i have a lot of feelings about this face

PO Box/Kevin Notice

Hi guys!! First of all thank you so so much for all of the letters and packages you’ve sent us!! We are beyond grateful and will do a PO Box video in a bit since some of you have messaged us saying that your mail is still on the way!

That being said, if you guys could, please also address Kevin in some way in your letters or notes ; u ; it’s a bit disheartening for him I think, since many people write to me but don’t mention him or write to him at all. I know he is not active on this blog but it is because he works graveyard shift and therefore spends a lot of time sleeping and working.

I just feel a terrible seeing the look on his face because he is the one who always checks the PO Box and brings the letters and packages back home, but only a few people have wrote to him or talked about him in their letters. He is half of uchihahotline! 

I hope this doesn’t sound rude in any way to those who have already written us. I just wanted to make a note, so I really do apologize if someone takes this the wrong way, we are very grateful for everything! Some people did talk to Kevin and that made him really, really happy so thank you!!

He has just expressed concern before over people not caring about whether or not he’s on the blog at all and I had a hard time convincing him he’s crucial to it. That’s also why we haven’t done asks in a long time, because he told me he feels like he doesn’t matter or is unimportant. Those who follow us know that’s not true at all but I understand how he feels, so thank you really to those who acknowledge him on here and places like instagram!! <3

The one thing I enjoy in Haikyuu!! both in the anime and the manga is face closeups

I almost swooned

And again

And again

How many screenshots of Ennoshita’s face do I have?

(Not enough)

And okay I don’t usually screenshot entire conversations but I loved everything about this exchange

(Kinoshita!!! Had a line!!!)

(That other people acknowledged!!! And responded to!!!)

(What did that even mean?)

(Their faces, like Ah yes, there he is)

The way they understand that he’s under a lot of pressure and work hard to make him feel better I just??? Have a lot of feelings???

Look at the way they’re cheering for him and don’t look at the way I’m crying

I also have a lot of feelings about Nakashima Takeru because he’s such a good captain and I just

I love him??? So much??? And

W h y

Goddammit I’m at my house and I don’t need feelings at two in the morning save me

it’s kind of annoying that people rp with fcs they know and refused to rp with ones they don’t because i mean?? idk i feel like a lot of my muses get overlooked because no one spends the time seeing which character they like as opposed to which face they like. and people have assumptions about fcs and personalities but a lot of the time i try to get away from stereotypes with fcs so like, idk, i feel like people should open their minds a little bit more because if i choose a character i base it off the personality (if they have a bio of course) and consider which character i want to respond with based off of how compatible they would be. idk it just frustrates me that people don’t just skim over bios like i spent a lot time coming up with these characters and all people look at are faces. :~/

“You’ve been so lonely,” he murmured as he searched for what he needed. “So afraid to leave.” A thin smile crossed his face. “At night, desperate to sleep, you’d imagine an ocean. I can see it…I can see the island.” [x] [x]

Do you see the slight smile? It’s right here, while his eyes are wandering through her face intenesely. More obvious it can’t be. But what’s the meaning this smile? I actually gave a lot of thought about, because it kept bugging me. And i reached a conclusion. Please bare with me foe a little.

I think this smile is a blend between fascination, fixation. But, I feel it’s more a satisfied smile; satisfaction about her loneliness, her desire for closeness, the belonging she doesn’t have and seeks. Because these feelings of her confirm to him once more, the connection she feels with her, the connection and belonging he actually seeks; because he’s lonely too, like her. 

Basically, she seeks what he wants, and he wants to have this connection with her, because to him, he and Rey are one of a kind (which actually they are, extremely Force sensitive). He feels he found finally the person who completely understands him and completes him, the person, who can keep up with him, an equal, the person he was unconsciouly searching through the whole galaxy, here’s right here, in front of him, Rey, that’s her, finally, he won’t be lonely anymore.

He gives this satisfied smile, because all these emotions he sees in her, confirm his strong desire to belong with her, to connect with her platonically or romantically. (although this desire of his, this fascination I have a really really strong feeling is much much more than platonic, but much more than sexual, more like spiritual)

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I love your thoughts about Rick and Morty's relationship cause it really is abusive in a lot of ways. I feel like Stan won't like how Rick basically calls Morty stupid to his face. Can't wait to read the rest of your headcanon on the kids.

