i have a lot of feels for her tbh


Rating: General
Pairing: Kastle
Word Count: 310

Inspired by a comment from @mxnoncompliant

She doesn’t do it often. Not as often as she’d like. It’s too risky, she knows, signaling him. He may’ve been given a fresh start, a chance of a new life after—after whatever it was he did–but the risks are still there.

(She never asks. He doesn’t tell her. It’s in the past now. It’s in the past.)

He knows by now that it’s not always her way of telling him she has something for him. Sometimes it’s her letting him know she misses him, that she wants to talk to him.

(He doesn’t tell her what it means to know she cares. She never asks. These things don’t need words.)

White roses sitting on the windowsill slowly changes. From “I have some information,” to “I have something for you,” to “Can we see each other,” each time the potted plant makes an appearance, its meaning slowly shifts into newer, uncharted territory.

(It’s not discussed. It’s never discussed. They’re both okay with that.)

A simple text. A time and a place. That’s all she gets these days. No more immediate calls and panicked questions. No more heart pounding, adrenaline fueled exchanges. They’ve settled into a new routine.

(That’s all she needs. It’s more than he ever hoped for. Things are changing.)

It’s quiet tonight. She hears him coming, knows he’s making an effort to let her know. And just like the last couple of times, she stands quickly and watches him stop just a few steps away. He looks good.


There’s a twitch of her lips. A tremulous smile. When she catches his return smile—even smaller than hers—she smiles a little more freely.


If both are a little breathless—a little reverent, a little relieved—neither of them point it out. All that matters is that they’re both here—still alive, still kicking—together.

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Hi Keith! I felt I had to share this with u. So my lil sis (she’s 16) and I were watching vld, it’s the 1st ep and they found S, it’s the moment where they’re in the shack and K puts his hand on S’ shoulder and says “it’s good to have u back”. Then my sis stops the ep and says “... are these two related?” So I answer “we don’t rlly know” and... that’s when I started feeling WEIRD about s//eith, cause I realise that’s how MOST younger ppl must see it so... yeah. Having her opinion was good tbh.

yeah dude, i’ve seen a lot of people say their younger siblings thought they were related right off the bat. hell, the first time /i/ saw that scene, that was my first thought. my mom also thought shiro was keith’s dad so like……. Yikes


#two very different relationships for shaw yet both so important #they both loved her so much but in different ways (one platonically and the other romantically) and its big because for someone that always thought something was wrong with her and no one would ever take the time to GET her #she ended up gaining two people that legit would’ve died for her and vice versa #they BOTH understood her and never judged her and loved her exactly the way she was #not to mention root and reese’s love for her even helped THEM bond in a way that made them start to care about each other #i just have a lot of feelings about these three tbh

“su would be sooo much better if rebecca sugar storyboarded more episodes”

rebecca sugar is responsible for most of the show’s most reviled mistakes. from sugilite’s concept and design, to the human zoo + it being portrayed as an utopia, pearls obsession w/ rose and abuse bc of it,  to bismuths concept and imprisonment, to the diamonds sympathetic portrayal…

that last part specifically, she said that she disliked how yellow diamond was written in “message received”, so she took it upon herself to storyboard her and blue diamond in “that will be all”. whats the big difference in those two episodes? the first got huge critical acclaim. yd was shown as the cold, focused, ruthless dictator she is, with a pearl (slave) who is afraid of her. the second showed her as poor hurt and emotionally repressed, as suffering through her role as a dictator leader, on the verge of crying. with a pearl (slave) who happily served her. and blue diamond, the homophobic dictator, as a sobbing heartbroken mess whos WOAH suddenly gay.

sugar’s work on adventure time, tho extremely popular, also had a lot of glaring mistakes. she was responsible for the twist in fionna and cake- it was a fanfic written by the ice king. ok, funny..but the joke is that the ice king is writing 13 year old fionna/genderbent finn romancing him. or in “i remember you”, jokes likw marceline getting hit on by her father figure the ice king, or the looooads of ableism in that episode that tbh, as someone w/ mental illness in my family, made it hard to watch. 

and tho she gets credit for starting bubbline in the show, all the bubbline eps by other boarders wrote them as…getting along, being nice to each other. she wrote them as having a lot of hate and repressed feelings. which creates a pretty bad pattern when u look at the gay relationships she writes in su- the unhealthy mess thats pearls love for rose, aforementioned portrayal of blue diamond… yeaaaa

tl;dr: rebecca sugar has some qualities as a writer, but still creates a lot of awful implications in near everything we’ve seen her do for su and at. she is responsible for most of the shows mistakes

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Is Cursed Child canonically canon? Like, does JK Rowling say that it's canon?

