i have a lot of feels for her tbh


so this is a little fic i wrote of emma and killian talking about having kids. cause i have a lot of feelings.

this fic tbh is kind of born out of my own pettiness after that anon called me condescending for me not wanting cs babies or marriage to happen. well, this is actually something i’d be okay with so yeah. this fic is for you anon <3

Emma feels his eyes on her as she struts around their room, going through her nightly routine. He has already used the bathroom and now is just lazing on their bed on top of the covers, shirt and jeans disposed off properly in the laundry hamper, and his hook, brace, and rings all stacked neatly on the little table beside him with his book.

 If it weren’t for the fact that they had had a quite adventurous, more than adventurous, night – with them having to deliver Belle’s baby and all – Emma would’ve thought his intent gaze following her movements were lustful. Yet as she takes her shirt off and throws it in the general direction of the laundry hamper and is working in unhooking her bra, she chances a sly glance towards him to find his eyes fixed on her face, and not her now exposed breasts. She looks down his bare chest, trailing the dark hair all the way down to his boxers and…nothing.

She strikes down horny pirate in her brain as a reason for his staring, and after taking her leggings off and putting on a big sweatshirt, switches the lights off and slips into the covers, watching as he himself settles under the covers beside her.

He turns and faces her, his hand coming under his cheek as he peers down at her.

“Are you okay? Why are you brooding?” She finally whispers, bringing a hand to ruffle his hair back, her thumb rubbing soothing circles on the side of his forehead.

“Nothing, love, just thinking.”

“So brooding and thinking; that’s a classic combo.” She smiles as her similar words from so long ago make his lips twitch into a little smile. 

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What are your opinions on Mary Winchester? Do you like her? Dislike her?




after i saw my dear @jisunshines​ sprites i was super inspired to make this!! thank you @krazehkai​ too for ur support as always ahhh i feel like i would have gone crazy without you guys and everyone else’s encouragement XD

i should be posting on my art blog @deepsealily​ but im too tired to switch LOL

this is my fatesona esh! i drew her design earlier but not in kozaki style ofc, (i drew this from scratch which is why im so pooped out) i have to do her expressions too but later lol drawing from scratch is *screeching noises*

fatesona is supposed to be u, right? so uh, she’s smol, soft spoken but talks a lot and fast, p lonely tbh, i’m thinking of having her as a neutral unit because she’s devoted to kamui (to the point where she clashes with jakob, but i think they’d have a very spicy chemistry *blushes*) 

i’m a tad bit darker irl but i liked how this came out~for the line effect, i took one of the csp brushes and adjusted it to my liking (it’s a bit finicky, though, and i had to ctrl+t some of the lines for size and stuff)

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: i'm 100% happy with all canon hp endgame ships except hinny I don’t hate it or anything but I feel like JKR could have developed it A LOT better (Ginny in general deserved more than what she got tbh that poor girl gets so much underserved hate) and also I just feel like lunarry would’ve been perfect because let's face it Harry was totes into that girl and it would've been such a harry thing to do to surprise everyone and end up with looney lovegood if JKR had been regretful about any endgame it should've been hinny and not romione what was she thinking???
Lapis Lazuli rant

The New Crystal gems kind of reminded me that I did use to like Lapis when she was first introduced. She just needs to be in episodes more often, because her character got boring for a while and it was really hard to get a read on what her intentions were (still is, they’re just making an effort now). 

For everyone who says they don’t get why Lapis and Peridot get along, I feel like they bonded over art(meep-morps) at the barn. And I suppose that they both have being trapped on earth in common lol. I don’t feel like they’re being fanservicey, it feels like Lapidot shippers have everyone paranoid.

My only complaint about Lapis is that there is such inconsistancy with how she’s drawn (Peridot too tbh) I  just think it’s funny how her eyes go back to normal in episodes where she talks a lot like the last one, but then the other 80% of the time she just makes this face


He sat down for a few moments, and then getting up, walked about the room. Elizabeth was surprised, but said not a word. After a silence of several minutes, he came towards her in an agitated manner, and thus began: “In vain I have struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.”

