leave the castle during a battle, that kind of thing.” Allura opened her mouth to protest but Lance cut her off, “Princess. You really don’t want to be captured by him.” He held up his scarred hands, “I would know.” He finished.

There was a long silence before Allura answered.

“I suppose you’re right.” She said quietly.

Another silence followed before Lance stood up, drawing everyone’s attention.

“That’s all I know, now if you’ll excuse me. I need my beauty rest!” He made a show of stretching before sauntering out of the room, leaving the rest to stare as he walked out.

Lance had fallen asleep in his bed, for an entire day. At first the team was worried but Allura told Shiro that it was to be expected with what he went through. Lance slept like a log. Shiro had checked up on him, taking a peak into his dark room. He watched while Lance’s back rose and feel in slow breaths. He felt relief to have Lance back with them.

But guilt crept up in his chest. He was fast to question Lance’s ability as a paladin. Why did he doubt him so quickly? He didn’t have an answer, he just simply watched him sleep for a bit before closing the door and going down the hall. Keith emerged from his room next door, meeting Shiro in the hallway.

“How is he?” Keith asked, looking concerned.

Shiro smiled, “He’s fine, still sleeping.” He said before continuing, “Allura said that it’s to be expected with… everything he went through.” But his brow furrowed.

“What is it?” Keith asked, slightly scared that something really was going on with Lance.

Shiro shook his head, “No, I… I was so quick to question if Lance could still fly his lion after we…” He took a breath, “We just got him back and yeah he has a disadvantage now but instead of asking how it would affect Lance… I asked how it would affect Voltron. Like I was questioning if he was even qualified to be a paladin.” He scratched the back of his neck.

“How could I do that? Even then Coran said that Lance had been ahead of us the entire time, in terms of bonding. And I realized for the second time that there is nothing I know about Lance. I just feel so guilty for questioning him and even worse for not knowing anything about him.” Shiro finished, hand falling to his side.

Keith was kind of shocked but soon he realized that he too, knew nothing about Lance. Keith put a gentle and awkward hand on Shiro’s shoulder.

“Shiro you were just asking the question that we were all wondering. It’s important for the team to discuss that kind of stuff, so it’s not your fault. But maybe we all need to put a bit more faith in Lance. I mean for Christ’s sake he blew himself up to save the rest of us. I think he deserves at least that much.” Keith let go of Shiro’s shoulder, “And in terms of knowing Lance, I realize I don’t know much either. Maybe we need to make an effort, or ask Hunk since they’ve been friends the longest.” Keith suggested.

Shiro looked serious contemplating what Keith said, he was right about everything. Keith had grown more thoughtful after Shiro had disappeared, maybe his time as leader gave him some insight. Lance deserved their respect and their trust, which was something Shiro needed to work on.

But then Shiro smiled, “Yeah maybe I’ll ask Hunk some stuff and work on getting to know Lance better. Maybe Hunk will tell me how to approach him.” Shiro nodded before beginning to walk down the hall.

“Wait up! I want to come too!” Keith said, running to catch up.

Hunk was honestly kind of shocked to be in this situation with Keith and Shiro sitting across from him asking him to give them a summary of Lance McClain’s life story. He was shocked because they had never shown any interest in getting to know Lance or Hunk for that matter. For the amount of bonding they did the origins of Lance and Hunk were a mystery. But here they were, sitting in the dining room with Hunk sitting across from both of them fidgeting awkwardly.

“So umm… what do you guys want to know exactly?” Hunk asked.

“Well let’s start with where you and Lance are from.” Shiro said, Keith quietly observing them.

“Well I’m from Samoa originally and Lance is from Cuba.” Hunk stated.

Shiro looked at him surprised, he never knew.

“How did you two meet?” Shiro asked.

Hunk smiled, “Well we were roommates our first year at the Garrison! We were both fourteen, from two completely different countries and for a while we had pretty bad accents, although mine was a bit better since English is pretty common in Samoa and we clicked.” Hunk laughed, “Lance was ridiculous and helped me out of my shell and I helped him to not get into too much trouble, or I tried anyway.” Hunk said.

Shiro smiled trying to imagine a young Hunk and Lance meeting for the first time.