Oh, absolutely. I love watching Rick and Morty interact but if they were a real grandparent and a real kid I’d be like get that boy away from that horrible old man this instant. 

So, regarding Mabel and Dipper meeting Morty: Let’s keep on with the scenario I suggested earlier, where Rick shows up at the Shack after Stan and Ford have worked out their differences and are living there together. Let’s assume he brings Morty with him because of course he does, cloaking device and all. (And the poor boy has basically no say in where he is at any given moment.)

Let’s further suggest that it’s next summer and Dipper and Mabel arrive for another visit with their two grunkles only to find there’s another weird old man and a teenage boy living with them. 

Mabel would probably make the first introductions, being Mabel and all. Dipper would be only half-interested at first. But during Mabel’s initial peppering of ‘getting to know you’ questions, Morty would casually mention some inter-dimensional adventure he and Rick went on and suddenly Dipper would be like “wait, hang on a minute tell me more, lots more, mind if I take notes?”

So yeah, after that Dipper would be the one asking Morty a billion questions about space and his experiences. Which is a nice little ego trip for Morty, who’s not used to people getting this excited about his experiences and definitely not used to people thinking he’s cool.

As you can imagine it takes about .00002 seconds for the twins to be like “space adventure! Space adventure! Space adventure!” And Morty, again, really excited to feel like the cool guy with the space adventure hookup asks Rick if he’ll let him take the twins to some cool alien planet.

And Rick’s like “sure, I guess.” And Stan and Ford just simultaneously shout “NO.”

Stan’s like “no way are you taking them to some alien planet or crazy scifi dimension, I’ve already had enough family members lost to inter-dimensional portals thank you very much.”

Ford’s like “I agree, Rick is an absolutely irresponsible guardian. If anyone should escort Dipper and Mabel off-planet it should be me, and furthermore…”

And Stan’s like “NO ONE is taking the kids into space, period!”

Rick’s like “Sorry Mo(urp)rty but I gotta side with the guy I’m bangin’, even if he is being a wet blanket right now.”

Dipper and Mabel try to change Stan’s mind, (“C'mon Grunkle Stan, we’re thirteen, we’re old enough to go into space!”) but he’s put his foot down, (“I said N-O, no! Now go off and play in the nice, safe, monster-filled woods”) and they walk off dejected.

So instead of going into space, they explore the woods and find a cave full of creatures that look like living paper dolls and drink the blood from papercuts, get attacked by same, hide from them by jumping into a river and end up being washed downstream to a village of reverse-mermaids that briefly adopt them and indirectly teach them a lesson about responsibility.

The twins are like “well, that passed the time I guess” but Morty’s thrilled that they had a good, clean, fun adventure with no shady characters or serious injuries or grandparents abandoning them to be experimented on by aliens while they go off to hit the bar. He ends up having a lot of fun hanging out with the twins that summer, telling Dipper about other planets and getting terrible dating advice (and probably makeovers) from Mabel.

Morty has a tendency to just go along with things, in contrast to the twins who are extremely bold and take the initiative in a lot of strange situations, so they usually end up leading the way (except during the rare occasions when Mabel remembers it’s Morty’s turn to choose what to do.)

Also, on at least one occasion the twins steal Rick’s portal gun while he’s sleeping/passed out and go on an inter-dimensional adventure with Morty anyway. (Not sure if they manage to get home and slip the gun back into Rick’s labcoat before he wakes, or if things all go horribly sideways and Rick and the Grunkles need to go rescue them.)

I’ve got more headcanons but this post is long enough as is so I’ll stop there.

ok but think about the fact that lexa was so worried that the ice queen would get to clarke first and do the same thing she did to costia and so she got roan to find her and like imagine how relieved she was when he brought her in to a safe place there with lexa where she can protect clarke and then clarke spits in her face and yells that she wants to kill lexa and lexa is like “oh” and remembers what she did and what a monster she was for doing that to clarke and she feels so hurt that the person she loves yelled those terrible things at her but also so hurt that she turned clarke into this im just so !!!!! 


This is not Supernatural related but I have struggled with acne for a long time and although I’ve learned to cover it up pretty well with makeup, it still is the biggest pain in the ass EVER. Acne sucks.

