i have a lot of feels for her tbh


#two very different relationships for shaw yet both so important #they both loved her so much but in different ways (one platonically and the other romantically) and its big because for someone that always thought something was wrong with her and no one would ever take the time to GET her #she ended up gaining two people that legit would’ve died for her and vice versa #they BOTH understood her and never judged her and loved her exactly the way she was #not to mention root and reese’s love for her even helped THEM bond in a way that made them start to care about each other #i just have a lot of feelings about these three tbh

“su would be sooo much better if rebecca sugar storyboarded more episodes”

rebecca sugar is responsible for most of the show’s most reviled mistakes. from sugilite’s concept and design, to the human zoo + it being portrayed as an utopia, pearls obsession w/ rose and abuse bc of it,  to bismuths concept and imprisonment, to the diamonds sympathetic portrayal…

that last part specifically, she said that she disliked how yellow diamond was written in “message received”, so she took it upon herself to storyboard her and blue diamond in “that will be all”. whats the big difference in those two episodes? the first got huge critical acclaim. yd was shown as the cold, focused, ruthless dictator she is, with a pearl (slave) who is afraid of her. the second showed her as poor hurt and emotionally repressed, as suffering through her role as a dictator leader, on the verge of crying. with a pearl (slave) who happily served her. and blue diamond, the homophobic dictator, as a sobbing heartbroken mess whos WOAH suddenly gay.

sugar’s work on adventure time, tho extremely popular, also had a lot of glaring mistakes. she was responsible for the twist in fionna and cake- it was a fanfic written by the ice king. ok, funny..but the joke is that the ice king is writing 13 year old fionna/genderbent finn romancing him. or in “i remember you”, jokes likw marceline getting hit on by her father figure the ice king, or the looooads of ableism in that episode that tbh, as someone w/ mental illness in my family, made it hard to watch. 

and tho she gets credit for starting bubbline in the show, all the bubbline eps by other boarders wrote them as…getting along, being nice to each other. she wrote them as having a lot of hate and repressed feelings. which creates a pretty bad pattern when u look at the gay relationships she writes in su- the unhealthy mess thats pearls love for rose, aforementioned portrayal of blue diamond… yeaaaa

tl;dr: rebecca sugar has some qualities as a writer, but still creates a lot of awful implications in near everything we’ve seen her do for su and at. she is responsible for most of the shows mistakes

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Is Cursed Child canonically canon? Like, does JK Rowling say that it's canon?

JK said it is. I’ve seen more people saying they don’t consider it canon than the opposite. Maybe film-canon, rather than book-canon. I guess it depends on the person. 

Personally, I’m considering some parts canon, like Scorpius’ A* personality, while blissfully denying the existence of others *cough*Delphi*cough*. Do you guys consider it canon?


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out of curiosity, who is your bias in bts?

this one is my ultimate bias:

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and this one is my bts bias: 

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yeah… they’re both from bts, so i guess that answers the question.

ok so I promised viktuuri baby headcanons and I’m here to deliver

this is pretty much a thread on twitter, but I’ll consolidate it here for convenience:

