i have a lot of feelings about this verse

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse has the single best superhero soundtrack since Kendrick’s iconic OST for Black Panther and y'all need to stop fuckin sleepin on my son and ACKNOWLEDGE IT



Thought I’d do a panel thing. ;v; There are just certain segments in this song that I could really see reasonating with Scrooge for some reason (including the first part of ‘heaven-forbid’ verse). I guess this is where Scrooge messes up somehow. About how his legacy is really his family, not his wealth and adventures. The latter is obviously no legacy to Donald - Scrooge’s legacy isn’t HIS legacy - and he points that out and values the triplets’ safety over the ordeal that might have happened. Idk, something like that.

And hey, I know we don’t know lots about what went on between these guys, but feels, amiright?

His son, indeed.

Lan Wangji reached out to the young man who had once used to clutch at his skirts for attention and in place of that small waif of a boy, was one who had grown fine as a young cultivator. One that any parent could be proud of, one that he was immensely albeit against the rules, proud of. With long, gentle fingers he deftly tugged at the embroidered silk ribbon that lay across the youth’s forehead which was less about fixing it and more about affection. The boy stood, a faint pleased blush adorning the highest points of his cheeks as he let the man he called Father smooth with a delicate touch over the clouds embroidered elegantly on their precious ribbon. His own personal brand of affection created in the face of a young boy who demanded and gave unfettered adoration. His young son of 17 years, who was simultaneously that so very tiny sticky toddler, and the poised, grown young man whom always strives for compassion and justice in the face of the cruelty of the world and his heart lurched with that warm soft lightness that seemed easier and easier as time went on when in the path of that bright smile, so reminiscent of a man long gone, whose smile had outshone the sun. Without drawing his hand away from the ribbon, letting it slide to cup with a soft movement against the side of his face still slightly rounded with boyish charm and lingering baby fat, he spoke.

“I am proud of you” he said, voice subdued but strong with parental love, one that showed through his easy gestures but reflected with fierceness in his eyes. And in the face of that love, Sizhui could only stand and bask for a moment, that faint pleased blush growing stronger in intensity as he replied, his voice almost as quiet as the man who stood before him but no less sure.

“Thank you, Father”

Lan Wangji retracts his hand letting his fingers linger for a moment tucking fine baby hairs back behind his ear and he nods almost to himself before stepping back completely. Sizhui smiles, almost cheekily, one that tugs at cherished memories before bowing in respect and departing in search of the group of boys he would be leading on a night hunt, his gait measured, and back straight with determination. And Lan Wangji watched him go, love tucked close to his chest and pride in the young man who he had watched blossom. His son, indeed.


From Uhura, to Jyn Erso, and beyond, sci-fi is full of women fighting for freedom and justice. Shout-out to the women in sci-fi who serve as an inspiration to us all.

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hi queen I love everything you write if you write something about sugar daddy duncan you can have my soul in exchange,, how does that sound


Originally posted by duncan-shepherd

hand over that soul 😤 jk lmfao (also thank you for loving what I write - you can have my soul.)

Here’s a little something for you! Also.. this is lowkey inspired from a gif I sent to @petersfern-fics to which she replied how Duncan would use that.. uh tactic. 

Disclaimer: I’m definitely not well versed in the sugar daddy dynamic (like i joke about wanting a sugar daddy all the time but if the dynamic in this lil blurb is nothing like what you think it should be i’m sorry!) (additional disclaimer: idk if i like this but i think its because i dont know how sugar daddy/sugar baby realistically work?? and i’m not used to writing any sort of degradation type stuff so i feel insecure about it lmfao and i got in my head a lot and have second guessed every letter typed after this so if this is trash please tell me lmfao) i’m only posting bc i can’t learn from my mistakes if i dont put myself out there so here we go cowboys!

warnings: smut, degradation (sorta??) idk lol

word count: 1.5 k

You knew all you had to do was ask and it could be yours. The coveted Vintage Gucci handbag had stolen your heart the moment you laid eyes on it. Black alligator leather and palladium hardware would look perfect with your little black cocktail dress you were going to wear to the next big event you had planned. 

You were privileged and you’d be the first to admit it. You wanted a certain lifestyle for yourself and you worked damn hard to try and achieve your wants and needs. But none of that mattered. Not when you had caught the attention of D.C’s most eligible bachelor.

