i have a lot of feelings about this family

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out of all the words zayn could have said, he choice brave. it was so natural too?? like he's over here nodding along to all of Louis's adjective and listening intently. then he just lets brave slip out and you can tell its personal for him? he said it so quietly like he was replaying a time or a memory. what did Liam do for zayn to whisper 'brave'? out of any other word? why did it like it had so much meaning to him? what god blessed us to have this moment? let me cry.

Let me live Lily. You know I got a lot of feelings about “brave”. But this is the perfect opportunity to reblog that gif!

Why Zayn? Why?

I have a headcanon about this too. I feel like once Liam…

…he was 110% committed to Zayn. And to prove it, he let his family and friends know right away, regardless of how they might react. Because it was important for Liam to let Zayn know in no uncertain terms that he was sincere about their relationship. I can even imagine Liam having a man to man talk with Yaser about their newfound commitment and his intentions toward Zayn. Daddy Direction is an honorable guy who does important things the right way. Liam is brave. I love him. I love Zayn. I love their dynamic. And I really really love this little moment when Zayn’s love for Liam just overflowed. 

For me, this is right up there with the AIMH tweet. It’s sincere and pure and good. And it was beautiful to witness.

  • Me:Oh, this looks like an interesting show.
  • Me:Okay the cute tech guy and the main girl have awesome chemistry. I like it so far. Science makes absolutely no sense but whatevs. I'm down for mindless fluff.
  • Me:Okay trading quips and Cameron's giving Kirsten a LOT of nicknames and Kirsten's learning to feel things and okay... I'm not at all obsessing... Damn those two have AMAZING CHEMISTRY...
  • Me:Fluff. And chemistry. And the nicknames ALL THE NICKNAMES. And Linus if you weren't a dork I'd kick you. And Camille is so boss I love you. And Camsten. CAMSTEN. CAMSTEN. If I didn't ship CAMSTEN SO HARD I'd be shipping Camille and Kirsten because their banter is just as awesome. And OMFG SERIOUSLY A CONSPIRACY AND COVER-UPS AND LIES ALL THE LIES WHAT THE FUCK DID I SIGN UP FOR?
  • Me:... fuck you, ABC Family. You better not cancel this. *watches Stitchers*

i want to make new internet friends so bad like i miss having people or a person to constantly talk to someone who gets me and likes the same things i do and that stays as active on the internet and in news and stuff as i do someone who will stay up until two in the morning with me talking about absolutely nothing but not walking away like the conversation was pointless yanno? someone i can plan to meet up with one day and tag in everything on tumblr that makes me think of them and that is never too busy to make time for me and idk. i just miss having close friendships and people/a person who truly enjoys having me as a friend and that talks about me to their family and irl friends. someone who can keep a conversation going and doesnt hold back (like honest abt stuff) and isnt so afraid to come off as “chill” or “cool” for me you feel me. am i asking for a lot here? i feel like i am. idk.

Pray for Joey & his Family

Lets not bash Joey’s mother, Joey would not want us to do that. He talks about his mother’s addiction to help others & to spread awareness. I have seen a lot of “I hate her” “what a bitch she is” & “I hope she dies” I’m sure Joey thinks like that sometimes but I don’t think he wants his fans to talk about her like that. So lets try to stay positive for Joey. Addiction makes you do things you regret.

I feel bad for all of the Graceffa kids. Poor little Jett probably does not understand what is doing on and why his mom is in and out. & Nicole doesnt have a mom that can do things with her. & Joey cant have a mom to do things with. 

This is a upsetting time for them and lets just pray for everybody involved <3 Let’s spread love not hate

#WeLoveYouJoey #WeLoveYouNicole #WeLoveYouJett <333

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how would you describe each member? like, how do you see them as a person?

FUCK I’m sorry for answering this so late but I wasn’t on a whole lot and didn’t have the time anyway.

I see Till has being very kindhearted, and very much a teenager at heart. I mean, he’s fifty and singing about pussy. Intimidating, handsome, also a literary genius (in my humble opinion)

Richard is always portrayed as being vain and full of himself and while the man definitely does have an ego bigger than Germany, I feel like he cares about others, but puts himself first. He’s a family man, and just seems like a really sweet guy, but also gives off total fuck boy vibes, y'know

Paul is just a little goofball. Totally a kid at heart, but mature at the same time. He’s like that one kid in class that everybody was friends with. Just overall good vibes from him, and I feel like he would always, always try to make others happy, or at least crack a smile.

Oliver seems like the quiet, but very much important one of the group. Most people ignore him, but he’s very insightful, and seems like a total sweetheart.

