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Stuff that probably happens at the Grump office #19

Matt and Ryan share a bed a lot. Whenever one or the other has a bad night, they seek out the others company, cuddle up and talk. This translates over to the office as the two will lie closely together on the couch for comfort all of the time.

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We have a lot of headcnons about the boys taking care of Candy, in her period, when she is sick, and everything else, BUT, what if it was the other way around? Like, how would the boys feel/react to Candy taking care of them, when their sick, or having a really bad time? ~LOVE YOUR BLOG! you know you are amazing~

Thanks anon, I haven’t been feeling overly well lately because I’m just so slow ?? heckm I tried - enjoy.


  • Likes being babied by Candy in general, but not taken care of.
  • Too independent. Doesn’t want for someone else to watch over him *again* too much.
  • Very easy to make him sick being so vulnerable to his allergies.
  • Doesn’t ask Candy for much, usually water or a blanket.
  • Best to give him tissue boxes, never just ‘tissues’.
  • It’s been a few hours but it’s felt like days already…I’m -sneeze- tired of this.” Complains sometimes.
  • Sneezes a lot. Beware, he’s such a sick guy.
  • (Obviously) takes a week or more for him to get better.
  • Takes a while to get used to Candy taking care of him. Not very into seeing her work and him doing nothing.
  • Will make it up to her, whether she likes it or not.
  • Feels useless? Although he’s just sick he doesn’t like being put down. Especially by some sickness.
  • Probably tries to do things himself while Candy isn’t looking.
  • Tries his best not to kiss her on the lips, would hate to see her sick.
  • Likes binge watching T.V with Candy, it’s some way to have entertainment.
  • Not intimate when he’s sick, he’s not risking it.


  • It’s not hard to make him sick nor is it easy, he avoids some things to keep himself from being sick.
  • Usually irritated when he’s sick. Like damn some bacteria took him doWN
  • Feels so relieved that Candy is there. Someone is there to care for him.
  • Doesn’t mind if she works. If she feels like it, he’s alright with it, though he’d rather her not overwork herself.
  • Usually contracts fevers. Asks for a lot of baggy clothing.
  • Kisses her sometimes, usually on the forehead or dangerously close by her lips.
  • Asks for Demon to be elsewhere so he doesn’t get sick.
  • Gets better in a few days. This boy isn’t having this mess.
  • “Hmm…I would kiss you but I guess I shouldn’t, now should I?” Rowls her up by teasing her.
  • Wears a ponytail most of the time not to get too hot.
  • Hopes inside that Candy doesn’t burn the soup since he can’t be the one getting up to make it (this time).
  • Spends the majority of his day on the couch in front of a fan.
  • Hates that he can’t be intimate with Candy without paying a price.
  • Would take advantage of his ‘sick people privileges’ but then again…what privileges? He’s so ufking sick.


  • Isn’t easy to make sick, he’s grown up at a farm he’s learned how to avoid somethings.
  • Happy that Candy helps him but he never asks for too much.
  • Tries to do things himself, usually getting a cup of water or something small.
  • Disappointed that he can’t pet Cuddles. Worried he’ll make her sick.
  • Asks if Candy needs anything, he actually tries to help her back.
  • “I’m glad you’re here for me…I don’t want to ask for too much.” is still *very* honest about his opinions.
  • Very good at hiding his pain, but he usually makes little noises about it.
  • Wishes he could kiss Candy ?? Best he can do is give her a forehead kiss.
  • Gets cold easily. He’s worn so much thick clothing it’s like his body just freezes up.
  • Always looks for signs about how Candy is with taking care of him.
  • Probably overthinks too much about Candy than the sickness itself.
  • Usually gets better in about a week or less. Luckily, it doesn’t take long.
  • Sleeps a lot, which probably relieves Candy that she doesn’t have to do as much.


