i have a lot of feelings about this passage

pssst, emma canonically sailed on the jolly roger before she was even born.

“I forgot” does not mean “I didn’t care enough to remember”

you know, as much as I’m trash for Fallout 4 and recognizing it has a lot of faults, one of the things that Fallout 4 never got right was the passage of time.

And I saw a post about this, and I completely agree, Bethesda really really does not want to do hundreds of years in the future.   

They want so badly to do a “The War Just Ended the World and Here I am Surviving™”.    

This feeling is conveyed in every single frame & setting.

one of the things that was jarring to me in Fallout 4, was them telling me over two hundred years have past, but buildings and cars and everything consumable are still standing.

like no..  cars & buses would be rusted out metal frames, not cherry red cars that have maybe been sitting in the garage for 75 years or smth

wooden houses surviving hundreds of years is completely possible, but that’s with constant upkeep.  Without human intervention, they would collapse back to the earth and become rotted out timbers and a lot of rusty nails.   

I know this personally because i live in the midwest in an old colonial that’s almost a hundred years old, and my dad’s side of the family lives in Appalachia, where you can go hiking in the woods and find the ruins of frontier/historical homes left to vagarities of time.  I’ve personally stumbled upon old abandoned historical homes and barns out in the woods by my Grandma. 

they do not look like the old abandoned wooden homes in Fallout where you can still blow off the dust and live in them 200-300 years later.

I’m saying this because I’m playing Horizon Zero Dawn and this game gets it exactly right



I’ve also played Fallout New Vegas who, with crappier older graphics, still managed to convey the passage of time better

So for college AU Marya Bolkonskaya and Natasha, consider:

Marya doesn’t know Natasha that well and she doesn’t really like her, and then after what happens with Andrei and Anatole she really doesn’t like her.

But then, after the drama’s died down, Marya notices Natasha at church more often. Every Sunday instead of just occasionally, and at weekday services during certain church seasons. And it makes Marya consider the state of her own heart. And one Sunday, she manages to catch Natasha’s eye during the service and smile.

The first time they talk after a service, Natasha begs Marya to forgive her. Marya remembers hearing something about alcohol and hospitals and the unflappable Marya Dmitryevna worried sick, and tells Natasha of course, of course, all is forgiven.

Sometimes Natasha comes to Marya’s dorm room and they have tea and talk about spiritual stuff and class and what books they’re reading. Slowly, Natasha begins to realize what a horrible family situation Marya’s come from (she silently reproaches Andrei for never telling her) and vows to be a friend to her and bring her into the Rostov circle as much as possible.

Natasha is absolutely delighted when Nikolai and Marya start dating. Marya is thrilled when Natasha and Pierre get together because she adores Pierre and has been rooting for the two of them all along. Sometimes the Rostov siblings and their significant others go on double dates to beautiful nerdy things like the symphony and free Friday nights at the art museum.

Clico Headcanons

Clovis x Nico in Blood of Olympus:

“Clovis’s eyes fluttered open. He turned and stared at Nico, though Nico knew this was simply part of Clovis’s own dreamscape. The actual Clovis would still be snoring in his armchair back at camp.

‘Oh, hi …’ Clovis yawned wide enough to swallow a minor god. ‘Sorry. Did I pull you off course again?’

Nico gritted his teeth. There was no point getting upset. The Hypnos cabin was like Grand Central Station for dream activity. You couldn’t travel anywhere without going through it once in a while.

‘As long as I’m here,’ Nico said, ‘pass along a message. Tell Chiron I’m on my way with a couple of friends. We’re bringing the Athena Parthenos.”

Because of these two lines in bold, we can assume Nico and Clovis have met a number of times before, and if you read the rest of this passage from Blood of Olympus, you’ll find their interactions to be almost friendly, which is saying a lot when it comes to Nico’s character at the time.

Clovis is a pretty chill dude, and I can’t help but feel like Nico would be drawn to someone with a relaxed vibe, someone he could be himself around. I’ve come up with a few headcanons about their relationship because I just find them so adorable together:

  • Nico and Clovis going to sleep in separate cabins, only to wake up again in each other’s dream to go on a date.
  • Clovis falling asleep so much it’s become the norm to see Nico carrying him around camp Bridal style.
  • Clovis always carrying a flask of warm milk because he knows Nico loves it.
  • Clovis helping Nico with his nightmares is hard at first. Clovis cant take them away, but he can see what Nico sees and it frightens him haft to death. Nico tries to block him after that, but Clovis can easily break through. They both just stand and watch, holding hands.
  • They normally hang out in the Hypnos cabin, with the soft-as-clouds pillows and endless supply of hot chocolate, but they also spend time in the Hades cabin as well.
  • Clovis offers to help Nico with his memory loss from his childhood in Italy, but Nico refuses saying he’d rather get them back when the time is right. His father had promised after all. 
  • Nico actually meets Hypnos before Clovis, since Hypnos lives in the underworld. He’s a very secluded God, and doesn’t take an active role in anything going on on Olympus. He doesn’t even know who Nico is, though he can sense his death aura.
  • Clovis secretly feels guilty about not doing more in the battle with Gaea, he feels like he could’ve been able to keep her asleep if he was more powerful. Nico sees it in a nightmare, and tells Clovis that it’s stupid to think that way, especially since it would go against the prophecy of the seven.
  • Nico calls Clovis ‘sleepy head’ which makes Clovis very happy. Clovis calls Nico his ‘dream boy’ because it makes him turn an alarming shade of red. Clovis finds this hilarious.
  • They don’t ever cuddle, mainly because they sleep in different buildings, but also because Nico isn’t ready for a relationships like that yet. Clovis is fine with that, having an army of stuffed toys to cuddle with already.