Duncan Shepherd.  

You and Duncan had come to this arrangement after one of his many visits to your former job. Innocently sweet, charming, and sexy. How could the older man not have been enchanted by you? 

You had to admit when he confidently proposed the idea of being your sugar daddy you were taken back. Of course, ever the gentleman, he allowed you time to think it over. But what was there to think over? He was smart, funny, sexy as hell, and he’d buy anything you wanted? 

Laying in bed that evening, you dialed his number. “Hello,” his low voice rang in your ear.

“Yes, daddy. I accept.” you let out in a rushed sentence. Hearing him chuckle on the phone made your insides flip and your face to blush. You might’ve been surprised you made the call. But something had told Duncan you were the one. 


The arrangement was simple; Duncan spoiled and indulged you in return of you doing the same to him. And indulged him you did. 

He was different than any of your past lovers. Where the boys of your past were quick to satisfy themselves and leave you to fend for yourself - Duncan always made sure you were well pleased. 

With one last glance at the bag on your phone screen, you changed into one of Duncan’s favorite set. Black lace adorned your body, hugging your hips and accentuating your breasts. 

“Daddy..” your index finger toyed with your bottom lip as you stood at Duncan’s door. 

He looked up from his phone and let a wicked smirk cross his face. He didn’t know how you did it, but you always seemed to be in the mood when he needed it the most. “Yes, kitten?” 

“I need a new bag,” you lip pouted out, walking towards him. 

“Do you now?” he pulled your hand and made you fall on the bed. He quickly flipped over to hover above you. No way were you getting an upper hand in this. “What happened to the one daddy bought you last week, hmm?” he dragged his fingers over your cleavage, feeling the softness of your skin. 

“It’s not the same!” you whined. You reached for his face looking into his baby blue eyes. But before you could make contact, he grabbed your wrist and pinned it to your side.

“Do you think you’ve done something to deserve it, baby?” he hips rolled on to yours. You bit back a moan at the sudden contact with the bulge in his pants. You could hear the blood rush in your ears. The excitement of having him fuck you deeply was so much you could hardly concentrate. Bag almost forgotten as thoughts of his girth and length stretching you clouded your mind.

“Yes, daddy. I’ll be good. I promise,” your eyes fluttered shut and your hips jolted up to meet his. A dark chuckle escaped his lips. Duncan enjoyed watching how your body reacted to his touch. He dipped his hand in your panties and collected a small pool of your wetness on his finger. So slick for him. Always. 

When the sweetness touched his tongue he couldn’t help but release a soft moan with your name. Hearing him call you by your name always made you squirm. Your name dripped from his lips like hot honey. Slow and deep and made your heart skip a beat. There would be rare occasions when he’d actually refer to you by your given name instead of “kitten” or “princess” or any other pet name he’d given you. 

“That’s my girl.” he smiled proudly before ridding you both of your remaining clothes. Duncan reached for his nightstand and took out a lump sum amount of cash from the drawer; puzzled look crossed your face, but you didn’t question him. 

“How much does that purse cost, baby?” you knew he was up to trouble with the way he was looking at you. Wild eyes trailed down your naked body, licking his lips, savoring you before he could even be inside you. 

You mumbled out the hefty price tag and you could swear the number alone made his cock twitch. 

He laid down the freshly pressed bills besides him. You watched in awe as he pumped his cock, the head glistening in precum that he spread to the veiny length. 

You licked your lips in anticipation of feeling the sting of having him inside you; of the pressure in your belly as he thrusts deep and deeper in you. 

He placed the end of his cock at your entrance, rubbing the tip up and down your folds. “So wet for daddy.” he mumbled under his breath before inserting himself in you. Your walls contracted around him, hugging his beautiful thick cock. 

“Daddy..” you whined out, your eyes rolling to the back of your head. 

“Shh, princess.” he smirked reaching for a bill by his side. He skillfully folded it half and held it to your lips. He ran the thin paper over your parted lips, “Open up, kitten.” 

He placed the $100 dollar bill neatly on your tongue to which you instinctively bit down on it. “Good girl.” he praised, snapping his hips forward. 

“Is your sweet cunt gonna earn you that purse?” he chuckled. The laughter sending a vibration to your sticky cunt. He slid in and out of you with ease, going in deeper with each thrust of his hips. 

