i have a lot of feels about this character

I knew putting myself out there and laying something close to me bear yesterday was going to be rough. Most people were really supportive and I was thankful for that. But this morning one of the people responsible for a “blue” side word tried to tell me how to feel about my own expression. I’ve been fighting with those words they told me for over a year, and today I was like you know what…you don’t have power here anymore, m’dude. I’ve got support and love and good friends and a lot of heart, and nothing’s going to stop me drawing every day like I’ve done for the past almost three years. 

Faeb doesn’t have a lot of confidence as a character right now, and I wanted to show her leveling up, if you will, in herself–so I drew that! Because I think we both kind of leveled up today and overcame some stuff holding us back. And because how my day goes almost directly translates into what I draw…I’m an open book, guys XD 

I really loved what Cengiz said about him and Iman always mucking around and getting on really well. I feel like their natural chemistry really reflected in a lot of Yousana’s scenes, like I really think that if they didn’t get on as well, Yousana wouldn’t have been as beautiful. I also think the moments where the actors would break out of character and improv really added to Yousana’s cuteness. 

i have absolutely no energy to get emotional over the the last clip i really dont. its like when i start to think abt it but chest tightens and my mind quickly starts thinkin abt smth else. pls s4 was a fucking mess but this is too much. for so many months this has been something i looked forward to and thought so much abt, no joke sometimes it saved me at my worst moments. just breathe, stay another day, i told myself, skam isnt over yet dont you wanna watch the characters you love on screen till it ends? dont u wanna have a good excuse to stay alive and completely submerge yourself in a fictional universe so you wont have to think about or feel how much your life is going no where. and yeah, it helped. even that long ass 4 month hiatus was pretty good. but then s4 happened and well. yikes. it wasn’t all bad but… yeah, a lot of it wasn’t great. after all the shit ive experienced in the past 2 months with this fandom, im not too sad to see the show end, well, i am, but im more sad to let go of the feeling of happiness it gave me. it used to be the only thing that brightened up my day for just a little bit before i got too bitter, im sad to see that go. but alas dont they say all good things must come to an end.

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there are a lot of things i dont like about the way ann was written in the story and her sexualization is one of them... i can understand what they were going for but it just feels like they botched it a bit... which is sad because i want to like her more but i just cant bring myself to...

And I guess that might be a common view? I dunno. I still love Ann as a character and that’s why I’m so critical, because she did deserve more.

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I always hear warnings about wasting your words and writing scenes that are too long, but I have always been very descriptive, and work a lot with my character's minds and feelings, so often I'll put things like 'She leaned her head against the wall, chewing the inside of her bottom lip as she broke off another piece of the energy bar, her mind considering his words.' Will this bore my readers? (It's my nature, so idk if I'd ever stop doing it, but?)

Disclaimer: unnecessary words and sentences were cut in the making of this answer.

That warning is generally given with beginning or specific writers in mind, writers who really chew the scenery when we just want them to get back to the story. Sometimes introspection can run on to the point where the character comes off as self-centered and overly angsty. Definitely, when novels start out with chunks of paragraph or even whole first chapters describing natural elements like a denser than dense forest or a darker than dark stormy night, trimming is required. Otherwise readers will yawn, hopefully skip just that scene, but may also skip the whole book. Same goes with clothing, food, and technical descriptions which have been known to wear on this reader’s patience.

Certain authors are acclaimed for being able to set a scene or convey a point in succinct sentences. Not everyone can do that, but it’s a talent that can be cultivated. You be the judge of where and when a scene needs description and where it should cut to the chase. If it helps, read the story out loud and trim sentences that feel like a mouthful, especially dialogue.

Remember, trimming is not your enemy. When done right it will help your reader to better appreciate your work.

~ Thank you for asking!


as you guys know I have been having a hard time updating this blog 

for various reasons like family, money, college etc 

but another issue that keeps me from updating this blog is 

the lack of motivation 

and for that i have a solution 

I have decided to (once again) reboot this blog and start all over 

I’ll still leave up all the fanart and extra stuff but the main blog updates will be deleted 

the characters will also have major or minor redesigns 

the story will 

also be a lot less complicated and there will be fewer characters 

so i dont feel too over whelmed 

here is a little look of what the reboot will look like 

and im so sorry about all of this but im really proud of this reboot 

and if you have any questions feel free to ask :) thanks for reading 


- has a bigger stash of comic books than a hormonal teenager of porn

- jeongguk once said ‘chim chim has so many comics, he probably gets off to them’

- jeongguk was ignored for 3 days after saying that

- he had no problems adjusting to his class, even if i did hurt him that he wasn’t together with jeongguk

- he loves jeongguk a lot, you could think they are dating

-he is really open about his feelings and has a strong character

- he is really sweet and loves taking care of others

- everyone says that hoseok and he together are the happy makers of the b-class

- when he was asked if he and jeongguk were dating he got really flustered

( jimin / jeongguk / taehyung / seokjin / namjoon / hoseok / yoongi )

This AU is centered around the BTS Members (and some other Groups will be included as well) in the concept of Produce 101!