This is like,,,,, my new favorite ship because it’s so Soft™ and Pure™, so please feel free to add your own headcanons, or come and talk to me about them in my inbox because I will love you forever <3

safe passage

(I have a lot of feelings about the fact that Captain Hook gave Snow and Charming safe passage aboard the Jolly Roger before Emma was born in 6x20 and they were all still under the singing enchantment at the time)

The princess was with child.

It hadn’t been obvious at first, her garments loose enough to conceal the swell of her belly beneath the folds of leather as snowy white as her famed complexion. He’d heard the tales, he knew them on sight from the moment they stepped into the tavern while he watched unseen from the shadows. Captain Hook had no time for anything but his vengeance, but he was an observant man and he noted the way she rested her hand on the babe within when the bargain was struck between them. He’d had an urge to hold a knife to her throat and demand the Dark One be delivered to him at once, deal be damned, their quarrel with the Evil Queen was none of his concern and he’d waited so long (too long) to skin himself a crocodile…but even he was not so far gone as to threaten a pregnant woman and risk her miscarrying on the deck of his ship.

There was blood enough on his hand already.

The moon was bright over the wine-dark sea and the stars were like the diamonds he’d spurned as payment. He held their course steady, sailing the Jolly through the treacherous waters that led to the queen’s castle. It was a journey of only one night, but the nights were long when his bed was empty and the space in his chest where his heart should be ached for what was lost so long (too long) ago. The refrain echoed on the wind as the song refused to fade, whatever enchantment had befallen the land followed them out to sea and with the crash of the waves on the hull he kept singing low under his breath, “Revenge, revenge, revenge is gonna be mine.”

She came up on deck, alone, her tall, blond prince still tucked away down below. The few crew still awake gave her a wide berth, Captain Hook had promised the princess safe passage, and safe passage was what she would get, she was in no danger from his men. Her long dark hair reminded him of another woman, another time, another life, when he’d loved and been loved, a man instead of a villain, Killian instead of Hook. When happiness had been his for the taking and the horizon was full of promise, new adventures waiting to be discovered.

“Until that croc destroyed my life and filled me with hate unabating,”

It roared in his ears so loud that it almost drowned out the sweet sound that had the rest of the men all turning to look, heads cocked and old memories making hard faces soft, for a moment.

Snow White was singing to her child.

A mother’s lullaby, a promise to “My darling daughter so fair, so beloved you are, with my smile and your father’s hair.”

Hook felt his shoulders hunch under the heavy leather, turning the collar up to his ears in a vain attempt to block it out. He had no time for this, no space for softness in a hard world when all that mattered was the destiny waiting for him just over the horizon.

“Revenge, revenge, revenge is gonna be mine.”

“And her name is the song in our hearts, the melody of the love that will always be true. With our daughter’s fate at stake.”

Their voices mixed on the wind as the sails snapped and the ship rode the waves, rising and falling like the music that continued to play across the stars.

“…find happiness waiting.”

“The most powerful magic of all. Emma…”

“….is gonna be mine.”

Another Writer

Word Count; 1805

A/N: hope you enjoy this! My laptop crashed once again and I lost my freaking request list, I really have to start writing that down on paper oh my god. Much love guys ️<3

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(^^ Betty is hella me oh my god hes handsome and hot and *incomprehensible muttering and heavy breathing* okay back to your paid programming lol)


     Sitting next to a boy who spends all his time writing is a little intimidating to a girl who also writes, although he doesn’t know. He concentrates so hard on the screen in front of him he doesn’t notice the clicking of my keyboard. I don’t write as much as him granted, mostly because he has a broad and interesting subject to write about. He has something to say that most people want to hear. Me on the other hand, not so much. I have a subject that is more personal, and outside of the public’s interest, my muse is more personal. The boy whom I sit next to while he writes will never know of my writings because he is the muse, and I can’t bear the thought of him finding out.

    Often, I watch him while he is busy at work, his brows furrowed in concentration. The screen illuminating his face, bringing some light into his blue eyes that the dim lighting of the diner tries to hide. I notice the small things, the way he bites his lip, the small sighs he lets out when he is stuck, the way his eyes dart across the screen repeatedly while he reads and proof-reads and double proof-reads his work. His little curls that poke out of his crown-shaped beanie and how they fall over his face, the small smirk that comes across his face when he is proud of what he’s written, and how he’ll always celebrate with another milkshake, usually courtesy of me because I always offer.