“So how did you end up in the United States Garrison?” Keith asked, curious.

Hunk blinked, “Well it was pretty easy for me. Samoa is one of the countries in the exchange program. If you got a certain score on the standard testing they give you in middle school you get an invitation to apply. But Lance had a tougher time because Cuba wasn’t part of the exchange program. The economic strain on the country is pretty severe so the Garrsion felt they didn’t need people from Cuba. But Lance was pretty sneaky. So he didn’t have a computer and countries not in the exchange program have their students take this ridiculous hard entrance exam, really it’s just a way to discourage people from joining. But Lance went to local library one afternoon and just took the test. He passed with flying colors, Lance is actually really smart you know, he just doesn’t act like it. So anyway he passes the test, which was entirely in English by the way, he grew up speaking only Spanish and learned English in a couple months in order to take the test. I never asked why he did, but he did.” Hunk finished.

Shiro and Keith looked at Hunk, stunned. That was amazing. Neither of them had to take the entrance exam either but they had heard how impossible it was but Lance had been so determined that he actually passed it. They really didn’t know anything about the guy they had been living, eat and fighting with for a year and a half now.

“What else can you tell us?” Shiro asked.

“Well I don’t know much beyond that. Same as you guys. I know he came from a small town, Santa Marta, he has a huge family. I’ve met his mom before, she’s really nice and only speaks Spanish but she was super cute trying to speak English to me. But other than that, that’s all I know.” Hunk said, sounding disappointed, “Lance doesn’t like to talk about that kind of stuff because he knows he’ll get homesick. And recently he stopped talking about it all together, I mean before he was… you know. And I’ll admit that I’m a bit worried. But one step at a time, you know?” Hunk said.

Shiro nodded, “I um… feel bad that I didn’t know much about Lance. He has this way of bringing attention to himself while at the same time being in the background. I don’t know but I want to try and get to know him better. He being gone has really made me realize that I need to work and get to know everyone on the team.” He looked at Hunk, “Including you Hunk. I’m sorry I haven’t tried until now.” Shiro finished.

Hunk raised his hands, “Don’t worry about it too much, really. I appreciate you trying.” Hunk said lowering his hands. He smiled and Shiro and Keith smiled back. Finally after everything that had happened, they were starting to feel like a team again, a real team this time.

So like, what happens if Pidge gets her first period in space? I feel like she’d be quite freaked out (as I see her spending a lot of her childhood with her dad and Matt geeking out) and screaming, which of course, attracts everyone else.

Like Coran and Allura would leave the human biology to the humans, obviously.

Keith would probably be just as freaked out and insist they get her to one of the pods.

Hunk would only understand that food is necessary for this and head off to start making some sweet stuff.

Shiro would have surprisingly little knowledge on the topic but would do his best to calm Keith, insisting she doesn’t need a pod.

Lance, with his large family and no doubt younger/older sisters would be like “I got this”, make her some make shift pads/tampons, and pamper the shit out of her like she’s royalty (which at first she refuses to accept it but in the end enjoys the cuddles and massages he gives her).

anonymous asked:

This is might be considered discourse because everything has been so happy and cute so far but any hc's about touches Keith and Lance dOnt like and how they handle them? (Ps I'm in love with your hc's and they kill me softly and with feeling every time and I also adore you and your blog. Keep up the good work!)

ooOohhh you’re so lovely thank you anon!! i will try bc this is def also important in rships