  • I hope Viktor and Yuuri become really embarrassing co-coach dads to their adopted daughter one day.
  • They’d probably name her Lyuba, because she’s the embodiment of their life and LOVE. Plus Lyuba Katsuki sounds really cute.
  • Viktor is a fan of L words after all, so I’m like 99.9% sure he’d give his kid a name beginning with L.
  • Nicknames: Lyubochka, Lyubov (thanks @3ubra).
  • I feel like she’d somehow have Viktor’s exact personality and heart-shaped smile despite being completely adopted.
  • Physically, she looks like Yuuri’s mom (which is part of the reason why they adopted her).
  • ((but her hair ends up wavy as she gets older, she has multiple beauty marks scattered on her face, and a tooth gap. She’s an absolute charmer))
  • Anyway she’s a horrible, spoiled heathen that makes Yuuri go prematurely gray because he is definitely the overprotective hover dad.
  • Meanwhile, Viktor is the free spirit papa that interprets her brattiness and tantrums as “self expression” and spoils her ten ways to Sunday.
  • ((they both spoil her though, let’s be real. Yuuri just tries to be subtle about it))
  • (((he isn’t)))
  • Obviously when she’s a kid, she clings to Viktor and favors him while saying awful things like “I don’t like daddy, he’s sooo boring.”
  • Yuuri’s heart breaks a lot but Viktor is there to pick up the pieces and Lyuba has him wrapped around her finger so he doesn’t mind being walked all over… :,)
  • ((tbh the only reason she’s so callous is because kids are kinda cruel until they learn other people have feelings too))
  • Because she’s a lot like Viktor, she also picks up on Yuuri’s moods really easily (which is why she’s so good at manipulating him into getting what she wants)
  • But my point is, when Yuuri has bad days and Viktor isn’t there and even Makkachin can’t help, Lyuba kinda just crawls into his lap and cheers him up…
  • She’ll push a picture she drew of their whole family into Yuuri’s face or yank at his face and ears until Yuuri gets out of his head and looks at her, and she just grins this huge ol’ smile that reminds Yuuri of Viktor so bad his heart melts and he can’t help but return it…
  • Then when Lyuba knows Yuuri is giving her his undivided attention, she babbles stories to take his mind off the bad thoughts……. :,,,,)
  • Later when Viktor comes home, he finds Yuuri asleep on the couch with Lyuba sprawled on his chest and Makkachin curled over Yuuri’s feet.
  • (Also Lyuba definitely has a Swar*vski crystal tiara tangled in her hair because you know she would)
  • This is Viktor’s phone lock screen if this wasn’t already obvious.
  • Lyuba goes on to skate and be a world champion and makes her dads proud, both as coaches and as parents
  • (Yuri is probably her ballet instructor)
  • Speaking of Yuri, he babysits occasionally when he’s not busy and is a terrible terrible influence, teaches her how to prank her fathers and push the other kids into the sand lol.
  • Yuri is the favorite uncle. Yuuri thinks it’s cute up until he realizes how bad of an influence Yuri is.
  • Viktor is like “but Yuuri they’re getting along so well!” And Yuuri is like “This is not the kind of getting along I wanted!!”
  • Yuuri has a three page list in small font of recommended activities for them to do while he and Viktor go out. Yuri chucks it in the trash.
  • Mila babysits too, and she’s the only one Yuuri knows he can actually trust with his child (hell if he could raise Lyuba with Mila, he would).
  • Georgi tried to babysit once, but Lyuba bullied him about his hair so much, the he cancelled early an went home crying.
  • Yakov and Lilia are the only two “babysitters” that are stern with her, and Lyuba actually behaves herself around them.
  • Yakov is also convinced that Lyuba is Viktor’s secret love child because she is far too much like him to be just adopted.
  • He tells all his conspiracy theories to Lilia, who finds holes in all of them.
  • Yuuri’s parents adore her to pieces: they insist they bring her to Japan for the coming of age ceremonies, and dress her up for every holiday.
  • Mari looks after her if everyone else is busy, and Lyuba really likes her aunt Mari’s piercings.
  • Minako wants to immediately raise her into the next skating prodigy, which Yuuri protests.
  • Chris and Phichit mail her extravagant gifts all the time.
  • In general, Lyuba grows up pretty well known in the entire worldwide skating community as the child of two of the greatest male figure skaters in history.
  • Of course when she’s older, Lyuba’s affection is a lot more even, she loves both her fathers equally and if she approaches one individually, it’s just because he handles the problem better than the other one would.
  • She’s actually really embarrassed by how bratty she was as a kid. Yuuri and/or Viktor often recount stories while she screeches at them to stop.
  • Even Yuri tries to embarrass her sometimes. “You may be a world gold medal champion, but I changed your diapers.”
  •  Yuri, tossing back a flask: “I let you vomit on me so your dads could go on a date and get some action at a hotel, as if they were still in their honeymoon period.”
  • Lyuba, covering her face: “Oh my god please stop.”
  • She apologizes to Yuuri for being such a jerk as a kid and Yuuri is like, “I married your papa, I signed up for this.”
  • Viktor: oh Lyubochka don’t worry, your daddy likes being bullied and bossed around ;)
  • Lyuba: I want to die immediately
  • Yuuri: *already ascending*
  • He’d be the horrible parent that drops hints about his sex like with his husband now that their kid is an adult 
  • Though let’s be real; why wait until she’s an adult? Viktor is shameless and Yuuri is constantly covering their Lyuba’s ears.
  • "Yuuri, our daughter is one and a half, she has the memory of an earth worm. We can have sex while she naps as long as we don’t wake her up.”
  • Poor Yuuri, between Viktor being himself and their daughter’s rebellious years he has so many gray hairs.
  • Yuri comes over like "oh my god I thought Asian people aged well.”
  • What Yuuri wants to say: “I’m kinda trying to raise the literal spawn of Satan, with the Devil himself”
  • What he does say: “not when they’re married to Viktor Nikiforov they don’t!!”
  • Viktor just kind of shrugs and tries to look innocent while cradling Lyuba.
  • It was in that moment that Yuri decided he would never ever get married.
  • He tells this to Mila, who’s engaged to Sara, at practice the next day and she laughs in his face and says “give it time.”

