i have a lot of black widow feelings

End || Bucky x Reader

Summary → After discovering Bucky’s affair with none other than The Black Widow, you feel the need to confront the situation and walk away. 

Word Count → 1.3K

Warnings → Cursing, implied sex/smut, mostly just really angsty!

A/N → Based on this request: “Do you think you could write a Bucky x Reader where he leaves her for Natasha or another woman, and with “ When you realise that you made a mistake, don’t come looking for me ” please ? Angst and maybe fluff if possible ? I love your writing !” Been doing a lot of angst lately, which I surprisingly enjoy? Let me know what y’all think!

“You know, I would have come straight to Bucharest, if you had bothered to pick up any of my calls. Or answered any of my text messages.”

The trademark jet-black knapsack that had somehow become permanently entangled with Bucky slipped through his metal digits, landing with light thud against the hardwood floor. Even from beneath his navy ball cap, Bucky’s gaze was sharp, inspecting you with an expression that bred uncertainty and worry in the pit of your stomach. You remained misty-eyed as you watched the enormous man approach you with caution, somehow entirely different than the man you remembered; the man you had once fallen hopelessly in love with.

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I have this terrifying fear that Whedon is going to make Babs infertile. No idea where it came from, but it feels like something Whedon would do. It legit kept me up last night.

you aren’t alone, anon. I’ve also worried about this, especially bc joss whedon has used infertility as a source of pointless angst for his female characters multiple times in his previous work. age of ultron was shit for a lot of reasons (like… it wasn’t even objectively good. it was just a Bad Movie), but the way he treated black widow in it was atrocious – taking a character who, in the comics, is fertile (as far as we know) but has never had kids because she doesn’t want them, and giving her a pointless character arc about how she feels like she’s “a monster” and “not a real woman” because she’s infertile. (this woman has killed dozens of people, including children, in her lifetime, but it’s her infertility that bothers her and makes her feel inhuman, because that’s realistic.) AND he only did it so there would be “justification” for him putting her in a very awkward, chemistry-less, out-of-character romance with self-insert bruce banner. and it’s been a while since I watched buffy the vampire slayer, but I’m pretty sure I remember him pulling something similar with a female character on that show, too. 

my biggest fear is probably that the whole killing joke thing will happen and be addressed in the movie, but SURPRISE TWIST, the bullet missed babs’s spine (because we all know there’s no way whedon will let her be paralyzed) and hit her uterus, so now she can never have kids!! oh no!!! how can she possibly carry on now that she’s no longer a ~real woman~?!! and obviously it only gets talked about in the context of her relationship with dick (or, even worse, bruce) because she no longer feels worthy of his love now that she can’t give him babies. :/

but yeah I hate whedon a lot lmao 

Don't give up 8

Prompt: You loved your life. Until one night where everything changed, now you have to fight for what’s right. The only problem - you don’t know it. And when you decide for what’s wrong , your friends are in more trouble than before.

Warnings: brainwashing, violence, one shot, hella lot of confusion, cliffhanger

Pairing: avengers x reader (mostly bucky & nat in this one)

a/n: Let me know what you think about it😊 I don’t know I kinda feel like I’m stretching it too long and its boring, I’m sorry I’ll do my best to get the party started

You woke up, a heavy stinging pain in your left arm. You stirred, sitting up with your hand flying to your head as you tried to control the pain shooting through your skull.

You couldn’t remember anything at all as you tried to recall the events of the past days, or at least the night before. But there was nothing everything inside you felt empty and blank.

Your breathing fastened as you couldn’t get anything into your head. The heavy darkness around you felt like extra weight on your shoulders which you couldn’t lift. There was nothing around you, no one in sight and you forced yourself to calm down.
Maybe you were alright, maybe everything was okay.

You tried to get more and more air in your lungs before noticing something on your mouth which made it hard to breathe you reached up, trying to pull it away but you couldn’t.

You stood up, searching for some sign of humanity, for a light. For anything, noticing the heaviness of your steps, looking down at yourself in the darkness, your eyes adjusted to it some minutes ago and so you noticed you were dressed in full gear, a black combat suit and weaponry, gloves , boots, jacket, and … the thing in front of your mouth.

