i have a lot of iroh feels

I will never not be emotional when I think about how:

1. Zuko’s grandson is named after the most important man to ever be in his life; a man who raised him more like a son than a nephew.

2. How Uncle Iroh’s funeral was probably one of the most attended funeral’s in Fire Nation history…and how emotional a certain Fire Lord probably was during it.

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I really find Sokka and Zuko similar a lot, they both are from the royal family from their country, Sokka's family doesn't look royal but it is b/c their father was the chief I guess, both had a younger sister who was far more skilled and talented than them, both lost their mom to the Fire Nation, and both had problems with their dad not Sokka as much but Zuko did greatly, so many similarities and I just wished they could've gone more into their friendship instead of keeping it so brief

Yes, Sokka and Zuko are very similar. They both wanted to live up to the expectations of their culture and be real men and warriors. In the very first episode they are trying to project this tough warrior image, but you can tell that neither of them truly had experienced war. Both of them get their butts kicked. They don’t belong on a battlefield.

Sokka lost his mother, and wanted to please his father and be acknowledged as a warrior more than anything. But his father loved him and wanted him to stay out of the war to protect him and his innocence.

Zuko’s father was the opposite. He didn’t care about his son’s innocence or his life, and sent him off to war after hurting him. Zuko only fought to be acknowledged and loved by his father after also losing his mother, trying to be a good warrior.

They are trying to be tough and manly, but both of them are still young and innocent. Sokka first sees true war at the North Pole, and after he loses Yue, this changes him. I liked how later on you saw that Zuko also was just a kid who had to grow up too fast. On his date with Jin, you also saw that he had a more innocent side to him, like with Sokka and Yue.

Both of them just wanted to be loved by their dads more than anything. I liked how Sokka’s bond with Hakoda was highlighted to parallel Zuko’s bond with Iroh at the end of Book 2. I wish we had gotten more scenes of Sokka and Zuko being able to get to know each other. There were some good Sokka/Zuko moments, but mostly humorous and nothing serious.

I was disappointed that by the end of the show, it didn’t feel like the GAang got to know Zuko very well and vice versa. I think if Sokka knew that the only reason Zuko was chasing them around the world was to please his father, he’d have a lot more understanding of him and they could become very close friends.

Avatar confession.

I’ve never been able to ship either Maiko (despite being canon) or Zutara because I’ve never felt that Zuko has the best relationship with either one of them. Zuko and Mai never interacted much until book 3 and after being banished for years I can’t understand how they could feel close to each other enough to be dating.

Katara and Zuko I feel aren’t the best pairing because they both have tempers that get easily inflamed when something happens that they don’t like. They don’t always balance each other out emotionally and aren’t the best ones to talk to about their past hurts. katara did manage to forgive him and they became friends but I don’t feel either one was attracted to the other. They do however seem to work well managing the rest of Team Avatar and leading them. (Mom!Katara and Dad!Zuko)

That’s why I ship them both with Aang. He’s the calmest and most gentle of the three and is able to support others with wisdom like he tried to do with Katara during the Southern Raiders episode. Aang does have his own set of emotional problems but I think by the end of the series all three of them have learned how to support and encourage each other. On the other hand I’ve never felt Mai supported or tried to help Zuko except that one time on the Boiling rock where he got through to her about saving their country. Even that I felt was more from a patriotic place than a romantic one.

Zuko and Aang I feel have one of the most developed relationships because of Zuko’s need to capture him. Even in book one you can see him starting to feel conflicted about bringing the Avatar to his father and by book 3 he wants to join Aang and teach him firebending. You can see in the Firebending Masters episode that they’re both actual dorks who compliment each other well when given a chance and while Zuko is still hardened against Aang’s philosophy of kindness and forgiveness (this isn’t air temple preschool) i think that a lot of what Aang said (and Iroh) does eventually get through to him which can be seen at the very end of the series when he talks to his father about his time in prison setting him on the right path.

Another poly ship for me, ZukoxAangxKatara

I love Avatar: The Last Airbender because it pulled no punches. There are characters/episodes/themes dedicated to so many deep issues. Examples:

~Genocide/ aftermath (Air Nomads)

~Survivor’s guilt (”The Storm”, Aand and the Air Nomads)

~Child Abuse (Zuko)

~Ableism and the awesome people who combat it(Toph,Teo,Longshot)

~ Revisionist History & Propaganda (The Headband, Dai Li)

~Friends to Enemies and the reasons wars start (Sozin and Roku)

~ Racism and Stereotypes (”Zuko Alone”)

~ Abuse of Soldiers to their homelands in times of war (”Zuko Alone”)

~Parents dealing with the loss of a child (Iroh and Lu Ten)

~Political Intrigue and usurping of the throne (Ozai w/ Iroh and Azulon and Azula with the Earth king and the Dai Li)

~Orphans of war (Jet and the Freedom Fighters, Katara and Sokka)

~Effect of war on the civilian population (Earth Kingdom, Southern Water Tribe,”The Painted Lady”)