Anyway, that’s all I have so far, I’m probably going to eventually write a mini series about Viktor and Yuuri retiring and then adopting/raising Lyuba.

just a sudden late night and probably not too well thought out thought???

Okay but thinking about how Pidge Hunk and Lance were all bros before they got sucked into space and how they probably were FORCED to see each other at their worst makes me think of how they slowly had to adjust to the weird ways they all took care of themselves/broke down/needed comfort??

Like Lance got into those messy fits where it could all be fixed a bit if Hunk were to just hold him, and Hunk would need someone to come along and make him calm his shit and realize what he’s doing and to show him how to breath again. Lance tries to cover up his insecurities and distract himself with mindless activities and jokes, while Hunk bakes to de-stress, and since they’ve obviously known each other long before the Garrison, they’ve probably really grown accustomed to the way each other acts and how they’re different and what to do and how to help etc etc etc.

But now they have this??? Tiny little genius that they’re NOT used to??? And they need to figure out their Friendo so they know what to do, but obviously from that one flash back we had of Pidge just sort of ditching them to go off and do stuff by herself, she obviously wasn’t there/had any interest/felt any need to make friends. Then again, they’re now a team, so becoming close is probably essential to every exercise that school has to offer.

That being said, Hunk or Lance or both even at the same time, walking in on Pidge curled up with 4 blankets (two of which are Lance’s), a pizza box with only half the pizza left, x-files blasting through her headphones, tapping a pen on her laptop in an attempt to not meltdown is inevitable.

idk listen I just feel like Pidge has a lot of pent up emotion and they have no idea how to deal with it and neither do her friends but they’re all trying their best. Plus I’m a sucker for Garrison Bros sO-

s3 teaser musings

“I’ll find you. I promise.”

- My first impressions of the VO was that it sounded slightly different from the finale, which made me think he[Sam] redid the speech for the trailer AND that’s probably how Claire will remember how it sounded all those years later. 

My fave bit of the 40secs has got to be Jamie at Ellen’s Tower! Not only do I love the fact that we get to *see* this bit that Jamie had alluded to in the books, but also, A+ sculpted chest shot. Lordy…

Glad to see the magically reappearing pearls again! (Would have really loved at least some mention of them in s2, but, oh well…)

Anyone who knows me by now knows my love for LOST is infinite, and this shot of him waking up is pretty much how I’d envisioned it to be!

CLAIRE AND JOE! Finally a glimpse of him! The look on her face tho. GAH!

I know a lot have speculated that this is Willie, I’m undecided, coz I feel it could be one of Jenny’s kids, perhaps saying goodbye as Jamie readies to leave for Ardsmuir. But it also could be Willie before Jamie leaves Helwater and/or after the fog incident. 

