i have a lot of feelings about frozen okay


It scared me…the thought of never seeing you again.

stucky snowbirds headcanon

so i have this headcanon that because steve was frozen in ice and bucky was frozen by hydra for so long that they both despise winter and snow and all cold things

  • so from december to march, they go live in their nice beach house in florida to escape the coldest winter months like the other “snowbirds” (for those that don’t know this is a thing that retired people actually do to avoid winter!) and they go live in a small, sleepy town in florida with lovely old neighbors who dote on them 
  • bucky and steve will help with yard work in exchange for iced tea and homemade dessert (and they love chatting with their neighbors about the “good old days”)
  • steve goes for a run on the beach each morning (and even though bucky hates mornings he always gets up in time to watch the sunrise with steve)
  • lots and lots of lazy afternoon sex because it’s just too hot outside to do anything so they hide away in the air conditioning
  • when they go to the beach and swim, they always try to sneak up on the other and dunk them under or throw them into the waves because they’re both little shits
  • bucky is always trying to pants steve when he’s in his swim suit because that ass is a gift that needs to be appreciated
  • bucky going and buying a red white and blue speedo just to mess with steve (but the joke is on him because steve just goes out and buys his own and bucky’s brain stops working for a moment the first time he sees steve strut out to the pool in it)
  • lots and lots of not-so-pg sunscreen application
  • steve getting a little pink sunburn on his nose that turns to the cutest smattering of freckles that bucky loves to kiss
  • the two of them lounging out in the sun like cats, soaking up all the warmth, melting the last icy cold bits of bad memories away
  • my happy boys flocking down into the warmth in the summer and sleeping and relaxing in the sunshine 
  • snowbird stucky (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