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if you rewatch the prom scene you see that after they kiss, alex has her hands on maggie's bicep area and now tbh i just have this vision of maggie in alex's strong arms and maggie secret bottom because she's had to be so strong since 14 that once she kinda "teaches" alex this whole gay thing alex is totally gonna be the top who completely adores and worships her lady. ugh like yes alex love your woman. i have a lot of feels. you've convinced me (along with canon) that they are both switches.

It is canon that they are both switches I mean.

Now I’m thinking about Maggie in Alex’s strong arms too and I’m just S H O O K.

Transmatsu headcanon: Karamatsu disappears for a long time and none of the brothers notice. But one day, they find a girl who looks a hell of a lot like them in their house.

It’s Karamatsu. Karamatsu completely transitioned without any of her brothers noticing.

At first, none of them believe it, so they tease and bully her saying it’s just Karamatsu crossdressing as a ploy to get attention. But then Karamatsu starts crying, breaking down and bawling and the rest are just “fuck, we messed u p.” Matsumama comes in and yells at all of them while consoling her daughter (which she and Matsupapa are so happy about because they always wanted a girl) and now the brothers feel just awful.

Karamatsu leaves first to fix her makeup and visit Chibita at his oden stand (to cheer herself up) and Matsumama just hisses at her sons “you better fix this.”

Chibita nearly has a heart attack because while Karamatsu confided in him from time to time about transitioning in passing, he never fully registered what it would mean until seeing Karamatsu now. Chibita is so flustered he barely knows what to do, but Karamatsu starts sobbing about how jerky her brothers are and Chibita gives her everything on the house while telling her she doesn’t need her good-for-nothing brothers anyway.

Cue the good-for-nothing brothers showing up. Jyuushimatsu literally picks Karamatsu up, while Osomatsu downs the rest of her beer and Ichimatsu finishes her leftover oden, and they take her back to the house. In the living room, Jyuushi puts Karamatsu down so she can see that there’s an assortment of food and a cake. Karamatsu is confused an she turns to her brothers as they all bow and say “sorry for being assholes.”

They’re all on good terms now, but Karamatsu is officially 100% impossible to ignore by any of the brothers. Every time she goes out, one or more of them insists on accompanying her (eventually they develop a rotation system to escort her, but Ichimatsu somehow always ends up going with her the most); the only exception being when Karamatsu goes out shopping with Totoko (Ososmatsu will still try to weasel his way into joining them, but Totoko gut punches him and that the end of that).

Choromatsu spoils her the most, mostly because he doesn’t now how to deal with women and showering them with gifts is all he knows to do, picking up random things Karamatsu likes when he goes shopping.

The brothers start getting real suspicious of Karamatsu going off to Chibita’s stand alone, and one day Karamatsu comes home with a bouquet of flowers and the brothers are like “where did you get that??” Karamatsu has this cute pink blush on her face and says “Chibita found some flowers on the roadside and he gave them to me!” All the brothers know that those flowers are too good to have been found on the road and they’re wrapped all nicely too, so they face-palm and curse that Kara has and always will be gullible. (They totally storm Chibita’s oden stand later and threaten him not to mess with their sister, Todomatsu is unsurprisingly the scariest)

Iyami had no idea Karamatsu had transitioned, so when he first sees her, he hits on her like nobody’s business. Too bad she happened to be out with Jyuushimatsu, and he proceeds to beat Iyami within an inch of his life with a bat.

Karamatsu is still painful as always, posing dramatically to fall into men’s arms and dressing up like a “cool” yankii to hit on girls, spouting awful lines that make everyone cringe.

Just, please, someone, anyone, give me this au…give me trans Kara in all the cute dresses and outfits they deserve, receiving all the love they can get from everybody…. ;~;

For any of you dudes that actually like Dragon Maid or are still using the Miyazaki meme on it, read the Manga. I mean Kyoani has been doing pretty well with animating it besides them not animating the chapters in order and the good old Kyoani baiting/fan service… Yet the manga has a lot more charm tbh, like whenever you read a nice funny chapter and when you read a serious chapter that involves Tohru’s past or Kobayashi and Tohru connecting with one another through her past, I just feel more emotion in the manga than in the anime (maybe it’s just because I despise Kyoani for OBVIOUS reasons but meh) like just read it dudes, I already have a vague idea of what Kyoani is going to do for the final episode (since the manga is still ongoing) but read the manga, less baiting yet more emotion.