Flake is definitely the of “mother” of the group to me. He’s smart, he’s funny in a rather dry way, and his writing is some of my favourites. Despite his onstage antics with Till, he seems to be a very mellow, but opinionated man. I just rlly love flake

Christoph is a little tricky for me. I feel like he’s a goofball like Paul, but also takes himself incredibly seriously. While he does crazy things like Frau Schneider and the Bück dich intro during the Made In Germany Tour, but as an actual musician he takes it very seriously. He definitely loves performing live. Overall just seems like a chill guy.

hope I could be of some help to you!

I don’t post a lot of personal stuff usually. But I was feeling some feels tonight and felt like sharing.

I was trying to work out why i was so emotional while watching a documentary on transgender children. And these are the thoughts I’ve had. It’s partially that I don’t (or didn’t) get to have a lot of the testing it out early on sort of thing. I didn’t get to go through it with my family supporting me and helping me and knowing about it. That isn’t to say that they aren’t supportive or that they wouldn’t have been, but as I started my transition much later and after I left my family’s house, I was able to hide it from them in the beginning. And also having begun transition as an adult, I’ve got feelings about never being able to alter the effects of puberty before they happened.

Also, I never got to experience being a little boy. Which sounds and feels kind of silly, but it’s a thing. And not even that, but just having that experience of rightness, of playing and acting as a boy.

Although, I think I had some of that, to be fair. A lot, I guess. A lot of situations in my mom’s home daycare where I wasn’t put in any particular gender roles. And it was lucky. We had a lot of boy kids in daycare when I was in elementary school. We played Lion King and dinosaurs and generic animal play. And then things like sledding and biking and pretending to be knights hitting the trees with our swords where there were no gender rules or expectations.

Once I got older and into junior high is when there started to be a difference. Then I was a “girl” playing with the boys. And it was okay but there were always those jokes about how I should have been born a guy. Which I didn’t realize were important and significant until I looked back on them.

I spent most of my teenage life thinking I hated my body because I was fat and ugly, not because it was the wrong body. That hadn’t ever even occurred to me as a possibility, because I didn’t know that was something people could do. I thought I was just stuck being a gross girl and I had to turn myself into a better girl. I didn’t know being a guy was an option. But then I saw it and realized it and it was like a light switching on in a room I didn’t know was part of the house. And I’ve been exploring the room ever since, I guess.

Which is good. But also I’ll always have those years that I was not the way i am now. 20 years of being a girl and having a different name (that I cant even type out right now) and trying so hard to be pretty. They’re my memories but also not, like reading a book and thinking, “Oh, right, that happened.” But it’s way far away.

So, since watching that amazing PBS documentary, I’ve come to terms with the fact that I wish I had been able to transition early and skip all the hurts I’ve come across as an adult transitioning. But I also know that transition is rough on anyone and everyone. And it will be that way for a very long time because we just don’t have enough research and experience and social awareness for it to run smoothly yet. In the big picture, my transition has gone pretty well, and it makes me so happy to see these kids getting the support they need and deserve, and that they get to play, learn, and grow as their true selves.

Aria/Charles/A connection

So a lot of people have commented about Charles/A having some kind of developed obsession with Aria’s pink hair of late. I kinda feel like Aria has been the liar things have been focused on at the minute - the dolls in her room, her pink hair, the ending to 6x05.

In the dollhouse, there was that ‘family’ photo out of Aria’s desk and I just can’t help but think that Aria andCharles/A have some kind of connection, even if Aria doesn’t know it.

Also, anyone remember Eddie Lamb? He said that he recognised Aria when she was volunteering at Radley. He wasn’t there when she visited Mona, so could it have been when Charles were in Radley?

Um, somethings have been going on in my life 😅 but it’s nothing to worry about, but I’ve been feeling something today so I really wanna tell you guys this…ah, you probably noticed that once I start talking I talk a lot 😂😂😂😂 so I’m gonna make this short, all I wanna say is that I really, really, really love every single one of you guys, and I appreciate all the warm, heart fluttering love I always get back 😄 and I really hope we shall always thirst, laugh, cry, fangirl, and die over Exo together as Exo-Ls BECAUSE WE ARE FAMILY 😁❤

And finally, the Starchild family of Berry Bay Island.  (BBI is where most of my college grads will be moving.)

I’m not sure what kind of challenge these two will be taking on.  Part of me wants to have them do a Sun and the Moon challenge, but we’ll have to see if I still feel like it when I get to them (and if they meet any vampires on community lots when I’m playing other families).  

We don’t need to worry about that for a while.  Let’s jump into Round 4 back in Bluewater Village!  I’ll meet you at Landgraab Manor!

