i have a lot of feelings about this face

Sometimes while I’m drawing, I’m suddenly frozen a while with my own art, looking at how Zoro is and then freak out a little with his good looking. No I’m not talking about artwork, I’m talking about Zoro himself. His face structure, his hair style, and then high and width forehead gives him a smart look, like a really good strategy man, and then his eyes, his sight… so strong determined, sometimes with killing glare like a tiger.

I usually squeeze a lot because of Sanji but not Zoro. So when the feeling rushes to me so sudden, I’m surprised a little too, surprised for my usual wrong of thinking about Sanji is much more handsome than Zoro, but the true is he’s not. They both have their good look charm in their own way. Especially Zoro, he’s not just a grumpy muscular bastard, his true beauty praises him a wise and deep man.

I’ve been asked to talk about what makes me feel my most fierce. The answer is: lots of things! Confidence and accomplishment go hand in hand, and that’s when I feel like a Valkyrie, when incremental hard work and having the courage to face my fears and work on the things I don’t like so much in myself starts to pay off in real change. That makes me feel like I can do anything! What does that have to do with this selfie? Well, lately, I’ve been working hard on getting fit in mind and body, after such a tough time last year. Yesterday was a day when I could really see and feel that work paying off. I like the person I see in the mirror these days!


I was re-reading the Alabasta arc to admire croc’s face, when I realized something hilarious.  In the first panel, we see Croc pouring something from a dark bottle.  I love this scene, but I always assumed it was water because of the flower.  unless that’s really expensive bottled water, that’s PROBABLY alcohol.  He’s even got one of those fancy-ass ice buckets, so I went ‘oh Croc’s making himself a drink how classy.’

BUT THEN I get to the next page, and he’s actually shown taking the flower and fuckin putting it in the drink.  From the vase.  CROC WHAT ARE YOU DOING.  The fuck is that flower doing there anyway.  Did he put there?? Did Robin?? I don’t know which is funnier but I have a bunch of head canons about that flower don’t even get me started.

The question becomes: was Croc planning to drink that glass of water/booze?? Was it for the flower all along?? Which is it?? you’re not supposed to give flowers booze! Come on man! Is the flower decoration for his drink? ‘ahhh yes, no beverage is complete without a flower I took from off my desk that’s been sitting here for who knows how long.’ 

…And in the end he kills the flower and absorbs the water/booze.  Which… technically serves the purpose if he wanted to drink it; he’d just be absorbing it unconventionally.  Also please look at that super serious bananadile hanging out by Croc and meanwhile there’s the goofy bananadile being petted by Robin and sticking its tongue out.  It looks so upset that Robin is leaving.  ‘wait come back and scratch my snout some more!!’  I cannot believe.

I read a lot of parenting & lifestyle blogs. Initially I was drawn to them because I felt my life was so different from theirs. It was like studying another culture.

I feel like there is a lot of pressure due to social media to create a perfect image and not share the hard things. As machines grow smarter each day, we are faced with more calculated exposure. In the past I have set out to fight this, only to come to an understanding that this is simply reality and make peace with the fact that in order to protect one’s safety you must walk purposefully when leaving a trail.

However, I still admire and appreciate those willing to walk the line. I find your presence comforting. Reading about gentle, attachment based, RIE attentive, intersectional and positive parents who are imperfect but self aware is one of the most therapeutic tools I have available at times. Thank you.

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Your tags give me life XD

I’m glad!! Mostly my tags are just me trying to be funny while making this face.

or else…incoherent screaming. I have a lot of feelings about the amazing fanart on this site.

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It makes me very much happy to see people being nice to you, cause you deserve it. Like, you're kind and sweet with everyone and it's amazing to see people recognize that and are as sweet and kind as you are to them. It makes me smile so wide :D That's a proof, Liz, that people are no "just being nice" to you, they send you those messages cause it's true, you really are amazing and lovely. The energy you emanate is absurdly positive, and that's why I love your blog and you so dearly. <3


but honestly i… this is so nice… like… to see someone else having nice anons and for that to make you happy and want to send more love and be encouraging says a lot about you as a person… i feel like you are a kind of person i would admire from afar in real life and be afraid to talk to oh no


gd’s cute bare face

I was gonna render this so it looked more like him and had clearer detailing but then I remembered I really just wanted to use this to test how to add color onto greyscale images so I decided I would leave it messy and muddy. Please consider the unfinished, unsure, and uncomfortable feel of this painting to be a metaphorical reflection of my perception of the prospect of a relationship at this point in my life.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


“People seem to think that a rabid dog goes mad suddenly, but it’s gradual.” - Chris Argent, 1x04 Magic Bullet

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Rei being the very definition of For the team


I’ll be always by your side.


Happy 21st birthday to the wonderful and talented Lee Hongbin of VIXX!

I hope that today you think back to what you wished for a year ago and let yourself be proud just a little, because you achieved so many things since then and this is nowhere near the end. 


Apparently what I wanted to do today after putting up an askwsbucky comic was … to draw another mini-comic.  orz

After that recent talk about Nat, I really wanted to draw Nat with her support network.  Because Bucky isn’t the only ex-soviet-assassin with nightmares.

(Too lazy to draw backgrounds but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

The Russian is Google-translated, so please tell me what I should fix!  [ETA: Thank you ladyowlett for fixing the translations!!]  In order, they are:

  • “Natasha?"  "Is she the target?”
  • “Where are my other guns?”
  • “Who?”
  • “Thanks.”

I’d like to think that in moments like this, both Clint and Bucky know not to address her by name – she’s had too many, and saying the wrong one might trigger something.

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