And suddenly it all made sense and there was something shooting through your mind. Shots and screams. There was a dulled image of an explosion and the pain in your head pounder even more against your forehead and you broke down, tears rolling down your cheeks.

What was going on ?

The sobs echoed through the room, against the plain walls and you rocked back and forth against the wall as you suddenly heard a loud clicking sound next to you, making you flinch away and flee backwards on your knees.

The white light floated into the room and three men stepped in. Two of them dragging you up onto your feet, the third one touching the side of your face, to your chin and pulling it a little to harsh up so you had to look at him.

Your glassy eyes looked at his trying to make out who he was but you just saw your own emptiness staring back at you.

He wore exactly the same thing as you, his brown hair falling into his face as he tried to reassure you through the mask, but it didn’t work

You knew somehow, this was Someone you could trust someone you knew. And suddenly it all came back to you, that was him, the winter soldier.

“Отпусти ее и оставь нас в покое” you heard him say through his mask, his eyes focused on you.
And the two other men complied and let go of you, exiting the room.

You stood there in the middle of the room, staring at him, at the winter soldier, watching his every move.
He paced around in front of you.

He suddenly came to a halt, looking straight into your eyes that were filled with tears but you weren’t willing to let them fall.
However he could see a mere shine, a glow in them and it somehow made him ease up for some reason.
The tension in his body, the tension of being so confused by everything, the tension of the coldness within him, it all slowly fell down.

He tilted his head to the side slowly, his hand reaching up to caress your cheek and when he touched you, a wave of comfort and familiarity washed over the both of you.
His thumb ran over your cheekbone memorizing every inch of your face, making sure to remember them in case matters got worse.

He blinked at you before saying “make sure to stay alive” and his warm touch left your skin abruptly, everything that was left was the tingling feeling where his skin just touched yours.

He took a step back his gaze still lingering on you before he turned completely and walked to the door.
And you soon realized that this was probably a one time thing.
However you felt a feeling of longing for him, it was so different and it made you feel dizzy, even if he barely did anything to you.
But you knew this was not the right place nor time to be intimidate to anyone like that, even if it was just a simple touch, it just wasn’t possible.

He turned around to you and waved at you motioning you to follow him, and he stepped out of the door meeting up with the other two men standing just outside the door.
“она не проблема” he said as he walked past them without even looking back.

The two men eyed you up and down suspiciously, not really trusting you after all but after a while they just nodded, turning and following the soldier and so did you after a moment of having to realize.

You walked down the hallway with careful and attentive steps, you eyes staying on the soldier.

He stopped in front of a door, looking back at you and the two other men before nodding and pulling the door open.

You stepped in, seeing various people, a redhead and man with a shield among them.
They were at least eight people and somehow you felt a weird feeling of familiarity by looking through the room but you couldn’t wrap your head around it.

“Y/n?…. B-bucky?” The redhead finally breathed out and you frowned at her the next thing you heard was a shooting sound and suddenly the room erupted in screams as they looked in horror.

However you kept standing still, watching how a pained expression crossed the features of that woman.
You looked at her as suddenly a dull, rather dark picture crossed your thoughts.

She was sitting on a sofa with you, a bucket of ice cream in both of your hands as you laughed as a response to something she said and she joined in with her own laugher.

Her face showed pure happiness and joy as her eyes crinkled with a spark in her orbs.
Her eyes were so shiny as tears of joy started to flood them.

And suddenly you felt a stinging pain in your heart as you saw that same woman in front of you with pain written all over her face.

You wanted to do something, wanted to say something but there was something inside you that wouldn’t let you.

And so you just stood there watching.

All of this didn’t make any sense at all. And that was what got to you the most.

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Okay but real talk the most important scene in the whole movie was when Clint and Natasha are fighting and Nat stops for just a moment and looks a little concerned “are we still friends??” and Clint laughs and replies “depends on how hard you hit me” 

AND LIKE WOWIE THAT IS SO IMPORTANT TO ME. These two have been through so much together. Missions, the rise and fall of SHIELD, bringing a team together, meeting each other’s families (well we’ve only met Clint’s, but you know what I mean.) 

