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Snow White Appreciation Week

Day One: Favorite Persona

Mary Margaret Blanchard

glitterfeyrac  asked:

""ACTUALLY / I SMELL LIKE COCO SOAP AND A FLOWERY PERFUME / THAT WAS REALLY IRRELEVANT BUT WHATEVER"" no it was nOT irrelevant this is beautiful this scent actually suits ur aesthetic and ur personality SO MUCH i can't believe i didn't think of this immediately and honestly ? ?? U manage to call me extra and STILL make me feel SO LOVED so really who's the extra one here hm mm m : > > > ??? I think YOU and ur huge heart

genie i honestly can’t with your asks, they are too much for me. and yes, of course i’ll call you extra because you are super extra and i’m so glad that you feel loved that seriously the best thing you can probably say to me. also ‘me and my big heart’ you and all my friends here are to blame for that, actually, i have realised that you lot have expanded my heart to the point where it’s bigger than my femur

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anonymous asked:

Hey! This wasn't done by an amateur artist. This is someone who draws for a living. Marissa Meyer worked with that person. It's not hate to critique character resemblances gone wrong. This person isn't 13.

Thank you anon for bringing this up, but be that as it may, a lot of the ‘critique’ surrounding this isn’t exactly helpful toward the artist. A lot of what’s going around is just pure hurtful, and even if you’re a professional, don’t you think that’s still painful? c: I mean, sure, maybe you have more artistic liberty and have a good feel for what you’re doing most of the time, but no one’s perfect. I mean, think of it this way. MM’s written an amazing series that we all love, and in our minds she’s also a professional at this. Now, what if when Heartless comes out, it’s absolutely awful and everyone hates it? Does that mean we should be nasty to her about it, now that we expect so much from her? Or should we be tolerant and recognize that not every project is a complete success?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t know what other pieces this artist has done, or what their style looks like. I just think we’re judging this awfully quickly without having much background at all. I mean, don’t judge a book by its cover.

Polite critique is an amazing thing. It helps people see their flaws and things they’ve missed, and not feel bad about it. I know how it feels to receive hurtful ‘critique’. You get embarrassed and don’t want to ever touch your work again because it makes you feel worthless. Like you can’t do anything right, so why bother?

Do you really think professional means you no longer feel?

Polite critique, saying like hey, Winter’s scars are on the wrong cheek c:, is fine. But when you start talking about how just wrong it is and how it never should have been approved, because WHAT were they thinking, that’s highkey rude right there. That isn’t helping the artist grow, which is the whole point of critique.

Critique doesn’t have to be phrased cruelly to get the point across. Being kind is always an option, and it’s always the choice that should be made. Anon, I don’t care if someone’s 13 or 57, no one ‘deserves’ hate, especially not so early in the game. Professionals mess up too, so what’s the big deal? Why do we have to be angry when those are people just like us? As previously stated, I don’t know anything about the artist, but what if this was the first big project of their career?

It isn’t hard guys, just be nice, okay? 😫