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hey buddy. since you're takin requests, how about a little kustard ship fluff? something cute with classic sans and fell sans bein' all lovey. love the art, btw.

Sorry, this isn’t very lovey, is it?

I hope it’s still sorta close to what you were expecting

Marauders Era Headcannons

Ok so no one asked but these are mine. It’s really long, so sorry about that. A lot are based on inspo I’ve seen on Tumblr, tweaked to my liking, which is probably wrong but I just have all these feelings that I’ve gotta get out so here goes. If you see an idea that’s originally yours/you know who’s it is, please message me and I’ll credit your genius.


  •  Shortest marauder. like hella short. 
  • He wasn’t visibly muscled bc he liked food so damn much, but he wasn’t a creampuff either
  • preferred coffee over tea, and was the person who introduced coffee to Marlene
  • Funniest marauder. Could spin a tale/tell jokes like no one’s business. 
  • Towhead, tanned up nicely, brown eyes
  • was actually very particular about how his hair was combed/parted, but didn’t fuss about it openly *cough cough Sirius*
  • just didn’t get the hype behind Quidditch. sure, he liked it, but he couldn’t imagine letting a sport take over your life like James always did and even Sirius did during season
  • was actually hella perceptive and good at figuring things out about other people
  • like for real I think he was the first one to notice a lot; Remus’ condition, Sirius’ abusive home situation, when Lily’s feelings for James started to change, how James himself started to change
  • Was also the swiftest/sneakiest of all the marauders (rat!) and collected all of their intel
  • didn’t much care about school, and wanted to open a cafe in Diagon Alley after school
  • Had something of a talent for Divinations. Like, wasn’t a seer or anything, but he understood the theory and appreciated the art
  • fell in love with Marlene McKinnon in their 6th year, and her death in the first wizarding war (Mentioned in Lily’s letter to Sirius) is what pushed him over the edge and away from the Order. he was already struggling before then, but she grounded him and gave him something to fight for, and without her he just couldn’t handle anything. grew angry, bitter, resentful, flipped on the order and tore apart his friends. yuck.


  • V tall. Tallest Marauder. Tallest student. certified tallboy.
  • Tea and chocolate and jumpers
  • smoker, but only right before and right after the full moon. it helps him cope
  • only swears when he’s well and truly angry
  • Brown hair with hints of copper that grows into a kind of mop. He manages it, somehow, even though it’s way out of style, and it just works
  • pale, brown eyes with gold in them
  • Messy to a fault, but somehow always has what he needs in the moment
  • LOVES quidditch, and attends every match especially because Sirius is a beater and damn just look at his arms
  • is the strategic brains behind the marauders operation. as much of a strategist as Ron is, Remus was too, and he was very good at planning things, especially things like breaking into filches office or putting potions in the Slytherin’s morning pumpkin juice that makes them all turn red and roar spontaneously  
  • Always studied, because if he didn’t put in the work he wouldn’t pull good grades
  • Forms a very close relationship with Lily in their 5th year when they’re both prefect
  • realized he was bi (and totally in love with Sirius) in his 4th year
  • Refuses to come out to his parents because they already have a broken son, and he didn’t want to expand on those feelings
  • tutors kids for chocolate bars or spare change whenever he has the time
  • was terrified of being made head boy, because he just knew he couldn’t handle it, and was relieved when it was James (bc he just knew Lily was a shoe-in for Head Girl)
  • Is the first person Lily actually admits her confused feelings about James to


  • Second-shortest Marauder (much to his chagrin)
  • has excellent posture as a result (because if he slouches he’s the same height as Peter)
  • Long black hair, grey eyes, regal/sharp features. 
  • has a leather jacket that he picked up at a muggle consignment store when he was 14. it’s worn & covered in patches, and when his mother finds it in his closet his father uses the cruciatus on him
  • speaks excellent french. a side effect of Toujours Pur
  • Always paints his nails black or grey. When they chip, he paints over them, so it’s just layers and layers of paint
  • Starts to grow his hair out in the summer before his third year. Keeps it roughly shoulder length, and trims it himself after he had Emily Tefty teach him how
  • Incidentally, the summer before third year is when he stopped believing he could ever make amends with his parents. The only reason he went home after that was for Reg
  • Wants to live in London and work in a muggle garage
  • Is very smart, but doesn’t try. can ace every test though
  • is particularly gifted at CoMC
  • Smokes way more than he should
  • gets his first tattoo (a lion, what else) in Knockturn alley when he was 15. it paces and roars depending on his mood, and is on his ribcage, protecting his heart because he’s so afraid that one day he wont be able to protect his heart from his parents ideology 
  • realized he was Gay (and in love with Remus) in the start of their 5th year
  • was so terrified of that fact that he went on a year-long dating extravaganza, in which he dated and snogged every girl he could get to agree to go out with him (which was, of course, almost all of them) in an attempt to find someone he liked better than Remus. It failed.
  • Ran away from home for good after a particularly brutal beating between 5th and 6th year
  • cried for days when he heard about Reg getting marked
  • hates Snape because snape doesn’t have the shackles of a pureblood fundamentalist family, but actively seeks that lifestyle, while he would give anything to be free of it


