i have a lot of angel family feelings

When Ali Andrew Li was born on Jan. 7, he was gently placed on his mother’s chest, where doctors cleaned and examined him and covered him with a warm blanket.

“I just loved it,” his mother, Salma Shabaik, a family physician who lives in Los Angeles, says. “It was really nice to have the baby right there beneath my eyes where I could feel him, touch him, kiss him.”

That was different than the birth of her son Elias two years ago; he was whisked away to a bassinet to be examined. And unlike Elias, who cried a lot after delivery, Shabaik says Ali stopped crying “within seconds” after being placed on her chest.

Kangaroo mother care has been widely used worldwide to care for premature babies, and it’s gaining popularity in caring for healthy full term babies like Ali as well. It is as it sounds: Like a kangaroo’s pouch, mothers hold their naked newborns on their bare chest for the first few hours of life.

Kangaroo Care Helps Preemies And Full Term Babies, Too

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Honestly, they hyped the fuck out of a Kanto postgame only to pull a “bitch u thought.” Listen Game Freak, I needed to follow my actual angel, cinnamon roll girlfriend to Kanto. Lillie nEEDS ME AND NEBBY BC WE ARE A FAMILY GOD DAMN IT


It must be difficult for you, being in a strange place.

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I was just wondering... I'm new to "claiming" my kin, my human family kept me from it for a long time, so I have little knowledge on how it works... is it possible to be an angel from a non-Christian religion? i feel like i was an angel, but maybe from another pantheon... sorry if im bothering you, thanks for any help

yea dude!!! theres lots of non-christian angels. many other religions had angels, and theres even nonreligious angels too!!

-Mod Zaph

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"But thank youuuu for being so kind! I really appreciate it. I feel like you’re my sweet lil guardian angel anon and I love that a lot. Thank you thank you!!!" Aww,that's so sweet! I've never been considered someone's "guardian angel" before much less called it. Never had wings before! Unfortunately,I feel as if my family would believe I have horns and a tail,but that all relates to MY stress and anxiety AKA reasons why I think MY life is messy right now too....**SIGH**

I feel you about famjam, man. It’s a mess. If you ever wanna talk about it def feel free to get @ me boo


I guess what I love about Hannah is that Erica portrayed her as a total badass without losing the feminine part of her. A lot of the angels are very genderless, but she was clearly a warrior woman. She was uncomfortable with her emotions, but not with having a female identity. Then, when she allowed herself to take pleasure in things like a hot shower and Castiel’s touch, she WAS a woman, even if she wasn’t human. Too often, I think we feel like our female heroes can’t be soft sometimes. (Although we cheer men for it.) Hannah is a warrior, a soldier just like Castiel is, but just like a human female military officer, she can mix strong and soft as long as she is confident enough.

There were a lot of things she didn’t understand, but she was good at heart, fighting for what she believed in. She looked up to Castiel, even when she felt disappointed in him. There was a reason she was the one who came to speak to them when he and Gadreel were in prison. She needed to understand why Castiel had done what he did, because she knew he was good at heart, like she was. Hannah is devoted to humanity, though she doesn’t see the same value as Castiel does in individual humans, and after she spent time in a vessel, she began to understand it all better. She sacrificed what could have been something unique and wonderful with Castiel because it was the right thing to do. The soldier went back to her post, with a heart full of appreciation for the human who had allowed her to learn about love. 

When Hannah leaves her vessel, I still maintain that that was the most beautiful moment in Supernatural’s 10 year run so far. It was not a forced expulsion, not a reluctant or impatient exit. It was gentle, and it was filled with the feeling that she was doing what was right. Posing

It’s a lot of pressure. I think that my situation was really unique, I had family with me. I feel like it is a tough world already, and I was thankful to have family and walk through it with them, but it’s all about how you balance it, and trying to implement a few moments of normalcy and quietness in a really crazy ride. I feel for the fans, and totally understand fame as well and what he’s going through, but all the best to all of them.
—  Nick Jonas on Zayn leaving One Direction

Dongwoo is so strong. It takes a lot of emotion and heart to continue doing your job in a time of hurt and sadness. This shows me how strong and mature Dongwoo really is. He made the decision, and I applaud him for it. 

Thank you Dongwoo for being who you are. Thank you Infinite for supporting him. Thank you Inspirits for supporting Dongwoo. Thank you everyone for supporting him and his family. 

I am once again, proud to be apart of this family and call myself an Inspirit.


“For Cici”

Life is often strange, but this last week I’ve found myself thinking about our wonderful friend love-casta quite a lot. I started this piece at the weekend for her, just to let her know I was thinking about her. Then this afternoon I read the post from czannon and couldn’t believe what I was reading. My thoughts are with her family and friends who must be devastated. I feel truly privileged to have shared part of this journey with her and hope she’s at peace. Farewell sweet Angel rest in peace and thank you!🌹