i have a lot of feelings about this video it was just so pretty ahh

Hey there! I’m happy to tell you that THERE ARE COUNTLESS SAIAKA/SAIEDE MOMENTS IN THE GAME!!// Although I think it’s usually saihara>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<akamatsu in the main game(and we all know the reason why right: Hint: what happens in chapter 1) 

in the omake mode kaede invites shuuichi to her piano concert and she gives him a ticket, he says he would love to see kaede play the piano and she says wait you’re coming to see me, not just to listen to the piano? and blushes and he says yes? Is that strange? I would also like to listen to you play too.. he also asks what’d be right to wear are school uniforms okay and shes says yes anyway she ends with saying there are lots of songs I want to play to you saihara-kun they’re just really cute and pure aren’t they dating??? I think they are?? isn’t that something like a date??

Also she keeps telling him she’d like to show him to her family?? in the bonus modes in the game I found that adorable.. they’re really happy when they’re talking together there Ahh there’s also the love hotel bit and their one is super pure.. that one is about the only (romantic) one where saihara is actively engaging, he leads in the end.. in the other ones he’s relatively just going along with the flow

In the main game there’s chapter 1 for sure. They stick around together and there are so many cute moments where kaede makes the guy blush. He kind of reacts and blushes around her every single time whenever there’s a chance to;; Chapter 1 throws in a whole ton of cute situations between them. For example, there are many saiaka fanarts being drawn about this one part in ch.1 where they’re investigating the school together, and kaede finds an adult video in the shelves by mistake.. she freaks out and saihara comes right to her and asks if she’s found something important, and she freaks out even more: This moment right here. Um.. I’ll add really broad translations for it from memory (pardon me if it’s not 100% accurate!) 

..what kind of film is that?

..what’s wrong? Did you find something?

I, I said, this is really nothing to be concerned of!

The reactions that you’re showing…

But mustn’t that mean you’ve seen something important from it !?

S, Stop, wait! D, don’t come any closer-!

(after finding what the video’s contents were)

Really.. I told you so.

…le, let’s search somewhere else, shall we.

There is a reason why saiaka is my favorite ship. I usually go along with the ships that make sense in terms of the story and are implied and I say saihara definitely likes kaede a whole LOT (romantic or not, but it does suggest he has strong feelings for her and I dare say it’s really likely he’s had a crush on her)

The reason why he took off his cap after the first chapter is because what kaede said to him too. Take a look at this scene:

“and, it’s a waste to have your hat on? Saihara-kun… you look so much better with your hats off. (the word here is “kakkoii” so I guess it means she thinks he looks more cool? or handsome with the caps off??// that’s sweet)”

“W,what.. was that(phrase)…”

There are plenty, plenty more. I really suggest you either play the game or at least watch chapter 1??? There is no wonder that this ship has gotten really popular. There are cute moments, heartbreaking moments, really sweet stuff and also the pain. I still can’t get over it hhaha;; To be fair, maybe you could still call all this friendship, it could happen between friends too, but.. this next bit that I wanna show, I think that’s something that could imply the feelings saihara’s had that’s more than just friendship?

Considering how his personality is (a bit of an introvert and bit awkward around girls and a blushy mess sometimes) he’s being.. pretty direct about his feelings towards her here. I brought some screenshots of this one specific moment where he doesn’t deny it when somebody asks him if he liked akamatsu.

That one, I’ll place beneath the cut, because it might-no, would-have spoilers.

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Director Tada Shunsuke’s KnB: Last Game Interview in Animage May 2017


Director’s Eye Re: Akashi

“In the TV series where Akashi fought with Kuroko and Seirin, his personality changed from “Boku” to “Ore”. This time, we start out with the “Ore” Akashi, but he decided that he wouldn’t be able to win against Nash that way, so “Boku” Akashi comes out. From the very beginning, we already decided that we wanted to play what we, in the studio call “The Akashi Empire Theme Song” (i.e. KnB Soundtrack Vol. 3: The Emperor of Creation) during that scene. In the actual dubbing, and while it was myself who decided on it, the moment the music played I excitedly went “Boku Akashi kitaaa—-!!!” (laughs). I think it was a super cool scene and one with a great tempo. I think the part to look forward to with Akashi is definitely that both Akashis will come out during the match.”

Director’s Eye Re: Nash

“To put it frankly, I didn’t have much planned for Nash before we started recording except for the note that he’s the strongest enemy. However, the acting of Mr. Midorikawa (Hikaru) was so wonderful that I got heavily involved in the film processing and the animation to show Nash more charmingly. I think rather than at first sight…. You’ll be able to tell his superior coolness akin to that of the main characters if you watch it two or three more times. In the end though, Nash is of a standing as the enemy of the Vorpal Swords but he’s also an important character who clashes with Akashi, the playmaker. Also, the new music created for the movie was primarily created around/for Nash and the others so when you hear the music being played, you kind of feel the fear that Nash is out to get the Vorpal Swords again. Music-wise, I feel pretty accomplished.”

YEEEEEEEE. I came here for the Nash vs. Akashi and stayed for the interview. IDK, it’s always so interesting to read how the staff and cast feel about the characters and how they felt while creating the movie because god did the movie give me feels. 

It’s funny though because Director Tada is obsessed with Nash vs. Akashi (AHH it was great) and he said that we’ll get to read about that more in the cast comment give-away for the 7th week of the movie. I’m excited! Though I will go out of country on May…. I may be able to watch it one or two more times before leaving (;w; ). 

BTW, I love the spread with both of their “4” being visible on purpose. The black and white differentiation and the demon king vs the emperor… (*A* )

Translation under the cut

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anonymous asked:

What do you think the boys are like? I'm new to army and want to know their individual personalities

So, let’s summarize the boys then! Welcome to the fandom by the way, and also, i’m not an expert, but you can easily get to know them a bit better by watching videos/shows they’ve participated, it’s a great source! I will try to keep this short, lets go. (No, i failed, i couldn’t keep this short, enjoy reading all the little details about members personalities <3)

Jin: he’s the oldest member, his age gap with the youngest member of bangtan (Jungkook) is like 5 years, he’s not an introvert nor an extrovert, it varies, at first glance he looks like a quiet person, but when he’s with the members he’s so playful, and he makes dad jokes all the time hahaha, the king of dad jokes, he’s also a very confident, and has high self esteem! It’s really funny whenever he jokes and laughs at his own jokes (he does that all the time) and also he’s very passionate about cooking and food in general, if you want to get to know him more i recommend you look for his Eat Jin episodes either on youtube or VAPP because he talks about him and all that, it’s really cool, and him being the oldest member makes him have a leader type of temperament. Cares a lot about his members, always wanting to take care of them, he also cooks for them, i feel like he would be such a great father in the future <3.

Yoongi/Suga: so he’s the lethargic one in the group (as he said himself) because he’s always in the mood for sleep or either very quiet (sometimes on his cellphone) but that DOES NOT make him a cold person, he’s far from that (he’s a pisces come on, i am one too, we are soft), he can get easily excited and energetic when he’s either on stage (enjoying himself) or doing something that he’s really passionate about (composing for example), and i do believe we can call him an introvert, he also has a really strong personality, he knows what he likes, does what he wants to do, it’s not like he doesn’t care, but more like if he doesn’t like something, he will not do it, period. But the thing is that, if you listen to his mixtape he released called Agust D, and read the lyrics, you’ll see that he shared a lot of personal experiences and stories with us there, he too is a human, who suffered with depression, and pisces people tend to be closeted and not show their emotions that much, so he was brave enough to share that with us, you can learn a bit more about him reading lyrics of some songs. sometimes pisces have this ‘i don’t care’ attitude, but deep down we have the biggest soft spots for people that we really like, and things that we love to do. Also, he’s definitely very independent. An inspiration.

Namjoon/Rap Monster: our leader, namjoon is a hard to understand person, but once you get to know him, you’re gonna love him. he’s definitely an introvert, he’s the type that enjoys long walks on the beach, or just going to a quiet park with a book to sit down and read, maybe even enjoy the scenery and clear his mind. He tends to overthink most of the time, being the leader, there’s this pressure on him for always having to be perfect and strong for his members, hence why he’s always having those deep philosophical thoughts inside his head all the time, this too because like i mentioned before, he also reads a lot! He’s quiet, emotional, sensitive, analytical and of course a perfectionist, started rapping underground and composing when he was really young, mostly because of all the pressure of high school (he used to be one of the top students, with a high IQ) he decided that the best way to express his feelings was through his lyrics, so he started composing and fell in love, rap is also a way he used to let it all out. He tends to also analyze things too much and is always setting high standards for himself, so definitely like i mentioned before as well, it’s a lot of pressure on him. He loves writing long deep messages for armys, either telling a story that has a deep meaning, or just using metaphors to tell how much he loves and appreciate us. He’s always trying to find a way to improve, and he’s definitely very empathetic, likes to have long deep convos, artistic and very creative. And, by being an introvert like i also mentioned, he tends to go to parks/beaches type of places to be alone, a good way to get away from all the noise of the world, and have some time alone. He’s truly inspirational. And if you ever see some bangtan bombs, you’ll probably notice he’s always on his phone right? He loves writing lyrics and his thoughts! 

Hoseok/J-Hope: ahh he’s a literal sunshine, the most optimistic and charismatic member - Your angel, your hope - he’s also really noisy, and energetic the type that randomly starts dancing and playing music in your room at 3am asking you to join him, but anyway lmfao, he’s always smiling, a cheerful, positive and friendly person. He’s the mood maker of the group, so count on him to cheer up the place anytime. He once mentioned that his stage name (J-hope) fits him very well since he aims to give hope to the members, and to ARMYs as well <3. He can be considered a sanguine, and sanguine people love to create a lively mood (hence why i mentioned he’s the mood maker). And by definition, sanguines are “boisterous, bubbly, chatty, openly emotional, social extroverts.” He’s also not only the dance machine but the aegyo king of the group.

Jimin: so, he’s a really cute and shy person. he’s the tiniest one of the group (comparing to the other members lmfao). but he’s not only abs like most ppl talk/care about, he’s a genuinely nice person, and he’s super empathetic as well, which makes him such a good and caring friend, someone who everyone wants to be friends with. whenever a member is sad/worried or overthinking too much, he’s there to help, sometimes even putting their feelings before his own, that’s how much he cares about his close friends. he’s the type to closet his feelings too, because he always want’s so to show us a good image, wanting to impress and please ppl most of the time, he manages to hide it by smiling and give us the impression he’s shrugging it off, but he usually opens up his playfulness and youthful acts with close friends. he used to be super self conscious about his body, but that has changed as time passed and he matured a lot, he’s now an explosion and a strong person on stage, he has lots of self confidence and he can get kinda selfish when he’s on stage because like i mentioned there’s that whole pressure on him for setting such high standards for himself, and always wanting to please ppl, but he still manages to do it with a giant smile on his face (which is one of the things that can brighten up anyone’s day, his eye smile is the reason why i fell for him). He’s really passionate about anything he does, like dancing for example, and he’s always wanting to improve. I mentioned above, how he can sometimes closet his feelings and it pains me sometimes, because i really wish he wasn’t that scared to maintain such a “manly and strong image”, i really wish he could show us his true emotions more often, like when he does logs and talks to us about how he’s feeling, that type of thing, but i noticed that lately he has been doing that, and i’m proud of him. And, he’s such a sweet, caring, naive and lovely person, protect him at all costs. His smile is beautiful and can cheer up anyone, his eye smile is so pretty it can make flowers bloom.

Taehyung/V: so this kid has a really quirky personality, he’s such an interesting, eccentric and unique person, he can easily create his own monologues while doing laundry, and play two characters at the same time. he’s really funny, naive, down-to-earth and carefree person, he’s kinda like Yoongi, he does whatever he wants to and he doesn’t care about what other ppl think about him (take his fashion sense/style for example, he loves huge tshirts, he even used to cut it himself, and make giant holes on it haha, truly a king of DIY). he has such a deep and beautiful voice, and has also a very model-like proportioned body. He’s a really cool guy who everyone would want be friends with, he’s all bubbly and energetic like Hoseok. If he’s happy or in a good mood, you’ll see it, because he can get hyper really easily, but when he’s tired he can get quiet easily. He’s open and expressive of his feelings. Nevertheless, he’s the one who’s more attached to his family, whenever he has the chance to mention his parents and/or grandparents, he does it, either to thank them, or to say how much he loves and cherish them, he has younger siblings and he loves childrena so much! i feel like he would be the greatest father in the future! He’s an animal lover too <3. And last but not least, an extrovert, the type that get along really well with anyone.

Jungkook: last but not least, our famous golden maknae, the youngest one in the group! when he first joined bighit, he used to be very shy, during trainee days and even when they debuted, during their first years, that hasn’t changed much, except the fact that he grew up now, and he too has a quirky and interesting personality, and he feels more relaxed and comfortable around bangtan members. The type of boy that, would rather stay home making his covers for example, playing video games (he loves overwatch btw) or watching a movie, reading comics and such, than going out. I see him as an introvert guy, he opens up his playfulness and youthful acts to his close friends and bangtan members only, and he’s kind of private about his own personal feelings too, only a few selected ppl would know about it. He’s not called the golden maknae for nothing, this nickname carries a bigger meaning, altho hes the youngest one in the group he’s such a talented boy, like anything he does he’s good at, it either being dancing or singing, even shooting an arrow, he’s good at anything <3. He can be quiet and reserved sometimes too, even when he’s in public with bangtan members, seems like he prefers to listen and observe them rather than talking, but when he does he can speak very well, despite being young, he a very wise and smart boy. And, aside from being reserved and calm outside, he’s an actual walking and living meme, anything he does becomes a meme easily, kidding (no it’s real, he’s an actual meme), but like, despite that he seems to be a really carefree person, like someone who’s not too sensitive about some things, he’s amazing.

