i have a lot of feelings about clothing right now

So this is kind of hard to talk about, but I have a question for any of you who are trans males. I think I identify as nonbinary but lately i’ve been feeling like I identify more and more often as male. However, I was wondering if it’s wrong for me to feel male but want to wear feminine clothing? I don’t want it to seem like i’m ‘fake’ or ‘not really identifying male’ or something. I legitimately feel like i’m in the wrong body but I still want to wear feminine clothing sometimes and put on makeup and feel cute. 

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i didnt gain a lot of weight during christmas but i did get fatter around the stomach area. thats already the area im most insecure about, and tomorrow ive got to wear this really tight dress to a party. do you have any tips on ways to feel better or just what to do in general?

honestly, its probably only really noticeable to you. you have to gain a considerate amount of weight on more than just your stomach for people to actually start noticing. besides, it’s your right to rock dresses and cute clothes no matter what type of body you have right now. it’s totally normal for your weight to fluctuate and change, particularly over the holidays, so just don’t stress over it. you’re going to look fucking amazing. if the idea of wearing a really right dress makes you seriously uncomfortable/anxious, though, you can always wear something else. but i’d recommend just wearing the dress and having a good ass time. it’s your life, it’s your body, and you deserve to have a wonderful time, ya know? hope you’re okay love. have a good day!

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im just imaging Rebecca bonding with Sarah and Jack,and I'm crying?? Like Bex just dressing Sarah up in her fancy clothes from around the world,and making Jack laugh. I used to dislike Rebecca a lot, but now i've seen how amazing she is. also,,Debbie deserves happiness 2k17

Ohhhhh my god. Nonnie.

Like I have so many feelings about rebecca w/ debbie’s kids!!! sarah definitely loves it when rebecca braids her hair!!! bc she does it just right and she is really good at it!! and sarah for sure warmed up to rebecca really quickly and it kind of annoyed debbie at first but now she’s just so grateful that her kids love bex so much!!! & jack loves to play video games even though he’s too young to do much besides press random buttons but bex always plays with him bc she secretly enjoys video games!!

I love!! bex! with! debbie’s! kids!!

Galadriel - for Tosquinha
So after being unable to get anything to work right in cs6 on my last painting (textures, blends etc.) and feeling like a complete idiot: I discovered that one of the animals had waltzed across my keyboard and turned on and off some features I needed for paint buildup and brush control. I will redo Thingol later when I feel less like I want to rip my hair out. For now, have Galadriel instead <3 I was testing out a chapter about lace and clothing texture. I really had a lot of fun with this one ^_^;
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lately whenever i’m participating in things pertaining to my career i feel like there’s such a huge disconnect between my perceived success and opportunity and my actual position in life right now. a couple weeks ago i was on a shoot where i was wearing clothes practically worth more than i make in a year and the makeup artist was telling a story about how a famous model was secretly homeless while they were walking nyfw not knowing that i didn’t know how i was gonna pay rent that month and only have $4 in my bank account or that i had to steal bus rides just to make it to the shoot.

i feel like a lot of the time i feel ashamed or like it should be kept hidden especially in situation where i’m around people who don’t have trouble with money but i also think the reality of my situation is important and unfortunately i doubt that it’s very rare among queer women whose work you might look up to.

it’s incredibly hard navigating life as a trans women with severe depression and not going to college. for months now i’ve been on a constant job search, sending out countless applications to no reply, getting hired and then fired from 2 jobs in 2 months and dealing with the not so subtle exclusion from the art community i feel like i belong to. its so soul crushing and difficult to bring myself to do anything at this point and i guess the fucked up thing is that theres no conclusion to this… just that its fuckign hard but im trying despite everything telling me there’s no point