~Refugees and how they are treated (”The Serpent’s Pass” and Ba Sing Se)

~Discrepancy between classes (Ba Sing Se)

~Brainwashing (Dai Li, Ju Di)

~Prisoners of War and their treatment (Hama “The Puppetmaster”, the Boiling Rock, Haku & family) 

~ Sexism (Katara calling out Sokka in the Pilot, the Kiyoshi Warriors, Katara Vs Pakku and the Northern Water Tribe traditions)

~Individualism (Ty Lee)

~ Elderly doesn’t mean helpless (Order of the White Lotus)

~Manipulation & Fear Vs Love (Azula and her “friends”)

~ Mental Breakdowns/ Psychological Break (Azula after “The Boiling Rock”)

~Parody (”The Ember Island Players”)

~What is right Vs what is easy (Zuko’s journey of self-discovery)

~Sacrifice (Yue)

~Military failure and it’s fallout (”Day of Black Sun”)

~Personal Ethics Vs Others’ Opinions of Action (Aang’s pacifism Vs being told to kill Ozai by his friends, Ozai’s own son, and even a handful of his past lives &  Gyatso Vs the Council on Aang’s early training)

~Betrayal and Forgiveness (Zuko with the Gaang and Iroh)

~Having a power believed to malevolent and being forced to use/learn it under extreme circumstances. Deciding how to use that power going forwards (Katara and Bloodbending, Aang Vs firebending and the Avatar State)

~Losing a loved one and the impact it leaves behind (Zuko’s mom, Katara & Sokka’s mom, Yue, Monk Gyatso, Lu Ten)

~The concept of revenge and how far we are willing to go to get it {before we ourselves turn into monsters} (”The Southern Raiders”,”The Puppetmaster”, “Jet” )

Aang isn’t supportive, purple monkey dishwasher!

It’s the polite thing, on tumblr, not to go into the tags of an opposing view or ship and start ranting. Instead, what we do is go into our like-minded tags and rant to people who are more likely to share our perspective. But what happens when someone who disagrees with you, but can’t quite articulate why, asks for help from a third party who never saw the original argument?

A game of tumblr telephone!

A wild post appeared on my dash not too long ago (and, in keeping with tumblr etiquette, please do not go and rant there as I don’t wish to disturb the peace) that, while not mentioning me by name, was pretty clearly directed against something that I’d said previously.

Anonymous asked: “Hey can you give some examples of when Aang supported/helped Katara in the show? I haven’t watched the series in awhile and I don’t have time for a rewatch but I want some evidence to show to the people who say Aang isn’t supportive of her”

A while back, I did a little series lambasting the comics and Legend of Korra for their beportrayal of Katara as a character. What I said of the Avatar comics (though it also applies to Korra) was:

Katara really gives too much of herself and doesn’t get a lot back.

Which is demonstrably true. Seriously, go back through the comics and check; I don’t see how this is even up for debate. (If you think it is, feel free to point me in the direction of evidence to the contrary…but even the third party who was appealed to for a counterargument agrees with me that the comics have sidelined Katara.)

I then went on to say of the Avatar series:

Katara and Aang, with Zuko and Iroh, are two of the most important relationships in the show…and for the same reason. See, it’s perfectly fine to have a one-sided relationship with regards to emotional support if you’re somebody’s parent; there’s no way Zuko can repay Iroh for all his emotional support (and he shouldn’t have to). But when it’s a romantic relationship as well…that’s going to lead to problems. 

Aang says in The Southern Raiders that he understands how Katara is feeling, because of what he went through when he thought Appa was missing and when he found out about the Air Nomad genocide. Well, Aang, did you notice how Katara handled those situations around you? She was there for you and let you know you could lean on her, without ever once telling you how you should feel, judging you for almost killing someone, or telling you that you sound like Jet. 

Demanding that Katara fall in line with your beliefs isn’t supportive.

Spouting an aphorism from monks who likely never knew their own parents isn’t supportive.

Begging Katara to do what you would do isn’t supportive.

Comparing Katara to a guy who tried to murder an entire town of innocent people isn’t supportive

And it’s the only chance he really gets in the series to support Katara this way. Katara always feels like she has to be strong for the group, and that includes Aang. Rarely will she open up to him about her vulnerabilities, and when she does, Aang doesn’t really know how to act. 

Did I say that Aang “wasn’t supportive” in absolute terms? No more than I said that Zuko wasn’t supportive of Iroh. What I said was the support was one-sided, in other words, out of balance. And furthermore, that that was perfectly okay in a familial or maternal relationship but not in a romantic one, which should be a pairing of equals.

The number of times Aang checks on or tries to improve Katara’s emotional wellbeing pales in comparison to the number of time Katara checks on or tries to improve Aang’s. Again, I don’t think this is really up for debate. It doesn’t mean that Aang never supports Katara, but that Katara is overwhelmingly the one providing emotional support to Aang without getting an equal share of emotional support back. And while this problem grows exponentially worse in the comics and Legend of Korra, nowhere is it more apparent than in some of the very examples used to attempt to prove my opponents’ point. 