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I just want to tell you that you are not broken and that you are an amazing person. I know that this probably won't automatically make you feel better but I just want you to know that your followers care about you.

oh, thank you so much, love! it means a lot that you took the time to message me! things have just been so confusing in regards to how i feel about my family and it’s just so…agh.

It’s so important to have a group of people who believe in you, cheer you on, entertain your crazy ideas, and who influence and promote each others power, growth, and well being. I think it’s super important to be around people who say ‘yes.’ When you have an idea or set a goal for yourself, they say “YES, go for it/you can do this/you can do anything!” There’s nothing worse than feeling really stoked on something and wanting to go for it or try something new but having people around you just not give a damn about it. I feel like a lot of people deal with this in their day to day lives whether it’s their group of 'friends’ or their 'family’ - we should be more supportive of each other and help boost each other up instead of tearing each other down. Seriously, with the right support and love people can do incredible things and really surprise you.

“I sort of feel like that concept changes all the time.  When Tyler and I first started playing music together our idea of success would be a certain amount of people would show up at the Chick-Fil-A food court to buy tickets from us for our hometown concert. And if we sold more than we had on us at the time than that was a success. And then I remember the first time we ever sold out a venue in Columbus, Ohio, that was a huge success for us and we felt pretty excited about it. Our friends and family were there but more importantly, there were people that we’d never met before, and that was a strange feeling. Seeing everybody look at each other and sing the lyrics, not really having any idea how they got there or how they learned the songs, was a big success. Every step along the way is another success. I think success can be measured in a lot of different ways and can mean a lot of different things. But I will say, at the end of the day, if this band ended tomorrow and the music was able to have some kind of any impact on a person or save a person’s life then that’s the real success.”

-Josh Dun

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Your blog has made me very conflicted, I thought I was a devout follower of Norma but now I'm convinced Laverne Cox is the second coming of Christ. Also, is Gloria an odd fave to have, I feel like people judge me for this?

Okay okay *rolls up sleeves* *cricks neck*.

*Points a finger* Gloria. Gloria is not an odd fave to have at all. Gloria is fierce. Gloria is super fucking smart. Gloria is a survivor. She is so loyal to her family and friends, just watch all that she does for them. Now I love Sophia. A lot. But all Gloria wanted was to see her son. You remember this

She was, without a doubt, talking about her own kids here. Gloria is a survivor. And everybody should root for her.

My dad is amazing. It’s funny, but I didn’t know that until I found out he was going to die. That it was going to happen soon. That it was real. Then I thought about a lot of stuff. Things I hadn’t thought about for a long time. I guess I kind of took him for granted or something. I mean, our parents are just always there. You expect them to always be bugging you to clean up your room or study harder or have good manners or try new things to grow up to be a more well-rounded person one day. And make you get up early on the weekend to have “family time” and all that other stuff that used to drive me crazy. I don’t feel that way now. Everything’s different since Dad got his diagnosis. Since I realized that one day in the near future, he might not be around to drive me crazy.

Now I feel lucky when he asks me about my day (I used to totally hate that question) or nags me about coming home on time at night and being responsible. One day he won’t be here to ask. Now I feel lucky when I hear his car pulling into the driveway after school. I even like to hear him coughing. It means he’s still around. Still my dad. (x)


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Lets see...what to ask this time...what are drarry's parenting styles??