The Blog will be themed around Friendships, the hardships they go through following to being a contestant on produce 101 ( of course i can’t know accurately what is actually going on there, since i didn’t participate, so this is based on how i belive it might have been going on there), and also the themes of love, like and just growing up and finding themselves!

The Profiles will be posted seperatly, but i can’t say in what time schedule since i will mostly be active on the weekends.

Please send asks! The ask box is open and the boys are happy to answer your asks!

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Hello! Sorry about all the incovience since i keep sending in asks to your main. But i was wondering how the direction of the anime will go. Since we hardly know anything about Charioce and his reasonings for what he did. Do you think that the demons and gods were set up as the victims in the bginning to trick us to root for their side and then turn the tables on us and say that the stuff Charioce did was understandable and such, but not excusable? (sorry if this is confusing)

Oh no, do not think or say that. But as I know that our talk would end at some point in favor of the charinina, I would prefer to always reply these kind of asks in this blog, I really feel more “free” here to talk about this couple that I like so much and of course, both characters. :’)

Now, speaking of what has happened today, regarding the war, I have a lot of mixed feelings, because at this point I feel that Charioce has failed, and there is no way to justify the fact that humankind is losing. I know that the real savior of the Gods is only that Mugaro/El’s power on their side, but Charioce knowing that, shouldn’t have taken such a great risk. On the other hand, I know there’s the option that Charioce can put things in his favor for the next episode, but hey, it’s just a matter of waiting a little longer.

And yes, definitely from the beginning the plan was to victimize the demons, and to empathize with the Gods through Sofiel and Mugaro/El (aka Jeanne’s backstory), to focus the “villain” side on Charioce, reason why many people hate him to the point of calling him a “genocide”. I honestly feel that the staff wants to get us into conflict all the time in relation to his character, every episode is like that and always take us to the maximum, in my case, I like that kind of things, so I don’t have any problem but I know of those who are having a bad time with it, because many also only want less elaborate and more spectacular conflicts, like those of the first season.

It’s a long enough subject to discuss tbh.
For my part, I want to see how this “war” it’s gonna ends, and lastly: NO, Charioce is not gonna die, at least not now, not the next episode, not soon. Take your seats because you still have a lot to see from him. ;)

I wish there was more character design help for people who don’t have a super cartoony, hyper-stylized style

like a lot of information about character silhouette feels useless to me? My silhouettes could definitely wildly improve but I don’t know how to do that without hyper-exaggerated or even non-human forms… 

rogue one “everyone lives” au:
  • chirrut teaching luke about jedi lore and philosophy while baze and han roll their eyes and pound space beers in the background
  • bodhi’s face when leia awards him a medal for bravery

  • cassian and han hating each other until they are forced to tag-team in a cantina brawl

  • k-2so and r2d2 making c3po’s life hell

  • jyn joining the pathfinders under kes’s command

  • cassian and shara bey co-infiltrating imperial facilities

  • baze and chewbacca playing dejarik against one another (because everyone else was too afraid)

  • luke and bodhi bonding over flying junkers

  • jyn telling leia about the time she met bail organa

  • lando introducing chirrut to gambling on bespin (”oh, did i win again” “you have to be cheating” “all is as the force wills it”)

  • chirrut and baze helping leia with her grief over alderaan

  • k-2so also being accepted as a deity among the ewoks (the devil)

  • the members of rogue one watching the destruction of the death star from the med bay

I’m sure someone has already said this more eloquently than me but can we just talk about how diana bucks the Strong Female Character stereotype? too many people seem to think that Strong Female Characters = tough as nails, smartass, feisty, would never dream of crying, rejects all things feminine, not like other girls. diana IS tough but she’s also warm and kind and compassionate. she gets excited over a baby, she’s upset by the treatment of the horses, she doesn’t reject her feelings for steve, she’s visibly unsettled by the sight of wounded soldiers and crying children… and none of this is demeaned or treated as weakness or girlish naivety. I just thought that was so important and refreshing and beautiful 

fake fake fake
  • the clip starts with eva talking about causeries: humorous written piece that, in english, can be referred to as “talk of the town”. eva says she’s not good at it while noora says she doesn’t even know what it is. 👀👀👀
  • even before sana starts focusing on the carrot munching, from the very first second of the clip, the audio has a slight echo to it. which could just be the staircase in which they’re in but i’d think that the team would fix it in post-prod. i feel like they left it because it gives a daydreaming quality to the scene and sana’s pov. from the start, she’s not really listening.
  • carrot munching from the trailer
  • i’ve seen people comment that noora is eating too loudly, that’s not what it is.
    firstly: have you ever managed to eat a carrot silently? and secondly: the shot is to show how much sana is annoyed by noora now. when you hate someone, you tend to find every single thing they do annoying. suddenly, they breathe too loud, eat too loud, are just generally gross.
  • in my attempt to find out if there was a word for this phenomenon other than misophonia (as i understand it, misophonia is when you’re hypersensitive to certain sounds regardless of the context or person…i was looking for a word for when it happens only when you hate someone), i discovered a video of 5mn of carrot munching noises. here it is if you want to die.
  • the mcdonald’s discourse
  • sana looks outside at sara, vilde, and laila and…
  • …i’ll come back to this image later.
  • as sana focuses on noora and eva joining the group, she tunes out the noise around her just as when in prayer or when she was looking at yousef’s facebook profile. it seems that the music from sigur rós is used here as it was used in the other focusing scenes.
  • isak literally gets his nose into other people’s business (and i feel that almost everyone noticed immediately, despite how little of the frame it takes, because of the reading sense)
  • again, we have isak trying to reach sana and he says exactly what’s on sana’s mind: “has sara stolen all your friends?”

