i have a lot of feelings on zayns dancing and liam and how liam made him feel confident

#80 Masquerade Ball
Louis: “Well,” You heard a deep voice say from behind you, causing you to turn around while being careful not to spill your drink. The man was tall, with dirty blond hair and a crooked smile on his face “What is a girl like yourself be doing all alone over in here.” He barely made sense and his words were so slurred that you were surprised that you could actually understand him. “I’m just looking for something to eat, wasn’t too sure what they had up here.” Okay, maybe that was a lie but you could smell the alcohol on his breath and you were 2 feet away from him. You wanted nothing more than for him to leave so that you suffer in silence about how this masquerade ball wasn’t living up to you mystical fantasy. “Well then maybe me and you could dance and i could buy ya a drink. They got some nice fancy drinks I could get ya.” He just couldn’t take a hint and you were feeling more and more uncomfortable as this conversation progressed. “Hey, Sweetheart,” You felt an arm snake loosely around your waist and you were extremely relieved when you saw Louis, you childhood neighbor, next to you. He always seemed to turn up whenever you were in an awkward situation and needed help (which has been more times than you’d actually like to admit). “I’ve been looking for you everywhere. Why don’t we go dance for a bit now, baby?” You released a sigh of relief when he tugged you away from that drunk man and began sway along with you on the dance floor. “It’s good to see you again, Louis.” And it really was, this encounter being the first time you’ve seen him since before the where we are tour had started. “How do yo even know it’s me, Y/n? You can’t see my face with this mask on.” “Shut up,” You playfully punched his shoulder. “I can always tell when it’s you, Lou. You can’t fool me like we’re back in 7th grade again.” Liam: You didn’t even want to be here today. Your father was invited since he was CEO of some huge company and, therefore, he also forced you, your sister, and your mother to come along with him. Your sister could be a poster-child for being a social butterfly. Everyone wanted to talk to her and everyone wanted to dance with her. You couldn’t really blame all of those men though, she was wearing a tight, black lace dress with a black, feathery mask covering her eyes, while you wore a peach colored dress that was short in the front and long in the back. You had a simple pink mask and it was almost obvious why everyone would rather be with her rather than you. “Would you mind if I sat near you?” A man wearing a dark suit with a mask covering half of his face asked you. You immediately agreed, glad to no longer be alone. “So why are you sitting over here while everyone else is enjoying themselves?” You shrugged, this man seemed nice but you weren’t really in the mood to talk. You’d much rather be home and watching some murder show, or something along those lines, rather than being here. “You know her?” He asked when you didn’t answer his previous question, motioning over to your sister, who was currently in the middle of a circle of boys. “She’s my sister.” You restrained yourself from adding on some snarky comment about her and making an awful first impression with this masked man. “Thought so, you’ve been glaring at her since I sat down here.” “You’re very observant.” It came out a bit more sarcastic than you had intended but there was nothing you could do about that now. “Well, I can tell you don’t want to be here too.” This man just wouldn’t give up but maybe that wasn’t such of a bad thing since now you had someone to talk to. “Maybe,” You said, swiveling your body to face him and you couldn’t help but notice the beautiful smile the wouldn’t leave his lips despite how cold you’ve been to him. “But I do appreciate you coming over here to talk to me since I’ve been alone all night.” The man, who’s name you still didn’t know, smiled and fidgeted in his seat. “Well, my mates were practically hounding me to come over and talk to you since, apparently, I’ve been staring at you since I arrived.” Both of you instantly blushed at his comment and you knew that, if you were going to dance with anyone tonight, it was going to be with this man. “Well then…” You trailed off waiting for him to catch on and reveal his name. “Liam, I’m Liam.” “Well then, Liam, I think it’s only fair that you owe me a dance then, since you’ve been staring at me all night…” Niall: “Is this thing even on right?” Niall said, tugging on the simple mask he was wearing. “Yeah, it’s on fine, Niall, but if you keep pulling it you’ll probably break the strap on it.” Niall didn’t bother to listen. “Why is it so itchy?!” You knew that he’d be complaining, especially since you were both being forced to go to this ball, but you were hoping that he would keep those complaints to himself rather than sharing them with you. You actually were excited for this since you had never been invited to something extremely fancy like this ball is. Niall and the other boys were booked here to sing a few songs from the newest album since the person who was hosting this party was a close friend to their management. Niall continued to babble on complaining  and you were almost relieved when Liam came up to you both. “Niall,” Liam said. “We have to go get ready. They want us to sing in about 15 minutes.” Niall pecked your forehead quickly before following Liam somewhere. The performance went amazing; they all looked incredible with their suits and masks on, not to even mention that they sounded like angels but that’s normal for them. About 5 minutes after they had finished singing, Niall had made his way back to you, looking a bit shy when he finally approached