i have a lot of feelings about little girls and youth and innocence okay

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The Haha Musume Donburi Oppai girls

Ah yes, a modern classic as far as the lewd ova scene is concerned, and for good reason! This OVA is undoubtedly on of the best softcore hentai animations to ever be made, better that 80-90% percent of any hentai ova/series out, and that’s including the good ones, without any genital penetration! It it’s pretty much what all hentai should be striving for in terms of quality, consistency, and weight in animation. It certainly helps that it
was animated with the help of the fantastical Kaneko Hiraku(kirin999) Animator of Victoria Maid Maria no Hoshi, and Hoods Entertainment, the premier animation company in the best bouncing boobs in the ecchi-hentai industry. You migth remember them from such hits as Manyuu Hikenchou
(there’s a show i need to discuss), Seikon no Qwaser and Kagaku na Yatsura. In short, this guy knows his curves, and he knows
that foreplay can sometimes be a main dish for greater.
But enough about the the more technical side, let’s get to what you fools are here for!

As the saying goes, age before beauty, let’s start with Sakie.

A mom with a lot going on, she a definitive! She definitely fits the bill, her dream-state like eyes give of a sort of gentleness, a passiveness from years of nurturing. The cool blue helps with this, as it is a calming color. Her nose is well defined and sharp, contrast with her daughter’s more moe-esque nose to pull of an increased sense of age and maturity. Her hair is the perfect for her character, being too long would give off a sort of youth that she isn’t meant to inspire, it remains short and yet elegant, framing her face very well. Her lips are emphasized as full and with a sort of lip-gloss to bring out their natural color, making them seem softer. She has a slight chub going on showing she has some age on her, she’s put on a few pounds. You might actually recognize some of her designs beats from another mom I discussed.

Not a coincidence!

Her clothes are nice, warm, pastel colors to hone in on her motherly nature which makes her seem soft and inviting, there’s a relaxing effect similar to drinking warm soup.

Compare it to her underwear, which is a dark purple and lacy, showing a more sensual side to her, more sultry, more naughty. Excellent juxtaposition of color! Pay attention to her expressions as well, notice a common theme?

She maintains a soft, almost apologetic expression at all times, like a doting mom who is doing her best. She does and let you do to her whatever is needed, even if it might be a bit much for her, just for your benefit, that the feeling you get from just looking at her. I’ll be honest, I only thought she was okay before doing this analysis, high-mid tier, but all these little details to capturing this motherly nature she’s meant to invoke definitely give me a new appreciation for her. There was a lot put into her(and a lot i want to put into her), and it’s masterfully accomplishes what she set’s out to do!

Now to move onto Imouto-san.

Rumi is quite clearly Onii-chan bait, from her girly-girl dress, pigtails, big moe eyes and small moe nose. 

And she does her job well.

Her mom is just as guilty for serving a certain demographic, but it’s far more noticeable in Rumi’s design, especially when compared to her mothers, the pigtails are a dead give away. That said, that doesn’t mean it’s bad as a design, not as strong as her mother’s however.

Plus her clothes are quite clearly made for a girl much younger than herself. Sakie’s design is a more subtle while still getting the point across quite well of what she is and what she’s like. Rumi’s does so as well, but it’s a bit more on the nose, so to speak. I also don’t think blue was the best color for her first outfit, i mean it helps contrast with her mother, but her dress baby-blue dress doesn’t convey the sort of light-tsudere imouto-san she is. I would have opted for a more light red/pinkish or stuck with the yellow she would get later on instead, it could also help build a color-associative relationship, showing that mother and daughter were connect just by looking at them. 

This yellow and orange underwear suits her much better, probably why she wears it for longer in the Ova. In communicates a similar warmness to her mother, but more energy and personality thanks to the dark orange marks, but underneath it, she’s really soft and innocent with the light orange bows and white flap on the panties. While her design might be lacking at times, her personality helps make her more attractive to the viewer.

There’s more eb and flow with her, being the little sister type with a dash of tsundere qualities, just enough to make her reluctant and not be able to totally handle her emotions, tripping over herself a bit, making cute, willing, girly and off-guard moments all the more attractive because it’s like she opening up to us.

In short these girls are 10/10 each thanks to careful character design and enjoyably troped personalities.

Feel free to send in more requests of anime/anime-esque girls you want me to talk about!


yoon jisung

GOGH, THE STARRY NIGHT - such a cute drama!! 1000/10 would recommend. is just like jisung because its cute and adorable, has some really funny arguments, and the jokes?? are a+. also the lead guy is so caring even though he acts like he’s not, reminds me a lot of jisung

ha sungwoon

HIGH SOCIETY - proves that even if you aren’t the biggest, you can still be the best. the main couple is literally trash, SO boring. but the secondary leads are super cute, the only reason you should watch it. the lighthearted humor reminds me of everyone teasing sungwoon (’: plus park hyungsik is pretty hot

hwang minhyun

LOVE IN THE MOONLIGHT - only the best for emperor hwang. okay but this drama is historical because minhyun is a literal prince, and although this drama isn’t as perfect as him, i feel that its a very good comparison. whenever i think of that one scene in the royal library, i think of minhyun

ong seongwoo

STRONG WOMAN DO BONG SOON - okay. so seongwoo is literally ahn minhyuk. if park hyungsik wasn’t cast as the role, he would fit just as perfectly in it. this drama might as well be the story of seongwoo’s life – attractive, silly, a bit outlandish, and overall super sweet and funny

kim jaehwan

DREAM HIGH - when i watched this drama, i thought it was a bit cringey. jaehwan is super cringey. besides that, i think this drama fits him because it’s literally about a bunch of talented kids… and jaehwan is pretty talented. i just sort of imagine that if he had a cameo in this show, it would seem like he’s a lead

kang daniel

REPLY 1997 - the sort of coming of age story that seems like daniel would take part in. tooootally see him pining after a girl like seo inguk does here, although i’m not sure he would be as tsundere about it. this is the only drama that reminds me of him, also its set in busan so perfect match? i think yes

park jihoon

HEALER - just like him, this drama seems all serious and intricate and is actually just full of dorky moments. jihoon strikes me as the kind of person who would watch this drama and then try to do all the stunts that ji changwook does in here and then fail miserably. woojin would watch and laugh

park woojin

SASSY GO GO! - this drama screams woojin. it’s set in high school, so he fits it, and it’s a light, uncomplicated story about dancing and falling in love along the way. woojin is definitely this show because of his strong moral compass and undeniable passion for dancing

bae jinyoung

MY SHY BOSS - you can’t tell me that this drama isn’t the embodiment of bae jinyoung. okay, sure, his shyness isn’t so bad that he literally can’t show his face in public, but he is pretty timid. although this drama has a very far-fetched storyline, i still thought it was a little cute (if not infuriating) at times

lee daehwi

AGE OF YOUTH - daehwi’s spirit animal is jiwon, the sassy girl who’s always there to make life more interesting. again, this drama is super cute, and although it doesn’t have a plot twist around every corner, is perfect the way it is. gives off a youthful (obviously) vibe that fits daehwi perfectly

lai guanlin

THE LIAR AND HIS LOVER - a cute, innocent drama that is undeniably cringey, but in a good way. just like guanlin!! he reminds me a lot of joy’s character with her enthusiasm about everything, and their cute lil smiles. plus the cast is super attractive, just like guanlin himself is

Top 10 K-Dramas: 2016

The edit above is not in the order of my top 10 but the list below is. This was my first time making an edit so I was just trying to make it all fit, lol. Please feel free to tell me your thoughts on these dramas, I’d love to hear that ya’ll think!

1. Descendants of the Sun (Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo, Jin Goo, Kim Ji Won)

  • This was the first drama I followed along with while it was airing and it cemented my stay in kdrama-land so I’ll forever be grateful for that. I loved everything about this drama from the cast to the plot, I thought it was unique and funny and so very enjoyable to watch. A soldier and doctor falling in love in the middle of a crisis with brilliantly amusing scenes and secondary characters? It’s a win for sure. I think it found the perfect balance between drama, action, romance, and comedy. Also, the OSTs in the drama were amazing; Talk Love by K.Will will forever be one of my favorites. 