LOVE seeing proud Mama!Claire! Just LOVE seeing Mama!Claire, period <3

This is probs my cinematic fave shot of the whole teaser tbh! Very Maximus Decimus Meridius lol

Just the way Jamie’s fingers brushes the flowers, the dejected, hopeless look on his face. Can’t help but think this could possibly be after he doesn’t find Claire at Ellen’s Tower (he looks wet and that coat is beyond tattered!), and those flowers are his way of touching Claire, flowers/herbs etc were such an intrinsic part of her that will always remind him of everything about her, down to how she smelled.

I’m probably wrong on all counts (as usual) but looking forward to seeing what is and what isn’t.

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tbh I think that Morrigan could be read as Bi or a Lesbian and I think it's really a matter of personal choice because I, a lesbian, might want to read her as suffering from compulsory heterosexuality but someone who's bi might want to read her as bi with a strong preference for girls. frankly there's so little sapphic rep in ya that I don't mind

I think it’s entirely possible, those two readings. Especially given that Mor explained that she thinks she can’t have romantic feelings for men. She definitely differentiates between how she feels sexually and romantically, which I thought was really interesting - I think it shows that she has thought a lot about her own feelings, which makes complete sense, considering that she is trying to figure out where she falls. And it’s probably indicative of the impulse to classify and label. And separating how she feels physically and emotionally is… let’s just say that this was my problem, in figuring out whether or not I was bi, what I figured was “well, I never have romantic feelings for women, just sexual, and so that means I am not attracted to them across the board”. Cut to the last couple months and feeling feelings and suddenly everything is different.

(The fact that this conversation about Mor gets so, so personal is… a bit uncomfortable for me sometimes? But it has really helped me understand her, and maybe other people have experienced something similar to me? So this is my frame of reference - my own experience - and why I keep bringing it up.)

I have no problem with people reading characters in the way they feel comfortable with. I think for a lot of people, right now it’s more comfortable or makes more sense to read Mor as bi because of previous ships and feeling like this was not hinted at sufficiently before in the narrative. And this being my identity and recognizing so much of what she said in myself… this leads me to bi.

And the fact that Mor herself seems unsure leads this open to interpretation by the reader. Add on top of that lack of rep, like you mentioned, yeah - read it how you want, the way that makes the most sense to you and will be the most meaningful for you.

This topic of compulsory heterosexuality has come up before on here and I’m hesitant to discuss it, but… I don’t think I understand enough about it to talk about the nuances of that combined with Mor’s explanation of how she feels. I remember her stating a couple of times that she does enjoy having sex with men - her discomfort after sleeping with Helion came from her motivation, not necessarily the act itself. But I’d like to hear more about this idea and how it can change our reading of her character and identification.

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ok you're kind of turning me into a jily shipper so i need to know- do you have a jily fic rec list??

yes yes good (i have a fic rec page here) but it hasn’t been updated in a while so


the two big ones (or, the ones that pretty much everyone in the fandom has read):

  • the life and times- over 600k, woefully incomplete, the entire fandom (and then some) know about this fic, and my favourite part of it is the dynamic between the marauders
  • commentarius- over 700k, also woefully incomplete, written pre half blood prince so there are some canon deviations and it’s a bit ridiculous but in charming way

in-verse fics (this is a very loose term because all we know is that they got together sometime during their seventh year)


open to m/f/nb. a frequent affair that maybe got a little deeper than they had bargained for. suggested connection: step-daughter’s friend (18+ only), husband’s intern, employee, anyone really, bonus points for age gaps

“does it bother you or something?” the older woman spoke, back toward the other as she was reaching behind her to re-fasten the bra they’d so eagerly removed when they’d first entered the room. glancing over her shoulder, samaira’s eyes found theirs, offering the softest of smiles. “that as soon as i leave here i go back home to him? is that why you’ve been so quiet?” they were meant to be casual, an agreement they’d made upon their first hook up. but things had felt different lately. they were less accessible, at least on a level deeper than just sex. then again, why did she care? “you know this is just.. the way it has to be. i know it’s not perfect but—” cutting her own words off, her eyes were shifting down toward the bed. “if you want to stop this, i get it. it’s supposed to be fun.” it was always just supposed to be fun. and if it was over, she’d grit and bare it. she’d have to.