    I notice the flash of unsureness when I offer to buy his milkshake, he seems to get uncomfortable and feel bad when people buy things for him, but I insist. I notice we have the same conversation every time it happens, he gets his proud little smirk and I smile up from my own screen and laugh. “Did you like what you read?” I’ll ask, and that’s when his gaze captures mine. “I sure did.” He’ll reply, standing from the booth quickly, almost as if he’s trying to beat me up because he also knows what’s coming. “Oh, no you don’t, milkshake is on me.” And there’s the flash of unsureness I was talking about. “You don’t have to do that Y/N, I can buy my own milkshakes.” He’ll try to argue, but I’m stubborn. You’d think he’d learn not to try to fight with me on things like this, I stand my ground and I don’t ever give up. Although I admire his own persistence too, we are both stubborn I guess and I quite enjoy our little quarrels on stupid things.

     "I don’t want you to spend a dime of your money on a milkshake, you’re not in the best situation.“ I’ll say, trying to coax him to let me just buy his milkshake, and he’ll chuckle. "You aren’t in the best situation to either.” I roll my eyes and make my way to the counter. “I’ll survive Juggie, sit down and I’ll take care of it.” I’ll call over my shoulder, and he’ll reluctantly sit. Day after day this happens, and day after day I buy him his milkshake.

    It may sound like I understand this boy like the back of my hand, and on most things I do, but I still get confused. I notice things about him that I can never sort out, but it’s mostly because of my own doing. I notice the way he smiles at me, it’s different from how he smiles towards others. To normal people, he just gives his signature smirk, but to me, especially when we are alone, I get a smile. I can never tell if it’s because I’m his best friend, or if it’s because he likes me more than he likes other people, I wonder if it’s because he may replicate my feelings I feel towards him.

    Sometimes he’ll pull me away from the group while we are at school and they are all doing something the both of us don’t like, or just when he doesn’t think they’ll notice. He’ll grab my hand and take me to the Blue and Golds office, an empty classroom, or we’ll just leave school all together and go to Pops. Most of the time he’ll pull his laptop out once we are alone and he’ll start to write, making very small talk. Once I asked why it’s only when he is alone with me he said “I only write when I’m around you because you’re quiet and don’t ask me too many questions. Anyways, I like spending time with you.” That was all the answer I needed, but it still confused me in some way. Why doesn’t he like spending time like this with anyone else?

    Other times when he pulls me away, we’ll talk and catch up, or when the Drive In was still around, we’d watch movies. It didn’t matter which one we did, he’d still do the same thing, he’ll sit real close to me, and place his hand incredibly close to mine, although I’m sure it is just on accident. He’ll tell me what’s going on in his life, and I’ll sit there and happily and attentively listen. I’m always there for him when he wants to vent. I’ll tell him about my life, which mostly consists of hardships and he will do the same as I do for him. And without fail, he always places a protective arm around me, pulling me close into him which never fails to make me feel better.

    “Y/N? Earth to Y/N!” a voice called, pulling me out of my trance. I looked up wide-eyed at Jughead and he chuckled. “You alright?” he asked.

    “Yeah, of course. Are you?” I asked, and he nodded.

    “Yeah. I’m great.” he smiled, looking down at his screen.

    “Did you like what you read?” I asked, and he nodded slightly.

    “I sure did.” He said, quickly sliding out of his booth to stand up, but I was faster. I stood in front of his seat and pushed him back down into the seat, smirking down at him.

    “Oh no you don’t, milkshake is on me.” I stated happily.

    “You don’t have to do that Y/N, I can buy my own milkshakes.” He tried to gently argue, but I rolled my eyes and put my hand on my hip.

    “I don’t want you to spend a dime of your money on a milkshake, you’re not in the best situation.” I argue back and he chuckles.

    “You aren’t in the best situation either.” He replies and I chuckle and roll my eyes again.

    “I’ll survive Juggie, sit back and I’ll take care of it.” I say, making my way to the counter. I order Jugheads milkshake and sit at the counter, waiting. It takes a few minutes, but I patiently sit there, scrolling through my phone. Just then a text from Veronica pops up on my screen and I push the notification, bringing me to my messages.

Veronica :) – Hey, where’d you and Jughead go, we still have 2 periods left, or are you guys going to skip those too?

    I laugh at the text and reply, letting her know that I didn’t think me and Jughead were going to make it back for the rest of our classes. I’m brought from my phone as Pops sets a chocolate milkshake down in front of me and I smile and thank him, handing him the money. I take the milkshake in my hand and climb down from the stool, turning to make my way back to the booth. I look over to Jughead, and my heart stops, he’s on my laptop. I quickly make my way over to the booth and slam the milkshake down on the table and reach for my laptop.

    “What are you doing Juggie? That’s mine!” I say, pulling my laptop from his eye sight and closing it.

    “I was just trying to see what you do while I write, but it looks like you do the same thing.” He says smugly. I can feel as my cheeks turned crimson red, and I stared down at the table, unable to look at the raven-haired boy in front of me.

    “Well you weren’t supposed to know I write.” I say, and he chuckles.