2. Goblin (Gong Yoo, Lee Dong Wook, Kim Go Eun)

  • So I’m cheating a little with this one because it didn’t finish airing in 2016, but this is currently my favorite drama so I felt obligated to put this on my list. This was my first real venture into a fantasy kdrama and I love everything about it. The aesthetics and cinematography is unreal, the cast is fantastic, the beginnings of romance is natural, but the bromance and friendships are probably my favorite things about this drama. It’s honestly just so witty and fun and the performance by each actor is amazing. It never fails to make me smile or laugh. Since it’s by the same writer as DOTS, it has the perfect combination of fantasy, romance, drama, and comedy. Also, the OSTS are wickedly good in this as well.

3. The K2 (Ji Chang Wook, Im YoonA, Song Yoon Ah)

  • Despite the drama surrounding the characters and it’s obvious problems story-wise, I loved The K2. One of my favorite genres is action-romance and this drama was packed with both. JCW is brilliant as always in acting but his action scenes were amazing. I thought the plot was pretty unique and the lead three gave great performances (I know people thought YoonA’s character was useless, but I didn’t; the story literally wouldn’t exist without her, lol). I have to praise Song Yoon Ah for her performance especially because this was the first time I empathized with the villain; I certainly didn’t agree with everything she did, but they gave a depth to her character that I really appreciated. There are some things I’ll never understand regarding the drama, but I don’t want to spoil anything for others so I won’t mention it here.

4. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (Lee Sung Kyung, Nam Joo Hyuk)

  • Again, this drama has yet to end, but I honestly think that this is one of the most brilliant dramas of 2016. It’s a feel-good, coming-of-age drama that balances romance, comedy, and friendship and that honestly delivers each week. It tackles first love and all the innocence and insecurities that comes with liking someone unattainable, it explores friendship between women and the unbreakable bond you can make with life-long friends in college, it shows characters with unhealthy issues taking the right steps to get help, and it shows how guys should treat girls and how naturally you can fall in love with your best friend. Most of all though, it tells us that it’s okay to fall out of love with your talents and what you have been doing your entire life; it’s okay to take a break, try new things, and find yourself. Brilliant cast, brilliant writing, and brilliant performances.

5. Reply 1988 (Lee Hye Ri, Park Bo Gum, Ryu Jun Yeol, Go Kyung Pyo, Lee Dong Hwi)

  • I’m late to the game but there are not enough words to describe what a good drama this is. I love that it focused so much on family bonds rather than romantic love. More than the individual families, the entire block was one big family that supported and took care of each other. I laughed, I cried, and I was happy when they were happy. The line between friendship and family is easily blurred in this drama because I swear the kids were more like family than they were friends. The parents’ friendship also made me happy because for once there was no evil parent or scheming; they all loved their kids and were such good friends with each other. There were so many lessons to learn from in this drama, it’s A+. Also, the goat noises made my life. 

6. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (Lee Joon Ki, IU, Kang Ha Neul)

  • I had/have a love-hate relationship with this drama. This was my first saeguk drama and I did really like a lot of things about it. The cinematography was beautiful, it really was so well done. I liked most of the characters, especially early in the show when it was more funny and cute. And the actors, even the idol-actors, did well in my opinion. What I hated was how they tried to jam-pack the Chinese version into the last 4 episodes, the insanely terrible editing that just made it seem like the characterization for leads did not align at all with what we knew about them, and the ending. I truly detested the ending; it was sloppy and unnecessary. If they didn’t cut that one scene from that ending, I would have been satisfied but they chose to do a disservice to the characters and for that reason alone, I’ll probably never re-watch this drama. 

7. Age of Youth (Han Ye-ri, Han Seung-yeon, Park Eun-bin, Ryu Hwa-young, Park Hye-soo )

  • I loved everything about this drama. The friendship between the Belle Epoque girls made me smile; they grew from being so awkward with each other to being such good friends. They teased, fought, and took care of each other like any good roommates would do while living their own lives. The drama did brilliantly in highlighting each girl’s unique struggles and allowing them to grow because of them. There is nothing I didn’t like about this drama; it was funny, interesting, and just really good. The Belle Epoque girls are special. 

8. The Legend of the Blue Sea (Lee Min Ho, Jun Ji Hyun)

  • I like drama a lot but mostly because of JJH’s character and performance. I’ve never failed to smile, laugh, or feel second-hand embarrassment for her character and that just really made the drama fun. I’m not really a big LMH fan, I think he’s an decent actor, but I think this is probably my favorite role of his. He’s actually doing really well and I really enjoy his character. One of my main issues is the plot and direction of the drama; I think it’s been a little sloppy and some things just don’t make sense and are poorly explained. Also it’s taking forever to get through some of the sub-plots and it honestly just feels like a waste of time. To be quite honest and in my opinion, if the leads weren’t as big stars as they are, this drama would not be doing as well as it is now.

9. Doctor Crush (Park Shin Hye, Kim Rae Won, Lee Sung Kyung, Yoon Kyun Sang)

  • The beginning of this drama was brilliant; PSH’s character was the epitome of a bad-girl who was also kind to her friends. I loved the plot; a girl with an attitude problem with no care in the world changing her ways and becoming a brilliant physician to not only prove people wrong but also to get revenge on the people that wronged/hurt her? Yeah, sign me up for a drama like that. The secondary characters were great, there really were some comedic scenes with them. I liked the medical part of the drama and PSH’s friendship with her childhood best friend and the other doctors. What I hated what that she never really got her revenge; they went with the most predictable way of the guy getting out of it for a medical drama and I hated that. He wasn’t even sincerely apologetic for what he had done. And honestly, I also hated that she never really called out step-mother for being such a terrible person. I had higher expectations for this drama. 

10. Cinderella and the Four Knights (Park So Dam, Jung Il Woo, Ahn Jae Hyun)

  • This was definitely more of a feel good drama for me. I love the “cinderella” trope so this was just really cute. Park So Dam was just adorable and she made the story fun. There was nothing overly special about this drama; it was fun and light, there were some pretty-boys, and a sweet best friend. All the makings of a classic feel-good drama. My favorite thing would probably have to be the OSTs in this drama; they were all just so good and I still re-play some of them. 

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RFA+V+Saeran with a passionate MC who keeps making them all flustered, like complimenting them about their little quirks, always snuggling up to them... Bonus : MC is a looooves tickling them

Okay, so I think this just turned into random, cheesy, cute fluff,,, Sorry if it’s not what you wanted ^^;


  • It’s the worst when you compliment his eyes.
  • Sometimes in the middle of a make out session, you’ll look into his eyes and just tell him how pretty they are and how you can see the whole universe in them
    • “It might just be my love for you talking, but I can see so many stars… entire galaxies… It’s beautiful. I think you’re beautiful…”
  • When that happens, he starts blushing like crazy
    • your fave is when his whole face turns pink and he just keeps trying to look away from you
  • “Yoosung, you’re so cute! You’re even cuter when your cheeks are all pink like that!”
  • You like to play with his hair a lot and shower him with completely random compliments. He tries to overpower your compliments with his own, which usually leaves him a stuttering mess when you one-up him again
  • Also, this boy’s sides are veeeeeery ticklish
  • He likes to hold your waist while cuddling or dancing or whatever, but as soon as your hands go above his hips, he freaks out
    • “MC I’m just trying to have a nicE TIME WITH Y- MC STOP.”
  • He likes payback though


  • Honestly, just telling him you love him makes him blush a little
  • Whenever you do something nice for him, he thanks you profusely
  • You really like just doing nice things for him, but you reeeeeeaaaaally like the way he acts when you do
  • When you cook him dinner, he just looses it
  • The entire dinner, he showers you and your food with compliments
  • Towards the end, when he tones it down a bit, it’s your turn.
  • Jumin, your skin is so pretty. Like, you have such a nice complexion.”
  • When you bring that one out, you typically come over and touch his face.
  • He absolutely adores feeling your hands on his face in a calm, loving way, and he loves the little kisses that come with it
  • His weakness tho
  • When you two are cuddling, you’ll run your hands through his hair and tell him how much he means to you
  • the man practically melts in your hands at that one


  • Okay, it is so damn hard to fluster this kid
  • He knows all your weaknesses, but you’ve never succeeded in making him more than blush
  • Whenever he winks at you or flirts with you, you’re a babbling mess
  • You just want to make him feel all warm and bubbly like he makes you feel
    • also revenge
  • You two cuddle a lot, but it’s always just peaceful
  • One day while you were getting up, you accidentally brushed your hand against the back of his leg and he freaked out
  • He brought his leg in so that you wouldn’t touch it again and his face turned red
    • “Zen, are you ticklish??”
    • “N-No! That was just-!”
  • That turned into a tickle war, only ending when you almost got kneed in the face
  • To this day, its the only innocent thing you know to do to make him blush, so you’ll sometimes brush the back of his knee in public and just laugh at him
  • He gets sorta pissed, but he thinks it’s cute that you’re having so much fun, so he doesn’t really mind.