The softest headcanons this World has Ever Seen

I’ve been in a horrible mood all day for reasons i honestly don’t know. So here’s some nice, soft, platonic headcanons between some characters.

  • Hanazawa “I have done horrible things in the past and feel guilt about it” Teruki has basically taken Serizawa “I have too done horrible things and am working towards being more independent” Katsuya under his wing
    • Teruki is really sympathetic with people that struggle with the same things he does.
  • Serizawa doesn’t really know how to do basic Adult Things, and unfortunately Reigen can’t be there all the time and Mob is, in fact, a Child
    • going to the grocery store, or buying new appliances that aren’t Utter Shit is pretty hard
      • Teruki, who is better at being an Adult than most adults, tends to conveniently appear out of nowhere when Serizawa is trying to figure out what kind of lose leaf tea Reigen likes
        • “Make sure to get a frying pan with a rubber or plastic handle to avoid burning yourself,” Teruki says right behind Serizawa, not even batting an eye at Seri’s frightened screech and the frying pans falling to the floor
  • Tsubomi likes to help out in some classes for younger grades, specifically English classes because she’s surprisingly fluent
    • Ritsu is shit at English pronunciation. Tsubomi helps him quite a bit
    • she also offered to tutor him after school
      • Mob nearly explodes when he see Ritsu walking home with Tsubomi one day (Ritsu is oblivious of Mob’s crush on her lmao)
  • When Shou swaps interests for a bit, going for something….. kind of strange, (his hyper fixation on Egyptian hieroglyphs basically came out of nowhere) he will spam everyone in his contact list with pictures and a lot of excited facts about it
    • Mob is the only one that gets excited with him, sending emojis as simple responses or asking questions or just egging him on somehow
  • Shou also sends Mob painting mixing/stimming/speed paint videos all the time, since he knows those calm him down quite a bit
    • Mob always thanks him in person. Shou usually tries to brush it off, gets extremely flustered, or goes invisible
  •  Mezato, nosy as hell, once followed Tome and Mob when she overheard they were going on a friend date to look for telepathic espers
    • somewhere along the line, she confronted them about it, only to get dragged into going to grab some ice cream from the ice cream parlor the always go to
      • “Hey Mob, Mezato, did you know that there’s no grape ice cream because Ben from Ben & Jerry’s–” “Made grape ice cream to impress Jerry’s sister, only to find out it’s toxic to dogs when her dog ate it? Yep, sure did.” “… Oh my god oh my god are you telepathic??”
  • Reigen and Tome follow each other on all forms of social media
    • Whenever one of them posts something,(adverts for the office, or picture’s of the latest UFO sightings) the other will add a snarky remark in a matter of seconds.
      • Always breaks out into an online argument
      • no one knows how this developed??? it’s just a thing now
    • “Ahh, I can ask him to leave you alone, if you want Tome–” “No no Mob, you don’t understand. These arguments are the highlight of my week.” “….. aah, okay…”
  • you know you’ve become an Official Adopted Child when Reigen takes you out for lunch. He’s saving up to take both Tome and Serizawa out somewhere nice
Yoongi Scenario: Tension

Request: you should do #6 for yoongs from the Valentine’s prompts. Nothing too sexy though ah he.

“You like my dress?”
“I’m gonna like it a lot more later, when you take it off”

Genre: Fluff is a bit of a stretch but it’s not smut so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Warning: Some language, some suggestive themes

“Y/N! You’re early!”

You stood outside the BTS dorm clinging to your red trench coat to keep you warm. Namjoon was the one who had answered the door, and he stood there with his shirt not even buttoned all the way and his hair a mess.

“Are you just going to stand there or are you going to let me in?” You said, shivering. “It’s freezing!”

Namjoon stepped aside and let you inside. You’d had a pretty stressful week, both at work and in terms of your relationships, and you wanted nothing more than to spend a night at the club dancing your cares away. When you called your friends, the members of BTS, to see if they wanted to come along, only the older members seemed interested.

When you walked further inside you could hear Jungkook, Taehyung, and Jimin hollering away at the TV in the living room, probably playing video games. Sure enough, each one of them had a controller in their hands, and had barely noticed you’d walked in.

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The China Line Chronicles #KrixingFacesOff

Kris: Welcome to another China Line Meeting! Now it’s been a long time since we’ve met and a lot has changed, like I actu–

Luhan: YIFREAKINGXING released not one, but TWO killer solo MVs without faking an injury and leaving Exo! Way to go bro!

Tao: Okay, first i feel like the faking injury part was directed at me and seco-

Luhan: It was.


Yixing: Thanks guys! I’m so amazed, and I’m so thankful that your departures paved the way for me to have some spotlight in Korea.

Jun: So what you’re trying to say was that if The8 left Seventeen and went off to do his own thing. I would finally get more than one line and actually make my parents proud?

Luhan: Dude. Yixing humps floors and spreads butt cheeks for a living. His parents haven’t been proud in years.

Kris: Wow what a fascinating subject but like I was trying to say earlier I rele–

Chenle: Hey I think someone is knocking on the door! Were you all expecting more people?

Tao: Waittt! More members??? Yixing’s room is already the size of a closet-

The8: That may be a little too generous to say

Tao: Okay the size of a toilet stall in a closet, and I really don’t think we can hold anymore members.

Yixing: Renjun, just open the door. Exo isn’t having a meeting til later so it’s probably some more Chinese recruits looking to join.

Renjun: Okay Dad

Yixing: What??

Renjun: Nothing *opens door*

Jackson: *enters with 3 guests*


Kris: Yo dude!

Tao: What’s up man?!

Luhan: Jackson?

Jackson: So I heard you’ve been having meetings to talk about how unfair it is for Chinese artists as idols here in Korea an–

The8: You wanted to join and add your valuable input?

Jackson: Lol no, are you kidding me? I got JYP on speed dial and 5 out of 4 shows on television have my face in them.

Jun: *mutters* that’s not even possible

Jackson: I’m actually here because i brought these guys! *gestures towards 3 guests*

Yibo: Yo!

Yixuan: Hey guys!

Wenhan: Nice to meet you all!

Luhan: Okay forgive me if I’m being rude, but I promise I have never seen any of you in my life before.

Tao: He’s got a point. We at least could google the NCT boys to figure out which ones were the rejects of the group.

WinWin: Um thanks?

Yixuan: We’re actually 3 members of Uniq. We had that EoEo song where we g-

Yixing: GRINDED ALL OVER THE FLOOR!! Yeah dudes I know you! I saw that video and knew that we HAD to meet one day!

Kris: AND SPEAKING ON VIdeos!! Mine came out and I sang my whole song in English!

Luhan: *coughs*

Tao: *avoids eye contact*

Jackson: Um that’s cool bro, keep doing your thing I guess.


Yixing: Well some parts of what you just told us are hard to swallow…

Kris: Like what?!!!!

Jun: I don’t know, simple things like you “singing”

Tao: And speaking “English”

Luhan: And actually having a “video” to be honest

Kris: I hate you all

Yixing: Um that’s kind of Suho’s line.

Luhan: Yeah Kris you can’t take it, it’s the only one he’s got.

Jackson: So yeah, I’m going to leave now, I was just dropping these guys off before i headed to China to film 6 reality shows before sun down.

Wenhan: *whispers* Please don’t leave us.

Jackson: This is a safe place guys. It’s all about acceptance and goodwill! *leaves out*

Luhan: Speaking of Goodwill, Tao where did you get your clothes?

Tao: Dolce and Gabbana bit–

Kris: Changing gears!! Let’s talk about something else. Did you know my video was directed by Collin Tille–

Luhan: So Yixing, I’m still just amazed at all your success! That Lose Control video was hot! When you went shirtless I knew that you meant serious business.

Yibo: I saw it, and speaking as a professional grind and roll master. You even had me sweating!

Yixing: Okay guys, you can settle with the compliments. Thanks they do mean a lot, I’m just getting embarrassed now.

Kris: Embarrassed?? You’re embarrassed?? All I have done is lead this support group, be there when you needed me-

Tao: *coughs* lies

Kris: -And treated you all with nothing but respect! Can i get some recognition on my video please??!?!?

Luhan: Okay Kris fine, your video was pretty coo—

Chen: *knocking on door* YIXING why did Jackson just leave your room?? ARe you planning on doing a tv show or something??

Yixing: *through door* Go away Chen! I’m trying to rehearse for my solo stage and you’re distracting me.

Chen: *through door* I can’t go away! Suho told me to get you. Something BIG is happening and he wants the whole crew here and present!

Kris: *to Yixing* Just go, we’ll just wait it out and leave when it’s over.

Yixing: okay cool, I got snacks in my freezer and the WiFi password is “ItPaysToBePatient91”

Luhan: Um are you trying to tell us something??

Yixing: *winks* Coming Chen! *opens door and leaves*

Tao: So what are we suppose to do while we wait?

Wenhan: *looks around* This room is bigger than our dorms

WinWin: We could have a contest to see who had the most lines in their group songs!

Kris: Luhan, hands down. Too easy. Suggest something else.

WinWin: Well we could listen to your new song?

Renjun: Umm…

The8: Ew no

Jun: Don’t be a suck up

Luhan: Ahh you know what? I forgot that I was deaf.

Wenhan: I’d rather just do something more productive to be honest.


Kris: I’m never coming to one of these dumb meetings again.


It’s been one and a half year since I’m in the Inazuma Eleven fandom.
Yes, it’s not a lot of time. Some people have been here for way more, but I’m glad I ended up being in such a wonderful fandom!

I have no words to describe how much I love this series. How much they mean to me. How much they’ve done for me. How much they changed me in a good way. How many amazing people I met and how wonderful fandom I found.
I made this video a long time ago, but never upload it here, because back then I didn’t know people who would like to watch this. Now I know there is and I want to share it with you, guys, because for me it’s like you’re my family. I just feel like I should tell you this. 
One big thank you to all of you for choosing Inazuma as one of your fandoms as well. For posting, rebloging and sharing things about this amazing anime.
I love you. Every single one of you. Thank you for existing. Thank you for being alive. Thank you for being here. 

I tried combing every season of the series (Ina11, Go, Chrono Stone and Galaxy) in this amv and I think it turned out pretty good. (yes, it could be better but back then I just started making amvs, so it’s not the best, but still…)
You may ask why is there lyrics on the screen? Well, just listen to the song, read the words and watch the scenes. You’ll understand!
Hope you like it. This is for all of you!