  • Gets up every morning and goes for a run around the grounds, no matter how cold it is
  • eats healthy, but he’s a growing boy so a second helping of pudding isn’t going to kill him
  • Lives, breathes, eats, and sleeps quidditch. Wants to be a professional player someday and probably could have
  • half-hindu, so dark complexion, dark eyes and dark hair
  • keeps said hair wildly messy in a lighthearted rebellion against his family
  • has a massive soft spot for the house elves, and sneaks into the kitchen more often to visit with them than he does to get remus and himself a cuppa
  • is the literal life of the party
  • Has loved Lily since 2nd year
  • doesn’t understand why she doesn’t like him for a long time, but eventually he gets it   
  • is naturally smart/gifted, and doesn’t understand why Remus has to study all the time
  • Disliked Severus for a multitude of reasons; his closeness with Lily, his inclination towards the Pureblood agenda, the fact that he was a Slytherin and was proud of it. This made him an easy bullying target for James, but he only started to truly hate Severus after the mudblood incident 
  • is very careful with his belongings
  • Dated a cute Ravenclaw for the first 6 months of his 6th year, but eventually broke it off because Lily was single again because they just didn’t have that spark 
  • Was terrified when he was made head boy, just like he was terrified when he was made Quidditch captain the year before
  • Is literal Mr. Oblivious. Doesn’t realize the wolfstar situation, doesn’t realize that what he says has an impact on people, doesn’t realize how many girls are interested in him, doesn’t realize that not everyone is as smart as he is, doesn’t realize when Lily’s feelings change.
  • literally peter has to spell out the wolfstar thing to him 
  • Is terrified of the mermaids in the Black Lake


  • the most feminist feminist who ever feministed 
  • Kept a muggle record player from her father that Remus helped her charm to work in Hogwarts during 4th year
  • Was definitely very close to being in love with Severus before the mudblood incident. He was her first kiss
  • she and Severus both made up their own spells, and correct their potions books with better instructions. Muffiato was her creation
  • Smart, but studies very hard nonetheless, Bc in the back of her mind she was terrified that someone someday will take away her wand
  • Actual queen of sarcasm
  • knitted in her spare time (the muggle way)
  • Long (like, can tuck it in her waistband) red hair, creamy skin (burns like a lobster in direct sunlight)
  • Cuts her hair after the mudblood incident because Severus always loved to play with it
    • this is 100% someone else’s idea, but i cant for the life of me find the post. If it’s your’s, or you know who’s it is, PLEASE message me and let me know and I’ll give them all the credit 
  • Ends up with a bob and scraggily bangs. Keeps it for a month, then magically grows it back out until it’s below her shoulder blades. Keeps the bangs, because she likes them
  • Figures out Remus’ secret after 3 months of prefect duty in 5th year. Tells him, just to make sure he doesn’t feel like he has to lie or hide from her.
  •  can banter back and forth with Peter so well that they leave the others in stitches every time
  • Loved her parents, but never had much of a relationship with her mother
  • Officially gave up on trying with Petunia in the summer before 4th year, when she threw a scarf Lily had knitted her for her birthday in the bin immediately upon opening it, because she was convinced Lily had knitted it with magic
  • fell in love with James somewhere in the middle of 6th year, and was terrified of it, because they had managed a truce/friendship and she was so afraid to mess that up
  • legitimately doesn’t believe she’s good enough to be Head Girl
  • Fierce protector of all the muggleborn students 
  • Retreated into a shell of a person early in 6th year when her dad died of cancer. the marauders and Marlene took 2 months to try and get back to being herself
  • Dated Amos Diggory for the first 3 months of 6th year, but ultimately broke it off because of James because they just didn’t have that feeling
  • when Severus started sending her letters threatening to harm himself if she wouldn’t talk to him, she stopped opening them, and reported him to Slughorn as a suicide risk
  • Wanted to become a healer and totally could have