  • Every single compliment you give her makes her blush and you love it
  • You compliment her every chance you get because not only are they all true and always relevant, but you think she’s so cute when she’s flustered
  • Like, always-put-together-Jaehee crumbling at your compliments is your weakness
  • You’ll often compliment her on her outfit or how that lipstick you bought her compliments her eyes, but it’s the deeper ones that really get her
  • “You’re the kindest, smartest person I know. You mean the world to me.”
  • When you guys cuddle, sometimes you’ll tell her that you never want to let her go. You want to spend the rest of your life with her and you hope that she’ll never leave you.
    • She cried at that one once
  • Sometimes she’ll go to push her glasses up, but realize that she doesn’t wear them anymore and you laugh.
  • This girl loves scented candles
  • Like, 
  • Loves them
  • So sometimes if you run out to the grocery store or something, you’ll buy her a candle then cuddle on the couch with her 
    • Honestly, it’s like one of those holiday commercials where everything’s perfect and the whole world smells nice
  • When you guys cuddle, you like to tell her how beautiful she is, how much you love her, and compliment the cute little things she’s done in the past week
  • Her face gets hot and it makes for warmer cuddles


  • You laugh at all his jokes, even when they’re not funny
  • “Luciel, you have the nicest ass.”
    • he says shit like that to you all the time, so you figured it’d be okay if you said it to him too
  • He concealed it well, but it made him feel super nice
  • “Seven, how come you never use caps lock?”
  • “Because my fingers are polite.”
  • He doesn’t know why, but he really likes when you pick up on little things like that.
  • Sometimes you like to take his glasses off so that you can stare into his eyes. When he asks you why you do that, you tell him that you love the color yellow.
    • “Yellow is a happy color. I’m always happy when I see you, and I hope you’re happy when you see me. Your eyes are like…. I dunno.. flowers. The sun. Golden retrievers…………….. Minions.”
  • When you keep going on about how happy he makes you, he gets really happy too because, ‘Oh my god, they love me so much. How the hell did I luck out like this???’
  • His cheeks turn a super light shade of pink. When you start giving him little kisses, he smiles into every single one. His blush gets a little darker when you compliment him more.
  • Sometimes you start to ramble after the kisses, but he never actually stops you. It makes him feel really good.
    • “Have I ever told you that you’re like, the funniest person I know? And you’re so smart! Funny and smart?? How did you get both? That’s not fair! Also, you’re so kind! God, you’re so lucky!!! I’m so lucky!!!!!! WHERE DID I FIND YOU I NEVER WANNA LET YOU GO”
  • By the end of it, he’s blushing like mad and things get deep
  • Also, his feet are hella ticklish, but you only use that when you’re desperate, because it usually ends with you getting kicked in the face and him feeling really bad


  • When he’s doing literally anything, you get super close to him and weasel your way into his space
    • Cooking? Hold me.
    • Reading? Let me hold you.
    • Texting? Lets cuddle.
    • Doing something important? Idc, please give me all your love and attention.
  • “Jihyun, I love your laugh! It’s so cute and it makes me so happy! And your smile! You’re just so handsome….”
  • He thinks its so cute that you pick out little things about him, and he thinks about how much you love him a lot.
  • Whenever he gets sad, he thinks about the compliments you’ve given him and everything is okay again
  • a i g h t, his laugh though
  • His laugh is like the most beautiful music to you
  • When you find out that his neck is ticklish,,,,,,HOOOOOOOH BOII
  • Not only do you get to hear his laugh, but you also get to see his smile and compliment him on both
  • plus a new thing that you absolutely love;
  • “When you try to protect yourself, it just makes you look cuter, y’know!”
  • His entire face turns red when you call him adorable, and you do it a lot when he’s trying to protect his neck from your tickles


  • Everything makes this poor boy flustered
  • “Babe, your bedhead is adorable.”
  • “The pasta sauce on your nose is a good look, really. It’s so cute.”
  • “Saeran, you’re so cute!”
  • Every single nice thing you say or do to him makes him blush and deny everything you say
  • He usually ends up trying to turn it all around and compliment you, but it never really works
  • “I’m adorable?? N-no way! You’re adorable….er.”
  • Cuddling with him is a fucking mess
  • He gets super flustered whenever you touch him, so having your bodies pressed together is ridiculous
  • When he’s super tired, he mellows out though. He falls a sleep when you’re the big spoon and it’s just so cute
  • He’s so cute when he sleeps oh man oh man

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this is a little nsfw so you dont have to do the nsfw part if youd like but!!! but. but what if MC was like extremely flustered. You compliment their hair? flustered, blushing, a mess. You hold their hand? they need to stop themselves from covering their cheeks because theyre blushing so much. (NSFW) you eating them out? well damn man their hands are on their mouth to stop them from saying anything. Could you write SFW and NSFW headcanons for this? thank you so much!!!!

Heya anon! Thanks for the request :) It’s my first NSFW request so far and im excited to get to it  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) . This contains NSFW content (duh) so you can skip over the NSFW hc’s if you want!

♥ Yoosung would be super nervous to ever try to hold your hand or kiss you without permission. He’s a bit insecure as he’s never really done any of this before.
♥ When he finally tries to hold your hand and you wince and start blushing, he pulls back immediately. He’s wondering if he did something wrong.
♥ Absolutely relieved that he didn’t do anything to provoke you. He gets really flustered too so you both just compliment each other to see how adorable and flustered you both look.
♥ When you hold hands for the first time, you look in the other direction blushing. He turns your chin with his hand really softly and kisses you. YOU’RE DYING BUT YOU KNOW HE IS TOO SO YOU GO FOR IT.
“You’re adorable, I just want to hold your hand and kiss your soft lips forever ~ o-oh hehe, was that too much?? >////<”

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Hunger Games! au | Park Woojin (2)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

*very very long

  • seongwoo leaves the three of you in a suffocating silence
  • you feel every muscle in your body tense up when you think about daehwi
  • woojin stands up abruptly, pulling you out of your thoughts
  • “let me go talk to him” before you or cheetah could ask him what he was going to talk about, he was already walking through the futuristic doors
  • you throw your head back, tears coming to your eyes
  • “that’s right, sweetie! practice your tears!” cheetah exclaims from behind you excitedly
  • your head goes up and you turn around to look at her
  • “what do you mean?” your eyes narrow
  • cheetah’s bright smile falls slowly off of her face
  • “oh? i forgot to tell you?”
  • you look at her with a nasty expression
  • she giggles, striking at a nerve in your body, “your concept is an innocent girl who is scared and woojin is your strong protector.”
  • you scoff loudly, crossing your arms across your chest
  • “so that’s why he said he would protect me earlier?”
  • cheetah smiles, clasping her hands together, “this will get you more sponsors! people will eat this concept up!”

