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Sorry!! I forgot to post this, I’m awful! Thank you very very much! It’s so funny how everyone seems to have contrasting feelings when it comes to these books and yet Stars and Stripes always manages to come out on top of them all (2nd place at most!), haha! An incredibly lovely book, indeed, made me so happy from the first to the last page <3

@tmarand @urban-trek-thru-middle-earth thank you!

“your friend set you up on a blind date and i happened to be eating alone so you thought you were meeting me and you were cute so i went along with it but you just got a text from said friend that theyre sorry your date stood you up and now i have some explaining to do” au

I got a lot of requests to do this one so: 

Eating alone wasn’t as refreshing as everyone said it would be. Will was a people person. He liked having people around to talk to and fall into conversation with. While he didn’t feel awkward or judged for sitting alone, he just didn’t enjoy it.

He’d brought a book to read, but he could exactly focus on turning pages when he was planning to use two hands to eat. Then what would he do while he was eating? He didn’t want to turn on his phone and watch Netflix in the middle of a restaurant. Not only would that look incredibly stupid, but he didn’t even have enough data to do so.

He stood up and decided to simply get some takeout and eat it at home in his room where he would be able to be half asleep, watching TV in his shorts and munching on his food without worrying about how to keep busy.

As he walked, someone behind him said, “Oh, uh. Hi. Are you Alex?” Will turned in confusion and stopped short, gasping softly. In front of him, biting his lip nervously, was the most beautiful human Will had ever seen.

His eyes were such a deep dark brown, they looked nearly black with long dark lashes surrounding them. His skin was a smooth olive tone, his cheeks splattered with a few very light freckles. His hair was a messy of curled waves sticking out in different spot in a way Will could never hope to pull off. He wore a long sleeved shirt with the Marauder’s Map depicted on it, and torn dark jeans with combat boots.

It was a perfect mix of mysterious bad boy with adorable dork.

“S-Sorry?” Will responded, forgetting how to form words.

“I’m Nico. Uh, Jason’s friend? For the uh, blind date. Wait, is it you, or… I’m sorry if-”

“No, no, yeah. Yeah, it’s me,” Will said hurriedly, only realizing how stupid, short-lived, and completely insane the lie was after he’d blurted it out.

“Oh thank God,” Nico breathed. “Sorry, I get nervous. I don’t really go out much.” He smiled nervously and Will bit his lip. “Did you get a table yet?”

“Uh, yeah. Yeah, over here.” He led Nico to the table he’d been sitting at previously and chuckled nervously. His eyes kept flitting to the doors, hoping that whoever his actual blind date was wouldn’t recognize him or come in. But then, if he didn’t even know what Nico would look like, and they saw Nico with Will, they wouldn’t even think to ask, right? So he was safe…. For now.

“So Jason said you went to school with him?” Nico asked, skimming the drink list.

“Yeah. But, I mean instead of going off what Jason said, let’s just start new between us, yeah?”

Nico smiled awkwardly and nodded. “Sure,” he said with a small chuckle. “I mean he hadn’t told me much anyway. Just that he knew you from his last high school and you were a really great guy. So… are you going to go to college?”

“I sure hope so,” he answered. “I want to go to UT maybe. I want to be a doctor, but I’m not sure what I’d specialize in. There’s a lot of fields within it, you know?”

Nico’s eyes shone with excitement. “Yeah, I get that. Completely. I’m really into health as well. I’m good with gore, but I think I’d be more in the psychological area, like mental health.” He shrugged. “I’m still not sure.”

“I mean we’re high schoolers. I don’t think we’re supposed to be sure.”

“Thank God you agree,” he muttered. “Everyone’s trying to go down my throat and force me to choose something specific right now and it’s driving me crazy. Is it such a bad thing to want to stay in arcade and blow off steam for a while?”

“An arcade?” Will repeated.

“I can play Pac-Man and Galaga like no one’s business, dude. I’m a pro.” Will laughed and shook his head. “What, you don’t believe me? We can go to an arcade after we eat and I will prove it to you.”

“You’re saying it like you need to defend your honor,” he chuckled.

“It is,” Nico said, trying not to laugh. “I’m sorry, I’m being a dork.”