    “I’m aware, pretty sure I read that in your… what are you writing? Are you going to publish that into a book?” he asked, and I shrugged.

    “I- I don’t know.” I say, taking a seat on my side of the booth. Jughead just chuckled again and I looked up at him, meeting his gaze. “I just write random stuff while you write your novel. There’s a lot more than just that.”

    “Well, you’re very good at writing.” He said, and I smiled.

    “Thank you.” I reply, glancing at my laptop. The seat next to me dipped, and I felt a body near me. I turned and saw Jughead sitting by me, smiling smugly.

    “So, you like me, huh?” he asked and I hid my face him my hands, laughing slightly to myself. “Because it sounds like you do, quite a bit actually.” I feel as his arm wraps around my shoulders and he pulls me into him, and I hide my face in his chest. “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about Y/N.”

    “Says you, you didn’t just have your longtime crush read a short passage about how much you like them.” I mumble and I feel as he chuckled.

    “Touché.” he said, and it fell silent for a minute. “Will you look at me, please?” I slowly raised my head and looked up at Jughead. “Why didn’t you ever tell me?” he asked.

    “I didn’t know how to.” I replied, and he rolled his eyes.

    “There’s a lot of ways you could have told me.” He said, looking sweetly down at me and I scoffed.

    “Its not just that easy.” I say and he nods, glancing down from my eyes to my lips, and then back to my eyes. Before I could register what was happening, I felt a pair of lips on mine, and I instinctively shut my eyes and kissed back. Jughead pulled away way too soon, and chuckled down at me.

    “That seemed easy enough.” He said, and I playfully smacked him on the shoulder.

    “Whatever Jug. If it was that easy, why didn’t you do that before?” I asked, and it was his turn to blush.

    “Again, touché.” he said, and I laughed, leaning into him again. He pulled his laptop around and started typing again, and I watched as words flew across the screen.

    “I’m really glad you read my story.” I mumbled, and he laughed.

    “I’m glad I did too.”

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3 Years in  // The Only Way Out is Still Through

Did you guys notice I never posted a three years of nursing post back in March?? Probably not. That’s ok. In truth I was having a rough time at the end of February so it took me a while to write this post. Then I decided to sit on it and decide whether it felt right to post it. So… Here we are almost in June and I’ve decided I’m ready for this post to appear, albeit in an edited form. 

March has rolled around again and with it my third anniversary of nursing. Out of my three years of nursing so far, this last year has been the best. I’ve moved to a new city and a new hospital, into a Labor and Delivery unit that I love. I have some truly wonderful and caring co-workers and a lovely boss. I’m doing just L&D now which I love so much. I feel so supported on my unit and in my job.

This last year has been a little more comfortable for me as well. I’ve been a nurse for three years but doing L&D for two years now. I feel a little bit more like I finally know what I’m doing. I realized the other day I feel pretty awesome about IVs and I rarely need someone to check behind me with cervical exams. I love being with laboring patients and we get a lot more natural patients at this hospital which is fantastic and lovely and challenging.

I work with some lovely providers including mostly midwives for my labor patients and of the handful of MDs we have most of them are awesome. I love the camaraderie and the feeling that the providers truly want what is right for the patient. I don’t feel like I’m fighting every step of the way to get patients what they deserve, because things just happen the way they should and our policies support that.

I honestly hadn’t even been thinking about the passage of time much this last year, because I finally feel happy and content where I’m at. So it took me a bit by surprise when I realized how close I was to my nursing anniversary this year.

Or should I say I was taken by surprise the week and half before my anniversary when I began to question whether I was still supposed to be a nurse. Things had been going great. I’ve experienced almost a hundred births in the last 9 months I’ve been working at my new job. I’ve gotten to experience beautiful, chaotic, reverent, happy and joyous births. Interspersed have been a few sad times with fetal demises and my first patient that delivered who intended to give her baby up for adoption. But all in all this year I felt much better able to deal with the sadder days because I felt well supported by my coworkers and leaders, plus I have experienced more of these situations and feel more capable.

But a few weeks before my three year nursing anniversary, I had what I had considered a normal day with a laboring patient. An uneventful labor led to a slightly more challenging delivery, but nothing we aren’t trained to handle as L&D nurses. 

What resulted was the unexpected death of the baby about 6 hours later. (We finally just recently received the information from the autopsy that the baby’s death was the result of many unforeseen genetic anomalies).

I was a mess, my entire unit was a mess from the charge nurse to the midwife to every single person that I worked with that day.

What words do you say to the mother who just found out from a phone call that her six hour old baby has died?

What words do you say to yourself? How do you explain the ways of the universe?


At the debriefing we had for the staff involved, we talked about how PTSD related to traumatic events at work is real. It is so real. And that we should be cognizant of that with ourselves and others.

I wish I could say it was no big deal. I had attended over 150 deliveries before this one. I know that 99% of the time EVERYTHING IS FINE. Everything is always fine. Even things that seem like a catastrophe usually end up just fine in the end. I almost never went into deliveries feeling like something terrible might happen or any sort of dread. I really do love the labor and delivery part of my job.