you. Niall was never shy, always loud and outgoing, which is why you were slightly concerned about why he was acting this way. “What’s wrong, Ni?” You stood up from your seat and grasped onto his hands. Niall sighed loudly, squeezing your hands as his eyes finally met yours. “I’m sorry,” He muttered, the honesty in his voice quite clear. “I know I’ve been complaining so much tonight but I was so worried about screwing something up since I knew you were so excited for tonight. I wanted tonight to be perfect for you but I just realized that I was probably screwing it up by complaining.” This may have partially been true but you never wanted Niall to feel like something was his fault. “It’s okay, Niall. I’m just happy to be here with you. This night is perfect.” Niall sighed but dragged you along behind him towards the dance floor. “I think,” He whispered, pulling your body against his as his hands slipped around your waist. “That you’re too kind and understanding for me. I don’t deserve someone as amazing as you are.” “Shut up, Niall. We definitely deserve each other and you know that.” It was barely seconds later when he managed to step on the edge of your dress. “Looks like you need to work a bit more on your dancing skills, Niall.” You joked, giggling when Niall glared at you. “I don’t really think you’re one to talk, my darlin. You’ve stepped on my feet multiple times already.” Maybe that was true but it wasn’t your fault. Your heels were a lot taller than you were used too. “Oh shut up and dance with me, you idiot.” Zayn: You couldn’t help but laugh at the joke you friend had said. The room was bursting with energy and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. The only thing that was slightly disappointing was that you hadn’t been able to dance with anybody yet. Almost all of your friends had dance with someone at least once but they had all had men come up and ask them to dance directly. You weren’t exactly as confident as all of them and it would have been hard for you to even talk to a man without saying something stupid and scaring them away from you. That’s why you were slightly shocked when you felt a tap on your shoulder and turned to see a masked man behind you. “Hello?” You didn’t mean for it to sound like you were asking him a question, but it did for some reason. “Hi, beautiful!” The man was confident in his words as he spoke, his mouth curved into a flirtatious smirk. “Hello…” You repeated yourself again, noticing out of the corner of your eyes that your group of friends was wandering off some place else, leaving you alone with this unknown man. “So, I noticed you from across the room and I realized that I don’t think I had ever seen you around here before. I mean, I think it would be hard to forget someone as beautiful as you.” You mentally prayed that you wouldn’t say something wrong and screw up this conversation or anything like that. “How would know if you’ve seen me around, I’m wearing a mask.” You hoped that sounded as flirty as it did in your head. “Yeah, you’re right. I guess I just needed an excuse to see your eyes up close.” A blush immediately arose on your face and you only hoped that your mask was hiding it slightly. “Well, um, I–” Here it comes, you always manage to screw up a conversation somehow and you had a feeling that this was about to happen soon. “I think,” The man interrupted you and to say you were thankful was an understatement. “That you owe me a dance. We could get to know each other a bit more and I could admire your eyes for a little while longer.” You eagerly nodded and allowed him to pull you to the side of the dance floor. “My name’s Zayn, by the way. In case you were wondering.” “My name’s y/n.” You mumbled, still embarrassed from his previous compliment. “Y/n.” Zayn stated, enjoying the way the it practically rolled off his tongue. “I like that. A beautiful name for a beautiful girl.” Harry: He promised that he would be here and not let his hectic schedule get in the way of something else that you were so excited for. But here you were, standing of to the side alone so that you weren’t in anyone else’s way. You had waited for this night for months, continuously claiming that this would be a night where you could feel like what a disney princess must feel like and Harry promised that he’d be there to be your prince. You piled some more food on your plate, being extra careful not to get any of it on your dress as you found an open spot at a empty table. It felt pitiful to be moping around just because you’re boyfriend wasn’t there but you had envisioned this night over a hundred times and sitting alone at a table definitely was one of them. You nearly jumped out of your own skin when a pair of hands covered your eyes. “Guess who.” You instantly knew that it was Harry and that he didn’t break his promise to you. He didn’t bother to wait for your answer before he took his hand away and you saw his award winning smile. You reached up to readjust your mask as Harry offering his hand out to help you up, to which you gladly accept. “I’m here to save my damsel in distress.” He stated, gripping onto you’re hand as he tugged you along behind him towards the dance floor. “Oh yeah? I didn’t know I was in distress.” “Well yeah,” He said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. “But not anymore since I’m here with you. You’re safe now.” Then you both stood in the middle of the dance floor, his hands now laying on your hips and your arms were wrapped gently around his neck. “Then, thank you my prince. I don’t what I would have done if you weren’t here to rescue me.” “I don’t know either, princess, but I’m glad I’m here with you.” He said just before his lips captured yours, not even caring about being surrounded by some many other people.