  • i feel like keith wouldn’t really know where his boundaries are in the beginning because he’s never really been close enough with anyone to figure it out 
    • so it turns out he’s ticklish on his neck or something and doesn’t like to be touched there. lance discovers this the first time he tries and keith kind of,, like scrunches up his neck and moves away a little
    • but he’s really careful about it from then on and will actually ask keith if it’s alright to touch him if he’s not sure about it 
  • keith is pretty shy about lance touching his hair at first but he grows to actually find comfort in it 
  • he doesn’t like any abrupt touches that he’s not prepared for so lance learns not to jump at him with no warning 
  • ummm lance i feel like if he had older siblings they’d always be putting their elbows on his shoulder and he grew to really dislike it
    • keith only does it once but he can tell right away lance isn’t comfortable so he stops doing it 
  • lowkey lance can be insecure about himself a lot, and depending on the day sometimes he’ll just be averse to keith touching him anywhere he’s not feeling too great about
  • he can always be holding his hand though 
  • he doesn’t like his ears being touched or tugged at
  • when either of them are injured and then completely healed in the pods so it’s like it was never there in the first place, they figure out that neither of them like being touched where it happened
  • they both have ticklish spots that they learn to avoid 
  • at first i think it’d be a little difficult to verbally talk about boundaries and such just because keith doesn’t have a lot of experience with that kind of thing and lance never really thought about it before? 
    • but they do learn how to, and it’s definitely really important to and at first yeah it’s a little awkward but it’s earnest and important and after a while they develop a kind of way to communicate what’s okay and what’s not even without needing to verbalize it 
    • i mean even when they start officially dating nothing is rushed. they don’t feel like they need to do anything too quickly, and by that point they’re really comfortable with each other anyway? so it’s easier to navigate everything
    • thank you

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((don’t worry I too have the social anxiety so i feel you fam))


I really want to do a lot with this au tbfh like I’m such a SUCKER for healers and also that thing where healers give up their own lifeforce/energy??? to the people they heal or whatever. look me in the EYE and tell me that isn’t a Lance thing bc it is for SURe and I cry

Like imagine him using his magic to do little things like heal a paper cut or a scraped elbow too like not just anGST i’m dead lmao by e

Please keep screaming like give me any thoughts u have on it like request something I’m SO DOWN FAM
Reasons Why I Am Peter Nureyev

- really bad at explaining plans

- wears really strong perfume

- gets really sappy

- calls people idiots as a form of affection

- tries to be cool but is really just a hopeless romantic

- steals stuff

- falls in love really quickly (remember the whole climbing out a window moment??)



 - would honestly change my name and have adventures right the heck now

- #identitycrisis

- chooses really bad times to start flirting

- doodles a lot


- never feels at home at home until I find a person that makes it feel right

Word Count: 764

Triggers: None?

Requested by Anonymous

“So I was thinking that, if we really do want to catch them, we’ll have to—“ You cut yourself off as Sterling waved his hand at you.

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Heith Week: “Bed Rest”

Day 1: Laughing/Crying

Read them all on my blog in the Heith Week tag. You can also read these on AO3.

There was a steady thump, thump, thump audible through the wall of Keith’s room as Hunk made his way back from the training deck. He grimaced, steps slowing, and hesitantly lifted a hand to knock on the door.

At once, the thumping stopped.

“Keith?” Hunk asked, drawing the word out. “You in there?”

There was a moment of silence, a moment Lance or Pidge would have used to spit out a sarcastic comment about how, no, their room was haunted.

Keith just sighed, the sound very nearly melodramatic by his standards. “Yeah,” he finally said. “Come on in.”

Hunk opened the door and leaned his head into the room. Even after months on the castle-ship, Keith’s room hardly seemed lived in. Where Hunk’s room was an explosion of recipes and schematics and engineering projects abandoned at the first sound of an alarm—where Lance’s was equally full of mementos from their many excursions, Pidge’s with robots and wires and flash drives, Shiro’s with Altean histories and memoirs and strategy books—Keith’s was empty. A tablet on the desk, his jacket on the hook by the wall. That was it.

Hunk thought of the shack in the desert where they’d all spent that first, surreal night after rescuing Shiro. That space had felt like Keith’s, with its dirty clothes strewn about, its drawings and maps on the walls, its books and military rations and shortwave radio.

“You don’t spend much time in here, do you?”

The words were out of Hunk’s mouth before he could consider whether it was a smart thing to say to someone who was, currently, bedridden.

Keith groaned softly, and let his head fall back against the wall. He was sitting on the bed, legs crossed, blade in his lap. “We’re fighting a war, Hunk,” he said. “Every minute I spend in bed is a minute that could be better spent training, or fighting, or—or—I don’t know, figuring out how the hell we’re supposed to form Voltron without Shiro.”

There was a sharp edge to Keith’s words, dulled only a little by the weeks that had passed since they’d opened up the Black Lion’s cockpit to find the black bayard and an empty chair. Keith cursed softly, shoved his knife back into its sheath, and dropped his forehead onto his knees.

