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Why Thea Queen and Laurel Lance Are the Most Relatable Characters on ‘Arrow’

Recently, a list of Hollywood’s Best 50 Female Characters came out, and on that list was none other than Felicity of the CW’s Arrow. She is quoted by EBR as being “relatable and grounded,” and fans are running wild claiming she is the most relatable character on the show, and one of the most relatable on television currently. I’m here to challenge that notion.

Thea Queen and Laurel Lance are messy characters, and I mean that in the most positive way possible. They have been through hardships, they have made bad decisions, and they have paid the consequences of those bad decisions (a lot of the time made by other people in their lives). They both have dealt with extremely heavy and realistic problems that don’t fall into the realm of magically curing paralysis or somehow feeling no guilt for the death of over 10,000 people. These problems include grief, depression, addiction, and guilt.

Both Thea and Laurel were forced to overcome the grief of losing Oliver instantly. They were both forced to grieve alone in fact. Thea’s parents had one another and shut her out to cry by herself, and Laurel’s parents divorced, her father became an alcoholic, and she also lost her sister, who was sleeping with the love of her life when she “died”. So, Laurel was also forced to deal with the knowledge of that betrayal. While the circumstances regarding these loses are heightened for the sake of television, they still are grounded in realism. Everyone has dealt with the loss of a family member or an incredibly close friend, and everyone has been forced to deal with the grief that comes along with. 

Another thing both Thea and Laurel were forced to go through was addiction. To deal with her grief, Thea began using drugs to cope with the pain she constantly felt, which lead to incredibly negative actions on her part. She was forced to face those consequences and better herself because of them. Laurel, on the other hand, fell into an alcoholic addiction once she lost Tommy, whom she believed to be the new love of her life, and was again left by Oliver, whom she believe would help comfort her in a time of need. Add in the fact that alcoholism runs in the Lance family, and Laurel suddenly becomes a figure for all those struggling with addiction or those who have someone close to them who is struggling with it. And it was constantly thrown in her face. Not only that, but Laurel was forced to overcome her mental illness on her own while also being forced to relive her presumed dead sister and ex-boyfriend once again rekindling their relationship. These women grew from these tragic circumstances they found themselves in; they felt pain; they cried; but they became stronger.

Probably the most relatable thing these women have been forced to overcome is guilt. In season 3, Thea found comfort in the one person she believed would never lie to her: her father. But unbeknownst to her, Malcolm forced her to kill Sara, someone she considered a friend, and once Thea discovered what she had done she was forced to deal with the aftermath. She did not run from it. She faced it head on. She confessed to Laurel, who strongly embraced Thea with open arms and assured her it was not her fault. She confessed to Nyssa in hopes that it would free her from the pain she is feeling. Thea was brave; she was incredibly brave. In season 4, Thea was once again faced with a tremendous amount of guilt as she was forced to choose between killing people to satisfy her bloodlust or let herself die, and she decided the later. She was willing to give up her own life so that she would not hurt anyone else.

Laurel, after being constantly lied to, made the decision to resurrect her sister Sara after she was murdered. Afterwards, she was forced to deal with the guilt and trauma that Sara would endure. While she knew what she did was wrong, Laurel wanted her family back; she did not want to lose her sister again. But her hypocritical ex boyfriend constantly threw it back in her face, and Laurel had enough. She finally stood up. She knew what she put Sara through. She knew the guilt that she was facing, and she didn’t need to be constantly reminded of it.

These women have, without a doubt, the strongest character development on the series. No, they are not perfect. No, they are not witty. And no, they are not just “relatable and grounded.” They are inspirational. They taught us that you can fight back, and that you can overcome your struggles even if everyone around you is telling you that you can’t. It’s okay to be messy. You can pull yourself back up. They felt real things, and it made them real people.

Why I appreciate Alex Danvers, The CW, and the writers

I know a lot of people have already shared personal reasons as to why Alex’s new storyline is so special, and I’ve never really gotten too personal here. But I feel like sharing. Excuse the random thoughts. *shrugs*

To begin, it’s so hard to be gay in the South. I mean, there aren’t a lot of places in the US where it’s easy to be gay, but it’s pretty hard in the South. Especially where I grew up in Louisiana. I remember not having any frame of reference for understanding my feelings growing up as a teenager in southern Louisiana in the 1990’s. No one talked about being gay, or said the word gay, unless it was negative. And there most definitely weren’t any “of the gays” living in a one hundred mile radius. At least, not that anyone knew or acknowledged. I had no one to talk to about how I felt. As a result, I had no idea what was happening inside me.

By the time I got away from home and went to college, only a short trip away in northern Louisiana, I knew I was different. But I like I said, I had no frame of reference for what it meant to be gay.

So when Alex Danvers talks about being so wrapped up in the other aspects of her life and that dating was the only thing that never worked out, I totally got that. Everything made sense except for romantic relationships. When she said she thought that maybe she just wasn’t built for intimacy, I literally teared up.

I couldn’t even say the words out loud until I was in my mid twenties. And when I did finally say the words, “I’m gay,” I was the only one in the room, and I still felt the need to whisper it.