Your pussy constricted around him, pumping him with the hot throbs your core produced. With the money in your mouth, you simply nodded, moaning without letting the bill slip from your lips. 

Duncan picked up another bill repeating his previous pattern. Sweat formed on his forehead and made his perfectly styled hair to fall forward in a mess. His cock jerked seeing you take his money in your mouth like a dirty little slut. 

Over thirty neatly pressed $100 bills were folded and secured between your teeth by the time you felt the movement of his hips become sloppy and flutter against yours. You struggled not to scream out his name as you felt yourself cum on his cock; a muffled “daddy..” was moaned between the green paper you held. 

Hot spurts of his seed leaked inside you as he came. He continued to pump in and out of you watching the white substance smeared over your flesh and spill out of you. “Such a dirty girl,” he laughed and took the money from your mouth. 

Duncan slipped out of you and collapsed at your side, pulling you into his arms. He held the money in his hand and shuffled the ends against his thumb like you would a deck of cards, “Now what purse did my kitten want?” he asked. 

um i hope you like this?? i still dont know if i do lmfao 

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I need to discuss the new Requiem lyrics because I have…feelings about the Murphy siblings again. 

The added verse, to me, changes Zoe’s whole tone in the song, makes it feel like Zoe holds a lot of regret, in addition to anger and bitterness. “you were the flood that swallowed us whole/refusing the love we endlessly gave you” hits me especially hard. Clearly, Zoe wanted to help her brother before he died, she wanted him to get better, to be the brother he was when they were younger, she always wanted her brother back. And that’s pretty clear in Zoe’s reaction to Evan’s story, especially in If I Could Tell Her and You Will Be Found. 

But hearing it unprompted in Zoe’s own words really drives the point home. The verse mostly focuses on the other Murphys being “swallowed whole” by Connor, of them being unable to control him (“you were fire, out of control/the blaze that couldn’t be tamed”) and that just kills me, because it implies that they were trying, that she, specifically was trying. 

It paints her anger in an entirely different light. Not only is she angry and resentful towards Connor for how he treated her, and rightfully so, I think she’s also angry at him for killing himself. It’s obvious in Larry’s verse in the original Requiem, that he’s angry at Connor for committing suicide, but it never comes through in Zoe’s lyrics. At least, until this version. Now, she’s angry at him for forcing her to “play the grieving girl,” for ending his life. 

The Zoe Murphy in this version of Requiem isn’t just angry at how her brother treated her before he died, isn’t just unsure how to go about mourning someone who made her life so difficult. The Zoe Murphy in this version of Requiem absolutely didn’t want her brother to die, is absolutely grieving him, and is absolutely furious because, from her perspective, he refused to see that they were trying to help him, that she was trying to help him, refused to reach out to her, and ultimately killed himself, because he couldn’t see that his family did, in fact, love him, and that he wasn’t alone. 

And that’s honestly even more tragic than it was before. 

Listen I think my favorite part of the Kepler “fucked up about sex au” is that while Kepler is: “I’m not sure if I can be intimate with someone without killing them,” Jacobi is, “👌👌👀 good shit I 😍 death 👅 fuck me until I pass out and maybe I don’t wake up??? 👌👍😘”

So the entire thing is is an extraordinary trashfire

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Re: evil author day; they all sound amazing, but I'd love to see something from the Hello Again verse if only because I crave the moment Padawan Obi is bowled over by a certain crecheling declaring how happy he is to have found him and he is never ever letting him go because he needs all the hugs ever... he'd feel a lot better if he didn't know Anakin was dead serious and he's about to be stuck with a tiny, vicious shadow hell-bent on defending his honour :)

So here’s part II of Anakin and Obi-Wan’s reunion. I don’t have much of other people’s reactions, but you get Anakin and Obi-Wan, and they’re the ones who really matter, aren’t they?

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Hey! I just listened to the new ep and it was phenomenal!! I really loved the way Mark cut ties with Damien, the voice acting and script were so well done! Just wondering, and I don’t personally ship it, but the dynamic between the two is so interesting, did anything ever happen between mark and Damien? Idk I feel like the way Damien was speaking it could be interpreted that he had some sort of feeling toward mark

I know a lot of people have personal headcanons about what exactly went down on the post-AM breakout road trip, so this might burst some bubbles but: no, nothing ever happened between them. Mark would have told Joan and Sam by now if something had. 