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I kinda love the idea of Liam being a dancer who maybe Zayn and everyone assumes is innocent or submissive but when teaching Zayn to dance he's very dominant. Zayn can't help blushing and getting turned on by how controlling Liam is as he leads them in a dance. His big hands making sure Zayn follows his moves. And when they finally have sex, Liam puts Zayn down on his tummy and eats him out, stretches him open before getting Zayn to ride his cock, moving him up and down on his dick.

By looking at Zayn, his tattoos, his leather jacket, his hair, Liam assumes that Zayn wants to learn hip hop. And after their first lesson, with Zayn stiff as a board and stepping all over Liam’s feet, Liam decides hiphop might be a better option. And what a lot of people don’t know is that Liam isn’t only a ballroom dancer, he’s been taking hip hop classes since for the past 12 years.

Zayn’s debating whether or not he even wants to go to the second lesson because he’d made a fool of himself in front of one of the most attractive people he’s ever seen. But he does go, and for once in his life he’s actually early.

What he doesn’t expect to see, though, is Liam, dressed in a white singlet, black shorts and snapback, dancing dirtily to Usher. He’s panting, and dripping with sweat, his biceps and back muscles glistening in the light. And fuck is Zayn happy to have decided to give dancing another try.

The lesson starts with Liam trying to get Zayn to loosen up. He starts with body rolls and hip rolls and when Zayn struggles, Liam stands behind him and moves Zayn’s body with his, helping to make his movements more fluent. Liam’s big strong hands holding tightly to Zayn’s slim hips, guiding them through Liam’s choreography. 

Zayn would end every lesson hard as fuck, but confident as ever in his dancing abilities because Liam always made sure he knew how proud he was of Zayn, and how good he was doing.

And during one lesson, the Usher song comes on that Zayn saw Liam dancing to the first day. Zayn, feeling adventurous, comes up behind Liam and grabs his hips, pulling them flush against his groin. Zayn grinds slowly against Liam’s ass and leans in to whisper in Liam’s ear, “You’re such a good teacher Li”. Liam groans slightly before quickly turning them around so he’s grinding up against Zayn, catching him by surprise. Zayn moans quietly when he feels Liam’s cock against his ass, hard and pulsing.

Taking Zayn’s earlobe between his teeth Liam mumbles, “I still have so much more to teach you Zaynie, you have no idea”.

Liam drags his hands up Zayn’s shirt, pulling it over his head, before removing his own. Moving his hands to the waistband of Zayn’s trousers he whispers softly, “this okay Z?” and Zayn answers with a breathy, “Yeah”, turning around to help Liam out of his trousers and pants.

Once fully naked, Liam picks Zayn up, wrapping his legs around his waist, making Zayn gasp and wrap his arms around Liam’s neck. Liam walks them towards the couch at the back of the studio, laying Zayn down gently, flipping him over so he’s laying on his stomach.

“Gonna open you up Z so you can ride my cock, okay?”

“Fuck, please Leeyum”

Liam digs his hand through the couch cushions pulling out a tiny bottle of lube, because he’s being dreaming about his day since their first lesson and wanted to be prepared if anything was to ever happen. 

Liam opens Zayn up slowly, teasing his finger around Zayn’s rim before finally pushing in when Zayn’s a trembling, begging mess. Liam works three fingers in before pulling them out, leaning forward to give a strong lick to Zayn’s fluttering whole.

He then flips them over so Liam is on his back and Zayn is sitting on his lap.

”Gonna, ride me babe?”

”Yeah, gonna ride to so good Li”


 Liam guides Zayn, placing his hands on his hips and lifting him above his cock, easing the tip past the tight ring of muscle. Once Zayn’s fully seated, he starts to move his hips in small figure-eights.

“It’s okay to take it slow Z, just like I taught you babe, move those hips. I wanna feel every inch of you.”