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People and media are already dragging them bc they used Camila's voice and some girls forget lyrics in the beginning of the show. And I really don't understand why use Camila's voice even tho I love Camila and don't feel 5H without her

i have an anon here with an answer “@anon that’s kind of unfair tbh. they have to finish 7/27 tour. and unfortunately C. left before it was done. Also.. once u heard an original song (made for 5 piece grp/harmony) it’s hard to remove a voice to make it 4 w/out redoing whole song. And that takes a lot of money & time. Like redoing old album and doing new album at same time. I’m fine with that.. let them finish tour, they sounded great and let’s get excited about new music this spring/summer :)”

I wish more people knew how great Vicki actually is and how amazing her writing truly is because she is more then just “Misha Collins’ wife”. She’s an amazing human being who has done so many things to help so many people. And she’s written so much and all of her writing is brilliant and funny. All around she’s just this really fantastic person and there are all these people missing out on knowing this and I feel really bad for them. Vicki is amazing and brilliant and a wonderful role model and everyone should know that.

KBTBB Relationship Fluff Headcanons

a/n: Because we all need a little more fluff in our lives. Lots of fandoms have these headcanons, so why not KBTBB? Oh, this is assuming that the bidders are in a relationship with the MC.


  • He’s not very touchy-feely, but if he ever feels jealous or threatened, he’d suddenly be all over her proximity, with his hand on her waist, not-so-subtly showing the interloper just who she belongs to.
  • He finds it cute that she apologizes a lot, but he would rather hear her say “thank you” than “I’m sorry”.
  • He would never ever let her pay for anything, be it a date or a present.
  • He finds it too troublesome to tell her that he loves her since he assumes his actions are enough proof of his feelings for her. However, he finds himself saying it more often lately, probably because he knows it’s a real turn-on for her…
  • He’s very prone to acting territorial and possessive, not because of insecurity, but because he needs assurance that she won’t ever leave him because he’d never leave her.
  • Eisuke almost never cries, but when he does, she’s the only person he’d ever allow to see him in that state.
  • He often wakes up before she does, so he can silently tell her his true feelings while stroking her hair; he’d never do that if she were awake.
  • He likes eating her homemade cooking, but he still wouldn’t eat green peas even if she cooked them for him. Haha, you picky dork.
  • He has a bad habit of not explaining the reasons behind his actions, so he comes off as an asshole 90% of the time. Seeing how much she hates it, he’d secretly try to get rid of this habit.
  • He’s not good at comforting others, but if he ever sees her sad, he’d go to extreme lengths to cheer her up (an impromptu dinner at another country, a designer-brand shopping spree, a helicopter ride across the Tokyo skyline— you name it, he’ll do it). He’d also hunt down the bastard who made her sad and make him pay.

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Tbh I started following Taylor Swift is b/c of how unbalanced the criticism of her has been. Musically, I tend to lean in other directions. She’s been graceful despite it all, which says a lot about her character. B/c of her success, people, her peers included, feel like they can say anything about her. I mean, in what world does she get more criticism as a victim than a grown man who humiliated her on stage? Frank Ocean may have had a valid point he wanted to express, but that wasn’t tactful.

And that’s really the only criticism these people face by her fans. Many times, they have valid points. But those points are continuously overshadowed by some misguided and misdirected “shade” at Taylor. Frank, Kanye, etc. all would have made their points without dragging Taylor into the fray, and their criticism would have been seen and heard for what it is and what it needed to be seen and heard for… Instead, the message will be overshadowed by the own shade they threw…

new fun and hip au:

Mahiru is able to stop Sato from murdering Natsumi by walking into the music room beforehand. Mahiru literally drags her out of the room before anything bad can happen. She’s so emotional that she’s able to confess to Sato. They both have a good cry and Sato is also able to confess all of her feelings towards Mahiru. Natsumi realizes in this moment that ‘’hey i’ve really hurt them and i need to deal with some internalized issues’’ and has her own good cry with Fuyuhiko (tbh he started tearing up a lil too and broke his record) and Peko. 