But ever since that delivery I feel so much fear. I’m worried I missed something. That something terrible and random is going to happen. That there will be another freak accident because that must be what happened. There was no reason for the baby to die. And that doesn’t make me feel better. There is nothing we could have prepared for or done better.

Sometimes, terrible things just happen.
And how do you deal with the unknown?
How do you deal with terror that at any moment something catastrophic might happen?

This is the reality we face as nurses and as healthcare professionals.
Nothing is guaranteed.
We practice and prepare for the unknown, for the emergency situations.

So what do you do to ease the low level, simmering terror that rises like bile in the back of your throat?

How do you continue on like everything is okay, when things will never be okay again for one family, for one mother?

As nurses maybe we don’t talk about this enough. What do you do to cope with the unexpected sadness and loss in your job? 

I guess I’m writing all of this to say, I see you. I feel your pain, my fellow nurses and healthcare providers. I understand the shit we go through everyday but also the sadness, suffering, and dying we see some days that seems to weigh us down. I am present in your pain. 

Lena Dunham wishing she’d had an abortion in her life is not something to praise as some great pro choice act. Abortions are not fun. I believe everyone should have access to them, I believe they should be safe and legal, but I also don’t wish for anyone to need one. I think that if I got pregnant now, I would probably get an abortion. That’s not something I have a lot of feelings about, but I’m still glad that it’s not a situation that I’m in. Wishing for one like it’s some kind of fun feminist rite of passage, it’s just shitty to people who have been put in situations they didn’t want, people who had to make tough emotional decisions, and people who were just inconvienced and had to sit through a medical procedure. Lena Dunham can stfu.

anonymous asked:

I so enjoy reading your meta! I was wondering, what did you make of Cercei's relationship with Taena? I could never entirely figure out if Cercei feels genuinely attracted to her or if she just thought that's how a "king" behaves (she seems to want the role of a king, not a queen). There are text passages that seem to indicate real romantic interest on Cercei's part, but while Taena gets something out of their sexual encounter, Cercei soon thinks of her rapist and is turned off.

Thank you, anon!

I have to admit that I haven’t thought a lot about this question. I tend to align Taena with my pet theory about Varys rerunning the same scam on Cersei that I believe he ran when she was a young girl in Aerys’s court, with the assumption there was a Taena type in the mix then, as well. 

I will say that I did not perceive Taena as getting anything out of the encounter. I could almost visualize her momentary surprise, then quick recalibration. I picture that with her a lot. Taena nimbly pivots to further her goals with Cersei on the regular. Think of the moment when Cersei is trying to get her to send for her son. The last thing Taena Merryweather is tryna do is expose her child to this court. No way. George does a great job letting US see this, see her take a second to triangulate a response, without Cersei getting it. Cersei is as blind to these things as a Jane Austen heroine is to the hero’s obvious interest in her. I love it.

I always feel uncomfortable with Cersei being placed in a sexual context. My feeling is that she hates being touched, that having sex is destabilizing for her. The touches she can tolerate are from Joffrey (and presumably the other children) and Jaime. And this is because she doesn’t see a place where she ends and they begin. They are Cersei. Only Cersei exists, and they are Cersei. 

So I think she loses the stomach for what she’s doing to Taena in the same way we see her lose her stomach for the torture she’s having visited upon the Blue Bard. Her mind skitters away from that realness. She THOUGHT she could be like her idea of a male ruler, visiting torment upon people without being bothered by it, but she cannot. What she doesn’t understand is that few men can either…her own father didn’t want to WITNESS what happened to Elia and the children, after all. Her mind skitters away from what she did to Melara, as well. She doesn’t do well with actually seeing the consequences of her harmful choices. Consider that she was genuinely surprised to discover that sending Falyse off to be vivisected had resulted in a vivisected Falyse.

So I think with Taena, this sort of sexual violence - the kind that she has endured herself - is something she THOUGHT she wanted to try because she thinks it’s power, she thinks it’s what powerful men do, but ultimately she doesn’t have the stomach for it. 

something I haven’t told you

I’ve been keeping something from you guys because I’m scared of what will happen once I do I say what I want to say. But I think the time has come to tell you.

While I have written more imagines recently, you know that for the most part I haven’t come on nearly as much as I used to. No, I have not lost my passion for writing or for these boys or for writing about these boys. I mean, I have still been writing, haven’t I?

What I didn’t tell you is that while I wasn’t writing imagines on here, I was working on something a bit bigger than that.

*clears throat* *takes deep breath*

I have been writing a fanfiction. A full-length, Jack Maynard fanfiction. I haven’t published it anywhere yet, but I’ve been writing it on Wattpad. Now, I have fourteen chapters saved and I feel really good about it. I feel like it’s something I’m ready to share.

So, this is what I’m going to do:

I want to post this on Wattpad because I like how Wattpad works, mainly that you can highlight certain passages and comment on them. That’s my favorite thing about that platform.