I’ve made a lot of big life decisions that go against my sexual identity. I just kept hoping and hoping that something inside of me would change. Or that the right man could change me. Now, I have a life partner who deals with my baggage daily, hourly, and is so gracious. And I have two fantastic kids that I wouldn’t have if it weren’t for those decisions. I’m happy. Unlike so many others. But it’s still a difficult road. My situation is unusual.

But seeing the out pouring of support for Alex’s story helps me so much. It helps me see that others have felt the same way. Unable to name what was happening inside them for whatever spectrum of reasons. Thinking you aren’t made to be in love, or thinking that your brain just isn’t wired that way, many of us have been there. Some of us are still there.

But then Alex said that maybe it was “the other thing.” I get that. I get “the other thing.” The unnameable thing that terrifies you if you think about it too long. I’m still making peace with “the other thing.”

Maybe one day I can be free to say it out in the world. Maybe not. I’m grateful for my family. I have a great life and I certainly recognize that and the happiness it brings sustains me.

But it’s still hard. And I really appreciate Supergirl and the CW and the writers and Chyler for the way they are handling this story.

Zoe's attitude towards her relationship with Wade in season 2:
  • 2.01: Tells wade that they had a connection when they slept together and that there's something between them.
  • 2.02: Can't stay away from Wade, doesn't want Wade to have sex with anyone else.
  • 2.03: Shows up at Wade's to play video games as a result of Wade telling her she should make choices that make her happy.
  • 2.04: Asks Wade if they can be in a monogamous casual relationship.
  • 2.05: Tells George that she's involved with someone she feels something for.
  • 2.06: "People can conquer miles or any sort of obstacle if it’s meant to be."
  • 2.07: Asks Wade for romantic gestures.
  • 2.08: "The only relationships guaranteed to fail are the ones we don't chase."
  • 2.09: "Wade and I have nothing in common, we never talk, why should we even try, it would be weird, I don't want to date him!!!"

I’ve been having a lot of feelings about Jared lately.  And not just like ‘ohmygosh I love him!’ feelings, but the kind of feelings and thoughts that keep my mind whirring throughout the night.  

He was just a kid when he got the role of Sam, the lead role of the CW’s most popular show for about a decade now.  He delivers a consistently amazing performance every episode and has for over 200 episodes.  He’s played not just Sam on this show, but Meg, Ezekial/Gadreel, Lucifer, and soulless!Sam in a way that has captured so many people.  Throughout all of this fame that he’s garnered, not to mention the dedicated and large fanbase, he has remained utterly humble and unwaveringly kind to all.  

He’s suffered from depression during most of this, beginning in season three, yet continued to do conventions, countless episodes, and even a few movies in-between.  He’s opened up to us about his depression, something he was never obligated to do, yet did in hopes of helping us along the journey.  He started Always Keep Fighting, a now global movement to bring awareness to mental health.  

Jared is the embodiment of everything I wish I could be in life and, though I’ve never met him nor will have the honor of being able to call him friend, he’s someone I hope to make proud.  And knowing that he’s never met me but still has faith in me is sometimes all I need to get through those hard days.  

I have a lot of feelings about this man, most of which I will never be able to truly convey with words, but he’s the one thing I need.  And I just hope he always feels happy, loved, appreciated, and admired by his friends, family, and us, his fans.  

I love him very much.

‘I get it. I get that I lost the only girl that ever meant anything to me. And I’ll never get her back. And I have to live with that. And as a bonus to the most glorious screw-up of my already gloriously screwed-up life, I get that on top of loosing the best girl I ever had, now I’ve lost the best friend I ever had.’

Zoe Hart has been the catalyst that ended George’s relationship with Lemon and then his relationship with Tansy…

I can’t wait ‘til Zoe and George are dating so she can end that relationship too and we can finally be done with that storyline

My problem with Joel

Okay, here’s the thing. I don’t hate Joel as a person. He’s lovable and mostly endearing, even though he’s a pretty boring guy. But he’s fine and he treats Zoe right.


I have a hard time believing in the strong couple that is supposed to be Zoe and Joel. Let’s recap, in the span of 5 months, Zoe had the time to have a fling with Jonah, meet Joel and fall in love with him to the point where they’re familiar with each other’s parents and are living together, all of that while Zoe was busy being a full time surgeon in a NY hospital?

My second problem is that I do not care about him. I know he’s not going to stay, his purpose is to keep Wade from telling Zoe how he feels and to keep Zoe from thinking about her deep feelings for Wade. So they can try as much as they want to get me interested in a “Joel is trying to fit in Blubell!” storyline, I just do not care.