“Don’t apologize,” he said. “It’s… endearing.” Nico scoffed and focused on the menu. “So… why did you agree to a blind date? Didn’t anyone ever ask you in person? Oh- uh, not to be rude, it’s just… this is going to sound so lame, but you really don’t look like someone who’d struggle to get a date.”

Nico’s cheeks burned bright and he bit his lip. “Ah… thanks. Um, let’s go back to the ‘I’m awkward and dorky’ part, tell me where I lose you.” Will burst into laughter and covered his mouth to stifle it. Nico rolled his eyes and smirked. “Why did you agree? You definitely shouldn’t need to.”

Will smirked and raised an eyebrow. “I don’t know. I never really paid attention to anyone at my school. I want to broaden my horizons I guess? I don’t know. But I’m glad I did.” Nico smiled ran his hand through his hair.

They ordered their drinks and food and spent the time talking about different topics, from Harry Potter to music to TV shows to their favorite movies and their families. Will was surprised to find that Nico had actually had a very horrible past, which he tried to downplay by brushing over details instead of delving into it, but Will knew how much it mattered. Losing family and being bullied wasn’t easy. And something told Will that his awkwardness was actually anxiety, and he simply didn’t pay attention to it.

But Will wouldn’t push. He enjoyed hearing him talk, enjoyed making him laugh and being made to laugh. He didn’t remember the last time he laughed so much. When they finished lunch, Will stood and said, “So, are we testing your arcade skills?”

Nico’s smile widened and he stood to follow Will out of the restaurant.

They walked to an arcade across a pizzeria and Will could see the excitement and relaxation flood through Nico. It was like he was somewhere comfortable, somewhere he could be himself in. “Get ready to get your ass whooped,” Nico said, smiling cockily.

And sure enough, Nico beat Will at every arcade game they tried and at every rematch they had. He was skilled in every game, and won quickly or by a large margin. “How the hell are you that good?” Will said in shock after his hundredth defeat.

Nico chuckled and rubbed his hands together. “Um. Well, when bad stuff happened, I’d always go to an arcade to sort of… I don’t know get away from it? I spent a lot of times in arcades when I was little. They’re still a good place to go when I get upset.” Will nodded.

“Well it is now my mission in life to beat you at at least one arcade game.” Nico laughed and sat beside him.

Suddenly the score for Harry Potter went off and Nico pulled out his phone. “Hello? Hey! Look the- wait. What? What are you…?” Nico stood up and looked at Will with wary and shock. “No. No it’s fine. I said it’s fine! I have to go.” He hung up and suddenly, Will saw the dangerous bad boy side get emphasized in his demeanor. “Who the hell are you?”

“Uh… what?” Will questioned.

“You’re not Alex. Apparently Alex stood me up. So who the hell are you and why did you tell me you were?” he growled, his expression darkening as he stepped toward Will.

Immediately, Will stood up and bit his lip, his entire face reddening from embarrassment. He was positive he looked like a blond tomato. “Um… N-Nico, I-”

“Are you some sort of fucking psychopath?” he snapped.

“No!” he protested. “God, no, Nico! I’m sorry, okay? I’m sorry I lied. I… Please stop looking at me like that.”

“No! I’m angry! I’m embarrassed, and honestly a little fucking scared! Who are you?”

“My name is Will,” he started. Nico’s eyes widened in anger and he put his hands in his hair. “Wait, just…. Dammit. Look, I was eating alone, okay? And I got really uncomfortable, so I was going to leave but then you ran into me and…. You’re insanely attractive and I could barely think so when you asked if it was me you were meeting I said yes, And then we were sitting and talking and laughing and I laughed more than I have in a long time, and… I didn’t want just blurt that I wasn’t actually supposed to be your date.”

Nico narrowed his eyes, and clenched his fists. “What were you planning to have happen? Have me call you Alex for a few months? Have me gush to Jason about how great things went with Alex? Were you ever planning on telling me anything? Ever?”

“I… I don’t know! I wanted- no I still want to see you again, to hang out with you again. I would’ve told you, I just… I don’t know how or when.” Nico furrowed his eyebrows and crossed his arms, standing alert and defensive. “I’m sorry, Nico. But everything else I said was true. Me wanting to be a doctor and loving Harry Potter and the jokes and… all of the rest was real. Didn’t you… I mean…. If I was Alex… would you have been okay with seeing me again?”

