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Is it just me or do you also feel that OQ Fanfic writing has been slowing down ever since Robin's death? Maybe it's just a summer thing? Or maybe I'm just not looking in the right places? You're my OQ guru, so I'd love to know your thoughts and if you've experienced this as well.

I think it is in part a summer thing, but I do think people are writing less. A lot of people are very disheartened right now, they have a hard time thinking or writing about the show. And I know a lot of people, writers or not, have been saying they’re not going to watch the show and have been muting or unfollowing OUAT related accounts.

Which is totally their right, but let me tell you, I have had NUMEROUS writer friends talk about how notes are down, how reviews are down, how they feel like people aren’t reading anymore and they’re wondering if there’s enough interest to keep writing.

So if you’re an OQer and you are still hungry for fic, make sure that you REBLOG fic posts here on tumblr and RETWEET on twitter, make sure that you LIKE, make sure that you leave REVIEWS. Send prompts for one-shots you’d like to see, send encouraging notes about the multi-chapters you’re anxiously waiting on updates for. If there seems to be little interest, little demand, you will see writers slow down, you’ll see them start to write more for their other fandoms, etc.

The show dealt us a shitty hand, for sure, but Outlaw Queen is still alive and well in the fandom, still full of stories to tell. And many of us are still here and willing to tell them, but we need all of y'all to continue to be present, to let us know you’re still out there, that you’re still interested in OUR stories even if you’ve thrown in the towel on canon.

A&E may have killed Robin, but it’s on us to see to it that they don’t kill our ship.

On the other hand, the fact that Gon knew he had to use excessive force in order to get Illumi to pay attention to him says a lot about his character. He doesn’t like to be looked down on, and this scene proves he’ll do whatever he needs to in order to get his opponent to take him seriously.

Even at this point, I can see the boy who coldly stared Pitou down, and convinced them he was a serious threat through the force of his will alone.

(I wonder if Killua ever found out Gon confronted Illumi in order to rescue him? Does he know Kite’s not the only person he would face down monsters in order to save?)

I’ve noticed a trend that a lot of popular people in the fitness industry (and this is not directed towards any one person because I lit just scroll through Instagram explore feed and see the same stuff over and over again) where now that they are done prepping for a competition they stop tracking macros. There are tons of posts on my feed about how these girls are really happy to not be tracking anymore, how they feel free and happy just eating intuitively. And seeing those posts by girls that have a lot of influence over the girls that follow them make me really, really happy. 

However, these posts are usually accompanied by captions like “I may not be as lean and as shredded anymore, but I’m so happy to not track macros.” And I’ll scroll back to earlier posts from these girls, and their bodies look practically the same. I can understand that these girls maybe feel like they’re gaining a little “fluff” (as much as I hate this term) because they’re coming off from competitions where the aim is to have extremely low/unhealthy body fat percentages. That can really mess with your self-image. But, most of the time, these girls look GREAT, and fit and a really healthy, maintainable look. 

My point is that the body likes to be in homeostasis. These girls aren’t tracking macros anymore, and their mental health is really benefitting from it. But they still look amazing. 

Sometimes, I just wish that the message of not tracking macros was coupled with looking and feeling great about yourself instead of “I know I’m a lil fluffy but…” Most of the time these girls don’t look fluffy at all. It just makes me sad. 

okay so I know a lot of people have been talking about being proud of bitty for finally speaking up about how he’s been feeling, and I would like to add that he’s grown so much in the last year??

parallels time!

if we look back at graduation:

bitty decides not to speak up about how upset he is that jack’s leaving and that he never said anything, instead deflecting and not wanting to freak out/upset jack right before he leaves. but now in 3.9:

we can see how much he’s grown. he and jack are in a healthy relationship and can actually talk about things, which jack has invited bitty to do. bitty’s finally taking initiative and talking about how he feels and i am just. so incredibly proud of him. he’s grown so much. <33

Back when I started HRT I got this feeling of relieve and the heavy fog caused by being fueled on testosterone cleared out. It really made it feel like seeing the world from a new pair of eyes. I am sure you have heard lots of trans peeps mention that kind of feeling or similar. If you are about to start HRT, you really have something amazing to look forward to, indeed!
Anyways, I think I am starting to feel like that again. This whole week has felt like HRT decided to kick in another gear and is working overtime. I have had quite a lot of… *ehem* development this past month. Considering that I basically had no changes or any development during months 5-8 I can only say that I am sooo soo so happy about this! Seems like changing patches to gel really made a huge difference.