But I get that a lot of you are solely on Tumblr, and I love you guys too much to not put it on here too (after all, ya’ll are my day ones). That being said, I’ll be posting the fic on both sites. If you’re on Wattpad, I would really appreciate the support on there. I’d love to get the Team Internet community on there to read it too, and if enough of you go on and read and vote and comment, I think it could spread enough where other people can see it too.

Now, I want to tell you why I haven’t announced this sooner. I’m really worried that people won’t like it. I’m also worried that you’ll like it so much that you’ll want endless updates. I’m worried that I’ll give up halfway through like I have with every other fanfic I’ve ever written. That’s why I wanted to have multiple chapters saved and ready before I published it so that I knew I felt good about it before I posted it. Does that make sense? I’m really nervous and I shouldn’t be because I know you’ll all support me no matter what. Deep breaths, Dani. Everything is fine.

All of this being said, here is the summary of Issues - a Jack Maynard Fanfiction:

Adeline Foster has issues, but Jack Maynard’s got some too. After eight years of friendship, will the revelations of their problems bring them closer together or farther apart? Adeline isn’t sure that their friendship will survive the bumps that she sees in their future. Jack isn’t sure he knows who Adeline is at all. The question is, do they have the kind of love it takes to solve their problems?

“I got issues, and one of them is how bad I need ya”

(I’m bad at descriptions let me live)

ahhhhhhhh hitting post on this is very final and that freaKS ME THE FUCK OUT. I’ve been having so much fun with this, like I’ve casted my original characters and worked my ass off to make gifs and outfits on polyvore and everything. I’m in love with the story and the characters I’ve created. It’s like my baby and I don’t want ya’ll to spit on my baby.

Here’s what I’m gonna do. If this post can hit 20 notes, I’ll know you guys want this. If not, I won’t share it, and that’s fine. I’m enjoying it for myself and I’ll live if that’s all this ever becomes. If I do end up posting it, I’ll post the next chapter every week (if I post Chapter 1 on Monday, updates will be on Mondays. If Chapter 1 goes up on a Tuesday, updates will be on Tuesdays. You get it).

So, let me know. tbh I hope you guys want it/like it/are supportive. I love making you guys happy and sharing what I love with you, and I hope this is just another thing we can talk about together



Prompt/Idea: Dipper using his wings to play peek-a-boo with a baby.

Thomas, Elisha, and Agatha are @flying-guinea-pig and @ii-thiscat-ii’s Ocs, respectively.

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It was mostly desperation, really.

But Agatha was only six months old, and the baby sitter had canceled on them at the last minute, and if Thomas didn’t go to this meeting today they were going to be short handed, something one really didn’t want when dealing with demons, and Elisha had to go to this meeting with the bank or risk not getting the loan, so…

“Seriously, I can handle this,” Tyrone repeated for the third time as Thomas and Elisha continued to fuss. “”I’ve watched Mizar’s kids hundreds of times, over more than one lifetime. I’ve raised kids, more than once. We’ll be fine.”

Elisha pointed her finger at Tyrone, so close his eyes crossed trying to focus on it. “That being said, if I come back and anything’s happened to my baby, I’ll find a way to exorcise you. I will do it.”

“Duly noted,” Tyrone agreed.

Elisha glared at him for a few more seconds before kissing her baby and walking backwards toward the door. She paused in the doorway, pointing at her eyes and back at Tyrone, before finally leaving.

Thomas closed the door after them, and Elisha kept tossing glances back over her shoulder.

“Okay, I know you trust Tyrone, but how are you so calm? We just left our baby with a demon for a babysitter,” Elisha said once they were in the safety of the Car.

“One, I was careful about wording the deal. Two, no matter what else he’s done, Alcor’s been recorded as never voluntarily harming a child or allowing one to come to harm. And three,” Thomas added, digging out his phone and waving it lightly at the driving Elisha, “nanny cam app. I can check in from wherever I want and save the video for later.”

The grin Elisha shared with her husband was both relieved and evil.

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Okay so hear me out, Nesta has Borderline Personality Disorder.

This excerpt, which I got from here, shows multiple symptoms of the disorder:

You only need to have five of the following to be diagnosed:

  1. Fear of abandonment. 
  2. Unstable relationships. 
  3. Unclear or unstable self-image.
  4. Impulsive, self-destructive behaviors. 
  5. Self-harm/suicidal behavior.
  6. Extreme emotional swings. 
  7. Chronic feelings of emptiness.
  8. Explosive anger.
  9. Feeling suspicious or out of touch with reality. 

The ones in bold are the ones she presents in this short passage alone.

Explosive anger is the first to show up in the passage, and there’s no arguing with it - she literally wants to ‘rip and roar and rend the world into pieces’

Extreme emotional swings are presented next. She flits between hate, caring, loving, and read a) more than others, and b) flits between them ‘in a matter of moments’. I don’t think you can really argue with this one, either.

Unclear or unstable self-image is perhaps a little harder to see. She describes her emotional swings as ‘trying on different sets of clothes’. As someone who has BPD, and who has friends with BPD, and who has done her research on BPD, it’s pretty common to flit between personality traits, trying to figure out who you are, picking up traits you like here and there. This is, essentially, the sentiment Nesta is expressing. 