It doesn’t last long after that. It’s frantic and they are both dripping with sweat, but Liam’s strong hands never leave Zayn’s hips. His constant encouragements, and instructions, making Zayn’s head spin because he wants to be so good for Liam. He wants to show him everything he’s learned, wants to prove to Liam that he’s been practicing at home, trying to perfect every move Liam teaches him.

Zayn comes first, with Liam’s strong fist tugging on his cock and Liam comes not long after, pulling Zayn off his cock so he came come on Zayn’s stomach, mixing their releases together.

1D Preference 'Highschool'

Harry: “Y/N!” You turned to see your best friend running down the hall with a wide grin waving his hands like an idiot. “Oh dear,” Your friend snickered, starting to walk away, and you awaited for Harry’s death hug. “Y/N Y/N Y/N!” He cheered, trapping you in his arms and jumping up and down. “Harry, what the fuck?” You couldn’t stifle the giggles and he finally calmed down. “Sorry, I just have sUCH GREAT NEWS!!” His voice quickly escalated as all the excitement and energy in the world seemed to rush through his body. “What is it?” You were well-aware of the stares of the other students in the hallway, but it didn’t bother you too much. “I’m going to go sing… For Simon Cowell! I’m gonna achieve my dreams!” His dimples poked his cheeks as he looked to the ceiling dramatically, imagining being on stage with cheering fans. “That’s great!” It was your turn to be excited. You and Harry did a ‘happy dance’, hand in hand and jumping up and down. “Styles, Y/L/N, stop jumping in the hallway and to get to class,” One of the teachers scolded as he walked by, but there was a hint of amusement in his voice. Harry glanced at the teacher, then back at you. You found it a bit hard to stare into his eyes, feeling a bit shy under his gaze. “I’m so happy,” He whispered, “And when I’m famous I’ll make sure to take you with me everywhere!” You laughed, blushing slightly at his generosity. “C'mon, let’s go to class now, you’re sitting next to me!” He grabbed your hand, and you couldn’t help but smile slightly at the way your hand fit in his as he tugged you down the hallway.

Liam: You sat at the lunch table, laughing along at a funny story your friend told. “I can’t believe that actually happened to you!” Another friend managed to say in between his laughs. “What happened?” You heard a familiar voice and you turned to see Liam setting down his tray next to yours. “Liam! Yay!” You greeted, giving him a big bear hug. He chuckled, hugging you tightly back. He slightly pulled you towards him and you literally felt like you would fall into his lap or something. “Aww, you two would be such a cute couple,” Your friend cooed, earning a murmur of agreements from the others. A blush crept up on your face as you pulled away, you shot a glare at them, “Geez, thanks for ruining a moment, idiots.” They simply laughed, one of the girls pointing out you and Liam’s flushed cheeks. “I hate you guys,” You mumbled, crossing your arms. Liam let out a small, awkward laugh as he fixed his hair. “Liam likes Y/N!” A random boy shouted from another table. You felt the heat in your cheeks grow and you glanced at Liam to see a reaction. He was blushing furiously, too, staring at his shoes. “Sorry,” He muttered, finally meeting your gaze with a shy pout. “It’s okay… I kinda like you too…” You tried to sound reassuring but you couldn’t help but feel embarrassed by your friends who kept cheering. Liam’s eyes seemed to grow a bit brighter as a broad, toothy grin replaced his frown, “Really?”

Zayn: You walked into the half empty classroom, scanning the room for familiar faces. You had came really early to first period today because your mother dropped you off ten minutes early for some job thingy. You stopped searching when you saw Zayn at the back, nose first in some notebook. You and Zayn had talked before but you never truly felt like you were a friend to him, because he was always shying away from you. And also the fact that he never spoke to you unless he was with his friends didn’t help. Nobody else you cared to talk to was there so you strolled up and quietly took the seat next to him. It took him a moment but he eventually looked up. “May.. I help you?” He asked tentatively, and though he didn’t seem nervous or anything, you knew how he was quite shy. “Oh no… I just .. You know… Sitting…” You mentally slapped yourself for being so awkward, forcing a smile at him. He stared back at you, and you thought he probably was thinking you were the weirdest person ever. “You’re very…” He started but seemed to pause, hesitating to finish his sentence. He looked down at his unfinished drawing, avoiding your curious gaze, “Pretty. You’re very pretty.” You were taken back by this sudden compliment and something about it coming from him made it seem a bit more… Special. He said it like he meant it and that little shyness made it adorable. “Thanks.” Was all you could say, aware of your now pink cheeks. “Can I draw you?” He looked back up at you and you noticed that small spark of confidence in his expression, and you smiled at him. “Sure.”