The anon who asked for examples to show Aang’s support of Katara may yet approach me with the entire list, so I won’t debate them all here. (Besides, some of them are valid.) But one in particular–suggested by a fourth person–I found to be telling:

Having a hard time trying to figure out earthbending, Aang respectfully calls Katara ’sifu’ for the first time after she talks to him about his problem and calls him a waterbending master. 

Let’s do this.

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Bumi Things
  • because he couldn’t bend, Aang taught Bumi how to play every instrument he could think of so he would feel special
  • bumi was a mama’s boy from day one
  • bumi could kick your ass in .3 second by the time he was five, bender or not
  • bumi got in trouble at school once for beating up a boy that made fun of him for being the avatars son and not being able to bend
  • “look at your face and tell me i cant bend” (bumi broke his nose)
  • uncle sokka showing bumi around the ways of the trusty boomerang
  • bumi actually getting pretty good at it
  • “sokka! you are not letting bumi play with that- katara! sokka’s letting-” “run, run, run!”
  • bumi was incredibly good with animals
  • baby bumi was protected by momo in his crib
  • bumi’s four when kya is born
  • bumi was (and still is) fiercely protective of kya
  • for the longest time, kya doesn’t bend and bumi is incredibly excited to have a sister just like him
  • when kyas 3 she accidentally freezes a pond her and bumi are playing in and it’s all waterbending all the time from that point on
  • he still loves his sister all the same but wishes that his dad was as excited when kya froze that pond when he mastered another instrument 
  • for every water bending outing katara takes kya on, bumi gets another wherever he wants to go, just him and mom
  • (katara always proposed it in a way that it doesnt seem like catch up for kya’s trips)
  • aang teaches bumi all his best jokes
  • bumi has his mothers penguin catching spirit and his fathers penguin sledding spirit
  • bumi sometimes tagged along on kya’s waterbending outings and practiced the form with them (maybe he would start bending, right? maybe he just wasnt doing it right..)
  • bumis crying by that same stupid pond when four year kya finds him and hugs him so gently he cries for different reasons
  • bumis eight when tenzins born
  • bumi was holding tenzin when he was seven months old when he first blew a gust of air into him so hard they both end up crying (go figure, an airbender…)
  • “way to rub it in, tenzin”
  • izumi is about the same age as bumi
  • when hes six, bumi asks his mom to get him the prettiest flowers at the flower shop and gives them to izumi
  • izumi burns them
  • little lin scares the living shit out of bumi (and everyone else) after she lifts a bolder above his head that couldve easily killed him when he accidentally bumped into her
  • bumi always somehow getting stuck babysitting
  • “but mom! izumis a month older than me! why do i have to watch su? she’s not even potty trained!”
  • bumi holding a crying kya whos struggling to figure out why she doesnt like boys yet
  • bumi being the first person she told when she kissed lin when she was 13
  • “you did not kiss a girl before i did”
  • bumi also being the first person tenzin tells three years later that he kissed lin
  • “what? why are you making that face?”
  • uncle zuko letting bumi come down and visit him 
  • zuko sparks his interest in the united forces, unintentionally
  • awkward teen bumi hanging around the fire nation and running into ty lee (who he definitely didnt have a crush on from his mom and dad stories) who teaches him to always show humility and not to demonize the enemy
  • when bumi finally joins the united forces he writes to his family, guilt ridden, telling them that he got kidnapped as if to make the whole peaceful air nomad thing easier
  • he also writes to kya telling her the truth
  • bumi finds out tenzins going to get his tats, takes a leave in the united forces, and stays with poor faint hearted tenzin the entire time, telling him his war stories to get his mind off the pain
  • bumi keeping tabs on kya when she flits around the world, finding herself (cause that’s what he was doing, wasn’t he?)
  • bumi taking a young kid, bum-ju (not that he’d ever tell thats who bum-ju was really named after) in the united forces under his wing
  • bumi coming to consider bum a son
  • bumi helping bum rise through the ranks, protecting the world side by side
  • bumi being devastated when bum dies in combat
  • bumi putting all of his hurt aside and staying with his mom and kya when his father dies for as long as he can before he reluctantly has to return to duty
  • bumi actually does end up dating izumi, if only for a little bit
  • bumi and izumi deciding that they’re better off friends
  • bumi helping izumi through her first pregnancy (hes stationed in the fire nation) and staying with her through Iroh’s birth when her husband dies
  • bumi getting a letter from izumi a few years later with her new husband and new little girl
  • bumi being there for the birth of all of tenzin’s children, too, pre rohan
  • bumi always bearing weird gifts to the his nieces and nephew 
  • bumi getting meelo his own boomerang (that tenzin keeps neatly under a glass dome that meelo can observe
  • bumi having heart to hearts with jinora about being the oldest
  • bumi teaching ikki all the jokes his dad him to one up her little brother
  • bumi tossing rohan extra high in the air with a gust of air he doesnt let pema see
  • bumi breaking down and crying when he tells his mom that he can air bend
  • in the same breath, bumi comforting kya about being the only non air bending cloud baby 
  • bumi branching out, not only knitting things for bum-ju but for his family too
  • bumi finally visiting bum-ju’s grave (bum-ju comes with him)
  • bumi volunteering to test any and all inventions asami makes
  • bumi telling his war stories to varrick, who turns them into movers
  • others, zhu li turns into books
  • bumi urging kya to talk to asami about her harbored feelings toward korra 
  • “why me?” “i dunno i figured it was a gay thing?”
  • bumi laughing until his stomach aches with bolin
  • bumi meditating in mako’s company
  • bumi taking it upon himself to be the comic relief korra needs
  • bumi feeling a huge burst of pride when korra says that shes proud of him before she shakes her head and apologizing awkwardly
  • “i dont know what that was about”
  • bumi belonging somewhere, being apart of his family as a respected equal
  • idk bumi 
  • i have a lot of feelings about bumi