Hunk sighed, drumming his fingers on the doorframe for a moment before crossing to sit on the edge of Keith’s bed. “I take it the R&R’s not going so well.”

Keith gave him an incredulous look. “R&R?” he asked sourly. “More like cruel and unusual punishment. Did you know these rooms have bed alarms? I can’t go to the bathroom without Coran calling me up on the intercom and asking me if everything’s alright.”

“You’re joking?” Hunk’s eyebrows lifted, and he reminded himself that laughing at Keith’s frustration wouldn’t get him anywhere he wanted to go. “How many times did he catch you sneaking off to the training deck before he resorted to that?”

Keith flushed, glaring hard at the knife in his lap. “Five,” he said, then lifted his chin and fixed Hunk with a glare that stopped Hunk’s laughter in its tracks. “I can’t afford to fall behind.”

“Fall behind? Dude, come on.”

“I just…” Keith ran his thumb along the flat of his blade, tracing the Marmorite symbol near the hilt. He didn’t look at Hunk. “I don’t get why I have to be on bed rest.”

Hunk snorted. “You broke your femur.”

Keith’s hands slowed, one reaching toward his thigh, running over the wrinkles in his pant leg. Hunk wondered whether he remembered yesterday as well as Hunk did. The way his armor had shattered in the jaws of the Galra beast, the way it had tossed its head, flinging him thirty feet like he weighed nothing at all. The odd angle of his leg, the blood seeping through the fissures. The way he’d screamed when Hunk and Coran set the bone before sticking him in the cryopod.

“I thought the pods were supposed to be able to fix anything,” Keith grumbled.

There were a lot of ways Hunk could have responded to that, but he knew that ‘it could be worse’ wasn’t actually going to make Keith feel better. So he changed tactics.

“Lance tried to melee it today.”

Slowly, Keith turned his head. “Yeah? How’d that go?”

“Well, he did manage to take out the gladiator,” Hunk said fairly. “But he kinda did it by accident.”

“How do you accidentally take out a killer robot?”

Hunk grinned. “Mistimed his dodge, got tossed like an old hacky-sack, but flailed just right as he fell to take the thing’s head off. He’s going to try to tell you he planned it.” He paused, meeting Keith’s eye. “He did not.”

Keith laughed, a small, surprised sound that made Hunk’s heart flutter. Laughter from Keith was a rare, precious thing, as fleeting as it was breathtaking, like a double rainbow, or a unicorn, or—heck—the Loch Ness Monster. Hunk had been chasing this particular cryptid for the better part of six months, and he’d only managed to make Keith laugh—really laugh, uninhibited, as he had that night on Arus when he was just tipsy enough to let down his guard—twice.

Today seemed like a good day to up that count.

“To be fair, we were all kind of a mess.” Hunk situated himself against the wall beside Keith, not quite close enough to touch, and tucked his hands behind his head. “In case you were wondering, I do not do well against the gladiator without someone there to keep him off me. Lance and Pidge are great and all, but they are not what I’d call a solid defensive line.”

“I’m sure it wasn’t that bad,” Keith said.

Hunk laughed once, rubbing his shoulder. “Uh, yeah, no. Did you know if you shoot the power matrix in just the right spot, you can shut off all the lights on the training deck? Cause, uh, you can. And the gladiator does not care if you can’t see it.”

Keith winced, curling in on himself. “Sorry,” he said. “I should’ve been there.”

No, wait, Hunk wanted to say. You’re not supposed to feel bad. That’s not how this is supposed to go. He puffed himself up, elbowing Keith in the side. “Don’t worry about it. I’m pretty sure I managed to convince Coran that screaming like a little girl is a traditional Earth war cry.”

“You didn’t.”

“Sure I did. Told him Girl Scouts are fearsome warriors and I got some to train me in self defense when I was a kid. He totally bought it, too. Shrieked like a banshee when he sparred with Pidge after that. She was so busy laughing he disarmed her in record time. I think Lance is planning on teaching him the Tarzan yell next.” Hunk demonstrated for him, ululating to the very best of his ability.