  • Best friends with Lily since the first night of first year
  • Sucker for a funny guy
  • Talented artist, terrible in all of her courses (she only passes because of Lily)
  • dyslexic as hell
  • hated tea with a passion, but fell in love with coffee after Peter introduced it to her during their 2nd year
  • now she buys it from columbia (that and art supplies are the only things she shamelessly splurges/spends her family’s vast wealth on)
  • Is a pureblood, but her whole family rejects the doctrines, and she’s very proud of that. Especially after seeing what its like for Sirius to fight his family.
  • wants to become a wizard tattoo artist and totally could have
  • has a floral ½ sleeve she designed herself
  • short stature, wavy blonde hair, blue eyes
  • does commission work for students and faculty 
  • By 7th year, starts giving illegal frowned upon tattoos to students in her dorm (but only those of age). Lily turns a blind eye to this because she knows Marlene is clean and safe and damn good at what she does, and she feels the need to support her best friend’s dreams
  • Started to fall for Peter in 6th year, because he made her laugh
  •  See’s the good in (almost) everyone
  • original queen of the bat bogey hex
  •  Went on one date with Sirius to Hogsmede in their 5th year, during which they talked about tattoos and neither of them felt anything other than friendship
  • Keeps lots and lots of plants in her room (if she was ever good at any class, it was herbology. She just couldn’t take the tests/do the readings/write the essays)
  • had multiple piercings all the way up her ears
  • once hexed Lucius Malfoy’s hair off of his head for sneering at her for spending time with non-purebloods
  • served almost as many detentions (almost) as the marauders
  • commentated quidditch matches


  • Loved Lily since they were 9 and he saw her first do magic on the playground
  • He had pretty regal features, if he would just get his hair out of his face
  • he wasn’t really greasy, thats just something the marauders called him
  • Dark eyes, light complexion, long, straight, black hair
  • Was a very talented student, but really only cared about defense and potions
  • secretly hated the slug club and all it stood for, but was a member because he saw the value of networking
  • loved pepper imps, and would buy them whenever he had any extra money
  • was very good at budgeting
  • Had an abusive father who used to beat him, until one day when Severus was 7 and his father was chasing him with a belt. He made the china cabinet unscrew from the wall and crash down on his father
  • Refuses to let his mother buy him new clothes until he desperately needs them, because he knows how expensive they are and can’t stand the thought of her going without because of him
  • Hates James from the moment he shows any interest in Lily
  • See’s Lily as a possession to be hoarded 
  • Refuses to acknowledge that his love for her conflicts with his pure blood agenda
  • legitimately believes he can have both, even if that means hiding her away. He even draws up plans of how he would accomplish this
  • Loves to play with her hair
  • Wrote Lily letters following the incident in which he threatened to harm himself if she wouldn’t talk to him. She never did, and neither did he.
  • Figured out Remus’ secret in 5th year after Sirius gave him a huge hint, and was basically forced to make an unbreakable vow with Dumbledore that he would never tell anyone

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I worship Aphrodite and I wish to do the same for Athena and Artemis but I'm not sure if it's okay to worship all three at once. I'm also not sure how I would do so. I already worship Aphrodite but I'm not sure if when I talk to her if she's listening or how to know if they're talking to me as well like everyone else seems to be able to do. Sorry, this turned into kind of a rant but if you had any tips or ideas I'd be glad to hear them. Thank you

Alright, so there is a lot in this ask, and I’m going to try and address all of your concerns, feel free to send another ask if I miss anything.

First and foremost, all of the Theoi can be worshiped together. Doesn’t matter which ones. Doesn’t matter if They have vastly different areas of influence. Doesn’t matter if They’ve had conflicts in the myths. The Theoi were historically worshiped together, and we actually have myths cautioning against refusing to worship one deity because of your worship for another. (note, this is in regard to actively shunning a deity, not to Them just not being a big part of your worship) So it doesn’t matter which of the Theoi it is, if you’re asking, “Can I worship X and Y at the same time?” The answer is yes. Always.