And for a brief moment Nat stops fighting. She is a trained assassin, and to her this is just another assignment, and the signing of the accords is a way to gain trust and get out of the spotlight. She goes where she is told and gets the job done. But she stops fighting, putting down her mission because she is concerned that she is going to lose her best friend. 

AND MOTHER FUCKING CLINT JUST GIGGLES IN HER FACE “lol no you shithead our relationship is just fine” AND THEY GO BACK TO FIGHTING. Clint isn’t afraid of losing her at all. Honestly, he probably thinks they were fighting to put on a show. He was ready to kick ass but then he and Natasha start fighting and he is like “lol whatever” and puts his arrows away and fights her hand-to-hand, something she is way more skilled at than he is. But he isn’t worried. He knows everything between them is going to be okay. 


Normal Night

Originally posted by subcas

Dean Winchester x Reader

Length: 554 words

Warnings; Age of Ultron spoilers and slightly suggestive language

He was a mess, a complete and utter mess.

Dean Winchester hadn’t done ‘dinner and a movie’ since he was in high school. And back then, he’d had the confidence of a teenager, but now he was getting on in years and that teen confidence was gone. Damn, it felt like his first ever date all over again, with the butterflies in his stomach, and the thumping of his heart.

Why was he doing this again?

“Do you like it?”

Oh yeah, Y/N L/N, his fellow hunter, and his significant other. The two had been together for over a year now, the two ‘hooking up’ after an emotional hunt, and never truly parting since then.

Y/N was all dressed up, looking better than they’d looked in months (not that Dean would dare say that in front of them, he values his life somewhat), and not a monster, demon, or angel, or even Sammy was in sight. It was just the two of them for the first time in months. They were being ‘normal’ and were doing a ‘date night’, at Y/N’s request.

“Holy crap.” Dean was definitely smoother when he was younger, too. “You look… hot.” He pulled Y/N closer, feeling their body against his, revelling in this moment. He had no idea when they’d have the next chance to just be themselves, with no fear of others walking in, or having to put themselves on the line, in the name of supernatural justice. “So, uh, dinner and movie?” The two began to walk towards where the car was parked.

Nodding, Y/N casually informed him that the new Marvel movie was rumoured to be an excellent. “And I heard that there’s a lot of sexual tension between Black Widow, and the Hulk, which is weird, especially when they put some kind of tension between her and Clint Barton in the last one.” It was well known in the hunting community that all hunters were a bit off, weird in ways that distinguished them from the rest of the world. However, some hunters had obsessions or quirks that made them stand out from other hunters, Garth was a good example, and so was Y/N. Y/N was a giant movie nerd, and their recent obsession was centred around the Marvel movies. When not hunting the latest monster to anguish the planet, they were constantly talking about Captain America, the Spiderman movies, the Avengers, the X-Men, anything really. “Hey, you look good.” It was said casually, as the two sat in the Impala, both bathed in the moonlight of the night. “This low lighting really reminds me of how gorgeous you are, too.” It was slightly teasing, and a little flirty – but that was their relationship.

“Oh, so I’m only pretty in next-to-no light?” He was being sarcastic, well aware that they’d met at night, under the moonlight, and Y/N had commented back then that they thought him handsome under said lighting. “You look so beautiful tonight.”

Y/N blushed a little, it wasn’t often that the two of them could talk like this. “You know, if I didn’t want to see this movie so badly, I’d say we should take advantage of the empty house… But, I really want to see Tony Stark, my other love.”

“Why are you such a dork?”

“Oh, you wound me, babe.”

What bothers me most about Age of Ultron: 

1. The way Joss wrote/directed Black Widow in Age of Ultron, first and foremost, for reasons everyone knows (”I’m an infertile ~monster who doesn’t have babies HOW CAN I WOMAN??”)

and *deep breath* 

2. The way he wrote/directed Steve. Joss can’t write Steve, not really. The more I rewatch these movies, the more it stands out. Goddamn. It’s like he completely ignores Steve’s development in the other films. Steve swears in CA:TFA. Nothing severe, but he does. Even in front of Peggy! Twice! He’s a fucking soldier in the US army. But then we get Cap reprimanding Tony for “Language!”. Which was a funny line, sure. But a laugh isn’t worth it when there are 1,000 other funny in-character ways to show Cap/Tony clashing over cultural things. A million. 