college namjoon

Originally posted by simondismydaddy

  • hello everyone, it’s me, your local piece of trash
  • i’m screaming bcuz got7 is coming here in january well right near here
  • bts world tour
  • 24k world tour
  • i’m working like 74 hours this month for this??
  • anyway time for my son, namjoon!
  • again i’m doing american college because i don’t know anything about international colleges and i don’t wanna assume anything about any countries so!!
  • namjoon is a genius everyone knows this right?
  • so when he’s in the high school he’s getting lots of colleges asking if he wants to come over on a scholarship
  • i think if he wasn’t in bts right he would’ve definitely been one to do foreign exchange in high school
  • my german teacher was trying to get me over there once,,,
  • anyway
  • namjoon really wants the opportunity to see the world and travel across the globe so he readily agrees to go to international school
  • if he could he would go to every single continent and live there for a year but the american colleges were offering the most money and without the aid, his parents wouldn’t have been able to send him over
  • so he’s definitely like well yikes american college it is
  • what if he went to my dream school,,, american university
  • it’s a super international, foreign studies based college with lots of overseas students it’s so cool ahh and it’s in the heart of DC like i can see namjoon there so perfectly
  • he wants a bigger campus where’s he’s in the city so he can actually get out there and explore and do things and not be cooped up in school all the time
  • even though that’s usually what he’s doing
  • curled up in the corner of his bed, nose buried in his organic chemistry textbook or maybe a differential equations book or maybe art history
  • he doesn’t really have a favorite, he loves to gain knowledge no matter what subject it may be
  • anyway i’m having a lousy ass day like the worst please forgive me if this ends up extra sad for a bit
  • um looks are hella important bcuz namjoon my son
  • he has black hair like in the n.o music video like that haircut but not the like mohawk thing like the actual hair he had in the video portion nOT THE DANCE OKAY bcuz that is my all time love and it reminds me of nick, who is a waiter i work with who looks kinda like namjoon in my opinion? with a more narrow face anYWAy
  • and he has the big, wire rimmed glasses and everyone would usually be like dork but namjoon rocks them so hard that everyone immediately gets heart eyes
  • he’s a business major and he thinks he should always dress the part so he always wears button downs and like some skinnies (usually black) and he rolls his sleeves up to his elbows and wow have i mentioned i love namjoon
  • okay anyway anyway
  • majors
  • namjoon wants to major in everything ever
  • i read all these things and everyone is like math major but nah
  • sure namjoon likes math but he’s like what job do you even do with math (idk maybe there are math jobs)
  • namjoon is like i need something practical
  • he still wants to travel the world like here to europe and over to africa and down to south america too like he can’t just settle on something like math
  • so he goes for international business
  • with a minor in economics bcuz boy howdy i’m in econ rn and it’s all math it’s literally all math and it’s so hard im screaming
  • i bet namjoon would love that
  • anyway that’s what he decides on and he’s already way ahead of the game because he’s bilingual damn he’s my inspiration i wish i could teach myself another language
  • jeez where am i going with this
  • yikes right
  • namjoon is on the academic team too!!
  • academic team is traumatic don’t ever join kids take it from me
  • namjoon is smart though so it’s okay he actually can compete well and doesn’t screen everything up lmao
  • he’s probably captain of the school academic team tbh
  • because yes he’s a genius but lao he’s super charismatic and well spoken and he knows how to present himself and the team
  • all his teammates love him okay so
  • like he’s the kid who leans back in the chair while everyone is stressing the heck out and buzzes in with like only five words spoken??
  • and the other people are like sobbing bcuz how does he do that is he even human?
  • but namjoon is so so so humble he gets all red and shy and flustered whenever someone congratulates him or comments on how great he is at the game
  • and hides behind his cute lil hands!!
  • i feel like i made his roommate yoongi so guess what i’m changing it to hoseok bcuz wow i have some quality ideas for this honestly these college ones are pretty fluid so they aren’t all really linked in my mind at least?
  • he loves hoseok like a brother but hoseok treats him like a baby honestly?
  • like namjoon has a habit of staying up late to study and just over studying in general and hoseok will set an alarm at one in the morning every day to get up and make sure that namjoon has gone to bed
  • he makes him all his meals too even if they consist of just taken most of the time
  • fun fact ramen is an inferior good
  • namjoon tells hoseok that all the time and hoseok whacks him with a textbook bcuz idgaf namjoon be quiet im not that smart
  • they have another quality friend named yoongi and the three of them are inseparable
  • they LOVE going to underground concerts together and eventually namjoon convinces them to try and perform stuff on their own and let me tell you guys
  • they absolutely blow everyone away
  • they are the highlight performance of the whole campus, like every week they are asked to come back and perform
  • sometimes they even get paying gigs
  • but namjoon has more paying jobs like i can see namjoon volunteering in the library at first but then he’s like i need money yikes so he gets a job tutoring cause he studies all the time right and why not make some money off of it?
  • but i could also see him working at a local family owned restaurant as a busboy and he always ends up breaking things and tbh he should’ve been fired such a long time ago but he is so sweet and gentle and always apologizes and the owners love him too much to let him leave tbh
  • jimin works there too yikes fun fact and namjoon and jimin are really close and jimin is the one who actually saves the day because,,,
  • okay one day namjoon is working his shift right, whatever
  • you have come into the restaurant!
  • wow what are the odds?
  • you and your friends are celebrating a birthday or something like that right
  • jimin, the waiter, and namjoon, the busboy, are checking out your table from the front desk area because wow y’all are a bunch of cuties and namjoon really has his eyes on you
  • he pushes his glasses up on his nose to get a better look at you because wow you must be an angel or something
  • jimin is like yah they’re cute but alas he is already married to someone (mentally lmao) who may or may not be my love
  • but he’s like man namjoon seems really smitten and i have never seen him make eye contact with someone for more than like two seconds but wow he is staring this is getting serious
  • so jimin is like wow i gotta like be a wingman (get it bcuz wings ahah) and he’s so ready to go over there and hand namjoon your number or something but then namjoon gets all red and stressed and he begs jimin to calm down before he cries or something
  • okay okay but he goes to like do the thing that busboys do and he cleans off a table and he carries some plates over to the little cart things but he doesn’t see one of the waitresses rounding the corner way too fast and so he slams her and he drops the plates and they shatter
  • everyone looks up but nobody pays much mind to it because oh whatever it’s his job to pick it up
  • but man that is a lot of plates and he doesn’t have a broom wait-
  • so you hurry over and kneel down beside him and start trying to pick up the shards and your hands brush all cheesy and you both look up at the same time
  • and you smile and he smiles and you are internally screaming because dimples!! wow look at them they are so perfect and wonderful and amazing!!
  • he gets all red and his words jumble together and he’s trying to thank you but at the same time tell you that you can go and eat with your friends too!!
  • and you somehow or another manage to understand and you tell him that it’s totally okay and you just wanna help!
  • meanwhile jimin is cracking up because you two are so! smitten at first glance and he does not know what do about it except idk,,, set you two up somehow
  • so when namjoon heads back into the kitchen to deal with the mess, jimin comes up to your table and he drops a napkin in front of you and you kinda !! okay what
  • but then you unfold it and it has “text this number to make dimple boy’s day xoxo” with like seven million hearts too
  • that’s like the best part of working at a restaurant, setting your coworkers up with customers
  • anyway
  • namjoon gets back to his dorm after his shift that night and he checks his phone and an unknown number has sent him “is this the cutie from *insert generic restaurant name here*”
  • and namjoon gets all red but then his heart falters and he kinda types back “i think you have the wrong number, i can give you the waiter’s number?”
  • a few moments go by and he gets “i don’t wanna talk to him, i wanna talk to you! you’re the cute one, i thought you would figure that out…”
  • and namjoon practically screams but he keeps it down because he knows hoseok would never leave him alone if he knew that namjoon was maybe talking to someone oh wowow
  • when hoseok’s alarm goes off at one that night, he heads up from his bed to check and see if namjoon is sleeping on the desk again but he finds him most definitely awake, huddled over his phone with a cup of coffee beside him
  • hoseok screams and grabs the phone and before namjoon can stop him, hoseok texts “hello there whoever this is, this is hoseok, namjoon’s super adorable and lovable roommate, he needs to sleep now because he hates himself and signed up for an eight o’clock lecture, but i am sure he will text you tomorrow”
  • namjoon is absolutely mortified and he coomplains to yoongi about it the next day but yoongi thinks it’s actually really funny and he pats hoseok on the back for his efforts and hoseok gets all smiley
  • but yes namjoon does text you throughout the next day and you guys find out that you have absolutely no classes together, but most of your classes are at the same times!! which means that you also don’t have class at the same time which means that you two can hang out if you catch my drift
  • i think namjoon is one of those people who falls helplessly and hopelessly in love without trying like he wears his heart on sleeve when it comes to that kind of thing
  • so i think he would tell himself that he would keep things platonic and start out as friends but man he sees you and he can’t help but fall for you
  • like i can just see him as one of those people who will never ever shut up about you to the point where even his professors know who you are but he’s too scared of rejection to actually try and pursue anything romantic so like?
  • he’s such a sweetheart towards you though like extra sweet
  • like hell text you on nights that he’s working and be like hey!! do you want food bcuz they gave me some food and i wouldn’t mind sharing with you??
  • and by wouldn’t mind he means he couldn’t think of anything better tbh
  • you are into him too but you know that namjoon is so shy and timid sometimes like so you don’t wanna come on too strong and psych him out or something
  • so you try little subtle things with him
  • like you’ll be like hey joonie can you come and study with me because chemistry is hard and i’m crying
  • as soon as you call him joonie he’s weak and cannot say no to you fun fact
  • but like he’ll come over to your dorm and he’ll sit down with you and you’ll snuggle close and your fingers will brush all cute
  • and sometimes if you’ll fall asleep he’ll brush the hair from your eyes and he’ll carry you to the couch so you can sleep more comfortably
  • he’ll try to make you snacks for your study dates too and they’re not very good but you’ll choke them down anyway
  • and he’ll always take you to the library!!
  • and he’ll show you his favorite books and he- he just gets so excited like his whole face lights up when he’s holding his favorite book and he gets so excited and he’ll hug it to his chest
  • and he’s just so cute and even if you don’t like reading that much you read everything so you’ll have more to talk about with him
  • and he’ll make sure to find some quality quotes for you!! that you can use to be instagram captions or something!!
  • and he always tells you which character in the story he reminds you of and which one he reminds himself of
  • they always seem to be romantically involved,,, idk what that could be about,,,
  • you always show up to namjoon’s academics team competitions
  • and not many people watch so you say you’ll read questions or score and after a while his teammates are like aren’t you a little biased wink wink
  • and you and namjoon get all embarrassed and adamantly deny anything like that is going on
  • because it’s not
  • most definitely not
  • that explains why namjoon always has yoongi and hoseok and their other friend seokjin gathered in the library like every single day to talk about the dilemma of him most definitely not being in love with you
  • hoseok and seokjin are telling him he should confess already as yoongi is like nah let them do it, it’s safer that way and namjoon has no idea what to do like none whatsoever
  • and seokjin is all “now namjoon you know it doesn’t have to be anything big and extravagant!” all mom like
  • and hoseok scoffs and literally pushes seokjin out of his chair “please namjoon you only have one chance you can’t just say you’re in love that’s so LAME”
  • and yoongi is like “yikes”
  • hoseok is really like,,, too involved tbh,,,
  • “namjoon, what’s gonna happen when you guys have like ten kids? you’re gonna tell them that you just ASKED the love of your life out like it was the most casual thing on earth? what kind of role model would that be?!”
  • as the other three are just kinda giving one another looks because okay hoseok, okay
  • namjoon says it’s not a big deal but then hoseok’s words start to sink in and he’s like yah this won’t fly i need to make things special
  • he’s so consumed with it that even the babies of the friend group figure out what’s up
  • tae suggests that he confesses using the pick up line “i might break everything i touch, but i promise i won’t break your heart”
  • and jeongguk is like yikes pun train i gotta so jeongguk comes up with “hey babe are you an insulin pen because my love for you is inelastic”
  • namjoon just about throws up at that one tbh
  • jimin is like well buddy try thIS “hey babe, there’s no opportunity cost to being mine”
  • between the three of them, namjoon doesn’t know who’s the worst
  • ooh i gotta an idea
  • get ready for some gushy cliches
  • time passes and namjoon still will not confess for the life of him
  • even though anyone who saw you two for like three seconds would think you’re madly in love
  • they would correctly assume that you’re madly in love
  • like you low key always end up with his clothes? like where did that scarf come from oh it’s namjoons? and that overcoat? wow doesn’t namjoon have the same one?
  • your roommate hates your guts bcuz every time they come to the dorm namjoon is there and they feel like a third wheel bcuz you two are snuggled up together, illegally streaming movies online
  • his boss always addresses you as namjoon’s sweetheart whenever you come to the restaurant and she’s too old and sweet for you to correct her
  • okay but like one time
  • hoseok and yoongi invite you to an underground event bcuz they want you to witness a different side of namjoon
  • and you’re blown away because is this actually namjoon? is that him on stage?
  • he seems so confident and different?
  • like he’s cursing and slamming people who’ve screwed him over and he’s so expressive but he keeps this poised kind of confidence where’s not all passion but he gets his point across in such a powerful way that makes you feel like a moron for ever not believing him or crossing him or whatever it may be
  • and as soon as he gets off stage his arm is around your shoulder bcuz he knows how people get at these kind of events and he will not let anyone come and try to steal you away
  • and he’s kinda feeding off the energy from the night and he’s just really touchy and charming and it’s not blushing shy namjoon but smirking, almost cocky namjoon and you don’t actually really mind…
  • but really, you two are just so comfortable with each other and you don’t even think much about like labels?
  • but there’s still this tense kind of air because without the labels what are you guys? are you friends? best friends? are you something more than that?
  • *ravi voice* nobody knows
  • and you’re like maybe i should say something?? but you also know namjoon is so shy like what if he had a heart attack or something like that can’t be on your hands
  • and tbh you’ve always wanted someone to confess to you,,,
  • namjoon is like i got time it’s okay slow and steady wins the race
  • but then his business professor is like oh next semester you have the chance to study abroad!! idk how it works but you get the point
  • and namjoon is like heart eyes!! bcuz this is what he’s been dreaming of his entire life
  • like so many countries are a viable to go but he picks germany because let’s face it they have one of the most productive economies right now, which is totally appealing to an economics major, they’re big on international affairs, the land is so so so beautiful, a lot of people speak english over there so he could understand, and the history is fascinating
  • plus a million more reasons but!
  • like why would you not go to germany??
  • so namjoon is so dead set on going to germany right and he’s so excited and wow you don’t wanna ruin the moment by confessing
  • like what if he doesn’t like you back? like that would totally screw him over when it comes to like,,, the entire trip
  • even though your heart is aching because that’s an entire semester without namjoon!! like whatever are you going to do??
  • but it’s really hard to bottle up feelings, and it’s not good for you, because you kinda internalize everything until it spills over
  • like you’re so consumed with your love for him that it actually hurts??
  • and namjoon feels the same way like it pains him to see you and not know how you really feel but he’s so scared to confess??
  • like you two still hang out all the time but things seem much different now
  • like you’re not as touchy and things seem off
  • and both of you immediately jump too omg they don’t like me!!
  • meanwhile seokjin and yoongi and hoseok are screaming because you two are so oblivious?
  • like obviously you’re very much in love and just wanna kiss each other but noooo
  • like i can imagine namjoon writing sooo many songs about his feelings towards you and performing them at those underground concert events and for once he’s not super composed, he’s more unrestrained and finally shows all sides of himself and how he’s feeling and not just the parts he wants people to see
  • and but imagine namjoon, quiet, shy namjoon
  • who gets up there and spills his feelings and he talks about feeling inadequate, like people only ever thought of him for his brains
  • not his looks, or his other talents, or his personality
  • like he wasn’t anything special, or important
  • but then he met you, who treated him like an actual human, that made namjoon feel like he deserved the world and so much more, that made namjoon feel worth it
  • and everyone is kinda shocked because they knew namjoon liked you
  • but namjoon doesn’t really share how he’s feeling, he’s one of those people who will tell you something so you think you know what’s going on in his life, but he doesn’t tell you the entire story and his actual feelings
  • like he could say he’s upset about a bad academic team tournament but he fails to tell you he’s stressed himself out so bad he’s about to throw up
  • because namjoon is definitely someone who carries a lot of weight on his shoulders and tears himself apart for everything
  • but you would never know that, because he doesn’t tell anyone how he’s ever really feeling
  • but with you! oh with you he felt like he could step over those boundaries, and he could actually trust you with his real, raw emotions
  • yet he couldn’t seem to overcome that insecurity
  • hearing this breaks hoseok’s heart especially because namjoon deserves so much, especially happiness, and he’s not letting you slip away from his best friend
  • midterms come
  • and you find yourself seeing namjoon less and less and less
  • and god it hurts
  • you go to the restaurant to check if he’s there but the other employees say that he’s taken off to study
  • you ask hobi what’s up and he tells you namjoon studies, goes to class, and sleeps, and it’s nothing personal
  • when you text him you get really short replies and your heart is breaking because you had your chance and now things are falling apart
  • and you know what happens after midterms right?
  • i think it’s a new semester
  • which means that namjoon is going to germany
  • which means namjoon is leaving as just your friend
  • and oh that is not going to happen
  • like i can imagine you getting nervous and you’re like you know what i’m gonna do it, it’s gonna happen
  • and you run into namjoon one day and the words are on the tip of your tongue and you’re like namjoon!
  • and he kinda freezes because he hasn’t been talking to you much because he doesn’t know how to deal with overwhelming feelings that he can’t keep down anymore
  • and you two are staring at each other and you’re stammering
  • “i uh…” you freeze “i’m gonna miss you…”
  • and he just nods “i’m gonna miss you too”
  • and you two run off because the air is suffocating
  • later namjoon goes to yoongi to rant
  • you got to hoseok and seokjin to cry
  • namjoon leaves in a few days and you don’t want him to leave with your relationship like this
  • and they’re trying to calm you down because they can’t bare to see you so upset
  • and suddenly hoseok gets an idea…
  • flash forward a few days
  • yoongi is driving namjoon to the airport
  • y'all know where this is going right?
  • and namjoon is so super excited but also feeling a little guilty that he dropped you without really explaining himself
  • he tries not to stress himself out though because !! trip !!
  • he goes through security, and so does yoongi,,,
  • “gotta make sure you get on the plane pal”
  • namjoon is like okay suspicious but he doesn’t question it much because he’s too nervous to think hard on it
  • little does he know that seokjin and hoseok are bringing you along to say goodbye as well
  • i can see namjoon as the one who gets there late, as the plane is about to board
  • he definitely doesn’t leave himself enough time
  • so when you get there, they’re about to board
  • you see namjoon standing in line and you’re like oh my god he’s actually gonna leave oh my god
  • so you start running and hoseok and seokjin chase after you
  • you call out to namjoon and he looks up from his phone and he just stares at you, eyes wide
  • the entire group of passengers stops what they’re doing to stare because you’re standing there, breathing heavy
  • and namjoon looks like he might pass out
  • he can’t even breathe let alone think and move
  • the person standing behind him gives him a little nudge and namjoon runs over to you
  • and he pulls you into his arms
  • “i said i was gonna miss you, didn’t i?” you breathe as you bury your face in the crook of his neck
  • and he’s holding you in his arms and people are cooing and cheering
  • hoseok goes over to the kiosk and he presses the microphone button and he’s like “okay if you guys could now kiss that would be great”
  • and namjoon tilts your chin up and he stammers something and you just roll your eyes and kiss him
  • and that’s when the cheering really starts and people are whooping and whistling and namjoon pulls you closer and kisses you harder
  • when you two finally pull away, you both can’t even speak?? you just stare at each other dumbly bcuz was it really that easy??
  • he leans down and kisses you again
  • he’s being whisked away and you’re waving and he’s beaming!!
  • while in germany he video messages you every day and too often those video calls happen after he’s just gotten out of the shower and his hair is still wet and he’s just wearing a towel,,,
  • he takes so many pictures and they’re a little blurry but they’re so cute!!
  • he takes so many selfies with the cute scenery and all the landmarks
  • he buys you so much too like he gets a little trinket from every single city he visits so you can have cute stuff
  • when he comes back man oh man
  • expect like kisses for days
  • i think after the confession he would be over the initial fear and he would be so much more comfortable
  • so like kisses for years
  • he would be so into pda like even your professors know you guys are a thing
  • everyone knows you’re a thing tbh with you
  • like namjoon is such a romantic when it comes down to it, he loves the romance from literature
  • so he always brings roses to your dorm, red roses
  • and he loves holding your hand always
  • he walks you to all your classes
  • you two always joke about how dumb you both were for not confessing
  • you two would be the super cute couple that goes to all the games together and share his jacket and trashy stadium food
  • when he gives his valedictorian speech he mentions you and thanks you for always being by his side and it’s so super cheesy and wonderful
  • practically the most perfect couple on the face of the planet…