Now, for the ones that aren’t shown in this passage, but Nesta clearly has:

Unstable relationships. Feyre and Nesta have always had a rocky relationship. One moment, Feyre believes that maybe things are going to be okay between her and Nesta, the next second Feyre’s like ‘oh shit, no they aren’t’. I don’t have my book on hand to look up quotes (I’ve leant my copy out) but… yeah, Feyre seems pretty mystified by Nesta. There’s also the fact that since BPD people feel things a lot more than others do (which Nesta does, ‘too keenly, too sharply […] more than other people’ they tend to care for people to extreme amounts. It can get obsessive. I’m not sure whether Nesta’s love for Elain is just sisterly or BPD levels, but the difference between her feelings about Feyre and Elain definitely hint at something.

And another passage, once again from here:

Impulsive or self-destructive behaviours. You could probably argue that kneeing Cassian (one of the greatest immortal warriors of Prythian) in the balls is probably a bad idea, born from impulse and very self-destructive. He could literally kill her within seconds (had earlier on spoken of shattering every bone in a human’s body and how much he wanted to). Of course, he likes her, so he won’t but whether or not she knows or suspects it’s still very impulsive and reckless. Lashing out with violence is also part of the explosive anger thing. 

I’m not sure which symptom ‘and no one could tell or care’ fits under, but it’s pretty common knowledge that BPD people constantly doubt themselves and whether or not people like them, etc, so this does showcase this kind of behaviour. 

So basically, I’m pretty convinced that Nesta has BPD, and it’s not just because I want my favourite characters to be like me (which is, of course, part of it) but mostly because I genuinely do think she could have it.

TWP: Chapter 17: Building Tensions

This chapter was a struggle, you guys. Usually I get into a zone and the scenes just flow, but I had to fight for this chapter word by word. Without all of the support from readers, this update probably would have taken me a lot longer. Thank you for the kind words and comments along the way. 

I kind of feel like ↓ this about it, but hopefully you guys will enjoy the update.

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The 5 best films from China

Watching movies is a really great way to learn a foreign language. Chinese cinema & TV offers excellent listening practice and can also really help with reading if you use Chinese subtitles too.

That said, Chinese movies are also worth watching for purely entertainment purposes. Luckily for us, Ollie Guest of ChineseMusings.com has compiled the following list of must-see Chinese films. Enjoy!

There aren’t many well-known Mainland Chinese films in the West. That’s a shame – there are lots of great Chinese films, so it seems like we’re missing out. People who are learning Mandarin are missing out in particular: They’re putting all that effort into learning Chinese, but don’t get to experience this important part of China’s culture.

So in this post, I thought I’d look at the 5 best Chinese films, according to IMDB. You can find all of them with English subtitles (and I’ve written the English titles here). So if you see one that looks interesting, give it a try and stand out from the norm!

Ip Man

This 2008 film is a biopic of the Chinese martial artist of the same name. Ip was a master of Wing Chun, a martial art, and taught Bruce Lee among others. This film focuses on his choices (as well as fights!) during the Japanese invasion of China.

Ip Man is actually the first film of a trilogy. The 2010 sequel showed the next part of Ip’s life – where he fled to Hong Kong to escape the Japanese and open a school. In the final film in the trilogy, he fights to secure the future of Wing Chun.

To Live

“To Live”, released in 1994, tells the story of a Chinese family between the 1940s and 1970.

This was a huge period of upheaval from China: First was the brutal civil war, which brought the communists to power. Then there was the Great Leap Forward, Mao’s plan to industrialize Chinese which led to severe famine. Finally there was the Cultural Revolution, a remaking of society along communist ideals.  

This film is powerful because it makes the viewer genuinely care about the characters as they try to endure their ongoing trials.

Raise the Red Lantern

Also directed by Zhang Yimou, this 1992 film is about China before the revolution, in the 1920s. It’s the story of a young woman who was forced to become a concubine to a wealthy man after her family went bankrupt. The other concubines all vie for their husband’s attention, as only his current favorite has a comfortable life. This competition is what causes the conflict – and indeed the tragic outcome – of the film.

The film has been described by critics as visually beautiful because of its use of red lanterns and was nominated for the 1992 Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.

Beijing Opera = Image by Saad Akhtar from Wikimedia Commons. CC-BY-2.0.

Farewell My Concubine

This film doesn’t just teach you about history, it also teaches you about a traditional Chinese art form – Beijing Opera.

The 2 main characters are both orphans who were effectively forced into an opera troupe as children. There they undergo training and punishment so brutal that it’s compared to something from a Dickins novel. However the film also shows the viewer that this harsh childhood is what allowed many Beijing Opera performers to become great.

The film charts these boys through their lives – and uses 3 pairs of actors to show them first as children, then as teenagers, then as adults.

Although China’s 20th century history plays a large role throughout the film, the Cultural Revolution is particularly important. In a scathing attack, the film shows how it forced the characters to renounce each other and needlessly caused innocent people to be thought of as criminals.

The film ends with the 2 characters performing the Beijing Opera after which this film is named: “Farewell My Concubine”.