Nico’s lips parted but he didn’t say anything. He looked away from Will and stared at the ground, his breaths slowly turning back to normal. “Alex stood me up,” he muttered. “I… I did have fun. But now I feel very stupid because I went up to you and assumed you were supposed to be my date and spent all this time thinking your name is Alex, and it’s actually Will, and…. I feel stupid.”

Will cleared his throat and rubbed his arm. “Well… I was so dumbstruck when you talked to me that I pretended to be some guy named Alex and I just got found out so…. I feel pretty stupid too.”

Finally Nico’s eyes returned to him. He was still angry, but not as much. “Then I guess we’re even.” Will wasn’t sure what that meant.

He gulped and took a breath. Then he stood up and held out his hand. “Hey, I’m Will. I’m eighteen. Nice to meet you.” Nico furrowed his eyebrows and stared at his hand. Hesitantly, he shook it.

“Hello, Will.”

“Would you… maybe like to go on a date sometime? I promise not to stand you up or use a fake name.”

Nico’s eyes, dark and big and endearing flickered up to him. He as suppressing a smile, but eventually it became a smirk. Will could feel butterflies in his stomach. “Okay,” he said softly. “I think that’d be nice.”

A guide to being a vocal citizen

For people wondering how to take action post-election of a racist demagogue (pulled from Twitter and cleaned up):

Make a spreadsheet or a file for your representatives with names, addresses to their offices, phone numbers, and contact forms. Put everyone there. Make a note in your calendar app to check in on issues once a month.

Pay attention to news. If you get angry, upset, or worried, seek support from friends but ALSO shoot these reps an email, too. Be courteous but firm and blunt. It’s a numbers game. Often we remain invisible because we don’t go to events and rallies and can’t be physically present. But we can attach our names to emails, we can write letters, we can be vocal. We don’t have to be invisible.

You can do this with your national reps, state reps, and local reps. If someone reps you anywhere, note them. Open a line and revisit it. It’s hard work and slow. One email at a time. One letter at a time. One call at a time. Emails are easy these days, so splurge every few months on a stamp and send a letter if you can. Put your humanity in front of these people. Flout it. Some won’t care, but others will. Change ONE mind and results can cascade.

Rural areas are bubbles full of bigotry and now it’s newly revealed. But we white people who live here have the clout and power! We can speak up when our reps say terrible things, and do terrible things, and vote terrible ways. We can go “I am disappointed in you.” It’s work, but as we’ve seen the last six months, it’s time for us to do that work. If someone goes “who are your reps” you gotta know. If you don’t know and you’re mad about this election, it’s time to create that file and keep it with you and use it.

The time for social media rants only is over. Or, do those, but maybe pull those threads out into a paragraph and send them to your reps. And don’t ONLY email or contact when things go badly. Also reach out when things go right. Even if they voted AGAINST something. Treat them like you would want to be treated if you were wrong or mistaken. But we’ve gotta reach out and let them know we’re here.

Anyway, I know this is hard work. If you need help collecting your reps, give me a ping via DM and I’ll help you get started.

Thank you.

2016 has finally come to an end. It’s certainly been an eventful year that I’m sure none of us would like to repeat ever again. But I’m not here to talk about that. But rather, the project that’s been going on year-long regarding the Tokyo Ghoul 2016 calendar.

Every day, we’ve been posting a coloured page for each day of the year. It’s been a struggle, with everyone having busy schedules and random life events thrown at them. It has certainly been a struggle for me, because I completely underestimated just how time and effort this project would take up. But here we are now, on the very last day of the year, and I can say that despite the difficulties, it has been so fulfilling. I’ve learned a lot about myself, learned a bunch of pretty cool skills, and got to know a group of wonderful people.

Speaking of these wonderful people, here is a giant thank you to everyone who helped out with the project at some point:

  • Michi (makyun) - for starting this project, for letting me join, and for putting up with my chronic lateness (for every late calendar post, most of them were my fault, I apologize). But most importantly, for tearing and scanning all the pages, translating them, writing post captions, and later also helping with cleaning and typesetting. She has done so much, so make sure to thank her for all her hard work!
  • Lily (eyepatch-centipede) - for cleaning and typesetting, and even making a cleaning guide to make it easier for the cleaners.
  • Mar (tealsnap) - for cleaning and typesetting. And for trying to help me fix my phone when it went completely ham :’D
  • Cora - for cleaning.
  • Low (floppyamon) - for cleaning.
  • Kat (nickiforov) - for cleaning.
  • MasqueRider - for colouring some of the pages when I wasn’t available. He contributed to over 20 pages, which you can look at here.
  • Tammy (drowning-in-theories) - for translating.