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I don't get what this whole circus act was about if you were always gonna do this from the start ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This is patently untrue and I would appreciate you not assuming to know my intention

I opened the discussion to get a sense of my followers’ general feelings on the matter. Had the general feeling been “no please” I obviously wouldn’t have done it. But any quick look through my discourse tag on this blog will show that while yes, there were a lot of “no please” there was also a whole lot of “yes please” or “I don’t mind” or “do as you wish” and you claiming that this was always gonna be the outcome amounts to you effectively dismissing the voices of all those people, which is frankly very unfair to them

As I stated in my original post starting this whole thing I know there’s no way I can possibly please everyone. I promised to listen to everyone and take everyone’s comments into consideration and that is exactly what I did

I have a lot of acne scars. You don’t get to see them all in this photo. I have never directly looked in the mirror for years now. Just a glimpse.

I am overweight. I don’t wear 75% of my shirts because they do not fit anymore. I gained a lot of weight in a span 3-4 months.

I am too short. Something’s off when you are the smallest in your class. 

I could list all other things about such imperfections. I don’t know why I feel miserable about these things. Society really sucks. But on a lighter note, a part of this so-called society teaches us to accept these things. Everything’s going to be okay. :-)

a note during bi visibility time: 

being bisexual can be a very strange thing. i was 16 when i discovered my curiosity with women was perhaps more than just admiration or wanting to be good friends, and that process was impossibly difficult because i had no one to talk to and no examples of bisexual women around. the truth is that bisexuality is being talked about more online and in the media - when i was young, i wish i could have had someone like kristen stewart or amber heard to look at and see myself in. i felt very alone in a small private school, with a very limited amount of people to talk to about these feelings.

SO. if anyone needs to talk or has questions and maybe wants to talk to someone a little older (i’m 27), i am here to be grandma queer if you need it. i notice that a lot of advice blogs are run by people who might not have been through much yet, which is fine, but sometimes a little life experience can give you a different perspective. please feel free to send an ask or a message at any time, any day. i’ll be here.

“10th year (anniversary). In the commemorative issue, I was able to place a commemorative chapter. Please look out for Ichigo and the gang a little while longer”

Since the end of the manga, I think of the couples and the expectations of the readers a lot.

The feeling of the IchiRuki shippers to have been “betrayed” by Kubo always surprise me. You can’t feel betrayed when the author has never promised you anything.

I want to say that, first and foremost, I am an Ichigo girl. He is my only favorite male character, it is as simple as that.

Frankly, I am pretty indifferent about Rukia or Orihime themselves. IMHO the former is too much idealized and the latter is too much badmouthed. And that have repercussions on the pairings : IchiRuki is put on a pedestal whereas IchiHime is criticized harshly.

I discovered Bleach with the anime before reading the manga and have always viewed IR very one-sided (Ichi>>>>Ruki). Rukia has never given me the impression of harboring amorous feelings for Ichigo.

The first hiccup for me was Rukia wanting to stay in SS. Bad sign.

The next letdown was “Fade to black”. Yes, the so-called IR movie. I still remember all the hype surrounding the movie in the IR FC at BleachAsylum. All I could think after watching it was “And so what? That’s all?” Much ado about nothing.

And finally the death knell : Chapter 460 “Deathberry Returns 2″. It’s thanks to this chapter that I don’t feel betrayed by the ending. This chapter made me realize that IR would never become something more. This chapter set in stone their relationship.

For me, this chapter made clear that Kubo would never portray them differently. After the moving and poignant goodbye in chapter 423, if Kubo’s intent was to make them a couple in the end, I do think it’s there that he should have take the opportunity, during their reunion after 17 months (17 months during which Rukia did not deign to come even once! <<<< still upset about that).

If done correctly, I would have believe him. But no, Kubo used this COMMEMORATIVE chapter to depict their relationship AS ALWAYS. Rukia kicks Ichigo, berates him and calls him a crybaby.

And nothing after that chapter has changed in one bit the nature of their relationship : precious nakama. I accepted it long ago and that’s why the last chapter wasn’t a shock for me.

Honestly I’m in one of those moods that kinda reminds me of my childhood. As a kid I was a very lonely child. My parents was always working, my sister lived in India so a lot of the time my only company was the TV. I’d get home from school at 3:30. Put my bookbag down, get in front of the TV and that’s where I’d stay until 10 at night when my father would get home. I remember sometimes I’d have this outta body experience and I’d look around and the visual of a 7 year old child in front of the TV in a house with no lights on and it’s pitch black outside. It still sends chill down my spine thinking about how lonely I was. I mean can you really imagine being that lonely at such a young age? You know? Not saying my folks didn’t do an amazing job of raising me but a lot of times I feel like I was a self-raised child. The worst was the days when I’d have to tuck myself into bed. I’d get all my stuffed animals and put them around me so I had some sense of intimacy and company and its sad to think that I was doing that when I was 7.

