i have a lot of feelings about a cw show

before anyone asks, here are my feelings on The Ray, as it will impact this year’s crossover eps:

the CW is launching the first TV show with a gay lead superhero (the Rebirth version of Ray Terrill), fighting an opponent that wanted to exterminate gay people as well as other minorities. Most, if not all, of the other lead heroes featured thusfar are POC. Maybe consider the significance and symbolism of that? The trailer is a scene about defending refugees in the midst of a very clear dystopia where the bad guys were unequivocally bad. This is not some glorification of the right wing for kicks.

the thing about the cw is that jtv and cxg aren’t flukes - the cw very specifically sought to carve out a niche of subversive, innovative, hyper-dynamic, woman-centric programming. crazy ex-girlfriend isn’t a great show that somehow landed in the cw’s lap, it’s a show that likely would’ve never made it on the air without the cw’s choice to pursue this niche (which was fueled in the first place by the critical success of jane the virgin) and crazy ex-girlfriend, the lowest rated show of the season in its first year on air, would have definitely never gotten a second season on any other channel. and i don’t know - i appreciate the boldness that the cw has shown with both of these programs and it’s a huge shame that this level of boldness hasn’t been rewarded with high ratings and even a bigger shame that these shows are being lost in the lurch of the rest of the cw’s programming. 

so like, i don’t know! i have a lot of mixed feelings about the cw as a network since it’s gifted me with my favorite programs. maybe the existence of crazy ex-girlfriend and jane the virgin make the cw’s failures as a channel worse - the cw can pridefully boast about gina rodriguez and jtv’s latina representation while simultaneously okaying supergirl’s choice to cast a white italian actress as a character written to be latina. the cw seems to be all about the appearance of diversity, boasting moderately diverse casts and focusing advertising on wlw content, but it doesn’t seem to care whether or not shows end up actually treating their character of color and lgbt characters with respect - if rachel bloom and aline brosh mckenna want to write a filipino love interest and a bisexual anthem, that’s great! if jason rothenberg wants to continuously brutalize characters of color and kill off the lesbian, well, that’s fine too! the cw seems to know that ~representation~ is important to its viewers but also seems pretty indifferent to the quality of that representation. 

i think the cw very much needs to know that it’s blatant racism and homophobia isn’t okay and isn’t going to fly with viewers, but on the flip side, i DO wish that the things that the cw is doing right (mainly with jtv and cxg) was getting due praise from a larger audience. audiences angry after being wronged by shows like supernatural, supergirl and the 100 treat the cw as a monolith of offensive and irredeemable content and by swearing of the cw as a whole, the good content is swept up in the bad content and treated as the same - i.e. “the cw is racist, so i’m going to refuse to watch any more of its programming, including its show with a latina protagonist,” which…doesn’t really make sense. so that’s my hot take on the cw. some of it is good and some of it is bad. and on top of calling out the bad content, supporting the good content is a good way to guide the cw in the right direction.

Someone remind me sometime before Infinity War comes out to FINALLY post my theory about why a Buckynat storyline is being considered at marvel studios. It’s completely speculation based on info from leaks before CW came out that I kept up with that I don’t think a lot of people know of or connected together into what became the final product of that film. More info found in some of the Russos commentary in what exactly is cut and why/what they intended for their film that could correlate with the leaks. Aside from the general feeling I have that filmmakers will do something with those characters, the info I speculate about is also what keeps me with high hopes for their story to show up in the mcu eventually.

Characters: Giles, Idolas 

CW: body horrorish, stalking mention 

Summary: After an unsettling time period of feeling like he’s being followed, Giles encounters a looming Idolas in an alleyway. The interaction goes about as well as it always goes with Idolas: frustrating and bad.  Idolas claims to recognize Giles somehow after having seen him in the papers, but Giles has no idea who he is until Idolas removes his hood. Giles does recognize him, and there’s a lot more recognition in there than Idolas had really hoped. This reveal spurrs Idolas into leaving in an angry rush, only to show up at Giles’ apartment a week later, looking for answers he’d been asking since he’d escaped Vantage. Where did he come from? Had he been a person, before all of this? Who was he? 


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ok now i just really need john murphy to write a strongly worded letter to the writers about "pound town"

To whom it may concern

Hello there, CW. My name, as you all know too well, is John H. Murphy*.  

It has come to my attention that, unbeknownst to me, I have become a recurring character on your show. Me. I am a TV person now. Ok.

Upon finding out, my first reaction was shock: I did not realise that my life could be in any way interesting to watch for a television audience (although it has come to my attention that apparently not a lot people watch it? I’m not sure how I should feel about that). I have been meaning to write this letter for some time now and, in light of recent developments, I believe it’s appropriate.

You see, I currently live in a bunker. It’s nice and warm, there’s crackers and nobody wants to kill me but I gotta tell ya… it’s boring as hell. I was trying to find a movie that wouldn’t involve dudes shooting themselves in the face (long story), when I stumbled upon a DVD of season 1 of “The 100” (You chose a great title, by the way. You must’ve had your best brains on the job. Really inspired).

It was fairly fine, although sometimes it felt like you didn’t know your demographic at all. Have you …ever met a teenager? 