That flashback. That party. All of the Howlies should’ve been there. The moment with Peggy was beautiful, but Steve lost e v e r y o n e. Not to mention the fact that Steve just spent his last movie discovering his best friend in the entire world has been a tortured POW all this time…Bucky should’ve been there in that flashback dancing up a storm with some pretty girl in all his 40s glory. Can you imagine how much more powerful that brief scene would’ve been if they’d ALL been celebrating the end of the war together and then just POOOF, gone.

Incoherent babbling over Natasha and Nick

Can MCU fandom now readjust its collective headcanon about Natasha and how she came to SHIELD and why it had her loyalty, because Cap 2 has been out for a while now, and we’ve gotten to see the deleted scenes too, and I’m still waiting for all of it to trickle in on this part of her history, and it doesn’t seem to have done so at all yet, and just why? Because like, yeah, Clint was sent to kill her and chose not to, and they are clearly good friends and have worked as partners in previous ops, and he probably did help her adjust when she came to SHIELD (though there’s been nothing to suggest Coulson had a part in any of it, but that’s another matter entirely, I guess), and all of that is totally cool, BUT!!!

But I think Cap 2 made it pretty obvious where it was really at for Natasha, why she came to SHIELD and why she was loyal to it, and it’s so very clearly about Nick Fury. Somehow, someway, he showed her that she could put her trust in him, and because she trusted him, she trusted in SHIELD. And somehow they developed this kind of father/daughter bond, where Nick could like, put an arm around her and introduce her like a proud papa would and trust her to get shit done, no matter what, because she’s comfortable with everything and he is too, and whatever messed up stuff it was that made Natasha that way, they’re both willing to use it because they get it and each other, and that is just how they roll and what their situations require of them. And was that bond purposeful, a design by Nick to keep her loyal (or maybe even a design by Natasha to make herself more indispensable and secure as a defector in an organization that wanted her dead), or did it just develop organically, and they were both just kind of surprised by it when they realized, or maybe it was some of both? Whatever the case, however it started, it’s so very real now. 

And Natasha was so broken up about Nick’s death that she just didn’t even try to hide how upset she was, didn’t even try to put up an act or a mask, she just begged him not to die and cried over him when she lost him, and she was so hurt that he didn’t trust her enough, because maybe she didn’t actually expect him to, wasn’t surprised that he didn’t, not really, but she hoped he did, that she had earned it by now. And what was Nick’s reason for not bringing her in on it earlier, was it really just a matter of trust and keeping the circle small?

And even if that is the only reason, Natasha completely gets it. She doesn’t like it, doesn’t like it about herself either, but she gets it, because she and Nick get each other. They’re just on the same level in so many ways, living so much of their lives in the shadows that their eyes can’t adjust to the light anymore, and they can only see the worst in people, the worst intentions, and they plan accordingly and constantly, and it’s just always poker face, trust no bitch 110% of the time, and they don’t show vulnerability except to manipulate others, but that’s not what we see them doing with each other. They’re willing to let their guard down and be honest around each other in a way they don’t really do with anyone else.

And that’s all over the deleted scene, and I get why they felt the need to cut it, but dammit, it’s so important to both of them, and I just want everyone to see it. She tries to go somewhere he can’t get to because she can’t help feeling betrayed and also “this is the world I live in, how have I accepted this as the world I live in?,” but she knows he’ll come after her anyway, and he knows he has to sort this out, she’s reeling from everything, and so is he, because he almost died and he’s dead to the world and he discovered that his life and work was a lie, that he was really just furthering HYDRA’s agenda and how shitty is that for him and all of his people (and he brought Natasha in to SHIELD, gave her something to build her new life around, made her think she was going straight, and I wonder if he feels regretful for inadvertently adding more red to her ledger even if she would never blame him for it), and he finds her, like he probably always has in her moments of doubt, and just him coming to explain himself, feeling like he has to, is an apology of sorts, because even if it was necessary, he does care about her and didn’t want to have to hurt her, but he knows she gets it.