steambend  asked:

what's your opinion of a zutara book 4 then? i think ehasz wanted their relationship to be subtle, but how do you think it would have played out?

I definitely think it would have been very slow and subtle. Both Zuko and Katara had very little experience with relationships and dating. Most of the males in Katara’s village had left for the war and her first real interest in a boy seemed to come with Jet. Her infatuation was very innocent and naive. Zuko apparently experienced his first real interaction with a girl on his date with Jin. It was terribly awkward and he had a very difficult time knowing how to handle himself. Both of them would be very shy and slow to begin a relationship, since they are very young and inexperienced.

That is why Kataang and Maiko are so out-of-character. Bryke paint Zutara as a relationship that is only about kissing, but honestly the kissing in Book 3 turned me off. Katara would not jump straight into a relationship by making out, especially if she was not able to communicate with Aang about her feelings beforehand. And Zuko would never be comfortable dating a girl, let alone making out, unless he completely trusted her. That would take a very long time for him, considering his upbringing. He would never be so physical with a girl who shut down his feelings. I definitely would not want Zuko and Katara’s romance to focus on kissing. I would want the focus to be on them getting to know each other and building up their friendship.

After the war, Katara would probably spend a lot of time at the palace. As the new Firelord, I think Zuko would want the Gaang to feel pampered after their long journey, and Katara would definitely enjoy the luxuries of the palace. They’ve all been roughing it since Ba Sing Se, so Katara would be happy to get some needed rest and relaxation, instead of doing the chores and taking care of everyone. Other than Iroh, Zuko doesn’t really have anyone at the palace that he can talk to, so this would allow Katara time to get to know Zuko better.

Eventually Zuko would mention that his mother may possibly be alive. Katara would be interested in learning about Ursa, since she was so much like Kanna. They’d probably have some conversations by the turtle duck pond, and maybe Zuko would even show Katara the old beach house that his family used to visit. She would learn about his childhood and the Fire Nation Royal Family and how dysfunctional it was. Katara would offer to support Zuko in his efforts to look for his mother, since she feels bad that he has so many duties that prevent him from having much free time. Zuko would feel grateful that she wants to support him, and he wants to help her, too. So he offers to accompany Katara on a trip to the Southern Water Tribe.

Zuko would also learn about Katara’s life growing up. She would tell him how the war tore her family apart, and how the South was devastated by the Fire Nation’s attacks. She had to grow up so fast, and practically became Sokka’s mom. She might even show him the boat from the very first episode. Zuko would promise to help her restore her village and they would become political partners. During this period of time at the South Pole, Zuko would be able to meet Gran Gran and maybe even Bato, and also get to know Hakoda better.

I’m sure they would also visit the Northern Water Tribe, too. Maybe Iroh could even go with them. Perhaps a visit to the North would have played into Iroh’s flashback about Lu Ten. Koh and Iroh’s trip to the Spirit World were both mentioned in The Siege of the North episodes, and there may have been a connection intended for the future. Zuko could get to know Pakku, since he’s also a White Lotus member like Iroh. Pakku has a lot of respect for Katara and he is married to Gran Gran now, and they would all work together to help rebuild the South. All of this would help establish a partnership between Firelord Zuko and the Water Tribes. 

I think Zuko and Katara’s relationship would be similar to Sokka and Yue’s, which also mainly happened in The Siege of the North episodes, written by Ehasz. A royal with a lot of duties slowly developing feelings for a commoner. I think both Zuko and Katara would feel wary about their feelings at first, because of his status. They would be confused about whether it could work, but they would continuously grow closer. Eventually they would see that it’s okay to do what they want and that Zuko doesn’t need to be a traditional Firelord. They would be able to change the world for the better by doing things in a new way.

I liked the romance in Avatar before Book 3 because it mainly focused on the characters getting to know each other and it was innocent and sweet. There was a lack of soap opera drama and the kissing did not feel excessive. And in The Crossroads of Destiny, that is how Katara and Zuko interacted as well. They had a tender moment and I think that was supposed to be the blueprint for their Book 4 romance…if it had been allowed to happen.