[cont. after the “read more”]

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what she says: i love freeze your brain

what she means: If you look at Freeze Your Brain at face value, you could easily interperet it as simply about JD’s fixation on 7/11 and his issues oversharing. But it’s really more about a place that feels normal and familiar and safe in a frightening and new situation. It’s easy to overlook this, as a lot of the song is made to be comedic. Take the lines “When mom was alive/we lived halfway normal./Now it’s just me and my dad,/we’re less formal” for example. During the musical, it’s easy to focus more on Veronica freaking out than on JD’s words and their meaning. This is done intentionally, as if to show that JD hides how hurt he is about his mother’s death with other emotions, as many people do. Towards the end, it is shown that JD uses slushies to control a possible self-harm habit and self-destructive thoughts, and that’s when the gravity of the song hits you. Despite sounding light-hearted, Freeze Your Brain is about a teenager trying to hold onto the one place that makes him feel safe and happy no matter where he is. If you consider the possibility that his mother introduced him to 7/11, it’s also about trying to recapture childhood emotions, despite the fact that so many things have changed.


Fun fact: The debt he’s referring to here happened between chapters 310-311. It took him over 200 chapters to repay his debt and he never once forgot about it this whole time.


“I don’t play volleyball for merit.”

Happy Birthday Sugawara Koushi!

June 13th

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: i can't believe people actually ship nancy with jonathan, because that completely goes against what the writers are trying to do. they set up your basic trope: good girl is trying to be #edgy and is dating your stereotypical "bad boy", and then this "nice guy" comes along and pays attention to her. listen, jonathan is great and all, but i don't trust pretentious creeps that like to take pictures of girls making out with their boyfriends in privacy without anyone's permission. jonathan also tried to put nancy in this box. "you were trying to be someone else." the writers totally destroyed the idea of nancy simply being that straight A student that wants to rebel. she's not dating steve, or drinking, or shooting guns because she thinks she's being "different". she's doing those things because THAT'S WHO SHE IS. you can get straight A's and want to do well in school while also partying and dating a hunk. speaking of the hunk, steve is actually wayyy better for her than jonathan (i mean i'd be happy if nancy decided not to be with anyone but let's be real i'm a total stevexnancy person) and here's why: he paid attention to her, like really noticed things about her. he didn't make fun of who she was in a condescending way, and he also supports her. like, yes, he's problematic in that he has shitty friends and horrible parents (from what we've heard) and while his initial decisions are rude and selfish, he becomes self-aware and tries to make it up to people. i.e., going to jonathan's to try and apologize and buying him a new camera, or coming to nancy to tell her he confessed to the police even though it got him in trouble, or telling his friends where to stick it and then going to help wash off the graffiti. in short, jonathan romanticized this version of nancy that wasn't really all of who she was and people paint him to be this great guy (would you trust a guy that took pictures of you without you knowing, and then only feeling guilty once you found out?) and steve is this beautiful work in progress that wants to understand how nancy works as a person. so basically the fact that the writers didn't leave nancy with jonathan means that they destroyed that basic story line where the "nice girl" leaves the "bad boy" for the "nice guy" and they did it in the best way possible without completely bashing any one character and i just really love this show.

I honestly love that 99% of the Star Trek fandom is so… nontoxic.

Yeah of course there’s the shadowlands and the elephant graveyard where the light doesn’t touch and anon hate roams wild, but compared to a lot of other fandoms it’s not only “chill” but widely accepting and outwardly kind!

Whenever I have a conversation about characters or ships or headcannons even if others disagree with me there’s an initial attitude of “oh huh I haven’t looked at it like that!” and then a discussion/debate which might not end in agreement but usually ends with a “cool thought process!” and that is SO underrated.

I feel so non-stressed when engaging with most other Trekkies because even if I ship Spirk and someone ships Spuhura I can still admit that Uhura’s a badass who cares about Spock a LOT and the other person can admit that Kirk flashes Spock bedroom eyes whenever the Vulcan makes a snarky comment.

And people share fanart and fanfics and have such nice things to say and they generally just enjoy the content without tearing others down! And if someone says “your fave is problematic” there’s a general willingness to listen and accept certain things and then continue to enjoy the content without needing to shame anyone for that enjoyment!

I know this is a bit sappy but I just love that a show about a future where everyone is treated with kindness and respect brings that out in so many people *today* because we’ll never get where we want to go if we don’t work towards it now, but I think we are working towards it, and I know Gene would be overjoyed to see that his work has led to so many good people doing good things.