And she does get it, but she doesn’t want to live like that anymore, doesn’t want to be that person, doesn’t want to be like him anymore, and she tells him as much. And she makes her first step towards becoming someone she wants to be by releasing her records out to the world, and I bet he’s actually pretty proud of her for it, not because he played any part in it (he was never going to be the kind of father figure that led her out of the shadows), but because she reached that point and made that decision all on her own, and it’s probably one of the first active choices about her life she has ever made. And she pointedly doesn’t go with him to mop up the HYDRA mess; she goes off to sort out her life and what she wants on her own terms, and that is progress. 

And just, where did all of this come from? How did they reach this point? What did he do to gain her trust? Did they ever go on missions together? Or just hang out outside of work, and how weird would that be? And how do they interact without all the hurt feelings? Can she trust him again like she used to? What will things between them be like now that she’s no longer working for him? I want to know, and I want fandom to hop all over it because it is delicious.

For the Nerds who like fitness:

I’ve been doing a fun thing lately, it’s a blast and I feel good. 

There’s this website, darebee.com, and they post a lot of cool equipment free workouts, and they have some superhero themed ones which I think is awesome! I read a lot of comic books and watch comic book shows and stuff a lot, so in addition to my regular (I like swimming! Front crawls for those superhero delts, yo) I do a set or two of this Supergirl themed workout for everyepisode of a DC show  I watch -

A set of this rad Batgirl one for every DC comic I read -

A set of this Black Widow one for every episode of a Marvel show I watch and every few Marvel comics I read -

They’ve got one for Vikings, Battlestar Galactica, Legend of Korra, Xena, Mass Effect, and a bunch of other stuff. They have ones for the guys, too. Highly Recommend.

mywinterivy  asked:

Can u imagine BW mom when Jason first comes back? Like when he reveals himself as the red hood & she sees his face again for the first time in years? He expects her to be angry or disappointed & to start yelling at him or something but she just walks up to him, holds his face in her hands & just hugs him & holds him & starts crying. Jason (& everyone else) is really shocked cuz they KNOW how tough she is & she's just like 'I haven't held u in so long' & Jay just /cracks/ cuz it's tRuE 😫

oh !! my god!! i have so many hcs for when jay comes back it’s ridiculous 

i have a feeling that just through sheer spy-ness mom widow knows that there’s a new player on the field no matter what bruce tries to tell her and she goes out to investigate and goddammit if that doesn’t sound exactly like her son used to and it. keeps her awake because she’s heard of crazier things happening than someone coming back to life but. could she really handle it. 

and when all the shit starts going doing with black mask she knows. it’s the same underhandedness that jason pulled when he exposed those two guys for changing their grades in the system- he’s drawing out the joker by manipulating the situation until it’s one he can use. she knows that. even before she sneaks off into the batcave and watches the footage bruce put under five passwords she knows it’s jason.

mother’s intuition and whatnot

so when everything is said and done and jason’s back home (in a metaphorical sense- he refuses to take up his old room no matter how many times she offers it to him with the same sheets on it, his books still stacked to the side, because no matter how many times bruce told her they needed to move on she couldn’t help but imagine him in the room as it was), she just holds onto him for so long. and rocks the both of them slightly on her heels like she’s trying to soothe him but her eyes are so wet and tired and she’s pulling in ragged breaths and jay can’t stand it because fuck who can listen to their mom cry and not want to burst into tears

and like in my timeline this would be before the fam knows she’s a black widow but like?? i feel like she would tell jason that she did go after the joker and that bruce was the only thing keeping her from making him a chalk outline. and he just freezes and chokes up because. in his eyes he broke his damn civvie mom to try to commit murder. what if she’d gotten hurt because she was trying to avenge him, mom, you can’t do stuff like that???? it’s different for bruce but??? mom???? and he’s just so. small in her arms

(also. hc that while bruce adamantly tried to avoid thinking about jason’s death and avoided his grave, she visited it every day and. one time she swears she hears screaming)

Listen, Natasha went back to Russia to look for her parents. After she lost trust in SHIELD and gave up all her secrets, she freaking went back to her roots to try and find her family.