OK but sometimes I forget that Uncle Iroh didn’t die.  Because here he is, this amazing person who loves and supports Zuko (and anyone else he happened across) and any typical tv show would have killed him off and had that be the beginning of Zuko’s redemption arc because he ‘realized the consequences of his actions’ or some such thing.

But he doesn’t die.  Not only that, but Zuko loses him anyway.  We get the same feelings from Zuko as we may have if Iroh had died, but we know the whole time that Iroh is just somewhere else.  But then, when Zuko finally wants to be redeemed, in what would normally be the scene where either they talk to his spirit or find a letter he wrote when he was alive that manages to make Zuko feel forgiven, he’s actually still alive, and he’s right there, waiting.

Hmmm…if Magi keeps going the way it is right now, “salty” won’t be enough to describe what fans are gonna feel.

Honestly at this point in time I have nothing against Alibaba or Aladdin. I also happen not to mind if they randomly disappear from the manga and never show up again.

I’ll focus on Aladdin since he is my least favorite character. He is, without a doubt, a good kid with lots of positive traits, such as:
-open mindedness
-eagerness to learn
-sense of responsibility
-sense of humor
-innate goodness
and many more.

However, perhaps his problem as a character (of course, I may be biased in my opinions; feel free to correct me) is that he is literally too good to be true. I’m not calling him a Mary Sue/Gary Stue but… ;) In your defense of Sinbad, you often say that a character doesn’t have to be good to be compelling. In Aladdin’s case, appears to be TOO good to be compelling. Let me raise a few points about his character.

1. He appears to have no actual, visible, major flaw. Hamartia, where are you? Hubris, anyone? This leads me to conclude that his weakness in the story is either lack of knowledge about the world, fate, and the nature of existence (which is remedied in time) or lack of power (again, problem solved). Right now he might as well be the male version of Athena (minus her jealousy issues and stuff).

2. After being cooped up in a cramped space with only one friend as company for a decade of his life, he doesn’t seem to have developed any personality disorders. Now I’m aware this is fiction, but, uh, there has to be something wrong somewhere. Like irrational fear? Attachment syndrome? Unable to get over Ugo’s death? Undeveloped social skills? Emotional detachment? Okay, maybe Alibaba helped him get over those, but still, he would have been more relatable if that part hadn’t been glossed over. He did say he feels like he’s different from everyone else, but that’s just about it.

3. I like how he was forced to learn things the hard way by suffering the loss of his best friend and probably his childish innocence during the Kou War, but I expected him to have a greater sense of disillusionment and despair. Especially since he was just a kid. (He takes it like a 50 year old.) The whole concept of depravity not being what he thought it was could have turned his world upside down since it’s the complete opposite of all he stands for up to then. Again, I’m not rooting for a mentally ill magi, but all that sadness wouldn’t automatically produce the mature youth he is today. There must have been an emotional journey getting there (if there ever was any) and it would have been great if we got to see that aspect of character development.

4. Speaking of which, is he even a dynamic character? Am I wrong to assume the only main thing that seemed to have changed is his understanding/perception of the world?

5. He does have his not-so-brilliant moments, and bouts of immaturity, and deep inside he’s really just a kid forced to grow up to the harsh realities of this world -kinda like Aang- but, um, IS HE EVEN HUMAN?!! Humans are selfish creatures (Yes, we heard you, Alibaba), humans have something they want to protect so dearly, humans often dream of the impossible, humans make mistakes and regret these mistakes, humans feel guilt, humans sometimes wallow in angst and self-pity, humans can become bitter, humans…
Aladdin has the bearings of a hermit, which is not something you achieve in just 3-5 years. It’s creepy. If he happened to be acting indifferent or aloof or passive due to immaturity or identity confusion or fear of getting hurt or lack of initiative, it would be more believable. However his actions and reactions seem to stem from the opposite - being too wise. (Okay, so there’s such a thing as Solomon’s wisdom to justify his unbelievable maturity, but how exactly do you expect a kid to process all that?) Okay, he can trade places with Uncle Iroh now. But Uncle Iroh has a fully functional right hemisphere in his cerebrum, i.e., he is certainly not untouched by the darkness.
I may be unjustly harsh by saying this, but it does seem that his character is comparable to quite a number of androids in anime, and that’s saying a lot.


Reply: I have nothing to add in your submission because I agree with you. I’ll only say that the greatest flaw a character can have is to appear not having (major) flaws.

I’ll just leave with a gif that summarizes my feelings

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

You know what my favorite thing about Zuko is?