so i got a message asking for haikyuu fic recs and it somehow turned into this monstrosity???  it’s split up into general and teen rated fics and then the mature and explicit ones. enjoy! all of these are finished. all new additions are put at the bottom of their respective ratings

updated: 8-28-16 (kinkuni, oikuro, iwadai, iwaoisuga oikurodai, bokurodai, oidai, and iwaoikuro sections added; bokuro, matsuhana, kurodai, daisuga, bokuaka kyouhaba, & iwaoi sections updated)

(five months worth of fic recs lets go)

note: i have stopped writing descriptions myself so, unless necessary, (like if it's just dialogue) all future descriptions will be adaptations of the summaries on archive


header credit to @ennoshita-chan​

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Ahh, so I wrote a little Sterek fic today! Now that it’s summer, I finally had time.

Oh, and I was inspired by this Buzzfeed video, because it was very cute.

(word count ~2k, rated T)


The title card of the video reads “Guys kissing guys for the first time!” in big, glittering bubble letters. Underneath is the neat caption, “Erica R., Gender & Society film project, Fall 2015.”


“Wow, I did not think this through,” Stiles laughs, running a nervous hand through his hair. “I think I’m just gonna–”

“Nope.” Erica shoves him back into the chair. The movement makes the blue sheet she hung up as a backdrop ripple. “I already paid you and you already spent it, so shut up and stop being a wimp.” She turns and adjusts something on the camera. “Okay, let’s start over. How many times have you ever kissed a guy?”

Stiles glances at the camera, then back to Erica. “Uh, never. Zero. That’s kind of the whole point, right?”

His whole face is turning a dull, rosy red.

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Four Hours

A Spencer x Reader where the reader and spencer have been dating for a couple of years and the reader gets kidnapped.


Warnings:Abuse Violence

You woke up to the sound of Spencer phone vibrating on the bedside table. You had always been a light sleeper which was fortunate for Spencer because he was not.

“Spencer.” You said rolling over. Easier said then done since Spencer’s arms were wrapped tightly around you. “Spencer.” You said forcefully this time elbowing him in the stomach.

“I’m up.” He yells shooting up out of bed and grabbing his phone. You can only hear his side of the conversation but you know what it is. “I’m sorry.” He said.

“You can’t leave you just got back last night.” You protested. You knew you sounded selfish but you didn’t care. Last time he had been gone for three weeks.

“I know I know I wish I could stay but they really need me.” He says “I swear when we get back I will take some vacation time and spend some time just the two of us.”

“No it’s ok you go, the people need you.” You say jokingly. “Just be safe promise you’ll come back to me, preferably in one piece.” He leans down to kiss you and goes and gets dressed.

“I love you baby don’t you forget that.” He kisses you goodby and walks out the door. When you look over at the alarm clock and see it’s only 6:30 you roll back over and go to sleep.


“The unsub in targeting females that are shorter and have (Y/H/C) and (Y/E/C) in Virginia. They are usually by themselves in a secluded street or parking lot.” At first Spencer couldn’t figure out why all these girls looked familiar but then it hit you all at once. They looked just like (Y/N). He stood up and announced he was making a phone call no one questioned him knowing exactly why.

“Hey (Y/N) what are you doing right now.” He asked. “I was sleeping.” Was your groggy and not so pleasant reply. “Ok well when you wake up again later please don’t take your morning run today just to give me some peace of mind.”. You were drifting in and out of consciousness but managed to reply with a “Sure no problem.” Be falling back asleep.

Spencer laughed quietly when he heard your soft snoring through the phone “I love you” he said before hanging up.


You woke up again at around 11:30 you vaguely remember talking to Spencer on the phone at around 7:30 but didn’t remember any of the conversation. You apparently fell asleep still on the phone because it was still in your hand. You got up and dressed and went for your morning jog. It was more of a lunchtime jog though since you never got up earlier then 11.

You were running on your usual path when something just didn’t feel right. You shook it off and kept running and someone grabbed you from behind. The last thing you remember was getting something put over your mouth and nose before blacking out.


Spencer decided to call you again at around twelve to make sure you were ok but you weren’t picking up. Each voicemail he made was more and more panicky than the last.

“Garcia find the last place where (Y/N) phone last pinged.” He said. He was sitting on her office mostly so the rest of the team wouldn’t see him so freaked out and also because she was your best friend.

“Oh no.” Was all she said. “What” He demanded “What do you mean by oh no.” Spencer yelled his voice breaking. “ It seems that her phone last pinged in a fairly secluded neighborhood by your apartment.” She said sadly.

When the words came out of her mouth Spencer new exactly what they meant. “No.” Was all he said before the tears said before the tears came out one by one. He dried them up before going out to tell the team.

They were all siting around the table talking about the case when Spencer walked in. “(Y/N) has been taken by the unsub.” He said.

“We know buddy.” Morgan said standing up. “A video came in a couple minutes ago from the unsub.” He said pulling a video up on the screen.

You were sitting tied up in a chair in just your underwear with a gag in your mouth. You were awake but not showing any emotion. That was good since as Spencer always told you the unsub gets off when you show him emotions.

“I finally found her.” Said a voice from off screen. “It took a few tries for the idiots with me to find the right one but we did. You have four hours to find her Dr. Reid, or should I say Spencer, before punishment begins for her as well as you. You locked me away, you dragged my name through the mud and now I’m going to pay you back. Tick Tock.” He said before the video ended.

“(Y/N).” Spencer said quietly, his voice cracking. “Garcia.” JJ called out “Get me a list of any escaped criminals in the area.”

“There are three that match the profile. An Adam Laxly, a Sidney Gray, and a Jacob Smith. Do any of those names ring a bell Reid?” She said.

“Yes the first one Adam Laxly he was arrested a few years ago for the murder of four people. We need to find his base of operations fast.” Spencer ordered.


It had almost been four hours by now and they couldn’t find anything there were a lot of abandoned buildings around and could not narrow it down just as they finally the place that you could be they got a incoming video.

“It’s been four hours” said that haunting voice over the video “You know what that means.” The man walked into view and over to (Y/N) he drew a knife and dug it into your arm. You let out a blood curdling scream that caused Spencer to let loose the tears he’d been so des pretty keeping in.

“We need to go now.” Spencer yelled. “Alright.” Hotch said your screams in the background “JJ Morgan and I will go get her. Rossi you stay back and keep an eye on Spencer and(Y/N)

“What about me ?” Spencer asked “She’s my girlfriend I have to go get her. I can’t just sit here and wait on you.”

“You are emotionally compromised and will stay here. The longer you argue the longer (Y/N) is in his hands. Let’s go.”

Spencer sat there not looking away from the screen. Every smack or cut brought out another sob from Spencer. Just as Adam grabbed you by the thighs and and spread your legs apart Spencer could hear Morgan’s voice yelling as the team ran down the stairs.

“Ahh just in time.” Adam said. “Drop the weapon” Morgan yelled holding a gun “Maybe I will” Adam said plunging the knife right into your stomach as a gun went off.

“NO!” Spencer yelled “NO! DAMNIT.” He screamed slamming his fist on the table. “(Y/N)” He yelled again picking up whatever was in his reach and throwing it. Rossi tried to restrain him telling Spencer that the ambulance was right there and you were going to be ok. “NO YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND, SHE WAS PREGNANT DAMNIT.” He yelled falling of the ground sobbing.


By the time Spencer and Rossi got to the hospital you were in surgery. The nurse said that you should be fine but we’re going to stay here for a little while.

Spencer was the first to see you. You were still asleep when he went in but he sat at your bedside the whole time holding your hand and crying.

It was four hours later when you finally came to. “Hey” you said your voice still raspy.

“Your awake.” He exclaimed. “Oh my god. I was so scared please don’t ever scare me like that again.” He sobbed.

“I’ll try. I’m so sorry Spencer. The baby..” You started breaking off crying. “I know.” He said “I thought that after two miscarriages this would be the one that stuck. I’m so sorry sweetheart.” You both sat there crying for the loss of your baby and the stress of the past day and also for the fact that (Y/N) was home and safe once again.

