i have a lot of feelings about this uniform

Favors- Cassian Andor

Pairing: Cassian Andor/OC

Request: @elenawrit 

“What about Cassian wearing this empire uniform, and after his mission, he comes back on the base, and when he goes to see the reader, she doesn’t have attention, she just sees the uniform and she punch him in the face. And after, she feels so sorry, and he teases her by saying something like “You must give me a magic kiss to treat me.” what do you think about it ?”

Warnings: Just so much fluff. Like is it too much?? I dunno…I’m out of control. 

He had been gone for five days. In my world, it might as well have been a month. It was impossible to say what was more difficult…Cassian being away on a mission without me, or him being here with me. Although that wasn’t exactly true. Everything was better when he was around. He made me feel something I hadn’t felt since I was a child. Hope. Hope that maybe it was possible for good things to still exist, and hope that we still deserved them after everything we had done. It was having to hide the fact that I was ridiculously in love with him that made it hard. I settled on the fact that it was enough that he knew…yet there were days when some lovesick part of me wanted to tell everyone. Our reasons for not telling, though, were too necessary.

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siriusgalaxy  asked:

Hi so I don't know if you're keeping up with the Nightwing series but I'm about halfway through the latest issue and I know you love Dami and I needed someone to rant to quickly: HOLY CRAP I HAD TO TAKE A 3 MINUTE BREAK BECAUSE I STARTED GROSSLY SOBBING I die every time Dami gets emotional (especially revolving around his actual dad Dick Grayson) and also... kind of saw a possible future uniform for Damian??? Anyway I have a lot of feelings thanks for being great I really appreciate it.

I’m not keeping up with Nightwing, no, but I went and read the issue (#17, right?) and oh my god wow. Feelings galore?? I did not sign up for this??? Oh wait I knew I was gonna have feelings but–aaaaaaaa

(honestly the whole issue made me sad about Damian and Steph’s relationship being retconned–shocker, I know, but if Steph was still around for Damian maybe he wouldn’t feel like if he looses Dick he’ll be totally alone?? Idk…)

but honestly, glad that I’m now aware of what’s goin’ on with ol’ Dickie–and please! You can come rant to me anytime!! 

anonymous asked:

could you give me advice? since you have short hair too. I cut mine recently and I'm worried about being mistaken for a dude? I'm very feminine but sometimes I dress chill and now I feel pressured to let everyone know I am a girl and not a boy. Gender stereotypes suck dick:(

ufdasoifj listen saME, i’m not really feminine looking and the uniforms we wear are bulky and i’ve been mistaken for a dude a lot (doesnt help that i have a deep voice lmao) i mean honestly dont feel pressured, if someone mistakes ur gender just politely say i’m a girl, that’s what i do. 

It’s stupid, but until I put it on, I didn’t realize how much I missed it. How much I needed it. It was like… the last piece of the puzzle falling into place.

Quinn Fabray, Faberry deleted scenes

You guys, this is giving me a lot of feelings. Because even though Quinn is talking about being back in her cheerios uniform, it sounds like a big metaphor about Quinn selflessly, and from afar, loving Rachel. 

None of this makes sense if Quinn was literally talking about Cheerios and/or the uniform. I mean, “How much I needed it” doesn’t work for the character that Quinn is supposed to be by the time On My Way aired. This Quinn is over the crazy in her life, over the need to be popular, and she’s chosen twice (super bowl ep and 3x01) not to go back to the Cheerioes… because she no longer needed it. The uniform was just a cover up, masking her insecurities, anyway. And the puzzle piece sentence doesn’t make sense either. But this does make sense if were used this as a metaphor. 

But do you know what Quinn does need? Rachel. And at the moment that she says this to Rachel, Rachel still thinks Quinn isn’t coming to the wedding. Rachel still thinks Quinn is disappointed in her. Rachel probably still believes Quinn harbors feelings for Finn. And you know what Quinn hates? She hates that Rachel is disappointed in Quinn’s disappointment. Quinn hates that Rachel has barely directly looked at her since she and Finn officially announced their engagement. Quinn hates that Rachel would rather marry Finn and forever be at odds with Quinn than not marry Finn and still be close with Quinn.