His relateableness.

deep down, we all probably secretly want to scream, yell, firebend at people and just be generally upset and bitter and angry all the time, even if we might not want to admit it out loud.

zuko is the kind of character you pour all this into

and then we have uncle iroh, whom feels bad for him and takes him under his wing after the scorn and hurt that has befallen him and tries to be jitty and cheerful because he loves his nephew and just genuinely wants to see him go down the right path, his own path, and be loved and be happy 

zuko trusts the wrong people (abusive and manipulative ozai and right-hand-kid azula [also abused herself and has her own arc later on but for zuko storytelling purposes staying with that angle here] and the fire nation) and all this time he’s chasing down the avatar he later realizes that hey, these kids may be younger than him but they’re not going to hurt him just because they gain pleasure out of it. they know real friendship and real love, and they show that to him (abeit cautiously at first) that love is patient, love is kind and is not jealous; love does not brag and is not arrogant, etc etc.

All this time he was trying to seek honor from his father to get back to the fire nation was just a guise, he really wanted love from his father. His mom left when he was young and his father and sister were nothing but cruel to him since. And although he may never get the love he wants from his father, he wont have to bend through hoops to get it, they just love him because he’s him. And whenever he gets all dramatic and woe-is-me his friends and real family are just like wtf? of course we love you zuko. you may make mistakes but you are not your mistakes. and that’s a mighty important thing to remember.

you see, you dont have to have been in any abusive relationships to be able to relate to the guy. he’s there for that reason. I mean, honestly, there’s no such thing as a fire nation or firebending or any of that, but you can still get hurt and betrayed and lost. I love how they show what love, true love, honestly and truly is. Even when Zuko hit his lowest point and was incredibly, incredibly unlovable by most, Uncle Iroh didn’t want to hurt him. He was just scared that he’d lost his way, and he HUGGED HIM. And didn’t ever blame him for any of it. 

I just…I have a lot of feels over Zuko/Uncle Iroh dynamic and Avatar: the Last Airbender in general.


[For Zutara Week, Day 4: Lilac.]


It was a beautiful sunset, clouds blossoming pink with just a hint of purple. Katara adjusted the flower in her hair as she left her friends for the patio. She sighed, looking out at Ba Sing Se, thinking of all the memories she’d made here, good and bad, and how much the world had changed.

She felt a hand on her shoulder. “Aang, I didn’t think you’d—”

It was Sokka, giving her one of his grown-up stares that she’d seen more and more of lately.

“Oh,” said Katara, and she didn’t know why she felt relieved. “Hi, Sokka. I thought Aang might have followed me out here.”

“He seems to be doing that a lot.” Sokka contemplated his sister. “Like when I saw him follow you out onto the balcony at the Ember Island Players. Anything interesting happen then?”

“Nothing that’s any of your business.” Katara turned away from him, but then hesitated and said, “Was there ever someone in your life that you loved, that you couldn’t bear to hurt? That you didn’t want to see suffer because of your actions?”

“Only everyone who’s ever mattered to me, Katara.” His voice was serious. “But that’s just how love is.”

“Then why—” Katara made a sound of frustration and clenched the railing in front of her. “Why does it feel like a chore?


“Me and Aang!” Katara clapped her hands over her mouth and looked behind her, sure that no one inside had heard. “It feels like something I’m meant to do, something I’m supposed to do…just like darning your socks or making sure Toph eats three meals a day. I can’t hurt his feelings, and he’s so important to me…so why does it feel like a burden?”

“Hmm.” Sokka casually leaned his elbows on the railing. “Well, when was the last time you two talked to each other?”

Katara fidgeted with the flower again. “Um, when we fought about what to do about Ozai, I guess.”

“And before that?”

“Um, I was encouraging him saying he didn’t have to take on the Firelord alone. Oh! And before that, I gave him some watermelon juice!”

Sokka gave an annoyed sigh. “Katara, I was there for all three of those things. I mean, when did you last talk to him alone?”


Katara definitely did not want to think about that.

“It—it was during the Ember Island Players,” she admitted. “Aang was wondering when we were going to be together after we kissed during the invasion. And I guess we did? Only, he didn’t really give me much of a choice.”

Sokka’s fingers flexed over the wood. “What do you mean, he didn’t really give you a choice?

“Well, I was talking about how proud I was of him during before the invasion, and he just—he just kind of went for it. I guess maybe I was sending the wrong message or something? But then it happened again after I told him I wasn’t ready and was confused about my feelings and—”

“Wait. Wait, wait, hold on.” Sokka drew himself up to his full height. “Aang kissed you. Twice. When you didn’t want him to.”


“Without asking.”

Katara nodded.

“Once after you explicitly told him you weren’t interested.”

The silence spoke for itself.

“And,” Sokka added between gritted teeth, “I assume he apologized? Profusely? On bended knee, I might add?”

Katara smoothed the folds of her dress. “We never talked about it.”

Sokka released his hold on the balcony. “Excuse me, I have an urgent appointment inside.”

“Sokka!” Katara grabbed hold of his arm. “You can’t just threaten him! I’m sure he feels terrible about it!”

“Not terrible enough to actually make up for what he did. And see this, right here, is the problem. You always defend him no matter how badly he acts…even toward you! Where is the Katara who called me out every single time I said something about girls not being capable? I know she’s still in there, so where’d she go?”

“I CAN’T!” Katara yelled. “Don’t you see, I can’t! He has to put up with so much, he’s lost so many people, and he doesn’t deserve to lose me, too!”