Tsukiyama's Scary Story
Tsukiyama's Scary Story

The Tsukiyama audios I posted from this video were pretty popular, so I decided to translate the entire thing. I might do part 2 (Hlter Skelter) later, but we’ll see…

Please listen to the audio while you’re reading it, since Tsukiyama is such an excellent (and dramatic) storyteller, and the audio makes it 1000x better XD Also, anything in these [ ] brackets are add-ons from me, to explain some of the dialogue that’s ambiguous or confusing. And if there’s something I mistranslated, please let me know!!

Update (June 4, 2016): I fixed up the translation, since it’s been over a year and I realized just how awful my translation was then. It should be a lot better now…


Part 1: 6th ward, Kaneki’s Hideout

Kaneki: As she slowly lifted her head…
Kaneki: The pale woman laughed devilishly and said…
Kaneki: IT’S YOU!!
(Ahh!! Ahhhhh!)
Kaneki: The end.
Banjou: That was scary…you went too far!!
Jiro: Banjou-san, you think you’ll be able to go to the bathroom now, ha ha?!
Hinami: Onii-chan, you’re so mean!!
Kaneki: Ahaha, sorry about that…
Kaneki: Well then, next is…
(Someone knocks on the door.)
Hinami: Waa (startled)!
Tsukiyama: Monsieur and mademoiselle, may I ask what are you doing right now? [Yes, I know it should be “messieurs et and mesdemoiselles” but that’s how Tsukiyama is pronouncing it.]
Kaneki: Ah, Tsukiyama-san.
Hinami: We’re having a scary story competition.
Tsukiyama: Hmm? Horror show…if that’s the case, then may I tell a precious scary story of mine as well?
Kaneki: Tsukiyama-san, are you sure you can tell scary stories?
Tsukiyama: OF COURSE! Please, take a seat.
(Creepy music starts playing.)
Tsukiyama: This was when I was only “eleven” years old…
Tsukiyama: While I was sleeping, I felt a presence near my feet so I immediately opened my eyes. It was “ushi three time” on the dot…
Banjou: “Ushi three time”?
Kaneki: Don’t you mean “three in the morning”? [Kaneki says “ushimitsudoki” or 丑三つ時. “Mitsu” means “three”, and “doki” means “time”, so Tsukiyama is saying the kanji’s literal meaning in English.]
Tsukiyama: Getting out of bed, I gazed at the presence in the darkness, and just four metres away from the edge of the bed was…
Kaneki: Wait a second. Four metres away from the edge of the bed? Tsukiyama-san, where were you sleeping?
Tsukiyama: Uh…”where”? Where I usually sleep, of course…but…can I continue my story? [Tsukiyama’s room is gigantic, that bastard.]
Tsukiyama: In my line of sight, at the edge of the bed…an old lady with messy hair gave me a wide grin…my young self called for the servant immediately and told her that there was a degenerate.
Banjou: Servant?
Tsukiyama: Matsumae! Matsumaeeee!
(Door opens.)
Matsumae: What happened, Shuu-sama!?
Tsukiyama: But even though we looked everywhere, there was no sign of the old woman…but a few days after that “lunatic” night…
Tsukiyama: I felt the presence again. I opened my eyes in the middle of the night. Turning my gaze to the edge of the bed, this time there were two old ladies…!
Jiro: They multiplied.
Kaneki: They definitely did.
Tsukiyama: I was now feeling “crazy and psycho”, so that night I decided to try and calm myself by playing Chopin…
(Tsukiyama starts playing the piano.)
Matsumae: Shuu-sama!?
Tsukiyama: After that, the old lady didn’t visit for a while, but…a few months later, I felt a strange air around me, so I opened my eyes.
Tsukiyama: I’d never had a “so bad feeling” until now, “oily sweat” dripping down my forehead…
Kaneki: Do you mean "greasy” sweat? [Tsukiyama says “oily sweat” in English, while Kaneki says the same thing in Japanese.]
Tsukiyama: My mouth is “shake me”, slowly I “open my eyes”…at which point…
(Door crashes open.)
(Jiro: Eh!?)
(Banjou: What!?)
(Kaneki: Tsukiyama-san!?)
(Jiro: I’m so confused!)
Hinami: I don’t understand any of this!!
(Wind blowing.)
Tsukiyama: …there were a hundred old ladies, squirming around, crowded in my seventy square metre room!!
Tsukiyama: IT’S…IT’S…~~!!
Tsukiyama: The next day, I heard from my papa that there was a period of time in the Tsukiyama residence in which meat from old ladies were being moved. It seemed that those old ladies’ lost souls arrived in my room.
Tsukiyama: So how was it? Was it scary?

Kaneki: In the end, the scariest thing of all might be ghouls…

Venus x Mars

Requested by: @agirlpapaknows


“Hi Roman, so on behalf of Sky TV, I’d like to welcome you to London,” I said, trying my best to sound casual and unaffected by the 6"3 adonis towering over me.

His eyes crinkled as his lips turned into a smile.

“Why thank you,” he said and I wasn’t ready for that deep and sexy voice.

I’d watched videos to get acquainted with the man before doing this red carpet interview and I had to admit, he sounded so much better in person. Looked even better too.

“It’s great to be here,”

“Besides the weather of course,” I cast my eyes quickly over the grey skies.

He laughed and then hissed, “Mhhh yupp, I’m glad you said it. Coming from intense heat 365 days a year to this is…”


“Refreshing,” he opted. “But I do love London, so it’s all good,”

“So about this belt?” I said referring to the item slung over his shoulder.

“Ahh, this ol’ thing? It’s nothing,” he said with a nonchalant shrug and then winked at me.

Okay. Breathe.

“No, let me stop fucking around - shit - I’m not allowed to swear right? Is this live?”

“No, don’t worry, curse all you want. We’ll chop it out,”

“You got my back! Thanks!” he said and went to touch my arm gently.

I froze momentarily. Was he flirting with me?

He was flirting with me. That smile and playful glint in his eyes confirmed it. He was looking all kinds of sexy and dangerous and I sincerely hoped this wasn’t evident on camera otherwise myself and the video editor were going to have a tough time trying to make it look professional.

“On a serious note, this thing is an emblem for all my hard work and effort you know? A lot of people doubt that, with all the boos and shi- and stuff, but I know what I put into getting here and it’s paid off. But y'know, let’s not get sombre, it’s a great night, we are out here on a positive note,”

“Of course, and I gotta ask you about that, how does it feel - how do you feel being here tonight for this event?”

“Honoured, just the sheer fact of being invited alone is humbling you know. And I’m so grateful that someone considers my opinion and presence worthy. It’s good to know I’m contributing something positive, y'know?”


“You’re still here?” said familiar voice belonging to a person I didn’t expect to see.

“Oh, hi,” I gazed up at the man standing above me at my table, startling myself as I remembered how stunning he was.

He was that good looking. The kinda good looking that made you squint your eyes.

“Yeah I’m still here, work doesn’t stop until the event’s over,”

“This seat taken?”

“Uh nah, go on, my assistant’s somewhere taking selfies with every celebrity in the building,”

“Have you done your part?” he teased with a smile.

“Yeah, got a few, but back to work - gotta finish this report, it goes live tomorrow,”

“I mean it’s a shame you ain’t done til late, I’m about to leave and I could use a tour guide,”

“Right now?” I raised my brow at him.

A smile crept up on his face again, he brought a couple of fingers to his chin and stared at me for a few seconds.

“Yeah now,” he said calmly, his demeanour changed and you could feel it shift. “Y'know they say the night’s the best time to be alive,”

“Mr Reigns-”


“Roman,” I paused, chuckling a second. “If I didn’t know any better I’d say you were flirting with me,”

He licked his lips and smouldered. He fucking smouldered at me. I gulped, probably audibly but I was so gone at this point.

“And if I said yes?”

Then I didn’t have an answer to that. I just went quiet, unable to handle the situation like a mature adult. I was crumbling under his intense dark gaze. Unwavering. It’s like he was scrutinising me, wanting me to crack and give in. I knew his type, I figured. He always got what he wanted by charming women. And you didn’t even know you were being charmed; it was hypnotic. I wasn’t going to give into him. No chance. No thanks. Just for my pride and satisfaction. But I was going to flirt like hell and then turn him down.

I smiled and tucked my hair behind my ear and looked away, as if thinking about something. I opened my mouth to say something, then acted as if I thought not to.

“Go ahead, I won’t bite,”

“What if I like a little bite?” I whispered huskily and took a sip of my wine, slowly.

He was crumbling. I could see it in the way he was biting his bottom lip. I got satisfaction from watching a man lose control of the situation. Especially when he owned it. Or thought he did.

“Then that can be arranged,” he said so calmly, as if unaffected.

Now I didn’t know who was owning the game.

“So tell me what you want to do,”

“Y'know what I want,” he held my gaze before reaching in his pocket and pulled out a card. He slid it across the table and it landed next to my iPad. “When you’re done…I’m at the Mondrian, room 420.” And then he leant forward, his bergamot and cottony fresh aftershave invading my senses. “Umm and uh, they’re pretty strict about their dress code…so I expect to still see that little dress on,”

And then he stood up and went about his way like nothing had happened. I turned around to see if he was playing with me but he didn’t even look around. Fuck him. Asshole. I wasn’t going to jump at his behest. If anything, I’d give the card to one of his stans, I’m sure they’d be willing to spend the night. He was pretty, handsome, sexy and all that, but he wasn’t going to tell me what the fuck to do.


So there I was riding the elevator to his fucking floor, all sheds of dignity gone. I blamed my assistant. When she returned to the table and saw the card, I tried to explain that someone had forgotten it but she had a way of getting information out of me.

“And you’re saying no because?”

“Because I’m a self-respecting woman, I do not need to fuck anything that walks,”

“Yeah but that’s Roman Reigns,”


“Roman. Fucking. Reigns. He’s not ‘anything’. That kinda man walks into your life once in a blue moon and he’s designed to make you lose your self-respect and dignity. That’s just law. I’m surprised you didn’t strip for him, I was so close to popping my blouse open when he walked to us on the red carpet,”

“Why didn’t you?” I challenged her.

“Because I saw the way he was eyefucking you, he didn’t even notice me. Imma get you more drinks until you realise that you need his fucking dick inside you,”

“Seriously, shut the hell up,” I said lookig around nervously in case someone heard.

“Do it for me, please? You know I’d have fucked him if he even looked at me once. Do it for me and tell me everything…please?”

“Let’s get more drinks,” I shrugged.

Why the fuck not. Who was I kidding? I wanted this man from the instant my boss sent me photo cards of the celebrities I was going to interview.

And I wanted him especially in those jeans and that white tee. There was something about the casualness of it all, yet he looked fucking sexy, better than all the guys who’d made a real effort here. He wore fucking jeans and a white tee. I bet it’s because he just knows how cute he is. He wanted his face to do the talking.


The elevator doors parted open and I traipsed out, still alert, I was at no point tipsy or drunk, don’t get it twisted. The wine had just given me an extra boost of confidence that didn’t come natural to me.

I stood outside his room door, looking for his card I’d chucked in my bag in such a hurry. I’d had enough time to mull it over in the cab so I didn’t have to stand at his door and think twice. Whether it was or not was a different story. I was gonna get laid tonight. By a fucking Samoan adonis. That’d make a good story to tell in the morning.

I tapped the card against the reader and the door clicked open. The suite was huge, apartment style with doors leading to different room. It was quiet and dimly lit. No signs of the man around. Was he even here? I pursed my lips and called out to him, no answer. Perfect time to snoop, I thought, but then stopped midway at the mini bar and poured myself another glass of wine and followed the path to the bedroom.

“You made it,” his voice boomed. I could feeling him smiling proudly.

I jumped instantly, the wine going all over my dress.

He flicked on the light, brightening the room. I looked down at my dress, a red wet stain now marking the front. No point stressing anyway, it was coming off soon. I slowly turned around to face him.

“Thanks,” I said sarcastically, but I cousln’t maintain the mean charade because he was wrapped in a towel, water dripping from his chest and trailing down - pointing to his garden of delights. Fuck. It was all a sign.

“You’re welcome sweetie,” he kissed his teeth. “At least that’s one way to get a dress off a woman, noted,”

“You’re an asshole,”

“Yeah well, you’re here with me aren’t you?” he really was a fucking cocky asshole.

All that red carpet sweetness was a facade.

“So, you gon take that dress off or you gon play around and keep talking?”

“So blunt,”

“Yeah, I’m American,”

“Why don’t you take it off for me?” I said flirtatiously, tilting my head to the side.

He walked over slowly, both of us staring at each other, daring the other to blink or look away. When he got close, he didn’t spin me around to unzip my dress. He dug his fingers into my hair and pulled me into a kiss, biting my lips in the process. I was so entranced by it I didn’t feel him unzip my dress until I felt it drop to my ankles. He didn’t even let me
pull away to process it all, the next thing I felt coming off was my bra. I thought my panties were next when I felt his fingers caressing my thights, but he picked me up so easily and I gripped my legs around his waist, and he gently set me down on the bed.

“You’re so cute when you aren’t talking so much,”

“Fuck you,” I muttered.

“Patience, there goes that mouth again,”

“Do something about it,” I dared him.

He exhaled deeply, and I felt him grow against me. I’d done that to him? I smirked victoriously and gazed down between us, where his hard cock had tented his towel.

“Cat got your tongue?”

“You’re quiet feisty, my perception of British women’s quite mistaken,”

“21st Century baby,” I smirked. “So uh, you gon…do something about my fiery mouth?”