Keith did laugh then, full-bodied laughs that erased the lines frustration had build up around his eyes. Keith was like a different person when he laughed, his face brighter, the hand that had been massaging his injured leg now clutching at Hunk’s sleeve. The laughter burrowed into Hunk’s chest and resonated there, a bonfire that burned away the aches of training. It was hard to think of fatigue in the face of Keith’s infectious smile, a smile that said yesterday’s disastrous battle didn’t matter, said the mantle of leadership Keith was still learning to bear wasn’t quite so heavy now as it sometimes seemed to be.

Keith’s laughter tapered off, and he turned to Hunk with a brilliant smile, the kind that made Hunk forget how to string words together. “Thanks for coming to check on me,” Keith said. “I’m sure you had better ways to spend your night.”

“Better than this?” Hunk asked, returning Keith’s smile. “I don’t think so.”

The way Keith’s eyes brightened, Hunk decided, was a better cure for sore muscles and fresh bruises than an entire week in a cryopod.

anonymous asked:

Your Keith study is lovely! If you don't mind a further question, I was wondering what you think of what some call cruel or inconsistent: that he said "I'm just thinking like a paladin" about the Allura rescue mission being risky, but also "We're paladins of Voltron, we can't just leave people to die even if they are Galra" about Weblum Galra. I never saw the first as Keith not caring, just stating the risk of delivering Voltron to Zarkon (and Allura agreed), but would love to know your take!

That can be summarized as several traits I stated within the analysis.

First: as mentioned, Keith can have a case of tunnel vision. When he sets himself to a goal, he wants to stick to that as efficiently as possible and this can make him not really consider other elements.

I think that it’s also a matter of, in general, he tends to be cynical about how situations are going to pan out-

Shiro sends him to find Red alone? “By myself?” he says, clearly unconvinced.

Hunk urges Keith to tell the Balmerans they can do this. “Can we?”

Faced with the prospect of going after Allura, his point is not “we don’t need Allura” it’s “If we go, we’ll lose and Zarkon will get Voltron.” To me, it reads less as “we shouldn’t save Allura” and more as “I don’t think we can, and trying is just going to make things worse.”

What a lot of people don’t seem to consider here is that first, when the team makes the decision to go, Keith goes along with it, and he’s the one during that mission to personally throw himself into close combat with Zarkon knowing he’s outmatched to try and make sure everyone gets out of there. As much as Keith doesn’t like the idea, he commits to it regardless.

People also don’t seem to consider that an entire season passes between that, and the Weblum. What people are calling inconsistency or hypocrisy, I’m much more inclined to call character development.

Everybody’s getting more into the swing of the hero thing. An episode later we see how far Pidge has come from her attitude of “nothing can compromise my personal mission even if that means Shiro and I are stuck here with something dangerous barreling towards us” to in Beta Traz, where she does everything for her team first- and then sets up the search afterwards and leaves it to run in the background.

Of course Keith is going to feel more optimistic about helping people now, because all the times the team has ultimately overridden his concerns and chosen to bash in and save everyone anyway… it worked out. The Balmera, the answer to “can we?” was a resounding yes. Fighting Zarkon’s main fleet, everyone made it away with all their limbs and Lions intact.

I also really don’t think we’ve seen any indication Keith hates Allura. People have tried to judge things like his facial expressions or body language and I feel the need to just hold up a sign like- Keith reads heavily as autistic, and in practice, he’s super awkward with people. What stays with me a lot more than the blank expression he catches Allura with in the pods is that he spent the entirety of s2e6 opening to and connecting with Allura, that if the fleet had come after them, Keith had every intention of staying with Allura.

And with the Weblum Galra, we see that in general, Keith feels more willing to make a gamble on it. Furthermore, WG isn’t really a comparable situation because Keith isn’t faced with the prospect of potentially going through hell to save them- he’s already in the Weblum for a different reason. Of course he’s going to be more blase about a situation that has a lot less mortal peril involved.

Also, it strikes me as odd to suggest Keith doesn’t care as a virtue of they don’t think he’s that close to Allura when… hey remember Arus? Remember how Keith was one of the people who wanted to stay on Arus and fight Sendak head on because he didn’t want to risk Sendak destroying Arus and coming after them? Or how he was quietly but overtly on board with helping Rolo and Nyma? 