About adding more deities to your worship. It can certainly seem daunting at first, especially since a lot of us that started out worshiping one or two of the Theoi and added more over time got to the point where we had a full worship routine built around just one or two Theoi. It leaves you wondering how you’re supposed to fit the other Theoi into your worship and still have any kind of time. The good news is, it’s not as difficult as it seems. Offerings can be given to multiple Theoi or to all Theoi at once. you can easily include additional Theoi, simply by making note of Their connection to a Theos you’re already worshiping. For example, When you’re already praying to and honoring Aphrodite, it becomes easy to add a prayer in for Ares and to change the phrasing of your offering from “For Aphrodite” to “For Aphrodite, and Her children, the Erotes.” and now you’re worshiping more Theoi, without really adding any more time to your routine. I find it also helps to follow libations days, either historical ones or ones you’ve decided on so they fit your schedule and are relevant to your worship. Libation days let you make special note of one particular Theos on the same day every month. So, say that every day you give a libation “To all the Theoi”, well on the fourth of the month you could give libations specifically to Aphrodite, the sixth specifically for Artemis, and the third for Athene.

You can also build on your worship. You don’t have to dive in head first and add everything you can find for Athene and Artemis right away. You can begin with something like libation days, and adding Them to your prayers; and build your way up to including festivals and rituals specifically for either of Them. Worship does not have to be all or nothing, you’re allowed to worship some Theoi more frequently than others, you’re allowed to build a schedule that works for you, and you’re allowed to take your time when adding additional responsibilities to your worship.

Now, for the big one. I know tumblr make sit seem like everyone has a godphone and basically sits down to actually converse with the Theoi, but that’s no the case. I promise. I did a survey a while back on how people perceive the Theoi. Most people just get a gut feeling, and over half of the people who responded said they had only received messages and signs on occasion. Only 8% of the people who answered said they received messages and signs multiple times a month. That’s really not a lot.

What does that mean though? Well, it means that we can’t tell if They’re listening. And it means that either They aren’t talking to us, or we can’t hear Them most of the time. And that’s okay. 

It’s alright to not have proof, and to worship because you have faith. It’s normal to not have proof. Sometimes you just have to believe. And, I know it’s not an answer really, but I honestly don’t think it matters if the Theoi respond to us or not. The experiences we have, the changes we make in our lives, the ways in which we push ourselves to be better–those are all real, significant things, regardless of whether or not we ever get a sign from the Theoi.

Related to the last post I made; Whenever I’m overwhelmed by any emotion / feeling / energy I tend to start physically showcasing my emotions, like flapping my arms or jumping up and down — again things that I can’t really do in public or I’d be seemed odd.

I mention this because I got so excited by that comic by Saku I reblogged earlier that I had to jump up and down and actually strained my ankle, how’s that, I physically injured myself bc I was so hype about aRT

I don’t feel like I’ve ever seen a ‘you don’t have to have sex!’ post that has actually spoken to me. I feel like those posts are talking to teens, or people who are dating someone new, where there’s not a whole lot on the line. Just once I’d like to see a post about being in a longterm relationship and not wanting to have sex (and not just a one-off situation, like, a lot of not sex), because when there’s property and children and stuff involved, it feels like a choice between having sex or risking the end of the relationship and turning your life (and others’ lives) upside down, and when you don’t have the spoons or the funds to make it on your own, that really doesn’t feel like much of a goddamn choice.

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I'm a cis bi woman. I've noticed that when I'm close to my period (and while on my period) I feel more attracted to woman (and they also seem more responsive? Idk?) Did that happen to you when you had your period? Sorry if I'm being intrusive. Please don't answer if you don't feel like it. Have a great day!

Yes, actually. That’s so interesting. Also, when I was on birth control for a while, I would feel attracted to men often, but when I got my period I was not attracted to men at all. I think for me personally, my sexuality was determined largely by my hormonal balance. Now that I’m on testosterone I feel mostly attracted to women, but still consider myself bi because it’s a lot more complicated than that.

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i wanna write more poetry but idk how to write poetry thats not trauma-related

i have that problem too–a lot of the time it feels like its the only thing i can write about because its always on mind. and while its definitely healthy to write about your trauma (because it helps you process and understand it), its not… super healthy to only write about your trauma.

so heres how i write softer things even when all i want to write about is my trauma: 