  • Actually likes being sick. For once he has a real excuse to be playing a lot of games.
  • Doesn’t really care if Candy takes care of him ?? He’s fine just laying in bed all day.
  • Only time he hates being sick is when he cramps, then he can’t focus.
  • One thing he doesn’t like would have to not be kissing Candy.
  • Always forgets (or just never cares) that he can’t kiss Candy.
  • “I don’t understand why almost everyone always hates being sick. You’ve just gotta learn the advantages…” likes being sick more than he doesn’t.
  • Easy to make him sick, seeing that he has SUCH a sucky sleep schedule.
  • Sweats a lot, there’s almost never a time he doesn’t. Usually contracts fevers.
  • Likes to play games/watch movies with Candy, small - but fun activities.
  • Will never take medicine. He hates the taste of it.
  • Doesn’t like swallowing pills, so, that won’t work either.
  • Usually gets better in about a week or more.
  • Will refuse to nap until Candy naps with him.
  • Never asks for much since he doesn’t feel like he needs much.


  • Rarely ever gets sick. He’s always active/healthy to avoid it and because he just wants to be.
  • Not used to being sick like, he hurts a lot, he didn’t ask for this.
  • Tries not to ask Candy for a lot but ends up doing that anyways.
  • Contracts colds the most. He’s used to being hot after his workouts but like ?? Colds are a different story.
  • Feels so happy that Candy is there. Like anyone would.
  • Gets better in about a few days. Thank goodness he’s healthy already.
  • Scared of pills. He’ll take them if he has to but at the same time he hates the thought of choking on them.
  • Knows he shouldn’t feel bad asking Candy for help but he tries his best to avoid asking her for too much.
  • Can’t sleep alone. He usually asks for Candy to sleep with him.
  • Always remembers that he can’t kiss her, as sucky as it is.
  • “If I could change it I would but, then again -sneeze- I can’t.” Accepts his fate the fact he just can’t.
  • Usually wants/likes to cuddle with Candy, just her laying on him makes him feel better.

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May I have a headcanon on what kind of reaction Izuku would have if his crush kissed him suddenly but it was so a group of boys could back off ((cause she is prettt so she is very popular and guys always swarm her even tho she doesn't like them)) and she says thank you to Izuku. How would he feel or react? Thank you so much for allowing headcanons :3

Midoriya Izuku: Midoriya would be confused with a lot of conflicting feelings, mostly because he didn’t have a single chance to think before you ended up kissing him. He thinks about how soft your lips were against his, and good you smelled because you’d never been this close to him before. His heart is beating a mile and minute and he scolds himself because the kiss didn’t mean anything, it was only to get surrounding people to leave you be, though the way you say thank you to him… he wonders if he actually has a chance. 

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i know this is really dumb but seeing you draw the boys with self harm scars and them just not freaking out about it makes me feel a little less insecure about my own self harm scars. sorry if this is weird it took me 5 minutes to write this because i kept erasing it thinking i sounded stupid so

((Oh trust me you don’t sound dumb at all!!!

I know i say this A Lot in this blog but the reason why i do that kind of stuff is actually to make myself feel better abt having them!! So having other ppl say that it’s helping them as well is honestly one of the best kind of messages i can get. I love all of you tbh))

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I have a headcanon about dela duck in ducktales 2017 where she is like ameila earheart and disappeared on one of her flights. Years later, while on a adventure in the tropics, scrooge, the boys and donald find a old crashed plane with a diary of dela's account of her time on the island and stops when she attempts to leave the island on a makeshift raft. The diary also contains a lot of admeration for her boys and hopes to see them again.

oohhh, imagine how the boys feels when they see her diary :’|

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relating to your getting outted story, I remember me and my were talking and I told her me and a girl held hands while we were walking back to class. She got confused, and we got all quiet and eventually on the topic of sexuality. She was like, "Boys or girls?" I said both, and she said "So you're bisexual?" and yada yada. She just said I was confused, and I can understand that because I wasn't answering correctly but yeah. (She's a good person, but she doesn't really know a lot about LGBT.)