TL;DR: It’s a lot of factors, nothing about how Keith approaches the situation afterwards suggests he doesn’t think it was worth it, the Weblum Galra is not the only person Keith’s ever been nice to outside the team. Instead it’s evidence that he’s becoming more optimistic about actually being able to help people. His voting against going after Allura in season 1 wasn’t fitting a pattern of being callous, it was fitting a pattern where he tends to be more cynical than the rest of the team about potential outcomes.

It doesn’t really matter if he wants to save Allura if his point is “Allura is smack in the middle of a death zone, and if we go there, we will be very dead, and I’m sure Allura will deeply appreciate that we flung our corpses at her.” To the rest of the team, it seems cold- because to the rest of the team (and they’re ultimately right) there’s a good chance they can actually make it and Keith’s suggestion throws away that chance.

I just find it very hard to believe a read on Keith that features him just not caring about someone where it’s shown her opinion means a huge deal to him, and also like… this is Keith the flagrant abandonment issues guy. Things were afoot in that interaction but “screw Allura, actually, she got herself into that situation” was not one of them, I think.

anonymous asked:

Hi there! I very much agree on you opinion abouy season two but would mind elaborating ont eh allura bit? Because honestly I'm sure how to feel about that whole mini arc since Allura is justified in her hatred for Galra, but at the same time Keith has risked his life many times for allura and the team so blergh

I liked the arc as it was unfolding because like you said, there were a lot of complicated feelings involved and it was so cool to see both sides dealing with that and trying to understand each other. But I dunno, the resolution was mostly Allura spewing an apology at Keith, so it wasn’t really much of a conversation, which it should have been. I feel like there should have been more back and forth from the two of them.

Imo it should have gone more like this:

[Keith’s outside the pod, Allura shows up]

Keith: Is there something I can help you with?

Allura: I… I just wanted to say… The Galra, they’ve done terrible things. Destroyed entire civilizations. They took my family… But, in time, I’ve grown to consider you and the paladins my family. So, when I learned you were Galra, I… I didn’t know what to think. I wanted to hate you.

Keith: Allura… It’s okay-

Allura: No, it wasn’t okay. My anger and grief were affecting my judgement. When I learned that you were Galra, I thought of Zarkon, and how he betrayed my father. I thought history was repeating itself. But, you are not Zarkon. And you are not one of his soldiers, either. You are a paladin of Voltron. My friend. My family.

[cue hug]

Allura: You’ve proven your loyalty time and time again. I’m so sorry I misjudged you.

Keith: I… thank you. And I… I’m sorry, too. For what happened to you. I get why you were angry. Zarkon and his people… they took a lot from you. But I promise I’m not like them. I’m on your side and… I’ll help you make this right.

Allura: I know. Thank you, Keith. Please come back to us.

Keith: I will.

Yeah so more acknowledgement from both sides. I think the bulk of the apology falling on Allura makes sense because she was the one doing most of the antagonizing, but I really think Keith should have said something about how he knew where she was coming from. In Allura’s mind, her loss is still fresh. She deserves like. So much understanding and sympathy.

But yeah, the arc was good, the resolution was weak, and I hope they come back to it in season 3.

Right headcanon time

I have this headcanon that shiro is usually in some sort of pain but is pretty good at hiding it.

Why do I think this? Well as much as shiro was the champion for the galra and he’s more then likely received lots of different injuries. The galra could put him in a healing pod but I think the scars kinda show he wasn’t. Because of this not all of the injurys will have been treated properly and may have healed badly.

Ok to make it shancy! On days that shiro is feeling sore and uncomfortable lance and coran will help him. Giving shiro water, painkillers, heat patches and massages? (I don’t know do they help). Lance usually sits behind Shiro while the other lays against him, running his fingers through shiro’s hair talking quitely.

anonymous asked:

I’ve seen a few posts lately about ppl hating Naruto for being a bad husband/father, and they’re making me go UGH, bcs like it’s not the character’s fault that the studio or whoever decided to tear everything about him down and throw it into a pit just so that the next generation MC could have the usual bucket load of issues with his dad. God, I’m getting so tired of this series. I can't take anything about it seriously, its so OOC and it's slowly making me hate everything, from canon to fandom.