“Mhhh,” he groaned and climbed off the bed. Then he grabbed me by my ankles and yanked me towards the edge of it and made me sit up. He stripped his towel off and his cock stood at command, so long and thick. I almost broke out of character by licking my lips and salivating at it. “That’ll shut you up real quick,”

Up for the challenge, I took him in my mouth and he hissed, grabbing my hair. I could feel him restraining, he wanted to fuck me in my mouth but he knew he’d orgasm too quick.

I hummed against him the instant I felt him
throb in my mouth. His breathing quickened, he grabbed my hair in a fist and pumped in my mouth. Right before he climaxed, he pulled out, and threw his head back trying to regain composure.

“Y'okay there honey?” I teased him.

I heard him chuckle softly as he rolled a rubber on. “Lie on your back,”


Okay so he wasn’t playing nor was he in the mood to. He grabbed me at the waist and forced me onto my back.

“Mhhh, strong,” I moaned, sucking my bottom lip in.

He peeled off my underwear and I wasn’t prepared for him; I thought he was gonna pull them off entirely before entering me. Caught off-guard, I squealed in pleasure, shuddering against him and scraping at his back. I knew he was big but damn, I felt so tight around him, so filled, to the point of discomfort. After a few careful strokes, I started adjusting to his size, my walls slowly stretching but still molded perfectly around him.

“You good?” he paused, noticing how tense I was.

I nodded, teeth clamped together, and hissing the more he pushed in, albeit gently.

“Mhhh, you softie,” I struggled to say, determined to still banter with him despite the intimate moment.

“I would give it you hard but you look like you’re struggling over there,” he teased back  with a laugh.

“I can handle it,”

“Oh you’re a big girl now?”

“Fuck yeah,”

“A'ight,” he said with a hint of doubt.

He was testing me; to prove my theory, he drew all the way out and slammed back into me. I gasped against his ear, I could take it. I was a big girl. He repeated the motions, each time I found new areas to kiss, bite and nibble on him, as he did with me.

We both moaned and groaned against each other, our pretenses and games aside; we were enjoying each other. He fucked me so hard I eventually found myself wedged between the headboard and him. It was like he was telling me to take it, take it right there with nowhere to go.

“You’re killing me,” I whispered to him. “So good,”

“Tell me what you want me to do to you?”

“Fuck me harder,”

“Filthy mouth,” he said, grabbing my arms from around his neck and pinning them to my sides as he rammed into me. Our bodies melted together, sweaty and sticky.

“You like it filthy,”

“Mhh, damn…fuck I do,” he panted and paused, pulling out. “Turn over,”


“Fuck that shit,” he rolled his eyes and again, did it for me, manhandling me onto my stomach. “Imma make you say please in a minute,”

“I dare you,”

And I probably shouldn’t have said that. I was seeing stars within seconds, clutching onto the pillows for my life. I thought I was gonna pass out; he fucked me so good I had to bite my own skin to keep sane.

“Make me cum Roman,” I pleaded, whimpering desperately. That sweet itch terrorising me.

“Y'know what to do,” he said breathily, taking my arms and holding them behind my back.

I ignored him and slammed my face into the pillow. And when I thought I was winning, he started going slow, so slow that it hurt and I could feel my orgasm building up intensely. It was one word away but I wasn’t going to let him win. I’d come so far.

“Shit shit shit,” I shivered, my eyes shut tight as I savoured his shaft penetrating me slowly, massaging every inch of my wall.

“Feel good?”

“Fuck! Shit! Yes! Yes!” I continued, screaming louder, forgetting he had neighbours. “Right there,”

“Right here?” he tapped against my spot repeatedly.

I nodded, trying to wiggle my arms free so I could do something. I dunno what, but something, maybe grab a pillow, scratch at the leather headboad, pull at the sheets, scratch at him, pull his hair…something.

“Yes! Oh my - fuck Roman, I’m cumming-”

“Say please and I’ll let you,”

“Please,” I gave him, too weak to put up a fight. I needed it so bad.

And he let me.

It wasn’t dramatic. Or loud.

It was quiet; a gasp, shivers, twitches, mind and body numbing. I’d never had it so good. Speechless. I lost all strength that I couldn’t even reach out to touch him like I wanted to. Even worse, amidst all that, he tucked his head between my legs and massaged my clit with his tongue. After a few cries, and breathless whispers, I came again, twice. I think I passed out becaude the next moment when I opened my eyes, I was under his sheets.

“Hi,” he smiled at me.

I felt all the blood rushing towards my face as reality kicked in. I’d just fucked Roman Reigns. Well, I’d just been fucked by Roman Reigns to be precise. And it felt so fucking good.

“Hi,” I said shyly.

He laughed softly and twirled my hair around his finger.

“Soooo, that was…”



We paused then laughed at our new inside joke.

“I’m joking, that was…fuck, that was so good,”

“I know,” he joked with a shrug and a smug pout.

I rolled my eyes and pushed him away from me.

“I don’t think I can walk for a while,” I said honestly, feeling sore in my nether region.

“You fucked my shit up too; so tight you were strangling my dude man,”

“It’s been a while,”

“I’m not complaining,”

“Nether am I,” I turned to face him.

He took me in his arms, we cuddled in a comfortable silence. I can’t remember how or when but we fell asleep and I woke up the next morning to an empty bed. I could hear the shower faucet running and I knew I had to make a run for it. He was either:

A. Not gonna like what he saw in the morning

B. Hint for me to leave

C. Act cold until I felt too uncomfortable and eventually left at my own accord

So to spare myself the strand of dignity I had left, I quickly grabbed his shirt and pulled it over my wine stained dress, tying it stylishly and threw on my heels. As I searched for a pen and notepad, I spotted one on the bedside; where he’d left a written note.

I was gonna ask you to join me in the shower but it’d have been so cruel to wake you up. Join me for breakfast?


He didn’t want me to go, at least that was good. But I was a 100% sober now, traces of wine gone, I knew I had to leave anyway. I wrote him a note.

I’m glad you didn’t wake me, I’m not a morning person. Sorry, can’t do breakfast. Need to go tell my girls about last night. Dinner? Actually…y'don’t even know my name do you? When you figure it out; call me? 07924916382. 

                                                   Xx Stranger.

Across The World

For my wonderful girlfriend Gabi. Happy Birthday babe! I came back to this because it reminded me of you. I love you. I’ve tried to base a lot of it around us and all of the things we do; but obviously I’ve substituted Yoongi into it. It was meant to be cute but I don’t think it came out as planned hehe. Enjoy baby!

Based off of this youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewqls68yKbs (video credit @haradanaoyukii )

I watched it a long time ago and I always find myself going back to it because I love it so much. My whole life is pretty much on the internet too and I have so many Internet Friends(and long distance relationship with Gabi)that this kind of thing is really close to heart and means a lot to me so I wanted to write a pre-debut long distance relationship scenario. I haven’t completely followed the video but it is mostly inspired and based off of the video. Enjoy.

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: You X Yoongi

Synopsis:  Based off of this youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewqls68yKbs (video credit @haradanaoyukii​ )

Word Count: 2633

Originally posted by riding-the-wavez

You stared at his face through the pixilated screen and stared into his chocolate eyes while your own welled up with tears. When his facial expression changed to one of pure happiness, your hands flew to cover your reddening face and caught the tears that were falling from your eyes. This was him. It was really him. Min Yoongi. The love of your life. On Skype for the first time.

 “Why are you covering your face? You should be showing off a face like that not hiding it. Really Y/n I thought I had told you this enough about photos. Aish, this girl.” He rambled and looked to the side, rolling his eyes and trying to hide his own smile. But his words only made more tears roll down your face. He seemed to notice your nerves about saying words live for the first time, so he started conversation for you. “How are you then? You good?”

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Surprising Strength (Simon Request)