Nobody swears on your show. What’s that about? I’ve said more “fuck”s than “sorry”s in my life, I’ll tell you that. And Raven swears like a sailor in real life but somehow in the show she doesn’t? Why are you making her so vanilla, she’s a mechanic for fuck’s sake. Realism. Please.

Also: I know I’m biased because I spent my teens in prison, but if I remember correctly, real life teenagers don’t organise impromptu threesomes in their free time. Or maybe you people just had a significantly different high school experience than I had. Life on Earth must’ve been pretty neat when you hit puberty, I guess. But that threesome scene, in that context? Just no.

Speaking of scenes that belong in Hell: nothing I’ve seen in season one bugged me half as much as Pound Town.

Let me repeat the words, because maybe the amount of stupid has escaped you assholes: Pound Town. You made ME say POUND TOWN. I mean isn’t that just kick-you-in-the-crotch spit-on-your-neck fantastic.

What the FUCK was that “Pound Town” line.  What the fuck. Who is the birdbrained idiot, the oxygen deprived brain who made the guy who plays me say “Pound Town”?  He seems like a nice kid. Why would you do that to him? 

Let me tell you, CW: I did a lot of bad things in my time  - like …a lot - but I have never - in my whole life - said the words “Pound Town”. Never.  Of that I’m innocent. Who..who talks like that? I promise you you’ll never hear the words “Pound Town” escape my mouth. What is wrong with you.

I’d like to say with emphasis and distinctness - not as a threat, but as a …warning of sorts - that I will find the person who wrote that line and go Bygones on his ass. 

*I added the H. for dramatic effect. I have no middle name. Call me what you will. Harrison. Hillary. Hooters. Whatever. I am past caring.

Greetings from the City of Light

Your favorite delinquent,

John Murphy

PS: If you could please revive Wells Jaha, that’d be great. Didn’t like the dude, but he didn’t have to dye. I honestly don’t understand why you killed him. There’s plenty of reasons to bring him back. Most important one: if he came back I’d have his dad off my back for a while. Make it happen. 

For the love of god, we know NOTHING yet. ZERO. ZILCH. This is just a casting call. I’m extremely skeptical because not many people know that much about a character before they’re cast. Katrina Law didn’t know she was a love interest for Sara before she was cast. calm the fuck down. 

 You guys do realize this show still has flashbacks, right? You remember when the casting news of Island Chick came out last year and you all shit your pants for a second before you realized she was IN THE FLASHBACKS. Oliver has had a potential love interest EVERY SINGLE SEASON in the flashbacks, except season 3 where the only woman around was someone who was already married. 

 This girl could be someone he was with during the Bravta year and maybe she’s a villain or something in the present day. There are so many fucking possibilities. Remember when Oliver didn’t have sex for a year because he only wanted Felicity? Yeah, well his feelings for her haven’t changed. 

 Every time I get mad about a stupid decision they make, I like to think about the fact that if Olicity doesn’t get back together this season, they’ll be committing show suicide. As much as I hate to admit it, a lot of you watch ONLY for Olicity so you’ll quit the show. They don’t want to lose that amount of viewers. The CW likes their money because they have a limited enough budget as it is. 

 This is also at the back half of the season…. I happen to think Olicity will be back together by then. But that’s just me. None of you listen to me even though you come into my inbox and rant. I’ve said the same stuff time and time again but you don’t pay attention. 

 So please don’t come here and tell me you’re going to quit the show over one something you don’t even KNOW yet. You’ll just piss me off. The season hasn’t even started yet FOR FUCK’S SAKE. this is in episode 11. Jesus Christ.

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Remember when Barry was in town and Oliver was having a hard time reconciling Felicity’s connection with him with his own feelings for her? They had the amazing ‘you’re my partner’ scene – and I remember Stephen being very adamant at the time that Oliver wasn’t ‘jealous, jealous’ but more just confused and put out, and maybe Oliver couldn’t put his finger quite on why, but I feel it was clear that he didn’t like it – he said that he and EBR discussed that scene at the end, the apology, and were very keen and careful that the scene didn’t come across as ‘high school’.

I’ve always thought this is why Stephen didn’t want the ‘jealous’ label, because it makes it a bit high school, and their connection is deeper than that – these are two adults talking.

This is interesting when you think about it in context to the spoilers that came out of comic con – lots of people accuse the show of ‘fan pandering’ and introducing ‘lame CW love triangles’, but I think it’s fair to say that Stephen is keen to portray adult relationships, between adults – not teen stuff. That apology scene with Felicity was sincere, and mature, and revealing – which makes me extraordinarily excited for the new season, because their ‘raw discussions’ and ‘declarations’ are also likely to be mature and sincere, they’re not messing around with mixed messages, and people balking at talking about their feelings – and that is SO unusual on a TV show! They could easily have dragged out the ‘did Oliver mean it’ questions til Christmas, and instead – they’re dealing with it straight away. That’s such a big sign of how they want these two to develop and interact – with honesty, integrity and maturity and I LOVE THAT ABOUT THEM.

So, yeah, it’s going to be painful and angsty, but at least we get to watch two people who know what they mean to each other…I’m just so pumped for the season, I don’t know how to make it to October, I really don’t.