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Yesterday’s Wounds (part 6)

Title: Yesterday’s Wounds (part 6)
Characters: Papyrus, Undyne, Alphys, Sans, MTT, Gaster, Asgore
Wordcount: 2341
Warnings: Medical Experimentation, Child Abandonment, Restraint
Summary: Many years ago, Papyrus was found in a dump. Now he is an adult who is about to find out a little more about his past when they find out the source of the barcode on his arm.
Notes: Baby Blaster AU + Rescue Dog!Papyrus, and of course Baby Blaster AU belongs to @spacegate. This chapter was very wobbly for me to write, I figure it and the next one might feel that way so I apologize in advance.  

Alphys finished feeding the rats in Papyrus’ absence and headed back to the main file room next to the observation room. She hoped maybe Undyne pulled some information from the other skeleton. She noticed the bite mask that had been cut off and tossed near the file room as she stepped closer to the observation room.  She stared at it, and carefully kicked it to the file room, she didn’t want to be around it and she would have Undyne deal with it better later.  

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