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fandom: sistar
member/reader: bora, female
genre/warning(s): smut, best friend’s sibling au
length: 2K+
summary: [request] in which “you’re really invested in your tv show/book/etc and i don’t think you understand how much your absentminded petting is getting to me but like hell am i gonna ask you to stop“ au 

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SasuSaku Month 2017
Day 7- Love You Goodbye
Title: Goodbye, My Friend

Summary: AU- After a 36 hours shift, Haruno Sakura barely knows her name. She’s exhausted, and when a certain someone calls her, the pinkette doesn’t really think before saying those words.
A/N: Hey, guys! I’m so so sorry for taking so long! College has been killing me lately and I really had no time to breath this week… I’ll try my best to fix that, so don’t give up on me just yet XD Well, this is supposed to be a short, cute one. It’s an AU, so get ready to imagine Uchiha Sasuke driving a car! Hope you like it, and please, leave me a Review with your opinion! It’d mean a lot, guys!

Doctor Haruno was exhausted. It was almost the end of her 36 hours shift, and by that time, she barely remembered the last time she had to use the bathroom. There were dark circles around her eyes, her head was lighter than normal, and her short, pink hair was tied in what was once called a bun. Lifeless locks were falling over her face, her skin seemed to be paler than it usually is, and she could swear someone was yelling her name around the hospital halls in order to tell her there was another accident caused by people with more alcohol than blood running through their veins.

Working on holidays is always a mess.

While everyone was out of town enjoying and celebrating a couple of days of freedom, Sakura was left behind in order to take care of those who believed their livers became stronger just because no one had to work. Countless were the numbers of people who showed up in a deplorable state caused by just-a-few-drinks, and since she would be out in less than 1 hour, her patience was reaching its limit with so much irresponsibility around her.

The youth these days, she thought, with her hands inside her lab coat as her fingers graced her cellphone. Her eyes were carefully looking at the patients displayed in their respective beds, and whenever she saw a smile on those faces, gratification would take over her senses, as if to praise her for her good work. Sakura was mad at all of those people, yet, she was just glad to know they would be okay.

Perks of being a doctor, for sure.

Maybe— just maybe— she would miss them as soon as her shift ended in exactly 17 minutes.

As her feet unconsciously dragged her towards the improvised kitchen for her nth cup of coffee of the night, Sakura allowed herself to yawn, slowly throwing her arms up to stretch herself. Nurse Yamanaka— aka her best friend— was sitting on a table near the cupboard, and Sakura didn’t think twice before heading out to say goodbye to her friend for the night.

“ Hey, Pig.” She started, taking the chair across from the blonde. “ Are you taking tonight’s shift?”

“ Nope. I’ll be heading home soon— God, you look like shit, Forehead.”

“ You’re always so nice, Ino.” Sakura pointed out, sarcasm dripping from her voice.

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Infatuated- Part II

“This is going to sound crazy, but… from the moment I first set eyes on you I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you.”  -Leigh Fallon

3 months.

That’s how long it’d been since Belle Hopkins had joined the BAU and turned Spencer’s life completely upside down. 

He could never tell her that though, because she had a boyfriend.

And because she was everything and he was nothing. 

She was so small and delicate, yet so strong and capable at the same time. Everything she did was done with such grace that he would find himself laying awake at night wondering how it was possible for a person to so closely resemble a flower. 

Belle had quickly made a name for herself in the FBI because along with her beauty, she also held knowledge that made even Reid think twice about certain things. The women on the team took her under their wing almost immediately, inviting her to their Friday evening girls nights and putting her in their text group chat. They looked at her as a little sister because of her youth, but never treated her as such, because her independence and wisdom were well beyond her years. They’d take care of her in the way that they’d take care of each other, but they’d never baby her.

She became friends with Rossi and Morgan almost as quickly as she had with the girls. Morgan joked around with her with the same type of ease that he did with Penelope. 

Reid knew Morgan would never look at her as anything more than a friend, but he still found himself filled with jealousy every time he called her “Tinker-Belle” or “Small Stuff”. 

Everyone could tell that Hotch liked her, too. He’d been smiling a lot more in the past three months than he had been in the years that Reid had been here.

Belle had that effect on people. She could make you smile on days when you had every reason not to. Just her presence alone could give you the extra push you needed to get through the day. She didn’t have to say a word to make you feel better. But when she did speak, it was like listening to classical music on a drizzly day. Her voice was the purest velvet and she spoke with such joy and intelligence that Reid often found himself getting lost in her words. It was easy to get lost when around Belle.

But, she was all that, and Spencer was… Spencer. 

Plus, she had a boyfriend. 

A boyfriend who she called everyday during lunch just to tell him she loved him. A boyfriend who she owned a cat with, who was named after their favorite hockey player. A boyfriend who got to kiss her soft cheek and hold her every night, while Spencer hadn’t even worked up the courage to touch her.

Since that day back in September when Belle first arrived at the BAU and he had rejected her handshake, he still hadn’t touched any part of her. You could tell that she respected his need for personal space, but god, he didn’t want it. 

Reid wanted to be around her all the time. To sit next to her on the jet and to let her fall asleep on his shoulder when they had far away cases. But, he had screwed up on her first day and now she rarely came near him.

They were still friends, though. She always made sure of that. She would try to include him in conversations when the whole team was talking about something that he clearly had no experience with. She would always listen to him ramble off statistics and would shush anyone who groaned when it seemed he would never stop. She even learned his coffee order for the early mornings when she’d go to Starbucks before work and get something for everyone. 

Like he said, she was everything and Reid was nothing.

“Briefing room in 10 minutes,” JJ’s voice woke Spencer up from the nap that he didn’t know he was taking. 

This was the third time this week that he’d fallen asleep at his desk. He hadn’t been sleeping much lately.

“Are you okay?” Derek asked as they walked to the briefing room together. 

Reid shrugged him off and went to his seat even though he knew he wasn’t convincing him.

“Fine, don’t tell me, but you know I’m here if you need me, right?” Morgan said while taking the seat next to Reid.

Spencer sighed.

“I know, thanks Morgan,” he said genuinely. 

He meant it, he really did. Reid appreciated the way Derek looked after him, especially since he knew he had problems with sleeping in the past. But how was Reid suppose to tell him he wasn’t sleeping well because he was completely distracted by thoughts of one of their coworkers?

He couldn’t.

Hotch stopped Reid’s thoughts from wandering further onto Belle when he walked into the room to begin briefing them on the new case.

“As you’ve probably heard on the news by now, there’s a local pilot killing innocent families right here in Virginia. Lucky for us, that means we won’t be flying anywhere. Garcia has more details for us,” he said as he took the seat next to Rossi.

“Right, here we go,” Penelope said as she made her way to the front of the room. 

She clicked her little button and a picture of a caucasian family popped up on the screen.

“Fitzgerald family; Michael, Ruth, Taylor, and Winnie; all killed while on a private air tour this weekend. This is the fourth family to be killed in this way. Apparently, the pilot convinces them to go on a tour of the city in his aircraft, but, here’s where it gets weird. Once in the air, the pilot jumps ship with a parachute and leaves the family to fend for themselves. As you can see, none have done very well on their own. Kinda messed up if you ask me,” she finished as she pressed the button again, causing a picture of the remnants of an airplane to show up.

“What the fuck,” Belle whispered as they all took in the picture in front of them. 

What type of person continuously crashes planes for fun?

“Yeah, I know,” Penelope started. “What we know so far is that all the families have been families of four. One mom, one dad, one son, and one daughter. All from Virginia, and all seemingly happy.”

“Do they know where he’s getting these planes?” JJ asked, looking up at Penelope.

“Nope, local PD hasn’t figured that out yet. And because of the gruesome crashes-”

“All the evidence was burned,” Reid finished for her. This was definitely not like most of their cases.

The team pulled up to the local police station in two black SUV’s. Hotch shook hands with the man in charge and gave everyone their orders.

“JJ and Morgan, I need you here with me. Rossi, go with Emily to the Fitzgerald’s house. Reid and Hopkins, make your way to the local airport and see if you can find anything.”

They all nodded and went their separate ways. Reid let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding as he climbed into the SUV with Belle.

“Reid?” she said quietly from the drivers seat. 

Spencer looked up at her in confusion.

“This is embarrassing, but can you drive instead? I’m not from here so I don’t know where I’m going,” Belle said without making eye contact with him.