Last night I decided to try aloe vera gel and the results, for me are amazing! I’m not sure if this works on every type of skin but if you have acne, a little acne or a LOT of acne, I think that this is worth a try! I have literally tried EVERYTHING there is for acne and have been to a dermatologist for years and nothing has worked! Try only putting aloe vera gel on you face at night (don’t worry about anything else because it does moisturize you skin so you don’t have to put on lotion with it unless you feel like you need to) and sleep with it on and in the morning look at your face! 

I hope this works for you like it did for me! I can’t guarantee anything because everyone’s skin is different, but it’s made a huge difference for my face already.

I’m starting to vlog on youtube, so message me or comment on this post is you want me to make a full youtube video of this! I’d be happy to :)

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have u ever considered drawing kenma with short hair??

i actually have! but i do not think that he would have his hair cut voluntary since he kinda always seem like he is hiding behind his long hair, maybe it’s like a way to get some space and just shot the world out and not worry about what others are thinking about him?(cuz we know he does that.. a lot.. :/)

i kinda feel like he would start wearing hoodies and tighten it really close to his face until his hair would grow out again o ~ ò (or maybe when he’s older he will have it cut? when he’s a little more grown up and starts to feel more comfortable around people)

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So um, since you seem to have so many Lannister facts/headcanons/fanfics goin' on, and since I am immensely curious in Gerion, could you share some headcanons you have about him? (He's honestly my favorite Lannister)

Hi! I only ever have the one fic, but thank you! ♥ And I love Gery too! Sure, I can share some of my ideas about him, but keep in mind that some of these are just things I made up and other people might think very differently, and that’s cool!

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Has the relationship between you and Zach ever been long distance? (Even for only some months or so?) If so, how did you experience it?

yep! we had a full year of long distance when I lived in Oregon and he was here on the central coast, and then we lived about an hour and a half away for another year, which was way better but still hard. we made time for each other and we face-timed and had phone dates and met in the middle a lot, but there’s only so far your relationship can go when you aren’t in at least the same area, you know?

my advice for long distance couples:
-communicate. since you’re far away, you almost have to over-communicate at times. be so honest with your feelings always. there’s a lot you can’t read when you aren’t face to face, and body language doesn’t translate over the phone, and even over face-time, so sometimes you have to just explain the way you feel. don’t expect your person to read your mind, it wont happen! 

- find special ways to show love. for instance, when I was at school in Oregon, Zach would send me packages out of the blue, for no reason. once he baked me cookies, once he sent me one of his sweatshirts (that smelled just like him), once he sent me a huge bouquet of flowers!!! he always had a love note in every package, which always made me smile and cry and swoon and all that (and I still have those notes to this day!!). those little things meant so much to me, being so far away from him.

-live your life as usual. don’t make your entire life about your long-distance relationship, because that would get exhausting (and annoying to everyone around you). my first couple weeks in Oregon, I never did anything with anyone because maybe Zach was going to call or Face-time?? and it was lame and frustrating for my roommates cause i never did anything with them! and then I realized, nope. thats lame. and Zach and I would communicate about when we were going to have time to talk. so you’ve got to continue on with your regular life experiences and duties, and make special time for your phone dates.

- don’t get too sad!! it is hard and missing someone you love is probably the most helpless and sad feeling, but getting through long-distance dating will strengthen your relationship huuugely, and will also strengthen your general communication skills!!

- plan for the future. plan for a time when you won’t have to be far away from each other. if you don’t see much of a future, why are you putting in the work that a long-distance relationship takes!?

hope this helps! xoxo

Okay. so, let me talk at you guys more about Laura Kinney.

I was rereading X-23: Target X today because one can never have too many feelings about Laura and, just as the first time, these panels stuck out to me - but this time not just because they are painful. For context: this is Laura’s first face to face confrontation with Logan, from who she was cloned and who she was based on - meant to be a refined version of, essentially. Just before this, she formed a relationship with her cousin and her aunt, only to have to leave them because of the pursuit of her makers at The Facility. She severed the first real connection she made in years, voluntarily, to keep them safe.