What I’ll remember from Hart of Dixie season 2:

  • Zoe and Wade had the most perfect romantic development (for 16 episodes anyway)
  • Lemon Breeland is a queen
  • I love Wade Kinsella so much it scares me
  • Lemon and Wade have the most interesting dynamic
  • AnnaBeth Nass is flawless and needs to be in every episode
  • George Tucker is amazing when he’s not hung up on Zoe
  • Zoe Hart is annoying when she’s hung up on George
  • Having a love affair with New York does not make you soulmates
  • Cheating storylines suck
  • Wade Kinsella loves Zoe Hart


in a perfect world, zoe and wade run into the girl wade hooked up with and she reveals that they didn’t do anything and that wade was too drunk and passed out and that’s why wade was convinced he had slept with her when in reality he didn’t, but they still stay broken up because wade needs to work on himself because he doesn’t want to hurt zoe again

they’d still be broken up but at least it would be for mature reasons and wade wouldn’t be a cheater and I WOULDN’T HATE EVERYTHING

There are so many reasons why Wade and Zoe could have broken up:

  • Wade realizes his insecurities because he *almost* cheated and decides to break up with Zoe so he doesn’t hurt her and in order to get his shit together
  • Zoe freaks out because she thinks Wade cheated which brings out trust issues between the two of them
  • Wade and Zoe walk down the aisle together and freak out and have to deal with their fear of commitment
  • Wade and Zoe freak out because they realize they’re basically living together and it’s moving too fast
  • Zoe decides to run off with Burt Reynolds

All those reasons would have been LEGIT (okay maybe not the last one) and in-character and would have been coherent with the character development that’s been happening this season. But nooooooooooo they picked cheating. CHEATING BECAUSE IT’S THE CW AND THEY’RE FUCKING CHEAP

the number of times wade called zoe ‘baby’ or 'my woman’ plus all the times they were acting really cute like a couple in their honeymoon phase but yet still had those bickering scenes that makes them zoe and wade…

and they’re both working really hard for the relationship to last, zoe is happy and smiling and she’s finally allowing herself to do things just for fun and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH I CAN’T HANDLE HOW PERFECT THEY WERE

Why is everyone so pissed at Zoe after last night’s episode? It’s both their fault for not COMMUNICATING.

Of course Zoe is gonna be upset that George is okay with them, it’s been made clear that Zoe still have hope for her and George and yes, it’s annoying but it’s nothing new.

It’s obvious for us viewers that Wade likes her but it’s not obvious for Zoe because ever since they started sleeping together, they’ve both been saying that it’s just casual sex and that they shouldn’t over-think it. When Wade got upset that Zoe almost kissed George, she tried to talk about their situation (‘I told George that I was involved with someone.’) and Wade just avoided the subject ('I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ and then took her to bed). And yes, he baked for her which was a nice romantic gesture but for her it was probably a thing he did so he could keep sleeping with her.

In this episode Wade finally acknowledged his feelings (first his insecurities and then his feelings for Zoe, which are undeniably linked) and went to see Zoe so they could talk about their situation (and the fact that he wants more because he’s not second-rate) and it was such a big step for him but he got put off by Zoe’s reaction because his insecurities are still there and can’t be brushed off in one day. Zoe still has a crush on George because she’s still holding on to that little image of what a perfect life would be. So of course the second she hears about George she feels disappointed but she just needs some time to think about what she really wants and about what her life would be like without Wade. And I don’t think Zoe allows herself to think about having a real relationship with Wade because in her mind, Wade is not the boyfriend kind of guy, he’s just in it for sex.

All in all, they are both idiots who like each other and are in a relationship without even realizing it and they just need to lay it all on the table and have a real discussion about their feelings and what they want, period.

That Hart of Dixie episode was pretty forgettable tbh:

  • I feel the writers tried to be meta, there was some sort of parallels between Joel/BlueBell and Joel/the Hart of Dixie audience, it’s like the writers were saying ‘Hey look, Joel is cute and funny and the people of BlueBell didn’t like him at first either but they love him now COME ON YOU SHOULD LOVE JOEL’ but I don’t want to like Joel because Joel is not staying (HE BETTER NOT) and he’s taking up screentime and I just don’t care about him
  • Also George disliking Zoe/George for the majority of the episode was so entertaining because it was like the fandom was talking through him
  • I still don’t care about Lynley
  • Also LOL at Joel thinking he’s “Act Two: complications” hahahaha, Wade’s already been there, pal
  • Wade eating popcorn while Joel was trying to zipline was my second favorite thing about this episode
  • Because my favorite thing about this episode was: “Everybody’s got it all wrong. 'Cause you and I both know damn well… you’re still in love with me.”
  • YES
  • SHE IS

When I watched the Zoe/Wade finale scene yesterday I thought ‘wow that was good but the s1 finale scenes are still my favorites’ but now that I’ve watched it a thousand times I really think it’s my favorite Zoe/Wade scene OF ALL TIME because the s1 finale was more about them giving in to their sexual attraction/admitting there might be something more than bickering while the 2.10 scene was about them opening up to each other. If you think about it, Zoe is just asking him to be her boyfriend and yet they both get really emotional because they’re not used to that, they’ve both never had a real relationship and this could be it.

And the fact that Wade doesn’t even realize what she’s saying at first (because he’s always had those insecurities about not being good enough for Zoe) and that Zoe’s voice cracks when she starts babbling (about her own insecurities and about how she’s not perfect) I just… I CAN’T.