He could tell she was genuinely embarrassed.

“Yeah,” he said as he unbuckled and opened the door. 

He made his way around the car to the drivers side as she was getting out.

“Thanks,” she mumbled as she hopped to the ground. 

The SUV’s they had made her seem even smaller than she was.

Reid got into the drivers seat as Belle scooted around the car. He watched as she effortlessly jumped into the car and reached for her seatbelt. Once she was buckled, she turned to look at him. He couldn’t help but stare at the way her hair clung to her face from being blown around by the crisp winter air.

“Reid?” She asked for the second time.

“Yeah?” He said, staring into her green eyes.

“Are you gonna start the car?” she asked, a slight grin appearing on her face.

“Oh, right,” he mumbled as he felt his face turn bright red. 

He turned his gaze to the road ahead of them as he started the ignition and put the car in drive.

He didn’t look at Belle the rest of the way to the airport, though he could feel her eyes occasionally falling upon his still blushing face.

Music Shuffle

Thanks for the tag, @fatale-distraction ^.^

Put a playlist on shuffle and list 10 songs that come up. I’ll use my playlist for The Dead Season since it’s pretty long at this point, and also follow in fatale’s footsteps and provide a small bit of explanation for each. Here’s a link to the whole playlist on Spotify. 

1. Missing the War by Ben Folds Five

I was listening to this song a lot while writing and contemplating Solas’s initial sort of “break” from repression. It has a lot of beauty and pain and resignation about it. It’s a man at the end of his rope, and he knows it, but he may feel he’s doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Yet it is not bereft of hope, re: the final chord, which is in a sort of surprising major key.

2. The One Who Stayed and the One Who Left by Regina Spektor

This song represents really just…me, and my characterization of Solas. The Dead Season went through a major shift, planning-wise, somewhere right around the Crestwood chapters. This is when I realized that Solas would never leave, that this was a story about some version of Solas who stays, who sort of just…gives in to happiness? He allows himself to become both a loyal friend and like, a sort of tirelessly earnest lover, and he finally accepts that it’s okay for him to want these sorts of things, and that they are enough.

3. South Tacoma Way by Neko Case

This song is for Ghilan’nain. Much of what it refers to in my mind happens off-stage in TDS and is only alluded to in passing or via implication. I view it as her sort of backwards mind during the middle of the Great War, mourning Solas as she once knew him, and their old life together. The death of a country childhood, the death of home and safety. I won’t go into any more detail so as to avoid spoilers.

4. 20 Years of Snow by Regina Spektor

This song is for Sene. Sene is always sort of halfway out the door, in a lot of ways, and with everything but Solas. He’s kind of the only thing she’s ever been sure about. This is a song about a girl who seems innocent to the failings of the world but who is actually being eaten up inside, who wants to escape. It also just sort of sounds like how I feel the inside of Sene’s mind sounds: somehow both sad and frenetic. 

5. The Swiss Army Romance by Dashboard Confessional

This song just captures the theme of wasted youth that I go after quite a lot in TDS. I view and sort of write about Inquisition as this dark times summer camp, in which all of these damaged children are coming together to save each other’s souls. I capture most of these characters as very young: Sene is only 20, Solas is 30, Abelas is 25, Morrigan is 32, Cullen is 32, Sera is 22, Bull is 28, Dorian is 30. While the lyrics of this song have very little to do with anything the theme and the rush of it just got into my head in this perfect way. Grow up fast is repeated multiple times in the end, and the song makes a huge emphasis on young people who sort of play with fire in ways they should not.

6. Middle Cyclone by Neko Case

This song just reminded me of Solas. There is a lot of relevant imagery, including bells and foundries and wells. I feel like, by the end, however, this song applies less. The key lyric is: So I choke it back, how much I need love. I’m not sure Solas is choking back much of anything anymore. Certainly not this.

7. Vengeance is Sleeping by Neko Case

This is a song for Solas as a younger man. It sort of tells the story of him and Mythal, though a lot of it is just me internalizing the themes and applying them impressionistically in my brain. This song is sort of written as a conversation, in which neither person seems to understand the other in ways that ultimately doom their relationship. The opening verse also just reminds me so much of Solas as a teenager, the first time I stumbled upon it I sort of lost my breath.

8. Cologne by Ben Folds

I really like this song because it sounds very blue, and like all of Ben Folds’s songs, it captures this willful resignation and mundane self-loathing that I feel applies to Solas quite often, especially in the latter half of the work. At some point, Sene observes that Solas lives in a natural state of “losing.” He expects anyone he loves to either leave him or die, so he can be fast to dramatics, and to give up on himself. This song is an ode to the moment he thinks Sene is leaving him. But like, once he fucks up enough times, he starts to actually look around and realize that like, people are sort of staying? And not dying? For once? This is the thing that changes him in the end, it just takes a…while to crack the shell.

9. Don’t Forget Me by Neko Case

This song is just about the great big expansive blue nothing of time. Don’t forget me. People come and go, they’re born, they die. It’s all going on forever and there’s nothing we can do about it so just like…live. And love. Don’t forget the past, but don’t let it rule you either. This is all like a huge running theme in TDS that is finally now starting to, at least in my brain, take shape.

10. Star Witness by Neko Case

This song is for Solas and Mythal and very much captures the violence and fucked-up nature of the Great War and the unruly lawlessness of Arlathan. This song is full of drugs and car crashes and murder, and at its center is a young woman both morning her lover and also begging for his life. Don’t let him die, she says. I won’t go into the specifics of this song and how it fits in my mind, so as to avoid spoilers. If you want more, you can let me know. :-) Objectively, this is also one of my favorite songs in the entire world. @wrenbee can attest to its greatness.

tagging @wrenbee @ladydracarysao3 @bearlytolerable @tel-abelas-mofo @kaoruyogi @fadedforyou @elfsplaining @the-emerald-halla @littleblue-eyedbird @priderising @thevikingwoman and anyone who sees this and wants to do it!! Also you don’t have to do a playlist that pertains to any writing or anything in particular I would just be interested in the kind of music you like as well and what it means to you <3

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Plot: You and Bruce share embarrassing stories from your childhood 

 Warnings: slight mentions of violence 


 "Hand me B56.“ you mutter, not taking your eyes off the wriggling purple specimen under your microscope. 

Bruce, goggles firmly over his eyes, hands you a small vile filled with a sloshing blue liquid.

“What are you doing over there?” he asks, a screwdriver clenched between his teeth as he pulses a blow torch over the arm of one of Tony’s busted suits. 

You pour a tiny drop of the B56 liquid onto your slide, watching with intense focus at the way your specimen soak it up. 

“Trying to cure the common cold.” you sigh hopelessly, stepping away from the microscope and rubbing your sore eyes. 

“Great, now you can come help me with this suit. I swear Stark blows through one every day.” Bruce smiles, handing you a flathead screwdriver before taking your hand and swinging you around to the other side of the table where the suit lays. 

Not waiting for instruction, you begin examining a possibly salvageable left hand. You fall into a comfortable silence, the only sound is a slight whirring from the precision drill Bruce holds. 

You two have been partners since you were first recruited, clicking as friends immediately. In the lab you’re able to anticipate each other’s next moves, working around with ease. Somehow you can always tell when the other is stuck on something, whether it’s a hydra blueprint you’ve been told to figure out, or an unknown species of cells from another planet. You simply work better together. 

And in the field, in which you both rarely go, you’re able to predict what course of action the other will take, making the battle that much easier. Fixing Tony’s suits has become an everyday affair, holding little to no interest to you anymore. 

“What were you like as a kid Bruce?” you find yourself asking, imagining a little Bruce running around the house with a little power drill and test tube set, constantly tearing things apart and driving his mother crazy. 

Bruce lifts the goggles, wiping black oil from his hands onto his lab coat. A smile plays at the corners of his mouth, tilting his head up to look at you. 

“Well I was what you’d expect I guess.” he mumbles, slouching his shoulders forward awkwardly, “I was a nerdy kid who preferred science kits over action figures.” His gaze tears from yours as he fumbles with with a drill bit for no reason. “Got me a ton of friends, as you can imagine." 