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pidge x her laptop is what i live for tbh. #1 otp,

ok but listen,,, the team meets a cute cyborg girl w big curly black hair and shiny eyes and she’s fourteen and has a bit of a lisp so doesn’t talk much but pidge is endlessly fascinated with everything she says and makes her feel smart and interesting and cyborg girl is good at helping pidge look after herself and even though all they do together is hold hands and talk about the universe they’re so so happy together!!!!! and they both have a lot of worries about their appearances and stuff (pidge is a trans girl and is still learning to be ok with that and cyborg girl wishes she had real hands to hold pidge with), and they can help each other through that and !!! ok im even more invested than i was when i first started writing this kdfjkd 

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What are your opinions on Mary Winchester? Do you like her? Dislike her?




Morrigan thoughts - Spoilers

I just barely read her coming out scene (and I haven’t finished the book yet), but here are my initial thoughts, which will be expanded eventually:

I identify with Mor so much right now. More than I thought I’d be able to. I had no idea. I’m having a lot of feelings right now. I know that my experience is different, that everyone experiences and handles this situation in very different ways, but I am… right there with her, tbh.

I am reading her as bi. She seems very conflicted and she explicitly says a couple of times that she enjoys sex with men. So. I’ve written her as bi before in fic, so this changes very little about how I view her, overall.

I don’t see her actions as being cruel towards Az, per se. I think she isn’t sure of how she feels, she said some interesting things differentiating her sexual and romantic feelings, and I think she is experiencing a lot of internal conflict, and has been for a long time, and this shit is complicated to figure out (or it can be - again, I’m speaking from my own experience). How can she be expected to take care of Azriel’s feelings when she doesn’t even fully understand her own?

I think that while she does have some responsibility to tell Az how she feels about him, she does not need to explain her sexuality to anyone. That is her choice, it’s her business.

I can see this being another situation in which the responsibility of taking care of Azriel’s emotional well-being somehow, again, is falling on Mor’s shoulders. Maybe after 500 years he should have taken care of himself and either moved on or confronted her about how he felt.

I’m pretty annoyed right now at the fact that this scene was taken completely out of context pre-release in order to rile up the fandom in a very divisive way.

I’ll have more thoughts later on, but these are my initial impressions of this scene.

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how many pics does clarke have of lexa going down on her

A lot, I feel like it sparks her inner artist. Lexa can be read in so many ways, from just the way she looks up at Clarke. Sometimes her big green eyes are wide and vulnerable and the strokes of her tongue are soft and timid and it’s the softest experience Clarke knows. And then other times Lexa is consumed with lust and her eyes are dark and narrow and she has this full smirk and her strokes are wicked and intentionally teasing and tbh Clarke loves to capture these nuances in Lexa’s expression. Also it’s just hot.

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So I feel as if I read a wide variety of stories, but I still can't manage to find Pansy likable in most of them. I know you favor (I think) her character, do you have any recommendations for a story that has her either as a side or main character that you think portrays her decently well? (I'm not so much a fan of her and Draco together tbh because I see them as childhood friends only.)

Here’s a couple:

Ugly:  In Defense of Pansy Parkinson by dirgewithoutmusic
“Why are you here?” Parvati asked Pansy once. People asked her a lot, when they found her in Flourish and Blotts, or at work on the Prophet. Their eyes raked her, looking for green, for silver, for venom. Sometimes she’d smile back and let them see the danger.“Because I’m not fifteen anymore,” said Pansy. “God, do you know what precious Potter Sr. got up to at school, the bully? But boys get to grow up to be men, you see, and us girls just grow up to be bitches.”

This is the story that converted me to Pansy.  It’s brilliant.  If you read nothing else, read this.

Touch by @turbulenthandholding. Not all of us handle the past the same way: some of us embrace it, reject it, grow with it, or relive it in recurring nightmares. Harry has saved the wizarding world before; now it’s his turn to be saved. Rated M for substance abuse, PTSD, language and sexual situations in later chapters.

Classic hurt/comfort

Vice also by turbulenthandholding Pansy’s growing up, taking on new responsibilities and wanting new things, but she has one last vice: her not-friend with benefits. 