Quinn misses Rachel - Finn obsessed, Broadway lover, diva, maybe ruining her life Rachel. And Quinn didn’t realize how much she missed Rachel. Quinn didn’t realize how much she missed Rachel. Quinn didn’t know - full stop. Until she didn’t have Rachel at all

There’s a part in Wavegoodbye’s fic like moon on water when Rachel asks Quinn what it felt like when she realized she had feelings for Rachel and Quinn’s response was, “Satisfying.” She continued, “Yeah, sort of like when you figure out the answer to a really difficult problem. Reasons why I did things or said things in the past just clicked into place. It was kind of like déjà vu. Not that scary. Surprising but more familiar, like I’d been here before and forgotten all about it but then wondered how that could have happened in the first place because it’s so obvious that this was always where I was supposed to be.”

That seems to be Quinn’s moment here. Quinn needed Rachel. Quinn needed Rachel. And all of a sudden, everything made sense and Quinn’s past actions finally made sense and the puzzle pieces fit. It was satisfying. 

The last piece of the puzzle fell into place for Quinn here and because Quinn loves Rachel, she needs Rachel to be happy. So Quinn lets go of all her feelings, and supports Rachel. Because, that’s what love is, isn’t it?

I have a lot of feels about Jorgan being the leader of Havoc Squad, okay?

I mean, look at Jorgan! Look how damn proud he is to introduce them to his wife. All of them in their matching uniforms (except for Abbeth, who seems to have forgotten the matching boots. where are your boots, Abbeth?) 

From left to right, the order is: Abbeth, Dengril, Jorgan, Kanner, Xaban, and Torg. 

In my head, Abbeth is an infiltration specialist (maybe that’s why he’s not wearing clunky boots, so he can be sneaky-like). Dengril is explosions. Jorgan is still the weapons and tactics specialist. Kanner is the XO and assault specialist. Xaban is the medical specialist. And Torg is the technology specialist. 

They’ve been a squad long enough that they know each other well and can tease each other a lot. Kanner’s married to a former Mandolorian. Dengril is a recovering spice addict who is required by the Republic to take weekly drug tests. (Now that they’re rogue, Jorgan won’t make him take the tests any more.) Xaban is an amateur makeup holoblogger with more than a million subscribers. Torg has a husband and they’ve adopted two little girls, both Kaleesh. (Jorgan knows both their birthdays and gives them gifts.) Jorgan is almost positive Abbeth has a crush on Xaban and can’t decide if he should encourage them or not. 

They’re a family. And Jorgan, who worried he would never rise above sergeant after the original Havoc defected, is their center. 

Random Thoughts on Ilvermony

-to be sorted, the houses choose the person and if chosen by multiple houses they can choose which house they go to (kind of like the Voice tbh). But what happens if they’re not chosen by any house? Is one of the houses known to be like okay, I guess you can come here even if you don’t really fit (kind of like Hufflepuff).

-the school uniforms are apparently deep blue and peach colored. But do they wear something specific to signify their house? What are the house colors?

-what are inter house relationships like? I’m guessing they’re a lot less divided than Hogwarts but we don’t really know

-which house has the best Quodpot team? Are they as competitive about it as hogwarts is with Quidditch? I’m guessing Wampus might be best at sports because “body”

-is the pukwudgie house favored by the pukwudgies who work at ilvermony?

-and on that note William! I have feels about this grumbling loyal person like he just stays there and dusts the statue or whatever like? He’s the definition of “looks like he could kill you but is secretly a cinnamon roll”

-also do the pukwudgies still refuse to hive humans their individual names? What do humans call them then? How have interactions between the two races changed as a whole because of ilvermony?

-the tree from slytherin’s wand; does it do anything? Is it revered? Considered ominous like the whomping willow? Does anyone actually know that it’s from slytherin’s wand?

-is ilvermony more accepting of “No-maj” inventions than hogwarts? Do they try to integrate the two? Probably, considering that one of the founders was COMPLETELY NON-MAGICAL! Which is actually really phenomenal/progressive

-hogwarts sends out owls; how does ilvermony inform people that they have been accepted to the school? Why didn’t I get one? Because lbr here I’m definitely magical and ought to go to the magic school

-considering how students are sorted in actual ilvermony, I feel like the pottermore quiz should be different; the results should show which houses would accept you and then you get to choose which of them you go to

-also our wands aren’t very accurate since they only include the three cores popular in britain; what about the american cores, and even different wand woods, because it’s a much different land that would lead to much different wands and I want to know what I’d get

-how is gormlaith gaunt related to marvolo gaunt? Isolt apparently didn’t know of any other british relatives so like how are they related? I guess there is the time gap but it does indicate that there are relatives isolt was unaware of

-i just want to know more!!! I really want to see more characters so I can form a better perception of each house based on the people in it