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A Camping We Will Go

A Joshaya Fanfic

Story by: @hoffkk

Request by: @wildlyfantasticalpaca

Prompt:  I would kill to read a fic where Josh is the chaperone on the trip and Maya just kind of shows up in his tent and he’s like “ well alright”.  I also had this thought of it being cold and maya unzipping Josh’s jacket, moving herself inside of it, and then zipping it back up. Just because you know he’d make that dopey “ I shouldn’t be okay with this but I kind of like it” face.


“Wait a minute, let me get this straight…” Maya said.  "You, Riley Matthews, are sneaking out of your tent to see a boy?“ She finished, sounding impressed.

Riley finished touching up her lip gloss then rolled her eyes at Maya and said, "No, of course not. Smackle is sneaking out to see Farkle, so Lucas is gonna come here.  That way we each get to spend some alone time with our boyfriends.   It’s perfect.” She added and clapped happily.

“Right, perfect. Except for the part where you won’t actually be alone because I’ll be here awkwardly third-wheeling it.” Maya reminded her friend.

“Oh, yeah. Forgot about that.”  Riley frowned.

“It’s okay, Maya, you can come join me and Farkle.”  Smackle chimed in.  "We are going to look at the stars and discuss the history of  all of the constellations we find.“

"Yeaaaah, I don’t really do learning on school trips… or at school.”  Maya explained, rejecting the offer.

“Well, just stay here then.  It’ll be fine.”  Riley said.

“Are you kidding? I don’t wanna sit here and watch you and Ranger Rick make kissy face all night.”  Maya retorted, shivering uncomfortably at the thought.

“Maya,” Riley scolded.  "We are just gonna talk.“

"Ew, that’s even worse.”  Maya replied with a face of disgust.

Riley just shook her head at her friend and tried to hide her laugh.

After a moment, Maya sighed then continued to speak.

“Don’t worry about me, I’ll just bunk with Darby and Sarah for tonight.  No worries.”


A little while later, Maya crawled out of the tent and used her flash light to make her way around the fire to the pink tent that housed Darby and Sarah.  She was halfway there, when she passed a single blue and gray tent. Recognizing the tent, Maya froze, smiled cheekily, and walked backwards until she was in front of the door to the tent.

If she had to bunk with someone else for the night, why not chaperone Boing?

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thisishallowqueen  asked:

Because I love your headcanons Eric Matthews and riarkle but like also Shawn Hunter and riarkle in whatever way you interpret it 👍