  • go somewhere safe (preferably somewhere completely unconnected to your trauma)
  • do things that help you calm down (preferably also unrelated to your trauma) such as, smoke a cigarette, drink some coffee or tea, burn incense, etc.
  • listen to some music. something you’ve never heard before, and that doesnt have any words. classical is really good for this, here is a 2 hour loop of my favourite compositions by erik satie (my personal favourite) or a 10 minute piece by arvo pärt (might be a little calmer actually)
  • get a piece of paper and a pen or something
  • draw little flowers or suns or hearts around the page. little things that are cute and make you feel a little happier. stars and solar systems work best for me
  • focus on the happy things in your life. that’s the hard part, but you can do it. if nothing happy in your life comes to mind, think of fictional happy things. like i might think about bucky barnes cuddling with his bf. completely unconnected to me (except for how i really relate to bucky but still). something calm and nice.
  • take deep breaths. try to come up with a solid image, a tangible thing, that feels calm. your cigarette smoke rising like knots in wood. the dust caught in the light. the train going by. the frost on the grass outside. real things that are constant. that you could touch.
  • write down everything that comes to mind. it wont make a poem, thats ok though. write down as many images as you can. write down the way your fingers ache a little in the cold. how warm you are in your favourite sweater. the way your tea smells.
  • when you have amassed as many images and sensory details as you can, read through them and use the ones that were worded well, or that caught your eye, as starting lines for poems. here’s one i just wrote:

it’s pretty still and a little aimless (and completely unedited), but that’s okay. it’s a poem. and it’s not about trauma, or anything bad. they get better with practice.

ooc: Are you feeling very strained and tired out? Don’t worry, go ahead and take a nap. Or enjoy your favorite game or movie, you’ve earned it!

Feeling very slow with your replies and anxious that you’re feeling behind? Take your time, really! You’re completely fine! This is a hobby, you know. Enjoy it when you want to and rest when you need it!

Not having a good week at all? It happens, shit does happen a lot. You’ve made it through the week though, and that’s what matters. Keep going because I believe you can do it, all of my support is here for you! 

Sometimes rpers, artists, writers, and multiple people get tired out and stressed- but you know what? It’s completely fine! It’s alright to say sorry a lot, or if you’re in a bad mood, or if you’re feeling sad. You’re ok, please don’t think that you’re alone! 

You’re perfect as you are, and as much as it feels that things aren’t perfect or upbeat now, keep going! You’re doing wonderfully and i’m proud of you. 

I have dreams a lot of you being nice to me. I miss your smile a lot but its too late to ever see it again.
I’m sorry that I forgot everything. Sometimes I remember, then it just slips my mind. That doesn’t mean that you were nothing to me. You know how this trauma you and the others and my own family inflicted on me.
Maybe from what happened, I learned that it was best to let you go. I know that you would probably do it again. I know that you can’t handle my illness. I feel disrespected but I understand.
I can’t handle myself very well either.
I’m sorry for the panic attacks and my last words to you.
I was freaking out and I couldn’t help it. I wanted to die. It felt like it was happening again.
I hope you forgive me someday.
I’ve forgiven you and accepted that this is gonna be a repetitive cycle of remembering, regretting everything, and then forgetting again.

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how have you been lately?

thanks for asking, thats so nice! ; o ;

uuhh not to sound too negative but ive been better lmao.. i’m having a lot of family issues and its really tough to exist i guess??? i feel pretty trapped most of the time BUT ON THE BRIGHT SIDE i’m enjoying school a lot more! i have classes that i genuinely like and it’s been keeping me busy / keeping my mind off things

i think my art is improving too so that’s cool, and i’m gonna start playing d&d tomorrow :v


Deleted scenes! I just hope they show us the rest when the movie comes out on DVD.

Some thoughts:

-I don’t like that Tina has a crush on Grindelwald because, you know, Grindelwald


-Those two executioners look straight out of a horror movie

-Uh oh

- “Don’t panic” that voice. That lovely, perfect cinnamon roll’s voice.

“There’s absolutely nothing to worry about.” Because they’ll only suffer twice! Awwwwww the nostalgia for 24 hours before when they only had to worry about Tina and a sex-crazed erumpent. Ahhh memories 

- “Ain’t that the guy from the jewelry store?” yes it is my good man, but you’re about to have a whole lot more to not worry about

-Uh oh 

-The BILLYWIG! Now he’s really told her the truth! And it’s sweet that Newt even makes emotional connections with his insects

-It’s good that they reshot that scene on the roof because it is not very good in this one and they were able to add Newtina’s trademark ~steamyness~


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rice, what should i do. i'm a complete idiot, i don't know what the fuck i'm doing and i fail at everything... i have no good qualities. i feel like i'm such a failure i'm not even a person... what should i do...