That doesn’t mean neither of them wanted something to happen. Mark is pretty open about the fact that he doesn’t fully understand his own feelings about Damien, especially because he can’t trust his own thoughts with Damien’s ability influencing him. Damien is a bit more complicated. He’s not well-versed in romantic or sexual relationships and doesn’t know how to articulate that that’s what he wants from Mark because I’m not entirely sure he knows that’s what he wants.

It’s just…extremely messy and toxic, but Damien definitely does have more than platonic feelings for Mark, even if he doesn’t know how to acknowledge that.

FINALLY saw Into The Spider-Verse today

fucking bLESS



I have a lot of feelings, i’m not gonna type it all out cuz i’m not really in the mood to type lots and I really don’t feel like I could adequately explain everything I love about this movie and why, nor do I have the attention span for it right now but hOLY SHIT. I love them. I love them all. Especially Miles and janky hobo Peter in sweatpants.

I think you know something was done hella right, if you feel inspired after watching it. And this combination of the characters, the writing, the art direction, the animation and the music has greatly inspired me.

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I feel like Bakugo only really cares about his public image in the sense that he wants to be as unlike Endeavor as Shouto does. Even in his worst moods he's better than that asshole, and don't you forget it.

There’s a lot of parallels between Bakugou & Midoriya and Endeavour & All Might, especially if you headcanon that Bakugou becomes No 2 (like I do). And I think Bakugou is very aware of this.

In history verse, Bakugou and Todoroki even have conversations about this. Bakugou doesn’t want to be anything like Endeavour. Todoroki and everyone can already see that he’s nothing like him, even on his worst days. 

Request: headcanons of Joseph in the bunker with a deputy who has just accepted what’s happened and is super chill with it all.

I think personally it would take a while before the dep would be chill especially after everything that just went down. They may be accepting of the situation, not because they want to be but because they’d have to be.

Joseph would certainly be forgiving of the deputy because of his mindset with having the deputy be “his family now”, like he stated at the end of the game and is more forgiving right away.

Im a massive believer of Joseph having the deputy cuffed to the bed forcing them to share.

Joseph would certainly keep the deputy handcuffed to the bed until he for sure could trust them to not murder him.

I feel like Joseph would feed them and help them drink while they’re still cuffed to the bed.

He’d probably just do that stare and look at the deputy for probably hours until one day he initiates a conversation and boy is it kind of awkward between them.

They’d both talk about their lives and how they’d both gotten to this point. Joseph talks about his previous marriage and child which concerns the deputy.

After the deputy realizes Joseph was right all along and is more forgiving towards him eventually calms down things would become less strained between them.

Joseph would eventually uncuff them and let them be but would still keep an eye on them because he’s afraid of them leaving him too.

He’s been completely intrigued with the deputy this entire time since they’ve met and now he’s beginning to feel enamored with them.

Eventually a relationship would form and I wholeheartedly believe Joseph would be the one to make the first moves tbh.

Mainly because the dep would still feel a bit awkward about the situation.

Probably a lot of hand holding and forehead kisses or even basic cuddling.

They’d still have to share a bed but the deputy would be more accepting of it.

Joseph would recite bible verses and the deputy could listen for hours on end just to hear his voice, eventually falling asleep to it.

At some point (mainly if the deputy is female) Joseph would have “the talk” about repopulating and having children.

The deputy eventually having to say yes because of the situation (and lets be real here she’s probably bored out of her mind after a while though i dont think she’d be overly lustful in this situation tbh)

(okay so I lied. I finished this a bit faster than i thought i would tbh. I still feel kinda rusty so hopefully that doesnt show too much. I feel this is a bit short so if you would like more or want something more specific please let me know!)