*pets gently*

I absolutely get where you’re coming from, and I feel like Boruto!Naruto isn’t even the same character as the original Naruto. Pod person, maybe? Idk. It’s such shitty writing and I hate it a lot. I’d much rather focus on the first 699 chapters, because that’s the only way I’m going to stay sane. 

anonymous asked:

Do you have any friendship headcanons between PoE companions?

I do indeed!

Aloth and Edér are best friends.  Edér is clearly very fond of both Aloth and Iselmyr and I very much like the idea of Aloth thinking of Edér as the brother he never had.  They totally conspire with each other to prank the fuck out of Durance and no one ever suspects Aloth because he’s so serious, but really he enjoys it a lot because it’s kind of immature and he never got to be immature as a kid.

I think Aloth and Pallegina would bond over having shitty dads and being members of high society.  I’ve actually been meaning to write a fic about that.  They’re clearly on very good friends, if their reactions to each other going down is any indication, although they do disagree on a few things.  I like to think that they recover from arguments by sharing a bottle of wine.  Iselmyr probably makes things awkward sometimes, though.

Kana is definitely bros with Aloth.  They’re both highly educated and have heated intellectual discussions a lot.  They probably hang out at the Caed Nua library all the time.

Edér and Hiravias get along like two peas in a pod except when Edér accidentally says something racist.  They talk about fighting and drugs a lot.  Hiravias does his best to educate Edér’s ignorant ass when he’s feeling charitable.  They’re each other’s wingman.  It’s all very manly.

You can’t tell me Sagani and Pallegina don’t have spa days together.  They totally bond over being the only responsible adults in the group.  They talk shit about everyone to get all the stress their friends put them through off their chests.  Someone has to make sure the kids don’t get themselves killed and it’s not an easy job.  Itumaak loves Pallegina.  Edér is very jealous.

Hiravias and Pallegina have a bit of a contentious relationship, especially starting out, but they have each other’s backs.  If someone stares at one of them, the other will very pointedly glare right back.

Grieving Mother hangs out with Sagani a lot (although she might not be fully aware of it).  They have an unspoken kinship, since they’re both motherly and try very hard to look after their friends, though their moming styles are very different.

I think Edér and Maneha must get along extremely well, since they have similar attitudes.  I can see them getting up to a great deal of mischief and charging into battle together while their friends make alarmed objections behind them.  In other words, they are terrible influences on each other, but in a fun way.

Of everyone, I think Edér is the one Zahua has the strongest friendship with.  To Edér, Zahua is kind of just a kooky but badass old man who is a huge enabler to all of his smoke drugs and fuck with Durance antics, like a fun but weird uncle.

Kana and Sagani I think are pretty good friends.  They come from very different cultures, but they’d find common ground in being extremely far from home, searching for something on behalf of their people.  Kana is such a nice dude that Sagani would probably have no qualms about asking him for help with height related issues.  They also totally tell each other a ton of stories and enjoy learning from each other.

Karamel Appreciation Week: Day 2.

My favorite quotes are TOO MANY, so get ready:


•"Any courage I do have I learned it from you.” I feel like a lot of people forget that before a girlfriend and a friend, Kara is his mentor and his guide. And I just love this.

•"I’m also thankful for you, Kara, because not only you’re understanding but you’re also gracious. Out of anybody who could’ve found me in that pod, I’m the luckiest guy in the world that it was you.“ This is just adorable and it melts my heart everytime..Mon-El would’ve been a totally different person if someone else found him, but destiny brought him to Kara.

•"You don’t wanna mate with me, do you?” because it’s just funny asgsjshshw

•"You know you look beautiful.. The weight of all these worlds on your shoulder.“ A classic. Mon-El sees Kara like nobody else, he knows her so well in such a short time, and he’s just the sweetest in this scene, Kara thinks he’s saying all that stuff just to make her feel better but he really understands her struggle, he means all of that.

•The whole “Comets” scene. Enough said.

•"I kept writing you off and you kept proving me wrong..and it just got me thinking, maybe I can have it all”. Finally Kara is letting her walls down, she knows what she wants and she’s not afraid anymore.