(As a sidebar: she also, despite conditioning, managed to bond with her sensei and a dog. Laura’s enormous capacity for compassion is amazing. ‘Nothing but a machine’ my ass.)

So then Laura goes to find Logan, with the express goal of killing him - and herself. But this isn’t just an act of self-annihilation, or something done out of anger (at being made because of Logan, or cast in his image as a killer). It’s out of her conviction that they are both dangers, that they are weapons, a risk to the world that has to be eliminated. Laura here is doing what she thinks needs to be done to keep people safe.

Of course, the irony is that in so doing Laura proves that she’s putting the lives of countless unknown strangers above her own. That she believes those strangers matter. And that’s not how a weapon thinks.

Laura has always been a hero. It’s just taken her until recently to realize it.


I think it’s time to re-introduce myself to the Internet. I don’t know if any of you have noticed, but the names and pronouns in my bio have been swapping a lot lately. That’s because I’ve been swapping labels and I’ve always been kinda repressing how I truly feel about my gender. I used different labels and different pronouns than the ones I truly wanted to use because of some subconscious fear of coming out as who I actually am. I am a transmale. I am FTM. So this is me, re-introducing myself as a new person.

Hi Internet! My names Alex, I’m a 15 year old bisexual transman and I prefer he/him, they/them works too, but never she/her. Thank you guys for bearing with me on this. I love you all.

GOT7 REACTION: Falling in love with jackson's best friend

JB: He probably would know that you are Jackson’s best friend and would deny his feelings for a long time, believing that something was wrong. But Jaebum would make a ugly face every time he saw with Jackson until his jealous arrived to the maximum level and he told everyone what he was feeling.


Mark: oh poor Mark, he’d face a internal struggle to know exactly to do. First of all he’d try to talk about his feelings with Jackson who surely would have a lot of fun helping you two to be together.

*declares and runs*

Jackson: Depending on who was, he could get angry or jealous, but if he was excited about this would help you two to be together.

He would be like “(Y/N) Guess who likes you!” *pushes the Member*

Junior: He’d get close to you alone and when people find out you’d be already a long time together and when Jackson knew…  

“Why are you dating my best friend?”

“This is how I feel when you go out to eat with Bambam and don’t call me”

Youngjae: It would be the first time that you’d be going to Korea to visit Jackson and to seeing you for the first time, Youngjae would fall in love and, even if unintentionally, would make it a bit too obvious, which would make Jackson tease with him a lot.

Bambam: when he saw you after a long time.

He’d try to not call for Jackson’s help to approach.

“hey beautiful girl… I’m the best friend of your best friend, we should date”

Yugyeom: in the field of love he’d be so shy and it just worse with you for being Jackson’s best friend. Eventually Jackson would have to do all the dirty work for him.

-When Jackson make him go to talk with you-

keep sending us your requests.

I’m so done with got7, they are so perfect <3

~ADM Cherry~

GIF credits to their original owners!

I’m frightened by my feelings.
You have taught me an awful lot in the past few days, not only about myself, but also about relationships and emotions and about the balance that the universe requires of us in order for us to function as respectable and harmonious individuals. People can change their faces like traffic lights change their colours and it can be frightening to watch at the best of times, however I have also learned that it is a vitally important ability for us to master. Those who want to always stay happy must change often. I saw you change your face many times without even considering the power it could have over me. When you looked at me out of solid and cold eyes, the same eyes that had always looked into mine with the depth of the universe and the warmth of the fire burning in your soul, it shook something inside me. I realised that it had ben me that had extinguished that fire, even just temporarily. I will never forget that feeling, because it, or rather you, taught me one of the most valuable lessons I have ever learned; that if you put a part of yourself in someone, really trust in them, then whether consciously or unconsciously, willingly or unwillingly, they place a small part of themselves inside you too. With this comes a great, great responsibility. I have sworn to myself that I will do my best always to feel that part of every individual that I love and trust inside me. I have sworn to myself that I will do everything in my power never ever to put out that flame in someone and to protect the few little embers, my gift to them. 
I am so, so sorry that I allowed that flame in you to go out and that I disrespected the influence I had on you. I hurt you deeply and I cannot apologise enough to you for that. I know that you know deep down that I never intended for any of this to happen and that the last thing I ever wanted was to hurt you. I love you with every fibre of my being and from every corner of my mind and soul. My heart beats for you.