This prompts Fuyuhiko to try even harder to properly express his feelings and care towards Peko, and through more tears and a lot of effort, his relationship with her and Peko’s own well-being improves. Fuyuhiko also attempts to become a better big brother, mellows as a person, makes friends with some of his classmates and decides to give up his heirship to Natsumi, because he never really wanted to become the next clan leader anyway and she had the yakuza qualities much stronger than he ever did. Peko is set free from the responsibility of being a hitwoman and is able to slowly become her own person and find value within herself with lots of love and support behind her (she also starts hanging out with Mahiru, Sato and a bunch of other female classmates and they spoil her and it’s precious).  

Sato and Mahiru are loving girlfriends (the cutest ever) and double date with Peko and Fuyuhiko somewhere down the line. Natsumi become a badass clan leader (possibly with an equally badass girlfriend?), yet has learned from her mistakes and has become a somewhat nicer person. There’s no despair and the tragedy never happened. 

Fuyuhiko can reach for his own dreams and learn how to show positive emotion without feeling the burden of family honor and being forced to become an instigator of violence. He never has to depend on his family, or anyone else ever again and is allowed to be sensitive and caring. Peko will never have to kill anyone again and is no longer doomed to exist as a tool. She’s allowed to be as soft and gentle as she wants. Fuyuhiko gives her space, although he’s always there when she needs support and also buys her a puppy.

When they’ve both properly healed and found themselves, they grow a precious relationship of mutual adoration, trust and support. They always make sure the other is 100% comfy in their relationship and date for many years. Their love matures like a fine wine and their bond as individuals and as romantic companions is unbreakable. They’re each other’s best friend, not one totally dependent on the other for worth and protection, but both perfectly bonded together in mutual, healthy affection. They basically become that couple who can show intimacy just by knowing what kind of socks the other prefers and slow dance in the kitchen or some shit. 

Basically, everyone is happy, and it’s all sunshine and rainbows (mostly).

Also, did I mention Sato lives and is forever in love with Mahiru? They hold hands, share pajamas, go on cute dates and Mahiru helps out with Sato’s mental health and everything becomes A-ok. Mahiru travels the world for her photography and Sato is there alongside her. Sato is so, so proud of her. They have albums full of photos of them in different countries being cute. Sato proposes in the world’s romantic way. Their wedding is the most beautiful event known to grace the face of the mortal earth. They live happily ever after. Sato brews coffee for Mahiru every morning and Mahiru makes them breakfast and they cuddle while they have cute bedheads and it’s 👌

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For the OTP thing: 7 chikariko??

7. What’s the first thing that changes when they realize they have feelings for the other? there’s a lot more blushing but riko deals with realizing she likes chika (in the gay way) a lot better than chika who goes through the really awkward phase of being hyper aware of her actions and trying to figure out what’s “acceptable friendship actions” and what’s “definitely gay”
(”*internal chika voice* do i hug? i always hug but no no i shouldnt? riko doesnt like me like that and i like her so a hug would be weird right? right? or no, wait, fuc k, isnt it weirder if i dont hug her bc riko doesnt know i like her-” “um chika-chan, are u okay? u just froze there” “*internal chika voice* awww shit now she’d definitely think im acting weird D:”)

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Thanks to ur fic, my friend is dragging me out to go ice skating with her... please help me. I have no idea how to skate and will probably end up falling on my face.

omg i’ll pray for you

tbh if it makes you feel any better i’d probably wipe out a lot too sO you have my sympathies

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I actually think the Izzy storyline works really well, in that it's exploring an aspect of Izzy's character which has been obvious from the get-go and that needs to change (for her benefit, not others) and that I think a lot of people are willfully ignoring, which is that she is too accessible to her loved ones. It's time for other characters to realize that she needs support and is breakable, and sometimes the only way it can be seen is for that support to become necessary.