Sokka folded his arms across his chest. “Katara, please answer honestly. If Aang found out that you were only with him out of guilt and to keep him from getting hurt… how do you think he would feel?”

And that was when the tears started.

“Here you go, Uncle,” said Zuko, sliding another cup toward Iroh. “I think I made it better this time.”

Iroh took a grateful sip and patted his belly. “A finely brewed tea, my nephew. Though really, you don’t have to wait on me hand and foot! Why don’t you sit down, play some pai sho?” He nodded in Mai’s direction. “Maybe introduce me to your lady friend. I didn’t get to see much of her since I was imprisoned.”

“Oh, yeah, Mai. I, uh, I think I she might want to leave early, Uncle. These aren’t really her friends the way they are mine and—”

“Zuko.” Uncle’s voice stopped him. “You have worked harder for these wonderful friends than anyone I’ve met, and no one has the right to take you away from them.”

Zuko hung his head. “I know. It’s just—what if she’s not happy? This is Earth Kingdom, not really her style, and I hope she likes the gown I got her and I—”

“Now I see why you keep making me tea.” Iroh gestured for his nephew to take the seat beside him. “Tell me about the delightful Miss Mai. When did she decide to join the Avatar?”

“Uh, well, she never really did. It was because of me.” The guilt crept back into his voice. “I got caught rescuing Hakoda from the Boiling Rock, and she defied Azula to make sure I could escape. I don’t even know why she did it, since she was so mad at me before.”

“Mad at you? For what, may I ask?”

“Uh, well, I sort of … broke up with her by writing a letter.” Uncle clucked disapprovingly, and Zuko was quick to add, “I know, I know. And believe me, she wasn’t happy about it either. She said I ripped out her heart and then when she threw the letter at my head, I knew I was in deep trouble.”

“She … she threw something at you?” Iroh narrowed his eyes. “How did you get back together, if you made her so angry?”

Zuko looked a bit helpless. “I don’t really know. She showed up right before the coronation, and I was just so glad she was okay, and then she said I was her boyfriend, and that she didn’t hate me, and then she told me never to break up with her again.”

Uncle’s eyes bulged. “She what?” He looked down at the pot. “I’m going to need some stronger tea.”

“And so then I had to comfort my crying baby sister, just because she can’t bear to let Aang down!” Sokka shook his head. “I had to tell her that if she didn’t tell Aang what she had just told me, then I would. It’s not right that she feels obligated to stay in the relationship.”

Iroh nodded, deep in thought. Katara had stayed out on the patio, while Zuko had gone to help wash up. Mai was deep in discussion of weapons with Suki, and Aang and Toph were trying to give each other noogies. He’d been surprised when Sokka had approached him, but soon realized they had a common problem.

“Obligated to stay in the relationship,” Iroh mused. “That’s exactly how my Zuko feels about his girlfriend. He’s so afraid of turning into his father and hurting her—”

“—that he’s willing to hurt himself instead.” Sokka nodded. “Makes sense. It took Zuko a lot longer to recognize injustice against himself than against other people. There are still times we have to bring him out of his ‘I did so many bad things’ funk.” He scratched his head. “Why’d they get together anyway? Zuko’s all about family and treating kids right, and I was there when ‘Miss Mai’ almost got her brother killed by breaking a truce on Azula’s orders.” He flexed his muscles. “But Uncle Sokka was there to save the day! Got a few bruises, but Baby Fire Nation didn’t slide off the platform, now did he? Nope!”

Iroh’s mouth, which had become progressively more downturned as Sokka spoke, hinted upward again. “I can see you are a fierce warrior, Sokka of the Water Tribe. And loyal to both your friends and family.” He sighed, and suddenly felt his age. “It seems we have an impossible situation on our hands.”

“You’re telling me. Katara and Zuko both have such a strong sense of justice; they just need someone to make them see that it applies to them too.” His head snapped up. “Wait! I have the perfect idea!” He leaned forward and began whispering quietly to the general, which, given that no one else was paying attention, wasn’t really necessary. But Iroh humored him, and the solution Sokka suggested made him wonder if he couldn’t teach this young warrior the ways of the lotus game.

Fifteen minutes later …

“Uh, Katara?” Zuko awkwardly walked up to his friend in the fading purple light. “Sokka said you wanted to talk about … something?”

“I most certainly did not!” Katara fumed. “Iroh said you were going to tell me about Mai!”

“About Mai? There’s nothing wrong with me and Mai!”

An epic, hour-long argument resulted, during which several of their friends poked their heads outdoors to see what was the matter. (They were promptly told to go away.) But by the time the violet sky had faded to black, Zuko’s arm was around Katara, and the flower in her hair was a new one.

anonymous asked:

In which book of ATLA would you say Zuko really evolved as a character and how would you describe his character development?

There is no contest for me, it’s Book 2. I always liked Zuko, even in Book 1, but Book 2 really made him feel human. I would describe his character development in Book 2 as almost perfect. It was gradual, extremely realistic, and very engaging. I definitely felt the most emotional connection with him during Book 2, and that was when Avatar‘s writing was at its peak for me.