Dear Fairy Tail Fandom

Today, my best friend @shadoouge texted me saying she was genuinely scared and panicking over being attacked. Why? For pointing out a flaw in the fandom. Yeah. Great job proving her exact point there, by the way. Do you even realize you did that? Possibly not.

I’m not gonna take personal part in this debate. There’s a lot I’d say if I cared enough about the actual matter, but I don’t. I have no personal experience about any of what Shadoo has gone through so I’ll just shut up about that debate and try to be neutral. Kinda hard though, seeing how I’m mostly just concerned for the well-being of my friend right now.

I’m baffled that some people actually feel it’s their right to do hurtful things when faced with negative feedback. It’s truly amazing how flat-out uncaring some people can be.

And to note - my anger is not directed to the fandom as a whole; it’s directed to anyone heartless enough to attack someone for merely opening their mouth. For anyone who feels it’s okay to do. For anyone who cannot accept an opinion for what it is or even just block the person and ignore it. No, you have to attack. But in all honesty, I can’t even be mad.

I’m just disappointed and sad that some people think it’s okay. I don’t know what’s going on in your lives, I don’t know your experiences, but this is not an okay thing to do. I could respect you if you just chose to ignore her, block her or whatever. Opinions can’t be helped; you don’t have to agree. It’s completely okay to enjoy things other people don’t like as long as nobody gets hurt for it. And no, my friend didn’t intend to hurt anyone; she just stated an observation about toxic behaviour that has been hurting many people for a long time. Getting “hurt” over that is plain hypocritical.

I will never, ever be able to respect someone who actively sends hate. No trolls, no genuine threats, none. I don’t even care if it was for something I agree with, I refuse to accept it as mature behaviour. Hell a damn caveman can attack someone, but only civilized beings are capable of calm discussion. This is just a fact.

This is the first and last I will say of this matter. I refuse to let this drama flood onto my tumblr too.

Just please, at least learn to use the block button if nothing else, would you?


Dear Pipes,
Your probably not opening these, or if you are, I’m sure you don’t really want to hear what I have to say. I doubt if the tables were turned that I would be reading this, but on the off chance you are still reading, I want to try and explain myself, which is difficult in a letter and would be so much easier face to face. I know the situation in Chicago seems fucked, but I promise I was protecting you.
There was a lot going on that I wasn’t able to talk to you about, and if I had even a moment alone with you before the trail, I swear I would have been completely open and honest.

The last thing I wanted after everything we have been through is for you to feel lied to, or deceived in any way. Piper I promise, I am not that person. - Alex’s letter to Piper

A Fairy’s Stone

Prompt from A03:  I was thinking if you could come up with a fanfic where what if Claire actually was Fae and revealed it to Jamie but stated that since she was bound to Jamie because they were soul mates and whatnot and thus she became fairly human when the deal was sealed and whatnot. If you get inspired maybe by this it would be cool to see what you come up with.

So this is very different and was a little hard for me to write, but also a lot of fun! This will be a multi-series, though I have no idea what the updates will be and feel free to send prompts about it because I’m not even sure where it’s going :) As always let me know what you think! Enjoy!

Jamie sighed as he rinsed his face in the icy, babbling stream, sighing with pleasure as he felt the grime of the weeks past vanish from his skin. He hadn’t bathed nor ate not but oats in the last few days. After the journey from France, he needed a plan. He started at his reflection in the water, just visible from the bright, full moon high in the sky. The night was a refuge for him, it was a shield from the dangerous reality that he faced every moment he walked on his homeland. It was risky being in Scotland to begin with, and even more risky being alone. Murtaugh should be here by the next day to meet him before he made any other decisions. He had written asking him to meet by the fairy stones, a place remote enough to not attract many visitors, or red coat patrols. He had already been at the hill too long, he needed to leave soon before he stumbled upon someone who may recognize his fiery trademark hair and stature.