JK said it is. I’ve seen more people saying they don’t consider it canon than the opposite. Maybe film-canon, rather than book-canon. I guess it depends on the person. 

Personally, I’m considering some parts canon, like Scorpius’ A* personality, while blissfully denying the existence of others *cough*Delphi*cough*. Do you guys consider it canon?


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out of curiosity, who is your bias in bts?

this one is my ultimate bias:

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and this one is my bts bias: 

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yeah… they’re both from bts, so i guess that answers the question.

I just really hope Haseul is chilling out with Vivi and the rest of the LOONA girls and knows we love her an awful lot. And I hope Jihun and Youjin are doing ok, that they know Tinkerbells will always love and support them. I hope all these underappreciated idols who didn’t get through the mixnine auditions (and really didn’t deserve to be thrown into a show like that in the first place) are feeling positive and know they have our love and support always.

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how do you feel about the ongoing sorta not defined relationship between Quark and Ro?


Like, on the one hand, I’m kind of delighted by it, in that she seems to like him both in spite of his flaws and SORT OF because of them? It’s very relatable, ha ha haaaaa oh god. and i like that (from what i’ve skimmed, anyway) some of the authors have used their relationship to explore quark’s reluctance to change as a person. there’s a conversation along the lines of “if I became a better person, would I even be ME” in one of them that i LOVED.

on the OTHER HAND: what if ro and kira kissed

Forgiveness (you can’t imagine)

Just working some things out, because we all know we probably won’t get this in canon. Written for my dear @valeriemperez

And yes, I know the Hamilton reference in the title isn’t perfect. That’s on purpose.

Forgiveness (you can’t imagine)

Iris almost ran through the curving halls of Star Labs, her shoes squeaking on the smooth floor. She cut through the cortex, her heart beating too fast even for the run, and made for the med lab.

She caught the flash of white hair and stopped dead. Animal fear jittered in her stomach. She swallowed it down and said clearly, “I don’t know why I thought they might be kidding.”

Caitlin Snow - Killer Frost - straightened up from her computer. “Iris,” she said.

“What are you doing here?”

“Working. What does it look like?”

“Those idiots,” Iris said, staying well back. She carried a taser now, a nasty little piece of work, and its weight in her pocket was a snarling comfort.  "I mean, Julian loves you so of course he wants you back. And Cisco, well, I guess it’s habit by now, isn’t it? Even after all those times you tried to kill him. But what on earth made you think I’d be okay with this?“

"Nothing,” the other woman said. “I don’t expect you to be okay with this at all.”

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ok so I promised viktuuri baby headcanons and I’m here to deliver

this is pretty much a thread on twitter, but I’ll consolidate it here for convenience:

  • I hope Viktor and Yuuri become really embarrassing co-coach dads to their adopted daughter one day.
  • They’d probably name her Lyuba, because she’s the embodiment of their life and LOVE. Plus Lyuba Katsuki sounds really cute.
  • Viktor is a fan of L words after all, so I’m like 99.9% sure he’d give his kid a name beginning with L.
  • Nicknames: Lyubochka, Lyubov (thanks @3ubra).
  • I feel like she’d somehow have Viktor’s exact personality and heart-shaped smile despite being completely adopted.
  • Physically, she looks like Yuuri’s mom (which is part of the reason why they adopted her).
  • ((but her hair ends up wavy as she gets older, she has multiple beauty marks scattered on her face, and a tooth gap. She’s an absolute charmer))
  • Anyway she’s a horrible, spoiled heathen that makes Yuuri go prematurely gray because he is definitely the overprotective hover dad.
  • Meanwhile, Viktor is the free spirit papa that interprets her brattiness and tantrums as “self expression” and spoils her ten ways to Sunday.
  • ((they both spoil her though, let’s be real. Yuuri just tries to be subtle about it))
  • (((he isn’t)))
  • Obviously when she’s a kid, she clings to Viktor and favors him while saying awful things like “I don’t like daddy, he’s sooo boring.”
  • Yuuri’s heart breaks a lot but Viktor is there to pick up the pieces and Lyuba has him wrapped around her finger so he doesn’t mind being walked all over… :,)
  • ((tbh the only reason she’s so callous is because kids are kinda cruel until they learn other people have feelings too))
  • Because she’s a lot like Viktor, she also picks up on Yuuri’s moods really easily (which is why she’s so good at manipulating him into getting what she wants)
  • But my point is, when Yuuri has bad days and Viktor isn’t there and even Makkachin can’t help, Lyuba kinda just crawls into his lap and cheers him up…
  • She’ll push a picture she drew of their whole family into Yuuri’s face or yank at his face and ears until Yuuri gets out of his head and looks at her, and she just grins this huge ol’ smile that reminds Yuuri of Viktor so bad his heart melts and he can’t help but return it…
  • Then when Lyuba knows Yuuri is giving her his undivided attention, she babbles stories to take his mind off the bad thoughts……. :,,,,)
  • Later when Viktor comes home, he finds Yuuri asleep on the couch with Lyuba sprawled on his chest and Makkachin curled over Yuuri’s feet.
  • (Also Lyuba definitely has a Swar*vski crystal tiara tangled in her hair because you know she would)
  • This is Viktor’s phone lock screen if this wasn’t already obvious.
  • Lyuba goes on to skate and be a world champion and makes her dads proud, both as coaches and as parents
  • (Yuri is probably her ballet instructor)
  • Speaking of Yuri, he babysits occasionally when he’s not busy and is a terrible terrible influence, teaches her how to prank her fathers and push the other kids into the sand lol.
  • Yuri is the favorite uncle. Yuuri thinks it’s cute up until he realizes how bad of an influence Yuri is.
  • Viktor is like “but Yuuri they’re getting along so well!” And Yuuri is like “This is not the kind of getting along I wanted!!”
  • Yuuri has a three page list in small font of recommended activities for them to do while he and Viktor go out. Yuri chucks it in the trash.
  • Mila babysits too, and she’s the only one Yuuri knows he can actually trust with his child (hell if he could raise Lyuba with Mila, he would).
  • Georgi tried to babysit once, but Lyuba bullied him about his hair so much, the he cancelled early an went home crying.
  • Yakov and Lilia are the only two “babysitters” that are stern with her, and Lyuba actually behaves herself around them.
  • Yakov is also convinced that Lyuba is Viktor’s secret love child because she is far too much like him to be just adopted.
  • He tells all his conspiracy theories to Lilia, who finds holes in all of them.
  • Yuuri’s parents adore her to pieces: they insist they bring her to Japan for the coming of age ceremonies, and dress her up for every holiday.
  • Mari looks after her if everyone else is busy, and Lyuba really likes her aunt Mari’s piercings.
  • Minako wants to immediately raise her into the next skating prodigy, which Yuuri protests.
  • Chris and Phichit mail her extravagant gifts all the time.
  • In general, Lyuba grows up pretty well known in the entire worldwide skating community as the child of two of the greatest male figure skaters in history.
  • Of course when she’s older, Lyuba’s affection is a lot more even, she loves both her fathers equally and if she approaches one individually, it’s just because he handles the problem better than the other one would.
  • She’s actually really embarrassed by how bratty she was as a kid. Yuuri and/or Viktor often recount stories while she screeches at them to stop.
  • Even Yuri tries to embarrass her sometimes. “You may be a world gold medal champion, but I changed your diapers.”
  •  Yuri, tossing back a flask: “I let you vomit on me so your dads could go on a date and get some action at a hotel, as if they were still in their honeymoon period.”
  • Lyuba, covering her face: “Oh my god please stop.”
  • She apologizes to Yuuri for being such a jerk as a kid and Yuuri is like, “I married your papa, I signed up for this.”
  • Viktor: oh Lyubochka don’t worry, your daddy likes being bullied and bossed around ;)
  • Lyuba: I want to die immediately
  • Yuuri: *already ascending*
  • He’d be the horrible parent that drops hints about his sex like with his husband now that their kid is an adult 
  • Though let’s be real; why wait until she’s an adult? Viktor is shameless and Yuuri is constantly covering their Lyuba’s ears.
  • "Yuuri, our daughter is one and a half, she has the memory of an earth worm. We can have sex while she naps as long as we don’t wake her up.”
  • Poor Yuuri, between Viktor being himself and their daughter’s rebellious years he has so many gray hairs.
  • Yuri comes over like "oh my god I thought Asian people aged well.”
  • What Yuuri wants to say: “I’m kinda trying to raise the literal spawn of Satan, with the Devil himself”
  • What he does say: “not when they’re married to Viktor Nikiforov they don’t!!”
  • Viktor just kind of shrugs and tries to look innocent while cradling Lyuba.
  • It was in that moment that Yuri decided he would never ever get married.
  • He tells this to Mila, who’s engaged to Sara, at practice the next day and she laughs in his face and says “give it time.”

Anyway, that’s all I have so far, I’m probably going to eventually write a mini series about Viktor and Yuuri retiring and then adopting/raising Lyuba.


hAHA i’m not crying you’re crying

tbh tho like

I really, really love their couple dynamic. Like, you have no idea.

