i have a lot of feelings and no way to accurately display them

So I’ve been sitting here, thinking. A lot. I have had some time to digest my thoughts in the hopes of accurately articulating how I feel.

What Kanye did was completely disregard Taylor’s right to consent. He forcefully sexualized her/her image by depicting her naked body in bed with him and others without her consent. That’s abuse. That’s truly terrible and potentially traumatizing.

I’m genuinely concerned, with all the attention paid to the injustice of rapists getting let off with little to no repercussions for their actions, and the outrage of others taking advantage of women’s (or just human’s) bodies in one way or another, that there are people justifying this as art. 

What would their thoughts be if someone made wax figures of their naked bodies and put them on display in public places? In the lobbies of their office buildings at work. In their classrooms among their peers. Because that is basically what Kanye just did to Taylor.  He shit all over her right to display the image and likeness of her body in the way that she wants to display it. He is making an attempt to claim the right to her body in that video and that is unacceptable.