And she found two graves.

Now imagine this Natasha, who is fresh from a morbid grief of having visited her lost childhood, her dead parents and lost family. Imagine her coming back and seeing that the second family she had, the one she had created for herself was on the verge of breaking too. Imagine this Natasha, who once believed that love was for children but then was ready to risk everything for her friends, imagine her seeing her family ready to split up. Imagine her scrambling at edges, at last ends, at anything to keep them all together because this is her only shot. This is the only family she has left. Imagine her being vulnerable and baring her soul to Steve and freaking pleading him to not punch his way through because she is well-versed with the politics. She knows what will happen. Imagine her trying and trying again, every time asking her family to stay together. To not punch out. Natalia Aliana Romanova, the Black Widow, the woman who is known to be ruthless - imagine her being reduced to being desperate to save her family at any cost. Even that of risking her own safety and life. 

Now imagine her seeing that everything she did, everything she put at stake was in vain because she had overlooked her friend’s dead parents. Her family is gone. 

Imagine her realizing that love really is for children, because that is how her family behaved and she has lost them all.

Imagine Natasha being alone again.

I have a lot of feelings about Natasha meeting the Bartons and struggling to relate to them and finally feeling comfortable being accepted as a part of the family, and I released those feels into something that resembles a fic thing. Also, I found this sitting in my drafts, and it’s been there for like a year and a half? Sorry to keep such a literary masterpiece from you, world. 

Read on AO3.

Clint Barton is sent to kill the infamous assassin known as the Black Widow, and instead he finds a barely out of her teens waif named Natalia Romanova, and honestly, what the fuck, Nick? But Nick just shrugs, knowing if anyone would disobey orders and find the humanity in a made-man monster, it would be Clint Barton, and if that works out to everyone’s advantage, especially to the little monster girl’s benefit, then that suits him just fine, but he certainly hadn’t planned it that way, no, sir. Of course, it’s not as easy as a “Welcome to SHIELD” orientation tour and handing out a badge and top level security clearance. Natasha, that’s what she’s going by now, please, has got a lot of shit to work through before anyone will leave her in a room without armed supervision, let alone put a gun in her hand.

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bubbleteamp3  asked:

Hey, I want to become a Wiccan and I'm not sure how to start. How do I get a BOS? Do I have to make it or can I buy one? How do I make an altar? How do I do a dedication ritual? Do I wear a pentagram? Thank you so much

Hi lovely!

Wicca is, first and foremost, your journey. Nobody else can take it for you, but that also means that nobody else can, at the end of the day, really criticise much about how you do things. Everyone practices differently, and everyone’s path takes them by a different way, but the destination is the same, which is connection to the gods and connection to oneself. It’s completely OK to be unsure of your destination, or to be unsure you will get there - however, if you know that this is not why you wish to enter Wicca then perhaps you should reconsider. Secular witchcraft has many of the same features of Wicca’s magickal practice, but it doesn’t have the religious aspect to it.

However! I’m sure you’ve already been through that, so I’ll move along!

Book of Shadows

Book of Shadows, also known as a BoS, is a very common tool for Wiccans. It’s rather like a Wiccan’s diary, and contains in it any aspects of their practice or ritual or even life that they think is relevant or that they’d quite like to put in it. I’ve

already written about it in more depth here

, but I’ll summarise it here too:

  1. Handmaking a BoS is fine. So is buying it, because at the end of the day it’s YOUR choice what you do. If you’re crap at making things, don’t make a shoddy product because you have some vague sense of duty.
  2. Use a loose-leaf binder, you have no idea how useful this is.
  3. Decorate it in a way that is meaningful to you, don’t decorate it with skulls and black just because you think that’s “witchy”. If you like skulls and black though, go ahead.
  4. Coven books should not be the high priest/esses personal book. It just makes things confusing when they leave.
  5. A book of shadows isn’t some kind of rule. You don’t even have to have one.
  6. It’s acceptable to write your BoS in some flowing, runic script… provided you can actually read it. You have no idea how many people I’ve seen going “I wrote my BoS in Elvish, and now I can’t read a damn word”. 