My last thank you is for everyone. Thank you for supporting this project, whether through reblogs or likes, tags or replies, or even just taking a peek at the posts every once in a while. It’s been a pleasure reading through everyone’s comments on the calendar posts, and I hope you’ve enjoyed the posts as much as I have.

Thank you again, and I hope you have a wonderful Happy New Year!

We will survive this election...

I know that a lot of you guys are probably upset, scared even. I know I am. I was up late watching the results because this election was just so stressful. When I found out Trump won I just cried. I won’t lie, I sobbed and bawled my eyes out. I was upset, ashamed and disgusted with the people in my country. But right now that doesn’t matter, what does matter is that every one of you should feel safe and protected. POC, females, trans, muslim, LGBT, disabled. And everyone else that this man has attacked. All of you will be protected as long as we stick together. We may not have won the election but this fight is far from over. If you are like me then you will turn to your fandoms for support, distraction, and escape from what is happening. So I am gonna work even harder to keep this page alive because I know some of you will need it. Don’t hesitate to talk to me if you need company or just vent out. Send an ask I can gurantee others will feel the same as you. I love you all and please stay safe in this uncertain time.

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muststudy’s study tips masterpost

Hello everyone! Exam season is looming so I’ve decided to make this little masterpost of study/revision tips I’ve posted over the past year or so. They’re mostly aimed towards people doing GCSEs (since I did them last year) but I’m sure there’s a tip or two for everyone!

I have also posted images of a lot of my old GCSE notes on my resources page:

I hope this is helpful and please feel free to message me any time if you need a bit of help- whether that be with revision, choosing A levels, or anything else! :)

For a while now I’ve been dealing with depression and anxiety. I have been working hard on myself and my surroundings, trying to get myself in a better spot and out of the spot I’ve been stuck in. I’m slowly feeling better and better. Now, this isn’t a Wreck This Journal page, and it’s not my favorite work, but it’s one of the first things I’ve gotten myself to sit down and create in a long time. I usually don’t post my art unless I’m really happy with it, but just like myself my art has flaws. The lyrics on this shitty piece of wall art I made mean a lot to me, and that’s why I wanted to make something to hang up on my wall for me to see every day.
I apologize for the lack of posts, but I’m finally starting to feel myself again, and that means more motivation to create! Thank you to everyone for sticking around. 💖✌


Hi guys! It´s been a while, I´m sorry for the lack of news about Skyrim but I don´t feel like working for it anymore and it has been a year now.

I cannot see myself doing stuff for Skyrim in the future but you really never know so I have been procastinating about it…

Some people has been trying to reach me here or LL or Flickr, thank you so much, it means a lot to me that people still care for something I did  <3<3<3

It´s time to upload the mods I saved from the fire at my Nexus account!!

Tauriel, Lara Croft, Epona, WoME, Dollhouse companions and maybe some other I made and never shared like the Heavenly Sword companions

Thanks to @robtonu the mods will be uploaded to his page along with the Viking armors. It won´t be tomorrow but I´m on it already.

Thank you everyone for being such a great and supportive community!

a goodbye

as you’ve probably noticed, i haven’t been updating the blog for over a month now.
i just simply do not have the time to anymore, and as regretful as it is, i’ve decided to stop updating it altogether.
i will still keep it up as an archive, and (hopefully) get around to fixing tags/pages for an easier access to content! i’m gonna leave the askbox on (for logged-in users only) so if anyone needs any info/help/just wants to have a chat about hakyeon - you can message me anytime!
i don’t wanna get too personal/dramatic here but i really wanna thank everyone who’s been a part of this blog no matter for how long and all the people who have sent sweet messages of support over the years - you guys have made me incredibly happy and if i could feel like an active part of the fandom it’s all thanks to you!
i’ve thought a lot about handing this blog over to someone else but i’ve grown too attached to it over the past (almost) four years and i feel like it just wouldn’t work and that it’s time for it to go - i’m sorry about that.
thank you so much for appreciating mine and my co-admin’s work over the years, please keep loving & supporting hakyeon!! ♡

Valjean: Honestly Javert, put on a scarf! You’re covered in snow. Just looking at you makes me feel cold.
Javert: Is that so? Just looking at you makes me feel warm.