In the game, we all know that Eisuke has a lot of deep-rooted issues about family, emotional support, and control in general. We see it in his POVs and even in the Childhood Promise Substory.

But I also think that MC has problems of her own as well. Now, I could just be reading into the game’s narrative a bit too deeply, but MC’s internal monologue can get a little too self-deprecating and borderline martyrlike,,,, I’m sort of led to believe that maybe she grew up believing to act selflessly at all times (in contrast to Eisuke, who grew up believing to be as utilitarian as possible). 

They both had vastly different childhoods, but I think they’re similar in the way that they like to hide their problems (Eisuke because he doesn’t want to show anyweakness and MC because she doesn’t want to cause trouble for anyone). 

What makes me love their dynamic is that they complement each other beautifully. Now, they’re not a perfect couple by any means, but I feel like they help each other grow. Eisuke helps MC learn how to put herself first and speak up, and conversely, MC helps Eisuke learn how to have more regard for others and to not completely ignore his emotions. 

I don’t think it’s fair to merely classify Eisuke as just a “selfish asshole” or MC as a “weak pushover” because I feel there’s a lot more to their characters than the narrative lets on.

(Again, I could be overthinking, but lmao).

I just love these two so much.

she asked me if i believed in god and i told her that when i was four i almost drowned in a public pool and in my panic mistook a stranger for my father. i clawed my way up his leg. four years later he’d send my parents a picture of the scars alongside a tin of cookies. he said, “i hope she’s still okay. i carry her with me. it isn’t every day you save a life. it isn’t every day you feel like you were here for a reason. when it does happen, you have to cherish that memory. for once, i had a purpose. just being there was enough. she tore me open but she taught me a lot about love.”

When Sara says anything about laurel and how much she wants her back and how she hates that she can’t bring her back it feels so disingenuous to me. Laurel did EVERYTHING she could to give Sara the life that was taken from her, because she knew Sara deserved to be alive and not have her life taken from her at such a young age. I mean it’s not like Laurel died peacefully or at an older age, she died in her early thirties for her fathers mistake. Laurel’s death was just as tragic and unearned as Sara’s, but because the writers hate Laurel we have to act like that’s the way things have to be. Laurel would do anything, literally anything for her sister, even after she betrayed her and pretty much made her life hell for years, she would literally pull Sara from the afterlife with her own goddamn hands if she had to. I mean it would be one thing if they actually showed the characters having a consistent rigidity about the laws of time but they literally disobeyed the most important laws of time for the sake of a mission, often show downright carelessness about their work, and act like the rules of time are a joke ala the time bureau. If you’re going to be lax about your own rules, don’t tell me that “you won’t bring her back for the sake of the timeline”.

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ok you're kind of turning me into a jily shipper so i need to know- do you have a jily fic rec list??

yes yes good (i have a fic rec page here) but it hasn’t been updated in a while so


the two big ones (or, the ones that pretty much everyone in the fandom has read):

  • the life and times- over 600k, woefully incomplete, the entire fandom (and then some) know about this fic, and my favourite part of it is the dynamic between the marauders
  • commentarius- over 700k, also woefully incomplete, written pre half blood prince so there are some canon deviations and it’s a bit ridiculous but in charming way

in-verse fics (this is a very loose term because all we know is that they got together sometime during their seventh year)


  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: i'm 100% happy with all canon hp endgame ships except hinny I don’t hate it or anything but I feel like JKR could have developed it A LOT better (Ginny in general deserved more than what she got tbh that poor girl gets so much underserved hate) and also I just feel like lunarry would’ve been perfect because let's face it Harry was totes into that girl and it would've been such a harry thing to do to surprise everyone and end up with looney lovegood if JKR had been regretful about any endgame it should've been hinny and not romione what was she thinking???

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important question: what hogwarts houses do the Galra Generals belong in

dam son

i didn’t watch season 3 that hard so forgive me if this characterization is off

Zethrid: Zethrid is wild enough to be a Gryffindor but loyal enough to Lotor to be a Hufflepuff. Loyalty is a very Gryff/Huff trait; Hufflepuff emphasizes loyalty out of faith, while Gryffindor is more loyalty earned (similar to Slytherin, but that’s another analysis entirely). Hufflepuff as a whole tends to be the slightly slower house however just because more chill people tend to be Sorted there (relative to the school), so Zethrid would probably push for Gryffindor just so she can pull Stunts. Tldr, she’s a Gryff.

Acxa: Ravenclaw. Acxa is a very careful person, who prefers to be completely appraised of a situation before she’ll even raise a finger. She borders Slytherin but I just get the feeling that she values knowledge a whole lot. A true Slytherin would be okay with limiting say, books, but Acxa seems the type to squirrel them away. So, Ravenclaw.