As for obtaining one, I went down to OfficeWorks, found a loose-leaf binder with a white cover, bought 500 sheets of loose-leaf paper, and went home. Then I doodled on it with pencil, and filled it in with permanent marker. I don’t use it much, since my brain holds almost all of my witchy stuff, but it’s good for sigils and herbalism. 


Another one that often stumps beginner Wiccans (so don’t feel bad about it, you’re asking the same questions as everyone else at this point) is the altar.

What is an altar? How do I make one? Do I need one? How can a hidden witch or a witch living with unaccepting people make an altar and keep it safe?

These are all really involved questions, and I may simply make a big post about it pretty soon in order to answer all these common questions. However, I’ll write a quick summary here and then later post a big, big thing about altars to clarify more fully.

What is an altar?
First of all, an altar is many things but at its core it is a sacred space in which you practice and are most connected to the Gods. It is usually tied to a physical object, but this is not always the case - I myself have been working with converting my herb garden into a big, walk-in altar space, in addition to my small altar in the house. 

One can have as many altars as they feel they require, though I do recommend that if you don’t USE that altar very often, you consider not making it an altar or closing the circle for good. This is because unused altars are a bit like unused houses, because they provide ready-made shelter for lots of smaller creatures, not all of which are beneficial. Unused houses attract black widows and snakes; unused altars attracted negative spirits. Though, bear in mind that like black widows and snakes, negative spirits are not evil, they’re just not good for humans. They’re still a necessary part of the magickal world. 

So really, an altar space (not spelt “alter”!) is just an area that you have made magickal and sacred through your use and dedication of it to a specific goal. Objects on the altar can be important to your practice, but they are not important to the altar space itself because this is just “sacred ground”.

What about the objects and the altar table though?
Whilst an altar space is simply sacred ground, the altar itself can feature a number of objects, both decorative and functional. The most common functional objects are the athame, the chalice, and the offering dish - the athame being a ceremonial knife, the chalice being a ceremonial cup, and the offering dish being something on which to place offerings to the Gods or the spirits. 

What objects you use are entirely up to you. For the sake of keeping it short, I won’t go into them, but some people want only a simple altar with a few crystals and a knife and a bowl, and others want expansive altars with real deer antlers and black velvet for a cloth and 5 sizes of candle with a full size God and Goddess statue or whatever. Both kinds of altar are completely fine, because an altar is what matters to YOU, not what matters to someone else. My most used altar is simply a ceramic bowl, filled with a few small ritual items and a pentagram necklace, which is only a few inches across and allows me to have an altar wherever I go. 

What about altars for hidden witches?
In this case, I recommend an altar that is not an altar. I recommend you find a shoebox or something similar, and simply place within it all the elements of your practice that you cannot do without. A letter opener for an athame, a mug for a chalice. Small, innocent things that appear to simply be random objects. Don’t use pentagrams or skulls - they’re not necessary parts of your craft, and they’re indisputably witchy. To be fair, NO physical objects are “really” necessary, because at the end of the day it’s our will and our minds that truly matter. However, it can be hard to practice without at least a few objects. Perhaps a candle too, a box of matches, and underneath it a tea-towel or an old bit of cloth, to act as your altar cloth. An altar is what YOU make of it, after all. 


Ah yes, that most quintessentially witchy object of them all, the pentagram (or more accurately, the pentacle). A pentagram is any five-pointed star, a pentacle is a five-pointed star encapsulated by a circle that touches all 5 points.

This object is really common in Western witchcraft, and many Wiccans claim it as being a Wiccan symbol. However, it’s no more Wiccan than it is any other form of practice. The pentagram represents the 5 elements, which are spirit (the top point) and the other points are fire, water, earth, and air. 

Many Wiccans wear pentacles as necklaces or bracelets, but this isn’t mandatory! I carry one in my bag, but I don’t wear it or even bring it out that often. I just feel better for having it, you know? If you think wearing one is right for you, go ahead <3 It doesn’t make you less of a witch NOT to do so.