Niall: “We’re having a new student,” Your teacher announced and almost immediately you heard girls whispering; hoping it was a cute boy. “His name is Niall Horan, he’s from Ireland.” People burst out in murmurs as Niall walked in. You paused your actions to glance up curiously at the new classmate, eyes widening when you saw him. Your attention was drawn to his beautiful blue eyes and you had to admit he was pretty cute. “Cute!” Your friend whispered from beside you but you ignored her, watching as he made his way to the empty seat on your left. He set down his stuff and awaited the teacher’s instructions. Halfway through the lesson, you were assigned partners and you got Niall. “Hey, I’m Y/N,” You attempted to be open and friendly. He seemed to appreciate your kindness, a smile spreading across his face, “I’m Niall.” You almost swooned at his accent and you couldn’t stop the large grin that grew. “What school you came from?” You asked. “I came from an all boys school… In Mullinger.” He informed you and you nodded. You and Niall talked and talked, and he had 6/7 periods with you. You knew that after the first day, you and Niall would be the best of friends :D

Louis: “Do you think I’m a good singer?” Louis asked out of the blue. “Yes I do. I love your voice,” You told him, looking up from the textbook. You and Louis were studying at your house for a big final. “Even when you aren’t singing,” You giggled, blushing slightly. He grinned at you, scooting closer and grabbed the book, “Thank you. It means a lot to me.” “You know, I think you’re gonna be famous one day,” You said matter of factly, leaning back on the bed. “Ya think so?” He chuckled, flipping through the pages. “Yes! And at your concerts I’ll be in the front row screaming the loudest: GO LOUIS GO LOUIS OMG YES YOU SING THOSE WORD THINGS GO!!” You exclaimed dramatically, and he burst out laughing. You started to laugh alongside him, admiring that smile that seemed to fuel your happiness. “They’re called lyrics, silly,” He said after recovering from his fit of laughter and you chuckled. “I know.” His expression suddenly grew a bit serious and you grew a bit concerned. Was he mad you didn’t say the word lyrics? “You know, it really means a lot to me,” He told you, “I really love you and knowing you believe in me really helps.” You said nothing, because honestly you didn’t know how to reply to that, should you just pretend you didn’t hear him say I love you? You and Louis were best friends, and you felt like he wouldn’t just say these things if he didn’t mean it. “You love me?”
He nodded. “As a friend? O-or more?” “More.”

Act My Age by @mcqdj
Pairing: Zayn/Liam
Rating: T

Liam was happy.

What was there to be unhappy about? Very little, he thought.

He had a job that he loved–loved–a veterinary practice that meant the world to him and that truly was his pride and joy.
And although his dad might not have thought being an animal doctor was the best thing in the world, he’d come around and warmed up to the idea as soon as he saw Liam’s first little clinic.

Liam grinned. His dad was a sucker for puppies.

He had a place of his own, a space that was all his. With no one else’s taste to consider, Liam could decorate it as he saw fit: comic books and animals. It had been difficult finding a place that allowed pets, but there was no way Liam was going anywhere without the dogs.

All three of them.

He had friends he could have a good time with–a group of lads who were always up for a pint or who could be counted on to kick a football around the pitch.

But Liam had the other kind of friends too, the kinds of friends that mattered most: good, close, warm friends upon Liam could depend.

Being a vet, he got to meet so many people and most of them turned into quite good friends over time.

Take Harry and Louis for instance. Liam had thought it was simply a matter of delivering a litter of kittens for them. But it seemed Louis Tomlinson had already decided that Liam Payne was a member of their family, whether Liam liked it or not.

Which he did.

Like, that is.

Because being a member of the Harry and Louis’ “family” meant getting invited over to taste Harry’s creations when he was in a baking mood (and, let’s be honest, Harry was very rarely not in a baking mood). It meant having someone to play FIFA with on an odd weekend when Liam didn’t have work. It meant a discount at the bookshop that Louis’ co-owned.

At the bookshop Louis co-owned with Zayn.


Liam was a careful person. Sensible, reasonable, practical. He was a firm believer in making a plan and then executing it.

But he hadn’t planned on Zayn.

You could plan for a great many things in life, Liam thought. But sometimes, when the really important things came along?

You just had to go with it.