•"You are my kryptonite.. I mean, my feelings for you, I’ve never felt like this about anyone, I didn’t even know there were this many feelings to even be had. “ Just because Mon-El being overwhelmed by love is adorable.

•"Why don’t you tell me what you need? I’ll listen.” “Just be here with me.” [..] “Do you need anything else?” “To wake up with me.” That is just my favorite scene, being together isn’t easy, but the little things like this make it special. Kara is glad that she has Mon-El’s support anytime she needs it.

•"You have so much to offer this world, so don’t let Snapper or anyone else tell you differently.“ Mon-El shows again that he’s always ready to comfort Kara whenever she’s feeling vulnerable, I’m pretty sure that everyone would love being told this, to never feel down because we have a lot to give.

•"And I love you. With everything that I have, I love you.” Mon-El doesn’t expect anything in return, he loves Kara because he loves his life through her, he loves the world through her, he doesn’t have much but gosh, he would give her the world if he could.

•"I figured that since you were good enough to take me back, I should be good enough to fill every moment of your life with joy.“ Mon-El doesn’t take this second chance for granted, and he’s just happy with loving Kara, again, he doesn’t expect anything in return (probably because of his family situation?) and he’s genuinely surprised when Kara shows how much she appreciates him.

•"You came after me.“ “Every time.” No matter what they go through, they’ll always gonna be there for each other, they would do anything to save each other.

I actually love many more quotes but yeeeah, these are enough.

thejak  asked:

I have this Altean!Lance AU that I've been thinking a lot about. So Lance is like a prince or something, and he has a romantic partner that is almost exactly like Keith (except Altean). So the Galra attack for the first time and Lance gets put into a pod, but the Keith-like-guy doesn't and dies. So fast foreword and the paladins arrive at the castle and Lance comes out of the pod and sees Keith. As the story progresses, he begins to fall for Keith, but he feels like he can't


Hi Nonnie,

I’m keeping your ask in my inbox because I fully intend to fulfill your request. But in the meantime, I present a list of fics I’ve already written that will satisfy your need for Skye taking care of Ward while you wait.

Bonus Ward comforting Skye fics.

  • Battleship: Ward finds Skye crying after The Girl in the Flower Dress.
  • B.A.B.Y.: In which our babies can’t have a baby.
  • Believe in Me: After Girl in the Flower Dress a drunk Ward knocks on Skye’s pod to apologize.

Bonus Muli-Chaptered in which one or both of them get injured a lot and the other freaks out:

This is no means all of them. Ward is dumb and plays hero too much, Skye is overprotective, and I enjoy torturing them. But this should keep you busy.



Protective Healing Tea!

Allspice (whole)
Black pepper (whole)
Cardamom pods
Cinnamon bark
Cloves (whole)
Lavender buds (fresh or dried)
Vanilla Bean (fresh)

I created this recipe to help my mom feel better after having sugery, you could use this for other reasons too, like for you or someone else that has a cold or similar ailment. You can use any amount of each ingredient based on personal preference, though lavender should be most prevalent! I use a lot of cardamom and allspice when I make mine.

-Sigil should be drawn with the cut vanilla bean on the cutting board or on the outside or inside if your mug. You can add honey and/or milk to taste

Taras’ Player Speaks

Hi, everyone, I can’t thank you all enough for everything. But I seem to have bitten off more than I can chew with Taras. I love love love interacting with all of you and the rps are just wonderful. 

However, I am feeling completely overwhelmed. It is not anyone’s fault, I promise you. 

But I have a family with small children and another blog that needs a lot of my attention, plus I rp with various people in pm and have fanfiction that people are asking for me to update. And trying to keep up with that and Taras’ messages and asks… I just am totally drowning right now.

I need to take a step back and regroup. I’m not leaving, by any means. I made this blog to help Bucky, Nat, and Steve with the pod while Bucky was on his mission and now Clint and Wanda have joined, so I am confident he will be ok and well taken care of. 

Thank you again for everything, I will be checking in every once in a while if you would like to leave a private message. 

I’m hoping to come back in a few days refreshed and ready to dive back in. 

Thank you all for your incredible love and support. Again, this is no one’s fault, I just need to focus on real life and catch up on things.

~Taras’ Player~

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