A dedication is a personal choice to “dedicate” oneself via a special ritual (often one related to coven practice, but many solitaries also self-dedicate) to a deity or to a group of deities. I am dedicated to the Goddess, because I was called to serve Her, but since this is not a Wiccan-exclusive thing many people are dedicated to all manner of deities or pantheons. 

I recommend you decide for yourself whether you wish to dedicate your worship and study to a specific deity/pantheon, and then if the answer is yes do some research. Find out what the historical dedication has been - I used a dedication to Artemis which I identified from a Greek text, and then I performed a similar Celtic one to honour my Celtic heritage. 

It’s up to you to whom you dedicate and how you do it. Covens may require you to be dedicated to a specific deity in order to join, but if you are not ready for that then don’t allow yourself to be pressured into it. It’s a big decision! You CAN practice Wicca without dedicating yourself to anyone, it’s completely OK!


I hope this helps anyone who needs it!

– Juniper

man ok i woke up in a mood and i want to talk about blaise zabini and fandom racism and i know i’ve talked about this before but i’m so fucking sick of seeing blaise being written off as the fandom’s antiblack stereotype if he’s even acknowledged at all.

for starters, everyone who writes blaise zabini as having no respect for women has, as far as i’m concerned, never met an italian mother in their life. and coming from an italian mother, and an italian grandmother, and a whole host of italian cousins and aunts and uncles, let me tell you that no matter how misogynistic any italian man i’ve met is, they all love their mamas. why? because mama gave them life, mama gave them god, and if anyone, anyone, disrespects mama – themselves included – that’s tantamount to starting a war. that’s not to say that there’s no such thing as an abusive or negligent italian mother – merely to say that i’m very tired of seeing one of the few canonically black characters in the series painted into two antiblack stereotypes – the first of the “bad mother,” who cares more about men and money than her children and who uses her children as leverage to get more, who doesn’t have any integrity, and the second of the “misogynist who especially targets white women,” because there is a HUGE culture of painting black men as predatory and misogynistic, especially towards white women, in order to set black men as “monsters” and white women as “damsels in distress.” both of these stereotypes are rooted very heavily in racism, and in antiblack misogyny. there is literally nothing to suggest that mama zabini is abusive, or negligent – just that she’s a black widow. and i think this website has established that so long as the black widow is white, we love her and think her a hero – so maybe try extending that elsewhere?

i’m also EXTREMELY hesitant about the idea that blaise zabini – a black man living in england, which is just as fucking racist as the us, if not more so – is somehow unaware of racism and is willing to simply throw blood supremacy around without first considering what it means for a member of any oppressed or marginalized population to perpetuate oppression of another.

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I'll make you feel better I have a wasp nest outside my window

Outside is fine and dandy. AS LONG AS THEY STAY THERE. Most wasps and hornets actually aren’t that aggressive towards people as long as you don’t jack with their nests, and they are predators of a lot of nasty pest insects. Unfortunately, I was attacked as a small child, so I have a childhood phobia and avoid them big time (same with black widows – my parents apparently didn’t consider the fact if you scream and act like you’re dying/going to die near a 3 or 4 year old you can traumatize them against that stimulus for life).


Loki just plain told him he wanted the sword for himself, Nat. Brian is just being a smartypants here. I think he’s gonna be like that a lot actually.

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can you or someone you know explain me why are Clint and Natasha soulmates? i've seen on Tumblr many people saying this. but i'm not really familiar with the comics. i'm currently reading captain america vol 5 so i don't know much about comic Clint but Bucky seems more - at least so far - like a soulmate to Nat for me because of their backstory

Oh, my friend, you have come to the right place.

First, let me be clear that my ship to end all ships is ClintBarton/Phil Coulson, and that my number one Natasha Romanoff ship is NatashaRomanoff/Bucky Barnes. Despite these ships Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff will always be soulmates to me. Why? Why are these two dorks soulmates?

Black Widow #6 (2014)

*brushes off old comic books and lots of feels*

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