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I'm slowly making my way through AA and just finished Thanos Triumphant. The group seemed to know who Ultron was right away; do they have a history? I feel like I missed something, but even the AA wikia is /shrug about it.

good question nonny! from what I can understand, Ultron was never really properly introduced in AA by virtue of the series being closely tied to the MCU—which, in essence, means AA!Ultron shares a similar (if not exact) backstory as MCU!Ultron

I’m guessing the writers of the show introduced Ultron’s character with the assumption that their audience was well-versed enough in the MCU to fill in the blanks themselves, though it still leaves a lot of questions: why was Ultron created in the first place? When was the first time the Avengers fought Ultron? How did that fight end? Why were they unsurprised to see him return? 

at the very least, I’m glad that the AA-vengers don’t seem to blame or even link Tony to Ultron, unlike the MCU. In fact, Tony is the only one who seems to carry that sense of guilt and responsibility:


but it’s okay, because again, unlike the MCU, the AA-vengers seem pretty adamant about making sure Tony knows that Ultron is not only his responsibility—and that, like every other villain, they will fight side-by-side until they save the day together :’)

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So this feels really dumb, but is it okay to be uncomfortable with words like “sexy” and other ones that are so common they don’t even realize it’s exclusively a sexual term? I’m sex repulsed and I’ve noticed that a lot of language is based on sex unnecessarily, like calling good looking people sexy or saying people have “sexual tension” for having any chemistry. And people will just casually joke about it like with the top/bottom/verse memes. I feel so immature but it feels wrong every time??

Is it okay to be uncomfortable with sexually charged words? Yes

I also don’t think it’s immature and here is why. People who are sex repulsed aren’t shaming sex they are saying nope, not safe, pass for me. It’s not immature to not liking things. And boundaries at any age need to be respected.

Now if you were to go out of your way and in all caps show up and ban the word sexy, okay you are crossing a line. But nowhere in this ask do you seem even close to this. It’s okay to not like things.

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Tenma Udai (The Little Giant) from Haikyuu!!. From Saeko's brief description, he sounds like a raging Possessive during his prime. After those three years of terror end, he suddenly drops out of his darling's life. They try to move on but feel sick when they hear people idolizing Tenma. They attend the Spring High Preliminary to watch Karasuno out of trained habit. The former ace is there and desperately apologizes, but something about the look the current ace gives them feels awfully familiar.

I don’t have a lot to say about the Little Gaint himself, but I love the concept of Hinata modeling himself after his ‘icon’. Just… hear me out, for a second. It barely relates but I’m so passionate. 

Just imagine what he would be like in a more open environment, something close to the Yandere-verse, if you will. Hinata consumes every bit of information he can get, once he’s in highschool, watching old matches and interviews and talking to people who used to know Udai, if only because he needs to have something to aim for. A role-model, if you will. Of course, with all that content comes a few stories about Udai’s old sweetheart, his classification, his more problematic habits off the courts. Of course, Hinata is going to do his best to resemble that, too. His Darling is in for a trip, honestly, if only because of how hard Hinata tries to turn himself into a Possessive. He was Obsessive, before, Delusional at the worst of times but never jealous or demanding, but now your lucky if you can miss a minute of his matches without hearing a lecture about. He’s a sweet kisser, a little shy but so considerate, so the first time he tries to bite you, it’s going to be dramatic, whether or not he manages to break the skin. It’s a sloppy replica, behavior that just isn’t right, but… Hinata is nothing if not persistent, right?

Just pray he never thinks to use the resources around him. Him and Kageyama can get so competitive sometimes, it won’t be pretty if Hinata gets the idea in his head to ‘learn from example’. 

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Hi! Just wanted to tell you your art is so cute and soft to me, I love it. Do you have any headcanons for genyatta? (Canon or any AU is fine, I love this ship too much for my own good) Thank you and have a good day/night! 🌸

Thank ye! And yeah like… a lot I think but I’m not sure how to lay them out haha. so this post became Very Long. A lot are shown in my genyatta fic! So here’s plugging that :b

So woo, Canon verse/general:

  • The timeline is pretty murky but i think Genji got to Nepal just as Zenyatta was starting to feel conflicted about staying with the Shambali.
  • Just as Zenyatta helped Genji reconcile with himself, Genji then helped Zenyatta through an intensely difficult adjustment period out of the Shambali
  • They mostly traveled together at first but split up as their personal missions needed, they always reunite tho bc they’re lovebirds and don’t like bein apart for too long
  • Genji. Really, really finds Zenyatta’s shoulders/back to be so beautiful
  • zenyatta is taller i don’t make the rules i don’t listen to canon

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Why is Sara Lance/ Caity Lotz the most underappreciated promoted character/actress?