Farewell My Concubine is the only Chinese-language film to have won the Cannes Palme d'Or.


In the Mood for Love

The final film here, and another film which critics praise for its beautiful filming. This year 2000 film is set in Hong Kong in 1962. And it’s the first film here that isn’t largely about Chinese history!

Chow Mo-wan with his wife and Su Li-zehn with her husband all move into an apartment building on the same day. The spouses are regularly away so the pair start to spend a lot of time together as friends. Eventually they discover that their spouses are having an affair. They then realize they also have feelings for each other. Much of the film therefore centers on whether or not they too will have an affair. I won’t spoil it for you!

The same critic that I linked to above wrote that “It’s a film about, yes, love; but also betrayal, loss, missed opportunities, memory, the brutality of time’s passage, loneliness – the list goes on.”

The film won the Cannes Festival award for best actor.

Note: This film is mostly in Cantonese rather than Mandarin Chinese.

Wrapping Up

I hope you liked these suggestions for Chinese films to watch and found my descriptions interesting.

If you do watch any of these, your knowledge of China’s culture should really benefit: Not only will you know more about Chinese film-making, but when 4 of these 5 films are about China’s history, you’ll also know more about that!

And if you want to watch even more films from China, be sure to check out the list from which I got these 5.

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I seriously can't wait for y'all to discuss the novelizations on Scaveger's Hoard. I feel like a lot of the sw Fandom overlook them, but there are some pretty interesting passages. Rey having dreams about kylo. Rey having dreams/visions of a man's voice calling her sweetheart. And as she continues to run through the snowy forest in search of the voice, she runs into kylo ren, foreshadowing much?

Thank you! We recorded tonight, and it’s going to be a real beast of an episode! Look out for it in the next couple of days.

y'know sometimes someone i kno will be like “yeah i double text a lot sorry” and i’m like buddy. dude. bro. man. you’re talking to the guy who sent 37 separate texts to his best friend at 3 in the fucking morning talking about the time passage in interstellar without even flinching. if u think double texting is annoying then i feel bad that you have to know me

Hellenic Polytheism 101- Fallow Times and Dealing with Them

Hellenic Round Table Topic 6 

How do you handle the fallow times in your religious practice?

This is something I’ve talked about a little bit before, mostly in terms of giving advice when people ask me for suggestions. I’m going to go into some detail here and talk about all the different ways I personally have handled this, because I want everyone to understand that just because I don’t talk about it a lot, doesn’t mean I’ve never experienced these times.


The first thing I do when I’m feeling distant from the theoi and a bit lost in my practice, is to read. This can be reading new things, or re-reading things I’ve been through dozens of times. Sometimes it helps, just to let myself be inspired by the same passages that first drew me to Hellenic polytheism. 

The trick with this for me, is to treat it like reading poetry. When you reread poetry, you savor every word, you take your time over it and enjoy the words and the meaning they are trying to convey. When I’m looking up info for folks to answer questions and double check my facts, I tend to go through these old texts like I’m going through an encyclopedia–I’ll scan the text for key words and speed read passages to find the section I was trying to verify. This does nothing to help me feel connected to the theoi when I’m experiencing fallow times. It makes it a task, a chore, not an act of devotion. When I say I read and reread, I mean I step away from that mentality of searching for information, and I just let the stories envelope me.


I’m an artist. Creating images is how I express myself. When I don’t know how to convey an emotion or a problem with words, I turn to my art. So when I’m feeling distant from my practice and confused about what I’m doing, I can create images that express how I feel now, and how I want to feel. This can help me work through emotional blockages that I may have in my practice. I actually suggest this for anyone who works in visual art, music, literature, or the like in any way. Creating things dealing with your confusion in your practice, and creating things devotionally can help you find a new direction and get you back into the groove of things.

Change My Routine.

One of the biggest problems I face, and hear about, is getting stuck in the same routine every day, so you feel like you’re just going through the motions. Mindfulness is key here. Are you making an offering because that’s what you do every night, or because you are thinking about the theoi and want to offer them something in thanks and appreciation? When I find myself in this situation, I change my schedule and routine. Sure, a schedule is great! It can help me keep on track and really feel like I’m being a good Hellenic polytheist because, hey, I’ve got a system and I follow it! 

However, sometimes I do catch myself pouring libations because it’s just what I do, and not with any sense of purpose behind it. That’s when I change some part of my routine. It can be something big, or something minor. Sometimes, it’s just rearranging my shrine so that when I approach to make offerings, I’ve got something new to look at and it forces me to actually look at the space and think about the theoi. Sometimes it’s changing up the type of offering I make, deciding that I’m going to sing a hymn every night for the next week instead of pouring libations.

Do Something Extra.

Another thing I’ll do, is engage in an extra devotional activity. This is something I don’t have scheduled in advance, it’s not something I’ve been planning for who-knows-how-long. 

This is, I feel disconnected from Haides, so I decide to go spend an afternoon at the animal shelter helping take care of the doggies. It’s when I feel separate from Persephone so I go pick up a book of poems by American women authors and read through it as a devotional act.