NO DO NOT SAY THAT ur not a failure!!! when u feel like one just pls remember that there’s this sad asian girl tapping away at her laptop at 2am everynight who calls herself ricepunch

no but seriously uhh idk how to comfort people but i know for a fact that u are not a failure!! and you have lots of good qualities, for example, u liking my blog is a FANTASTIC quality (am i making this worse for u im so sorry) 

if u do think that u really did fuck up and fail, then pls stay strong and stand up again (。•̀ᴗ-)✧ i’m probably not the best person to talk about this about bc ik i’ll just end up being insensitive but i wish you all the best from now on d=(´▽`)=b

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I'm not angry, I just want you to understand the other's points of view. That's all (although thanks for not answering the unanon one actually, I forgot to click it :S) (Call me a pussy for being on anon if you want too, I don't really care ^^)

Not gonna call you a pussy, lots of people don’t feel comfortable sending hate with their name attached to it. Sorry not sorry, but for my own health, you’re #blokt. Hope you have a good day, love ♡

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Hi so I was pretty sure Im straight or smth, but just didnt want a relationship and I still dont really want one UNLESS its a girlfriend who I can hug constantly and is taller than me and will stroke my hair when Im sad and kiss my cheek. I think Im attracted to boys still too but a boyfriend just seems so stressful atm and I just would rather have a girlfriend and Im not sure I would want to kiss her or anyone yet but hugs and cuddles. Im sorry but you seem nice and I had to tell someone.

That’s okay my friend, you don’t have to put a label on yourself or anything! Sexuality fluctuates a lot and changes over time, so it’s perfectly normal to feel that sort of thing. There’s also a thing called biromantic where you wanna do the romantic aspects with boys and girls, but you’re not sexually attracted to them. Kissing can fall into the sexual aspect. I wouldn’t worry about it too much, just embrace yourself and do what you are comfortable with (:

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hey i'm a grey-bisexual nb folk and i have such horrible internalized biphobia and i tell myself that i'm not really attracted to both male and females and i really wish i could be happy with myself, but it's actually really difficult. i just need some pointers on when i feel down so i can try to be more positive (cause that's my goal at the moment). anything helps! thank you so much!

Hey friend! I’m sorry about your internalized biphobia- that sucks. I still struggle with biphobia sometimes, but there are a couple things you can do to feel better about it:

-Remember that your sexuality is real, even when that little voice in the back of your mind says it’s not.

-Attraction ebbs and flows. Sometimes you might feel a strong attraction to one gender, other times you might feel more attracted to a different one. Remember that having a preference for one gender doesn’t mean you’re not bisexual- in fact, lots of bi people have a preference.

-If you’re feeling really down and out because of biphobia, try and find something that puts you in a good mood/helps you affirm your identity (I usually jam out to Girls/Girls/Boys by Panic! at the Disco and scroll through the bi positivity tag).

I hope that helped some. Biphobia sucks, and if you still need advice, don’t hesitate to message us! 💕

-Mod Louise

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I'm sorry your getting called homophobic. I don't think you're being that at all. I hope the negativity goes away. You seem like an awesome person. :) In ref to your question about the thing last night. I did a version of the ritual that went around. It was super draining. I got really dizzy and couldn't fall asleep. I feel a lot better now. This morning there were still some left over dizzy fees but it's gone now.

Wow! So many people having crazy experiences! Thanks for sharing 💗💜💙

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I'm not sure how to ask this, so sorry if I don't come across clearly. Is it possible to be sexually attracted to people but still be asexual? I feel like that describes me. I am sexually attracted to people sometimes, and enjoy fantasizing about them, but have no desire to bring those fantasies to life. I've never heard of anyone else experiencing this, so I was just wondering if you'd ever heard of anything like this.

What you’re describing sounds a lot like autochorissexuality! If that sounds right and identifying as asexual is useful to you, then you are ace-spec. :)

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I just lost a relationship like yours and I'm utterly heartbroken. I'm not sure how to move forward and I don't have a lot of friends to lean on. I'm not sure what the point of this post is but I'm just looking for something anything. I just don't know what.

I’m here for you love. I’m so sorry about your relationship. I can’t imagine how hurt you must be right now and I’m not even going to try and pretend what it would feel like to lose farren. One thing I do know is I’ve lost relationships before where I truly thought at the time that they were who I was going to marry. All I know is that I survived. Each time my heart was broken I have hit rock bottom and climbed my way back to the top. I’ve learned something from each relationship that has lead me to where I am now. I got stronger. I learned to love myself. And even thought it must feel like you’re dying, you will too. If I lost farren tomorrow. I would feel what you feel. But deep down in the back of my mind I would try to remember that I am enough on my own and if they left, they weren’t worth what I have to offer. And someone out there is. You got this love. And until you have it on your own, we are here for you ❤