  • Okay so Eric adores Riley alright
  • He helped raise her for the first 5 years of her life, she’s very important to him and he’s very protective of her
  • Even after he moves like 6 hours away to St. Upid Town (will forever love that joke) he still calls her all the time and stuff
  • So he’s heard about Farkle right…And while I *do* think Riley had a fetus crush on him (even in a bit of season 1 tbh), it’s not like she was running around professing it to people. The people around her had The Bet running because they saw how the two of them interacted
  • Eric didn’t actually meet Farkle until the kids were like 9 tho, so the phone calls didn’t really clue him in on a crush. Like sure, she talked about him A LOT. But Riley had exactly two friends, so of course he’d hear a lot about them
  • Anyway so when they’re 9 the Matthews are having a tad of a scheduling emergency
  • They told Stuart and Jen that Farkle could stay with them for a week because the Minkus’ had a trip. But then Cory remembered he had a 4 day long work retreat, and Topanga landed her biggest case yet and needed to put all her effort into it
  • Auntie Nebula (#reviveher) offered to watch baby Auggie while all that was going on, BUT Riley and Farkle got picked for a music video job out of everyone in their dance class, and you can’t exactly bring a baby on set for a week.
  • So they’re freaking out but Super Uncle Eric Matthews took it upon himself to drive down to NYC and babysit his niche and her friend for a week
  • So he meets Farkle and the kid is really shy and doesn’t want to say anything but Riley’s her bubbly self as he’s driving them to the video shoot
  • And he’s there allllll daaaayyy loooong watching them dance around which was obviously a bit boring for him, but he could see Farkle loosening up and having fun goofing off with Riley
  • By the time they get home for dinner the kids are both bouncing off the walls and he’s seeing them interact very similar to how he remembers Cory and Pangers acting when they were younger, but he convinces himself it has to be nothing. His niece cannot have already met his future nephew-in-law
  • By the time the second day of this gig is over he calls Cory like “WHAT THE F U C K” and Cory immediately is like “I KNOW WE ALL KNOW SHAWN’S RUNNING A BET DO YOU WANT IN”
  • He puts $50 down for the winter of 10th grade
  • And he spends the rest of the week taking them out to arcades and parks and stuff like that and he’s feeling a little conflicted because he always imagined meeting the man who steals Riley’s heart at a dinner party when she’s 26 and a successful doctor and the man has a watch more expensive than Eric’s house and is the 37 year old CEO of a major production company who has a house in the Hamptons and they bring a disgusting fruitcake that no one at the party eats and the man is polite but also very cold to the family and Eric will cry at the wedding and live out the rest of his days thinking that no man is actually good enough for his little Niche, no matter how impressive his mustache is or how many sports cars he owns
  • But this is just a cute, dorky little kid with an unfortunate bowl cut who just wants to talk about supernovas and black holes and stare at Riley like she’s everything good in the world
  • By the end of the week he decides he definitely likes this kid
  • The years go on, he sees Farkle every now and then since he follows Riley everywhere like a lost puppy
  • By the time they’re like 14 he knows Farkle well enough to emotionally adopt him as a nephew and give him his own joke nickname (robot, duh)
  • Okay like I wanna make it clear I think he only does ‘Niche!’ and ‘COUSIN AUGGIE’ as jokes, he’s embraced the funny uncle title, and he wants to make them laugh. I also think this absolutely applies with him always getting Maya’s name wrong- we know the Matthews brought her everywhere and everyone else considers her part of the family, so Eric brought her in on the nickname joke thing he does. I say that because he looked a little upset when he realized Maya genuinely thought he didn’t know what her name was- that, to me, said he genuinely considered her family and was worried he had hurt her feelings/didn’t view him as family back. Anyway, he now seems committed to calling Farkle ‘robot’, and did not come up with a nickname for Lucas, so I’m using this to assume he views Farkle as an honorary part of the Matthews Clan.
  • Anyway moving on okay so after he puts together the Dream Team for his senatorial run, he starts seeing a lot more of Farkle
  • Because Farkle is a lot more into this than the other 3, he seems to have a very genuine interest in politics and how elections work and stuff so he’s basically the one in charge of the little staff they put together
  • And after he wins, he uses all 4 kids all the time to make little videos to explain his plans/ideas and get better coverage online/get the youth more involved in politics. So he’s seeing Farkle a lot now because he really wants to help in anyway he can
  • And he genuinely does like this kid
  • And as much as it pains him to imagine Riley even holding hands with a boy, he’s kinda starting to wonder what’s taking them so long omfg
  • He knows Riley has a crush on Lucas (he knows alllll about the triangle bs), but he doesn’t think that 7 years of obvious feelings for someone can change in once subway ride
  • He also is so confused how Riley can be throwing goo-goo eyes at Lucas but is always clinging to Farkle
  • And then??? Farkle has a girlfriend???
  • Eric does not miss being a teenager as much as he used to, holy shit
  • So then, one innocent Valentine’s Day, he and his baby brother Josh decide to take his Weasel out to dinner like GOOD BROTHERS
  • They jokingly text Cory the whole time, but they didn’t realize he thought they actually thought he was being a bad brother by not breaking his reservations
  • They realized that after Cory and Topanga turned up at their restaurant like halfway thru the meal lmao
  • So the five of them have a great time and Topanga invites everyone back to the apartment for some wine (”Yes, Joshua, you can have a glass if your parents never find out”)
  • And everything is good and fine until they open the door and
  • Riley is shirtless and in shorter than short shorts and is on the table and Farkle is shirtless and has his arms wrapped around her waist and his face pressed into her stomach o h G o d n o
  • He can feel blood rushing to his head holy shit suddenly all he can think about is when she was 3 years old and insisted on dressing like Wendy Darling every day for a week and he took her to the park in her little costume and she asked him if Peter and Wendy were in love and she wanted him to tell her all about love and when she’d fall in love and she had a little lisp and her glasses were too big for her and kept slipping down her nose and he’s pretty sure he said something cliché like “you shouldn’t even look at a boy until you’re 40″ and it made her giggle for like 10 minutes and she called him silly
  • And now only a brief 13 years later she’s half naked with a BOY who is half naked and he can hear himself shrieking wordlessly but he doesn’t know how to stop himself from doing that
  • Suddenly Farkle yells “I’VE BEEN DATING RILEY FOR 2 MONTHS’ and now Eric needs to grab onto the arm of the couch to stop from falling over and he’s pretty sure he’s still screaming o h m y G o d she’s a little girl why is this happening
  • Cory and Topanga leave the room and Eric’s still not sure he’s not gonna pass out, he can hear Josh crying and why is Morgan clapping??? Is she trying to use a loud noise to scare the predator away from their clan’s young???? Not a bad plan
  • Part of Eric thinks he’s acting unreasonably because he remembers how he was when he was 16, but a stronger part of him remembers 5 year old Riley insisting on giving him makeovers so he could be a princess with her and NOPE THIS NIGHT CANNOT BE HAPPENING
  • He’s calling Feeny for help before he even realizes what he’s doing
  • He hears himself yell at the older man “FEENY MY NICHE HAS BEEN VIOLATED BY A ROBOT” and he really hopes that sentence makes sense to someone other than him
  • Suddenly the apartment is filled to the brim with other people and everyone seems to be yelling about something different he can’t help but yell for Feeny to help and tweet out his confusion and shock on this whole thing (he’s gotten really into twitter during the course of trying to Stay Hip For The Youth Of The Nation thing he was working with)
  • And suddenly it’s quiet and Riley’s angrily explaining that this was all a misunderstanding, she was just checking Farkle for injuries because he fell off a forth floor fire escape, and he can feel himself calming down, his heartrate returning to normal, every thing in the world is right again
  • Until Robot makes some dumb comment about ‘trying to break in to surprise her to be romantic’ and Cory’s chasing him out the door same Cory same
  • Panger’s is going to follow in the car and he and Shawnie Hunter make eye-contact and know that if there’s ever a place he both need to be, it’s in that damn car. He make a war cry and charge into the night
  • Eric’s live tweeting the chase because it’s helping him calm down a little and honestly the sight of it is pretty hilarious, also he quickly realizes Cory’s not as mad as he appears to be
  • By the time they get in the car the poor kid is shivering from being barefoot and shirtless in February, and even Cory’s coat and the blanket Topanga gives him aren’t warming him up. He’s looking pretty exhausted from running nonstop for almost an hour, and he still very clearly needs to go to the hospital because of that fall. Eric is finding all his anger rush out of him because he honestly just feels bad for the kid now.
  • And once he realizes he won the bet and is now almost a thousand bucks richer, it’s a little easier to move on
  • But not all the way
  • Oh no
  • Eric isn’t going to give them shit for this relationship but he is absolutely going to do everything in his power to make sure his niece is safe and happy
  • He is absolutely not above sending some of his bodyguards after them to spy on dates
  • He is not above giving Farkle little man-to-man chats about Riley’s happiness every time he’s alone with the kid
  • But ultimately, overall, he can see how happy they are together and that the really love each other, so he’s gonna be a big boy and not complain or think of ways to sabotage it
  • He was REALLY surprised when Riley got pregnant though
  • Like…He had already had the sex scare so he didn’t freak out like that twice. But the pregnancy was really unexpected
  • He couldn’t let himself get angry about it though because he was sure literally everyone else in their lives already yelled at them
  • So he just lets Riley know he’ll do absolutely anything he can to help out and hires Farkle to do odd jobs around his office bc the kid obviously should start saving up money since they wanna keep it
  • And sure maybe he pays Farkle a little more than he should considering he’s mostly getting coffee and filing papers and holding calls but he doesn’t want his Niche and future Great Niche to suffer or anything
  • Hormonal Riley comes crying to him about a lot of problems in her life but none of them involve Farkle doing anything to upset her so the kid can continue living
  • Honestly as stressful as the whole pregnancy is…he’s pretty sure they can pull through everything and make it work
  • They’re even more determined and crazy about each other than he even remembers Cory and Topanga being, and he’s actually almost jealous that he hasn’t found something like that yet but they’ve got it so young
  • He always sees Riley as a little girl no matter what but the more he gets to know Farkle and see how determined he is to make everything work out and provide for Riley and the baby, he has such a hard time associating him with the shy little kid that had a bowl cut, tap shoes and a book about dark matter
  • Like he may have knocked up Eric’s niece, but he’s actually like, proud of him? And glad that he knows him? It’s a weird feeling for Eric
  • And as the years go by and the kids manage to get on their feet and everything works out more and more every day, he’s really proud of both of them. Like, his niche is gonna be an Astrophysicist, for crying out loud! He tells everyone he meets! 
  • And now Eric is holding his Great Niche who looks just like Riley did when she was little, and they’re watching Riley and Farkle sharing their first wedding dance to some song about Neverland, and he remembers seeing two 9 year olds giggling and dancing and shooting each other adoring glances, and he’s remembering Baby Riley who was always waiting for Peter Pan to come in her window and whisk her away on an adventure filled with fun and love,
  • And he can’t find it in him to be sad because she’s almost living her own dream and he almost wishes he could’ve found a way to time travel and tell baby Riley that instead of the clichéd comment about staying away from guys till her 40′s
  • Because maybe things could’ve happened a lot faster if he had told her that sometimes Peter Pan likes to disguise himself as a robot and sometimes Wendy’s the one who leads them to the second star on the right
  • He’s pretty sure he claps louder than anyone when they finish the dance.

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Could you please tell me how the boys would be in bed? Thank you!

WELL- now I was waiting for the bold questions to come back so why don’t we start off with a bang~! (Oh wow that was a pun, I should be ashamed.) Let’s just get onto the members so we can forget about that ahah~

Onew: Onew is a man who knows what he wants. Underneath those angelic smiles and clumsy persona I think you’ll find pure masculinity. A gentleman in the streets and a bad boy in the sheets? Pretty much sums up our dubu leader! You can be sure that while Onew sometimes needs a push to know what you want, he might not be one to INITIALLY take control, but once you’re both in that bedroom (or anywhere else for that matter) you’re going to be in for a long night. I have a feeling that Onew is the slow burning kind; he shows a constant stamina to keep you both going all night without getting too out of control that he’s worn out, lets say that you’ll be used to trying out many different positions during the first round and then many many more during the second~ lets not forget about foreplay! Because I think that Onew is somewhere in the middle of loving it and wanting to just get right down to it. One thing he probably does enjoy? Oral. And by gods you’ll be giving it to him if he’s in charge, best of luck with that!

Jonghyun: Ah, a question that scares the crap out of me because holy crap this boy. I’ve stated previously that I don’t think that sex is really the most important thing to Jonghyun in a relationship. It matters a lot yes, because he’s definitely someone who relies on physical and emotional intimacy, especially with the one he loves, but I don’t think sex would be as often as many people would anticipate, maybe once a week? Maybe a little longer than that, or less– it depends on the mood I guess! But suffice to say that when you are in bed with him, things get heated fast, but while I believe Jonghyun might have a SLIGHT penchant for pain (through teasing mainly), I think that’ll show mostly in his love of foreplay. Like with anyone, one can’t just label another’s sex life as “this this and this” and that is where the difficulty of answering this question stems from. Because on one hand I can say yes, Jonghyun is a bit of a sex fiend with who knows how many kinks and will have you on the closest flat surface but on the other, there’s a larger part of me who thinks he’s a languidly slow lover who takes his time to show his feelings through touch, a selfless lover who looks after his partner first. His songs are a good indication really, the focus he has on the smallest things show how intimate he can be, his focus on hands, on simple massages and everyday caresses that some people take for granted. There’s a happy medium between the two, and he threads it easily.