*mad cackling* all righty, anon … let’s see, then …

  • both of them are stumbling through parenthood completely because neither of them have the best examples to go off of (thankfully, the weasleys are a great helping hand, and harry finds that if he thinks about how his surrogate family took care of him, he doesn’t need to feel like he’s failing as a parent)
  • harry likes to give their kids like a lot of room to fool around and draco doesn’t have the heart to tell him off because harry’s getting his own childhood through these kids instead of having to see them confined like he was
  • draco is over cautious, like … “please wash your hands you’re going to get sick” “i swear to merlin if you climb that tree you’re going to regret it you’re going to fall PLEASE GET DOWN I WILL NOT HAVE THIS.”
  • “come on draco lighten up–” “fUCK YOU POTTER I WILL NOT”
  • harry is really weird about food and he will overstuff his children if it means they don’t have to be hungry through the night and a lot of the time it just results in him being a tiny bit of a mess because he doesn’t know what he’s doing and sometimes it just gets a bit overbearing, but draco’s always a constant reassurance that he’s doing just fine
  • they like to show their kids off tbh like “this is my family it’s cute and i’m going to protect it okay”
  • harry is such an overprotective dad tho like especially since the press needs to know about the malfoy-potter kids but harry’ll be damned if they say anything about his kids like literally fuck off nobody even likes u
  • however it can be said that when the press comes after them harry gushes about his children but casually throws things in so they can’t print any of it and he’s gotten used to it over the years but if his kids need to go through the hell of media portrayals because of him he’ll see that the ministry never prints another daily prophet ever again
  • draco is a huge caretaker tho like he’s pretty cold when it comes to the public but he’s the hugest fucking nerd i’ll fight you he’s literally the best dad ever and he’ll always be the cool dad but also the dad who one time made pancakes and burned them so badly that they didn’t go into the kitchen for two days
  • harry did all the cooking after that but he never let draco live it down (*harry snickering* “remember that time–” “shut up potter” “u can’t even cook toast” “shUT UP”)
  • it can be said that though, really, they are now both potter and malfoy, they still call each other “potter” and “malfoy.” at first it confused the children but a story from aunt hermione made them understand that their dads are huge fucking nerds and really need to chill kind of a funny story and they like to make fun of the bad blood that ran between them years ago
  • their kids grow up loved and happy, because their dads learned from how they were raised what not to do. and, yeah, they winged it, but it turned out well in the end
  • Owen staying with the baby raptors during the first storm on the island because he’s the Alpha and needs to convince them that they’re safe for them to trust him!!
  • Owen getting nipped by a baby raptor and teaching them that they aren’t allowed to do that to him!!
  • Owen becoming romantically invested in someone and the raptors learn to respect them to please Owen (even if they’re jealous about having to share)!! 
  • The raptors becoming really tense around certain people, and Owen learns that he can’t trust those people because he trusts the raptors’ judgement!!
  • Blue finding Owen’s bungalow after he leaves the island because she remembers his scent and goes looking for him!! 
  • Owen going back to the island and Blue immediately remembering him!!
A Family Affair

Hey guys! This imagine was requested anonymously, and I’m personally excited to have written it. I hope you like it, Xoxo.

“Y/N! Oh, I’m so glad you’re here. Where has my son been hiding you?”

I chuckled, returning Liz’s embrace. She practically ran down the driveway when we pulled up to the house. It made me feel a lot better since I was nervous about attending this event at all. I had only met Luke’s family once, and that only consisted of Liz and Ben.

“Probably somewhere in his tour bus.”

I recognized that voice instantly. Liz let me go with an excited expression on her face. I saw Ben descending from the front steps. He had a small grin on his face, heading towards Luke. Luke gave him a bear hug and patted his back affectionately.

I replied, “It’s nice to see you too, Ben.”

He crossed over to me to give me a small and awkward hug. “You too, Y/N. I see my little brother doesn’t have enough sense to keep you from family functions.”

I looked at Luke curiously. He avoided my gaze and began playing with his lip ring. “What are you talking about?”

He slung his arm over my shoulder, leading me away from Liz and Luke. He whispered, “My mom will most likely work you to death in the kitchen. Oh, and stay away from my cousin Bill. He likes to touch people…a lot. My great aunt Sally will want to meet you too. You didn’t meet Jack before, have you?”

I gulped, feeling more nervous than before. “Um…no.”

“Well, he has a ton of jokes. Be prepared to get annoyed. No one will be upset with you if you do. He can be a handful.”

We entered the house. Before I could catch a glimpse of the inside, Ben led me out to the backyard. I was soon overwhelmed with the large amount of people bustling within the vicinity. Kids ran around the yard, yelling and screaming about. Some people were dancing to the radio by the side of the tall fence. Others were seated at the picnic tables set up in the center of the yard.

“Luke,” I called, feeling unusually afraid. Ben patted my back, smirking as he practically skipped over to the grill.

I can handle crowds of people, but this was my boyfriend’s family. I had no way of preparing for that. I mean, how could you ever prepare for something like that? So many things had the possibility to go wrong. So many things…

“Yeah, babe?” Luke sauntered to my side, taking my hand in his.

“You didn’t tell me there would be this many people here.”

He squeezed my hand. “I’m sorry. I didn’t think it would be a problem. We’re going to have f-”

Liz cut him off, “Y/N can you give me a hand with the seafood?”

I smiled politely. “Sure, Ms. Hemmings.”

“I told you to call me Liz, sweety.”



“Would you let the poor girl come outside already?”

“Jack, hush your mouth. Maybe you would rather switch places with her instead of playing poker with the rest of the lads.”

I chuckled, taking in Luke’s other brother. It was my first encounter with someone other than those I had already met within the past two hours.

“It’s okay. I don’t mind helping.”

Liz smirked. “See, Y/N’s a good girl.”

Jack raised a brow, watching me with amusement lurking in his eyes. I stifled laughter and continued to wash the vegetables in the sink. I heard the screen door creak, announcing Luke’s arrival.