“Alright this is probably going to be a lot shorter than our normal videos today because…” Your boyfriend, Simon, begins his video, “We have (y/n) doing the patience test!!”
“Yeah I’m pretty sure you’ll give up after like two things” Harry mentions.
“Shut up guys!” You roll your eyes.
“Babe, do you really think you’re gonna do well?” Simon chuckles, “You hate when there’s a bug on you”
“Alright gorgeous” You smile confidently.
The boys head out to set up everything they were going to use in the video and you wait silently until they come back.
“We’re coming in quick!!!” JJ grins, running into the room and smashing a plate of whipped cream into your face.
You wince and flick your head to get rid of some of it.
“Calm down Jide” Josh laughs, “Ahh who am I kidding?” He grabs the cream himself and squirts a tonne onto your hair.
“Giving in yet?” Harry jokes.
“Hmm not just yet love” You smirk.
Simon grabs the big pack of ham and throwing some of of to stick onto you.
“Thats rank" You grimace.
“Oooh this is what almost killed Simon” Vikk mentions as he opens a can of tuna. You hated fish.
“Oh for fucks sakes guys” You grumble, shutting your eyes when they start putting it under your nose.
A while later, you have crushes doritos covering your hair, curry sauce down your face and carrot juice covering your clothes. It was disgusting.
“Babe you sure you don’t wanna give up?” Simon frowns when the boys behind pouring freezing sprite down your back.
“Nope” you shudder, feeling yourself begin to shiver constantly.
“(Y/n)” He winces, feeling guilty now.
“Chicken incoming!!!” JJ shouts and throws an uncooked chicken at you.
“Nah nahh what the fuck is that?” You question.
“(Y/n)!” He begins again, “Catch!”
JJ throws it at you again and it smacks into your side.
“Right that’s it! Nope nope nope” You jump up.
“We cracked her!!!!!” Harry cheers.
“She lasted bloody ages! How the fuck?” Josh exclaims.
“Honestly, you did amazing!” Vikk comments, “I think you beat Cal”
“We were running out of stuff I’m not gonna lie” Tobi mentions.
Simon looks at you, still concerned.
“I need a shower” You grumble, walking cautiously to stop the stuff from going everywhere.
“Guys that was kinda harsh” Simon comments, after finishing his outro, “I mean the chicken JJ?”
“Dude if she was that bad she would’ve got up” Josh points out.
You’re too cold and covered in crap to care.
~~~Time Skip~~~
After a long shower and deciding to throw your clothes into the bin because they would take too much to wash out everything, you decide to collapse onto the bed you shared with Simon.
He walks in and stands awkwardly at the foot of the bed, “Babe”
You look up and smile, “Hello”
“Are you mad at me?” He questions, looking at the floor.
“Why should i-”
“I didn’t expect them to do that much. I thought you’d give up quicker. And then they just carried on. I feel really bad honestly I tried to make them stop” He explains far too quickly.
He sounded so guilty.
“Babe what are you talking about?” You chuckle, “If the boys were going too far I’m pretty sure I’d be strong enough to hit one of them”
“So you’re not annoyed at me?” He raises his brows.
“No I’m not annoyed at you” You laugh, getting up to walk over to him, “Just one thing”
He looks down to your height, frowning in question.
“I get to slap you with whipped cream” You grin.
“That wasn’t even me!!” He points out.
“If you want me to be mad, I can be mad” You shrug cockily.
“You’re an asshole” He mutters, tickling your sides.
“Ow ow ow ow” You wince.
“What?” He asks, worry lacing his tone.
“My side still kinda hurts” You admit and he lifts the material of your T-shirt to show a big bruise forming where JJ had hit you with the chicken.
“I’m actually gonna kill that guy” He grumbles.
You chuckle and turn his chin to kiss him, “Calm down gorgeous”
“I never realised how strong my babygirl is you know” He smiles against your lips.
“There’s a lot of things you don’t know about me Mr Minter” You joke, walking over to his chair.
“What are you doing?” He smirks, following you.
“I’m going to show you how easy it is for me to beat you at FIFA” You comment.
“Oh you’re on”

★ 7 Years; Stay Happy // Bobby Oneshot

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w/c: ~7k

a/n: hey guys, this is moyo. it really has been a while and i hope you guys didn’t forget about me. as of today, my hiatus is ending and with this one-shot i feel like it’s a good time to come back. this truly means a lot to me, so i want you to read it. you will understand why i was on a hiatus and there is a message i want to make with this. so please, read it while listening to this.

this is dedicated to someone who was really dear to me.

based on a true story.

Your eyes locked with his for a split second, it was just a brief moment when you turned around to talk to your best friend. He was looking at you smiling but you were probably just imaging it. Bobby was sitting across the table, a dark blue shirt enhancing his broad and well-defined body. It wasn’t like you were interested in him, yeah, you must admit he looked really handsome. Like really really breathtakingly I-feel-a-little-fuzzy-inside handsome. However you banned the thought that he would ever like you out of your head quickly, so you wouldn’t even take into consideration that you and him could ever become something.

You and Bobby knew each other since you were younger, your families used to be really close but as you grew older, your ways parted and the only times you saw each other were at some parties.

“Does that camera belong to you?” His typical smile spread across his face, it looked a little sly, yet like it could make flowers grow.

“Yeah, should I take a picture of you?” You didn’t even wait for an answer and snapped a picture of him and his others friends.

“Let’s do one with my phone, too.” And in an instant, pictures were taken and beautiful memories were made. It was a beautiful night filled with a lot of happiness and smiles; you had no worries in that moment, you had just graduated school and felt like a bird that could finally fly away.

You couldn’t even have imagined that this one picture would turn your entire world up-side down in the next few months. you had thought things like these only happened in movies or a perfectly written book, however now you know that this is real. Life is real and it can gift you with the most beautiful thing in one second and take it away just the other to crash you into a million broken pieces.

“See you.” Bobby said goodbye and just for a second, you thought about him when you drove off with the car. It was just a meaningless thought, nothing special. He just slipped your mind; and that was enough for you to fall for him completely without you evening knowing, yet.

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Sweet Sugar Party

Based off of Sweet Sugar Daddy and Sweet Sugar Baby

Summary: Early on in Dan and Phil’s sugar daddy/baby relationship, Phil takes Dan to a business party to show him off. Things go awry when one of the guests wants Dan to himself. 

Warnings: agegap, sugardaddy relationship, daddy kink, attempted molestation.

Dan studied himself as he looked into the full length bathroom mirror. He was wearing a white dress shirt with the top two buttons undone alone with tight black skinny jeans and nice dress shoes. His hair was straightened but slightly tousled.

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What Yuuri Presented to Victor: Life and Love

GPF Banquet (and a little after that) thoughts. [Spoiler warning! Also, sorry, I think my tumblr font size might be small. I’ll change when I have time. In the meantime, please zoom/view in dashboard. Sorry~]

A/N: I wasn’t supposed to post this yet, I had a completely different direction from this initially but got derailed because I had a few realizations that I feel like the fandom hasn’t quite touched on (or maybe some people have but I haven’t come across them) so I decided to post this as a standalone. What I wanted to write initially will come at a later time. Also, I overuse the parenthesis. This has 3000+ words and I’m on my finals week. WHY. Also I use the Yuuri spelling to distinguish from Yuri P. (But then decided to call Yuri P Yurio lol.)

Ever since ep 7, I’ve been constantly asking for a Victor backstory. I ship Victuuri. I knew the creators were portraying them as a balanced, healthy relationship. A relationship between equals, a relationship of give and take. But as I watched thru ep 7, 8 and even after episode 9, I thought something was missing. Most of the things we know came from Yuuri’s PoV. We know how much Yuuri receives from the relationship. But what does Victor get out of it? I craved the backstory (oh, I’ve read my share of Stammi Vicino, No Te Ne Andere metas, I’ve probably read them all tbh) that explicitly showed us what Yuuri means to Victor. I wanted an affirmation that Victor is getting as much out of the relationship as Yuuri is.

I do believe Victor is a classic case of “It’s lonely at the top.” In fact, there is a Chinese song that I like that probably describes Victor’s dilemma, a winner’s burden (I’m picking out random verses):

When the dark night wake up the daybreak
Speaking of this life
More dawn I see
More stranger to me

Chasing around with my dream
Which part you like
Which part you don’t
Thank you all the same for watching it

When the flood tides become ebb tides
When the streetlight all dies
When I’m tired of the sky
Want to fall into the ocean

Who’s gonna catch me when I fall
Are you
Who’s gonna catch me when I fall
Are you

They keep telling me that I am the chosen one
So I have to act like the one all the time
It’s hard to confess all the weakness when I start to tell
Even they are more than I could take

You think you know it all
Only I know what every sleepless night means to me
Before luckiness arrives eventually
- Catch Me When I Fall, 鹿晗

In my head, I believe Victor is an orphan or at the very least estranged from his family. He only knew skating, thrived in it in fact, but did not have quite so many truly close friends. But he was reaching the age when the gold medals start to not matter, when he knows he’s not getting any younger and eventually his body is not going to hold out anymore. It’s a dilemma at this age when you’ve achieved a lot of your goals but don’t know what to do with the rest of your life. He knows he’s about to close a chapter of his life but he still doesn’t know how to open a new one. Yurio pretty much voices this out, Victor has lost inspiration and motivation from the sport that he used to love so much.

He’s probably been feeling it all the while he came up with Stammi Vicino (which I believe was made before Yuuri came literally dancing into his life). But until episode 10, this was all conjecture, a collective fandom headcanon about Victor. Episode 10, while not completely confirming it, affirmed that headcanon: Victor was lonely, he wanted more from life (probably love) but did not know how to get it.

And then came Yuuri. (I do agree that the commemorative photo scene came before the banquet.) It makes sense that Victor who’s been snubbed by this competitor is suddenly intrigued by him during the banquet.

In fact, just at the moment I wrote this section, I realized something that people seem to ignore (or not quite think about?). Victor must have known Yuuri, at least as a competitor, even before that scene when he asked for a commemorative photo. Victor, as seen in ep 10, knows his competition. He knows Chris, of course, and he has a few things to say about even the quiet Otabek. I kinda believe that even before the Grand Prix Finals started, he has heard of this late bloomer Katsuki Yuuri who had great spins and step sequences. He would not have singled out Yuuri of course, but he probably had studied Yuuri’s (and everyone else’s) routine to know how to adjust his own. We know that the Russians are particularly good at this: Yurio and Victor size up their competition and maximize their routine to ensure they get the higher scores. I do think Victor would have looked up Yuuri at least once if only because he knew nothing about Yuuri and would then have to find out Yuuri’s strengths and weaknesses. It’s unrealistically arrogant for Victor to ignore new competition. You don’t thrive in a sport with that arrogance. And even then, Yakov would not have let him get away with it.

As to why he asked for a commemorative photo, he clearly sensed Yuuri staring and perhaps thought Yuuri was being too shy to ask so he initiated it himself. 

[Look at him though ;A; How beautiful]

I’m going to throw this here now: I think Victor actually found Yuuri cute or attractive, not just in this scene but maybe even before this. (I’ll talk about that more later.) And then he puzzles over Yuuri’s reaction because why would someone react that way? In a situation like this, let’s admit it, Yuuri was kind of rude. Usually when a person asks to take a photo with you, you either go “Sure” or politely say, “No, no, it’s okay.” Yuuri turned his back and seemed offended. Victor is understandably confused. Why would anyone be offended by being offered to take a photo? And Yuuri had been staring! If he didn’t want a photo with Victor, then what did he want?

And then at the banquet, Victor looked over his shoulder as a dejected Yuuri is dragged by Celestino.

We know Victor kept his eyes on Yuuri closely enough to know that Yuuri had isolated himself and downed glass after glass of champagne. He kept watching Yuuri! It is because of this that I entertained that idea that Victor found Yuuri cute or attractive even before that photo scene or at the very least before the banquet (but then it doesn’t make sense to find someone who just snubbed you attractive). Sure, he must have watched Yuuri because he wanted to ask about that photo scene or maybe even apologize because he seems to have offended Yuuri.

But what affirmed the idea in my head was this: he took photos of Yuuri who was approaching him with a bottle of champagne even before the dance off started. There are two possible reasons for this: 1) that Victor wanted to make fun of this drunk Japanese skater and release those photos or 2) he found Yuuri cute (even in this drunken state) and then “Oh he’s approaching me!”.

So I believe Victor really found Yuuri attractive. Even before the banquet started and probably even before that commemorative photo offer. I mean, it is one thing to be intrigued and puzzled by a person who snubbed you, but you move on from it quite easily especially when you find out that “Ahh, he’s not a people person” or “He must have been really sad.” You don’t glue your eyes on the person who snubbed you unless you care enough (even hurt enough) that he did. You don’t casually whip out your phone and take pictures of a drunk guy (of the guy’s face!) who ignored you unless you’re mean (or you’re friends and you want embarrassing blackmail material) or you find his face pretty and his antics adorable.

Another affirmation is that Victor kept those photos ever since. The rest of the things he had from that night were videos (probably mostly of the Yuuri vs Yuri dance off because you see him recording then and probably of the pole dancing). Naturally, he did not have pictures of his dance with Yuuri and probably just treasured it in his heart. If he did have those, they’re probably taken from someone and kept somewhere else (computer maybe or another folder from Yurio). But those photos, he kept in a special folder that contains ONLY YUURI. Victor was probably attracted to Yuuri even before Yuuri got drunk and attached himself (physically) to Victor. Victor Russian Legend Nikiforov’s heart never stood a chance against Katsuki Katsudon Is My Eros My Foot Yuuri. It is of course a valid argument that Victor kept them because he was attracted to Yuuri AFTER dancing with Yuuri… but why take them in the first place? Yuuri had not started dancing then yet. Somehow, I imagine drunk Yuuri was trying and succeeding to flirt with him already then (even before the dance off began) and was like “Watch me, Victor.” And Victor who has been watching him the entire night was like “Okay sure let me take a picture.”

[It’s all Yuuri!]

[And Yuuri’s pretty face]

[And even during the Yuuri vs Yurio dance off he wasn’t paying attention to Yurio. He was taking videos of Yuuri!]

So when the dance off started, Victor took videos of this guy who could not only skate but breakdance and apparently pole dance. The series (and Victor) indirectly highlights that Yuuri dances beautifully (they put emphasis on his step sequences which from what I understand are the more dance-like portions of a skating routine). So there drunken Yuuri was dancing his heart out, with no inhibitions because of the alcohol. That I believe intensified Victor’s attraction (he literally states that he’s drawn to the music that Yuuri’s body makes. Poor Victor really never stood a chance). He must have loved watching Yuuri dance! (In fact, studying Yuuri’s routine before finals must have drawn him in considering how much he likes Yuuri’s step sequences.)

It is after the pole dancing that we find Yuuri uhh… clinging to Victor. I say this because of Chris’ shirtless and sweaty state. Yuuri must have hastily put on his clothes and then spotted Victor and, driven by alcohol-induced euphoria, he came up to Victor and well… you know what happened.

Victor is confused. Why is he clinging to me? What is he talking about? I support the speculation that he was gibbering in Japanese until this moment:

At which point, we see Victor’s eyes do that dilating thing and then he blushed. (It’s beautiful.)

[I’m sorry I’ll go back and find out who made this gif.]

I’m going to dissect this moment into two based on that eye dilation and that blush. The eye dilation is because he is surprised by what Yuuri proposed. Skaters typically go into coaching or choreography when they’re done with competitive skating. It would have been the most logical path for Victor to take. But I think what made this moment so important was Yuuri’s timing and Yuuri’s own dilemma.

At this point, although people rumored that Victor was going to retire, no one seemed to want him to. Even at the time when he was already Yuuri’s coach, people wanted him to drop Yuuri and return to competitive skating. Even Chris (whom we know is Victor’s closest peer in skating) wanted to bring him back to the rink (at least initially). But there Yuuri is presenting him an alternative, literally opening a new door for him and giving him direction, suggesting that Victor could do it. Right now. That he doesn’t have to keep competing if he doesn’t want to. This is where I take that Yuuri is paving the way for a new chapter in Victor’s life.