Fair fair and yeah I feel sometimes you just have to try n break it down for them

Dating Cisco would include

Inside jokes Hand holding Fandom references Movie marathons Couples goals Playing in his hair His attempting to play with your hair “It’s just so much.” Wearing his T-shirts to bed Completely stealing his favorite T-shirt “Babe, have you seem my Schrödinger’s Cat shirt?” *you: wearing said shirt* “nope, I haven’t seen it” Lots of pizza and burgers Being there when the particle accelerator exploded Always having a bad feeling about Wells Cisco telling you he saw Wells kill him Being there for him when Barry makes Flashpoint and kills his brother Being best friends with Iris and Caitlin Making Caitlin go out with Julien Having a Harry Potter themed wedding Serotonin shaped wedding rings Being pregnant and having to figure out names “So I was thinking, if it’s a boy we should go with Harry or Luke. If it’s a girl, Leia or Hermione” “no” You wanting to know the gender “It’s a baby girl Ramon. Oh yeah!” Him eventually wearing you down “Hello Hermione, your mommy and daddy love you very much.” Having a fandom Christmas tree at home but going to Joe’s for Christmas Cisco and your two-year-old having light saber battles at 3 am “What in the world are you doing?” Both of them looking innocent with puppy eyes “please, just five more minutes?” Coming from both of them at the same time “fine, but it’s not my fault when you guys are tired in the morning”

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Hey hey hey hailey I got two things to tell ya first is you should go to Peru it's warm and you can see seals and eat sea food like ceviche (my fav) it could be spicy though and the other is plz follow me I know that you will be like it won't be fair to others if I follow you people will be asking me to follow them too but I just really want you to be my friend and that I won't feel that sad cause not a lot of people notice me anyways go to Peru (Lima,ilo) go there maybe I will be there too 😋😋

Hmm, sounds like an adventure! I’ll have to talk to my family about that, I’m still trying to convince my parents to take the boys and I to Disney land (cuz I’m a Disney fanatic XD) and sure I’ll follow ya back! Happy to!

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: why is broadway merchandise sO DAMN EXPENSIVE. all i want is something to commemorate me seeing a show that i already spent a shitload of money on, but i can't do that bECAUSE EVERYTHING IS TOO EXPENSIVE.

“why do you love lance so much?” why do you NOT?! look at him! this boy can light up any room he enters


Listen I’m bi as Heck and as much as I love girls, I also love boys? Boys are amazing and pure and liking boys is a wonderful feeling? I never see a lot of posts talking about cute boys so

Some Boy Aesthetics™ I’m in love with include:

Their tired grins? Have you seen a cute boy grin when he’s tired? Life Changing

Sleeves rolled up to forearms is all good and Well but also when they have Sweater Paws in their hoodies or jumpers? Makes the tallest of them seem so smol? I’m lov?

When they run their hand through their hair and it sticks up in places and it looks So Good

Collar Bones

Soft pudgy stomachs they absolutely make me melt

When ya boy gets flustered A++ Bonus points if he giggles Boys giggling is Everything

One Thing (Among Many) That I Really Appreciated About Wonder Woman

I was ready to go into Wonder Woman, fully expecting Steve Trevor’s story Arc to be “I’m sexist, and by the end of the film Diana will prove me wrong, but until then I’ll be a smarmy jerk boy.”  I was waiting for a “Woman can’t do X” joke or Steve being incredulous at her abilities and having it be played for laughs.  I was waiting for it, to clench my teeth and get through it.


becuase from the moment Steve “Ride or Die” Trevor washes up on Amazon Island of Buff Chicks he is 100% there for Diana.  He treats her as an equal, is supportive of her power, follows her into battle, and is only critical of her when he’s concerned for her safety, and even then does what he can to help her push forward anyway.  I wasn’t expecting to leave the theater having a lot of feelings about Steve Trevor but HOOOOO DOGGY. 