Breaking out of my hiatus to share this with you all! :D

This is my contribution to the Valvert Calendar - organized by @ninjaninaiii and @withinadream27. You can find it on the December page!

You can find more information on the Valvert, E/R, and the Amis Calendar here: http://ninjaninaiii.tumblr.com/post/152520722073/les-mis-calendars-now-open-all-profits-10-of

Please consider buying one of the calendars! They’re all full of stunning pieces from amazing Les Mis fans, and all profits are going to charity.


A Noctis Lucis Caelum drabble.

I’m having a lot of negative feels right now, and this is the product. Angsty Noctis, everyone.

The world cheered at the news. A treaty between Niflheim and Lucis. An unlikely duo, but it was set to happen. As per the treaty, a marriage between the Oracle and the Prince – the Crystal’s Chosen and the next in line for the throne. That was set to happen, too, and was seemingly a wonder that it had not happened earlier. The world loved the idea.

The world suddenly excluded you.

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The History of Thermohalia

How it started, why it ended, and what to expect from the reboot

Over the past month the followers of this blog have quadrupled (wow) and many of you are asking “why did you end Thermohalia?”. Since I deleted the thermohalia tumblr a while back, a lot of those explanatory posts have been lost, so I figured I give everyone more context about what happened. Here we go!

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anonymous asked:

how do you make friends and a name for yourself in this community? everyone seems so nice and friendly but i feel really lost of how to get into the thick of it all. especially having just started out. any tips?

Same as RP; you have to reach out to people. 
Comment under their post. 
Send a nice message. 
Find your “Aesthetic” something that makes you stand out from everyone else(people look for new/creative people/simblrs). 
A lot of people are not very sociable so if they come off as a little guarded or stand-offish you just gotta give them time to open up. 

So yea: 
-Reach out to people 
-Find your “thing”, create a story or Char page/post about them
-Be yourself 


some JJBA sketches i did today ;;; i feel really rusty haha

Creating Chapters

A Quick Guide to Slicing Your Novel into Delicious Manageable Bits… Mmmm Bits.

A lot of aspiring authors tend to find the idea of chapter creation a daunting one. They have a fledgling story, and are afraid to clip its wings in the wrong spot, so instead of soaring it spirals into a dead free fall. Not to worry! Chapter creation isn’t nearly as difficult as people make it out to be.

Length: What Everyone Worries About

Out of all the things to fuss over, length seems to get the most attention. This is probably because chapters can run a wide gamut and determine the always-talked-about overall word count. They can be anywhere from a few paragraphs to 20+ pages, but know that a lot of length determination comes from two things:

  1. The scene in question.
  2. Personal preference.

I’ll get to that first point shortly, but as far as personal preference goes, do what feels best. There’s no hard and fast rule about how long (or short) a chapter should be, but know that chapters that are too long may feel like they’re dragging while chapters that are too short may feel incomplete. A good compromise is to meet somewhere in the middle with a medium-length chapter, or a “hey, I need to take a break from reading your book, but I don’t want to stop in the middle of a chapter” length. There’s also nothing wrong with having chapters of varying lengths.

What Shapes Chapters?

Chapters are normally divided with two factors in mind:

  1. The scene.
  2. The point of view.

These two factors can, and are often, used together.

Separating by scene is probably the most logical way to handle chapter creation. A scene is an individual plot beat or thread that, when put together with other scenes, will make up your novel. Outlining is an easy way to identify different scenes. Chapters are usually one scene with the last sentence enticing the reader to continue on to the next chapter. However, there can be more than one scene in a chapter, especially if the scenes serve a similar purpose. Inserting a page break is a good away to distinguish different scenes within chapters. These scenes are usually related in some manner.

When you have multiple points of view, separating chapters by different characters is also a logical way to handle chapter creation. The multiple points of view can be completely different scenes or part of the same scene. Keep in mind that the point of view swap (this can also be true for scene changes) should:

  1. Be clear, either with a page break or chapter break. A title with the character’s name can be used to show a change. If not it should be clear the point of view has swapped within the first few sentences (voice, character’s name mention, distinguishing physical characteristic, etc).
  2. Not repeat information.
  3. Add something new to the story.