As if the thought of it conjured someone to appear, he suddenly felt a presence as if someone was watching him. He froze as he looked up from the stream and a chill went down his spine that wasn’t from the cold, howling winds. A person was half-hidden behind the thick trees, peaking out behind one of the big trunks, peering at him with what seemed curiosity. It was a lass. She was staring at him from across the river, her eyes almost glowing in the darkness. She seemed a part of the forest, blending in the trees and grass like she was too grown there. As she caught sight of him staring at her, a radiant smile spread across her face, making him lose his breath at the sight of it.

Jamie froze as she began to walk towards him. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, more beautiful than all the lassies he’d seen in France and Scotland put together. Her face was almost…surreal. She had long, brown, curly hair that flowed like a waterfall down to her waist, with bits of the forest tangled in it. Her eyes were the color of whiskey glowing in the firelight, and they seemed to pierce through his heart like a dagger making it skip a beat before it resumed racing in his ribcage as if it were trying to beat out of his chest.

She continued to walk towards him, her tattered shift floating like a cloud behind her. Her pale skin was a beckon of light in the misty, darkened forest. She stepped into the river, giving no care for its chill as she calmly padded across it, hypnotic eyes locked on his with a smile still on her face. His face must have looked most comical to her, as his mouth was wide open like a dog’s. He saw she wore no shoes and her feet were covered with dirt and mud of her travels.

He thought for a minute that he had died and this was the angel that was meant to take him up to heaven. Though, Jamie didn’t think he was likely to be going there at the first, most likely he would be serving a lengthy time in purgatory to make up for his sins.

She had made her way out of the river, dripping from the water, her shift gone transparent against her supple body causing a serge of desire to sweep through him hard. He averted his eyes as he felt a deep, painful blush rise to his cheeks as she walked the last few feet to him but Jamie was unable to move, paralyzed by a foreign sensation coursing through his blood stream.

She came to stand not but a foot from where he stood and slowly raised an immaculate hand and tentatively reached out to touch his cheek as if she were touching another person for the first time. He jolted and gasped as he felt a bolt of warmth and electricity from her touch. Her hand a sharp contrast to the freezing outdoors. He wondered how she could possibly be so warm in no but her shift. It was as if her touch’s heat entered his body and spread into his very bones, causing them to glow inside his body, erasing the chill he had felt ever since he had landed back on Scottish soil.

She could be a fairy, he thought to himself. She had the look of it, the look that would bring any man to their knees in worship, a look of something divine. There were rumors and stories about faes he had learned ever since he was a bairn, but he never really put too much stock in, especially since his schooling in Paris.

Stories of stunning women, who had the gift of eternal life, who lived underground in the fairy hills, protecting the nature, accepting gifts from the people who worshiped their powers.

She opened her perfect rose-petaled mouth and he watched, entranced.

“Hello, Jamie.”

Bisexuality Q&A

Hey friends! Tomorrow I’m filming a Q&A about sexuality and bisexuality in particular. If you’ve got questions or are curious about something, send them to my ask box here on tumblr.


A lot of the videos about bi stuff I make feel sorta like I’m preaching to the choir, so I want this to be for everyone. If you’ve got questions, ask me! Gonna film tomorrow and have it all shiny and ready for your faces at 5 pm EDT.


^ I still love this thumbnail. xD

Screenshots from SPEED RACER | Attack on Titan Fangame! :)

I’m very impressed by this game. I know there’s a lot more that’s going to added to it but from what it has so far it looks pretty fun to play. Plus I’m not feeling the best today so seeing Jack having fun with a game makes me smile. :]

This is kind of random and I don’t know why this video gave me this thought but you know guys I really do have so much fun making these posts everyday. :) I know they are just me taking dumb silly pictures of a youtuber’s face everyday and I know my posts aren’t the best posts about Jack by any means and he probably gets sick of seeing them everyday and I end up having so many doubts about making these posts sometimes. But the end of the day I still have fun doing this and that’s what’s important. :) Even on a rare occasion when a video can take me 6 hours to make a post for. xD Doing this everyday really helps me be productive and give me something to do while I’m just at this weird frustrating faze in my life where I don’t have a lot figured out and have so much free time on my hands. I know I don’t have to make a posts about Jack everyday and I know I don’t have make a post for every video but I’ve done this everyday since May and I still have so much fun making these posts. I always look forward to watching Jack’s new videos and making these posts about them everyday and honestly I’m very happy and thankful that this is a big part of life now. :D