I really loved how slow and gradual his development was. He felt like a real person. In the first episode he is so rude to his uncle, but you see that he just wants to feel loved. Iroh never held it against him. The conflict with Azula really made me feel for Zuko. His family is so cruel. And he is pretty cold to Song, and even steals from her, but you can see that he did feel empathy for her. But Zuko is a person who shuts down his emotions in the beginning.

He was very flawed, and I liked that, but it wasn’t as exaggerated as it was in Book 3. He had a lot of pride as a prince and he felt humiliated that he didn’t really know how to take care of himself on his own without stealing. I think that was the main reason he left his uncle. He was ashamed at how helpless he was at having to rely on Iroh for everything. Iroh let him go, but he knew that Zuko still needed him, and they would eventually get back together.

You see his backstory which really made me empathize a lot more with him. I found the Royal Family so fascinating, too. His childhood was so lonely, and he really was a sweet kid who was forced into such a tough role, groomed to be a soldier. But he still has a kid side to him, and his bonding with Lee showed that he isn’t heartless or cold by nature. But he really is an outcast. His family disowned him, and even the people he helped hate him by the end.

He had a fierce rivalry with Azula, and still wanted to capture the Avatar, but he cared more about his uncle, and I liked seeing him break down when Azula shot him. He didn’t care at all about Aang anymore during that moment and you really saw that they have a father/son relationship. It was very realistic (unlike the finale…). You see him shed a tear for the first time in Book 2, and I remember how moving I found that moment when I first saw it, especially with the music. He was begging to be struck, and he knew that there was a very good chance he would die. But he didn’t care. It was subtle, but so powerful.

After he reunites with Iroh, he is a lot more considerate towards him, and I liked that. After he almost lost his uncle, his entire attitude changed and he realized he took him for granted, and he didn’t want to do that anymore. You could see they had grown a lot closer in the second half of Book 2. Then he meets Jet, and I really liked their parallel relationship. I thought it was really interesting foreshadowing for Zuko joining the GAang.

Zuko didn’t really want friends, but I don’t think he disliked Jet. He just didn’t want to risk getting close to anybody from the Earth Kingdom after what happened with Lee. I think he felt sorry for Jet. It was very telling that he decided to light the fountain on his date. It was a very subtle, but significant moment, that really showed his sensitive side. He knew it would make Jin happy, and he really liked her because she accepted him, even though he was so awkward. He has come a long way since Book 1.

He starts off so angry at the tea shop before he decides to go after Appa. But by the end of the episode, his uncle confronts him and they have one of the most well-written conversations in the show. Iroh’s speech to Zuko was incredible, and Mako had such fantastic voice acting in it, too. It obviously moved Zuko as well, and he just can’t go on with his mission anymore. He looks emotionally exhausted and lets his Blue Spirit mask go for good. After that he has a spiritual awakening, which can be a very painful and terrifying process if you are not prepared. I always though Zuko’s dreams were an incredibly fascinating glimpse into his psyche.

After his fever, we see him finally embrace the side of his personality that he has been suppressing for so many years, due to his upbringing. I loved seeing his authentic personality without his rage. His moments with Iroh at the tea shop were so touching and he also has such a powerful moment with Katara. Zuko’s character development up until this moment was so perfect, and then…it’s all down hill after that. His decision was SO out-of-character, too, because Zuko always cared more about his uncle than the Avatar, even in Book 1. That was one of the main aspects of his character. His character development in Book 3 is so sloppy compared to Book 2.

Headcanon #22

The Jasmine Dragon has become a chain tea joint, and basically the Republic City version of Starbucks. It’s gotten expensive since Iroh passed, and his vision of how the tea shop was supposed to be has gone by the way side. This upsets Zuko’s family who were always regulars at the shop. Certainly not because they can’t afford it, but because it abandons Iroh’s vision of affordable, delectable tea for everyone.


ever since i realized how much better azula deserved i can’t love iroh anymore

like. she’s a 14 year old girl w antisocial personality disorder and a mentally and emotionally abusive father who raised her as a weapon, not a person

like..yeah iroh was great to zuko but how bad did he fail azula in the process? is it any wonder she was never particularly kind or compassionate? no one had ever shown her kindness or compassion. not her father, not her brother, not her uncle. we don’t get much insight into her relationship with ursa but. according to her, ursa blatantly favored zuko. and so, with the only potential kind, compassionate adults in her life focused very much on her older brother, it makes sense that she would embrace her father, if only because he actually payed attention to her. and he used that to turn her into a weapon.

and basically i have a lot of feelings and azula deserved so much better and my heart is shattered on the floor because of how iroh failed her and how ursa failed her and how her father failed her and how everyone treated her like dirt other than mai and ty lee, who she was abusive towards because she didn’t know anything else because no one bothered to teach her anything else and. how the writers treated her like dirt. how the fans treat her like dirt.