Example: Game of Thrones

Chapter Titles: Should I Use Them?

If they work, sure, though there’s nothing wrong with just using standard chapter numbers. You often see titled chapters in novels geared more towards children, but they do exist in adult novels as well. If you plan to use them consider these things:

  1. Chapter titles often introduce something new in the current chapter that either hasn’t been mentioned in previous chapters or was mentioned towards the end of the last one.
  2. Chapter titles may summarize a chapter, but because the element hasn’t appeared in the story yet, nothing important is really given away. Don’t give plot breaking points away in chapter titles. It destroys the mystery.

Example: Harry Potter

Up next: Prologues



Everyone has a tough time every now and then.
And sometimes it’s easy to feel alone.

I know so many people who are struggling, and I know there are millions more out there as well. 

But you’re not alone.
Even when you feel like your world is crumbling apart, or that the walls are closing in, remember there is always someone there rooting for you until the very end. 

I wanna dedicate this little comic to @adminsans since they seem to have a lot on their plate at the moment. And even though I have said it a billion times, I also want to thank you for sharing my work on The Undertale Fandom Facebook page! It really means a lot to me. ^^ With that being said, I hope things get better for you soon and that this comic puts a smile on your face when you’re feeling down. I hope we can be friends! :3

As for everyone else who may read this, I hope this can bring some happiness to you all too. ^^ Stay determined, everyone! You can make it through anything.

  • It’s a really relatable show even if you don’t have a lot of siblings, showing the goods and bads of sibling dynamics

  • It beats Spongebob in ratings

  • The animation style of the series is both nostalgic and modern. The storyboard artists and animators do a great job on incorporating old school techniques such as animation smears and implementing those techniques into digital animation. Not to mention the incredible background styles as it also takes a page off of old school styles kinda like the way MLAATR did

  • It beats Spongebob in ratings

  • Loveable cast, no really so far I don’t have a single character I hate and I love them all. Even with Bobby, like normally boyfriend archetypes are usually the jealous jerk. But with Bobby it’s like he just tries his best, not the smartest but he’s really great! I also love Clyde’s dads, they just love their son and want what is best for Clyde.

  • It beats Spongebob in ratings

  • The humor of the show is basically made for everyone like it’s a children’s show but there are young adults like me who enjoy the other humor that is meant for the older audience such as the time Mr.Loud said in Ties that Bind he said “I’m not sure if this is even mine” and Lincoln thought it was about him. Even the time Lynn said  in Space Invaders “There seems to be a lack of balls here” I’m 5 and I laughed at that.

  • Did I mention it beats Spongebob in ratings?

holykitsunefire  asked:

Have any advice or motivation ideas on finishing or writing more of a story? I have like 11 stories that are just started on chapter one and whenever I think about writing, it's like my fingers and hands just don't want to move and I'm not hyped enough to write (unless it's like 4 in the morning and I'm slowly passing out).

I also have that problem a lot, and one of the things that helped me start writing is I did CampNaNo last summer and forced myself to write 3000 words every day. 

Some good writing advice that I received, not long after I joined the writing community here, is that “Even when it feels like it’s not going, keep writing because you can always come back and edit later on, just get something on the page” 

This isn’t good for everyone, but it really helped me when i first started out. 

I’ve also found that once you get past the exposition and make it to the ‘real action’ parts of the story writing gets easier. There’s something besides character intro’s to talk about, the story actually feels like it’s going places.

Depending on who you are, telling other people about your story/having other people read your story forces you to keep working because they want to get to the end just as much (if not more lol) than you do. 

I hope this helps, I know it’s kinda long and ramble-y. (ebeth)

(PS Any other mods want to chime in?)

anonymous asked:

omg i saw your viktor on anesthesia drawings on tumblr and in the comments someone says "when u look at their page u find out they're actually a sick kink blog :,D" afjdklsksj you're leaking our kink secrets but in the best way. everyone's reactions i've seen are all cute and positive? i feel a lot less gross and weird about it now so thanks lol

lmao it’s slightly mortifying but I have to be up front.
Right? I was really surprised by the reaction of some people. It warmed my heart. I’m glad it could help you (At the very least take comfort in the fact you’re not the only one haha.)

Although I wonder if I’m going to become notorious in the tumblr yoi circle for just making everyone sick all the time..