Like Steve is such a breath of fresh air.  After sitting through film after film of of stubborn, borish, snarky, sarcastic men that we’re supposed to revere as heroes, I’m so so thankful that we get Steve Trevor, who is a warrior who believes in the best of people, who willingly embraces vulnerability and the Lasso of Truth, who believes in self-sacrifice and that human beings are inherently good, who above all believes in, supports, relies on, follows, and loves Wonder Woman. 


u know whats great? that lance has honestly taught me that its okay to be a guy and care about beauty, that its not just a feminine thing and even if it was that there’s nothing wrong with that! 

the only other times in movies or tv i’ve see a man wear a face mask or pamper himself is when someones using it for humor- haha look at that guy, he’s not manly at all! he must be gay! thats not something boys do!

lance enjoys pampering himself and feeling pretty and it’s not just used as joke, it’s a part of his nature and no one else points it out or scoffs at it

that just makes me really happy and honestly that precious boy has allowed me to accept certain parts of myself i didn’t at first 

you can be a boy and have a beauty routine, you can take care of your skin, its a relief finally seeing that validated and i really appreciate the voltron writers for giving us this part of lance, because it’s so so important! i love him!

Literally just all the sexual things Alexander Hamilton sent to John Laurens

“I love you.”

This one is pretty self explanatory. Men were much more intimate back in the 1700′s, forming bonds that seem very ~gay~ in today’s light. Homosexuality wasn’t a very understood thing back then because rigid moral codes and censured education prevented people from learning more about sexuality.

 But Alexander Hamilton knew.

 He grew up on an island where ‘Sodomites’ (gay people) were dumped and  allowed to mingle with the island population. Alex knew that there was a certain zone of interactions between men that went from being merely friendly to sexual. He clearly steps into the bounds of sexual while fully realizing it.

“In drawing my picture, you will no doubt be civil to your friend; mind you do justice to the length of my nose and don’t forget, that I [- - - - - -].”

Ahhhhhhhhh my son Alex, could you be more explicit? Alex here is obviously referring to his something else (you know) with the knowledge that John Lauren’s knows the size. This sentence right here is basically just one long ;).

 “Your friend” seems to be written teasingly, as if they both know how far from friends they are.

And we can only guess how dirty Alex got in those last six  CUT OUT words.

“Dear Boy” [sent by John Laurens]

John laurens calls his wife his ‘dear girl’, and here he calls Alex his ‘dear boy’.  Moreover, Laurens did not call any other man he ever wrote to as his ‘dear boy’. Laurens seems to see Alex as on the same level, if not higher, as his own wife.

“Did I mean to show my wit? If I did, I am sure I have missed my aim. Did I only intend to [frisk]? In this I have succeeded, but I have done more. I have gratified my feelings, by lengthening out the only kind of intercourse now in my power with my friend.”

This phrase right here I unfortunately do not see a lot when people talk about Alex and John’s letters. This, to me, is one of the most explicit. “Wit” also mean one’s you know what (here I give a nod to the Ravenclaw moto), so Hamilton’s saying he was pretty much just messing around with John the last letter he sent. This is the only sort of “intercourse” he is able to have with John, as they are both so far apart. He is incapable of ‘sexual’ intercourse because of their distance, so he feels he must, in the 18th century way, sext.

“I would invite you after the fall to Albany to be witness to the final consummation.”

As you might have already guessed, Alex is inviting John to a threesome on his wedding night. The idea that Alex feels so at ease inviting John to a threesome with his wife suggests they have already had something going for a long time now. 

“But like a jealous lover, when I thought you slighted my caresses, my affection was alarmed and my vanity piqued. I had almost resolved to lavish no more of them upon you and to reject you as an inconstant and an ungrateful –”

Here Alex compares himself to John’s lover, and a jealous one at that. John seems to be shying away from Alex’s bawdiness, as if realizing how strange their relationships is in retrospect. Alex is scrambling to hang on to him, even though he knows well what are and what happens to Sodomites. He would do anything for John while knowing the consequences. And John is too afraid to join him. And who the hell knows what the last word was.

“And believe me, I am lover in earnest,”

*cough cough* looks like John knows exactly what happens when Alex’s feeling frisky.

“She [Eliza] loves you a l'americaine not a la francoise.”

The French were renowned for their relaxed stance on extramarital love affairs, while Americans were more Puritan-minding and thought love affairs only should happen in church-sanctioned marriages. Thus Eliza has an a l’americaine love of John Laurens, rather than an a la francoise.