Key: I will preach this until the cows come home, but I think that sex to Kibum is extremely important, it’s special to him and like all things that mean something to us, they’re better in small doses. Hence I think that while sex mightn’t be every night or even every week, the times you do get a little naughtier with Key, you can be sure that he’s going to be making up for however long you’ve both had to be celibate for! Now, let me make it clear that I said sex itself would be less frequent, but that doesn’t mean other bold things couldn’t be happening in the meantime. Key is definitely someone who exudes a sort of sexuality that can make even the most innocent of things (like eating a donut >.>) dirty. So beware in your daily life! You might find yourselves in certain situations while cooking or sitting together on the sofa that leads to some foreplay but of course, Key being the controlled being he is, would find it better to leave you needy for him, so that when he finally does take you, it’s going to be when you’re about to snap from the frustration. How he is in bed specifically, well—- I can safely tell you that I think you’ll be in for toys, maybe some handcuffs and definitely a blindfold because hey, we all saw those props he chose (granted the metal collar was definitely owned by Jonghyun) but the whip was definitely his! Do we need to go into the lapdance he gave that fan too? Yep, Key isn’t afraid to experiment and I know the girl he’s with will probably be equally as open minded.

Minho: How does one even begin to describe Choi Minho in bed? The man has sex rolling off him with the amount of testosterone he shows. A pure, red blooded male, you won’t be questioning whether he wants it or not because he’ll have you dropping what you’re doing whether its by simply grabbing you and pushing you against the closest wall or going about it in a more sly way by making you weak to him through kisses, nuzzles and nibbles. The man is gifted that’s for sure but don’t think he doesn’t get insecure too! He might worry occasionally, if you’re okay, if he’s hurting you or if you’re tired in which case you just need to… /show/ him you’re fine for him to let it go and give you a night that’ll leave you not being able to walk straight. I don’t see Minho being too much into foreplay, given his impatience but you can be sure he’ll take good care of you; instead, I see him enjoying sex in different locations rather than foreplay to give the same amount of excitement but with a twist. A car, the shower, who knows, the world is literally your bedroom!  Go enjoy it~!

Taemin: Would anyone believe me if I said I thought Tae might be the kinkiest out of the entire group? Ahah, I was reading back over some answers and one I remember most was rating them on their kinkiness I believe; Taemin being last but with the potential to climb and in the last two years my god has he climbed! I feel getting him into the bedroom might be the biggest challenge given his shyness but that stage presence is still a part of him, so once those doors close you can be sure that the shy maknae is gone and you’re in for a looooong night with this dancer~ For all his youth, I think that just makes him more curious about different things so I think someone who is open to trying new things and letting him know what she likes would be perfect. Speaking of youth, I’m pretty sure Tae still isn’t out of that “awkwardly horny at random moments” phase and if his partner is around well, you might end up against SM’s dance studio wall of mirrors trying to keep it down lest the security guard comes a’knocking~ and do I even need to mention that he’d make a game out of it? My gosh, he’d try make you moan, scream or just make any sort of noise that might alert someone just for the thrill of it. You can get back at him later of course, but while he’s in charge, he’s going to play you like a piano because after all, what was it they said about pianists hands?

SasuSaku Month 2016
Day 24- Errands
: Pen pals
Summary: Sasuke receives a letter from his best friend and he’s left a little worried about a certain someone. How could that brat offer any kind of danger?
A/N: okay… again, I just didn’t get along with the theme XD it was supposed to be an action one, but I just couldn’t think of anything that could be resumed in a single one-shot (even my long one-shots…). Anyway, I’m glad with the way it ended, and let’s see if you can read the hints I left hidden behind the interpretation XD have fun, and please, leave me Reviews!
If he could describe his current mood with one word at that exact moment, his word wouldn’t be any other than not annoyed. His body was sweating underneath that black tunic of his, his throat was incredibly dry, his heartbeat was faster than usual and the exaggerated humidity was making it almost impossible for his lungs to execute their vital function. Summer time is definitely not the best season to visit the Land of Waves, and Uchiha Sasuke ended up learning about that in the worst possible way, which was, of course, being there.

It had been a long time since he had last felt that troubled by that burning sensation taking over his body, and seeing all the others around him walking as if there was nothing wrong just helped create an even hotter sensation inside him. Even with that unbearable temperature, people were still moving on with their daily activities, selling their products in that crowded sea of heads, as if nothing at all was actually happening on that stupidly hot day.

A defeated sigh escaped his lips, as he once again had to remind himself of the reason why he was there, in the center of the village, under that torturous sun.

That idiot. That message better not be one of his stupid jokes or he swore the blonde won’t live enough to become Hokage.

Yes, as hard as it was to believe, the cause behind the Uchiha’s current state of mind was the one and only Uzumaki Naruto. Earlier on that day, the raven haired boy had received a letter with a messy handwriting and tons of grammatical errors that certainly changed it all. From his route to his deepest thoughts, the words written in that paper had guided him to the nostalgic Land of Waves, and they were responsible for taking away his impeccable composure.

Screw the etiquette and the good manners. He didn’t care about any of that at that moment. All he wanted was to get out of there as soon as possible so he could continue his journey to atone for his sins. However, he couldn’t do it. Not while she was still there. Not while she was in great danger, according to the Uzumaki.

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Route Review - Nao Fujimori Main Route

Above the cut may contain minor spoilers. Major spoilers are below the cut.

  • Honest and sensitive are perfect words to describe Nao, but he’s also adorably awkward and sincere. But he does come with his own insecurities, and at heart, he’s really not that confident in himself.
  • This route has absolutely perfect pacing, no recycled plot points–everything is original, refreshing, and compelling. It’s realistic, but even more than that, it’s a sweet portrayal of youth and first love.
  • If you like high school romance, you have to play this. If you’re skeptical about high school romance, you have to give at least the first chapter a try (you can read it for free). I genuinely think Voltage has struck gold here with their writing.

First love means a lot of things. In the words of MC, it means impulsive kisses, childish arguments, stupid jokes, and laughing until it hurts. But it also means incredible support from your best friends, some of whom know the ropes of romance better than you do.

What do you do on a first date? How soon should you arrive? Is it okay to kiss on the first date? There are so many questions and uncertainties that plague our couple, and they navigate through all of that with clumsy teenage precision.

Rating: 10/10

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little hands, the world is yours

summary: I asked for Daddy!Killian prompts and I got so many, so I decided to kind of combine the following I received from swans-and-pirates and swanshooknbug: Emma and Killian dropping their daughter off at her first day of Kindergarten; Killian with their eldest child, who is about five, holding her/him over her/his siblings crib and explaining how the baby can’t play with them yet

word count: ~2300

rating: f for fluffy fluff fest 2k15

It’s simpler in the early morning hours, standing in the nursery, cradling the wee lad to his chest, humming as he holds a bottle to his lips. 

He’s been restless for the past week and it’s not because his son requires attention so often throughout the night. It’s quite the contrary, actually. His son is of the quieter variety and he tends to barely even fuss when he needs anything of any nature.

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Okay, this post gets kinda long, but stick with me on this one...

So, I’m still fairly new to the RWBY fandom. Only started watching the show a few months ago, and I only just now found out that the show has three soundtracks. I listened through all three of them over the course of the last week and I think I’ve developed a pretty sound theory based on them. Ya’ll ready for this?

The soundtracks tell the future!

“But that’s crazy!” You say. “There’s no way that’s possible!” You say. Well, I say that I have proof. And it’s conclusive. Oh, so very conclusive. Let’s start with the Volume One soundtrack…

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Chapter 7/? of Order Up, Cupcake
: teen and up
you can read chapter one here, chapter two here, chapter three here, chapter four here, chapter five here, chapter six part one here or alternatively read everything on AO3.

“What do you want?” Carmilla groaned, gazing out the peephole in her apartment door as she watched an anxious Laura smile nervously at the door, a suspicious bag in hand.

“I…” Laura stuttered, rubbing up and down her sleeves, her cheeks flushed despite the weather, “I brought food?”

The door opened a bit too fast.

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