He took a seat by Jack at the counter. “Are my two favorite women bonding?”

I smiled. Liz responded, “Of course, we are. Y/N is lovely…way better than the last fast girl-”

“Mum, let’s not go there.”

Liz shrugged her shoulders. “Just sayin.”

I laughed, shaking my head. I gazed at Luke, discerning an obvious shift in his demeanor. His eyes were hooded and darker than usual. He bit his lip, and I understood. I fought the urge to show any signs of my growing need while I was standing within such a closed space with his family.

Luke cleared his throat. “Uh, mum, I think I’m going to give Y/N a tour of the house. It’s the least you can do since you’ve kept her hostage for most of the party.”

Liz sighed. “Fine, fine. I can handle the rest with Jack.”

Jack scoffed. “You’re kidding!”

“Jack Hemmings, don’t sass me! Now peel these carrots.”

I chortled. Luke stood from his seat, and I wiped my hands with a towel before he cold whisk me away. He guided me out of the kitchen with his hands on my hips. We walked through the cozy living room and up the staircase. With each step, I could feel Luke breathing on my neck.

“First room on the right,” He whispered.

I giggled like a teenage girl, hurrying into the room he described. Luke brought that out in me. We acted like teenagers in love. We weren’t far from it, but we were old enough to know having…relations in your parents house could be seen as immoral. Too bad neither one of us cared enough to stop what was bound to happen.

Luke followed behind me, making sure to close and lock the door. I took that time to take in the room. There were posters of him and the boys on the walls along with other bands he loved. A guitar also hung up on the wall above his bed. I realized just how much the room offered merely a smidge of his personality. It had Luke written all over it.

“I love you room.”

“And I love you.”

I felt him against my back, holding me to him. I hummed in ectasy, his warmth radiating off of him. I turned in his arms to wrap my arms around his neck. He crashed his lips to mine. My heart fluttered in my chest with the sudden rush of adrenaline. Our actions were filled with unadulterated lust.

He backed me into the bed, causing us to both fall onto the mattress. I locked my legs around him tightly. He continued to kiss me, giving more attention to my jaw and neck. I ran my hands up his chest.

“Luke,” I moaned.

He chuckled, his laugh succeeding in setting my body alight furthermore. I gripped the hem of his shirt and took it off. He sat up in between my legs. Fire burned through my veins as I watched him take my left leg in both in his hand. Then he began to plant kisses up my calf.

He reached his way up to my inner thigh, inching up my dress. He softly kissed the sensitive skin there. I whimpered, nearly bucking underneath him at the slight hint of his touch.

“Luke, mu- Holy shit! I-I…”

Luke covered my body and shot up. “Jack, get out!”


“Now please!”

He seemed fluttered. Blush covered the apples of his cheeks as he stumbled to get out of the room. I burst out laughing into Luke’s neck. He sighed, and I could hear him laughing along.

“That was unexpected.” I exclaimed.

He smirked. “It was. And to think, I was so close to-”

“Lucas Robert Hemmings! Get your butt down here now!”

I slapped my hands to my cheeks. “Oh, no. We’re screwed!”

Luke’s horrified expression only proved it. My heart accelerated just thinking of how humiliating the next few moments will be, and it was all because we wanted a little alone time at a family affair.

I am honestly quite done. Done with people, mostly.
I’m done with being treated unfairly by people, especially by certain friends and certain family members.

I don’t live a luxury life at all, quite the opposite actually. But I know that I have things in my life to care more about than people who don’t even care about my feelings.

I have a wonderful mother, and an amazing boyfriend who, if wasn’t here, God only knows the state I’d be in right now.

They actually care about me and in return I care a lot about them.

But people who just don’t care about how I feel? Don’t expect me to care about you in return. Because I’m no longer going to waste my time with heartless people.

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I had a quick question about going to church.. I'm not religious and I always feel awkward during communion. Do I go up there with my family and receive it or just stay in my seat? Is it disrespectful to just stay seated?

It is not disrespectful to stay seated and it is perfectly fine to do so. Lots of denominations don’t allow communion until you’ve gone through their communion classes (usually around 1st grade but sometimes later) and some denominations don’t have communion at all. Churchgoers recognize this and understand that maybe you don’t feel comfortable about it because you haven’t gone through the training or you don’t believe in communion or maybe because you’re just not comfortable. Speaking as a Christian, I hope that everyone you encounter at the church is friendly and understanding and will not judge you for staying seated.

On a side note, I think this is one of the reasons lots of churches now pass the communion trays instead of having you all walk to the front of the room. It also takes a lot less time.