“You will be pleased to recollect in your negotiations that I have no invincible antipathy to the maidenly beauties & that I am willing to take the trouble of them upon myself.”

*cough* this sentence is a bit confusing, and could be taken a few ways. What I infer from this is that Alexander Hamilton is willing, and John knows this, to assume an air of femininity because he finds no fault with it. It was commonly noted by people who wrote of Hamilton that he was very feminine in comparison with other men of his day. Alex’s femininity seems to please John, the topic even having been discussed between the two in ‘negotiations’.

“My ravings are for your own bosom” Alex desperately misses Laurens’ intimate contact in a way that, in my opinion, could never be mistaken as simply friendship. Alex literally wants to be held by John. How fucking heartbreaking is that.

“Yrs for ever”

Ok, this one isn’t sexual, but I had to add it because it is so heartbreaking. This was Alex’s last farewell note to John. That is, if he even received it. He died shortly after Alex sent the letter; whether he read the farewell or not is all lost to history. Alex loved John so much, despite the fact that both already had a wife. He would have always loved him, even if they had grown apart…

That’s it folks: time for me to cry.

team voltron as things my best friend has said/done

keith: when was my emo phase? what do you mean phase, have you seen my closet?

lance: i just flirted with 28 girls, 15 boys and like 7 nonbinary people all in the span of 46 minutes

hunk: i can fix just about anything that breaks with nothing but craft glue, cotton swabs and a lot of determination

pidge: are you living? or just meme-ing?

shiro: i’m not that much older than you, but sometimes i feel like i am on the brink of death

allura: i am half disney princess, half dreamworks warrior girl, and 100% done

coran: socks and sandals are sometimes ok, ok?


lotor: i know you don’t ship this, but i am sending this you anyway, simply because i like to watch you suffer

matt: i bet you thought you’d seen the last of- *falls down the stairs* …me

The first time Damian had a nightmare in front of Dick they were still getting started as Batman and Robin. Dick didn’t hesitate a moment when he heard his little brother’s distress. He slid into bed next to Damian ignoring Tim’s voice in his head chanting how dangerous Damian was and pulled the boy close to him. Because that’s what Damian was. A little boy terrified in the night, and Dick knew exactly what to do. He sung quietly until Damian fell back into a deep restful sleep.

The first time Jason was around Damian during one of the kid’s nightmares was an odd time for them both. Jason had somehow ended up watching him when they both came down with a cold. Damian had fallen asleep on his couch watching some horror movie Bruce would never allow. Jason had no idea what to do at first when Damian started thrashing on the couch. But then the boy cried out for his mother and Jason’s instincts kicked in as he carefully lifted Damian into his arms whispering soothing words, his arms a tight comfort.

Damian’s first nightmare around Tim was completely different. They’d been out fighting together and it had somehow turned into a mid-patrol argument. Out of the blue Tim took a bullet for Damian. Damian who’d been crowing about being a blood son. Damian whose blood didn’t match Tim’s and had to watch as Bruce found someone else to donate. Damian who crawled up next to his brother because his nightmare was losing the family he’d worked so hard to gain. And when Tim woke up, half aware of himself half on painkillers he knew exactly what to do when he found Damian stubbornly pressed against his side. He wrapped an arm around his brother and whispered the words. “It’s ok”

Bruce hadn’t been back but a few weeks when Damian had a nightmare. Grayson had stopped living with them and Damian was at the Manor. Strange and foreign he’d never admit to jumping at shadows in the night. He stood outside his fathers room for a solid half hour before going in. He had no idea what to expect from the man. He’d known distance so far, the opposite of Grayson’s warmth, but there was no one else. So he climbed into Father’s huge bed and perched at the edge. Happy to be close at least. A minute later Father was getting up and Damian had squished his eyes closed against any anger. Instead strong arms picked him up then they were lying together, Damian pressed against his father’s chest, stiff as a board because Father had never done this before. A hand pressed to his hair and Damian realized that his father had done this before. With each of his children. So Damian let himself relax and curl closer to his father who knew exactly what to do to comfort him.