Ezor: Slytherin. She’s a very peppy girl so people are surprised by her house placement but imo Slytherin strives to hide in plain sight and subterfuge. “Always keep them guessing,” is a good saying to apply to Ezor, as her personality seemingly contradicts her actions all the time.

Narti: I literally cannot glean Narti’s personality besides her relationship with her cat so I have no idea how to place her. She’s super loyal to Lotor so tbh she would probably just request to be placed in whatever House he’s in so she can protect him better?? She doesn’t have a lot of outside personality, at least from what I can remember, which is a goddamn shame. At the very least, I can fall back on Loyalty and classify her as either Hufflepuff or Gryffindor. I kind of want to make her Hufflepuff just so the Houses are balanced among the generals, lmfao.


Lotor: Ravenclaw. He’s a textbook Slytherin which is why he specifically requested to be placed in Ravenclaw as a misdirect, lol. Knowledge and power are oftentimes intertwined, and Lotor wants to be in control of it all. Ravenclaw is the best place for him to bide his time; for one, the smart kid is automatically endeared to the class, as students oftentimes rely on them to carry the class. Lotor becomes a teacher’s pet, helps people with homework, establishes hella connections in the meanwhile, and learns how to cheat the system by becoming the system. Being a Ravenclaw also separates him from his father’s legacy. So pop off, Prince Lotor.

Okay so that scene in the Falcon where Leia comes running from the cockpit, shouting about how “there’s something out there!”

Han immediately stops what he’s doing, and even before he hears the noise himself he’s taking her seriously. Because when Leia Organa bursts into the room looking scared and shouting about something, you stop what you’re doing and you pay attention, no matter how unlikely it might seem that there’s “something out there” when you’re on a rock floating in space.

Anyway. Han stops, listens, and realises she’s right. There is something out there. And his first instinct is to go charging out there, right into the unknown danger, because he’s Han Solo and that’s what he does. There’s a problem, he runs right at it, or shoots it, or both.

And Leia is of course exasperated, because this is a terrible idea, such a typical, Solo thing to do… and she charges right after him. Because she’s Leia Organa and that’s what she does, too. She’ll roll her eyes at Han and make that annoyed growling noise at the back of her throat at his recklessness, but she is not any better. She’s just learned to stop and think, but you get the impression that it took a lot of long talks with Bail and Breha before Leia learned that lesson.

So the only real difference is that Han tends to charge right into trouble while Leia has the same instinct but usually remembers to stop and think first. Which is why Han frustrates her so much because she knows it’s a bad idea, she’s been told, over and over, and here he is doing exactly what she always wants to do and stops herself from doing and it’s so unfair.

So she follows him, because she can’t stop him, and really, she wants to charge out there, too. And both of them are probably convinced that they need to get there first to protect the other person and prevent them from doing anything stupid.

And Chewie just growls in a resigned sort of way, grabs a breath mask, and follows after them both. Because they’re both as bad as each other and someone has to keep an eye on them.

just a sudden late night and probably not too well thought out thought???

Okay but thinking about how Pidge Hunk and Lance were all bros before they got sucked into space and how they probably were FORCED to see each other at their worst makes me think of how they slowly had to adjust to the weird ways they all took care of themselves/broke down/needed comfort??

Like Lance got into those messy fits where it could all be fixed a bit if Hunk were to just hold him, and Hunk would need someone to come along and make him calm his shit and realize what he’s doing and to show him how to breath again. Lance tries to cover up his insecurities and distract himself with mindless activities and jokes, while Hunk bakes to de-stress, and since they’ve obviously known each other long before the Garrison, they’ve probably really grown accustomed to the way each other acts and how they’re different and what to do and how to help etc etc etc.

But now they have this??? Tiny little genius that they’re NOT used to??? And they need to figure out their Friendo so they know what to do, but obviously from that one flash back we had of Pidge just sort of ditching them to go off and do stuff by herself, she obviously wasn’t there/had any interest/felt any need to make friends. Then again, they’re now a team, so becoming close is probably essential to every exercise that school has to offer.

That being said, Hunk or Lance or both even at the same time, walking in on Pidge curled up with 4 blankets (two of which are Lance’s), a pizza box with only half the pizza left, x-files blasting through her headphones, tapping a pen on her laptop in an attempt to not meltdown is inevitable.

idk listen I just feel like Pidge has a lot of pent up emotion and they have no idea how to deal with it and neither do her friends but they’re all trying their best. Plus I’m a sucker for Garrison Bros sO-