i just came out as trans to my mom and she was ‘accepting’ or whatever overall but like boy it was a trip here are some of the highlights:

‘was there something that happened that made you this way?’ (implying that sexual assault made me trans, because she knows my dad was an abuser)

'wait, how did you have a girlfriend in high school?’ (because, ya know, women can’t be gay)

'i wish you told me sooner, i’m your mother’ (guilt tripping. there was… a lot more of this)

after i mentioned that i want laser hair removal: 'well that will be good, it’s hard to look like a woman with a moustache… well maybe not so much in this town!’ (our neighbourhood is mostly non-white people, this is a bizarre racist joke about poc having more facial hair. yeah.)

'do you feel like you’re the same person? like, you’re still mine?’ (this is mostly creepy bc of how she phrased it, not 'my kid’ but 'mine’ like i’m a fucking possession. also i’m like turning 23 i’m not a child jeez)

'well this won’t be hard for me, i don’t see things as very gendered’ (this is just not true at all lol)

when i said i don’t want the extended family to know yet: 'i wish you’d let me tell at least one person’ (more guilt tripping and acting like she has any right to decide who knows)

five minutes after she said it wouldn’t be hard for her: 'are there any support groups for parents of transgender kids?’

that’s all i remember atm but shit it was awkward. anyway this is a good example of how even nominally accepting parents who say they will support you can still be awful about it

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My kins sometimes have fights about my body. A lot of my kins have fair skin but a very prominent kin of mine has darker skin. Neither of these are my skin tone. As a kin starts feeling dysmorphic, another will also barge in. Its not a fun time.

I think the word you’re looking for is headmate or fictive? Kintypes aren’t the same thing as fictives!

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hi! i just saw that fenders post you reblogged and i was wondering, do you have any fenders fic recs where fenris is treated sympathetically? every fic i tried to read just turned him into some horrible aggressive monster until until he learned how wrong he is about mages. meanwhile his own history is treated like it really /was/ "one bad experience" :(

I do not have any personal fic recs for this, unfortunately. I have not read a lot of fenders and I feel that what you are looking for is very subjective and people’s opinions on what sympathetic looks like can differ by many degrees. What one person deems sympathetic may not be the same for another.

That being said, here are some fics recced to me regarding this same concern, but I cannot vouch for them since I have not read them.

Any followers have any additional recommendations for this person?

                        Just a Fool in Love Starters

A mix of fluffy, needy and angsty starters.

“I wish you were here.”
“I’ve missed you like crazy.”
“Where have you been all this time?”
“I’ve been meaning to tell you this for so long…”
“What if I fell for you?”
“I want you so much.”
“I need you right now.”
“Lately I’ve been thinking about you a lot.”
“Did I ever tell you how pretty you are?”
“You look beautiful.”
“I’m afraid one day I’ll end up losing you.”
“I waited so long for this to finally happen…”
“I never knew you’d make me feel like this.”
“All I ever wanted was you.”
“You are all I ever needed.”
“I’m afraid I’ll let you down.”
“If only you knew how much I loved you.”
“Please, don’t let me go.”
“Am I not good enough for you?”
“If only you let me in…”
“I promise I won’t hurt you.”
“This is too good to be true.”
“I’ve never meant to fall in love with you.”
“I just want you to be happy.”
“Why don’t you let me in?”
“You were my first love…”
“It’s always been you… Only you.”
“I know I’m just a fool.”
“We can make it work.”
“It’s you and me, babe. Only you and me.” 

fleur delacour falling in love with bill weasley because he sees her. his youngest brother looked and went hair-eyes-teeth-legs, thought body, thought sex. her whole life, men have been looking and seeing a thing, not a girl. since she turned thirteen and bud-breasts pressed up against her shirts and boys at school wanted to sit close, men back home lingered too long in hugs.

until she was fifteen she dressed herself in shame before she put any clothes on at all. wore everything a few sizes too big, a few inches too long. draped herself in thick fabrics to hide the body beneath them. never learned that hot eyes on her were the fault of their owners, not her. took the uncomfortable stares and the endless flirtation as a fact of life. was fourteen the first time she dared to say “stop looking!” and met only laughter.

it’s not until she’s nearly sixteen and her sister is turning ten that she sees eyes begin to slide over her and to gabrielle. a friend of their father’s, not even that deep into a bottle of wine, caresses a child-round cheek and murmurs a line from lolita, eyes too bright and lips too dry. gabrielle flickers a panicked glance around the room. that look is so familiar. the same hour fleur switches her baggy sweatshirt for a crop top and rolls her skirt over two inches. 

they will look at her. never at her sister.

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