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OKA Y so im still reeling from all the amazing things i got to witness tonight and im not quite over the fact that i got to see them up close and personal but i want to make a report while it’s still fresh in my mind so bear with any lack of coherency!!

- harry and the pride flag :’) earlier on in the show he had already picked up a canadian flag and waved it around so when i saw him with another flag i assumed it was just another canadian flag because i saw the maple leaf on it - but this one had the rainbows on it as well and it was SO SO AMAZING TO HEAR THE SCREAMS ERUPT AS HE STOOD UP WITH IT WRAPPED AROUND HIM the fact that i went there as a rainbow direction participant and then saw him wrap himself in the flag and run down the catwalk just made me feel so validated and it was such an amazing show of support for lgbtq+ fans attending the show or seeing footage at home. it was SUCH a nice and surreal moment i couldnt believe what i was seeing as it was happenig and im so so happy i got the chance to witness it :’)
- i had my two signs with me (the rainbow direction one and act my age one) but mostly held up the rainbow one throughout the show. harry gave the rainbow sign a thumbs-up TWICE, the first time just a couple songs in, and then before the encore. especially after he had run up the catwalk with the pride flag i felt so much validation and confidence to continue to hold up the sign and not feel the slightest bit self-conscious about it
- i got to meet up with ivy @persimmonlions and another rd participant which was so lovely!! it was so so nice to know there were other rainbows in the crowd since at the beginning it felt like i was the only one
- also there was a person who said they really liked my shirt which was so nice to hear!!!
- niall’s speaking voice sounded a bit different than i expected??? idk it was like… even MORE irish than i thought.. but anyway otherwise the rest sounded EXACTLY like they do through recordings which was so so surreal it felt like i was watching a super hq concert video
- harry+fan interaction was the most wonderful thing ive ever witnessed. the older couple that he told to kiss (‘kiss her, you fool!’ yes, he really said that), calling out a couple people for looking bored, periodically asking people if they were okay, imitating fans’ dancing, singling out a fan and singing happy birthday to them, interacting with the small child who gave him the 'we missed you’ fan project sign but then wanted it back, the list goes oN AND ON the moral of the story is that harry was on FIRE tonight he was so warm and lovely and engaging and everything i hoped he would be like in person
- LIMA WAS SO GOOD TONIGHT TOO!!! he did his super fancy riffs at the end of through the dark, took over the falsettos in you and i and best song ever EFFORTLESSLY, had some great interactions with fans in my section, had that AMAAZING moment with the naughty boy sign - that was honestly the best moment of my life - he is a true performer and did not fail at encouraging us to 'sing it’ whenever possible
- louis is literally so tiny like i didnt even think to notice his height until near the end of the show because i was distracted by everything else but he is so compact and cute. he didnt come to my side or section very much since during a lot of songs he was hanging out back instead.of further up the catwalk but he sounded amazingg especially in no control he smashed his solos!!
- niall has a solo rap ep coming out later next week apparently and i dont know how i feel about that - he was quite delightful, he and liam had a super cute moment during act my age.. i think? and the part with the necklaces and the sunglasses and the hat and the rapping… i dont know what to say except that it was very entertaining
- it went by so fast?? like it was literally a 20-minute show the songs whizzed so fast i got whiplash
- in my section some fans brought a cardboard cut-out of zayn and people were posing with it and.. sad :(
- bUT the naughty boy sign!!!! It said 'niall has more tattoos then naughty boy has fans’ and liam laughed sO HARD AT IT I WAS CRYING (shout-out to the fan that made that i honestly love you) so basically ot5 is thriving!!! seeing how all five of them collectively dragged him together i wonder how much they rejoiced at zayns tweets…
- they’ve picked out the next sigle from the fifth album!!!!!! thanks @loam for the update
- spaces is truly dead thanks @god for listening to my cries of anguish leading up to the show
- also im such a fake fan bc i jammed out to diana like u wouldnt believe and i teared up at little things so miracles can actually happen guys
- i have more thoughts but my brain is very tired and this turned out longer than i meant it to be anyway
- so to sum up: today honesty felt like an alternate universe i cant believe they are real people and im not sure im alive and harry loves rainbows and i love one direction

It’s Only A Beginning (8/?) Louis/Nick

Louis/Nick, Tumblr/high school AU. Continued from here. Read the whole thing here.

“You going to move out of the way anytime soon, or what?”

Nick obligingly moved two centimetres to the left. “What are you up to tonight?”

Louis glanced at Liam. “Same thing we do every night, Pinky. Trying to take over the world.”

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