i have a lot of caroline feelings today

Funny how a lot of KCers complained that Hayley and Cami would serve as nothing but love interests for Klaus and have no other purpose in TO (despite the fact that their entire lives were in NOLA) but they’re happy to reduce their fave Caroline to nothing but a love interest just to see their ship sail. Doesn’t seem to matter that she’s running a school full of witchy kids or raising a family of her own – and that Klaus shouldn’t be anywhere near the school or the kids period cause of the Hollow inside him – and has her own individual life, but I guess none of that matters cause her banging Klaus until a house collapses seems to be all they care about! Caroline Forbes-Salvatore: reduced to nothing but a love interest prop! Congrats!

Fic: I’ll wait forever (don’t make it too long) - 3/? (The Vampire Diaries; Stefan/Caroline)

Fandom: The Vampire Diaries

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Caroline Forbes/Stefan Salvatore

Summary: He doesn’t move to stand up, he doesn’t move at all apart from a half-hearted shrug, “Well, you know what they say Bon-Bon, if you can’t beat them, join them.”

Author’s note: A post-6x22 collection of drabbles that’ll hopefully come together as one at least semi-coherent fic of what I’d like to see going forward.








“Damn it Alaric, what the hell have you been eating?”

He lolls to the side, leaning heavily against him as Damon tries to get him standing.

“Drinking,” he answers, still present enough to correct him.

Damon grunts with the exertion of pulling him up, swings one of his arms around his shoulders, “Yeah, no kidding. What are you ninety percent whiskey?”

“Ninety-six,” he slurs into his shoulder.

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Isn’t it funny though how Caroline’s list was actually Caroline like (unlike what she said) and at some point, wrong?

And by funny I mean, there is something else driving her away from Stefan, something that isn’t her list- but rather something else that made her create that list and see things from a biased perspective.

Okay, let’s go item by item of the list:

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