i don’t necessarily disagree with any of that, except that all of that could have been accomplished without the storyline revolving around a racial stereotype??? like consider: in trying to restore her family’s status with the clave, izzy gets in deeper and deeper with aldertree, trying to ‘prove’ herself by going on increasingly dangerous missions without proper back up, and resorting to lying and hiding injuries to keep it from her siblings. keeps several key themes, including izzy’s vulnerability and her lack of support, without any of the grossness. and that is just one (1) idea that i literally came up with in ten seconds so

so i’ve been talking abt this w @joanholloway tonight & i have a lot of feelings about angelica schuyler church & congratulations, here they are

(insert standard “i’m not here to get all prescriptive and tell ppl they’re Interpreting Her Character Wrong” disclaimer here!) 

it’s interesting to me that the prevailing interpretation of angelica by fandom seems to be along the lines of “stone-cold badass not here for anyone’s shit” because. like. look at satisfied. 

the audience’s introduction to angelica is a moment of incredible honesty & vulnerability for her (it’s her “can i be real a second” moment, tbh) - in musical-theatre speak, it’s her “i want” song. the whole fuckin thing is about how deeply she feels, how badly she wants - not just with regard to hamilton himself but like? in general?? - and what that means for her in a world where that’s just Not How Women Are. like. i feel like ppl talk about how selfless and forgiving eliza is, but look what angelica did: fell for hamilton instantly (and gauged his interest in her, too), watched her sister do it too, & stepped aside. gave the toast at their damn wedding, & pushed her feelings for hamilton down & kept them hidden. like. forever. 

further, look at congratulations - so we know this was a longer song that got truncated and folded into the reynolds pamphlet, right? and i can see where the Badass thing comes from, bc “i’m not here for you” comes off like a total curve without the context of the rest of it. and i understand why lin cut it & i think to cut the first half was the right choice but i do wish the latter half had been left in. 

i have a lot of feelings about this section!!!

  • hamilton’s trying to justify himself to someone he knows he can’t bullshit. sacrifice. motherfucker, look what i sacrificed.
  • this is also the only time they acknowledge their ~flirtation face-to-face. she’s looking him in the eye & telling him, you know as well as i do what could’ve happened. both of us chose eliza.
  • not only is angelica with a man she doesn’t love, always wondering what might have been - if hamilton and angelica had ended up being the ones to get together, eliza would’ve been spared all the pain & shame & awfulness hamilton’s now caused. 

SO. i reiterate, interpret canon however you like, write her into your fic however you like, but the way a lot of fandom seems to treat her isn’t for me. she’s shown to be brilliant & strong but we also see her, pretty plainly, being honest & vulnerable - and with us, the audience, to boot, because she can’t share these things with her family.

anyway, i love angelica schuyler church, thanks. 

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001: PC-98 Touhou specifically

- Favorite character: Yuki is wonderful and cute and deserves everything good in this world

- Least Favorite character: …Singyoku I guess? It’s not like I dislike them or anything, I just really don’t care.

- 5 Favorite ships (canon or non-canon): Yuki/Mai, PC98 reimari, Kana/Ellen is pretty cute… hmm… Mima/Konngara intrigues me so maybe that one too. I don’t have a lot of ships from these games lol

- Character I find most attractive: Yumemi… when people draw her with glasses I feel even gayer

- Character I would marry: Yuki would be an easy choice here but I’ll go ahead and say Mugetsu

- Character I would be best friends with: Ellen looks fun to chat with! And of course: fluffy blonde hair

- A random thought: I rarely think about the PC98 era tbh… But there’s a lot of blondes and I appreciate that.

- An unpopular opinion: With these games I feel like you either believe it’s “canon” and definitely took place in the same setting/w the same characters as the windows era, or on the opposite scrap it out as not canon… But I don’t mind either way?

- My canon OTP: laughs

- Non-canon OTP: Yuki/Mai all the way

- Most badass character: Yumeko is so cool

- Pairing I am not a fan of: The incest ship… you know which one

- Favourite friendship: Reimu and Genjii! I love turtle grandpa. Marisa and her ghost mom too.