This offer, Victor probably knows, must mean so much to Yuuri. He has seen Yuuri defeated that night. He must know that Yuuri is contemplating retirement. He must have heard some people whisper about Yuuri’s big loss, perhaps Yurio might even have spoken of that big loser crying in the toilet stall. Victor despite being always the winner must be aware of how this feels. He must have seen many a competitors fall this way. And yet here was Yuuri (yes he was drunk, but we all know that we are truest to our hearts when inebriated like this, and, well, Victor did not know that Yuuri was blank-out “I’ll never remember this” kind of drunk), believing so much in Victor that he thought Victor could help him win. There was naked admiration and raw confidence in Yuuri’s eyes that Victor could do it, that Victor could be a great coach even if coaching is something Victor has never tried. In my opinion, this kind of need and confidence, blind faith even, must have moved Victor. People are not surprised by his skating anymore, and I imagine he felt like people had taken his skating for granted, only expecting him to keep on skating to dazzle them. Yuuri had other ideas for him, and Yuuri was so sure Victor could do it.

And while all this gets processed in Victor’s brain, he blushes. If he indeed felt attracted to Yuuri before the banquet or was increasingly getting attracted to Yuuri as the banquet progressed, the blush can be easily explained. I mean, come on, do you blush if someone propositions you to be his coach? No. You think about it seriously. You say: “I’ll think about it.” Or knowing Victor, he could have accepted it as a playful challenge. He likes challenges, hence the Eros vs. Agape showdown. He also likes challenging Yuuri.

[I had to put this. I love this exchange. And post ep 10 it’s so….. lkfajl because he was lowkey flirting with Yuuri.]

And it’s not the clinging that has made Victor blush. Yuuri has been clinging to him all the while by then. I am not a believer of love at first sight, but I am a believer of powerful attraction. He was attracted to Yuuri and was increasingly drawn to Yuuri as the night progressed, And then he finds out that Yuuri wants him too, in more ways than one - as a coach, and as Victor.

I think a lot of people dismiss Yuuri’s initial feelings for Victor as simple, platonic idolization. (Hence people flippantly concluding that Victor fell in love first.) But in this post, we see that the language used for his Yuuri’s yearning for Victor was indeed wistful. I’ll take it Yuuri longed to make a connection with Victor.

[Boy, at this scene, you literally hear him gasp and immediately think his heart skipped a beat when he thought Victor was calling him. I wonder though how attuned he is to Victor to know Victor’s voice when they probably hardly ever talked. I imagine every little conversation was treasured in his heart. ;A; ]

Yuuri’s reaction to the first time he sees Victor is awe and and childish infatuation. While it is true that he idolized Victor as a god, it does not mean he did not want a romantic connection. You don’t have a person’s posters all over your room and name your dog after that person without wanting that person for yourself. A lot of us have idols and I’m sure given a chance we’d want them for ourselves. 

And Victor is more than that to Yuuri! While Victor is not the reason Yuuri started skating, Victor is the reason Yuuri strove hard and did everything he could to be on the same rink as Victor and to stand on the same podium. True, this is not love in its purest form, but it still puts Yuuri somewhere at the point of being half in love with Victor already. It is easy to dismiss that and say that Yuuri sees Victor the way Minami sees Yuuri. But then you forget, Yuuri uprooted himself from Japan and lived 5 years in Detroit to train to one day be able to compete with Victor. Minami has not done that. (Yet, I suppose, could be added of course.) But it’s a matter of scale, of how far you’re willing to go to for a person who has inspired you. Very few people have the willingness to go that far, and with Yuuri’s anxiety, this is actually very, very far. This is not to discount that Yuuri really does love skating, but I believe Victor was the motivation to keep going. Even after his big loss, he decides he wants to keep skating because he still wants to compete against Victor.

Besides, the way he reacted to Victor’s arrival in his life tells you that he’s so happy his heart is going to burst. He is, in fact, so happy that you literally feel in your bones how happy he is  (if you’re Filipino no other word but “kilig” will describe what Yuuri feels and what Yuuri makes you feel while watching this scene).

That, I believe, is a form of romantic love. While it hasn’t fully developed yet (and it is not as deep or pure as what they have now), the seedlings were already there. Yuuri simply does not connect with his emotions well enough to have acknowledged it himself earlier (I do agree that it is Victor who first realized that he was in love). It seems obvious however that everyone around him can see it, and how he practically threw himself at Victor at the banquet shows you that subconsciously he wants Victor for himself and probably in a sexual/romantic way too. (I got carried away discussing Yuuri’s complicated feelings towards Victor. ;A;)

And so Victor (and everyone else in the banquet) sees that Yuuri does seem to be attracted to him. And if you’re Victor who is slowly realizing that you’re attracted to this heck of a man who just out-danced everyone, and that person happens to be clinging to you and giving you a new importance in life, you’d be blushing too. And this is where Stammi Vicino as a reflection of Victor’s life comes into play. While the song at this point may not be directed at anyone in particular, it shows that Victor longs for romance in his life, he craves that companionship and that kind of love that is another thing (in addition to direction and motivation) that is missing in his life. Again, Yuuri is offering Victor something that he has been craving, and undeniably Victor finds Yuuri attractive enough to think “Why not?”

And so he launches in this dance-off and has the time of his life. He is so happy and his dance partner is so happy and attractive, Victor is simply ecstatic. I do not dare say that Victor fell in love that moment he blushed, but he was getting there and that wonderful dance (again, Victor seems to love how Yuuri dances) may just have made him fall harder. Judging by the way Yuuri treated him and the way Yuuri looked at him while they danced, he definitely knew their attraction was mutual. And Victor, ever the sap, even allowed himself to be led into the dance(s because they seem to have danced quite a few) by this wonderful man.

[Beautiful. Just beautiful.]

I also suppose that despite the fact that Yuuri more or less disappeared from his life (he probably did not take this as “He doesn’t remember, he is not interested any more” sign but more like a thing that happens in competition because Yuuri just was not able to make the cut), Victor cultivated this feeling (perhaps because it is something he has never felt before) all throughout the season to the point that maybe Stammi Vicino has become a plea to Yuuri and enough so that he created the Eros choreography because of Yuuri. 

He made himself fall so hard that Yuuri’s skating video was enough to make him drop everything to be Yuuri’s coach (he was probably puzzled that Yuuri’s skills did not bring him to the podium) and because he thought Yuuri was going to fill the love that was missing in his life (taking Yuuri’s skating Stammi Vicino as a sign that Yuuri is still interested in him). I am of the impression that he was okay with leaving Russia for good (he brought everything he owned, I wouldn’t be surprised if he sold his apartment too). 

Victor was shooting for the stars. He banked so much in this chancy encounter and on the feelings a drunken Yuuri showed only to feel utterly confused and rejected with he reaches Japan. He must have called himself foolish at one point (or more). But he stayed and plowed on, supporting Yuuri in whichever way he can, which thankfully turned out well for him in the end because he did get the life and love that Yuuri unwittingly offered. (I’ll discuss or more like gush over Victor’s love in another post.)

I’ll just end with this screencap because this moment is literally perfect. If people asked me when Victor fell in love, I’d say “HERE. RIGHT HERE. THIS MOMENT IS WHEN HE FELL IN LOVE.”

[Victor is so happy and Yuuri is smiling at him and they are both panting and Victor just wants more of this kind of feeling and this beautiful man in his life.]

Jealous (Zico)

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(Happy Birthday to one of my ultimate biases! I hope your day is absolutely perfect, cause you deserve it! And I’m pretty sure we all need some cute jealous Woo Jiho in our lives)

“Oppa?” You called out softly.

“In the bedroom baby.” Following his voice you entered the shared bedroom. Blushing, you stopped, staring at Jiho pulling a shirt on over his head. You barely muttered out a ‘sorry’ before he smirked, “like what you see, babe?”

“I-I uh… uh…” With a red face you bowed before trying to back out of the room. He loved watching you get flustered so easily like that, it was adorable. Maybe, just maybe he should stop teasing you for once.

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Secret Agent! Luke (Part 6)


PART 1// PART 2// PART 3// PART 4// PART 5 

Luke looks at you nervously from across the table but doesn’t  say anything as you stand up.

“Follow me.” Amanda says   walking towards the girl’s rooms.

You went to follow her when you felt someone grab your shoulder.  Luke was looking at  you with the most intense gaze ever, blue eyes seeming to look into your soul. He  didn’t speak, but  you knew what he  meant.

“I suggest that you leave  him behind.” Amanda say pointing a long finger at Luke who  does not hesitate to glare.

“It’s fine, Luke, really.”  You say taking his hand off your shoulder and walking to where Amanda was leading you.

“Don’t worry. You’ll see your girlfriend again.” Amanda says turning back to Luke as she walked you to her room. Luke doesn’t  bother correcting her as he goes back to a confused Calum, probably about to entertain a thousand questions from him.

Amanda opens the door to her room and waits for you to enter before closing the door behind her, putting the lock in place.

She first looks you up and down as if you were an interesting piece of meat before shoving you up against the wall, pulling your hands together and wrapping them in duct tape.

She pushes a chair beside you.

“Sit.” She instructs and you take a seat, scared and afraid, fear taking over your body.

“Now sit, still,” she says taping your feet as you struggled, but she had a strong grip, forcing your legs down.

When she finished, her forehead was a bit sweaty, but she looks up at you with a smile.

“Now that I know you can’t use anything but your mouth” she says wiping her forehead. “We can talk.”

You glare at her as you try to break the bonds, desperately wanting to be set free.

“Now, I’m guessing you know why you’re here.” Amanda says smirking, sitting on the edge of her bed, crossing her legs.

“I actually have no clue.” You say lying through your teeth, wanting desperately to slap her across the face.

“Your sass will get you nowhere.” Amanda says tilting her head, examining you.

All you could do was give her a glare as you struggled to move. “What do you want with me?” you spat out.

“I’m glad you asked.” Amanda says standing up, walking over to her desk and grabbing her laptop from it. “But oh no, I’m not here to ask for something, in fact, I want to make a deal.”  She says holding the laptop towards her as she types something in it and shows you the screen.

“Now I know you would tell on me, but I reckon that reason my ass hasn’t been kicked out of here yet is because you haven’t told.” Amanda says. “ So I wanna convince you that doing that would be a very bad idea.”

She turns the laptop towards you and shows you camera footage of the hallways outside the girl’s bedrooms from  two nights ago. It clearly shows you and Luke entering and exiting before you went to the enemy headquarters, and the most recent footage showed Luke entering your bedroom, bleeding and wounded, and she skips to the next morning as he comes out of your room,  no longer bleeding, but limping as you followed along, looking in both directions to see if anyone saw.

You look up at Amanda. “So? We didn’t do anything.”

“Ahh, that may be true Y/N,” Amanda says smirking, ”But  boys are still prohibited in  the girl’s rooms.  Remember what happened to Anna?”

Anna was a sweet little girl, very shy, never really spoke to anyone, and one day she was kicked out  all of sudden when footage was released of boys leaving and entering her room multiple times. 

“What do you want?” you ask again,  knowing she had leverage over you.

“Honey, you just have to keep that pretty little mouth shut and make sure your boyfriend does too. Otherwise, this footage will make its way to the boss and you’ll know who he believes.”

“He is not my boyfriend.” You say calmly and she smirks back at you like you’re stupid.

“Sweetie, I see the way he looks at you.” Amanda cooes turning the laptop back towards her and typing in  it again. “Everyone knows.”

You felt the blood rush to your cheeks and your heart beet faster in your chest. What did she mean, the way he looks at you? You had never noticed anything. Luke never treated you as someone he liked, in fact, you were convinced that he hated you until last night when his facade came crashing down and even that shocked you.  Wait, hold on. Why were you thinking about all of these things. Did you actually grow to like this boy?

Your thoughts were hindered however when Amanda turns  the laptop screen to face you again.  She shows you older footage,  probably  2 years old from the date you could  barely make out , and you could see clearly who it was on the screen.

It was you and Calum, and you knew what in fact, the video would show.  

It showed Calum walking you back to your room. You were a lot smaller then and so was he.  Your gear looked too big for you and so did Calum’s before his massive growth spurt.

This footage had sound which was weird because you didn’t think the agency could afford good enough security systems.

The video showed you and Calum  talking outside the hallway which still fit into the rules and you relaxed realising that she couldn’t use that against you.

But what happened next,  was something that you had tried to forget.

Calum   pushed you up against the wall and kissed you. It wasn’t a deep kiss, but it was light as he grabbed your face, touching your cheek lightly.

“I needed to do that at least once.” Calum says leaving you shell-shocked as he takes off down the hall towards the boy’s rooms, and the video stopped there.

You remember that day. You remember walking into your bedroom really confused about everything that had happened.  You remembered how normal Calum acted the next day as if the kiss never happened.

Amanda shuts the laptop and sets it down again on her desk. She walks over to you and starts cutting the bonds away form your hands and feet.

“Now we wouldn’t want your pretty little boyfriend to see that too, now would we?”

You didn’t know why, but something about Luke seeing that video made you feel guilty almost like you’ve cheated which was weird because  you had never dated anyway, but  somehow, that was footage you definitely didn’t want  Luke to see.

You shook your head at Amanda as she opens the door for you to go out. You rubbed your wrists gently.

“Just in case you needed a little more incentive.” She said shutting the door  behind you and to no surprise, Luke was waiting for you outside.

He rushes over  to you.

“Are you hurt? What did she do to you?”  he says looking at your wrists that were red and rashy.

“ It’s nothing. Let’s talk in my room.” You  offer. Well, if you were already found out, it wouldn’t matter if Luke entered your room again.

Once you were both in and you closed the door behind you locking it in place, you turn to him slowly.

“We can’t tell.”

“WHAT? Why not?” he asks sitting down on your bed gently.

“Amanda showed me. She has footage of you entering my room and she threatened to show it to the boss.  We can’t tell Luke! You remember what happened to Ana. We’ll get kicked out before we can even stop Amanda from carrying out her plan.”

“Alright fine, but can’t we just tell the boss all this, surely he’ll understand?” Luke asks, his blue eyes hopeful.

You shook your head. “ He won’t believe us, Luke. Amanda has the upper hand, especially because he has a soft side for her.”

“Fine, you’re right.” Luke says, head in hands. “Well, I suggest we try to find a way to erase that  file or get that laptop away from her somehow. Anywho, I think we should focus  on trying to find out what she’s doing. “

“I agree.” You say nodding your head.

Luke lets out a big sigh and stands up clumsily, his chest still aching from the wound.

“This is all your fault.” Luke says pointing at you, leaning against the wall.

“MY FAULT?” You ask  angrily, surprised at his nerve.

“Yes, we should have gone straight to the boss’s office.  We shouldn’t have gone back to your room even if I was bleeding.” Luke says casually and you felt anger rise in your chest.

“You were bleeding, Luke. You could barely stand. You could have fucking died!” You exclaim raising your voice.

“That’s not the point. You should have put the mission first.” He says, finality in his tone, but you would not let this end right now before you made your point clear.

“Well, sorry for caring you asshole.” You say making sure, your anger was evident in each tone.

“Oh, I’m the asshole?” He  asks angrily.

“Yes, you are.  Did I ever get a thank you?”

“A thank you for what?”

“For nursing you back to health!” you exclaim.

“Oh wow, I’m real better now.” Luke says pointing at his chest  where his wound was still seen through his shirt.

“You ungrateful, little..”  You stop,  filtering that word out because it was probably too mean. “ This would have been so much easier if I did it with Calum.”

“SHUT UP.” Luke warns. He takes a few steps closer to you.

“What did you say?”

“SHUT UP!” He says closing the gap between the both of you.

“Make me.” You challenged as you felt heat growing from your chest whether from  the heat of  the moment  or anger you didn’t know.

You didn’t see it coming but he suddenly grabs the sides of your face, and presses his lips against yours.  It was gentle and light, but it was over as soon as it began.

He releases you and even he looks shocked as you  both just stare for the longest time.

“I’m sorry.”  Is the last thing he said before  moving past you and opening your door,  closing it behind him as his quick footsteps hurried down the corridor, leaving you  confused and speechless.


 PART 7 

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