Where ever I go in the social media, polls and voting for the character or the actress she always looses significantly while the other arrow verse characters actresses have a lot more support. And I never see fans tweet about her to the producers, writers, showing appreciation or love or what they want to see, or feeling unhappy when she is mistreated. 

Of course recently there is a big fan base of AvaLance since Sara became part of that ship but still not so much for SaraLance. As if her fans only care about her romances with women and her sexuality because this is also the only promoted trait from her character. And I understand that representation matters but

While under Legends of tomorrow social media for years now there are a lot of demands from fans for bring Snart back, bring Rip back, we want Constrantine and none of them brings any representation. Well Constantine is bi in the comics but he wasn’t presented like that in his tv show. And the fans writing about how they would love to see more of him doesn’t mention this, at least I haven’t seen it. They want more Constantine because he is interesting developed cool character who deals with demons, his sexuality and romances doesn’t matter.

Why for Sara is different. When they killed her on Arrow there was a petition to bring her back and the most prominent arguments was because she is bi. Not because she is a woman who protects women, or because she is a survivor, or a female hero - one of the few in the comics tv world.

And the other thing that bugs me is when someone asks to see more stories and development this is always looked at as something negative - like what more does this fan wants, why should she get her own show when she is a lead on Legends, why should we see her emotions we already have seen them. Arrow don’t need her. People talk what a great development she got but when someone raises the idea that maybe she is actually a lead character on the rank of Oliver Queen and deserved a little more attention, more screen time and recognition no one supports it and is interested. Like how about see this great development on screen and this rich background that makes her special.

Which is even more surprising that now we have Batwoman announced tv show with so similar description to what I’ve always thought would be the Canary spin off but with flashbacks from her League days and she would have been bi not gay. And Caity Lotz is really talented actress who is a real life ninja and could definitely carry on a show in the same way like Stephen Amell does.

So what is really about Sara Lance that makes her so not commercial when I always though that she is special and for years now try to promote her and ask for more from her. 

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Me reading the spicy standalone pwp: wait, that ending - I need to know what happens next. I came here for the spice and now I want to know about the unresolved feelings???

That fic ended up just being full of a lot more feelings? So many feelings. Still regret that I couldn’t think of a better tag to concisely refer to desperate-group-sex-with-lots-of-underlying-tension. ANYWAY. I, uh…. May also have fallen into a pit thinking about Cody’s unresolved feelings. I had to watch myself, because this threatened to spiral completely out of control, but. Have some post-Hazards of Strange and Wondrous Things fic, feat: Cody Feeling Some Kind of Way About Everything:


Cody had never expected, really, to get everything - anything - he wanted. He’d long been resigned to the hopeless nature of all the secret, hidden wants that he held inside his chest, hoarding them like precious treasures. He knew exactly what he was - a clone, a soldier, one of many - and he knew exactly what General Kenobi was - a General, for one thing, a Jedi, unique and beautiful and shining.

And so he’d never expected, really, to be able to touch him, skin to skin. He’d contemplated kissing Obi-Wan’s mouth, spent hours thinking about the line of his throat, the strength in his shoulders, the pale expanse of his skin. But he’d never really, seriously, believed that he’d get to act on any of the wants that beat through his veins with each pump of his heart.

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Greenie, you have truly blessed us today. I am LIVING for all the daddy content. Do you have any thoughts on how this would work in the other verses? Maybe canon verse Steve comes across the kink at some point thanks to the lovely internet (or comes across this blog.. consider that for a moment) and is a little thrown off by it at first. But, just like you described it in the other verse, he can’t stop thinking about it. I’m picturing how big!Steve loves being told how small he is, (1/2)

with the same words Bucky used back in the day, only now they contain this promise that he’s still Bucky’s little boy no matter what the serum did to his body. The daddy/age play seems to come pretty naturally from the size play they’re already doing, but how do you think the dynamic would play out here? I think there’s a lot of room for hurt/comfort here, maybe with Steve crying and Bucky consoling him by talking about how small he is? (2/2)

I think getting canon!Steve to admit he wants a Daddy would be a little harder, just because of how afraid Steve is of the general public finding out he’s that kinky, but once he lets himself want it and have it, the dynamic would most certainly be the same.

Like, it doesn’t matter if it’s canon Steve or AU Steve, big Steve or small Steve, when he’s a sub, he has the same needs in every ‘verse

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