I like this one for the way it shows her character growth.

Awkward Enoch Headcanons (where he's in love with you)

(A/N: this was a really cute request and it’s brilliant because I never thought about it and this was exciting//I NEED MORE REQUESTS THO GUYS//ILY ALL//pls enjoy dis)

- Ever since Enoch has came to realize that he has fallen for you, and fallen hard, he’s been locking himself in his room and only coming out on meal times.

- It’s upsetting all of you, especially Miss P, whom is starting to miss giving the boy forehead kisses.

- You constantly give him visits now, where it takes him about five minutes to actually let you come in.


- Instantly going warm red af when your skin brushes against him

- Trying to keep his cool, emo boy card but miserably failing

- “Hi, Enoch.”

- *Enoch’s eyes light up; he slips, and everything he’s holding is strewn on the wooden floors*

- Sending his homunculi out to do silly things and has this little contented smirk on his face when they make you laugh, even just a little bit.

- Hugh constantly giving him advice that sounds shitty tbh

- Hugh bragging about Fiona

- “Enoch, just tell her how you feel.”

- “Sorry, death doesn’t free me from my anxiety and lack of confidence.”

- You eventually finding out he likes you a lot and so he becomes more of a lil precious bean boi i can’t even-

- “Heya, Y/N…”

- “Oh, hey there, Enoch.”

- “*curses under breath* Erm, er, wanna, er, hang out sometime?”

- Nervous lip-biting

- more wheezing tbh

- hot af smirking and a lot of hair-ruffling

- Him having no idea you feel e x a c t l y the same

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Can I request MC calling the RFA "master"? Nsfw if possible ;)

Hello there anon, thanks for requesting! I’m sorry if this took too long rip :// I hope this is to your liking, I must say this request is right up my alley ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

This one’s nsfw, obviously (and really long oops)

- Let’s be honest here, he’s usually the one to call you Master
- He’s not super into being the dom in everyday situations
- However, jealousy changes everything
- Jealous Yoosung is hella hot
- One night, you had one of your male friends over for dinner and to meet Yoosung
- He was feeling a little left out when you and your friend would tell inside jokes
- He was also feeling like you were paying more attention to your friend than to him
- The last straw was when your friend left and gave you a hug, but held on a little too long
- As soon as the door closed behind your friend, you two went straight into the bedroom
- Yoosung fucked you roughly, his hands running down your body and gripping your waist
- You were so turned on by his dominant side that the word “Master” slipped from your mouth as he quickened his pace
- His hands flew to your neck, tightening around it hard enough to bruise as he breathed “say that again”

- You two had been fairly vanilla in the bedroom
- But one time, he was portraying a villain in a musical
- The darkness and power of the character were intoxicating
- So he was a bit bolder than usual
- He came home from a long rehearsal, still partially in the mindset of his character
- He kissed you passionately, pushing you down onto the bed
- He had your clothes off in an inhuman speed
- His hair was wrapped around your hand, his mouth on your neck
- Then bit down. Hard
- It was unexpected, and oh boY did it feel good
- You moaned out “Master”
- He paused, staring at you with hunger in his eyes, before pounding into you
- He didn’t need to tell you to say it again, you were practically screaming it by the end of the night

Jaehee (I was unsure about her but I’d feel bad leaving her out)
- Even more vanilla than Zen
- She’s still coming to terms with her sexuality so she’s really shy about intimacy
- You two never really talk about anything beforehand, you just let it happen
- You wanted to spice things up a little, however, so you went out and got a vibrator
- She was so flustered when you showed her, even more so when you asked her to use it on you
- Do not be fooled by her reaction though, she gets a lot more confident when you start to make noise
- And turns out she’s excellent at using that vibrator
- You were on the edge of orgasm, saying her name again and again
- You reached your climax and without thinking, blurted “Mistress !”
- She was really shocked for a moment
- You blushed, feeling embarrassed
- But she smiled and kissed you
- And told you she wouldn’t mind if you called her that again~

- Tbh I think he’d prefer “Daddy”
- But this is Jumin, he’s open to anything if it means he’s the dominant one
- Definitely the type to have you sign some sort of contract
- He actually brings up the topic to you
- Over dinner one night, he tells you how he’s gotten an idea for you to wear a collar+leash
- You nearly choke on your wine, you hadn’t expected him to be so nonchalant
- But you readily agree to the idea~
- Just a little while later, you’re lying on the bed with your wrists tied above your head
- You’re wearing a black, belt-like collar
- The thick leash is wrapped around Jumin’s hand
- He stands above you, running a black riding crop down your body
- He’s talking to you in a low voice, making you soaking wet with ideas of what he’s going to do to you
- Suddenly, he smacks the crop against your skin
- The delightful sting was too much to handle, you quietly call out “Master!”
- A lustful smirk crosses his face
- “Master? I quite like that”, he says, tugging on the leash to pull you into a passionate kiss
- He’d probably get some of those frilly pastel collars with bows for you to just wear casually

- This boy is a confirmed sadist
- I see him as a switch, but he loves being dominant
- He would certainly be open with you about his kinks, same goes for you
- Like Jumin, he brings up the topic of pet play very casually
- But you can tell he’s hella excited
- One night, he tells you he has a surprise
- He orders you to sit on the bed, wearing only some lacy black lingerie
- He ties your hands behind your back with red rope and slips a silk blindfold over your eyes
- You’re already aroused at the possibilities
- You feel something smooth and slightly cool tighten around your neck
- You know immediately what it is !
- He removes the blindfold, letting you look into the mirror in front of you
- It’s a red leather collar, a long black chain clipped to the O ring dangling off the front
- He asks you if you like it
- Smiling coyly you reply “I love it, Master”, putting emphasis on the last word
- His eyes darken, and he smiles as he wraps the leash around his hand and pushes you down onto the bed
- He wastes no time getting those long fingers into you
- He’s a lot rougher than usual, and constantly orders you to call him Master again
- Looks like your sex life just got a lot more interesting
- Good luck walking tomorrow~

- He’s also a switch, but prefers being sub
- Your relationship is pretty vanilla, tying up your hands is about as far as things go
- He’s just so gentle, he doesn’t ever want to hurt you
- However, he’s great at pleasing you, since without good vision he relies heavily on touch
- One time, you were baking a cake, and things started to get heated
- Clothes were coming off, and his hands wandered your body
- Your lips tastes like sugar and vanilla, and it turned him on like crazy
- He pushed you up against the table and started kissing your neck and chest
- You moaned, surprised at his dominance but definitely not complaining
- Loving the vocal feedback, he ran his tongue down your neck before biting softly
- Before you could stop yourself, you breathed out “Master….”
- He stopped, and it was his turn to be surprised
- Your face burned in shame as you apologized
- But he said “That was really hot” before giving you a passionate kiss
- It must’ve given him a lot of confidence, because he fucked you right on that table
- He soon discovers that collars can be very aesthetically pleasing on you~

- Ok this edgelord is kinky as fuck we all know it
- One day he was helping Saeyoung (!) with hacking stuff
- You walked over to him, and he pulled you into his lap
- You two starting kissing, which quickly turned to grinding against each other
- Placing his hands under your butt, he stood up, lifting you
- He pushed you against the wall, pinning your wrists above your head with one hand
- His other hand grasped your neck as he nibbled at your jawline
- Saeran, like Yoosung, was a little embarrassed about his kinks, but they were quite obvious
- So you were pretty surprised when he said “princess, I thought it was time to get some proper toys for us”
- The only “props” you two had ever used were red rope and a blindfold
- You were really excited, and had a little idea to really get things started
- “Punish me, Master”
- The look on his face was one of pure hunger and lust
- You were so tired when he was done fucking you that you fell asleep with the collar on
- The next morning, when Saeran got out of bed, he left you sleeping while he and Saeyoung made breakfast
- Saeyoung came to wake you up, and did a double take when he saw a.) the collar and b.) the hickeys, bruises, and various other marks
- You blush redder than his hair
- Cue relentless teasing in the chat rooms